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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 28, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> we will prevail! >> tuesday july 2, '08, this is a fox news alert, another night of unrest in america's major cities, police using pepper spray to disperse the crowd in arizona asked lawlessness in portland continues for it 60 first day. todd: how will william barr respond during his testimony before a house committee? we are live with a preview of that. >> support the notion that we believe the protocols that are adequate to keep our players
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safe. todd: a coronavirus outbreak in one major the clubhouse threatening the shutout of the baseball season. jillian: training camp kickoff league wide today. was can they learn from this? and nothing bitter about this. >> a tiny businessman doing big things to back the blue. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ todd: we should have played hot
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in the city by billy idol because it is 1000 degrees, is like a pressure cooker at 3:00 in the morning, like 90. it is july, a hot city. you are watching "fox and friends first". jillian: let's get to a fox news alert. police officers in arizona use pepper spray to disperse unruly crowds of writers in portland season 60 first night of chaos. >> we will prevail! >> 61 nights of that. can you imagine? writers take center stage on capitol hill, the attorney general is set to testify about this. >> expect them to come out swinging defending the response
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to the civil unrest in portland and other cities. in a previous statement, he will say this, what unfolds might be around the courthouse cannot reasonably be called the protest. it is by any objective measure and assault on the government of the united states. abandoning basic rule of law principles that should unite us even in a politically divisive time but democrats plan to grill him on everything from portland to the mueller report. >> attorney general william barr is there to protect donald trump. i think it is quite self-evident in all of his actions that he's not acted in the peoples interest. >> this is the violence in portland continues for two months, 61 days, authorities revealing contraband confiscated around the courthouse, you see
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all sorts of items, chat will tweeting injuries to his officers and the arrest of 22 individuals that have been involved. portland's mayor tweeting we are calling for an immediate meeting with homeland security leadership on the ground in portland and to discuss a cease-fire and removal of heightened federal forces from portland, this comes after the mayors of 6 cities including portland make it illegal for the administration to deploy federal forces to cities that do not want them. expect that to come up at william barr's hearing at the white house consider sending more assets in the coming days if things do not begin to subside. todd: we will talk about this with congressman louis goehmert who will question william barr today. jillian: thank you for being here, we appreciate it, democrats will argue he has put donald trump's personal interest above that of america. what do you want to hear?
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>> we will hear william barr bear all. i feel sorry for him. a democrat saying not acting in the best interests of the people is the pot calling the petal a pot because that is what we have been running into. the needs of america have been secondary, william barr cannot have come into the justice department a worse time. this guy comes in, the department of justice, the fbi, the intel community, the dod, all been weapon ice against the president of the united states and on top of that you have the chaos around the country and i know the democrats think that will help them defeat donald trump but in the meantime we have an attorney general doing the very best he can and i've been proud of what he has been doing. todd: here's william barr on what we've been seeing, a number
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of federal officers have been injured largely absent from the scenes of destruction are even superficial attempts by the writers to connect their actions to george ford's death or any legitimate call for reform. you hear this a lot that these are marxist revolutionaries who want to push out the system of government. i don't understand, what do the leaders of these cities expect will happen if you remove federal troops. if they don't let police do their job do they think these people are just going to go away? >> they know they are not and that is what is so disgusting, they think if they create enough chaos in our cities people will say this got to stop. i have to vote for a democrat so all this.. we can't be doing that but that is what they are thinking. that is why i say for nancy pelosi or anybody else to say he's not putting the best interest of the people, they are
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hoping the economy will stay shutdown, william barr will come in, very honest honorable guy and i don't think they are going to like what they hear because he just shoots straight and this poor guy, i am sure you all remember nadler and crew brought in witnesses before, the smaller the person the bigger the chip, one guy got replaced by william barr 30 years ago by attorney general dick thornburg and thornburg says in his book, he was no good, finally got rid of him and finally got a deputy ag so this guy has carried a grudge for years and democrats follow right in line, nothing but grudges but at some point we've got to come together because the country needs us to do that.
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jillian: mitch mcconnell and republicans unveiled heels act. what is in this and how does it back up against the democrat heroes act? what are the differences? >> for one thing, republicans not near as good at naming bills as the democrats, democrats put names on completely opposite of what they do, the skull the heels act mcconnell unveiled but it stands for healthcare economic assistance liability protection and schools so it is more of a heelps act but that is what it addresses. those on the republican side have now we've got to protect nonprofits, businesses, employers that are wanting to open up but trial lawyers ready to slap them with lawsuits over
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covid-19 and they need that protection, $1,200 again but what people need is to have the economy going full bore again and it will be better than getting $1,200 from the government putting us more in debt. todd: many on the left want to continue wanted this pace. how long can the country limp on like this and keep spending trillion dollars we don't have? >> can't go on very long, those who study history all our lives now these are the things marxists take advantage of to create the problems, the unrest, the economic problems and claim you need to make this a marxist country but they are in for a rude awakening, they think they will be part of that little bitty leadership that runs the country when most of them will not and people like soros think they will be in that little ruling class, no middle-class, historically they always have the money taken away at the end and they go to prison or death.
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it is not a pretty picture. shannon: we want to ask about this before you leave. you put out a statement yesterday about a clash in downtown tyler, supporters of you and your opponent clashed, there was a police report filed, gilbert's campaign manager claiming he was assaulted by multiple members of the counter protesters, what you say about this? what happened? >> i wasn't there. i was heading for a plane. i didn't even know there was going to be a back the blue rally at the same time. i heard there was going to be something. i didn't figure many people would show up but when you are 40 or 50 points behind in the polls, you get desperate and don't mind creating violence, east texas is the best place to be living in these clowns think
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they need to being bring the portland protest, portland problems to our cities, give me a break, that's not what east texans want, they love our country, they love peace and quiet, they don't need that kind of stuff so they got a cycle out of the media but people are not going to put up with that in east texas and democrats are digging themselves a deeper hole trying to bring the portland protest to east texas, we will see how that works out. todd: we appreciate it. jillian: two police officers recovering after being shot in denver, they made contact with a suspect they were tracking, allegedly linked to a series of armed robberies, the suspect was shot multiple times during a gun battle with the officers and is in critical condition. the officer suffered nonlife threatening injuries.
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todd: lindsey graham considering the key source to the dossier for an a novelist known for detailing espionage. >> they played this guy like a fiddle, this is russian disinformation. the fbi agents recognized it as such, he said here is what i found but it is not reliable. steel turned into a tom clancy novel, got warrants with it. todd: revelations the former research analyst for the liberal brookings institute was the primary source for the steel dossier were chris steele got his information to obtain wire taps for carter page. jillian: a public viewing for john lewis will resume, lawmakers praising the civil rights icon as a hero is a patriot during a ceremony in our nations capital.
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todd: todd piro joins us with the tributes. >> reporter: he spent his life as a fight about the loss bringing a rare moment of peace. ♪ amazing grace ♪ >> reporter: lawmakers shedding tears the congressman who passed away earlier this one from pancreatic cancer, lewis the first black lawmaker to lie in state in the capitol rotunda, an honor party leaders said was well deserved. >> has really bent toward what is right because people like john paid the price to help bend it. >> under the dome of the capitol we bid farewell to the greatest americans in our history. it is fitting that john lewis joins this pantheon of patriots. >> reporter: donald trump said he would not, joe biden and his wife also paying their respects, lewis will lie in state in the
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georgia state capitol tomorrow. todd: the race for the white house, progressives pushing joe biden to the left, what happens if a blue wave sweeps him out of office? jillian: believes a democrat takeover would destroy the country, she explains next. the open road is open again. and wherever you're headed, choice hotels is there. book direct at
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it rob: joe biden holding on to attend point leader for the president according to a new poll but the democratic party far from united and our next guest raising the red flag of what a democratic sweep in november could look like him. jillian: what is at stake? good to see you. >> thanks for having me. jillian: what does it look like
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if joe biden wins? >> not so much joe biden winning we have to be concerned about but if joe biden ushers in a democrat-controlled senate. people are probably not paying as much attention as they should to joe biden's platform, his so-called unity platform constructed with bernie sanders which is a far left platform but secondly, the kind of bills passed in the house of representatives under nancy pelosi because mitch mcconnell and the republicans control the senate. a lot of measures have not gone anywhere. people would be horrified. for example the house past gun-control legislation that would take away protections for gun manufacturers against civil liability. gun companies could be held accountable in shooting and that would put them out of business, so much for our second amendment rights. laws on immigration are very
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loose that have been passed in the house basically taking criminal penalties for entering the country illegally which effectively is open borders. that is what democrats are pushing for. there is a whole laundry list of measures that could become law if the senate gets into democrat hands. this is a very worrisome thing because this country of freedom and opportunity would change overnight and i think american voters need to wake up to this. rob: you talk about what we see in the entire country could be like what happened in new york when democrats finally got control of the new york state senate. they held off a lot of far left platform ideas but when they lost the senate, bail reform is wreaking havoc on the city, a lot of people, a lot more crime.
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>> not just bail reform, abortions up until 9 months. i don't think most americans aren't bored with that. that happens very easily, democrat-controlled new york state senate. new york is an interesting example. democrats won the governor's mansion in the assembly some time ago but very rarely been in charge of the senate so when this changed, friends of mine watching new york state politics more closely than i was say beware, you should be involved in the senate races and it happened, a floodgate open and all of a sudden these very progressive measures came down, they are not working well, new york state and new york city are in trouble and part of it is the progressive agenda was put in place. this is a very worrisome thing and could be enacted nationally. jillian: something we will keep talking about, thank you for
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joining us. 20 minutes after the air. a couple fishermen have a whale of a tale to tell. rob: their encounter caught on camera. ♪ for over 100 years, realtors® have been providing expert guidance, helping people find new places to dream and thrive. when you're ready... look for the r.
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jillian: cleanup efforts in texas, 30,000 people without power, flooded streets forcing emergency crews to make water rescues, 120 people in one county had to evacuate. rob: janice dean joining us with the latest. >> hannah is out of there and so is douglas, really close call
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with hawaii over the weekend. now we are watching this area of low pressure. the good news with the storm, it is encountering a lot of windshear in upper levels of the atmosphere so it is having a hard time getting attacked together but we have an 80% chance of formation over the next several days. here are the tropical models further out in time. a lot of them destroy the storm before it gets attacked together but we have to watch it over the next couple days. look at the tropical activity, we are not in peak season. there is where we are today but look how far up the mountain in august and september. the bottom line is we have a lot more weeks to go through when it comes to the tropics. the other story is the heat. oppressive heat and humidity is the story with many big cities tuesday and wednesday, things start to relax, more seasonal temperatures, hot but not as
2:26 am
humid. jillian: a lot to remind us. i am wearing blue. rob: a fisherman catch is a stunning moment off the coast of england. jillian: a humpback whale jumping out of the water a few feet from the boat. they were working through the night when 3 whales circled the bus, one humpback jumped out of the water. todd: 26 minutes after the hour, a curveball to the outbreak, can the nfl avoid a similar situation as more return to training camp today? jillian: doctor jeanette joins us with that. are you sick and tired of looking and
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>> former vice president joe biden hitting a snag in the divide between moderates and progressives grows deeper. jillian: several hundred delegates threatened to reject the party platform. >> bernie sanders said joe biden could be the most progressive candidate since fdr but delegates are not buying it, 360 delegates signing a petition saying they will vote against any party platform that doesn't include medicare for all. the coronavirus pandemic has, quote, highlighted the need to keep healthcare for unemployment, former sanders campaign cochair putting aside the presumptive nominee telling the atlantic voting for biden is like eating a bowl of expletives visited dmc vote on a draft of a platform that welcomes advocates of medicare for all but doesn't outright support it.
2:31 am
the platform does include gold for combating climate change, $15 minimum wage, more federal gun control but black lives matter's cofounder says the party needs to make seachange to address police brutality and racial injustice. >> the necessary revisions end the view here, stand up and say my party is the party of principles. >> reporter: the clock is ticking, biden will need to garner that support while choosing his crucial running mate with the convention weeks away. >> he is running a robust process. a lot of women of color are part of the process and he will make that announcement.
2:32 am
>> reporter: the pandemic is sparking changes on the campaign trail, the first presidential debate will be held in cleveland after the university of notre dame dropped out. university's president saying in part the constraints coronavirus pandemic put on the event is understandable and necessary as they are, this is the second debate to be moved, the university of michigan dropped out moving that debate to miami, donald trump has canceled parts of the republican national convention set in florida. he will accept the nomination in north carolina where the convention was originally planned. rob: with 100 days to go until the election politics editor crist i are walled says it comes down to donald trump's pandemic response. >> he was an administrative it looked the facts in the eye, looked at the swing stated the whole situation with what was going on in the virus, the but a campaign manager, canceled the ill-conceived jacksonville rally, they got real, the
2:33 am
president changed his tone. if donald trump turns this around, tracing it to last week, when he started to turn it around. jillian: not a good start for the mlb season, canceling two games monday night after learning 11 miami marlins players and two coaches tested positive for covid-19. >> never considered not playing from my standpoint, take a risk every day. >> we build protocols to allow us to play, that is why we have the expanded rosters and the pool of additional players. we think we can keep people safe and continue to play. jillian: the commissioners reassuring fans the sports world is an easy including the nfl and training camps open today. joining me jason page and medical contributor doctor jeanette. i will start with you, jason. this is a nightmare scenario as the season just begins, already
2:34 am
a shortened season, not much wiggle room to have game is postponed, you ended up having two games, a game between the phillies and yankees, it was supposed to happen last night, postponed because they were not going to be in the same courthouse in parallel via the marlins reusing at the home opener, how do they get this done this season? >> how do you fit in the games you start to postpone with marlins losing a couple games? we will find out what the yankees and phillies intends to do? they could use those in yankee stadium but i am sure the phillies would prefer to have them in their own ballpark. you are going to have positive tests, as much as baseball has to come in to work in the nba and nhl, very problematic for baseball, to not have infections throughout the season. they have large and of rosters to overcome but in the case of the marlins half the team gets
2:35 am
infected. how do you overcome that, create a competitive balance wins and teams might be missing players, become sketchy overall. jillian: when you look at it from this angle, you have teams work constantly traveling in baseball, multiple games every week, sometimes multiple games a day, traveling on planes, buses, staying at hotels, how do you contain something like that when at the start of the season it is already half the team tested positive. >> for the marlins they started at the advantage because miami out of miami which is a hotspot, second highest number of cases in the country in miami, two steps behind. on top of that congregating in locker rooms, on the bus coming in the dugout, some people say a week ago they were playing against atlanta braves it was
2:36 am
raining, socially distancing in the stand but the key is making sure every player is tested at every game, this is how we make sure we don't have one person, one player acting as a super spreader and spreading it to the entire team and what it comes down to is being disciplines, players have to be disciplined, they are not picking up this virus. the washington nationals manager, he is supposed to play the marlins next week. i commend the commission of the mlb for positing the marlins season, taking a break for 2 or 3 weeks, they need to heal and the team needs to get well and
2:37 am
get back on the road. don't see why we don't have fans in the stand limiting capacity. jillian: let's talk about, to talk about football for a second, i want your opinion on this. football is a contact sport. i'm in the minority of thinking optimistically about the season when i say there are fewer games in football, traveling less frequently than you are in baseball, do you think of the nfl can figure out away with the helmets and protocols that they can have a better outcome? >> i don't think so and here is why. if you can't keep players from certain activities the spread of this thing is not going to be stopped. there is obviously an issue with baseball players and nfl players not being in a bubble or being contained, they will do things coming in their mid-20s in most cases, these are kids, think
2:38 am
about things, and how they continue to have the infection problem. for 2 or 3 weeks they will hold them out for a couple days, otherwise all sorts of scheduling problems. >> we've seen the nba doing that and had better luck. is that the answer? >> we are not seeing outbreaks on half the team in the nba so far. players are disciplined, and we went to see, to see sports back out there again.
2:39 am
a matter of where your mass, federal physical distancing, taking responsibility and getting each player tested again, each time they go out and they are around one another to minimize and prevent the spread of this virus. they have to be disciplined. it is a difficult challenge with young athletes who want to party. >> no infection in the last 4 to 7 days for the nba and nhl, most of those leads. jillian: the optimist in me is hoping we can see what is happening and learn from it and keep everyone updated. we appreciate it. todd: a pittsburgh steeler taking the stand against and some kneeling, his heartfelt reason for refusing coming up.
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jillian: republicans are laying out a plan to boost the economy with the stimulus bill. todd: cheryl casone he joins us with what is included in that proposal. >> reporter: the heels act is going to include another round of $1,200 stimulus checks, to help them reopen. it will not extend $600 in unemployment benefits. the unemployment will get $200 to weaken this proposal, small companies with revenue cut in half will apply, with restrictions on that and expand tax breaks and liability protection for doctors, nurses, businesses, charities, think
2:44 am
about lawsuits, contact tracing, $20 billion for vaccine development, $20 billion for farmers to protect the military for the virus. steve mnuchin and mark meadows for two hours yesterday, as the negotiation process began, day 2 of negotiations in washington, the legislation as it stands totally inadequate. todd: retail stores on thanksgiving. >> reporter: game on. jillian: a different game this year because of the pandemic. they will be closed on thanksgiving, starting in october, pushing up thanksgiving, black friday bonanza we love so much, usually they open at 5:00 pm on thanksgiving day, a joyful
2:45 am
holiday or safe holiday, walmart will close due to the pandemic and dick's sporting-goods announced yesterday. everything is going online. aren't we cool? rob: i will hurt my yellow one tomorrow. a little boy raising money for police with a lemonade stand. jillian: time to check in with steve doocy for what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> hello, everybody, it is tuesday. on "fox and friends" 14 minutes from now we will check in with kayleigh mcenany and marco rubio with the latest the nation's capital and lawrence jones will share a powerful interview with a chicago business owner who is worried he is unable to protect his family.
2:46 am
also on deck, newt gingrich and greg jarrett, william barr going up to capitol hill, and in a couple minutes, watching "fox and friends first". do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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todd: he dreams of becoming a police officer but until that day comes, one 8-year-old is letting law enforcement know that he stands behind them. that boy, so good to see you. in south carolina, i want to
2:50 am
start with you, explain why you wanted to do this. >> i made that charity, and popsicles and books. it was like a house away and i just wanted to make one on my own and that was last year and this year in the summer when it was really hot i was like it is really hot. i thought i would make a lemonade stand since it was hot outside. rob: a brilliant idea, south carolina, one of the hottest places in the world this time of year. how much money have you raised? >> 200.
2:51 am
$200, good job on that. you work at a hospital in south carolina and i was reading the article about this, 1 million degrees, busy working in a hospital, last thing i needed was do something like this but you stuck with it anyway. >> i just put it off and then said we could come up with a great charity and raise the money and have a blast with it so we went with it, worked this like a total sham. it was great. >> then it got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.
2:52 am
rob: how proud are you of your son? he is doing something like this. >> he loves to give it and do for others and this was an amazing thing to put together. >> incredible to see that a young age. do you have any other big plans. you are a long way away from that. what is next for you. >> this thursday i am going to meet a few police officers. >> they are going to give him the check. rob: that will be a big moment for you. what do you make of this. >> it is so awesome to see a kid at 8 years old be so goal oriented.
2:53 am
's goal, moneywise, way high when he started this and we were able to raise the money he wanted to raise. it is so amazing, putting their skills together to come up with an awesome plan and be a success like this. it is so amazing and he has a bright future ahead. rob: thank you, good to meet you and thanks for the hard work, you raised a great son, appreciate it. jillian: what a personality on him. 7 minutes until the top of the are. maintaining social distance doesn't have to be unbearable. rob: a unique strategy to keep customers apart. as you get older,
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ing. >> an envelope player taking a stand for the national anthem saying he refuses to kneel for the flag. rob: carley shimkus joins us with social media's reaction to this. carley: good morning rob and jillian. it's an opinion not a lot of professional athletes have if they do they don't say it out loud. pittsburgh steelers' defensive end did not shy away from controversy yesterday when he posted this tweet i'm not kneeling for the flag and screw anybody who has a problem with that. he went on to say that his grandmother immigrated from the
2:58 am
caribbean and worked hard. is he a person of character, obviously loves and respects his country. troy on twitter saying the nation is kneeling for a very specific reason. i come from immigrants, too. and that flag means something different to me as well. but eric writes i spent 21 years serving in the military. the flag and national anthem still make my eyes water. may time saints quarterback drew brees made controversy statement in june and people who kneel for the national anthem. see if he apologizes or sticks to his guns on that one. rob: i doubt it. i can see him holding out. what is this aoc banning military ads? carley: alexandria ocasio-cortez wants to ban the military from advertising using gaming platforms she made the case
2:59 am
people are consistently targeted for enlistment. as a result the military stops feeling like a choice and starts feeling like their only option. not everyone agrees though. this twitter user says i was given an opportunity as a low income kid because of this. another person said if we would ban the military in school then you would have to ban colleges. equal treatment. so some controversy in sort of, you know, off-topic conversation there but it is happening right now. jillian: interesting. carley, can i barely believe this next story. >> customers from getting too close. using giant teddy bears to promote social distancing. this is also helping drive business at the restaurant. of course, everyone wants to take a photo with a bear. i hate to be a debby downer here. i can't help but think that these bears are total germ
3:00 am
factories. but they are cute. there you have it. jillian: thanks, carley. don't forget to set your dvr each morning at 4:00 a.m. so you never miss an edition of "fox & friends first." >> just hours from now attorney general bill barr is set to testify on capitol hill. >> can you expect attorney general barr to fiercely defend the president's federal response to the chaos. >> breaking news into the investigation into the steele dossier. >> the subsource was a russian researcher living in the united states played this guy like a fiddle. >> former vice president joe biden hitting a snag on the campaign trail. >> 360 delegates signing a petition saying they will vote against any party platform that doesn't include medicare for all. >> i think there is more spirit now than there has ever been for my campaign. >> democrats' convention


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