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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 30, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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guide." that is "the ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tukcer calrson tonight." after two months of writing and political chaos there is still people out there who claim this is all about the death of george floyd and believe it or not, there are. some of them actually believe it. we are giving them the benefit of the doubt. the liberal mom who lives next door to you for example, she's probably entirely sincere when she lectures you about the scourge of police brutality. she has no idea if blm is about anything else. we're not judging, that's not surprising. most americans are nice people,
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they are literal and ingenuous, they tend to take claims at face value because they want to believe the best.e in this case, they are wrong. none of what you are watching is about civil rights. violence and race baiting are the enemies of civil rights. whatat you're watching instead s a power grab. it's being coordinated by the most ruthless and cynical figures in american politics. they don't want you to know what they're doing, they are not honorable enough to state their intentions. like you at all. when normal people want something, they can be aggressive, but the professional left never is. it's invariably passive-aggressive. their first instinct is to manipulate rather than persuade, they hide their real beliefs. they say precisely the opposite of what theyse mean every time. they accuse you of the crimes they themselves are committing. it makes your head spin, arguing with them is pointless, they are nihilists. they don't believe in the existence of truth or in the fixednt meaning of words.
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they care only about power. it's painful to say this, it hurts to admit their people in our country who are like this but there are and they have more power than ever. if you need more evidence than that, barack obama showed up at congressman john lewis' funerale he claimed he was there to eulogize his old friend and that's not what he did. he gave a divisive and deeply dishonest campaign speech ind church. here's part of what he said. >> by ending some of the parties and gerrymandering so that all voters have the power to choose their politicians, not the other way around. and if all of this takes eliminating the filibuster, another jim crow relic in order to secure the god-given right of every american, than that's what we should do. >> tucker: it's hard to believe that clip is real but it is, down to the cloying face fake
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accent. imagine if some greasy politician showed up at your loved one's funeral and started throwing around stupid partisan talking points about senate procedure. can you imagine that? you would be shocked, you would probably walk out. desecrating a funeral with campaign slogans, what kind of person would do that? democrats in the audience didn't blink, they cheered. it all seemed normal to them and why wouldn't that? political power is there religion, it's not out of place in a church, it's what they worship. people who politicize a funeral will do anything and they are trying to. democrats are working systematically to dismantle the core institutions of american life in the beginning with the family and withti faith. they are subverting the core system in our government, the justice system. nullifying laws, burning police stations, attacking court houses, working to eliminate the legal equality of american
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citizens, the foundation of it all. they have systematically repurposed federal law enforcement agencies as politicaly weapons, they have imprisoned their political opponents. their leaders have called for making all of these changes permanent by packing the supreme court, packing the united states senate, packing the electorate itself byts importing tens of millions of new voters. why are they o doing all of thi? they will tell you it's to make the country better and more just put the country isn't improving and it's not fair they are doing this for one reason, to ensure they have complete control over the united states. we are watching it happen right now, although no one ever admits it and those who do come close to getting shut down.. how should the rest of us respond to what we are h seeing? we are not talking about conservatives or people who watch the show, we are talking but literally everybody else. moderate scum of the nonaligned, traditional liberal who still care about civil liberties,
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religious people of all faiths,w immigrants from abroad who came toto this country because of our bill of rights only to watch it evaporate once they got here. once they got here, everyone who fundamentally loves this country which is still most americans. if what to people like that do in the face of this, this revolution? it's simple, defend the system have, that's our job. the american system is flawed, no one doubts that but it works better than any other system in history, and tearing it down will not help. in fact, it will benefit only the few pushing for it and it will crush millions. if you care about the united states, fight for its institutions, they have served us well. this country has survived 250 years through a civil war, let's keep going. the president vented his frustrations on twitter about potential voter fraud in the upcoming election. he wrote "with universal male in
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voting, not absentee voting, 202020 is the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history. delay the election until people can properly, securely, and safely vote. "delay the election. that was the headline across cable news today and we should be clear, that will not happen. the election will almost certainly take place in november. at this point, it's probably unwise to suggest changing the election. voter fraud or not. too much is in flux already. that's not accidentally, it's by design. a bewildered population dealingd with change from every possible direction cannot fight back. that's why they are doing it. our job is to defend what we already have as a nation and to promote the continuation of it. keeping things the same hasnu never been more important than
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it is right now. victor davis hanson has thought a lot about all of these topics and we are honored to have him as we always are. thanks so much for coming on. if you are able to clear your head long enough to get the overview here, by my count, every significant institution in american life is under sustained assault from the left. what's the point of that? >> i think the point is they don't t have confidence in theie message that will resonate with 51% of the population. they want to change the system rather than work within the system that won't yield a result that they demand. i think donald trump is frustrated but i think you're quite right. he is the enforcer of traditions and protocols that have gone back to the 19th century but we always have the first tuesday after the 1st of november and that's what we did in the
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civil war, we did it in world war i and world war ii. he has been the victim of weaponization of the fbi, cia, doj, the distortion of the 25th amendment. he's been the victim of trying to erode the institution of impeachment to politicize it in a way we haven't seenen before. he has to strike back and say i'm not going to pack the court, i'm not going to destroy the electoral college, you want to let 16-year-olds vote and felons vote, and the next 90 days i'm going to get task forces to makf sure the postal service's swift, efficient, and will validate. i'm going to get more pollingre stations available so we can social distance. we are going to accommodate these crises of virus, lockdown, rioting, and recession. we can do it and he doesn't need to dosn it, that's what's ironi. there's seven or eight unknowns, we don't know the waxing and
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waning of the virus. we don't know whether the lockdown will be porous. we don't know the status of the economy. we don't know the effect of all of this lawlessness, anarchy and chaos, we don't know what john durham is going to do, we don't know what the vice president selection of joe biden will portend, we don't know what joe biden will do if he actually has to go out and perform like a regular candidate. i have a sneaking suspicion of those are tailwinds for donald trump and he doesn't need to alter the system because that's the natural role for the republican party in general and for him in particular. he's been a victim of people who try to distort these constitutional frameworks and he's got to remind everybody that he is the protector the guarantor of them. >> tucker: the protector and guarantor of our system, exactly right. victor davis hansen, thank you for that summary, great to see you. rioters, and domestic terrorists, have been waging a
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sustained war on the city of portland, oregon, for more than two months now. for some reason the u.s. government has allowed this to continue even as rioters have damaged federal property and attacked police officers. last weekend, one of them stabbed a journalist, we have footage of it, here it is. >> someone stalking us. >> why are you following us? >> did you just stabbed him? he just stabbed him. >> tucker: he did just stabbed him in the man who was stabbed survived, we welcome him. thanks so much for coming on. the factual question is why were you stabbed, who did it and has that person been arrested? >> i was stabbed by a known antifa member by the name of blake camp. i felt like i was stabbed or targeted specifically due to my
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location being here inside of portland, 17 hours before i had arrived. >> tucker: has the man who stabbed you been arrested, is he in jail right now? >> he's been arrested, he is charged with second-degree felony assault, i'm currently being held under two $150,000 bail. >> tucker: he just missed your spinal cord, congratulations onr surviving. this stabbing has received very little news coverage i assume because you're not a leftist. had you seen this guy before, why do you think he did it? >> i'm never seen him before. i had been stocked and doxxed previously on twitter by these people, they will put my information and say he will be here, he will be here, previously in the past i've been
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targeted by antifa previously in the past and for me to say specifically what the intent was, i'm not sure. >> tucker: you're obviously a black man who disagrees with their views, that must be deeply offensive to them. >> the targeting has to do with me being a black trump supporter and any time i come to film, they know it destroys their narrative and it goes against what they are trying to promote. >> tucker: there is one revolutionary who doesn't think black lives matter i guess. what happened after you were stabbed, did they say anything toto you? what did the people around him say when he fell down with a knifee wound? >> when i fell down, i can't remember specifically. it was a traumatic experience, i can't remember if he said anything specifically to me once i got stabbed, my body went into
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shock and i got into fight mode. i remember getting up after i hit the ground and looking at him specifically and i saw that knife that he had, it looked like it appeared to be about 7 inches and i remember thinking i had to keep pressure on my wound and try to get somewhere safe. one of my guys i was with stepped in between us and he told the guys i was with they want to get shank next too? >> tucker: it's beyond belief that this is america. to the governor of the state, the mayor of the city or the ones who have encourage this kind of violence reach out to you after you had been stabbed? >> no, i haven't heard anything fromab any of them. the only ones who have reached out to me are some local reporters and things like that wanting to get the story out. >> tucker: what do you conclude from this, what have you learned? >> i've learned basically, with this incident, i see it as a
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miracle to be here right now, to do the interview right now. the knife went in about four to mecca 5 inches and ended up missing everything, remarkably it didn't require surgery, just a little bit of blood and pain. they need to wake up and people need to start exposing antifa for who they are and that is a domestic terrorist organization who are as actively deploying an assault against our democracy and they don't really care about black lives, they are using blm as a front to carry out these instances of assault against this country. >> tucker: the leadership should be charged with criminal conspiracy. i'm glad you survived, thank you for coming on tonight. f for centuries, former american presidents have followed a tradition of maintaininges a dignified silence once they leave office, barack obama
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doesn't bother with those rules. he used congressman john lewis' funeral today give a nasty partisan political speech. the president reported. it's been two months since georgeve floyd died in minneap minneapolis. has minneapolis become safer, happier, more just city? a report from minneapolis after the break. hike!
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♪ >> tucker: as of this week, it's been two months since george floyd died and in that short period of time, this country has changed more than it has in decades. there has been widespread violence and lawlessness, we just talked to a man who was nestabbed for the crime of tryig to cover a riot. crime rates soared in almost every major city, here's how people in minneapolis responded to george floyd's death. >> this is the craziest i've ever seen. >> tucker: things fell completely apart in case you don't remember that from a
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couple of months ago, a small group of violent people took control. the most amazing part of all of thisar is how the city of minneapolis responded. the city council rather than increasing the presence of the police decided to eliminate the police department and that idea which two weeks before would've considered so insane no one would've said it out loud metastasized almost immediately to the rest of the democratic party and "defund the police" became a talking point. now barack obama, one of the sleaziest and most dishonest figures in the history of american politics used to george floyd's death at a funeral to attack the police, here's what he said. >> bull connor may be gone. but today we witness with our own eyes police officers kneeling on the next of black americans. >> tucker: bull connor?
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the country falling apart, riven by racial strife and tribalism and one of the most respected people in the whole country decides to pour gasoline on that and compare the police to bull connor? as if america and minneapolis is like birmingham, alabama, in 1963? it's insane, it's reckless. obama doesn't care, it's only about november and the coming election. the problem is what they are doing to get there, what happens when you eliminate the police or diminish their power? here's what happens.? >> following riots in public demonstrations against of minneapolis police, the city is now seeing a surge in crime. homicides have doubled this year, gun crimes dramatically outpaced last year. people who live and work with the riots hits say, drugs, and burglary are now unabated with a segment of the public in the city council against them, the police union says morale is
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terrible. officers don't proactively police and are reluctant to use force. >> tucker: so when you eliminate the police, there's more crime. a surprise to precisely no one included the people who did it. members of the minneapolis city council knewin exactly what the resultsco would be, they aren't that stupid to so even as they abolish the police, they force taxpayers to pay for homes.y for their i get it. senior correspondent rick leventhal has been around minneapolis for months now, he joins us with a report. >> as we all watched, minneapolis became a launchpad for nationwide protests two months ago after the death of george floyd and they turneded ugly fast. third destruction documented was widespread.
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apartment buildings, restaurants, and other businesses were set on fire and looted, some in broad daylight. vehicles were smashed and torched including police cars erand a postal truck to the delight of the crowd but no one is cheering now. parts of the city have been deserted, much has not been prepared, crime is up and business is down, homeless camps filling city parks are just now cbeing dismantled. a salon owner told fox & friends about the loss of her shop that she has had for 40 years. >> if could not believe it, everything was up in a big ball of fire. smoke andba. fire and i couldn't believe it, it hurts to know -- i have no business, i have nothing. i don't even have a styling chair anymore. i don't have a salon anymore, so it hurt. >> as you mentioned in the aftermath of the riots, the city council voted to defund the police drawn criticism from a group of antiviolence black
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activists who held a press conference earlier this month. >> it is time for us to stand up in this city, it's time that tell the city council that utopia is a bunch of b.s. we are in the wild, wild west. >> tucker: the city needs help and many are wondering when it's coming. >> i like how she put it. good to see you tonight. >> tucker: pastor steve carl has been in minneapolis for a long time, for decades he's seen the city of all. thanks so much for coming on. it's been about two months, tell us because you have perspective how you think minneapolis has changed in that time. >> there's less of a cop presence which means that crime is on the up and up and it's sad
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to see -- first off, minneapolis is a beautiful place. if you've been here, it's ane beautiful place and it's really sad to see people move out, it's sad to see people live in fear. i personally have seven kids and a wife and it gets tense at times. there is no sirens and there is no cop presence, there's no cops pulling up and wanting to get to know, talk with us, that's a little bit disheartening. >> tucker: the irony is this violence, these riots were committed in the name of the weakest in minneapolis, we are helping the little guy, the underdog, they told us. it sounds like the description you just gave that people without a lot of money and seven children haven't been helped by this at all. >> again, this is what i know.
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we need a greater cop presence. thereer is incidents, i have a delivered about six blocks from the third precinct in the target and i can tell you speaking for where i live, we just -- it would seem like the wild west. people are emboldened to fire guns and break into places and it becomes scary, it becomes a scary. >> tucker: are you going to stay? >> i'm going to stay. i was born and raised here, i'm a pastor at the church next door and we are pointing people to, we are pointing people to the hope we have in, so i'm going to stay. >> tucker: you're a brave man, thank you for joining us with that update, good luck.
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dr. anthony felt she has commanded you to wear a mask. he has commanded you to stay inside. now he wants you to do something else. something extra. it's not halloween, it's public health. we'll tell you what dr. fauci has asked you to do next. plus the tech companies censored a video about the coronavirus they didn't like because i thought it might hurt joe biden's chances in the election. one of the physicians in that video lost her job. she's here straight ahead it to tell what happened. now, simparica trio simplifies protection.
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♪ >> but you also have it in the eye, you should protect all the
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mucus surfaces. if you have goggles or an ice shield, you should use it. >> tucker: anthony fauci is 79 years old, he probably never thought that he would have to wait this long to accumulate as much power as heou now has, bute is wasted no time in using it. felt she has told you to do a lot of things over the last several months.hs wear a mask, stay inside, not go to work, millions of people have lost their jobs, restaurants, small businesses closed forever. he has transformed the american way of life in just a matter of months, but he's not done! anthony fauci has new plans for you now. now dr. fauci says he would like you to wear goggles when you go out in public. yeah. that's not based in science, actually, we checked.
9:35 pm
most major studies on the transmission of the coronavirus to the eyes have been inconclusive. we are not sure and it doesn't look like a major victory for the spread of disease. that doesn't matter to anthony fauci, shut up and put your goggles on is his position. >> if you're swiping on a dating app like tinder or bumble or grinder and you match with someone and you're like maybe it's fine if one stranger comes over, what do you say to that person? >> everybody has their own tolerance of risks, it depends on the level of the interaction you to have. friends put a mask on and chat a bit, if you want to get more intimate, that's your choice, it's a risk.
9:36 pm
>> tucker: it's totally your to stay inside, not go to work, wear a mask, but you can find a stranger on a dating app, bumble or tender ann have with that person and that's not a risk, that's your choice. just remember, when you go outside, you must wear a mask. >> some sort of mask like facial covering i think for the time being should be a very regular part of how we prevent the spread of infection. >> tucker: okay, hope you're following along. fauci has never been elected anything but his word is law. if you criticize him, you're inm trouble. ignore what we are about to show you, it'ss a picture of anthony fauci sitting at a baseball game within 6 feet of other people without wearing a mask. by the way, you'll notice no goggles. fauci also wants to end the handshake. >> i don't think we ever should
9:37 pm
shake hands ever again to be honest with you. not only would it be good to prevent coronavirus disease, it probably would decrease the incidents of influenza dramatically in this country. >> tucker: people have beenn shaking hands with one another through all known human history through at least the greeks but that's no longer allowed unless you're anthony found she or you're having with strangers you meet on tinder. and now we have to wear goggles. how long before mandatory space suits or 12-foot hula hoopse to insurer popple social distancing, will not keep you posted on the goggle question. america's tech oligarchs expressing their views about treatment for the coronavirus, some of those views were optimistic, that would hurt the joe biden president campaign and they pulled it off the internet and banned anyone from sharing
9:38 pm
it. we are allowed to share it here because we don't work for google or facebook, here is a clip. >> this is a treatment regimen that's very simple and should be in the hands of the american people. the difficult aspect of this is atat the moment because of politics, it's being blocked from doctors prescribing it and it's being blocked from pharmacists releasing it. they've been empowered to overrule to the doctor's opinions. i'm in favor of it being over the counter, give it to the people. >> tucker: dr. simone gold was in that video, she was censored, she was fired from her job apparently for appearing in that video, we are going to get this story directly from her, she joins us now. thanks so much for coming on. can it be true you lost your job for expressing your medical opinions on camera? >> i'm a board certified emergency physician for 20 years, in fact until 5 minutes ago i was considered a hero and
9:39 pm
people would be clapping and glad that i was doing what i was doing and video came out and i was fired for appearing in what was told to me is an embarrassing video. that's what happened. >> tucker: leaving aside the legal question of whether lawyers are allowed to fire someone for appearing a video that might hurt the biden campaign, and interested in what their justification was. you're a doctor treating patients in an emergency room, what does the video have to do with your work? >>de it has nothing to do with y work, i'm well-liked and well-regarded, i have a wonderful reputation with the patients and my staff and my colleagues but we came to washington because we are so distressed. we see patients not getting what they need, we see that dr. -patient relationship being eroded, governors are empowering pharmacies to overruled doctors who have had conversations with their patients, it's something america should be alarmed about. as you probably know, i did not know things were going to go
9:40 pm
viral. i was told we were the most viable video of all time. apparently they were 18 million views on facebook, youtube, twitter and they all summarily pulled all of it. my website was taken down and it's been interesting ever since. >> tucker: we should say for our viewers who haven't seen it and presumably our viewers can't see itvi because the tech companies have censored it, it wasn't an hour long video on hydroxychloroquine. there are many parts to it including what you just said that were clearly true -- shouldn't you as a practicing physician with a medical degree be allowed to express your views on science as you practice it without it being censored? >> the video that got the most attention was the press conference we did in front of the supreme court but the summit was seven hours of doctors teaching the american people. we did a morning session for three and a half hours and an afternoon session for three and a half hours and we went through
9:41 pm
everything, lockdown, masks, hydroxychloroquine, all of it, that was the majority of the summit. people will be able to find it, i had to rebuild my website really quickly, america's frontline doctors. they took the url so it's got the word summit now. i don't want anyone to believe me because i'm saying it, we put together a white paper that has all the science that hydroxychloroquine is safe, it's without question. there's tons of studies to show now -- you have to wonder why we are still talking about an fda approved medication, it's been around for 65 years, george washington gave it to his troops, why are we still discussing it? it's a little bit strange. >> tucker: i don't know anything about hydroxychloroquine, i do know about the way the country is supposed to work and physicians should be allowed to explain their experiences, their clinical experiences treating patients and you're not allowed to because joe biden getting elected is more important and that is scary.
9:42 pm
i'm grateful you came on tonight. >> may i say one thing? there's a lot of people saying negative things about me, i would ask people to stop saying negative things about me, we hired lynwood to help me in this matter and i hope that puts to rest anything people want to say that's defamatory. >> tucker: i rarely work for lawyers but i am in this case. thank you, i appreciate it. as you know if you watched the show, repeatedly over the years, we have attacked robots automating everything has downsides. and robots are creepy. apparently a moment ago the robots at the center of our camera foughtt back. and messed with the picture. you probably couldn't see the show for a couple of minutes, we wanted to tell you why you couldn't, because the robots took over. it's a glimpse of our future, our amazing crew got it back and running. just ahead, probably the best advantage a person can have in
9:43 pm
fighting the coronavirus according to someav researcherss being married. married couples are more likely to survive infections than unmarried, that's apart from the benefits inma general of marria. we're going to talk to someone who knows a lot about it after the break.
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>> tucker: there's b >> tucker: there's been a lot of talk about public health since march when the wuhan virus arrived from china, they unleashed quite something on us. but the one public health imperative that washingtonn consistently overlooks and undermines his marriage. married men and women are nearly twice as likely to be satisfied with their lives, happy than those who are unmarried, they are also less likely to be infected with the virus, more likely to be survived if they are infected. here to explain the links between marriage and health is the director of the national marriage project, thanks so much for coming on. how is the state of marriage related to survival rates of the coronavirus? >> what the evidence indicates
9:49 pm
is that counties that have more married people are less likely to be suffering from higher rates of infection. that's what we see in terms of that particular angle but we also see when you look at couples more generally, in the face of emotional traumas that i think all americans are facing, we see that married americansie are 40% more likely to be depressed, anxious, worried, it's an emotional piece too. they are writing out this pandemic morede successfully on the emotional front as well. >> tucker: social science has proven this over decades of research, so why does washington either ignored it or actively seek to undermine marriage? >> i think it's this paradox that many elites in america are actually living quite successful marriages. we've seen divorce decline dramatically, but they don't
9:50 pm
want to talk about marriage. they are reluctant to address family issues for electrical reasons. i think everyone knows people who have struggled in their marriages, have gotten divorced and some kind of family difficulty and they don't want to tackle thaton issue. the second piece to this is there is this progressive idea that change of any sort is good and that family change of the last 50 years is by and large a good thing. it's kind of reluctant to think about these family changes we've seen in america have been good for our kids and good for our communities. >> tucker: they are good at destroying, not good at building. dr. wilcox, thank you so much, great to see you. president obama desecrated the funeral of congressman john lewis today to give a political speech, more on that after the break.
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♪ >> tucker: barack obama showed up at a funeral today, john lewis' funeral to give a eulogy, he didn't do that instead he gave a grubby and dishonest political speech that went on and on, a vicious one. here is obama extolling the virtues of mail in voting. >> even as we sit here, there are those in power who are doing their darndest to discourage people from voting, by closing polling locations and targeting minorities and the students with restrictive i.d. laws and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision. even undermining the postal service in the run-up to an election. that's going to be dependent on mail in ballots so people don't get sick get sick. >> tucker: targeting minorities, that's a flat out
9:57 pm
lie. there is no evidence whatsoever and in the middle of racial turmoil, here is a former president stoking the fire for political reasons. actually male in voting which is underway has proven to be a disaster in a lot of places. in washington, d.c., thousands of voters didn't receive their mail a in ballots at all until e day of the last election. the justice department indicted the mailman for altering the voter's requests. jen alice is a legal advisor for trump reelect, she joins us tonight. leaving aside the philosophical questions of mail in voting, how is it working? >> it's a disaster, and you don't need more studies, you don't need more debates about it to look at what's going on in new york where "the washington post" called it a total train wreck, president trump highlighted that today. we don't know the results of one district and the democrats think somehow 95 days before the presidential national election we can implement universal vote
9:58 pm
by mail and we will get results on election day orot close to what? look at paterson, new jersey, where one out of every five ballots was discarded for being fraudulent and there are reports of massive amounts of mail in ballots that were left in apartment buildings that didn't get to their resident. you look at what's going on in pennsylvania, the democrats and their allies who are suing in dozens of states to try to have the election ballots to be counted. days and days after election day. this is something where you're talking about the democrats wanting to destroy the pillars of american society, the family and the church, it's also the civil society, the peaceful transition of power. the elections by the people, of the people, for the people, this is what started with a corrupt obama administration not allowing the peaceful transition of power to president trump, they try to do this to the russia hoax, they try to do this with witch hunt impeachment and
9:59 pm
now because they haven't successfully gotten rid of president trump, they are trying to undermine the vote and the franchise through universal vote by mail, we are already seeing the results and it's only the democrats who want to remove election safeguards and they want to push out universal vote by mail under the auspices of the coronavirus. if we can stand at line in a grocery store or a hardware store, we can stand in line to vote to. >> tucker: everything. this has nothing to do with ra race. all americans have the right to votete. no one is being targeted because of skin color, it makes people hate each other, it makes them suspicious, it causes them to abandon faith in the system and there's a cost to that. thank you so much, i appreciate itr:. not to get overwrought but it's true, there's so much of that
10:00 pm
going on, it's always the same storyer line. do what we want or we will impugn your character might make it impossible to live in this country, that's black a male. we will be back tomorrow, the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. >> sean: so much breaking news we will cover in just a moment, three police officers were shot today. we will show you that federal officers were facing in portland with video that shows the ongoing violence from their perspective that democrats are denying. the great one mark levin will be here along with leo terrel, larry elder, much more. first we turn to atlanta where f civil rights leader congressman john lewis was laid to rest earlier today. i lived in atlanta four years, often disagreed and got to know many of


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