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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 23, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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colleges. part fall of 2021 which is a long time from now i think we will have things under control. the entire academic year does hang in the balance. >> it is easy to say we have tens of billions of dollars, not so easy when you need to pull double shift rely on public school for your kids. all the time we have to make, shannon bream, take it all from here. shannon: i'm getting a near full from some of the moms and some of the deads. we will stay on it. justice for victims of violent crime form a rallying cry for justice at the white house. sending federal officers in the memory. into chicago and albuquerque were jackie was killed last year. federal involvement underway in kansas city where legend was killed in june.
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senator ted cruz is here with his plan for justice and crime-ridden areas as local leaders say the feds are the one stoking the violence. part 2 of doctor mark siegel's exclusive interview with donald trump and his handling of the covid-19 crisis. hear the president's answers for the doctor's questions for the first time right here. welcome to fox news it might beginning with kevin cork with what the fans are and are not planning to do. >> joined by ag bill barr the president unveiled an expansion of the operation legend program in cities like chicago and albuquerque, new mexico, and effort to curb spiking violence and to honor the memory of those lost in the recent crime wave. >> operation legend is not to harm or to hurt.
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is to help investigate unsolved murders and one of those happens to be our innocent 4-year-old son. this operation is personal to us. we want justice for our son and others. we have to take a stand in our communities and speak up to help this operation be successful. >> the parent right there as you may have heard chicago's mayor lori) new mexico governor michelle grisham are rejecting the use of federal agents and the sort of crackdown on violence was seen in portland with the president said his first job is to protect all-americans and that means putting the end to violence no matter what it takes. >> this. it must end, this. it will end. i'm announcing a surge of federal law enforcement into american communities plagued by violent crime, bring violent perpetrators to justice. >> the first duty of government is to protect the safety of our citizens and we are here to
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explain the initiative to combat rising violent crime in a number of our cities. our goal is to help save lives. >> that's the mission, to save lives, operation legend his name for that young boy, just 4 years old, shot and killed while he slept in his home in early june in kansas city. that young woman is jakelin the hill, just 55, leaders in her state curious about the program but very resistant to the sort of crackdown we've seen against violence in portland, oregon. late this afternoon at the white house the president called the federal government's $1.9 billion deal with pfizer a historic agreement that will help the country distribute coronavirus vaccine a record-breaking time, the hope is they will have widespread distribution by the end of this year.
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don't forget tomorrow senate republicans will unveil part of their forthcoming coronavirus relief proposal. the package won't be just one bill but likely broken into several bills, releasing them all on thursday. for now, back to you. >> there's going to be a lot to watch in several provisions will expire next week, thank you very much. as protesters in portland burn an american flag officers continue defending the federal courthouse. in chicago one day after the breaking news we brought you last night a drive-by shooting at a funeral that sparked a shoot out that left 16 people wounded. the president announcing federal assets will coordinate with the city in an effort to curb violent crime. alex hogan has the latest from chicago and portland and operation legend. >> operation legend underway to
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expand federal law enforcement in cities like kansas city, albuquerque and chicago where police continue to see an uptick in crime. >> reporter: new video the fire outside chicago funeral home, 16 people shot in what police call gaining retaliation. >> chicago experiencing a 51% increase in murders and a 47% increase in shootings compared to this month last year. just yesterday a 3-year-old girl was shot by gunmen. >> we wish it would stop. the violence is worse than the pandora, the pandemic. >> the plumbing to federal offices not welcome nationwide. democratic mayors of 15 cities writing a letter to william barr condemning the use of federal agents. among them the mayors of chicago and portland. >> we don't need unnamed secret federal agents roaming the
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streets of chicago picking off our residents without cause. >> lightfoot who spoke with the president today added new resources can come if they work in partnership with existing law enforcement to tackle recent gun violence. today and portland state attorneys pushed for restraining order demanding the fed stop arrest without probable cause and identify themselves. >> this is a democracy, not a dictatorship. >> reporter: the white house argue the matter of national safety after 50 nights of protest targeting portland's federal courthouse, an official said 3 federal officers might not recover their vision after people pointed lasereyes. some rioters tried lighting plywood outside the courthouse on fire to the protesters and
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agents faced often smoke-filled streets with fireworks and teargas. ted wheeler plans to meet protesters tonight to hear their demands. mayor bill diblasio in new york vowing the feds will only continue the divided will not set foot here in just this morning the nypd cleared out the occupy city hall in cabins that have been set up there for a month. many of those activists coming here behind me in washington square park to gather again. shannon: thank you. a potential standoff and another chinese consulate following tuesday night's drama in houston, firefighters were called to the conflict, papers being burned outside and open containers just hours after the us ordered beijing to close up shop. julian turner has the latest tonight. >> the fbi believes the chinese consulate in san francisco is harboring a highly wanted chinese military official. a researcher wanted by the fbi
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june 20th last seen entering the consulate building the same day. if the chinese government is harboring a wanted criminal it would be an extraordinary breach of the us china relationship. >> actions that protect the american people, national security. >> the trump administration ecological behind-the-scenes intelligence war that has been brewing for decades over china's insistence in stalking its embassies and consulates with communist party spies. mike pompeo says the us isn't going to take it anymore, giving china 72 our eviction notice to shutter its houston outpost. >> we will not allow us to continue to happen. we are setting up clear expectations for how the chinese, this party will behave. >> a few hours ago, the same houston consulate, burning documents outside in the courtyard. in houston firefighters arrived on the scene, chinese officials refused entry, a move so brazen
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it came to donald trump's attention. >> everybody said there's a fire and i guess they were burning documents or papers and i wonder what that is all about. >> reporter: is not willing out closing more consulates, chinese officials are threatening retaliation. >> china strongly condemns it and urges the us side to withdraw the decision otherwise china will take necessary of legitimate response. >> reporter: fox news is learning what that retaliation might look like. the likeliest scenario is kicking american diplomats out of one of the 5 consulates in the communist nation. shannon: thank you. urban violence seemingly unabated continuing to play in major us cities like chicago and portland, more scenes of lawlessness on the streets tuesday night as state and local
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leaders remain steadfast in pointing the finger of blame at the trump administration. >> i don't think the president or his administration's comments of been helpful, no question they have made the situation more volatile. >> we do not want sentenced to institutional arrests of our residents. i told them to go home, their forces are not needed here, they are not wanted here. >> ahead full of hot topics to discuss with republican senator from texas ted cruz. let's start a, push back against federal intervention. you come up with the measure you say will allow -- local officials not getting the job done and suffer losses personally and professionally, they will be able to sue. how is that going to work? cabeza the mayor directly, go after the city of chicago? what you envision? >> they consider the city and get triple damages if you have local politicians who are
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wrongfully denying police protection. this is a really tough time for our country right now. we are seeing riots across the country, violence, police cars being firebombed, police officers being murdered and violent mobs within our cities but in the face of that we are also seeing democratic politicians, democratic mayors, democratic governors who somehow made the decision it is in their political best interest to allow the mob to carry out there violence and refusing to protect their own citizens, allowing these lawless autonomous zones to exist within their boundaries, that has never happened in modern times and so i introduced this week legislation that if an elected official wrongfully denies there is citizens the right to police protection in the situation of a ryan that you can sue them and get triple damages for any injuries you suffer or damage to your home or your business and a
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lot of democratic politicians that by as small businesses were looted and burned to the ground, many small business owners were african-american or hispanic but democratic politicians didn't care. it was and what they defined as their partisan interest to allow the mob to raise. that's not right. >> we will talk to a minority business owner out of minneapolis whose business was torched and how he has dealt with that in the days and weeks since these riots have played out. there are a number of lawmakers to see the trump administration by sending people in uniforms that look like military, that are stoking the violence. the easier you is suing us marshals and others who are attacking volunteer medics it protest, they should be celebrated, not attacked or arrested. these attacks are unconscionable as well as unconstitutional, this lawlessness must end referring to the lawlessness by federal authorities. >> this shouldn't be complicated. these are pretty simple rules in
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life, don't physically hurt somebody else. don't assault somebody else, don't burn their business to the ground, don't murder somebody else but the violent mobs are not following that in this instance what happened is these mobs are attacking federal buildings, they are attacking federal courthouses. it out to be real simple. if you attack a federal courthouse the answer to be you are going to be arrested, put in jail, you're going to stay in jail a long time. it's real simple, don't attack a federal courthouse. with the federal government is quite reasonably doing is sending federal law enforcement agencies to protect federal buildings, protect federal courthouses and i have never seen anything like it. yes i have. what these democrats are doing is the same thing we saw democrats do in the 1950s and 60s.
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the same thing democratic politicians like bill connor did, the same thing you saw democratic races he didn't want to segregate schools, eisenhower sent in the army and said you're going to follow brown versus board of education, you have elected democrats, who were enforcing jim crow who said get your federal officers out of here, you don't have the ability to throw the federal government out and you certainly don't have the ability to say we are going to allow the federal courthouse or the federal building to burn. if the chicago mayor wants to allow the mob to rampage in city hall and occupy her office that is her decision, knock yourself out if you want to give into the lawlessness but she doesn't have the right to give of the federal courthouse and neither does the mayor for the governor of oregon or any of these democrats who
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made a decision, the police are the enemy and the mob are there allies and it is wrong. shannon: we know the chicago mayor and the president had a phone call as they discussed the role federal authorities would play. a couple more things to ask you about, china, the chinese in the sea, we strongly condemn and oppose, they call a political provocation and say you got to reverse this so we will respond with legitimate and necessary action. >> china's behavior has been terrible, they committed murder, they committed torture, covered up the coronavirus outbreak in wuhan that led to 600,000 people dying worldwide and with respect to the houston consulate what the state department said his they have credible evidence of theft of intellectual property and espionage being carried out
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of that consulate. i urge the state department and senate foreign relations committee to make their evidence public. i will be receiving a classified briefing about the details and what evidence they have but it will be a good thing to make that case publicly to the world to layout china's theft and spying they have been carrying out in our country. shannon: you and mark cuban going to be okay? >> the same issue. mark cuban, at first he said anyone upset to kneeling to the flag don't come to the nba, then decided to insult me and i said tell us what you think about china and the nba is more interested in money then speaking out on china so he had nothing else to say. shannon: he said it will continue to honor wounded warriors and soldiers and bring them in for game so we will be the to the two of you. always good to see you, thanks. tough words for democrats. we welcome them to come on the show, would love to hear your side.
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>> shannon: fox news medical contributor and friend of shannon: medical contributor and friend of fox news at night doctor mark siegel, an exclusive interview with the president today, they talk about the nation's battle against the coronavirus pandemic and what could come next. >> what about testing? what is your plan going forward with testing, full testing? >> i'm going with the experts. we are doing more testing than anybody in the world by far, second is india with 12 million, we will be at 50 million test
12:22 am
this weekend and to me every time you test you find a case and it gets reported in the news, we found more cases, if instead of 50 we did 25 we would have that half the number of cases. i personally think it is overrated but i am willing to keep doing it. we have so many more tests than any other country by far. the president of mexico came to see me and said what do you do and mexico has good friends, they test when somebody goes into a hospital, they might test a little area but it is limited testing and this is true with most countries, we are spending a lot of money on massive testing and i'm okay with it, the experts are saying it is a good thing to do but we have done 50 million test and india, pretty big country, 1.4 billion people, they have done one third of the number of tests that we have done, so i am okay with it if they want to do it but again it makes us look bad but they say it is good.
12:23 am
if instead of 50 million we did 25 million we don't have the number of cases, the cases would be down. here would be the normally headline, for anybody else, cases cut in half but they wouldn't report it that way. >> his father and grandfather what you want to see happen with schools? >> i would like to see them open and the children whether it is immune system, i was watching you one night and use it immune system, whatever it is, they are stronger than we are because it doesn't have an impact, almost any impact, a tiny percentage of one%, much less than one%. i would like to see the schools open, the country has to open. we did the right thing, we closed it down, saved millions of lives, now we are opening it up and i think democrats are doing it largely for political reasons, they think the economy won't be as strong because we are doing very well with jobs, broke the record two months in a row with job numbers.
12:24 am
i really believe the democrats are doing this for political reason, if you close down california, a big state, close these places it is not going to show. on november 4th everything will open up. >> masks, there's a difference of opinion between two great governors that support you, governor abbott in texas, in florida, governor desantis who i have a great deal of respect for is not putting in the mask policies. is there a role you will play in talking to the governors about masks? >> on the masks my attitude is when i was at the hospital i felt very comfortable wearing a mask, young people were hurt very badly in military situations and i felt for them, not for me, my wearing a mask was a good thing. i felt extremely comfortable but i don't feel comfortable in other settings when i'm all by
12:25 am
myself on a stage and everyone is far away i don't think it is something you have to do or should do but everyone around me is tested so i'm not the perfect person to talk about it but i believe even if there is a one% chance it helps when you look at doctor anthony fauci and others, this is just the way -- if you look early on they were saying don't wear a mask. that didn't makes total sense to me, now they are saying wear a mask. my attitude is it probably helps, give it a shot because we have to win this thing. it is not a question of pride, it's not a question of anything. we have to win this. when you are in a situation you are to wear a mask. >> searching homes, big fiasco, 40% of the deaths in this country and nursing homes, the governor of new york was involved in this issue of a great number of nursing home deaths in new york going around the country advising people on how to get out of a hotspot
12:26 am
situation. what do you think about him blaming the federal government for what happened in new york nursing homes? >> he stopped doing that. he was trying to say he listens to a guideline because really it was common sense. we gave them a tremendous facility that they didn't use, built a hospital with 2800 beds. that was clean, 100% clean and unfortunately they made -- it was a mistake and it was a sad mistake but he has worked very hard. an alternative governor cuomo he has worked very hard. we got along very well. overall he has said we've done an outstanding job. so we move the ship income and a lot of room there, wasn't utilized like it could have been and we had the javits convention center where we have 2800 beds
12:27 am
bills and that wasn't used very much. it would have been great. and retrospectively would have used that for some of these patients moving infected people back in certainly was not the answer. we are very careful all over the country, you wouldn't have to be, every governor watched that, nursing homes are heavily protected, they have to be but very heavily protected. >> doctor birx isn't getting enough attention, everybody gets slammed but i'm disturbed about that because she's a woman, talk to me about her role. >> is one of the finest people i ever met in the world of medicine, medical. she is responsible for all of the incredible work that has taken place on aids in africa, millions of people are alive right now because of her. she's an unbelievable woman, a woman of tremendous substance and style, an amazing style, she walks into the room and she can take a scruff into 15 things with it, she is somebody that,
12:28 am
that is the least important thing, she's a brilliant woman, she's a great woman, she gets and very unfair treatment. i read one story in the new york times which is fake news but they want to knock her, they knock her because she probably is on my side but she is a fantastic woman who's done a fantastic job long before this came up, she was involved, you have to look at her background, her background is incredible, she's a brilliant woman who is a fine fine person. >> this is been very over politicized, disappointing to me as a physician, talk to me about that and lessons you have learned that you would take into the second term fighting covid-19. >> it is highly political and the democrats are using it for political reasons and political purposes and it shouldn't be.
12:29 am
this should be a team effort but regardless to a certain extent it is what it is. it is going to burn out. we will have vaccines, therapeutics, some of the therapeutics we arty have are working well, the remdesivir. the hard part is getting so much of it, the steroid work and you know some of the things happening are incredible, they are saving a lot of lives but we will have a short period of time, some really good therapeutics, and some really good vaccines. shannon: doctor siegel joins us to talk about his exclusive interview. the president, you talked about this, said nearly have the different nursing homes, 40%. my buddy janice dean wrote a piece in usa today covid-19 killed my in-laws after cuomo's recklessness income policy. at first we didn't blame anyone for my in-laws death, this is a pandemic, then we learned about a policy that put them in
12:30 am
danger. she's been trying to use her family's painter sound the alarm. are you confident there's been any change in policy because of efforts like janice's that are maybe protecting people in nursing homes? >> absolutely. i think she has signed a huge spotlight on this and the president pointed out the governors -- governor dissenters in florida are ahead policies in place where personal protective equipment was used in nursing homes, people were separated out, where you didn't go back in from the hospital, that is janice's point. élan new york state books that if you were covid-19 positive they sent you back in the president pointed out we had a ship sitting there in new york's harbor. that has been changed but obviously the situation continues to be monitored. he was resistant to the idea of the federal government being blamed for this because of the cdc guidance policy that didn't say anything like that.
12:31 am
is like kindling, put someone in a nursing home. everyone in that nursing home is at risk, there's no way to properly separate that up. janice has should a spotlight on this and the president was listening and so are the governors. it is slowly improving but we have to continue to pay attention to it. >> hopefully this will save other families from the same. interesting interview. thank you for sharing it with us. >> he was very centered today, centered and forward thinking, admitted to the public relations disaster in the beginning. he is moving forward and looking ahead. shannon: what we want from all of our leaders. pursuing racial reconciliation. and gop senator and black lives matter leader sit down for an honest conversation, they will join us live next. didn 't know meant so much. but we're all going at our own speed. at enterprise, peace-of-mind starts with our complete clean pledge, curbside rentals and low-touch transactions.
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>> shannon: rhetoric on race heating up tonight shannon: a race heating up in i the crucible of the presidential campaign. in utah much more measured approach as people from opposite
12:36 am
sides of the political spectrum sat down to discuss police reform with black lives a utah founder lex scott and mike lee. good to have you both with us. i know you want to make clear this is an independent organization you started years ago, you are not affiliated with any national organization and black lives matter will say there isn't one. it is a movement, an idea, no structure from the top down so tell us about the conversations you've been having come you don't want violence but you want to talk about real change. >> i'm happy to reach across the aisle. we spoke about reforms, pushing for data collection, independent civilian review boards, qualified immunity reform, body
12:37 am
cam legislation and i have spoken with mitt romney about this as well. i'm working on both sides of the aisle. shannon: were there things you discussed, things we can come together around and move something forward? >> absolutely and one of the things i appreciate is she has a real commitment to this effort and she understands the story of america is in many ways the story of police reform. government power is official coercive force so it has to be managed carefully. so we can respect the dignity and eternal value of every human soul. that's what she wants to do and i'm interested in working with her on it. shannon: you started this work years ago, people wouldn't show up for meetings and now the world has changed. what does it mean to you now to
12:38 am
see people who will show up for protests, but it is a different world, different conversation now. >> we have been ignored for 6 years and now the world is finally listening and it won't mean anything if we don't get real reform and that is where we are headed right now. a lot of bills will be on the hill locally and nationally so i am hoping we can have a bipartisan bill. that is what i got excited about when i heard that senator lee wanted to meet with me. i hope we can have a bipartisan police reform bill and i'm asking republicans and democrats come to the table. shannon: there's an opinion piece in the la times, they come together, the column says congress had a chance for bipartisan police reform, both parties failed, congress's reputation for gridlock has been
12:39 am
richly earned, republicans and democrats, a minority on capitol hill said they believed compromise was possible. what went wrong? both sides behaved badly, each surrender to internal political pressures. what happened and is there a chance to move forward again on this especially in a tough election year? >> in so far as the senate is concerned, we had the opportunity to move onto a bill presented by senator tim scott from south carolina but it wasn't a perfect bill but a step in the right direction. senator scott and majority leader mcconnell agreed to allow it to be amended on the senate floor. we could have and should have improved that into something much better, more complete and we voted to get on the bill, do senate democrats chose to vote against it. i had a good conversation with
12:40 am
some colleagues today and there is some renewed effort to get the tim scott bill back on the floor and i am optimistic we can move forward with it. shannon: cato had a study that 62% of americans say they have political views they are afraid to share. what do you say to people who are worried about offending someone or getting fired or having difficult conversations? >> we need to have uncomfortable conversations about race, we need to talk about it and realize every single person including myself can do something racially insensitive. every single person whether you have 1000 black friends, relatives, anything. when we do something racially insensitive we should learn from it, and improve ourselves. please have tough conversations republican lawmakers are listening, please work with senator lee, mitt romney, up there, and have a bipartisan bill come through, have those tough conversations about police
12:41 am
reform because this is our time, we have this little piece of time that we can change the world so i am begging, please, someone, pass a police reform bill in washington. shannon: you inspire the rest of us to sit down and do this and we will encourage our lawmakers to do it as well, we appreciate it. first the covid-19 lockdown and their minneapolis business was torched in violent riots. meet a family who is finding ways to help other people, they are next. we're always here to help with fast response and great service and it doesn't stop there we're also here to help look ahead that's why we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so you can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most and that's just one of the many ways we're here to help the military community
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12:46 am
what is next? let's talk to chris and chanel montana and the way they helped so many in the middle of this crisis, great to have you. let me ask you, what was it that made you so quickly get this hand sanitizer going? during the protest you are handing it out to protesters as well because you thought it was the best way to use your business in the midst of the covid-19 crisis. >> we started making hand sanitizer because once we knew we were shutdown we didn't think we were going to survive this thing and figured the remaining alcohol might as well go to a good cause so we started making it, the first giveaway was to the police department but we kept doing it and were able to give a lot of it to homeless shelters, job care centers and hopefully we are able to help
12:47 am
out a little bit. shannon: tell me what it was like to realize in the wake of george floyd's death and the unrest and pain and riots, your business was a victim of that but again you turned that around and decided to help other people who were worse off than you were at that point. >> it was very emotional, for a number of years, for us it is complex, we saw the desire and the need and the push for change that was there, we appreciate that and we want that, we didn't want to see violence in our business be destroyed. we know things can be better because of everything happening, the conversations being had.
12:48 am
shannon: where do you go from here? you help a lot of other people, many you will never, strangers, people in need. will you rebuild? what are your hopes for minneapolis and beyond? >> we will certainly rebuild. we sustained some damage, people broken, still a lot of stuff, burned a lot of stuff but our building is still standing, so many people are much worse off than we are and they are not necessarily on your program right now, didn't get the same light shone on them. so because we did have that attention, we felt the best thing we could do with it was take that energy, divergent it into funds to help these other businesses out.
12:49 am
there are people who lost everything, particularly black and brown businesses, usually making choices on things like insurance and inventory and you do what you need to do to keep your business running and keep your family fed so i understand why a lot of them are in a bad space right now. we wanted to do what we could. so we've raised a lot of money in the credit for that goes for donors, the 11,000 people who helped out, many of them have written small checks, some large but they are the ones who allowed us to. shannon: you guys are inspiring in so many ways and because you are helping so many other people and giving back, that's what it is all about when it comes to communities and bringing about change in bringing other people along with us. thank you for what you've done and what you continue to do. former president obama taking aim at donald trump over the coronavirus in the trump campaign's firing back, details next. up at 2:00am again?
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>> s shannon: the newest campaign video for joe biden features former president barack obama having a socially distant conversation taking shots at donald trump when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. jackie and rick has the story tonight. shannon: the conversation takes
12:54 am
jabs at donald trump's response the pandemic at his character, two areas he has been pouring -- pooling poorly and this is right before the next obama biden fundraiser. in an ordinary election former president barack obama might be appearing on a rally stage to generate support for his vp's white house bid but in the pandemic another strategy, a glimpse behind-the-scenes of their relationship including what they really think of donald trump. >> imagine a president saying it's not my responsibility, i taken the responsibility. >> those words students come out of our mouth when we were in office. >> the full length video coming out thursday signaling we will soon be hearing more from obama as he steps up his role in biden's campaign push the message that biden has something trump doesn't have. >> his inability to get a sense of what people are going through.
12:55 am
he just can't relate in any way. >> the reason i wanted you to be my vice president. >> the trump campaign told fox it is unfortunate the former president and vice president both from left us underprepared for serious infectious disease outbreaks with a depleted national stockpile would rather push deception and lives fostering division instead of working to bring us together like donald trump. >> biden and obama will team up next tuesday for a second virtual fundraiser, the last raised $11 million, the most of any biden campaign event so far. shannon: some good news before we say good night. a single mother lost her job during the pandemic, she's been struggling to make ends me, only $7 to her name, felt a dollar in a grocery store parking lot, she bought a scratch off lottery ticket and one $100. are 12-year-old daughter suggested they donate the money to a police officer in kansas city missouri who was shot in the line of duty earlier this month.
12:56 am
they were crime victims themselves and said the police had been a lifeline for them. officers returned the kind gesture, they raised 50,$000 for single mom. love it. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i'm shannon bream.
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>> it is thursday july 20 third and we begin with a fox news alert. overnight in portland protesters blueing their liberal mayor while oregon asks for restraining order against the fence. >> white house cracks down sitting federal agents across the country to stop violence in universities including in chicago which the president is calling a disaster. live in washington as tensions reach a boiling point. >> they say he is so selfish he went to get the vaccine first. do i take it first or last two i lose on that one. if i don't take it, he doesn


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