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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  July 23, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ >> harris: president trump has announced he is sending a surge of federal agents to chicago as part of a plan to fight violent crime, of course all of this coming just one day after 15 people were shot this week and wounded outside a funeral i'm there. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. the president has expanded his program known as "operation legend," to address violent crime in chicago, albuquerque, new mexico, and other cities. you see the map there. he is stepping up pressure on democratic mayors like chicago's lori lightfoot to take stronger action to stop the carnage.
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>> these cities, unfortunately, that are in trouble, are all run by democrats. when you look at chicago and you look at the job mayor lightfoot -- and she sent me a letter yesterday. in their own way, they want us to go in. there will be a time when they want us to go in full blast. right now we are sending extra people to help. >> harris: however, mayor lightfoot of chicago is warning the city's ready take legal action if the feds step td their authority. >> we want to accept anything weitz was happening on the streets of portland, oregon. we won't hesitate to get a temporary restraining or dumb a and some federal agents like acting like the police and denying our residents their constitutional rights. it is not having that in chica chicago. >> harris: meanwhile, while in police are declaring another riot. it happened overnight. protesters lit fires and three gasoline bombs and other
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projectiles of the courthouse. following ted wheeler's tense visit with protesters, where they heckled him. watch. and they called on wheeler to step down. "quit your job," among other demands, as the democratic mayor was also caught up in tear gas fired by federal agents. homeland security acting secretary chad wolf is here to weigh in on all of it. first, let's scoop up some news with dan springer, who is in seattle. dan? >> harris, it was an extraordinary night in portland as the mayor of a majorly u.s. city got tear gas, was insulted and shouted down by the very people he joined to fight the federal government. >> if we are not able to get the federal administration to back
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off and leave our city, it'll happen all across the united states, jeopardizing the united states constitution. >> wheeler called in a listening session, but the crowd heckled him, called him a nazi, some were spitting at them. he was hit in the head with a thrown bottle, and while he spoke the list of demands was projected on the building behind him. among them, "wheeler must resign." later he was hit with tear gas is hundreds of projectiles were fired at the courthouse, including molotov cocktails and fireworks. some vandals use bolt cutters to breach the new fence put around the courthouse. after the second round of tear gas, wheeler's security officers took him away to a city building nearby. protesters opened a fire hydrant, but he said he saw nothing to provoke the federal response. he called it "urban warfare." oregon's governor also want the
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feds to leave. >> when i spoke with the director of the parent to homeland security last week, i told him to go home and to take his federal troops with him. >> over the last three weeks, federal agents have made dozens of arrests but they are paying a price. three officers may lose their sight after being hit in the eyes with laser beams, and the federal protective service says 38 officers have been docked by protesters. their identities reveal a social media among because of violence against them. the portland city council passed a law forbidding the city's police from coordinating with or in any way assisting federal officers, and in a bit of irony, and the very same court building the feds are projecting, there was a hearing on a lawsuit filed by the state attorney general seeking an injunction to severely limit what federal officers can do. harris? >> harris: wow it, that's a lot.
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dan springer, thank you very much. i will work all that into this conversation. i want to bring in acting homeland security secretary chad wolf. good to see on the program today. appreciate your time. you know, i want to start by putting even more information up. let's take a look at this. our senior judicial analyst here at fox news, judge andrew napolitano, said this in an op-ed. "arrests by feds are unlawful, because federal agents are selectively arresting folks and not even pretending to be enforcing local and state laws. under the federal law, they may not deploy police or military domestically unless the state legislature or state government has requested. none has done so far for portland." what is your response to that from secretary wolf? >> thanks for having me on. i'm shocked by that statement by the judge. clearly he has a wrong. once he goes back and looks at it and understands it, we have the authority to protect the federal courthouse there in portland. we have the authority to make
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arrests on individuals that are targeting that courthouse, committing criminal acts against let courthouse, and our law enforcement officers. the laws very clear about this. we do not need an invitation from the governor or the mayor to do that. just as any other federal law-enforcement agency, such as the fbi, does not need an invitation to go in to investigate a criminal act and make arrests. it's a completely inaccurate statement. in all instances, we try to work with state and local officials. in any other state or city, we are able to do that. what's going on in portland is very important, it's very different than any other city. we have thousands of anarchists every night between the hours of midnight and 5:00 a.m. doing violent acts against the courthouse. very violent acts against law enforcement officers. we have state and local police units not doing anything about it, because they've been directed not to make arrests. "do not push the perimeter
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back." not to do any of these common sense things other cities do across the country. >> harris: secretary wolf, i want to get to this. as democratic governors and mayors are pushing back, we will start with that. it begins with the mayor of seattle. >> it is so unsettling the president continues down this path. we've seen what happened in portland. it has escalated the violence there. >> we cannot have secret police objecting people into and putting them in unmarked vehicles. >> and the president of the united states starts to use federal officers, like his own personal police force, that is very dangerous for our democra democracy. >> harris: what is your first reaction to that? then i want to ask your question to gather some perspective. your reaction? >> my first reaction is those are talking points. whether you are describing -- i heard it referred to secret police. judge napolitano unfortunately
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referred to them as thugs. these are civil law enforcement officers. stormtroopers of the gestapo? it's absolutely ridiculous. these people put their lives online to protect that courthouse or their community. they are doing that using the authority of the debarment to do so. again, i go back to making sure that people understand what is happening in portland is different than what is occurring in chicago, seattle, or anywhere else. portland is the only city in the country right now that a federal courthouse has been targeted 54 nights in a row. 54 nights in a row they have tried to burn the courthouse down. we have to protect that federal property. the courthouse is the seat of justice. we need to protect that. >> harris: secretary wolf, and i want to get a perspective. i tried to do this with everybody, because it's helpful to know. he would know what's happening from your feather agents and their point of view in all of this. how does it hamper their efforts on the ground to do a job when
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you hear a restraining order is in the works by the mayor of chicago lightfoot? she wants to have a restraining order on feds. and in portland, when they forbid the police officers to help the feds. they pass a law, just in the last 24 or 48 hours. how does that impact the job your people are doing on the ground? >> well, it makes it very dangerous. unfortunately, a lot of these mayors are putting politics over public safety. i would encourage them to continue to work with federal law enforcement officers in their communities. together we make this community safer. you indicated in portland, portland has taken very dangerous actions that are factoring into law enforcement officers perhaps being hurt. at the top of your program, the city council passed a resolution that does not allow local law enforcement to coordinate or support, even perhaps life-threatening situations,
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federal officers. that is dangerous. very, very dangerous. again, putting politics over public safety is not the right thing to do. again, i go back to it. 54 nights of vandalism, of crime, of anarchy, that the local officials there can put a stop to tomorrow. every other city has put a stop to this. they can stop it tomorrow if they want to. working with dhs, we need to do this in a partnership. >> harris: you know, one thing we've learned on the east coast specifically with the nypd and police officers and citizens in the streets is that you need everybody to be focused on moving forward, and to take down the heat. so, as you look at this, i wanted to kind of get that perspective. these are american citizens who are these federal agents. like, and any other kind of venue, we see them at the local piggly wiggly. they live among us, too.
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i have these two sides battling. when you have people being sent in by the president of the united states, secretary wolf, to chicago, how will they work together with the local police there? give us an example of how this could work. >> sure, absolutely. when we talk about chicago or albuquerque, some of the announcements made yesterday, the department of justice and operation legend is focused on something very different than what's going on in portland. i think that's important to recognize. we are talking about in chicago is that criminal activity we see in the streets, whether it's gang crime, illicit narcotics and drug crime and the like. the deponent of justice, dea, fbi, and others come along with the department of homeland security, are working on those criminal investigations and criminal activities every day. they do that locally with law enforcement. i think that will continue to operate pretty well. kansas city has had operation legend up and running for over two weeks, and we've had great results thus far. when we talk about poor linda, we talk about a community and a
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city that is not supporting law enforcement. when we go back to 2018, we had anarchists that laid siege to a federal building for 28 days back in 2018 and the city did nothing. not anything to resolve that. eventually we had to send federal law enforcement officers in their to free that building. again, this is a pattern that we see in portland. they are fostering an environment that is encouraging these individuals to continuously break the law without any consequences. it's very, very dangerous. >> harris: i've got to let you go, but when you come back, i've got so many more questions for you. it was really good to talk with you today. the acting secretary of dhs, chad wolf. thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: the president has made known his concerns about mail-in ballots. now, what a fo fox news review s found is facing concerns about reliability paid here's a nugget for you, we sent our own package
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through a processing center. plus, president trump fired back after joe biden called him america's first racist president. whether this kind of attack is effective or a big turnoff for voters. the power panel. >> his spreading of racist -- the way he deals with people based on the color their skin, then a national origin, where they're from, is absolutely sickening. ♪ now is the time for a new bath from bath fitter.
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touchdown! only mahomes. the big events are back and xfinity is your home for the return of live sports. >> no sitting president has ever done this. never, never, never. no republican president has done this, no democratic president. we've had racists, and they've existed and tried to get elected president. he's the first one that has.
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>> harris: he went there. joe biden called president trump the country's first racist president and suggested the president is using it as a wedge to distract from his mishandling as the president. here's the president. >> you look at employment, you look at opportunity zones, and maybe most importantly you look at criminal justice reform. you look at the prison reform. i've done more for black americans than anybody with a possible exception of abraham lincoln. nobody has even been close. >> harris: and the trump campaign is accusing biden of hypocrisy, saying, "this is an insult to the intelligence of black voters and is really rich coming from a guy that proudly befriended segregationists, and worried his kids would grow up in a racial jungle, marveled that barack obama was articulate
10:19 am
articulate." lisa boothe and mo elleithee. great to see you both. i'm going to come to you first with just this word, "racist." when we go down that road of calling people, particularly that word, at such an incendiary time for our nation, is that helpful in politics today? >> mo: i've always been one to shy away from the word, but i do think there is something to be said about the way the president has been stoking division in our country and sort of stirring the pot on some issues that are really concerning when it comes to race. look, i don't think he's the first racist president. we have had presidents who have
10:20 am
had a real big problems when it comes to race. but i think he is one of the first presidency was overtly campaigning on division, who is out there really trying to stoke that as a political strategy without really much of a mask in front of it. >> harris: interesting. you know, lisa, i would clearly say this -- i bit the dnc mrs. mo, because you don't have to agree with something somebody says, but he put that so much more eloquently than the former vice president. >> lisa: look, i think joe biden is a liar. if you look at the fact that he actually launched his candidacy and his campaign off of the charlottesville lie, which if anybody needs 5 minutes to read through the transcript, they'll know president trump said it was an egregious display of violence, hatred, and bigotry. he went on to totally condemn the neo-nazis and white
10:21 am
nationalists there that day. perhaps joe biden is projecting. if you look at the history of what he has said, it's highly racially offensive. i don't think joe biden is a racist, but he has certainly said racially charged things in the past. i believe the president himself said when joe biden talk about former president obama and said he was the first mainstream african-american who was bright, articulate, and clean, what a disgusting comment to say about someone. he also told black people, "we are not black you don't vote for me." be when i particularly remember that. >> lisa: he also said you have to have a slight indian accent to go into a 7-eleven or a dunkin' donuts, which is another disgusting comment to make. i really don't think that joe biden, of all people, has any room to talk at all. >> harris: from 37,000 feet, what do voters care about?" number one thing is coronavirus across both poles. i don't know how any of the name-calling gets anybody forward, but we moved to this.
10:22 am
president trump president trump is ramping up his calls for joe biden to take a cognitive test, saying he has an obligation to the american people. watch. >> joe should take that test. something is going on, and i say this with respect. it's probably going to happen to all of us, right? you have to be able to show this country that the person we are picking as leader is sharp, because we are dealing with people that want to do very bad things to us if they had the chance. you have to be sharper than them. in a certain way, joe biden has an obligation to take a test. >> harris: joe biden has dismissed the president's attacks on his mental fitness and says he is looking forward to debating him. mo, nobody is a doctor in this scenario. [laughs] again, we are going down the road where i wonder what voters think when they see this sort of thing. you are take? >> mo: yeah, i think this is the sort of thing that can
10:23 am
backfire on the president, and maybe even this president. that rent yesterday on fox news where he started to rattle off lists of words that he had memorized, i don't think that helped make the case for him. going out there and publicly musing about whether or not injecting bleach into our systems to stop covid, i don't think that made his case. what i think voters are looking for, i think he is right in one sense. people are looking for mental clarity and sharpness. when you -- >> harris: can i step in for one second and cause obvious? and it has to do with not just gaffes, but moments of lack of clarity, it would seem, with the former vice president. again, none of us is a doctor, and people being pulled for the most part aren't identifying expositions. i don't think you find it there, either.
10:24 am
just realistically, when you watch and someone struggles a bit like that, i just wonder how democrats see it. how do you see it? is it something we should talk about? >> mo: the president of the united states stood up at a podium in the white house and mused about whether or not we should inject bleach into our systems. >> lisa: can i interject here? >> mo: let me finish. let me just finish for a second. >> lisa: but, mo, you had a lot of time to talk, though. i haven't had a chance to weigh in here, so i'm going to. here's the thing, too. democrats are the ones who have made joe biden's age and fitness for office, they've put that into question. joe biden was on the campaign trail in january talking about the fact that he has to have a strong vp that can be president because of his age. there's a political article talking about the internal debate in the biden campaign about if he should come out and say he's going to be a one-term
10:25 am
president, in internal deliberations about that. you have eric swalwell who, during a debate, said it was time for joe biden to pass the torch. democrats are the ones who have his fitness for office and agent a question. >> harris: all right, i'm going to let you go for now. we are out of time for right now. let me scoot to this, a fox news review has found that the u.s. postal service faces serious issues ahead of the election. how it could affect mail-in voting in the 2020 presidential race. plus, a new tv series about hillary clinton is reportedly in the works, offering an alternative history about her life. how critics are reacting to that alternate view on social media. ♪ ratnow fallen even lower. by refinancing, you can save $3000 a year with one call to newday usa.
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>> harris: president trump repeatedly has raised concerns about mail-in voting, serious issues with missing ballots. this, as an internal postal service memo's warning budget cuts could create new problems. says this, in part. "one aspect of these changes that may be difficult for employees is that temporarily we may see male left behind or me on the workroom floor, or docs in processing and description centers, which is not typical." i want to bring a jason chaffetz, former republican congressman from utah and a fox news contributor patriot to see you today. have a baseline question for you. you've got mail-in voting, and you got absentee voting. if both are an option, what is the difference from the voting perspective? from the voter? speak of the key here is to authenticate the vote, harris. absentee ballot, where you actually go and register to do this in advance, is far
10:31 am
different than taking literally millions of ballots and sending them out into the wind. you don't know where they're going to be, you don't authenticate who actually has signed that document. we've had problems in new jersey, pennsylvania, california. there was something like more than 100,000 ballots during the primary that were not counted. you have tens of thousands where signatures didn't match. oh, my, what could go wrong when he just sent out the ballots and you don't know where they've gone? fast is fundamentally wrong. the president's right, this is a huge danger. >> harris: is so, how frustrating should it be for the american public, jason, to look at this and say, "you guys have had months to figure this out state by state by state." we need to have a plan now, because you got an epidemic out there that doesn't vote and it doesn't care how we vote or when we vote, or if we vote. coronavirus is with us right now. the president said, we are going
10:32 am
to have to somewhat embrace for the situation getting worse before it gets better. so, we don't know if that's going to be by november or not. what should be happening right now to prepare for this? >> these jurisdictions should have been looking at this for years, just because there's a coronavirus, you can still be socially distance. you can still wear a mask. you can still show up in person and vote. i think that is the proper way to do it. i've got to tell you, these jurisdictions that are saying only male end, unless you're doing something like blockchain technology or some sort of other technology on top of it, i don'k the integrity is necessarily there. it is terribly expensive for these jurisdictions. if you have a postal problem, as was pointed out by fox news in their investigation, they put a package out there and it took like five weeks to have it delivered. >> harris: yeah, and counting, i might add.
10:33 am
we sent it through the processing center in chicago. it was part of our own look at this. hey, look, i want to get to this and get your reaction. former georgia state representative, potential choice for vice president, cece abrams, went after the president on this yesterday. >> what donald trump is doing while he tries to discredit vote by mail is attempting to undermine our democracy and the power of the vote. it's more than just delegitimizing the results of an election. donald trump is trying to rig the future. >> [laughs] that's funny. cece abrams hasn't gotten over the fact that governor kemp beat her by some 60,000 plus votes. i mean, she got shellacked at the polls, and she lost. she has never gotten over that. nevertheless, it is offensive to suggest that somehow president trump is reading this. it was barack obama right before
10:34 am
the election last time who said, "you couldn't rig it even if he wanted to." i think that is offensive, i think it's meant to trigger people, but i think it's absolutely fundamentally wrong. >> harris: jason chaffetz, always good to have you on the program. good to see you, thank you. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: the dow jones may be down today, however, the index has been on a winning streak in the face of high unemployment. what it says about the relationship between wall street and main street. you know, how we people are feeling. plus, an update on the coronavirus relief bill. we will take a look at the potential stumbling block to put more money in the pockets of millions of americans to wait to see whether they are $600 in additional on employment benefits will be extended or completely go away. >> we aren't going to only take care of one portion of suffering people and leave everyone else hanging. that's what they want to do. take care of this, and they'll
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>> we have a fundamental agreement. we still have a lot of tax being worked on overnight, and a lot of the details. the president's priority for the moment is to get money into americans quickly, and one of the problems with the payroll tax cut is it takes time, so we are much more focused right now on the direct payments. >> harris: treasury secretary steve mnuchin giving an update on the next coronavirus stimulus bill, saying it will not include the payroll tax cut that president trump wanted. moving over the negotiation still, the $600 weekly unemployment bonus payments that people have been getting, those are set to expire at the end of this month. so, in just a few days. chad pergram's lab on capitol hill to give us the latest. chad? >> good afternoon, harris. we were thinking we would get at
10:40 am
least a framework of this piece of legislation today. we don't have it. there's an old dictum on capitol hill that, when things go quiet, it usually tells you things are going sideways. this morning, basically crickets. usually when things are going well things come over, the emails to men. not today, because there isn't much of an agreement. they do have an agreement on the appropriation side of this, but not much else. this is why republican senators like john kennedy out of louisiana want to know what's going to be in this bill. listen. >> i expect a bill to be introduced. maybe today, maybe tomorrow. maybe early next week. the bill was drafted by senator mcconnell. it's a starting point. if i had to bet today, i would guess that congress will do something. >> here's what we do know, the plan would provide $105 billion to assist schools to reopen.
10:41 am
again, the idea is this money is used to go to open schools, not virtual schools. also they's $15 billion dell day care centers and their 16 billion additional dollars for testing. republicans's book about breaking it up into multiple bills, but nancy pelosi wants one unified bill. >> we cannot piecemeal this. as you see, it has an integrity. it has a oneness about meeting the needs of the american people, defeating the virus as we honor our heroes and put money into the pockets of the american people. >> so, there are chasms of disagreement right now on the republican side of the aisle. chuck schumer, the minority leader, says republicans so far can't even write their own partisan bill. harris? >> harris: chad pergram, thank you very much. more on this, let's bring in former reagan economic advice or art laffer. great to have you on the program. first of all, just getting ready
10:42 am
to maybe see that $600 weekly bonus go away. maybe not completely, maybe they'll do some massaging of it and take it down. how important is that in the scheme of things, that they are looking now to expand? >> from what i understand, getting rid of the $600 is pretty important. i mean, you want to make sure you give relief to people who need it badly, but when you are paying people to be unemployed more than they would make if they were working, i think you are defeating the purpose you are trying to do, to get people back to work and get the economy back up to snuff so we don't have to do these programs. i think the $600 revision or however they're going to do it is really important. i think something like 80% or 75% of all people on relief, getting the $600, are making more unemployed than they would if they were working, which makes no sense, harris. >> harris: i do want to pop this up on the screen for everybody. it's the new jobless claims
10:43 am
today, 1.4 million of those added, while the unemployment rate still hits very high know where it sits at 11.1%. art, what can you tell me about what's happening with unemployment? and i know that it is tied to people going out and physically finding jobs. has the economy opened to the point where they are? >> i think the jobs, a lot of the jobs are there. i don't know if it's enough to bring them down to where it should be, but what you so happening was the initial claims arose this week for the first time in quite a while. that's not a good sign, and that's why i think the payroll tax waiver is really so important. it'll really incentivize people to come back to work, it'll incentivize employers to hire new people, not to furlough people, to use them more, which is exactly what we want. when i heard the secretary saying it takes too long to get money in the hands of people, my goodness, that's silly. all you do is stop the check. no more payroll taxes as of today.
10:44 am
it's done. much faster than it is collecting the money, sending checks out and doing all that. just silly. what a silly argument. clearly i don't know as much about this as you do, but they're still americans that we are reading about right now, just getting their stories, that they haven't gotten that first round of checks yet. it has been weeks, months, and we are still waiting as they go through the u.s. postal system. >> i bet you every one of those politicians gets their checks right on time. they never miss. >> harris: i don't have any data to disprove that. meanwhile, the dow jones appears to be bouncing back from covid-19 lockdowns. the index closing above 27,000 just yesterday. it is down a bit today on the dow, but showing you the trend line has been inching closer to erasing its losses for the year despite high unemployment. however, i have to say this. when you have 11.1% unemployment, there is still a
10:45 am
disconnect between how wall street is doing and how mainstreet is doing. that's important how people feel, especially in an election year. what do you do about it? >> let me just clarify one thing if i can, harris, and forgive me. the dow jones industrial average, the 27,000 you showed, tells us what will be. the unemployment rate tells us what is right now, not what will be. whawhat the dow jones industrial average is telling you is that coronavirus pandemic is not nearly as bad as we thought it would be when the dow jones was down to 18,000. things are not nearly as bad as they thought they would be. we are getting a lot better medicine, the diseases are less, the deaths are less than we thought. that market has popped up saying that this would just be a blip in the economy. it's not going to be a permanent damage done to the economy. i think the dow jones is telling us we don't have nearly the serious problem while the politicians are talking about. we don't. we can make it through this fairly easily, as long as the
10:46 am
politicians don't mess it up. that is again why i recommended the payroll tax waiver. to get those jobs right back into place, so the economy catches up with what the dow jones thinks it will be and what it should be. >> harris: well, for political purposes and for our hearts, we hope that you are right about the covid-19 situation and that the current spikes can get under control. politically it is the number one thing according to fox news polling and others for voters this season, as well. art laffer, it's always good seeing you. >> it's very serious. the market, if you'll remember, was 29,500 and it dropped down to 18,000 just in a matter of a few days. that was a really panicked about how many deaths there could be and how bad it will be. it's not going to last long. we've got those vaccines, remedies coming on right now. i think it's very optimistic about the medicine and that we can handle this virus quite well. and we'll get rid of it within the next year.
10:47 am
the economy needs to be brought back. >> harris: art laffer, good to see you. see you next time. >> you're the best, harris. thank you very much for having me on. >> harris: sure. the u.s. is not the only place seeing massive protests. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is facing outrage over his handling of covid-19, among other issues. we are live at the very tense scene in front of netanyahu's home. ♪ is that net carbs or total?... eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. with nutrients to help support immune health.
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>> harris: people have gathered outside the home of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu today as critics accuse the prime minister of mishandling the country's response to the coronavirus pandemic there. trey yingst's life for us in jerusalem. trey? >> harris, good afternoon. there are thousands of israelis right now in front of prime minister benjamin netanyahu's home, calling on the prime minister to resign as a result of his handling of the covid-19 outbreak in israel and also the corruption charges that the prime minister faces. you can see the scene behind me here is very tense. police are trying to keep the situation under control. many people in israel right now are frustrated with the
10:52 am
government's response to coronavirus. a new poll tonight says 70% of israelis say netanyahu is not handling the situation well. a demonstration just two days ago, 34 people arrested during clashes with police. you can see the frustration on the face of the israelis. when you talk to them, they want to know why the government does not have a better plan for covid-19. israel first saw a wave of covid coronavirus and the country locked down, at which point the prime minister reopen schools and businesses. now they've seen more than 2,000 cases of covid-19 in days, this coupled with an unemployment rate of over 20% as people are calling for the resignation of prime minister netanyahu. just down the road from here, there are supporters of the prime minister holding their own demonstration, saying that he is doing a fine job of a very difficult situation. israeli president took to twitter calling on all parties
10:53 am
to get their act together and find a solution to keep israelis safe and get them back to work. harris? >> harris: thank you, trey yingst, for bringing us the news from that part of the world. appreciate it. big reaction on social media today to a reported alternate history series centered on hillary clinton. what critics are saying as the former secretary of state steps back into the spotlight. ♪ ♪ it's velveeta shells & cheese versus the other guys. ♪ clearly, velveeta melts creamier.
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♪ well the names have all... welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you. ♪ >> critics about the new television series for hulu important training an alternate history for hillary clinton. imagines the life of former secretary of state if she never married bill clinton. this sparked conversation on social media. carley shimkus is with us. >> for those thinking i just
10:58 am
can't get enough of hillary clinton, i wish there were two versions, your prayers have been answered with this show. unfortunately for hulu, it doesn't seem like a lot of people feel that way. the reaction has been largely negative. journalists tweet, destined to be a cult classic as far as cult is taken literally. a tweet from stephen miller that jokes, james comey still gets fired and walker bragman writes, who asked for this? that's the question. tv studios are creating shows that they want to say. hollywood being a liberal place, they're not translating to the broader audience. >> what is her role in this? as a docu series, people will give testimony or whatever.
10:59 am
>> so yeah, you mentioned the docu series that came out on hulu earlier this year. it seemed like still at that time, even now, there's still not an oversaturation of hillary clinton. the point of that one was to sort of humanize her. the point of this alternative history is to create a heroine-type character out of this. this is the audience for this. the hillary clinton fan that is a feminist and may think the worst part of her life is the fact that she's married to bill clinton because this portrays here as a political trail blazer that could do it all without the man. >> wow. okay. from a docu series that garnered a lot of popularity. they come up with this idea to strip away the man she loved. >> yeah.
11:00 am
chris ticks with the docu series luke warm with the audience. >> carley, we're 100% with you. appreciate you being on the program. >> thanks. >> thanks for watching. i'm harris. "the daily briefing" starts in a couple seconds. >> president trump stepping up his fight with democratic leaders as american cities face yet another night of violence. i'm trace gallagher in for dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." police in portland declaring a riot overnight. cops say demonstrators threw flares starting fires. the mayor says he got gassed himself. he doesn't want the feds in portland. the president said he's sending


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