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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 30, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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doth protest too much but they know not what they do. he would laugh and i would laugh and even the people criticizing him would laugh because he could just couldn't help it, he was that kind of guy. he was bipartisan when no one was and he was fair and balanced with all when no one could even try, and he is gone. hello, everyone, i'm jesse watters along with dana perino, greg gutfeld, juan williams and kennedy. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." fox news alert, president trump is set to hold a news conference in minutes and we will bring you there live when it happens. president could address a political firestorm he ignited this morning when he asked if the election date should be changed over concerns about mail and voter fraud. the president tweeting just a few minutes ago, i'm glad i was able to get the very dishonest
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lame stream media to finally start talking about the risks to our democracy from dangerous universal meal and voting. not absentee voting which i totally support. he added that americans should know the results of the election the night of. they are furious calling the president dictator saying his comments are meant to be a big distraction. and barack obama going after trump for the funeral of congressman john lewis. >> those in power who are doing their darndest to discourage people from voting by closing polling locations and targeting minorities and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision, even undermining the postal service in the run-up to an election. that's going to be depended upon mail-in ballots so people don't
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get sick. >> jesse: we will get to barack obama in a minute. i admit it was a mischievous tweets, but now that the presence has our attention, i find something very interesting. new jersey had a special election last month and it was all mail-in, everybody did it by mail and 10% of the ballots were rejected, disqualified, for signature issues or they were late, many, many reasons. so if you have turnout in 2020, 140 million americans casting their vote. if 10% of those mail-in ballots are disqualified, that's 14 million americans are disenfranchised. are you okay with that? >> juan: no, i would like to improve it but that's different than with the president was talking about. he was suggesting there would be fraud, there would be corruption, that somehow the
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corruption might be tilted one way or another and people who were acting in some corrupt manner. >> jesse: you could ask the democrats to do that, they cheated in the last election. >> juan: what? i don't even want to go there. i think president trump won in 2016, but there is no evidence of any fraud related to absentee voting or mail-in voting in this country. but again, what's important here and this might be persuasive to you, if you think about marco rubio, ted cruz, mitch mcconnell, kevin mccarthy, those people are republicans and today they all said this is wrong. there should be no delay in the election of november 2020. that was what they said and i think you're very clear. so i think this is not the action of a party, this is the
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action of one man who knows he is losing and is willing to trash democracy and trash our constitution because he's so upset. when joe biden predicted this in april, joe biden said to come trump will try to delay the election. what was the response? biden is spreading conspiracy theory. while trump has gone there and this is wild. >> jesse: no one really believes he will delay the election. how do you read these tweets and if you want to comment on barack obama at the funeral for louis, be my guest. >> greg: how dare donald trump undermine the postal service? how dare he undermine the postal service? trump is still able to work the media or years into this with the tweets. it's just too easy and he's like
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sharing, and the media is like lamb topic. remember that ventriloquist with a little lamb chop and makes them move around with the strings? here's the thing. i'm against in general this kind of talk about it election corruption which is why what the democrats stayed with the fraudulent steele dossier was so damaging to the country. they used a fake paid for foreign intel to call 2016 into question and that went on for three years. for years, probably still going on. people outraged at what other people said, it feels kind of like a coup, well maybe it felt like a coup when you find out more about dossier itself. but the horse left the barn and it was carrying pandora's box with it. this is what the real problem once. any close election will be seen as stolen, because of this, because of the democrats stated in 2016. we are now in trouble because of what they did and we know if joe
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wins even by a hair or hair plug, trump supporter's are not going to riot. they are not going to riot because, a, politics to them is impersonal and, b, it's not personal. if trump wins by a hair or more, what you will see, you will see more portland, you will have what the media wants you to think. they want you to think that this will be trouble, essentially psychologically extorting you to vote in a different way. >> jesse: they are preparing the groundwork, kennedy, for the results of the election. you don't know who won in the election and you have a bunch of valid sitting in the back room that have been mailed in, there could be some funny business as of seen and other elections and that's the dangerous territory.
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>> kennedy: well, juan was talking about the president being a sore loser and we had to listen to misses, what happened! the recon ten cannot let go and she was a woman who challenged then candidate trump during one of the debates to accept the outcome of elections because you know, our country is based on the democracy where we accept when we lose, except when she loses which is phenomenal. there is a system of voting that only one party is excited about and that always makes me a little nervous. i do like the idea that different counties and states can have their own preferred form of voting and oregon is all mail-in ballots and the president's absentee ballots are very critical and there are lots of people who opt in to a mail-in ballot system. i don't trust the federal government so if you think the pandemic response has been bad
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at, how do you think they are going to do with a mask mail in federally mandated voting system? they could be a disaster. >> jesse: the democrats are telling everyone don't go out and protest. but i like the idea that you go into the voting booth and you are the only one there with your ballot, you vote for whatever you want and then it gets counted there at the polling station and reported that night. when you get everybody else involved, i don't have a good feeling about that. you could address that were addressed barack obama. >> the voting thing i think is important. that's ideal, being able to go to the voting booth is ideal, but i think that's one of the things that would be important for anyone including the president and it's a deal in reality. the idea is that there will be many states that offer up mail-in voting and he's trying
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to make a distinction about absentee voting versus mail-in voting. it is a distinction with the difference, but what's happening as many states including florida, the republican party of florida so worried that there mail-in voting, their absentee voting is so low compared to the democrats already that, the president is a very persuasive to his supporters who were being asked about mail-in voting. like no thanks, it's fraudulent. so he's trying to make that distinction. except for maybe the fourth of july, the president actually fails any of the new cycles in the month of july. and the pageantry there. the number one thing on people's mind right now is coronavirus. they are worried about school, worried about their health and worry about the economy.
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this issue with the mail-in voting is way down on their list. he's not talking about any of those things today but maybe he well today at the press conference. upon president obama and whether that was politicizing, yes. but the family and friends and loved ones believed that what's on the list would have wanted is for activism to continue and i think that president obama was answering the mail by doing that at that memorial service today. >> jesse: yes, the audience did eat that up. coming up, nancy pelosi playing politics with the coronavirus. here are her latest attacks on republicans, next. ♪ my chair... and my phone.
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♪ >> dana: congress continues to bicker of the next coronavirus stimulus deal as the new economy cratered from the virus in the second quarter. speaker pelosi it is not backing her party's plans through the end of the year 2020. it seems that they don't trust how they might use the $600 and that kind of thing, and they have money to pay the rent but they are just not paying the rent. >> dana: all right kennedy, the president now has an openness to some sort of short term solution to try to help people as a congress in the president try to figure out this legislation going forward. but the democrats i think have some leverage here and they are using it to their advantage.
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the president is on there, and if they don't do that by tonight or this weekend people won't have that money. >> kennedy: yes, it's going to run out but there are those who can't even agree on the terms. i believe it was yesterday that marrying these two bills is like trying to get a giraffe and a flamingo to mate. >> dana: very. republicans have put themselves in a very vulnerable position because this used to be a party of fiscal conservatives that are all about cost cutting but they are essentially adding up another trillion dollars in programs which could be rife with abuse and corruption. they have so many people who will be taking advantage of these benefits not of great need to because their state and federal governments have shut down their economies and
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businesses. so they need that money, but the disdain comes from working people who don't want people to work. and new measures are in place, and if you are opening and that mary's corruption and you have a recipe for i'm curious to see if any democrats ever owned that. >> dana: what about the flamingo in the draft, i'm sure you want to comment on that because that got wheels turning. but more importantly, what about the small business employees and
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i think i will wait. nancy should have said it's like elephants and meeting, right? although the donkey is better be on top in that situation. i like to make a correction something i said before. lamb chop is a sock puppet. there are no strings, so i would like to change my analogy or let's just forget about it. i'm going to restate my rule, it's greg's rule. you really belong at the kids table and that's where nancy belongs because she has never offered anything practical. at least when you are looking at what trump is doing you can see a plan that was early on, flatten the curve and offset the burden on the resources. if you reduce or block travel, stockpile ventilators and other stuff but the most important thing is you allow the states and the governor's autonomy so
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they can actually make the decisions which is why you can't compare america to other foreign countries because we have 52 operations and experiments going on at the same time and it's the opposite of autocracy which is hilarious because everybody still keeps calling trump a tyrant. and yet he said, let the states do it. >> dana: and, juan, we did get the economic news today that we knew there would be a big contraction, it was one of the biggest in our history. we also saw that layoffs started to go up again. one of the things that was quite disturbing, reports that over 23 million americans did not have enough to eat last weekend we have to focus on the issue. >> juan: in some ways you have to say this is beyond politics and we are in the middle of an emergency. it's an economic emergency if you look at the gdp numbers, as
2:20 pm
you pointed out, i think the worst since 1921, and it's also an emergency in terms of people who need something to eat and people who are out of work. i think people want to work and i think people find purpose and to take identity from going to work. i don't think this is a matter of people being lazy or slothful. so to my mind it would be -- it's reckless in terms of trying to revive the economy, not get anything done. and secondly, it's kind of coldhearted to say we couldn't come to an agreement, republicans and democrats. the democrats had a proposal on the table, the house democrats passed a proposal in may and we are now two plus months later, the republicans don't have a proposal and in fact they are doing it themselves.
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mitch mcconnell everything should be about the coronavirus. at the moment the republicans don't have something on the table to even negotiate with the democrats. it's and >> dana: and you have a few republicans on the senate side, and all of a sudden they are reverting back to their physical selves, is now the time for them to do that? >> i wonder if -- never mind. nancy has the gavel, just going to squeeze mitch and when the p.r. victory because of media will give her air cover and that's the bottom line. that's the bottom number for the trump box, no one knows what it is, it'll be either be too much or too little. they will impress the economy before the election and that's
2:22 pm
what she has accused of. and that makes the mean and calloused. mitch mcconnell will get rolled, and you will spend another trillion they lose these fights constantly when there is a budget battle and there's a cliff. coming up, safety concerns about returning to school and what joe biden is saying about it, next. he's quizzical okay, don't forget you're not assisting him. you hired him. if you have nowhere to sit, you have too many.
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>> jesse: the battle to reopen schools rages on, america's second largest teachers union is supporting safety strikes, for members who do not want to return to classrooms this fall. in an event with the american federation of teachers, joe biden went after president trump for wanting to reopen. >> donald trump may be content to continue to move in for some educators back into the classroom without a plan to keep them safe and it's not about whether or not he cares about education, he wants to make sure that he looks better. >> greg: i would personally like to thank jeff dunham for the use of his puppet today, it helped out the segment. is this more of the prison of two ideas? you either have to keep it shut down and they can't go to school or if you let them go to school, everyone's going to die. >> dana: it certainly is part of it.
2:28 pm
i was in unable to interview randy weingartner of the teachers union today because of the funeral for john lewis but there are some important questions that need to be asked right now. one of the things of teachers have said that has been seen in los angeles is basically they want to defund the police, obviously ridiculous things that are not related to this moment. but there was a story in "the new york times" that who quoted a woman who has an artistic soautistic son. and someone said that he has regressed an entire year. at the other thing that she pointed out is that she and her husband are both essential workers. so they have to go to work. they don't have a choice. i'm curious why we wouldn't identify teachers as essential workers and even if that means you have to do online instruction, the other thing i have to ask about it some teachers apparently are concerned about how they would
2:29 pm
look on camera from their homes. that is probably not the biggest worry that we should have right now and there is plenty of time to try to figure that out. this is such a huge complicated problem, and hearing from friends all over the country and a lot of my friends have options, think about people that don't have options. >> greg: you have supermarkets like places like lowe's and home depot, how come we never know how they fared and can we learn from it and incorporate the ideas that schools -- i don't know, what are your thoughts? this is really important for y you. >> kennedy: i have kids in new york public schools, and at this point it sounds like it's going to be a blended plan. the thing that i really like about this is finally, it's giving a lot of parents in the
2:30 pm
mainstream thoughts about what school choice looks like. so if your kid isn't going back to school but they need to move forward a company need to progress, they need structure and socialization, a lot of parents are investigating micro-schools. it's the old idea of the 10-15 student school house where parents pool and that works for the reason. a lot of parents are asking for their tax money back so they can invest it into things like micro schools, they are thinking about college, with falls so far behind, we will be able to meet the critical academic standard to get into college for those who want to go. if we are having a massive rethink about the failure of
2:31 pm
education, and they want to defund the police and those are political demands that have students and learning which should be the bottom bottom li line. >> greg: i think dana went to a micro school, if i'm not mistaken. you know, juan, it would be nice to hear more from the innovators than the bureaucrats. like the people who have creative ideas like the ones kennedy was talking about. >> juan: i agree with you. i think that kennedy is onto something. i'm a little uncomfortable here with the idea of people saying give me my tax dollars back, i would think we need to support public schools, we don't want to destroy that. i have troubles with teachers unions over school choice
2:32 pm
because i'm a big proponent. i think we do need innovation even if this was a normal time. but i must tell you, i get worried when i sense that we are involved in kind of victim blaming because if you are a teacher and you are sick, you can't teach. and they should not be exposed, put at high risk in the midst of this for people who say, we want to open schools. children want to go to school as my experience, certainly miss their friends if they are not even missing the teachers so i don't think it's that. i think because everyone has said, we have to think about how we can solve this problem effectively. don't get into blaming the teachers, say this is how we can text teachers and make sure that open schools are safer teachers if it's elementary, middle or high school. let's do away with the finger-pointing because this is
2:33 pm
such a big problem. we need to get our economy going again. >> greg: and jesse, i think van halen should come back and do a rework of "hot for teacher" and make it "safe for teacher." what do you think? >> jesse: are you going to be the sock puppet in that one? we talked about yesterday and we are pointing fingers because teachers are holding kids hostage to demand to defund the police so let's get that straight. the democrats are way out of touch on this issue. dr. anthony fauci, the cdc, the american society for pediatrics, the american association for school superintendents, the department of education and the task force have all supported opening up school safely. 70% as we showed last week of parents want schools opened up safely and i believe bill de blasio just announced they are going to open up the new york public school system
2:34 pm
safely next month and the president just allocated over 100 billion with a b to do that safely with a long list of recommendations on how to do it. the president is not sending your child to a wuhan wet market to learn, he sending them to a safe school, let's be realistic. >> greg: i'm going to add my final $0.02, and i think the solution is an s.a.t. like test question. palatine is to the gym the way blankets to school. it whoever fills that blank in his going to be a truly mere because that is where the answer is. more evidence that liberal leaders have lost control of nyc, new reports of public drug use in broad daylight, that's coming up next on "the five." ♪
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>> kennedy: oh, yes. if the rise and crime and violent protests weren't enough, new york city has a new problem. in 2020, reports of public drug use. the big apple is becoming the new san francisco. our old friend of lawrence jones went to investigate. >> three months i've been here, they just shoo shoot out. >> what do the leaders do as a result of that? it's getting there. who do you blame for all this? >> the mayor. >> mayor de blasio. >> kennedy: it's all happening right there so, greg, who do you blame for this? us before i blame 2020. i blame that liberalism an and i
2:40 pm
blame de blasio. what i was there it was terrible but there was no hopelessness. we were unified and today there was a sense of hopelessness. it's profound because the leadership has scampered into the darkness. the desert is not just citizens but law enforcement and new york is dying. the left, liberals and control have no way to save it. we need rudy giuliani or bloomberg because our current steward is an absentee landlord who is more interested in symbolic victories and photo ops then the death of citizens in his own city. it's incredible that the democrats put up with this. >> kennedy: bill de blasio is probably the most unpopular mayor in the country. we got about a minute and told the president is going to start his press conference but walk me through this, based on your expertise and experience. how did you make a shift back to
2:41 pm
a better time for a place like new york city which is so unique? >> dana: i thought you were going to say my experience with shooting up. i'm kidding. [laughter] honestly, bill de blasio is the worst mayor, perhaps in american history. to see a great city like this basically destroyed in just such a short period of time is distressing. not only that but what about these people? it's not compassionate to have people on the streets shooting up. i don't know what the solution is, but i know that it's not what's happening now. there has to be some sort of way either to get them into treatment or, i don't know. we talked about legalizing drugs and maybe that's the answer somehow. i don't know. maybe you can tell me that after the president speaks. >> president trump: let me begin by expressing our sadness at the passing of a wonderful man and a dear friend of mine,
2:42 pm
herman cain. he was a very special person and i got to know him very well. unfortunately he passed away from the thing called the china virus. we send our prayers to herman's great life like a wife, and i have to say america grieves for all of the 150,000 americans who had their lives taken by this horrible invisible enemy. we mourn their loss as a nation and we mourn their loss as people. as people that love one another. we are working very hard to not only contain this horrible event, this horrible plague, that's what it is as a plague, but also to come up with
2:43 pm
therapeutics and vaccines. we are making lots of strides and a resurgence has taken place in many countries that people thought were doing well. despite open wide range of approaches between the pandemic and countries, this resurgence in cases is occurring throughout large portions of our planet. in japan, china, belgium, spain, places where they thought they had really done great. it came back, in a couple of cases came back very strongly. the virus was said to be under control but new cases have risen very significantly once again. so, when you think somebody is doing well, sometimes you have to hold your decision on that, you have to hold your statements. since the beginning of june daily new cases have increased by a factor of 14 times in
2:44 pm
israel, 35 times, that's 35 times in japan and nearly 30 times in australia just to name a field. these are countries that were doing incredibly well. leadership was being praised. latin america now leads the world and confirmed infections and with the scarcity of testing in latin america, the true numbers, you have no idea what they might be. and i can say scarcity of testing almost anywhere except for our country. this disease is highly contagious and presents unique challenges to our border states. meanwhile, states like california, washington state, maryland, virginia, nevada, illinois, oregon and others were thought to do be doing very well and they had a big resurgence and were hit very hard. governors who are extremely popular or not so popular
2:45 pm
anymore. they were held up as models to follow and then they got hit and i'm not even saying it's their fault, it's probably not their fault. that's just the way it is. it's highly infectious, one of the most infectious diseases that anyone has ever seen. not since 1917, over 100 years ago, has anyone seen anything like what we are witnessing now. these states have also seen the virus substantially rebound, and again, no one is immune. no one is any. these facts illustrate the imposing determinant and it is a determinant that a blanket shutdown to achieve a temporary reduction in cases is certainly not a viable long-term strategy for any country.
2:46 pm
and people are starting to understand the disease now. we certainly have understood a lot about the disease, we didn't have any idea. the primary purpose of the shutdown was to flatten the curve and ensure sufficient hospital capacity and allow therapy to reduce fatality. we did the right thing initially, we saved millions of lives, we did the right thing. but a permanent shutdown would no longer be the answer at all. a small shutdown of certain areas, but we don't want to do that. small shutdowns can be very helpful but not for long periods of time and we understand what we are dealing with now but it's
2:47 pm
a very complex situation and i can only say thank heaven that we are so advanced in what we are doing in terms of vaccines and therapies. we now know a great deal about the virus and how to treat it and who it targets. almost half of the deaths come from less than 1% of our population. think of it. half of the deaths. that's a tremendous number. less than 1% of our population. those living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, the average age of those who die from the illness is 78. we have announced very strong measures to protect those who are most vulnerable. we want to protect those at highest risk, and i'm once again urging the american people to
2:48 pm
protect their dear family and friends and anybody who is elderly, especially if someone is elderly and they have heart problems, if they have certain illnesses, diabetes is a very bad one, having to do with what we are discussing. but you want to protect the elderly and socially distance, wear a mask if you cannot socially distance and practice vigorous hygiene. everyone, even healthy young people should be taking extraordinary care to avoid infecting those at the highest risk from this terrible disease. the elderly and those with chronic health issues have to be protected. the current hot spots across the sun belt, the data is showing very encouraging signs, and arizona in particular has
2:49 pm
crossed an important threshold. for every person with the virus we are now seeing an average of less than it every one additional person infected and the numbers are coming down and coming down very substantially. they are starting to come down in florida. arizona is really leading the way. i was in texas yesterday and it's starting to come down significantly, we believe, in texas. we need another few days to figure that one out. earlier today i visited the red cross plasma therapy which is a tremendous thing that they are looking at and if they have a lot of experience with it. potentially life-saving treatments that infuse sick with powerful antibodies donated by those who have recovered successfully from this disease. more than 2 million americans have recovered from the virus and today we are asking them to
2:50 pm
visit and volunteered to donate plasma. we need plasma. it's something that has been very effective and we need plasma from those who were infected and successfully recovered as most people do. plasma is one of the many promising treatments that my administration is accelerating. we and secured over 90% of the world supply of remdesivir which is terrific. in encouraging antiviral drug that can effectively block replication of the virus. also, we've used the widely available steroid which is incredible, dexamethasone which has shown success that even in patients at more advanced stages of the disease. we announced a $450 million
2:51 pm
agreement with regeneron to build manufacturing plants and it is antibiotic treatment which is currently in late stage clinical trials. as a result of such significant strides and the treatment, the mortality rate in those over the age of 18 is 85% lower than it was just in april. so, a very short period of time. think of that. just 18, 85% lower than it was in april, that's a big statement. now i want to provide an update on our efforts to ensure a strong economic comeback including our negotiations on capitol hill. throughout this crisis my administration has taken the most aggressive action in history to rescue american workers. we love our american workers and we have set records on job creation, records two months in a row.
2:52 pm
we enacted a $3 trillion economic relief package, the paycheck protection act alone saved over 50 million jobs. we delivered $300 million to direct cash payments to americans and we have through $500 million for our hardest hit industries. a $500 billion. the allowed struggling homeowners to reduce or defer their mortgage payments and we put a nationwide moratorium on evictions from federally backed properties, that's a big thing. we also suspended student loan payments for six months and we are looking to do that additionally and for additional periods of time. as a result of these extraordinary steps by the administration we added a record 7 million jobs in the two months pass alone, to ensure that this comeback continues, which we
2:53 pm
think it will. we had a great foundation to build on. we were at the strongest country in the world, nobody close. we were out doing everybody from china. if you remember for many years, you remember in 2019 china would surpass the united states, but he didn't. we took it to a level that nobody has seen in 2019 and we will be back there very shortly, it won't take very long based on everything that we are seeing. it's not going to take very long and i think next year will be an excellent year, one of our best years ever from an economic standpoint. we can never, ever forget the people that have been lost and we never will. we meant can never forget what happened. it should have been stopped in china. i'm asking for additional
2:54 pm
legislation to help americans in need. first we want a temporary expansion of unemployment benefits which would provide a critical bridge for americans who lost their jobs to the pandemic, through no fault of their own. this was not anyone's fault from the standpoint of jobs, it just happened, a terrible thing happened. we want to think senate republicans for fighting to extend unemployment benefits today and to face a very strong democratic instruction. and we are working with the democrats to work with us to find a solution that will temporarily stop evictions. we do not want people who have lost their jobs due to the virus to be evicted from their homes or apartments, we don't want that to happen. there are third, we need democrats to join us to pass additional economic relief payments for american citizens,
2:55 pm
like payments sent directly to 160 million americans earlier this year which was a tremendously successful program. this money will help millions of hardworking americans get by. my administration is also asking democrats to work with us to pass $105 billion to help schools safely reopen. children are not at the lowest risk. if you look at what's going on, the younger the better. it's amazing, the immune system. the children, the lower they are in age, the lower the risk in terms of the age group itself. i tell the story that in new jersey with thousands and thousands of people dying, sadly dying, the governor was telling me that only one died over the age of 18 which is incredible. thousands of people that died in
2:56 pm
the state of new jersey, and one made an impact. one died under the age of 18. indefinite school closures will inflict lasting harm to our nation's children. that we must follow the science and get student safely back to school while protecting children, teachers, staff and family. we have to remember that there is another side of this, keeping them out of school and keeping were closed as causing death also, economic harm but death for different reasons. but death, probably more dea de. death. we and save the school doesn't want to open or the governor doesn't want to open, for political reasons or maybe not but there is some of that going on. the money should go to the parents so they can send their children to the school of their
2:57 pm
choice. if schools stay closed the money should follow the students and the families are in but to pass a bill democrats look to reject the extreme partisan voices of the party and they have tremendous voices looking at party.. we can get our country going even quicker than it's going right now and we have a lot -- we have a lot of states that you thought were doing pretty poorly from the standpoint of the virus and they're actually coming back very strong. this pandemic has underscored the importance of economic policies that put american families and workers first and like on the fact that america
2:58 pm
first for many decades in my opinion america lasts and you look at the crazy horrible disgraceful trade deals that we watched for many years destroy our country. after we terminated it, we have usmca which is a great deal and the farmers are doing really well despite the pandemic. but we put america first, america's families first, and america's workers first. if that means bringing jobs and factories back to our shores and reducing unnecessary regulations and creating new training opportunities for for jobs for the future. we cut regulations on a level no president has ever cut regulations and we've cut taxes more than any president in the history of our country. americans always rise to the challenge. we emerge more resilient, more self-reliance, more independent,
2:59 pm
more prosperous than ever before. so i just want to thank you all and if you like will take a few questions. >> reporter: are you going to tried to delay the election or was that false this morning? >> president trump: i want to explain to people it doesn't need much explanation and you look at article after article about the disaster. tens of thousands of mail in ballots have been tossed out of this year's primary. what will happen in november? it's a mess. this is done by "washington post," fake news. but in this case it's not fake, it's true. this is done by "the wall street journal," here's another one, vote by mail experiment reveals potential problems within postal voting system ahead in the november election. and you see what's happening with so many different places. they are doing trial runs and their disaster. i don't want to see an election
3:00 pm
you know so many years i've been watching elections and they say the projected winter or the winter of the election -- i don't want to see that take place in a week. after november 3rd or a month, or frankly, with litigation and everything else that can happen, years. years. if you ever nee never even knowt happened. you send out hundreds of millions of universal male in ballots. hundreds of millions! where are they going? who are the being sent to? you don't have to know about politics and the democrats know this. so i want to see -- i want an election and a result much in much, much more than you and i think were doing really well and we have the same pullbacks and were doing very well and we have texas


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