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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  July 20, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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that's it for this special hour. you've got great voices. have a great week and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." were going to talk about how sports are kind of background ♪ and levin. right now for activism, but then were going to get into policing because that really, ♪ ♪ ♪ i'll tell you who really gets into it, sean hannity. don't miss it. he's my guest. ♪ breaking tonight, president trump announced big policy moves on immigration, healthcare and more. >> i was going to ask you about that if you didn't mention it, but you did and that's another reason to look forward to it and enjoy the hour starting right after the show. harris, thank you so much for >> the decision by the supreme court on daca allows me to it keeping giving us some insight do things on immigration and healthcare and other things and we really look forward to that we've never done before it. >> i'm in a go. and you're going to find it to [inaudible] >> there you go. be a very exciting ten weeks. the 2020 race and how president trump wins reelection. reelection. wewewewewe guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'. >> that's what i'm talking about, big, bold, positive, getting things done for the well now there's score!, from force factor, american people. that's how the president wins to rev your libido and maximize physical response. reelection. much more on that in a it's no wonder force factor is the #1 fastest-growing moment. good evening. welcome to "the next men's health brand at walmart. revolution" i'm steve hilton and this is the positive unleash your potential in the bedroom with score!. populism. worker, profamily and especially pro- america.
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with us tonight, kim stossel and steve stephen moore. we had a huge reaction to our school campaign last week. reopen schools or give me my money back. we have new information for you on your school choice options. but first, we need to focus on what's at stake in november. it's a fact that president trump built on multiple measures the greatest economy we've ever seen. more americans working than any time in our history. lowest after american and hispanic unemployment in history. the lowest overall unemployment in 50 years. wage growth for the lowest paid, higher than the rich everything a month. household income gains dwarfing the presidents to predecessor. $400 on the first thousand under obama, 5200 would trump. china's cheating is challenge for the first time in over the countdown has begun...
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five decades of establishment 'til everyone can enjoy a professional clean feel... rule. one of the most consequential policy turnarounds in american history. recognizing and confronting that china threat and making at home. this the new consensus. a manufacturing jobs boom, pro- worker trade deals, energy independence, skills for modern economy, all of this and more was cut off in its prime by the shutdown. now the policies that delivered it before will deliver it again. the trump conservative populism we talk about, pro-business on tax and regulation, pro- worker on trade and immigration, but that is all at risk if the democrats win in november. biden says he'd reverse the trump policies on tax regulation, trade and immigration. if you reverse the policies, you reverse the outcomes. you'll be back to the pre-trump era where the rich got richer and the workers got screwed. biden calls it normality. but american families, it's a
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two catastrophe. it's worse than just putting the economic revival into reverse. biden's new policy platform is the most left-wing agenda so we collaborate every put forward by a major ♪ clinical party in this country. by the way, that's not conservative propaganda, it's ocean spray works with nature every day album bernie sanders describes the program and bernie should to farm in a sustainable way know, he wrote it. they want a centralized policy on housing, school, the economy, everything in washington. that's not just stupid and inefficient it's fundamentally un-american. the tenth amendment enshrines the principle of decentralization in the constitution. today's democrats would throw so we collaborate ♪ it out the window. they'd like to rule without ocean spray works with nature every day constraint, keep the house, take the senate, take the white house, abolish the legislative filibuster so they to farm in a sustainable way only need a simple majority. fighting came to the left on that just this week. gerrymandered district to shut republicans out of power in
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washington and state capitals. pack the supreme court for permanent control of the judicial branch. added altogether, the economic illiteracy, the centralizing madness, the constitutional vandalism, we've seen 70s style and assault of freedom in america. the only person who can stop this loony left is donald trump. not just because of his own let's get back to the 2020 reelection but because senate race. get a grip. that's on the health races, candidates rise or fall with the economic crisis, constructive controversy. him him to. he has to get this right. this week he shook up his campaign. you can see why. the polls are often wrong and rigged but look at this. use controversy to highlight despite all the media areas where the president is doing things that affect real people's lives in positive patriotism, a forward looking screaming about trump and the agenda kim, you've written some brilliant columns in the last couple of weeks on this kind of thing. virus, the betting market thought trump was going to win. then it turned around in early june right after the protest. just now, on friday and how
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the race is really starting of course the biden presidency now and it's all gonna be is not a done deal. about a choice but actually there's time for another trump week before that come up for come back. but it will take more than a new campaign manager. there needs to be a new fantastic one, i think i can campaign strategy. say that because i'm senior now, that was how an we know the media are totally opportunity agenda should be at the heart of the president's pitch for dishonest and part of the reelection. what are your thoughts as we biden campaign team but don't make life easier for them. move toward the crucial phase of the campaign. >> what's nice about that voters won't hear the president's election argument approach is remember, one of unless they feel he's on top of the health and economic the reasons he was elected emergency so item one, get a four years ago is that he ran grip of both on coronavirus. whatever we may think about on the forgotten. [inaudible] one of the things that this the media's misinformation or virus has exposed is that case numbers in the death rate there is a lack of opportunity , still lower here than many major countries, show the administration is in control, still for too many people in america. resume the daily task force you were just talking about school choice. briefing but with mike pence excellent thing to run on. there are millions of as the face of the federal response. save the president for big announcements. americans aside from the virus for example, one of the things local officials say stopping i have felt failed and abandoned by their public schools for years so talk about that. from opening schools is a lack talk about opportunity and of decent air quality
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employment and ways to revitalize inner cities, this equipment. is the kind of message that touches on all of those things in your memo, and i think also the president could invoke the the thing you mentioned in defense protection act to get it made here. remember carrier air conditioning, that was a great your monologue is the moment in 2016. on the economy, of course it's contrast. true that the best thing we can do is reopen, but in the with the media and joe biden end that's a state and local want now more than anything is decision. this is the election reality. to be a referendum solely on millions of americans are the handling of the virus and unemployed and facing hardship. congress starts talking about the next relief bill tomorrow the recent protests. it needs to be a contrast between a radical liberal agenda that's been adopted by biden and president trump but there should be some clear priorities. don't bail out badly run policies that got us to the states. that's not about punishing economic success we were prior to a few months ago. blue states, it's about all states getting their health in order as one specific example. >> i totally agree with that and steve just pick up on the contrast point, particularly uncertain public-sector on the economy which is so retirement benefits. central. resident, california spends 24 what are some of the ways you times as much as colorado and think the president and his team can really dramatize the potential costs of a biden 60 times as much as oregon. billions of dollars could be saved. no federal money for presidency. >> i love donald trump's line that he uses in every speech california unless it makes the which is i rebuilt the economy once when i took over from kind of reforms you see even obama and i'm the one who can rebuild it again and the polls in democrat states that are
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show the american people trust well-run like rhode island for donald trump much more on the economy than they do joe example. use that money to put the help biden. where it really needed and if there's one word that captures that it is rent. i would add something to what kim is saying in terms of this contrast. rent for tenants and we have a contrast in america right now steve and it is the companies, trump is the red states versus the blue states. you see what's happening, let perfect president to get a me give you one example. did you know steve that the grip and strike a deal. no politician understands the real estate world like he death rate of people dying does. the federal eviction moratorium expires july 25. from coronavirus is two to three to four times higher in unless something is done, we blue states than red states. could see millions of o it's such a joke. governor cuomo is acting like millions of america unable to he's been some kind of hero on afford their homes, potentially families being thrown out on the street coronavirus. the death rate in new york is through no fault of their ten times higher. own. or having electricity, water, person than it is in texas. how in the world. we have to say democrats cannot govern. where is racism out of gas cut off. millions of small businesses control. where is there unemployment who can't earn money but still have to pay rent and then the and crime in blue states. landlords with no rent coming in but their own bills to pay we have to make americans out. unless this is dealt with it could totally derail the understand that democrats cannot govern. they contaminate everything president's reelection campaign. they touch. that's why, by the way there's for those who are working i
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totally would agree we should suspend the payroll tax and of course any emergency payments a massive migration going on should not dis- incentivize in america out of those blue work but whatever happens, we states like new york and will need some rescue money to illinois and pennsylvania and new jersey and they're moving strugglinto for struggling to states like texas and florida and tennessee where people in business. the president should insist they actually get it. many workers are still waiting for unemployment checks to arrive. there is economic freedom. >> very interesting. states have shown they can't we'll keep talking about all handle it. of this straight ahead but the president literally predicted this exact there's mumumumumu situation. back in april he said he wanted the money to be paid directly, not by the state, especially because some of them have useless technology so he sends the money directly this time. now getting a grip of the health and economic crisis is the first step in getting the president reelected but there are two other vital points. this president has always been controversial, but one of the main reasons he wanted 2016 was that he was constructively controversial. for example, when he made his famous statement about banning travel to fight terrorism, the entire establishment lost her mind but that controversy helps the trump campaign. it told voters three things.
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this guy is serious about controlling immigration. he is serious about keeping a safe and above all, he would bring real change, not the same old pc nonsense we've had for years. this week the president and his team make similarly big positive policy moves, scrapping environmental regulations that have been stifling our economy since 1970 to get infrastructure built. it's a massive long-term job boost and for right now, ivanka trumps new job initiative, find something new, it's packed with practical steps to help anyone who is unemployed find a job. detailed guides, training you need to get there, you would have to be following the news incredibly closely to be aware of either of these. why? because they wan weren't controversial and the media loves controversy. there's no one on earth who understands that better than
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donald trump. what most people actually heard this week from the president wasn't about jobs or relations or infrastructure, it was about the controversies, feuding with doctor fauci she. look, i've criticized him many times. i the president is a participant with actual responsibility. use controversy constructively to lead, not comment, to highlight things that will help defeat the democrat. china, regulation, immigration , things that actually affect people's lives. work. of course it's sure we have to fight but there's a way to do it that brings voters in a way that turns them off. the president has gotten a lot of terrible advice on this. it doesn't matter what tv hosts think.
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with all due respect, in terms of getting trump reelected it doesn't matter what your think which i'm guessing most of you will vote for the president anyway. the only thing that matters is the uncommitted voters who will help trump when. in arizona and florida, wisconsin, new hampshire, maine, the places this election will likely be decided. let me put it bluntly because the pain that working americans would feel from a biden presidency and the damage to our democracy from the democrat takeover are two great to mince words. appealing to the fox news audience is not enough. the base is not enough, but just with the travel ban, that doesn't mean diluting the populism, it just means making a positive spread teach our kids to love america. make our economy self-sufficient. american workers first. police reform, not police retreat. school choice for everyone. make america great again for all.
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positive patriotism. not snarling angry but full of hope and optimism, the country is crying out for it. whichever candidate provides it will win. let us know what you think of all this at steve hilton next and nextrevfnc. joining me now kim stressfu ♪ --dash kimberly strassel and stephen moore. steve: welcome back. we are back with kim and steve i'm going to save some of that for the 2020 race. discussion of the campaign steve, pick up where you left strategy for later in the off and the contrast between show. what is happening in republican run estates and democrat run i just want to pick up on some states on a whole range of of the other points i've touched on. kim i want to start with you. issues. i do think it's crucial. the news that came out of that chris wallace interview is i think it speaks to this point what we started the show with. the supreme court ruling on of the choice that needs to be dramatized in this election. daca recently was seen as a if biden continues like he is defeat for the administration, but they found a pretty big and really does not want to get out there and does not want to silverlining in that cloud be questioned like the president because it seems like they're was today and many other
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using it to advance some occasions, what can they do policy goals of their own in about that connect what can the president do about that? the next two weeks as the >> biden put out his plan but is president said. what do you make of it. there for everyone to see but i >> i think that's true. >> sorry kim first, go ahead. will give joe biden credit that he is told the mega people what he wants to do. >> right, so what that supreme he wants to raise capital gains tax, raise american corporate tax, raise taxes for small businesses and wants to raise -- did you know he wants to raise the death tax by 40%? court decision said was that you can put forward an executive order, it may or may not be kosher but the next all of these things are crazy administration can't really do much about it. ideas and one thing we have people warned at the time talked about so many times on look, this is a president that the show over the last few any president could then used months is the american to really expand the scope of renaissance and energy and joe their actions and it sounds as biden says i want to basically though that's exactly the advice president trump is put every american oil, gas and coal workers out of their jobs. that's 80-10 million jobs. steve: that reminds me of could use this are something -- the first campaign limitless whether it's i worked on back in the uk immigration policy or health policy as he mentioned but also tax policy or trade policy or the lifting of regulations, and remember to dramatized the british labour party's spending plans and we you could also make the have this bombshell and we argument in issuing this that we are at a time of crisis and specified how much money extra therefore somehow that justifies these actions in a every family with pay and putting a number on it like you broader scope. >> him, quickly what would you did with the jobs is helpful in
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like to see? terms of conveying a message. , kim touch on the points that i what would be top of your list. what would you like to see raised earlier which is how it happen in the next few weeks sometimes -- the announcements or more. you saw this week on >> one of the debates that's been going on in the ministration is whether or not you need congressional deregulation but it was all overshadowed by reports of approval to get rid of the arguments with doctor anthony indexing of capital gains and i'd love to see that. i think it could be an enormous boost to the economy fauci and i think it's important that all the creed of energy, two there you go. steve now i want to switch to the other big issue, starting both the president, himself and tomorrow in congress which is his team directed to the real the next relief bill are some things i know we agree about. issues that affect people. the payroll tax, it looks like >> i could not agree you more, steve. we know that the press sits the president is for that as well. there's one aspect i want to around and waits for those get your point on. moments. even when a prior administration that is, the help for people, they would not have gotten any if there unemployed the attention or would be on page 30 they want to put him on the front page because they want to payroll tax cut won't help deny the president the ability them. there's a lot of concern i to talk about real issues and know about the $600 extra unemployment insurance but do talk about his agenda. there happens to be some more te you agree you've got to get people something. if the government is stopping him from earning money, you've got to help them out.
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within the white house. >> look steve, the first most important thing we have to do they need to make sure no one is to help people who are on and unemployed is get them a job, providing anybody, especially the president, any opportunity and this is the reason that to divert or fly after the shiny steve forbes and donald trump object but instead stay resolutely every day on these have been talking for months contrasts in the forward full agenda. steve: stephen, that also about the need for a payroll applies to the tone of some of tax cut, this would provide an extra incentive for people to the campaigning. as i said, you want to bring get in the workforce because they get a 7.5% pay raise but people in and of course the president has this incredible base of support and we have seen that, very, very enthusiasm also it cuts the payroll cost understated and passion for the of employers. every small business in president but you do need more america would see their payroll costs fall and they would hire more workers so i don't buy this argument that than that in order to win an cutting the payroll tax election. doesn't help people who don't >> sure, you do. have jobs. it helps them get jobs. i want to make his point loud but the even more important and clear. point which you just made i hear these polls saint donald steep, but i want to emphasize, we cannot go trump is down by 12, 14 points and he can't win pre- i work on forward with the policy in some states where workers are the 2016 campaign and i remember when the pollsters were saying getting double their salary hillary clinton has a 90% chance that they had before when they were working. of winning. 90% chance of winning. don't get demoralized. so you have a strained we talked about a key issue of situation around the country come i've never seen anything school of choice today from
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like it where we have 20 million unemployed workers minority parents, hispanic parents, brown parents, black parents, that is the issue. donald trump will win big time. but every small businessman and women i talk to say they steve: i agree. kick the workers back on the job because the government is paying them more not to work. four out of five unemployed workers today are getting more ma ga for all. let's come back next sunday when money for not taking a job and the next revolution will be donald trump should say to the american people, that is not televised. televised. fair to the heroes of the economy. whether it's a policeman or jillian: it is monday, july the mercer's or the first 20th. this is a fox news alert, a responders, the garbage march through seattle erupts collectors, the people who are keeping our economy float, into chaos, 12 officers hurt in the violence as rioters try to set fire to a police precinct. we are live with the breaking they're getting less money than people sitting around unemployed, i don't think that's a fair policy at all. developments. >> the country in the end, >> were going to leave it there for the moment but a they're not going to have a man really important point which is that the payroll tax cut doesn't just help people in work, it helps people get jobs. who is shot, he's shot, he's that's an important message. thank you both will be coming mentally shot. let biden sit through an back later to talk about some of those questions of campaign interview like this, he'll be on the ground, crying for mommy. he can't do an interview, he's strategy. parents responding 49... 50! incompetent. todd: no live lost between
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president trump and joe biden. we have the presumptive nominee's response to the fox
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i found you! good job. now i'm gonna stay here and you go hide. watch your favorites from anywhere in the house with the xfinity stream app. free with your xfinity service. now any room can be a tv room.
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stream live tv, on demand shows and movies even your dvr recordings. download the xfinity stream app today to stream the entertainment you love. xfinity. the future of awesome. welcome back. if your school won't open, demand a refund. get money back and jordan told
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us his organization was ready to help parents in that legal fight. jordan is back tonight with some updates. everyone loved what you had to say last week. what's happened in the last seven days? >> steve, the first time we really announced that we were going to go out with this effort to represent any individual parents or guardians of students k-12, especially in public schools who feel like they are going to be facing some substantial hardship because either the school is closing or their part-time opening or their virtual learning, that we will represent them and we announced on your show and absolutely no cost because were supported by donor so we can represent our clients for free and just from being on your show last sunday night we've had hundreds of contacts come in already, and that was just of the last time we got the report which was friday morning. i believe that about right now we are probably close to a
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thousand come over talking about 22 different states, and these are all individual students that range from those who are working moms, two parents working, schools that have been shut down. in oregon, steve, the governor shut down all charter schools but went a step further and said you can't even have virtual online charter schools so we are specifically looking at a lawsuit there, we are also going to go right school boards, immediately starting this week with demands to make sure they are making the right accommodations. if they don't then we take those legal options in the second part of this that i think so important is that there's an equal protection issue here as well for those who are in underserved communities and facing economic hardship. we can't go back to a time of separate but equal which, in this case would actually be separate but unequal, and so
12:23 am
there are claims that can be made there as well and it's been done before so now that we've done this legal research, we have our attorneys ready to go out across the country to represent these families whether it's virtually appearing before courts, virtually appearing before school boards or being at the courts if they're open or the school boards, but this work, now that we are collecting, because of being on your show and now were talking about it more, we are expanding our efforts in taking it to that next level. >> i'm so thrilled listening to you describe that reaction in the way that you're stepping up to support, it's absolutely fantastic. before i get you to repeat the information so anyone can respond, i just want to make one point, that organ story you just gave their is so indicative of the problem here because that is entirely driven by the corruption of teacher union donation to
12:24 am
democrat politicians which you see all around the country. there's no other explanation for why you would want to stop them from even doing virtual stuff, right. >> one of those 22 states that came in was organ, but the fact that the democrat governor of oregon, kate brown would shut down all charter schools and then say by the way, those charter schools can't even virtually operate it is disgraceful, it is wrong, and that is one i think we will certainly be. >> i just want people to understand how individually we represent people so we talked about these different states so far but everybody's gotten an individual situation and we have the attorneys ready to help each one of them. just remind us very quickly, where should people go if they're watching now either they or someone they know wants to move this forward. where should they go. >> it's acl j/help.
12:25 am
you find out a contact sheet about your information and there's no cost here. we never charge you a dime. we are nonprofit legal organization supported by donors so if you feel like this is going to poke holes in a financial hardship, go to the website and let's keep this battle up across the country. >> i totally agree, i hate cut you off but we are really overtime. thank you for everything you've been doing this week. we will follow the campaign keep checking on progress. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> coming up. if you do get your money back, what could you do with it. we will tell you about welcome
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back. [inaudible] now that schools are taking your tax money and not even opening their doors to students, this could be a breakthrough moment. let's talk about that now. cory, look, i don't want to talk about the principal, we all agree in school choice, i've been fighting for.
12:30 am
what i'm interested in hearing is the options that are there. it's not just charter schools provided by local, enabled by local governments. innovation and entrepreneurial activity is really giving parents lots of new and difficult options. can you tell us about them. >> thank you so much for having me. i just want to point out that families have been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to k-12 education for a long time. like you said, the lockdown situation in the school reopening has really made that clear now tha more than ever because families are powerless in the way to fix this is to fund families directly just like we do with a host of other initiatives whether that's pell grants at the higher education level, pre-k programs, that also deals with education and food stamps, the money goes directly to families and families can pick different providers and we should do the exact same thing for k-12 and if you'd like we
12:31 am
can call it ubi, universal basic education. have the funding go to the families and we should fund students instead of school systems just like we do with all these other programs, and like you asked there's a whole host of different options besides charter schools. there's magnet schools, virtual charter schools and other states were blocking families from switching to charter schools as well such as california, pennsylvania so we may see lawsui lawsuits in other states like that so there's also programs where the funding goes to the family in the form of a voucher and they can take it to the private school of their choosing or even a micro school which gets me to it this conversation about education savings accounts which is again like a voucher idea but it goes to the family and you can use it for tutoring services, online providers and their already have been families getting together in large numbers across united states.
12:32 am
the washington post just wrote about it where families are getting together in groups of ten, five to ten students in one household and their essentially outsourcing the process of homeschooling and this is called micro schools so i would recommend looking at micro schools or homeschool co-ops in your area to check this out. just think about it. we'd spend over $15000. child. year in the united states in public schools. just imagine if that family went to families directly and you got ten students, just imagine if only a third of that went to overhead cost. the teacher would still have around a hundred thousand dollars left over and this could benefit teachers a lot if they're in high demand and it could benefit families and students as well to get these options and i will say this would benefit the least advantage more than anyone else because there's already very advantage families going around in the u.s. forming
12:33 am
these groups. it's the least advantage families who have troubling finding these options and so we should fund them directly and allow them to find these options so everybody can have educational options, not just the most advantaged in society. >> you are so good at this. you answered all the questions that i was going to put you. thank you so much. i think we should make you education secretary. that was absolutely fantastic. i love the conversation of micro schools as a twist to homeschooling. that's really interesting. we will stay in touch as our campaign moves forward for the moment. thank you very much. i want to bring back kim and steve. kim, i just think, you've heard that whole conversation, my call forgetting people, getting their money back, if they're not getting what they want in terms of the school district opening schools, all these innovative options, new opportunities to deliver the education, i think it's a really exciting moment potentially. >> i think it's enormous
12:34 am
because it's pushing everything to the floor, and let me point out who's really pushing it to the floor. it's the union. these are people who are not only refusing to educate our children but setting up incredibly high hurdles in order to agree to go back to school and even demanding more from things like the l.a. teachers union which this week said it wouldn't go back to school unless it got medicare for all, another bailout an end to charter schools and now you have governor newsom in california saying even the private schools can't reopen, that's a protection for teachers unions because he knew some parents would be beginning to look at these options because those schools were going (what i would love to see, steve, we are going to have another federal coronavirus bill. i would like to see some standards and rules put into it about how the money that has already gone out and states can be used and make clear that it can be used by any districts that are not
12:35 am
opening and educating kids. >> your thoughts on how this could actually accelerate something that we've all been advocating for for many years, the whole school choice movement. >> you started asking kim at the start of the show what could president trump do unilaterally to get this economy moving. how about this. i know president trump watches your show, mr. president, give everything a parent in a district where the schools are not going to open up, i live in one of them, give every parent a 10000-dollar federal voucher. we spent $50 billion at the federal level and let the parents go to schools. we have, in my neighborhood, exactly what you guys were just talking about where four or five parents are getting together. they will teach the kids. why not let the money go to the parents and the schools so that our kids get a decent education this fall. >> i love it. this is so exciting because the whole voucher thing,
12:36 am
that's why i did that my school money back then because it's frustrating. even though were all in favorite you have to wait for your local government or your local authority to do the voucher but you're right, the president can do it from the overall office. very exciting.
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welcome back. we know this is a moment of tension and anxiety for many reasons. this is something i've campaign for pre-much my professional life which is equal opportunity and treatment regardless of race. that idea is enshrined in something that's very familiar to all patriotic americans which i hope will soon include me if they accept my citizenship application and
12:41 am
that is the pledge of allegiance. that is a positive and unifying idea. just as the initial reaction to george floyd's death was unifying, we all agreed, regardless of party how horrific that was and since then, extremists have tried to shatter that national unity and offer politicians have indulged in appease them. america is the greatest nation in the history of the world and it's great in part because of its capacity for change and self-improvement. that's the spirit we need now, not an angry's snarling defense of america but a positive and optimistic one. positive patriotism. john lewis, exemplified that. he died yesterday and president trump rightly honored him by ordering flags to be flown at half staff in expressing his condolences. john lewis fought hard for that american ideal for
12:42 am
liberty and justice for all indeed putting his own life at risk in the name of that cause. this brings us to a very special show tonight, the fight for america who stood by our friend who joins me now, harris. i normally see you during the week when i'm outnumbered or lucky enough to be aghast. it's wonderful to have you with us tonight. your thoughts on this whole issue and please tell us what we can look forward to at the top of the hour tonight straight after the show. >> so steve, you and i are often yoked in the center, right where that patriotism come about love of country, that love for people, fellow citizens, and i think that the theme carries on right after "the next revolution" tonight because what i invite people to do is to see the current struggle that we are in as an opportunity to do what america has done for years, and that is to rise. it's okay that struggle and
12:43 am
fight but we need to fight for something. the fight for america. so much of what were talking about right now, as you said, came out of may 25, and george floyd, we agreed upon what that was and then we got divided. a lot of it is a long culture and skin color and things that we cannot change about ourselves so let's find the things we can. some of the conversations were about to have next hour are not going to be easy. these are people who see things differently, maybe even from some of our audience members, but it's all part of that great delicious stew that we all are in america and i invite people to open your hear do, and
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