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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  July 18, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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he might be gone but his legacy will live on. the country is in mourning as we reflect on the life of john lewis, congressman and civil rights icon, died from cancer at
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the age of 80. this is the fox report. john lewis was one of the most influential leaders of the civil rights movement. when he was 23, he worked closely with doctor martin luther king, help him organize the march on washington in 1963, two years later he led the march for a state trooper fractured his skull. lewis went on to become georgia congressman serving atlanta for three decades. they lowered their flags to half staff tonight in his memory. we have fox team coverage, the latest from the white house but we begin with steve reporting live. >> john lewis died right after a seven month battle with pancreatic cancer. his journey began 80 years ago in rural alabama. his raised the third of ten children, his parents were sharecroppers for a white farmer, he is inspired by doctor martin luther king, he sent him a letter and got a bus trip and return. this occurred in nashville, tennessee and tried to help integrate lunch were only whites were served.
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after that, one of the first freedom riders trying to integrate was travel in the south. he was beaten several times, one time in montgomery, alabama, been unconscious and left in a pool of his own blood. the youngest speaker along with doctor martin luther king and 1965, bloody sunday, lewis led 600 nonviolent markers opposed by state troopers and civilians. they were mauled with whips and chains as well as barbed wire, 70 people hospitalized including lewis who is been on the head, fractured skull, being when he tried to get back up again. this video galvanized the nation, is captured to show america it led to the voting rights act eight days later. a friend and colleague on john lewis. >> the country lost a hero last night, i do believe.
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the sun set on john lewis his life last night. the sun rises on a movement that will never die. jon: >> everything he did he did in the spirit of love, regardless of race or religion, year after year throughout especially the early 1960s, lewis put his own physical body on the line and present more than 40 times, a number of times but never wavering from a commitment to nonviolence. jon: thanks. we head to the white house now where president trump has ordered american flags on federal buildings flown at half staff nationwide today in honor and memory of congressman lewis. david joins us now. dave: president trump is on the white house after spending most of the morning coping with senior senator lindsey graham
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after golfing, he put out a tweet recognizing congressman lewis' passing. short and sweet, saddened to hear the news of john lewis' passing. we send our prayers to he and his family. this morning, the president ordered flags on all federal property and the u.s. and abroad to remain at half staff. vice president mike pence, a former house colleague of lewis said the following statement today, john lewis will be rightly remembered as an icon of the civil rights movement, he was also a colleague for me and a friend, even when we differed, he was always unfailingly kind as my family and i will never forget the privilege of crossing the bridge at his side on the 45th anniversary of bloody sunday. capitol hill with the flag at half staff, lewis made friends on both sides of the aisle. >> i personally think just like
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doctor martin luther king, he shared what he's willing to put himself behind to do the right thing for a cause. i think we could use more of that right now. >> in a real sense, john lewis was the most important disciple among martin luther king jr. except another movement he took his to an even higher level. >> thirty-three years ago in 1987, he promoted nonviolent demonstrations for many decades before even stepping foot inside the capital as a member of congress. he was no stranger here at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, he was close with jimmy carter, barack obama and he visited former president john f. kennedy the oval office summer 1963, three months before jfk was killed. jon: thank you.
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for more on this, let's bring in fox news sunday anchor, chris. their members of congress who served four years, even decades and never make much of an impact but john lewis did. >> he did and i have to say, it was an honor to get to talk to him, it felt you are traveling back into time because he was a man who was at the legendary 1963 march on washington, shared the podium with martin luther king for his i have a dream speech. here was a man who, in 1965, and was part of bloody sunday, the march from selma to montgomery for voting rights in 2015 on the 50th anniversary of that, you see the picture up there, we did an interview with him, a power player and they are holding up
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the picture of him. you can kind of make it out in the foreground, you see a fellow in a trench coat being beaten by a state trooper, that's john lewis. to be able to share this conversation with him looking back 50 years, it was like traveling back in time but something of a misunderstanding because he was no time capsule. he was as vibrant and active and he was in his '80s like he was in his 20s. a month or so ago, the mayor of washington put that black lives matter mural on the street in front of the white house that john lewis came there to commemorate that and continue the fight against racism in this country, a fight that occupied him for his entire life.
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jon: the rundown we heard from steve, the beatings he suffered, 40 trips to jail, if anybody had a right to be better, it would have been him but mike pence said he was an extreme gentleman. >> that's right. i'm talking about as historical impact, is a very gentle soul and he confessed he been quite shy as a young man had to steal himself, push himself to take the leadership position he did in the civil rights movement. if you sat down and talked to him, a couple of things. it is a very nice, kind man but he had this voice that kind of rolled like thunder, rumbled like number. in authority you couldn't mistake. jon: so that on display when he shared the podium with doctor mike and luther king.
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as was mentioned, president trump ordered flags on half staff across the country on federal facilities. you just interviewed the president and i know coronavirus is still very much an issue in this country that came up. >> we interview them yesterday morning at the white house before the passing of john lewis so we didn't get a chance to talk about that. we did talk about all of the key issues confronting the country right now and issue number one is the coronavirus and the fact that we are seeing over 70000 over 75000 cases in the day when i brought that up to the president, he said a lot of it is because of the fact that the u.s. does for testing. we had kind of an exchange on that subject because the tests are up about 30% but the cases are up about 193% so it's not just the testing.
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the virus is spreading. we talked about one of the key issues in the fight against the spread of the virus and that is masks. here's part of that exchange. >> you wore a mask for the first time in public this weekend. the cdc says if everybody wore a mask for four to six weeks, we could get it under control. you regret not wearing a mask in public from the start? would you consider, will you consider a national mandate that people need to wear a mask? >> no i want people to have freedom. i don't believe in that. i don't agree with the statement that if everybody wore a mask, everything disappears. our surgeon general said don't wear a mask. everybody said don't wear a mask and now all of a sudden everybody has to. with that being said, i am a believer in mask, i believe they are good. >> the president made it clear there's not going to be a
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national mandate to wear masks. he said he leave it up to each governor and state. we talked about other key issues affecting the nation, racism with the death of john lewis in the protests around the country about racism and police departments. we also talked about the explosion of violence in our urban centers and here's some of that. >> we've seen deaths in new york, chicago, shootings, how do you explain it and what are you going to do? >> i explained by saying democrat run cities, they are liberally run, stupidly run. liberal democrats have been running cities in the country for decades. >> why is it so bad right now? >> it was always bad but now it's gotten out of control and it's because they want to defund the police and biden wants to. >> he does not. >> look, he signed bernie
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sanders -- >> let's nothing about defunding. >> let's go, get it to me plea please. >> all right. >> that started a bit of an effect out as the president asked his staff to bring him some of the highlights from the bernie biden carter platform, about 110 pages. we went through that at length, the president couldn't find any statement the bernie biden carter called for defunding or abolishing police because there isn't one but the president refused to declare this and today he tweeted out biden does call for defunding and abolishing the police, he just uses other words. other subjects we talked about, a new fox pool, we also talked
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about the trump tell all book, his knees saying tough things about the family. the president wires back on that tomorrow on fox news sunday. jon: the title of the book cannot appease them. thanks. chris is exclusive interview tomorrow with president trump. check your local listings for airtime on the fox broadcast station in your town. demonstrations turning violent in chicago and portland, oregon last night after seven weeks of unrest in portland. oregon's attorney general is now suing federal officers who have come to that city. christina live with more. >> reporting 18 officers injured and 12 protesters arrested friday night.
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as a crowd of people try to tear down a statue of christopher columbus. the mayor says she hopes chicago can strike a balance of rightfully expressing themselves and their first amendment rights but in a way that doesn't put anyone's business or safety at risk. she notes there claims of excessive force by police and that's also contingent of importance. late last night, oregon's attorney general filed a lawsuit against federal authorities alleging some of them violated civil rights by detaining people without probable cause during the unrest. last night chaotic there again. police say some protesters shot off fireworks and smoke bombs and several arrests were made. local leaders are resisting help from dhs saying the feds are agitating the situation, acting commissioner mark morgan does not agree. >> attitudes and policies like that that beget the violence. the argument that the presence of officers and agents causes violence, that's outrageous and
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ridiculous. >> video on social media, agents without nametags chronic the suspect and putting him in an unmarked video minivan has gone criticism. the person was suspected of assault against agent and property. they are condemning the action. democratic mayor is the president is using federal agents to further his political agenda and ignite his face. >> the videos, the pictures, the experiences we are all witnessing here should be shocking to all americans. the words and actions from president trump and the department of homeland security have shown that this is an attack on our democracy. >> the acting dhs secretary says officers are being attacked and buildings are being vandalized and it's not acceptable. city and state leaders are not stopping the violence. jon: thanks.
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a grim update on the coronavirus, u.s. reporting for the 3.6 million confirmed cases is more than 139,000 deaths. florida remains the new hotspot with other states also reporting major spikes. the states reopening plan, phase four beginning monday. >> we won't see any indoor dining but the mayor right now is deeply concerned about the outdoor scene getting out of hand in some areas in the city. let's show you video of that. hundreds of people packing the streets, dancing and socializing without wearing masks. i've seen video of people on twitter selling liquor out of the car trunks. bill de blasio tweeting that it's unacceptable, thankfully we've not seen any spikes so far but florida, miami-dade county
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has more covert case is now in any county in new york city, they will find people 100 people if they are not wearing a mask in public. miami beach issue in any clock curfew as large crowds reported at nightclubs there. more than 337,000 cases and 5000 total deaths in the sunshine state, florida's governor asking residents to limit large gatherings for the next couple weeks. next year, georgia paid the highest single day cases, bringing nearly 2,140,000 total as governor brian sued the mayor over a mask mandate. the government believes wearing a mask is a good idea but the mandate is an unenforceable order and the mayor overstepped her authority. texas crossed 300,000 mark for total covered cases with record highs and new deaths and total hospitalizations.
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eighty-five babies under the age of one tested positive for the virus and just one texas county. texas will allow public schools to stay close and gold virtual for the first eight weeks of the school year end most of california's 6 million students will also likely day at home. thirty-two of the counties are on a monitoring list for rising infection rates. health experts worry people are not taking the virus seriously. the u.s. shatters record for most new cases in a single day. >> 77000 new cases a day, recognizing we are capturing about one and 12 cases. that's about 1 million new cases a day so we are driving about 150 miles an hour into an way this fall in the time we hope to have a quiet summer. >> back here in new york city, the mayor tweeted it will be on the ground across the city to make sure restaurants are complying the rules and the state is now a bar or restaurant
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could go business out of business after three strikes. jon: thank you. negotiations between european unions leaders threatening to derail plans for an unprecedented budget and coronavirus recovery fund. the issues holding up the talks, next. ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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headlines from around the globe, in iran, the country is sending lockboxes from ukraine passenger plane to france. it accidentally shot the plane down in january, saying he believed the jet was an incoming missile. all on board died. chinese foreign ministry distancing remarks of mike pompeo. the with this week the u.s. has intelligence suggesting china was selling weapons to iran. now white house officials are calling for new nuclear arms agreement between russia, china and the u.s. in germany, the manhunt is over for a man dubbed the black rainbow after you dead died with
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an altercation with police and vanished into the woods. they arrested the suspect after a five-day search yesterday. in france, thousands hiding -- thousands attending on march to honor the black frenchman who died in 2016 in police custody. circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear. that's a look at some stories from around the globe. world health organization reporting record daily increase in global coronavirus cases today. in the last 44 hours, nearly 260,000 new cases in more than 7300 deaths. the leaders of the european union coming together for day two of them to work on an unprecedented economic package and coronavirus recovery fund. more on that from london. >> leaders have been gathering today to talk about an emergency coronavirus fund. the leaders of the 27 countries,
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they arrived wearing masks. what conditions would be attached is still being debated. so many countries needing help in europe as discussions continue through the night. the idea is to support countries heavily impacted by the pandemic. suffering a high number of fatalities, one of its first european countries to be hit by the outbreak. in all, 135,000 europeans have died from the coronavirus. that had a huge economic impact on all. in the uk, a regional lockdown in the city is continuing the british prime minister said friday, he hopes restrictions will continue to ease elsewhere in the country. he's urging people to return to work by early august, the hope is some kind of normality will
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return by christmas. the winter could be the start of a second spike in infections and perhaps even more localized lockdowns. another european country had hard spain, there was a states memorial service today for those who died from covid-19. spain is dropping once again with a localized spike in coronavirus infections in barcelona, residents there have been urged to stay at home. jon: thank you. demographic party officials taking a step to downsize national conventions as nominee joe biden bites off new acquisitions from vice president pence. the latest on the race for the white house, next. ♪
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a crowd is expected to top 50000 could reportedly be downsized to a few hundred part of the plan to hold the scaled-back convention in response to the coronavirus. i'm jon scott, this is the box report. it's the bottom of the hour. we're learning more about a virtual democratic convention scheduled for more next month in
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milwaukee. any speech is expected to be pretaped with the exception of joe biden as he assumes the party's nomination president. details from new york city. >> last week party officials reportedly sent a letter to delegates telling them to stay home, formalizing plans to scaled-back the convention massively, 300 people attending including numbers of the media and party workers in the 300. program reportedly being reduced, speeches shrinking six hours to just three. new york times democrat are getting souvenirs like delicate credentials and re-creating energy of in person convention via video stream. they noted high-profile speeches from bernie sanders and former president barack obama, it may be virtual. joe biden plans to accept the nomination in person. kellyanne conway mocked the plan.
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>> the democrat said 50000 legitimately small wedding where i come from. it's not a national convention. e undermining the election telling reporters we know from before and i guarantee you, i know now because i get briefings again, the russians are still engaged in trying to delegitimize our electoral process. he didn't give specifics on what kind of different allegedly happening but he's criticized criticized president trump. biden focused away from the campaign and onto the civil rights leader, john lewis, tweeting this video. ♪
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>> there is still work left to be done. get out there and push and pull until we redeem the soul of america. ♪ >> the trump campaign is also ramping up attacks on biden. yesterday on battleground with compton, mike pence said a biden presidency pitch america into socialism and economic decline. jon: thanks. now to texas for health officials are battling a search of coronavirus infections. the state now topping 300,000 confirmed cases, more than 3800 people died there. our next guest, republican primary runoff for texas is
3:35 pm
13th congressional district, joining us now, former white house physician, doctor ronnie jackson. congratulations on your victory. let's talk about where we go from here. there is a surge of cases in texas and the sun belt. how do we handle that? >> we have to continue being cautious but we can't let this completely stop, we need to get back to work and school. the numbers are going up but the numbers, they are diagnosed cases. those are new cases, not necessarily reflecting the hospitalizations and deaths going on right now. the number of new cases rising rapidly and hospitalizations deaths are slowly tapering off around the country. we can rest assured the mortality rate dropping as well.
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we are testing aggressively and that's part of why we see the large numbers. we have to understand the basis of this rise in number represents, it's representing cases based on aggressive testing we are doing right now and we have to look and remember we know who the vulnerable population is and it's not really our children and it's not just adults. folks who are getting it, they're not getting sick from it, we have to assume they built an immunity to it as well, maybe rapidly approaching herd immunity faster than we thought we were. jon: we've also gotten better at treating it. >> absolutely. we know a lot more and we are intervening earlier in the process as well so there's a lot of good news, obviously maybe not if we had a vaccine right now, it won't happen until probably next spring but we will
3:37 pm
eventually get one. we have medicine that seems to be working and we have more experience in treating it. there is good news out there and i am a firm believer is a political motivation behind some of the rhetoric going on and that's what i hate to seek but i think it's still out there. jon: legal motivation, to embarrass the president? >> i think that's part of it. we are coming rapidly upon the election in november, democrats would love to create the impression the president providing the leadership pleaded on this, it's out of control. they want to hopefully get mail in ballots especially in swing states which i think would be as disaster for our country. there are political motivations out there to make things look as chaotic as possible and hope
3:38 pm
somehow or another that brings the president down and impacts the chances of winning the white house which i don't think it will, i think he's going to win but i think there's political motivation behind all this. jon: one of the big russians coming up, should children return to school in person in the fall? there a lot of teachers resisting that. where you come down on kids and going back to class? >> we need to get kids back to school, the one thing we know, kids can get this but they generally just don't get sick, they don't. even if kids pick up this virus, they are going to move on and get rid of the virus, potentially develop immunity, they won't get sick. you still have to exercise some responsible concern. if children are going home to elderly parents or grandparents,
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those families get special precaution and maybe there are some families who are immunocompromised, they don't send their kids back to school but the vast majority has to get back to work. got to move on. jon: thanks for your time. honoring a civil rights icon, coming up, i'll speak with john lewis former intern about theo congressman's lifelong fight for racial equality and enduring legacy he leaves behind.
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john lewis personified every day of his life, everything he did he tried to do in a nonviolent
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way and was inspired by martin luther john junior. king junior. jon: the nation mourns the passing of john lewis, the georgia congressman made his name on the front lines of the civil rights movement, working alongside doctor martin luther king and sustaining a fractured school while leading the margin, alabama. joining us now, someone who worked as an intern with john lewis. chaplain for the bridgeport connecticut police department, pastor and author and an assistant chief administrative officer there. it's good to be with us. tell us how you came to intern for john lewis and share some stories with us. >> thank you for having me. my heart is deeply grieved at the loss of this spiritual giant, this caravan of love. this moral tiger the entire united states and around the
3:45 pm
world has felt. i had an opportunity to intern for him in 2007 and 2008. when i was a student at the florida mechanical university in tallahassee, florida, i came to know representative lewis through the late julian, the former national president of the national association for the advancement of colored people and had an opportunity to intern for him. one of the things will continue with me is the fact that congressman lewis was a fighter who believed in freedom and justice and equality, all people across america. almost giving up his life on the bridge and also during the freedom rides in america fighting for equality and inclusivity for americans and it's deeply heartbreaking at the loss of this giant. jon: a giant is an appropriate
3:46 pm
term here. are there any private moments, any funny moments, behind the scenes moments of time in his office you can share? >> one of the things he loved to talk about was his mother and father, he talked about his mother and his father and he said his mother would always tell him, stay out of trouble and he said he would always say, i feel like something deeply imputed in me, not to find good trouble. the community needs and angelic troublemaker to stand up for justice and redeem the soul of america. he was funny but also very much serious about the work of this country and helping the country to be the best version of its self. jon: when you look back on his
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legacy, you heard mike pence speak with pride about walking alongside john lewis on the 45th anniversary of the crossing of the edmund bridge. here's a guy who didn't harbor grudges over the way he and his family and his people had been treated over the years, he just worked to get things fixed. >> absolutely. he continued to work, to try to solve the problems. he wasn't a person who just named the issues without working for a solution. one of the things i can say he was a foot soldier justice, of the highest moral turpitude and someone certainly worthy and i think as we look at where we are as a nation, as a country right
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now, i think the blueprint has already been set by folks like doctor martin luther king junior and the moral lineage of folks like wes, we have a model to continue the kind of legacy representative john lewis wants to leave behind. that's an inclusive society that push towards inclusion, to address issues of police brutality, issues of healthcare and disparities in our country that disproportionately impact people of color, whether that is addressing the issue of unemployment we find ourselves right now were black and brown folks are suffering. he was someone who would want us to continue to fight for the invite for equality, justice and freedom. jon: thanks for spending some time with us this evening. >> thank you so much. jon: will be right back.
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now confirming the fbi involved in the search for 10-year-old,
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authorities have widened the search area to include clinton areas and rural iowa. missing last week after spending the night with her half brothers father. henry is a registered sex vendor and is being held in jail for violating terms of his parole. he is considered a person of interest but not charged in this disappearance. minneapolis police are making progress watters move out by monday. the homeless encampment springing up after the george floyd riots, since then, spiraled out of control with sexual assault and common drug use. mike is live from minneapolis. >> one day left of the autonomous zone, this one was less about protests and more about necessity. the buildings were the homeless population lived were damaged to
3:54 pm
the had to come here. the problem was it grew out of control, 410 and 600 people. yesterday, park police handed notices out, telling them they need to be out by monday. drug use, fights for part of every night, sexual reports from the squatters don't know where they will go but there glad to get out of here. >> their kids in the park. this is not far from the projects. >> there ups and downs. >> any with whom we spoke our sympathetic to help tough things are for the homeless population but the problem is, things got dangerous but they are not fans
3:55 pm
of the minneapolis police, they didn't want police involvement in all that they have the notification cap to clear out, the neighbors around the park say they have mixed emotions. jon: thank you. a dramatic rescue caught on video, a newborn baby found unresponsive inside the train station bathroom. how quick thinking saved the child's life. ♪
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scary moments caught on body cam video is transit police officers rushed to save the baby who had just been born and wasn't breathing. the video shows officer brian richard arrived in a women's restroom tuesday moments after the newborn's mother gave birth. richards brought the baby back to life after administering cpr and they pushed the infant to the hospital in the patrol vehicle. the baby is reportedly doing well and the mother is being treated also. tune in tomorrow night for the fight for america. the hour long special will dive headfirst into the nationwide conversation on race and where it goes from here. that's tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern here on fox news channel.
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as health fox report on this saturday, july 18, 2020. i'm on scott. thanks for watching. i'll see you again tomorrow night. ♪ is is life, liberty and it's a great honor to have a man that i followed my entire life, as a teenager, i hate to date you back but you had an enormous
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