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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  July 19, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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♪. mark: hello america i mark levin this is "life liberty and levin" in your great guest ben shapiro hosted the ben shapiro show offer of the magnificent new book, not just a new book but so on target of what is happening to this country today. how to destroy america in three easy steps. ben, how are user. >> hanging in there, how are you? mark: i am kind of hanging in there, doing the best we can right now.
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your book is right on topic, you break it down into three areas. that is the american philosophy, the american culture in american history. in the new address each one how each are being undermined at this rate as a matter of fact. what you see going on in this country today, what you see going on, the looting, arson, black lives matter, antifa, the democrat party pretty much embracing this in the bernie sanders agenda. the media that is utterly corrupt and gives voice to this and in so many respects propaganda machine. you kinda saw what was coming didn't you. isn't that the point of the book? ben: it really is. when i wrote the book back in december and january, i figured to be relevant before the election and then covid happened and i thought to be irrelevant before the election of the last eight weeks, the mental breakdown of the country and i realize just how relevant the book is. and what we have seen over the
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last several weeks is the full flowering of an ideology of this integration is him for the universities, media, major cultural institutions for years and broke out into the open over the last couple months. two convicting visions for quite a while. one is a vision of america sees american history in the story of america's beautiful and wonderful and internally true founding ideals in america striving to live up to that, feeling, stumbling and falling in america that is founded on basic notions and separation of independence to bring an unprecedented freedom pronounces millions of people in america by billions of people around the world. an american philosophy that is beautiful in its essence, it's all about freedom in a culture that really values right in which oliver debates take place on the moral basis that rights preexistent government. that's what i call the union vision of america which holds us together. any country that holds together has to share a history of the culture and philosophy. there is a second string, the strain that is running to her politics right now.
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the strain of sending entrance integration is him. america has not had time to find this, and story fighting another group over the head. america's philosophy is a pasteboard mask and really what is covering up his hierarchy and brutal power dynamic intercultural rights is really a lie and those rights are to be thrown out in favor of an orthodoxy that rose from above and tells you how you ought to think. you can see this all coming to proration from the right including the 6019 project, i did not think it would burst out into the open like an override council but that's what happened. mark: why do you think it has burst into the open so suddenly. is it the organization that were poised to lead, should the occasion arise, what do you think the reason for that. ben: a lot has to do president trump exist, he provides a point of commonality no matter how radically left you go, you will find allies in the world falling
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apart liberal school who will side with you to get rid of trump. the real story of what is happening, it's not even right versus left its radical left versus everybody else and you see this in the weekly letter publishes 153 left academics and you're going too far, this counsel culture stuff is really ugly. using a bottle breaking out inside the democratic party between nancy pelosi who is quote unquote moderate, radically left and people like ilhan omar and you see them winning that battle. and that is removing along for quite a while. there was an old idea from the quote unquote moderate liberals, all the passion on campuses that ideologically fascistic stuff using on college campuses, the micro- aggression, cancel culture, all that will go away once these goodhearted overzealous leftist would reach power. it turns out they were there and when they entered they decided to uproot all the systems and take it over. this is the french revolution in real time without actually being
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there. mark: the present has focused the attention on the radical left and so many of the movements. he is so deeply hated. i think about this and i think to myself, he was deeply hated the moment he announced he was going to run for president before he did a single thing. and then he defeats hillary clinton. are they furious because they thought they were going to do in third term of obama and well on their way to a counter revolution. isn't that a person stay one they sought to undermine his candidacy, you have all this russia collision stuff, you have a failed impeachment effort, criminal investigation that come up empty, empty, empty and they are still at it. because he stands in their way. ben: that is exactly right, people on the left fail to recognize somebody people on the right support trump because they see him as literally the only dam that is holding back the
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approaching tide. i think that they understand that two on a deeper level, obama felt that they were never going to lose again, there's a new coalition that have been forced in the had been possessed and mobilized against american systems of oppression and trump stepped in and beats hillary clinton who is designated to be suspects or and they realized, we don't have the overall majority that we thought we did and they reacted with viciousness, cruelty, with malice, the fact that president trump campaign to make america great again, the counter from the left was not that president trump was not capable of making america great again, the council that america was never great, that was in essence and that was happening in 2016. nobody really recognized even on the traditional and liberal left
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recognized when they said america was never great, that would become the mainstream slogan of the democratic party. not only that america does not have the capacity to be great, the working systems are shot with evil, merrick was founded in 1776 and was founded in 1619 as a putative prizewinner. mark: the book is, how to destroy america in three easy steps. i want to ask you a question, do you think we have reached a point where a majority of americans are open to the ideas that you are hearing from aoc and bernie sanders and so forth, or do you just think it's a very loud well organized and in some cases very violent minority? ben: i think it is some abode, i think is a very well organized but they're given a loudspeaker and a bullhorn by the people in the mainstream media and editors are obviously working for the radicals and the staff at the new york times, nicole haner jones from the near times, when you look at hollywood is run by people who are open that claiming 20 or 30 years ago
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goodwill hunting, there has ways been a steady apartment, i think the real story last year or so in america politics is a number of people who been counted to silence pre-this is why the counsel culture we are seeing, twice become so dangerous, cancellation is not the coming after you or me, it's about coming after people who don't have th capacity to defend themselves preview have a platform i have a platform, i refuse to be canceled. there are tens of millions i cannot refuse to be canceled, who live in fear of being canceled for expressing something that i voted for trumper considering the possibility of voting for president trump. that is accountable offense. if you are working, you may find yourself on the redlines of the worst economic downturns in american history for expressing a viewpoint, that's what the counsel culture is all about. i think a lot of people have been cowed in silence for being racist for doing nothing racist. the left is openly and obviously redefined the term racist senior
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partner of the american system. they will say this openly. it is all about this, you can only be antiracist if you'd like humor consistent. they are open about the fact that they want to integrate all the ties that bound us together. they say the ties never existed and should not exist. that's dangerous and this is the recipe falling apart and quite frankly the choice that many in this want to protect americans is either the left completely dominate and we stay together were it falls apart and there's no third way if there's checks and balances of the founders that we were useful in limited government, all that stuff has to go out the window because we have a cast in orthodoxy, priesthood, they know that you and the system are racist and will cram it down with any means at their disposal, cultural or governmental. mark: following up on that point, that is so true, he raises another question to me. how do conservatives or anti-american style marxism, how
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do we respond, we can teac keep talking about limited government and federalism and so forth but somebody in the firewalls has been breached by the courts and by the bureaucracy and by the media and by academia, the force out there, the statism, do we, the people that love this country, review its founding, embrace it, do we need to come up with new ways to battle these people. i suppose we do don't we? ben: i don't think there's any question about it. the great law of the political right, we focus in on the politics. the right is very good at winning elections, we've had several republican presidents in my lifetime and dominated congress and from 2010 to may 2018 and it did not matter, one continues to shift the very nature, it is not about winning the election, it's about winning the culture and the right did not engage in the education system they let it go and we've been engaged in culture may making in hollywood, we let it
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go and we set up outside the mainstream media, the successful part of what the right has done. but now the left is trying and invincible fashion to shut down all to distribute the messages. this is more a culture war that even a political war, of the three elements i talk about, philosophy, history and culture, philosophy is the most important to re-instill that we share culture, i don't mean watching football games or patronize the same stories, we have to be having the same moral conversation and that's why think americans can still be heard. even the movements from the left that have been successful in many times dishonestly, the political right in this country does have one-on-one awfully on the vision of what were constituting, that is still a revision. mark: when we come back, i want to ask you this. if you embrace liberty, isn't the puzzle that humanity is faced that liberty also gives the opportunity for evil to
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mark: ben schapiro, the great book how to destroy america in three easy steps. it is very poignant and it is very prescient and by that i mean it is very timely. ben schapiro, here is my question to you. liberty is a wonderful thing, it's different things to different people, i will not get in to positive or negative, just liberty. when you see what's going on the on the streets, the very people who attacked the founding fathers are exercising their rights in the bill of rights. so some of them are slaveholders, some were not slaveholders when they ratified the first ten amendments, that included southern states. so you have the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of association, the right to bear arms, you know and so forth and so on. people are exercising these rights under the bill of rights that they got from men who were
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slaveholders and men who were not slaveholders. they're trying to destroy the country from them. how do we explain this, how do we deal with this? ben: one of the things that has happened, i guess you and i are all lucky we live in the first generation of truly good people. people who have a floating morality. they come up out of the sunlight. if you bought them down in 1850 from alabama, they would've been antislavery, they would've been antislavery, and favor of gay marriage in 1772. these are people have a morality that is constructed out of their own heads and so beautiful that they failed to recognize every single moral value that they hold is indicative of moral systems that came before them that stand on the shoulders of giants and claim to be both citizens of the world and the own moral creators and not only that they are the saints in the world paradigm and everybody else is the center or apostate. it is really dangerous stuff. recognizing that you got these gifts from people who lived in
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the past who were living licensing where you're living a life and came from a culture that is very different from your own and recognize in the context of history is important but we've been told by our map under moral letters and recognizing context of history is irrelevant. because we have a great moral we choose. it is incredibly dangerous, obviously, the fact that there somebody that perceive themselves to be so righteous that they can tear down a statue of george washington and proclaim themselves more virtuous than george washington, more important than george washington. they done something for the country doing so. his despicable and fails to recognize the greatness of america and the greatness of a founding system. human nature exist, human sin exists, people are venal and can be corrupt and evil, the virtue of the sunday system, it allows people to move beyond that, to check and balance one another and to provide a system to make a human being value other things so we can move beyond the
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problems of the founders to the point that we look at the behavior of the founders and think that's unthinkable. the framework created by the founders of all topic, fail to recognize the height of arrogant is despicable. mark: the failure to recognize that black lives matter in the self-professed tide marxism in antifa, and quite frankly let's be honest progressivism is a faster child of marxism and american-style in many ways, it is amazing to me that their virtue is signaling that they claim to be more moral than the founders. an ideology that is responsible for a death of 1 million human beings and god knows about the torture and enslavement and none of the societies that give birth to marxism give birth to marxism by choice, it is horrific violence, destroying the society which is what mark says, the purity objects is his him. and these people claim the higher moral road and they
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ignore 100 to 120 years history marxism. how do you explain that. ben: it is very easy to be my interview of history. this is what you see so much for the 1619 project. when you focus on the problems of america they're not hard to find. you can find problem with anybody or anything overtime. it's when you contract with everything else what makes america great is what makes america unique. a people on the left have a tendency to attribute every worldwide problem to america while taking all the things that are exceptional about america and take their exceptional to america saying there's inception student rock 'n' roll. you'll see the less they emerge in slavery is a unique lot on world history as opposed to a great chain and evil chain of history that existed in every society, slavery is in all societies in american slavery is completely different than the apotheosis of all evil in a way that other slavery was not. again american slavery is as evil as evil can be. just like all other slavery's. as the people can be and everything is universally bad,
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every universally good about america and uniquely good can be attribute will to humanity with more broadly. when america puts a man on the moon, that's an achievement of humanity, not the achievement of america, the achievement of humanity. when they participate in slavery, that's not cruelty, that is universal across time and space until basically the end of the 18 century. that is instead a unique evil to america and when people are that intellectually dishonest they have to assume they have another agenda which they do to tear down the system entirely. you will see this mostly and how to be an antiracist philosophy that you see, there suggested that racism must be redefined, you believe in the inferiority of another group based on a group characteristic, racism means you're complicit in any system that produces equality. which is a marxist premise because the premises the true
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goodness would be a system that produces equal results regardless of personal choice and any system that does not produce that is not only evil but racist in its inception. this is an article faith in the diversity training community it's become an article of faith in the halls of the media in a marxist premise that the system is supposed to create not a quality of rate affordable law, not even equality of opportunity for outcome and that the system does not create that is inherently racist and bad. that's a marxist premise from start to finish. mark: when we return, i want to address moving from ideology to reality. they talk a good game and the hard left, they create the notion of paradise and he volunteering is him, marks the withering away of the state and they'd all be wonderful. of course it never happens, humanity is under the iron fist of the marxist and the regime. but i want to talk about these areas and their own country
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where these experiments are taking place and we call them the inner cities, what kind of equality do we have. what kind of opportunity is there, did we ever talk about individuals in the individual liberty and free will and competition. what is going on in these democrat-controlled cities where the american marxism or statism or progressivism or whatever we want to call it is actually being instituted under one-party, we'll be right i don't keep track of regrets and i don't add up the years, but what i do count on... is boost high protein... and now, there's boost mobility... ...with key nutrients to help support... joints, muscles, and bones. try boost mobility, with added collagen. around here, nobody ever does it. i didn't do it. so when i heard they added ultra oxi to the cleaning power of tide, it was just what we needed. dad? i didn't do it. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide.
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live from america's news headquarters, an important meeting at the white house tomorrow. the president and leaders will be discussing the next aid bill. mitch mcconnell is said to be ready to roll out a 1 trillion-dollar plus package far less than the 3 trillion-dollar nancy pelosi is looking for. his bill does not include unemployment benefits. a nonstarter with pelosi. new jersey police are looking for the gunman who killed the son of esther solace in north brunswick. he was shot when he was opening the front door the family home. his father was also shot. he is in stable condition following surgery tonight. cops say the killer was posing as a deliveryman. now back to life, liberty and levin.
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for all of your headlines log on to ♪. mark: welcome back america ben shapiro, outstanding book, how to destroy america in three easy steps. it cannot be more how are the soft marxist, progressive, one-party rul inequality in creation with magnificent paradise that you are talking about. ben: they're doing horribly, the fact when it's taken over an area, it's not about building anything new, the failure is the goal, you actually want things to fail because any success is going to be attributed to the broader american system of the broader american system is bad and what you actually want is more unsuccessful and more people who are not getting jobs and more inequality and more crime occurs that's a good case to be made of the entire system to blame one of the beautiful things about being utopian and living in symbiosis system, anything that is back in happen can be blamed on the system at
8:29 pm
large and that's what you're saying, this is where you see the diversity training manuals, the national museum of african-american history and culture put out a full on display this week. it is suggested that whiteness with the things like the scientific method like hard work, the late ratification saying anything that can make you achieve in the society is a white thing and you should not engage in and if you do engage in your part of the white supremacist system and they are promoting failure and actively trying to teach all of the things that would make you feel life and by teaching that resistance, success is not a barometer for these folks. the disintegration the goal is not building something new the goal is building the disintegration in the future not the bug. mark: you make a very important point. success is the enemy and achievement is enemy because you're in a constant state of reebok, if you don't have a rebellion you don't have a reason to exist. i suppose that is the bottom line.
8:30 pm
ben: that is exactly right, there's a new york times columnist who compared america to a house on a shaky foundation same here we are trained to repaint the white washington house and fix the holes in the walls, the foundations are shaky. any attempt to fix anything in america, any solution is a problem. the real solution is rooting out the entire system. failures by democrats and inner cities, those are things that can be attributed to broader american system, were trying our best but still working in a often horrible system and we can never overcome the pandemic corruption and ecosystem in order to make lives better. failure becomes a point in favor of destroying a system that they are fighting against. mark: when you destroy the system which destroys neighborhoods in education and the economy and then they blame it on the system and the many respects they are the system. certainly since the new deal in many respects they are the system and you cities run by people who are running against the system as in own and control system. isn't the way to do that as an
8:31 pm
example to use racism, but for racism things would be swell. isn't that so harmful to the individuals in the inner-city so you have an opposition to choice whether charter schools or vouchers or whatever it is and they get in bed that is with each other whether the elected democrats or running the teachers union, there is a great contradiction is that there. ben: there is no worse message to propagate her child in the idea that is propagated in the holes of power if you're black in america you cannot achieve, it does not matter the choices you make you will not succeed, the system is stacked against you. if you teach a child that you're deeming to a life of difficulty empowerment and bad decision-making, you're teaching them the cause-and-effect does not live you live outside and not control. and it makes a lot of girls feel good about themselves because his self-righteousness and arrogance that attaches. the only people that matter white liberals because black
8:32 pm
people in america according to them they don't have an agency in their own life. the only people have a duty other pertinent interpersonal is a quite people who can save them by building something new on the wreckage. mark: i went to ask about the new york times, and a lot about the new york times this past week with barry weiss and her remarkable letter from the inside and she was there for three years and how corrupted intellectually and otherwise. the new york times has a history of this. the new york times as you know is the mouthpiece for stalin in 1932 and throughout the period, they lied about slaughter the ukrainians, less than a decade later the york times is centering the holocaust and part of the franklin roosevelt administration, pushed it to its back page, with two of the most horrific genocide general
8:33 pm
history, the new york times as a propagandist for stalin. it was involved in censorship when it comes to the holocaust. any other corporation in america would be viewed as a contemptible fail corporation, utterly and completely unreliable in here the new york times has said to be the gold standard for the media. isn't that the problem, it is the gold standard. ben: that's exactly right, what's even more amazing the good old days of near times, right now staffers have run the new york times. this is different letters and the fact that the editors are allowing the staffers to attack the only fellow staffer who is giving a hearing to points of view that are outside the wild leftism of the new york times, is pretty credible. the new york times handed over and now she rules the roost. she is of pseudo- history and designed to taint american the worst possible life and nicole haner jones, somebody recently said in the new york post that
8:34 pm
the rights have been happening across the country the 1960 rights because are trained on statutes of the founders and suggesting ulysses s grant is about getting nicole haner jones tweeted back that she was prouder that which gives the game away. in the narrative terms of fact, walter duranty was about good but the new york did not listen, nicole haner jones has hers and not much has changed with the narrative. mark: if the new york times and nicole haner jones were to apply their own standards to the new york times as michael goodwin pointed on the new york post's past week. it has a strong history of racism in strong history connected to slavery. at least part of it did. we would have to bring down the new york times building what we based on their own violent ideological thoughts. we'll be right it's not just fund fees that matter. fund taxes matter too. every time a fund manager sells a stock
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mark: how to destroy american in three easy steps is writing a book and it'll be out this coming tuesday, get it on it seems to be that any nation that continues to focus on is a perfectionist or past failures is a nation that is doing it, any nation that does not accept the fact that there's a norm as progress, in our case in enormous progress, a massive civil war, civil rights law, civil rights battles, court decisions in a society that struggled with the issue of slavery and segregation and wrestled to the ground any nation that does not accept that and does not show allegiance to the principles in the nation that cannot survive.
8:40 pm
am i wrong? ben: that's exactly right, this is exactly what you see in so many of the columns, you will see this trick being done where they will mention something horrible and evil that happened in 1890 and then fast-forward and taste just like that with michael brown or just like that with trayvon martin or just like that with eric garner. and when this happens, you can see it being played, we will skip all the parts of history in which america sought to correct the founding principles. in fact, there is a movement that suggest the constitution of declaration, these documents are documents that we have been trying for evil would nicole haner jones in the revolution of 1776 was fought on behalf of slavery which is insane and unbacked by any evidence where gordon would pulitzer prize winning historian said there's no evidence in that very basic notion that america's founding principles are to be under blame for all the things happen in american life is truly despicable and untrue and only
8:41 pm
despicable and untrue, it cuts against the progress and other racial project under progress we made and been based on civil rights leaders were making an appeal to the founding principles that the left now deprives, if you read right enter greg with douglas about joy 4252 as a freed slave and suffered the black american currently living today they did not service slaves. independence day is your independence day but not our independence day but it should be there universal principles to us. when mlk says we are here to make the claim on the promissory note is the declaration of independence, we are here to cash the check, let us cash the check, that does not appeal to be the heart of american, that does not appeal to fundamental principles rooted in declaration, that in the progress made in the united states on races rooted in the fundamental principles on the basis of competing hierarchy of power in putting eachout years. mark: isn't that why progressivism is so evil, 100 years ago the progressive
8:42 pm
intellectuals, road roseland, john durham and the others, specifically at the declaration of independence, the attack and it's very interesting, very dated, ignore the first part and go to the point where they keep raising concerns and were not bound by the anymore insane with the constitution and so forth and so on. in the declaration of independence represents what, represent western enlightenment and judeo christian principles and all is good with mankind and they do that because don't they want the world to begin today with her social engineering, their social activism and you have to cut that which binds us to the past. ben: that's exactly right coming after burn everything down before you can build anything. they don't really care was built in the way, all problems are trivial to the system and it's funny, but historically speaking, there is precedent for this trade the declaration of independence in it lies within our duplo slavery advocate that
8:43 pm
the declaration of independence meant nothing and was a principal that really was meaningless and not part of american history it was an excuse for dominant power hierarchy to be reestablished. ironically enough is precisely the woke left that is now nearing exactly that language about the declaration of independence. it is not a coincidence that calhoun was in would've been somebody in favor of the civil war in this integration of the country and the same people today attacking the declaration and attacking the glue that binds us together to sin reading that glue and what happens they will fall apart. mark: when we come back, there's something about the democrat party. the party of the confederacy in the slavery and the party of so long segregation, the party with prominent members gave birth to the wind. the party that stands for what i call again the american marxism or state is a more progressivism, but it never seems to stand for americanism.
8:44 pm
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mark: i will come back i'm here with ben superhero how to destroy america with three easy steps, were working through what's going on today which is covered in an expensive entertaining way in this book. then, my question about the democrat party, the democrat party through the history has been more, let me put it this way, last prone americanism then anti-americanism, and my right about that. ben: historically speaking that is certainly the case, you can see it most, not even in the civil war. it begins with the progressive movement where you have leaders like woodward wilson denouncing the constitution of the united states and the declaration of independence saying this role definitions we need new definitions of rights and liberty. things that come from the government and anything that stands in the way, checks and balances enumerated powers, all
8:49 pm
the has to go in pursuit of more glorious and better. give me power and will give you back something that you absolutely love, entitlement. that's been the move so the last century or more. it is difficult to connect all aspects of the democratic party over time but one threat that runs to the democratic's desire for more power at the expense of the founding principle that is instituted protect the right to violate the rights that is not worthy of being upheld. mark: woodward wilson was out of the closet racist was that he. ben: oh yeah. in the white house. mark: he re-segregated the federal government. when you look at the black lives matter movement, it is openly anti-somatic and is been part of the mission statement has it not? ben: oh yeah, one of the great tricks that have been played right now, the overloading of
8:50 pm
the term black lives matter, they say black lives matter and say okay, we have a whole agenda, we don't agree with the agenda, so you say black lives don't matter. it is pretty ridiculous. mark: i specifically consider boardroom scene happening in the country crystallized to the democratic party. nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house has endorsed ilhan omar running against somebody on the anti-semitism. nancy pelosi endorses or and brings her revolution to the floor a year ago and even though with ilhan omar in her persistent anti-semitic statements. in anti-american statements two. the democrat party as an institution has not been public speaking out about anti-semitism and not been speaking out about the rights or anything of sort.
8:51 pm
do you see this is a growing problem in the democratic party and america. ben: is a massive problem in the democratic party. the reason it fits in with the broader vision of the democratic party at this point in all of america hierarchy of power only victims of the marginalized groups, not people of marginalized groups who may be victims of anti-symbolism because jews don't count as a minority group anymore because the two economically sufficient, too well educated. they don't count as a minority, you see the same things as agents the discriminated with pearl harbor and no longer victimize priority. left has a trick if you're a member of a group and not marginalized today, elect successful than other groups. in our situation where if you are a member of one of those victims groups and you target another member of a group, that
8:52 pm
is perfectly okay, not a problem people power. as soon as the intersexual audio olympics began and people are perceived as successful in the united states, it does not matter what group identity the successful enter game. mark: your true bigots and anti-semitism democrat party. from my perspective, you have rashida tlaib, ilhan omar, others, the republican party rejected david duke but they go down. in the democratic party writes letters to the prime minister of israel enter into if they have right to return in the sovereign parts of hr is israel. they don't write letters to the power staining and, they don't write letters, they are perfectly happy to campaign on this. whereas the republicans wrote to the prime minister endorsing his position. we see a realignment in this country and based on the
8:53 pm
democrat party moving harder and harder to the marxist left which is anti-somatic. ben: absolutely, the real alignment has already happened and is been in play for a long time since obama air and beyond. it is bursting into the flowering right now in a large part of that because president trump is overtly pro-israel and this is driven to embrace anything that trump dislikes. the left will embrace writing and looting and open hatred for israel, trump is a great catalyst for all polarization in the country, not for his own fault in cases like this but the leftist despises. mark: ben, you wrote a great book, how to destroy america and three easy steps. it's very important right now. it is important that they read and understand and act upon them. good luck, take care. we'll be right back. ♪ you try to stay ahead of the mess but scrubbing still takes time. now there's powerwash dish spray it's the faster way to clean as you go
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welcome back. i think it's fair to say and i'm prepared to defend this, that the democrat party has become the anti-american party. what is it about america that the democratic party likes? they talk about fundamental transformation, the agenda that has turned everything inside out. there's not any aspect of our culture or society they don't want to destroy and rebuild. of course they never brought us the blueprints. they don't know exactly what they want to do, they just don't want to do what exist today and that's a big problem ladies and gentle men. they will do it by hook or by crook through the courts, bureaucracy, elections, anyway they possibly can. they will use the institutions that they attack to destroy the institutions. they will use the constitution that they abhor to destroy our liberty. they never talk about the individual. why is that?
8:59 pm
they never talk about individual responsibility. they never talk about morality and ethics. they never talk about limited government. they never talk about the possibilities of the individual and the free society. they never talk about all the wealth that capitalism has created and most of them are very, very wealthy weather and sports were hollywood or nancy pelosi in the media and yet they condemn that which has made them free and living in a society like no other human beings on the face of the earth. you need to think very, very carefully about the selection. this is a crucial election. this is an election between us and them those of us who revere this country, western civilization, the enlightenment and those that embrace a very dark ideology. an ideology that will ultimately destroy this country, destroy your freedom and destroy your children and your grandchildren. you don't have to believe me, just look at history and it can happen quickly. look at what's happened in the
9:00 pm
last two months like that. i will see you next time o and . ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, president trump announced big policy moves on immigration, healthcare and more. >> the decision by the supreme court on daca allows me to it do things on immigration and healthcare and other things that we've never done before and you're going to find it to be a very exciting ten weeks. >> that's what i'm talking about, big, bold, positive, getting things done for the american people. that's how the president wins reelection. much more on that in a moment. good evening. welcome to "the next revolution" i'm steve hilton and this is the positive populism. worker, profamily and especially pro- america. with us


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