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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 29, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> i am answering your question. >> answer the question. >> under penalty of perjury. i will answer the question. todd: wednesday july 2, '09, fires back and forth between william barr and democrats at a hearing with more questions than answers at least answers that were allowed. jillian: the attorney general had a question of his own. how long will we let our cities
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burn? the heated moments, taking a turn in the hot seat the biggest names in big tech. rob: a preview of the highly anticipated here in a political bias online. without the biggest leaks from the need. jillian: what it could mean for the season, "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ jillian: i wonder how many were screaming at the tv with their hands up. rob: it is painful, just
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painful. they shouldn't have cameras. you put the cameras in and that makes a show of it and nothing gets done. jillian: now here we are. good morning, what you are watching "fox and friends first". rob: the showdown on capitol hill, sparring with democrats during the heated house hearing, the attorney general interrupted by democrats who did not hold anything back in. >> this is a hearing. >> that was my time and i control it. the time is mine. >> you didn't need to wait. >> you did answer the question. >> under penalty of perjury, i'm going to answer the question. jillian: here to reclaim his time is griff jenkins in washington with william barr's rebuttal to the attacks.
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>> reporter: it was contentious, confrontational and their from the get-go, the attorney general's answers, the russia probe to his involvement, to attorney general's handling of the civil unrest in cities like portland. >> used prepper spray and truncheons on american citizen in lafayette square, they expanded to portland and projecting fear and violence nationwide in pursuit of obvious -- >> when the attorney general had time he pushed back on the line of attacks. >> federal courts under attack. burning down a federal court.
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punishing the president's enemies and helping his friend, what enemies have i indicted? can you point to one indictment that you feel is unmerited? that violates the rule of law? rob: one exchange was raising eyebrows. >> is it ever appropriate for the president to solicit or accept foreign assistance in an election? >> some kind of assistance. >> is it ever appropriate for the president and presidential candidate to accept or solicit foreign assistance of any kind? >> you had to struggle with the attorney general. >> he paralyzing the partisan render was this. >> a 5 minute break, mister chairman.
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i waited -- we waited an hour this morning. >> we were almost finished. >> as far as news being made, not a lot to report but in case you weren't aware there was an election in 100 days. >> thank you, appreciate it. jillian: jim jordan is here to have had enough, jerry nadler, listen to this. >> why don't you let him speak. >> the gentleman after this is not recognized. >> time after time you refuse to let the attorney general answer questions. >> congressman jordan double
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down on his consummation of democrats treatment of the attorney general on fox news. >> cannot even let him speak, democrats would not show the whole video. the attorney general answered questions and taking a restroom break. that is the treatment democrats give the attorney general of the united states. jillian: unrest, 60 second straight night, to remove federal agents from the city, demonstrations peaceful overnight. city leaders say they will find the government $500 for every 15 minutes they guard the courthouse. mike pence says the violence must end.
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>> federal officials what they need, we need to protect the federal courthouse and donald trump made it clear, law and order in the streets. jillian: agents demobilized after violent clashes. >> from portland to russia, behind closed doors in washington. jillian: we spoke to a former doj official about what happened behind the curtain. >> william barr in a light, frankly the vending and inflammatory way democrats conducted that hearing, the height of rudeness. rob: for look at other headlines let's go to carley shimkus. carley: the nypd facing backlash
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over videos of offices using an unmarked van to arrest a protester. the woman, plainclothes officers, comparing the arrest saying she was wanted for damaging several police surveillance cameras. the 18-year-old has been released charged with criminal mistress. a fashion executive executive is the woman killed in a rare shark attack in maine. just 20 yards offshore near their vacation home. officials say she was bitten by a great white. the daughter, this is the first deadly shark attack in history. roy cooper is curbing the hours people can drink to slow the spread of covid-19, signing an
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executive order to stop our call sales at restaurant starting at 11:00 pm friday. he says the order is for eateries turning to ad hoc bars after hours to skirt existing virus restrictions, this does not apply to grocery stores or convenience stores. late congressman john lewis set to lie in state in georgia's state capitals the day after thousands of americans pay their respects dc, mourners brave virus fears to honor the civil rights icon who died earlier this month from pancreatic cancer. a breathtaking double rainbow was spotted near lewis's casket despite having not rained. another double rainbow was spotted over alabama's state capital as lewis's body lies in state there. it is 9 minutes after the hour. four major tech ceos go before
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congress, kelly armstrong will be there for preview next. rob: testing these suits that can do the work of ten troops. with sofi it's possible to get them paid off and start new.
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when i refinanced with sofi, that allowed me to pay off aggressively and save without breaking my back or breaking the bank. they are censoring my account they are censoring others. when i posted that video i didn't say this is the gospel. i said this is a must watch because it seems contrary to the narrative they have been force-feeding us for a little while. twitter takes me down for that but has no problem saying coronavirus disinformation spread by the chinese government does not violate their rules. i just put something out the challenged the narrative and because i have a large platform i am canceled.
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rob: big tech in the hot seat over political bias just hours after twitter suspended donald trump junior's account over a controversial video about hydroxy chloroquine by doctors. jack dorsey may not be one of them but one of the biggest names in tech will be testifying. jillian: congresswoman -- carson kelly armstrong joined us. what is next? let's look at the things on the agenda today. business practices, marketing power, privacy, the use of personal data, content moderation and political bias. what can we expect today? what is your goal? >> my goal is to talk to these guys and figure out the best way to continue to have this conversation particularly, here's the issue.
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yesterday, they spent the hearing yelling at him and today they are bringing in four tech ceos with the subcommittee solely five minutes to talk to one or 2 of them, almost like they are doing these hearings for show rather than substance. one of these companies deserve their own hearing and the one that is not here deserve the first one and that is jack dorsey. we will do our best, whether it is bias or censorship or marketing practices chasing out local newspapers in north dakota but when you have all five they hide behind each other because only 5 minutes of questions. rob: the way we started the segment to talk about this video donald trump junior get suspended for doing, this was a press conference with a group of doctors, talked about how he thinks children are not vessels for this virus, another talks about the power of hydroxy chloroquine in curing this disease. some people think it does work but the fact that they suspend his account for putting of the differing view on science, something other doctors believe.
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>> i don't think it is a mistake they are bringing in facebook who my democratic colleagues think don't do enough to censor republicans, they are bringing in twitter which has too much to censor republicans, no doubt there is a bias in the media, more often than not conservatives are censored. the bigger question in the realm of 230 is once you start editorializing content, why should 230 exemptions apply to you, we have to figure out a way forward. when democrats talk about harmful and hateful rhetoric what they are talking about is censoring speech and we have to be careful. jillian: you mentions facebook suspiciously, i believe companies shouldn't be making judgments about important issues like harmful content, privacy
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and election integrity on their own. that is why i called for a more active role in government the regulators have updated rules on the internet. what do you say to that response? >> i appreciate that. one of the concerns we have is who is the policing the police, this turned into the thought police and we see it going on across the country with this new version of cancel culture, newspapers essentially saying they aren't going to run conservative viewpoints and anyone who believes in free and robust exchange of ideas should be terrified where we are going is a country. rob: you will hear from jeff bezos, the first time before congress, amazon -- we change when we make mistakes, we apologize but when you look in the mirror, still believe you are doing the right thing, fortunately our approach is working. what do you expect to hear from
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jeff bezos? >> this hearing started because and amazon employee may have misled our panel several months ago. republicans don't believe companies should be broken up just because -- this is affecting consumers in the future. with regards to amazon. i'm glad they have a successful company, they have access to cheaper products than in the history a country. what i'm concerned about is they are using that power to squeeze out their own competitors of those are questions we should get answers to. jillian: thank you for your time, we appreciate it. 18 after the hour donald trump wondering why his coronavirus response rating isn't higher. >> nobody likes me. it can only be my personality.
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jillian: the president shares his thoughts on anthony fauci's popularity during the pandemic. rob: laundromat owners put on a fashion show with people's forgotten clothes. social media responds coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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by growing an economy that works for working families, getting small businesses back on their feet, and expanding access to affordable health care. joe biden will lead us on the path forward, paved with opportunity for us all. i'm joe biden and i approve this message.
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>> the battle over the next covid-19 stimulus relief package ramping up, some states history milestones in virus related deaths. jillian: republicans and democrats debate sticking points. >> reporter: lawmakers battle it out on capitol hill as the covid-19 death toll continues to rise, florida had its highest single they total with 186 in
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texas had 16 death last week, a texan dying every 6 minutes and 15 seconds was republicans want to pass another multibillion-dollar relief bill but there is already push back. >> i have to say not much of a stimulus. it is a nonstarter. this plan provides 0 support for going through this crisis. >> some republicans are unhappy with the bill which includes $105 billion for schools, $70 billion if that is the case in 12 that adds non-abca24 related funding, for a new fbi headquarters in washington dc. >> i am opposed to nongermane amendments in the house bill whether it is a tax cuts for high income earners in blue states. at the end of the process i hope
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all of the non-abca24 related measures are out. jillian: criticism from the president has doctor anthony fauci defending himself. >> i will continue to my job, it is very important, we are in the middle of a crisis with regard to a pandemic. i have not been misleading the american public under any circumstances. jillian: donald trump wondering why he isn't getting any kudos. >> a man who works with us closely, doctor anthony fauci and doctor birx highly thought of but they are highly thought of but nobody likes me. it can only be my personality, that is all. jillian: the pandemic affecting baseball. andrew cuomo offering to host major league baseball games after the miami marlins halted the season due to sick players.
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jillian: 24 after the hour, 100 police agencies refusing to provide security over safety concerns. the takedown of the democratic party is to blame. rob: joe biden promising to name his running mate. ♪
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depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you. did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance ta-da! she's confident, protected, her strength respected. so you only pay for what you need? i should get a quote. do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ jillian: joe biden closer to naming a running mate. >> i'm going to have a choice in the first week in august and i promise i will that you know when i do. rob: todd piro joins us live. >> reporter: biden kept his
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search close to the vest as they that the right candidate but as he prepares his announcement for next week politico a little trigger-happy, firing off an article, kamala harris joined the ticket, they should an apology calling a technical error. that misfire may not have been far from the truth. on tuesday the associated press capturing a photo the presumptive nominee's notes which include a section on harris. underneath this note, do not pull grudges but here is keeping her poker-faced, not answering questions about the possible ticket. >> joe biden has outlined a number of plans that are part of his policy to build america back up to where it can be. rob: >> reporter: biden committed to a female running mate and having a woman on the agenda. says women don't need biden to get ahead. >> look how many women are running for office especially in
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the gop. joe biden's comments were for me unacceptable, insulting for any -- a woman needs a man to be successful. rob: biden revealing the final pillar of his costly bill focused on advancing racial economic equity. bending $157 billion of funds to help minority businesses. >> if i'm elected and this passes i will go down as the most progressive president in american history. rob: the first 3 part of that plan estimated to cost $3 trillion. the trump campaign slammed it is federal spending the size of an economic plan. rob: thank you. jillian: more than 100 police agencies are backing out of their dnc security detail after milwaukee restricted crowd control measures to all but
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eliminating pepper spray and teargas. officers are sounding the alarm about safety. here to react, turning point usa spokesperson rob smith. thanks for joining us. >> reporter: thanks for having me. jillian: what is your reaction to this? >> my reaction is what we are seeing is the anti-cop anti-police officer anti-law and order sentiment of the left coming in their final form, basically saying they will eliminate a lot of the methods police officers use to protect other people. honestly when we look back at everything going on the past couple months we have seen these riots with all of this unrest this has all been happening in liberal run democratic led cities and it is getting to the point that it is dangerous and i
2:32 am
think at this point you have a nominee on the left so afraid to call this where it is people are so afraid to support law enforcement because they think being anti-police and anti-cop legislates and police officers and unions saying no more, you will not treat us like this and expect our protection. i am not surprised. it is a bold move in the right one and anti-police forces on the left really need to be taught a lesson. jillian: i have a question that will come out direct. as a black man in america, is it hard for you to be so supportive of law enforcement? not family and friends but the general public of america, you
2:33 am
talk about how important it is to support law enforcement do you get backlash for that? >> of course i get backlash for that but it is not hard to support law enforcement. there is a narrative on the left which is all these police officers are white, crazy, racist, in lebron james words and john black men, that is not true at all. i stand up for law enforcement of all colors and i have to be specific that there are law enforcement officers of all colors helping and protecting american citizens. i don't find it hard to stand up for police officers because it is the right thing to do. the only way to dissipate the tension that black and brown communities are having with police officers is to start a conversation. that is not politically beneficial to the left, they want chaos, they want people to -- they want, they want black communities to be afraid of police officers was i was born
2:34 am
and raised being taught police officers are our friend. we need to have that conversation more. i do not feel hesitation for standing up for law enforcement, not one bit. jillian: i a response that we need to have the conversation more. it is so important between every single person in this country. it is huge. alexandria ocasio cortez proposes cutting federal funds for military recruitment. what does this say to our future generations who might want to get into the military and defend our country? >> it is anti-military and also anti-american. i talk about it in my book that just came out, it is story of me discovering a love for america through military service, coming out as a conservative to save america from the radical left, so many people across the
2:35 am
country, military service is a way to serve the country, and gender love for their country, so much about helping people economically and empowering communities, military service has empowered so many people like myself became from working-class backgrounds and gave us an opportunity, there is no way i would have gone to college without the military or have what i have and had it not been for the military and what you create that barrier to one of the greatest accomplishments of my life and the lives of millions of americans, not a good thing to create that barrier, a path to people to love and respect their country and that is what they want. i think they want to create as many barriers to true love of country as they possibly can. it is deeply cynical and despicable.
2:36 am
jillian: great insights, love having you on, thank you for your service. author of always a soldier, thank you. rob: a couple headlines. the marines are set to test annexes, some suit that can do the work of 10 troops. by the end of the year the branch will have a guardian suit that can do hours of physical labor that would be impossible for one person to do alone. the air force, navy and special operations command are working to get their suits as well. new york city using fire hydrants to keep people cool during extremely hot summer days in the city. it has been baking in the city, they open 300 fire hydrants as swimming pools remain closed due to the pandemic. kids and adults alike enjoy the makeshift waterpark.
2:37 am
people would be surprised, it bakes here. jillian: your matching your mask today. >> i thought i would be whether fashionable here. temperatures in the 90s, 100 degree range with the humidity. things will cool off, we had a cool front that moved through and the temperatures won't be as hot or humid but still seasonal. i do match, amazing. let's look at what we are dealing with in the atlantic. this is going to be our next named storm, 44 miles per hour sustained winds, looks like it could be our next named storm, isaias but because it doesn't have a closed low it has to have a close load to get his name and because of that the forecast is kind of uncertain.
2:38 am
take this with a grain of salt, it looks a little scary through the next several days, potential for a tropical storm moving into, let's go back, i want to show you that track. let's see if it advances for me. it does. let's look at the computer models. i will show you where the storm is going to go, like florida or the east coast needs to watch this but because we don't have a closed low take this with a grain of salt. we will have a better idea through the next couple days where and when it makes landfall. right now just a storm, the forecast is just for storm, not a hurricane yet. the bottom line is a lot of uncertainty with this. i have spoken too much, back to you. rob: be right back.
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jillian: investors bullish on kodak as a goes to pharmaceuticals, skyrocketing with help from the trump administration. rob: why things are looking bright. >> reporter: stocks jumping in the premarket, stock rally 200% yesterday, the company won $760 million government loan under the fed production act. this loan coming as the united states is trying to shift generic drugs, the materials that make those generic drugs into domestic production. >> one of the great brands in the world, people went digital and kodak didn't follow that under extraordinary leadership they are following.
2:43 am
jillian: this company employed 145,000 people, pharmaceuticals expected for kodak business and creates 400 jobs, genes 200% yesterday up 54%, how much generic drug production happened in china and india and the trade dispute brought that issue too late. we are so dependent on them for blood pressure medication, this is a big story. rob: talk about jj watt. >> reporter: jj watt's response, record-breaking nfl deal, lighting up social media. a $35 million contract extension.
2:44 am
is this the largest in team history for the houston texans, the reason this is so funny if you follow football, responding to his younger brother, tj watts expected to get a big payday. the pro-deal expect the $ for social media. this is inside football a little bit. rob: the contentious hearing. >> time to check with brian kilmeade for what is coming up on "fox and friends". brian: fresh of the fiery house meeting, no lunch break, william barr on the act, to watch is that, congressman jim jordan was fired, he was there, he will be
2:45 am
with us. senator tim scott will be with us. what about what tom cotton said behind closed doors. and that is always a dicey situation. always wakes up and makes sense. we show you the video of congressman jerry nadler. >> it is true. is that happening in portland right now? >> the spread only in washington dc. tori brian: find out if he was amiss or real and why he was surprised by the congressman's answer.
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>> the president has not attempted to interfere in these decisions. he told me from the start he expects me to exercise my judgment to make whatever call i think is right and that is precisely what i have done because i feel freedom to do what i think is right and induced me to serve as attorney general. rob: william barr slamming what he called the bogus russiagate scandal, defending his actions in hours of testimony. joining me is women for trump cochair pam bondi. your general reaction to what we saw, the spectacle that was yesterday on live tv.
2:50 am
>> it truly was a spectacle what they tried to do to william barr who is a great man, public servant, he came back to serve as attorney general. i know him. what they tried to do, didn't work. and getting answers from william barr, they would ask him, how many times, i will reclaim my time so he couldn't even answer the question. it was a dog and pony show. i experienced that during the fake impeachment hearings as well. this with these people do, they are bad people, jerry nadler and company who you saw yesterday, when we experience during the impeachment hearing. rob: william barr gave the sun nation, a lot of democrats said that wasn't a fair summation, it was more damaging than william barr said it was. what is your response to that?
2:51 am
>> william barr was very accurate. spying on americans, that is why that report was so important to americans. they tried the russian collusion, it didn't work. william barr had his people come up, they investigated it, nothing there. the fbi at the top level were all corrupt, that is an understatement what those people did in the russia investigation and fisa warrants are the most important thing you can do as a prosecutor coming a warrant to spy on fellow americans, the omitted information. my opinion a falsified information and that warrant to get it and that is why was important, they tried russia collusion, failed, they tried impeachment, failed, yesterday they tried to attack william barr and it failed miserably. they looked like angry bullies
2:52 am
who wanted no answers, thank goodness for jim jordan and the republicans who were there who led william barr answer the question. rob: talking about the riots we are seeing in a number of cities in federal response, william barr said since when is it okay to burn down federal courthouses? a lot of this behavior is being ignored by democrats, nadler saying to someone on the streets this is just the narrative that has been invented, this isn't really happening. what is your response to that? >> they didn't want william barr to answer the question because for the first time all of america, not just conservatives,
2:53 am
the things that were happening inside the federal courthouse, they were hit with objects and molotov cocktails around these areas, when he got to describe that, that was very telling as opposed to false narratives driven by jerry nadler and company, peaceful protests was very telling. rob: they put these on tv and it becomes a political showcase and nothing gets done and you don't learn anything. good to see you, thanks for your time. jillian: a growing number of nfl players because of covid-19 concerns, the latest opting out. .
2:54 am
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welcome back a number of nfl players opting out of the season due to covid-19. jillian: carley shimkus here with what the fans are saying online. carley: at least 24 nfl players have already announced that they are signatures out this upcoming season. the league has agreed to pay athletes who sit out $350,000 if
2:58 am
those players are considered high risk. for the players who aren't considered high risk and still don't want to play, aren't too comfortable with the idea those players will receive $150,000. kansas city chief's guard larnt was the first to announce he is opting out. he actually graduated from medical school and he is working at a care facility in montreal. he posted a tweet saying i cannot allow myself to potentially transmit the virus in our committee simply to play the sport that i love. if i am to take risks i will do it caring for patients. how about that? philadelphia eagles player marquis good win who has a 5-month-old daughter releasing a statement after choosing football so many times i'm inclined to make the right decision by finally choosing my family first. maurice kennedy saying in a tweet family first, money second. so everybody has got their own specific reason. possibly more to come especially
2:59 am
what's going on in major league baseball. jillian: marreese good win and the others suffered multiple miscarriages: let's talk about shall going viral for lawn drerring clothes. >> coolest laundromat ever. elderly couple in tijuana modeling people's forgotten clothes to remind them to pick up their laundry. look how they cool they looked. both grandparents have racked up over half a million instagram followers. people are loving them. one commenter says i want to have as much swag as them when i get older. one more comment here can all grandparents dress like this? othegrandson set up their accout people have no idea why people wanting to watch them do this. they are doing this and going viral internationally, guys.
3:00 am
jillian: that's funny. rob: jerry sign feldt where he finds or people wearing his mom's coat. jillian: don't forget to set your dvr so you don't miss "fox & friends first." rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. see you tomorrow. >> i'm answering your question. >> have you got to let him answer. >> i'm reclaiming my time. >> do you think as the -- >> reclaiming my time. >> reclaiming my time. >> this is a hearing. i thought i was the one who was supposed to be heard. >> a good reminder what president trump does they are not coming after me they are coming after you. >> i wanting to talk about your vp pick. >> i'm going to have a choice in the first week in august. >> will you be able to meet with them face to face? >> well, wee will see. sean: bad news for joe biden. swing voters are questioning the former vice president's ability to lead according to findings of a new focus group. >> donald trump jr. had his twitter account partially suspen


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