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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 28, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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and the world on the~brink," and we have to take our country back from the left socialist. low shipment bernie, pelosi, schumer, biden and bozo. it is the biggest choice election and it matters, let not your heart be troubled, "the ingraham angle" is nxt, 98 days, laura ingraham. >> laura: whose book? which one is that? >> he's a gun confiscation guide. i have a new name, i will unveil this name, what i do, i will do it exclusively for you, who is mr. potato head? >> laura: the cnn guy. >> sean: that is humpty. >> okay come i have an hour to do. i will never guess the spear that is coming up. i can't wait to do the interview next week. speak to one week from yesterday, i'm preparing. i don't want to get the beat out of me. >> laura: get your legal pads
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out, hannity. >> sean: i have attorneys for this, laura. >> laura: get ready a fantastic show, great to see you tonight. i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from another busy, busy washington. molly mollie hemingway, the abomination that bill barr hearing today and also tonight doctors vilified and censored for telling their covid treatment stories. what is going on there? one of the doctors organize and yesterday infamous event is here exclusively and senator josh hawley takes the part big pharma. i can't wait for this. after one major drug company issued a threat after the president's executive order to lower drug prices. but first, parading ag barr, befriending rioters. that is the focus of tonight's "angle." over the past month or so, the angle has been telling you that
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there is no distance between the mob in portland and seattle trying to burn down federal buildings and the democrats on capitol hill. and once again, they have proved our point. for several hours today, we saw the mobsters at work. but they weren't outside of the building. they were inside verbally, viciously attacking one of the most well respected legal minds in america. our attorney general bill barr. >> shame on you, mr. barr. shame on you. >> q have consistently undermined democracy, undermine the constitution, undermines the health safety and well-being of the american people. >> you brought your top staff but you brought no black people. that, sir, is systematic racism. >> your peaceful protesting is iin a disgrace. >> let me just tell you. i'm starting to lose my temper. >> it is my time and i control
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it. >> 10:32 requires this committee with the conduct of this attorney general and whether you should be impeached. >> laura: for the record, ag barr's character, his reputation, his credentials unimpeachable but i can't say the same for those folks. i certainly couldn't say the same for any of the democrat loudmouth hurtling and insults at him. unless you have been forgetting what is happening in major american cities, here is a reminder. [chanting] >> heads-up! >> laura: the democrats on the judiciary committee, however, need you to see something very
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different. >> of the protesters aren't mocked. they are mothers, veterans and mayors. >> we have seen mothers and veterans who were peacefully protesting, not threatening the federal courthouse, beaten. >> the vast majority of protesters are peaceful. >> most of the protests have been peaceful, you know that. >> laura: now, we have right now in this country what appears to be a very organized effort by thousands of people across the country to create chaos and undermine our faith and rule of law. and the democrats, you watched them today, they just do not care. now, they are either willfully and purposely ignoring the dangerous to our entire system, or they are willing to let it all burn just to beat donald trump. now, barr has seen a lot in his career could hardly believe what was unfolding. >> a member of this committee
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regardless of your political views should condemn violence against federal officers. i see some of these latin american countries and central america where the police are very, very brave because the gangs are trying to deal with and go to their house and kill their families. you never think that could happen here, but you can never think some of the stuff we are seeing today could ever happen here. >> laura: but it is happening here. and it is happening because democrat mayors, governors, senators, and those congressmen have made a concerted decision to side with the very radicals who are threatening the lives of innocent americans. they are doing it on interstate freeways, bridges, and federal buildings, and frankly, anywhere where rioters gather. >> since when is it okay to try to burn down a federal court? if someone went down to the street to the court here, that beautiful courthouse we have right at the bottom of the hill
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and started breaking windows and firing industrial grade fireworks to start a fire, throw kerosene balloons in them and start fires in the court, is that okay? is that okay now? no, the u.s. marshals have a duty to stop that and defend the courthouse. and that is what we are doing in portland. >> laura: make no mistake, this is no longer the democrat party of bill clinton. it's not even the party of barack obama. this is the party of alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar, presley, the squad appear this is the party of antifa. this is the party of radical anarchist and revolutionary who commit any crime against any person or any piece of property in order to get their way. and what is stunning to watch is that these domestic terrorists have become in their own way and active feature of the biden campaign. we have to keep up the chaos to
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provoke a reaction from federal law officers to affect the outcome of a presidential election. and judiciary committee democrats are taking cues from these despicable people, performing for a television audience, attempting to carry out what was equivalent of reputational fascination of bill barr. >> have you now hold for law enforcement to stop using these chemical irritants on protesters? yes or no? >> pepper spray question to mike? no. i think it is a nonlethal option. >> for protesters? >> know for rioters. >> that was my question for protesters? no, for writers. >> circum- america was founded on the freedom. >> you are claiming my time, i'm surprised that your lack of respect for a member of congress. >> laura: i laughed out loud in my kitchen when i saw that today. the general lady was treated
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with more deference in that exchange then she deserved. she took her 5 minutes to launch a personal attack on a man with an impeccable record. like her colleagues, she disassembled, distorted, and demonized for purely political reasons. her little charade for the cameras is an example of misconduct that is boorish and rude, but it is an insult to the integrity and the history of the entire house of representatives. >> what am i supposed to say to my constituents when they ask me if the government has done everything in its power to protect their loved ones from dying? >> i would tell them that managing this kind of thing requires a lot of difficult choices, meaning different consequences. >> i'm not going allow this. >> president donald trump in the attorney general working together are letting americans die needlessly because of
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political. >> is it permissible for a member of that committee to accuse him of murder because that is just what we heard. mr. chairman, to say whatever they want. >> laura: rules of decorum. those are unfortunately out the window a long time ago and after all the preening and strutting and overcharge demoting, the democrats thought to deprive -- deprive barr one brief moment of humanity. >> i have two children who are cancer survivors so i feel strongly about this issue as a matter of policy. and i believe the president has made clear that he will ensure that -- >> please answer my question. will you stop playing politics with americans health care in the middle of a pandemic? >> laura: everyone should understand where we are. as mob violence consumes the country, we are in the middle of
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this covid crisis, democrats on capitol hill prefer to bury the chief law enforcement official in the country and float far left conspiracy theories rather than working with him to restore order and maybe just give people a little. and why are democrats doing this? why was there not a single reason question from even one of them today. because they know that aoc in the squad will destroy them if they deviate from the far left playbook for just a millisecond. the democrats are more terrified of alexandria ocasio-cortez plus three because they are worried about her endorsing a primary challenger. they are worried more about that than what any reasonable american thinks. ever since the impeachment effort failed, the democrats have jumped on one crazy theory after another. barr is a thoughtful and dedicated civil servant.
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he came out of retirement, not because he wanted something on his resume because he's already done something. he did it because he has a profound sense of duty to this country. he and the american people deserve better. and don't imagine that biden will stop the lawlessness in our cities, by the way. >> i would be using local police as we did when we were in office, when there were riots and federal property at stake, we were able to take care of that. we were able to take care of, obviously, the use of local police. >> laura: oh, really? [laughter] here is what obama and biden accomplished in baltimore. [chanting] they did nothing except let baltimore and st. louis, ferguson burn! in electing biden, they will make scenes like these play out in a neighborhood near you. and if you're looking come i
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don't know for some comfort, moderation for sanity? biden only offers an insurance to the far left and the aoc wing of this party. >> if i'm elected, i will be good to go down as one of the most progressive presidents in american history. >> laura: how is that? you will be good to go down as the most manipulative and passive presidents hit in american history. my goodness. think of bill barr what he had to endure today and then think of biden running the show, so oh, sorry, whoever vice president and who obama alums running the show, god help us and that is "the angle." joining me now, ben shapiro editor and chief of the daily wire and how to destroy america. and mollie hemingway senior editor of the analyst and fox news contributor. ben as lonesome as the characters on the left were at today's hearing and also, just showed us how intellectually moral bank were up they are,
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there is no decency, no dignity despite biden invoking that word several times during his event today. >> it was a moral absurdity. the democrats but nothing but a basketball while going after william barr. it was ridiculous from beginning to end and the fact that biden stomach barr has been around since the reagan administrated treated this way, as president trump said they are not coming after me but you. he has right about that because barr he is not donald trump a just a normal run-of-the-mill theory intelligent republican conservative. they went after him and that means they will come after anybody so long that person has a radical left agenda. >> laura: mollie come i think ben's point is something to stayed over and over again, to take away from trump's tweets, personality or rubs you the wrong way sometimes. this is about the american people. and how they try to push around
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a man who is twice attorney general of the united states. that is what they will do to the average or imagine what they will do to the average citizen if they have the justice department beckoned all these federal agencies with them-fest for the tory power. imagine what they will do. >> imagine what they will do and also what they were unable to do with barr because this is a man in full possession of his faculties. he's had a full professional career and brings a lot of experience and wisdom and gravitas. he is a statesman. he is actually able to handle what democrats are throwing at him, but if they turned that same sort of hate and viciousness against a typical republican come i think a lot of people understand that is what they want to do and what they will do if they have more power. in many ways, what we saw today was probably the best example of the choice facing american voters. there is a group of democrats from a large group of democrats unwilling to condemn violence against federal buildings and federal law enforcement
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officers, destruction of city sinners, looting, salt and unable to condemn those things. in fact they condemn those things and instead attack the people attempting to restore law and order to these places. that is a very visceral choice facing american voters and it was on full display today. >> laura: and this was, ben, nancy pelosi came out today and she had this, as usual, analysis of the barr hearing today. >> it demonstrated to the american people the contempt he has for the democracy. he should be answering for what he did at lafayette square, a disgrace. it is really, he was like a bl blob. just a -- hinch man for the president of the united states. >> laura: hinchman, ben, she has morphed into ilhan omar. is there any difference between nancy pelosi and any member of the squad or frankly any member
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of antifa? really come i can't believe i'm saying this but they are all one iin the same. >> she assimilated last year when she passed that resolution condemning ilhan omar and then did a photo shoot with ilhan omar. and innate ridiculousness of nancy pelosi claiming bill barr is a threat to democracy while simultaneously, the integrity of the democratic party looming federal law enforcement officers forcing the law is tyranny. it is ridiculous and disgusting because they are saying the most rapid language for federal law enforcement officers with sin in sitting congresspeople suggesting these people who are serving us in protecting us and standing between the villains and civilization. we have heard them called tyrants, we have heard the suggestion they, in fact the threat in the cities. if that is the line they will present soon or later americans will fight back against this, obviously nonviolently. they will go to the ballot box and reflect that most americans
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are not willing to go along with the city's morning just to make democrats feel good about themselves. >> laura: that is why we'll get to this later, so much censorship, they don't want people to see the images that we are showing tonight on the "the ingraham angle." which got very little coverage and pushing back against claims that he's under pressure from the president in prosecutions or other, you know criminal investigations, watch. >> the president has not attempted to interfere in these decisions. on the contrary, he has told me from the start that he expects me to exercise my independent judgment, to make whatever call i think is right command that is precisely what i have done. >> laura: molly, anyone on the charge will charging eric holder running interference even after he said -- he actually said he was obama's wing man. they weren't worried about that one bit. >> they weren't at all. the reason why people don't like
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attorney general william barr because he's attempting to hold people accountable for one of the most lawless things done in the history of the country, if not one of the most horrible things which was russia collusion houck spirit and attempt to take down the elected president of the country, to harm international relations. and to use it to come all the tools of the intelligence services to do this. that was a horrible thing and barr has said it clearly and that's why they don't like him. what is so galling about today if you sell pressure, it's not coming from people asking, not enough pressure for people asking for accountability. it's coming from people demanding that he stopped, that he allow that lawlessness to continue and they get away with what they did. that is where the pressure is coming from. >> laura: ben and mollie they burned the rule of law, they burned impeachment, all of these investigations, and now they allow cities to burn all to get rid of trump. that has got to wake up the american voters.
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i certainly hope so. both of you, your analysis tonight so important, thank you very much. ahead hate to live two liberal cities. again, sook, consumed by a mayhem in their own leaders whoe completely unable to or more accurately unwilling to stop the burning purity in seattle and investigative journalist takes us inside the city is going further than any other in bringing about the collapse of law and order. in chicago, we speak exclusively to the man who will take on corrupt cook county d.a. you remember her kim fox. stay with us.
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♪ >> laura: liberal cities across the country are being terrorized by chaos and lawlessness. especially in the pacific northwest. now last night we told you about the violence in portland, a city that looks like a scene out of mad max for the past two months. but tonight, we look at seattle. the chop autonomous zone may be gone but the radicals controlling the city are looking to continue its legacy. >> in order to actually transform the way the city does public safety, we need to shrink the current police force. >> we are coming to dismantle the deeply sexist, violent,
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utterly bankrupt system of capitalism. >> it looks like this president is doing a dress rehearsal for martial law. sending in forces to take over police duties in city after city for political purposes. >> laura: now my next guest, seattle was going further than any other american city right ne entire justice system. the rule of law shot there. city journal contributing editor, christopher, tell us what your sources, and i know they are good and the seattle police department are fighting about what is really happening, the truth of what is happening in that state. >> right now within the entire justice system in seattle, people are at a full-blown panic. the city council is currently deliberating legislation to reduce the police force by 50%, which would have one of the lowest officers per capita of any large city. if that happens i'm at the same
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time king county executive dale constantine has pledged to close the downtown jail and reduce the overall county jail capacity by 60 to 65%. it is just thing after thing after thing. the act of his or pushing forward as we struggle with the covid pandemic, as we struggle with civil unrest. they were not waiting at all, their goal is very simple: abolish the police come abolish prisons, and abolish courts. >> laura: again, the goal is clear. if that's what they want to do, the end is going to mean complete destruction of life as we know it or knew it, i should say come in seattle. chris, when you got your hands on documents from king county king county's, zero use a tension program and they offer a template for seattle's radical plan to abolish the prisons you just reference. the document is full of ideas from critical race theory,
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including this page that describes white culture as "individualism, progress and objectivity." chris, doesn't it sound like it was written by a white supremacist there? unbelievable. >> yeah, there is a really increasingly fine line between old federal racism and new style critical racism theory. and what has happened is progressive's have economic divide, classical marxism is not a winning message. it has not worked anywhere that it's been tried in the last entry. so they grasp onto something unfortunately working much better for their rain. it is did dividing people along racial lines and using the rhetoric of race to achieve the economic outcomes of marxism. seattle is really ground zero. and it is really astonishing. if you look at these documents, they are basically making the argument the entire justice system is an institution of white supremacy and an institution of white domination
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and a corrupt, evil racist culture. the only solution for them and this is the highest level of government is to burn it all down. that is what we are seeing not only in the streets, but we see that in the boardrooms, and the decision-making center, at the highest levels of government. it is really astonishing, and we haven't seen anything like this in recent history. >> laura: i can tell you christopher flyover country, the midwestern states, swing states across the country, they better see the coasts are collapsing in on them. if they think it will stay in seattle, they haven't been paying attention. it is going to get worse under biden because they will know what they are doing is working. christopher, stay on this please and thank you for bringing us the story. we traveled 2,000 miles east of chicago where mary -- mayoral lori lightfoot with bad leadership with horrific crime there sweeping the city in the wake of george floyd's death but the failure isn't lightfoot's alone but arrest -- rest with
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cook county attorney kim foxx. she refused to hold accountable for his hate crime hoax. and she has now leading peaceful protesters who destroy and loot businesses off of the hook. but why is she doing that? what is really her goal? critics say she refuses to uphold the rule of law because she wants a future in this new, far left democrat politics. now, one of the critics in my next guest judge pat o'brien wants to derail the political ambitions. he joints me now and he is challenging her, kim foxx for state attorney. judge o'brien, why is it so important in your mind that she be defeated in the next election? >> laura, good evening and thank you. it is important because at this point we are at a tipping stage where her policies are both corrupt and ineffective. and it seems like she is
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encouraging what we see on the streets, which is the blood of the innocent children that is running down. essentially, the gangs and the drugs controlling neighborhoods. neighborhoods that she says she is protecting. so the only thing we can do is to say enough is enough, they are kim foxx! >> laura: now, this is what chicago police union president said on this show just a week ago. >> there is a lot of people that were arrested with those guns that were immediately left back out on the street again. it goes right back to kim foxx and the broken county jail system. now appealing directly to every voter in cook county, illinois right now, you have a chance this november to take kim foxx out of office and do something worthwhile! she needs to go! if we are going to get the city back away from the iceberg that the mayor has said it on and course with. >> laura: judge o'brien what is the message to the voters of chicago this fall, especially
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those who are worried about the rule of law, race relations, all of it? >> well, it is this. you can't have turnstile justice. that you can't tell people that they can violate the law with impunity. they've got to be told that there are consequences for what, in fact, they do. there was no way that the neighborhoods are going to be safe, that victims are going to be protected. if you turn your back on the law, the fact that she's running for an office that she doesn't have right now, which is to be on national stage is just a crime. in the the crime is kim foxx. >> laura: judge o'brien, thank you so much, thank you so much. up ahead why is big pharma taking on trump? senator josh hawley takes them all on, and you don't want to miss it
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>> laura: last week president trump sign for a great
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set of drug cases and is expected big pharma but they are fighting back. here is what the ceo of pfizer said on a earnings call today. >> i am disappointed. they post enormous destruction come at a time when the industry needs to be completely focused on developing a potential covid-19 vaccine or treatment, which can invest in both. in manufacturing with the united states. if finalized, the new executive orders would force us. >> laura: well, pfizer, of course everyone knows is an amazing american company, but his groveling about profits is absurd. hhs and the pentagon announced last week that it would pay pfizer interim and biotech partner $1.95 billion to produce 100 million doses of a covid-19 vaccine with the option to buy
7:38 pm
an additional 500 million doses so you do the math they are. so there is no reason u.s. citizens should be paying more than other oecd countries for other drugs that you know pfizer makes. that is the whole point of this executive order. the up charges absurd. here to respond as josh hawley of missouri. senator, you just heard the ceo of pfizer essentially threatening to move manufacturing overseas because of these executive orders spirit what does this tell you? >> it tells you that they are very interested in their profits and the gravy train that they have had going for a year. listen, i have no sympathy for big pharma whatsoever. they routinely charge americans two, three, four times more for the same drugs that they charge patients and say you europe, france. i know this is true because we have studied them. the home state of missouri, they
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are charging people them as a rate three, four, five times more than charging folks in france, germany and canada and i'm glad the president is standing up to them. >> laura: and again, i think the money that is given by the drug companies to both political parties, it is astronomical. they are among the biggest donors to politics in the united states, and that is fine. that is what they do, but let's not all think this is just charitable endeavors. this is a business, a company but they have gotten a free ride. i want to ask you, senator about the president's decision, the administration's decision to give kodak a boost in order to keep some medical manufacturing in the united states. there are a lot of conservatives out there, free marketeers who would say, we are playing favorites. to that you say? >> well, i would say listen, it is important we manufacture as many from surgical products that we can in this country.
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the fact that we manufacture so few drugs in the longer particularly drugs like insulin, we manufactured 0% in this country. major pharmaceutical products. we have found because of the covid-19 crisis, we are deeply dependent on foreign supply chain spirit so i think it is incumbent to look at all the options for bringing those suppy chains back, forgetting medical production and to this country. to go back to big pharma, you know, again i don't have any sympathies for these guys, big pharma, big government alliance has been great for big pharma. they have made a killing these last few years and really for decades. it's time they start putting patients first. >> laura: senator, a couple of weeks back speaking of biden, he said we should re-examine trump's tariffs on china and of course that is why china came to the bargaining table in these trade deals. but today, biden came out and pretended that he was going to be the one after four decades in washington to put america first.
7:41 pm
watch. >> using federal dollars that have already been appropriated to focus them on building things that make us increase our independence. so we don't have to rely on anyone else for weather cyber security, cyber information, we have the capacity to do it at home. do them at home. >> laura: okay, senator, is it my mistake or not, my remembering this incorrectly, what wasn't he vice president and administration for eight years? i must have missed all that work on these issues of bringing manufacturing back to the united states. >> the problem with joe biden is he is a classic china appeaser. and he has been his whole political career. he certainly was as vice president. i mean, heck, even earlier this year he was questioning whether china was a geostrategic threat. that turned out to be a little
7:42 pm
bit of a problem for him as we have seen with covid-19, which is why he doesn't want to talk about the past statements. this guy has never stood up to china and in fact all too eager to roll out the red carpet to china and give them whatever they want, sell out our jobs, workers. that is the problem. we are still cleaning up from his mess of years ago. why would we go back to those failed policies? we don't need more appeasement. we need to get tough on china. this present and started to do it and we need more of that. >> laura: i would not let you get away without like you said this past weekend where you said, quite candidly, you would not support him a supreme court nominee unless he or she had pue nomination that roe vs. wade was wrongly decided. now, is that a litmus test that even some republicans will back away from? what is your response? >> you know, you can call it whatever you want, laura might
7:43 pm
call it ask basic questions about judicial philosophy. i also call it the end of the trust best approach. for years conservatives especially religious conservatives, let's be honest told by the d.c. establishment just trust us, don't ask too many questions. certainly don't ask about roe vs. wade but trust us. i'm through with that. i want to know because roe vs. wade is central, roe vs. wade is judicial imperialism. and if you think it was rightly decided, he or she is peerless and gnomic fearless and i will not vote for them. >> laura: we have to have murkowski to sign onto a judicial supreme court pick. but i agree you look at robert's record and course search on some issues and you wonder what the heck happened there, trust but verify is what you have to do. great to see you as always on these important issues. thank you so much. twitter and facebook are censoring anyone now who dares tap out potential benefits of
7:44 pm
hydroxychloroquine. now, my question is, does big tech have an mba after you know the brand names? and are they costing lives? two doctors have treated covid patients with hydroxychloroquine including one who organized yesterday's now viral press conference, they are here to respond. you don't want to miss this. salonpas dependable, powerful relief. hisamitsu. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> laura>> over 350 patients i e treated with covid. and i put them on hydroxychloroquine. i put on sink and they are all good. >> if it seems like an orchestrated attack going on i get hydroxychloroquine, it is because there is. when have you ever heard of a medication generating this degree of controversy? >> laura: but the md at twitter and facebook have the most comments are radical, dangerous. twitter said the video violates its policies on potentially harmful information related to covid-19. this information. this is the top epidemiologist told this show about hydroxychloroquine last week. the code do you think thousands of lives could be saved going forward if they release that
7:50 pm
hydroxychloroquine stockpile and a prophylactic for front-line workers if they wanted it? >> i think 75,000 to 100,000 lives will be saved if that happens. >> laura: joining me the cardiologist and ceo of d.c. and emergency medicine specialist. doctor, let's start with you, you organize this bayreuth event yesterday. what is your reaction to the anti-hydroxychloroquine censorship by big tech? >> you know, we come with the message of hope for the american people. the american people have been told this is something they need to have a lot of fear and panic over. it is simply not true. there is a cure. there is a treatment for early covid disease and that is hydroxychloroquine that is very straightforward and easy. when you look at that around the country, it is easy. we don't have the access here. if anybody has a doubt this is the answer come all you have to do is notice youtube, twitter and facebook deleted all of the
7:51 pm
information about this. when they do a press conference and six hours of physicians explaining why the drug works in all of the safety and efficacy. they took down our website, it is incredible so someone is afraid of getting the treatment out. i'm here to tell the american people hydroxychloroquine, we will get the information out soon americans front-line doctors. >> laura: here is the latest hydroxychloroquine hating from dr. fauci himself, watch. >> the president promoting the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine and we know the fda has recommended against the use. >> exactly i go along with the fda. overwhelmingly clinical trailers that look at the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine have indicated that it is not effective in coronavirus disease. >> laura: doctor, what are the issues with the study, one from brazil that seem to be others thinking hydroxychloroquine and the boulware study, what are you talking about? >> what he is talking about is
7:52 pm
the most recent study out of brazil that a reference came out last year with the medicine. what it showed when hydroxychloroquine given late, they couldn't tell if it worked or not. that is the study of his own words. the reality is when given early, hydroxychloroquine works terrifically well. as we have seen, cuts mortality rate by 50%. >> laura: but when we see the comments from mainstream media sources, dr. gold come i will not see terror come i'm not a doctor, but i will say this passionate fight against a drug that's been around for 60 years. it is stunning. and vitriol with which the critics launch their attacks, i've never seen anything like it. i don't know if trump never talked about it. big pharma or a combination, i don't know. but dr. gold, your group became persona non grata.
7:53 pm
really quickly. really quickly. because you know what, laura, i am a certified practicing medical physician. that is fine. we can take it. all of us can take it but what we need to do, we request the fda look at the emergency use authorization on their desk. we would like them to allow us to use hydroxychloroquine as we were always prior to covid. let us use on covid so we can stop restricting the use of it. we really want to heal patients and heal america. >> laura: doctor, former planned parenthood parenthood chimed in on hydroxychloroquine. watch. >> i worry because they were so many millions of americans that think the president is the trusted messenger. when he starts saying things that go against science that are dangerous, i worry that americans will go out as they have before and take this unproven medication. >> when i think of protecting
7:54 pm
lives, doctor, i think of planned parenthood. what is really frightening this woman? >> i think what is frightening this woman there are numerous clinical trials that show that hydroxychloroquine works. and i think what she is afraid of, if this gets discovered by the american people. we never talk about the european data. we never talk about the mortality rates in countries that went to hydroxychloroquine early and aggressively. that is something that should scare all of these people. >> laura: put that chart up. we actually have a chart and we only have a few seconds. i want people to see that chart, the countries, hc q. week use of hydroxychloroquine flow rates of mortality and hospitalizations. doctors think you very much. up next, "the last bite." it is a good one. stay there
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>> laura: okay, if you want proof that stacy abrams is no longer a top vp contender, listen to this one. >> we can't romanticize and say that if we do this, the world changes, it doesn't.
8:00 pm
there are no saviors running for reelection. there are no saviors running to save our country. i want us to remember this election is not about being excited about any single person, it's about being energized about our power to shape our future. >> laura: biden better hope his voters have more enthusiasm for his run than she has. that's all the time we have tonight, shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. shannon. >> shannon: one of the favorite parts we have of the election year, so that's what we have to look forward to next week. thank you, laura. >> laura: have a great show. >> shannon: thanks. tonight the president's critics claim he only cares if the red states see up takes in the coronavirus. democrats spent the day berating the attorney general bill barr claiming his doj did nothing about lockdown protest, the michigan state capitol but argue weeks later federal agents sent to portland are the ones sparking violence there. attorney general barr and


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