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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 30, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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going on, it's always the same storyer line. do what we want or we will impugn your character might make it impossible to live in this country, that's black a male. we will be back tomorrow, the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. >> sean: so much breaking news we will cover in just a moment, three police officers were shot today. we will show you that federal officers were facing in portland with video that shows the ongoing violence from their perspective that democrats are denying. the great one mark levin will be here along with leo terrel, larry elder, much more. first we turn to atlanta where f civil rights leader congressman john lewis was laid to rest earlier today. i lived in atlanta four years, often disagreed and got to know many of these brave, courageous civil rights leaders, among them
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john lewis. disagreed politically but i admire the courage that he had during the civil rights movement marching on the front lines in mississippi and selma, alabama. he was severely injured while marching across the edmund pettus bridge, his skull was fractured. because of his bravery, his persistence along with the determination of nonviolent, other civil rights leaders, guess what? they made real change to help us become a more perfect union, made the country a better place for all americans. we have a long way to go. that of course led to the historic 1964 civil rights act, which was filibustered by joe biden, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, bill and hillary clinton describe as their mentor, robert byrd.
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it was particularly troubling when the former president barack obama used john lewis' funeral to deliverwh what was a divisive, politically charged and frankly at times mean-spirited speech filled with statements not based in truth or reality, let's watch. >> george wallace may be gone. but we can witness our federal government sending agents to use tear gas and batons against peaceful demonstrators. there are those in power who are doing their darndest to discourage people from voting by closing polling locations and targeting minorities and the students with restrictive i.d. laws and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision. even undermining the postal service in the run-up to an
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election. to be dependent on mail in ballots so people don't get sick. if all of this takes limited the filibuster, another jim crow relic in order to secure the god-given right of every american, than that's what we should do. >> sean: barack obama politicizing a funeral.po democrats did the same thing in 2002 during the memorial service for senator paul wellstone. they turned a somber event into a massive political rally and frankly it disgusted everyone that tuned in. today wet saw the very same thing, very similar with barack obama in an effort to trash president trump and his supporters, obama said many things that are simply factually inaccurate and are not true. by the way, i told you and i tell you every two years, every four years, the democratic party playbook remains the same. they play the race card,
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republicans racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic, islamophobic, they want to dirty your water and throw grandma over a cliff. let's break it down, obama comparing trump to george wallace, accusing federal law enforcement officers of using tear gas and batons on peaceful protesters. is this the peaceful protester that obama is talking about? the video that you're now seeing is taken from an angle from the federal officers in portland who oare trying to stop the federal courthouse from being burned to the one ap reporter embedded confirmed all of this. the federal building in that building came under attack. so far 59 officers have been injured trying to defend the courthouse, and those inside of there have been hit with bricks, frozen water bottles, sticks, molotov cocktails, fireworks. three officers likelyco permanently blinded by the so-called peaceful protesters,
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barack, with high powered lasers. the house remains intact but firebombed on multiple occasions covered with graffiti. is that peaceful, barack and vandalized night after night after night. is this, i ask you at home, the peaceful, like the peaceful protest to you? is it to you, barack obama? do you think we are that stupid? sad, pathetic tactics and red brick adored today. recently portland police recovered several large clips mullah told cocktails and a bag near the riots. and of course, this is not the first time that obama has wrongly vilified the police. let's not forget ferguson. let's not forget baltimore. let's not forget cambridge and other high-profile incidents. breaking today after the reopening of the case the prosecutors had in ferguson, missouri, they decided once again to not charge former officer darrell wilson with any crimes.
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remember multiple eyewitnesses, many minorities confirmed act his storyil completely. what we are witnessing today is another attempt by democrats to divide america as they do in a two and four years along the lines that i just mentioned. and according to barack obama, those in power, who might he be talking about? targeting minorities by attacking voting rights with insurgical precision? sound familiar? it should! because we hear this garbage every two and four years, which brings us to a very important "hannity" history tonight. every single election, it is the same rhetoric from democrats old versus young, rich versus poor, black versus white.t for example, 1998, one radio ad in missouri claiming that black churches, crosses will burn if republicans are elected. listen for yourself. >> if you don't vote, you let
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another church explode. when you don't vote, you allow another cross to burn. >> sean: remember the 2000 ad, tv adot accusing george w. bush of, well, it's like my father was killed all over again in the case of the terrible, evil dragging death of a man named james byrd because he didn't support a crime legislation. bush did, however, support the death penalty for those involved in the horrific death of james o byrd. oh, that adds a lot of context, doesn't it? take a look. >> 1998 in texas, my father was killed. he was beaten and dragged 3 miles to his death all because he was black. so when the offender george w. bush refused to call it a hate crime and legislation, it was like my father was killed all over again. >> sean: we can't forget the many times how al gore changed
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and remember he gave speech before predominately american speeches and changed his tone, pitch, cadence? you know, republicans have the wrong agenda for african-americans! i don't even want to count you in the senses, he once said, take a look. >> he was the leader of the republican party and this congress are doing in blockingve and accurate senses because they don't want to count everyone that they don't think they can count on. >> they are in favor of affirmative action if you can dunk a basketball or sink a three-point shot. but they are not in favor of it if you merely have the potential to be a leader in your community and bring people together. don't tell me we've got a color-blind society. >> sean: hillary clinton also changing her tone during multiple speeches before predominately african-american audiences.
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i don't feel no ways tired, you might remember this.ur >> i don't feel no ways tired. i have come too far from where i started from, nobody told me that the road would be easy. >> sean: then there is biden 2012 telling a crowd in virginia, the republicans will put you all back and chains. take a look. >> you can let the big banks once again write their own rules. unchained wall street. they are going to put y'all back in chains. >> sean: john mccain was accused of being a racist, mitt romney accused of racism and everyone for major office to climb a four years, misogynist the whole list goes on and the list could go on and on, but as you can see, nothing new to the democrats. in reality, it was president trump not barack and not joe who actually got real results for every demographic group in the country.
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as a matter of fact, the most disproportionately hurt by biden/obama policies were minorities in america. it was donald trump, not barack, not joe that assured record low after record low after record low unemployment for african-americans, hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women and the youth place to youth and employment, african-american youth of employment. president trump increased funding. longest term commitment was the largest amount of money to historically black colleges. president trump developed opportunities results. president trump past criminal justice reform and prison reform and police reform, not barack and not joe.ou today, you heard obama say the filibuster was a relic of the jim crow era. the only relic we should be concerned about is obama's former vice president. because while barack is comparing his political adversaries to bigots and racist, joe biden, the leader,
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the presidential candidate this year, joe biden works hand-in-hand with segregationist to slow immigration." nbc news, shall we? he led the charge on an issue that kept black students away from the classrooms of white students. 1977, joe worried that his children would grow up in a "racial jungle." biden's words. let's not forget for decades, biden repair the former clan leader kkk larry bird. the dean of the u.s. senate from a close friend, a mentor. by the way, byrd was also praised by pelosi and by schumer and by bill and hillary clinton. and bird by the way with al gore sr. and others, well they filibuster the 1964 civil rights act for people like john lewis,to they accomplished which by the way was historic in every
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way imaginable. praising the guyts that filibustered all of that? which was ultimately passed? why? lyndon johnson got overwhelming support from republican senators. 80% in the senate in the house. by the way why did democrats constantly get a pass for their disgusting history of racism. sadly, by the way, we talk about the democrats and george wallace and so many others, we are talking about democrats. and many on the left, by the way, still getting a free pass. african-american trump supporter's are constantly demeaned, minimized and called every name in the book simply because of their race and their political beliefs. we saw another example of this on ms dnc, all things propaganda state run democratic party radical socialist network. take a look. >> are you a campaign surrogate? >> let me be clear, you get paid to shake a liberal narrative.
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you get paid to attack the president. i don't get a dime from the president. t don't get a dime from the campaign ad. you only asked me that because it's not your narrative. i don't want anything from this president. it's what i can do for my country. you need to accept that me and other african-americans and other support this president because of his policies. to insult me to say am i getting paid? that is racist. >> sean: kaboom, checkmate, wow! the conduct and behavior of the left is truly reprehensible. we saw it today when some are almost giddy that our dearar friend, and he was a dear friend, a smile, infectious laugh my love herman cain who died from coronavirus. we will have a special message and remembering herman cain and his groundbreaking life in a few moments. but first, let's address the shameful behavior from the mob and media surrounding his death.
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summing up his amazing life as a man who refused to wear a mask? big news cnn and afr navarro tweeting herman cain thought covid was a hoax and stopped wearing a mask and died of covid. mamsdnc host blaming trump for s death? what we see is beyond disrespectful, and tasteless, shameful and by the way, did they know anything about herman cain, his healthmp condition, anything about it at all? or are they just using it as a political weapon on the day he dies? by the way, psychosis, hatred, its madness and the mob hates donald trumpre so much, they literally are reveling and debt using it as a cheap political point. more of my monologue in just a moment but joining us national syndicating talk show host, leo terrell, all right, leo. you are the formal liberal and you have not voted republican your entire life. you said you will vote for donald trump this year.
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you saw barack obama today and i can go on among other things that we just played. as he went on to then give talking about automatic registration, including inmates, et cetera, getting rid of the filibuster. jim crow relic. and i'm looking at this and i'm listening to this, and i'm saying and you talk about the expanding civil rights act in honor of johnat lewis. but the problem is, his vice president now presidential candidate for the democrats actually preys on guys that filibustered that historic legislation. >> sean, i might explode before the segment is over, but let me make a public service announcement msnbc quick velvet may have not received a penny, a dime from anyone and i'm running for trump because he's the best candidate to win the high office in this land! now, back to obama, step aside al sharpton.
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because you've got a competitor and barack obama using a house of worship, using a funeral to raise a democratic campaign speech. what amazes me is he basically lied on television when he said that federal truth was used for peaceful protesters. there's not a peaceful protester that is trying to demolish a federal building. he tried to make an analogy that donald trump is george wallace. mr. obama, 1.2 million black people, including one more, leo terrell voted for donald trump in 2016. it is unbelievable that he would play the race card. but you are right. you got a great man in john lewis who died, buried today, and herman cain is being vilified. i am sick and tired of black republicans being vilified! we are smart enough to realize that we are off of the democratic plantation, and we will vote what is in the country's best interest.
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what's in the country's best interest right now is electing donald trump in november. >> sean: you know, larry, we have been friends a lot of years now. and i have watched you attacked. you have been vilified.ea you have been called names. i remember her dear friend wrote backlash and she says, you look up her name and the names she has been called. other african-american conservatives. you're more conservative libertarian, which i respect. but you have been doing this for years and paying a heavy, personal price for speaking out. >> well, sean, i've been called a lot of names, but i've really been called the one i fear the most and that is wrong. am ile wrong if we have a vaccie to get rid of white racism? and the black community would still remain? i am i wrong 20% of black kids raised without fathers?
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am i wrong 50% urban dropout rate and a lot of the kids when they graduate cannot read, write, at grade 2 level. am i wrong 25% of black men in the inner-city have criminal records? if getting rid of white racism means those problems still remain, then white racism is not the problem and radicalization is not the solution. obama is a race card player and absolutely leo terrell is right, a race card player which makes him more dangerous than al sharpton because he like eric holder can do it with a straight face to tie a big vocabulary and nice sentences with b.s. america is a systemically racist country. it is a lie but they have to push that lie every four years in order to get 95% of the black people to pool that level for them. not think about school or school choice or illegal immigration. >> sean: is it going to work? >> no, it's not. >> sean: is this year different? >> this year is different because this man is different. the economy is different.
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what is known about prison reform is different. what is done about illegal immigration is different. urban parents want what white liberal democrats do not. >> sean: leo, two seconds. >> reverend watson spoke today and he made another lie when he said all black lives matter. not the black man in milwaukee, wisconsin who got shot. not david dorn. not all black lives matter because a lot of black police officers are being killed. a lot of blackno on black crime. so if you are going to care about black lives, all black lives. >> sean: sorry, thank you both. we scrolled on this program on the barack and joe years. the home city of chicago, barack obama, all the names, they barely mention chicago. and it was a war zone then. why didn't they fix it? return back to portland where the city's democratic mayor, this idiot, ted wheelerhi completely failing his fellow americans protecting his own cities.
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the situation is so bad that president trump threatening to send in the national guard. here is what he said. >> so what happened is our people are staying there to see whether or not they can do it today and tomorrow. if they don't do it, we will send in the national guard, ande we will take care of it. and we will tell him right now, these protesters and many should be arrested because these are professional agitators. these are professional anarchist. these are people that hate our country. >> sean: portland not the only city facing a crisis. chicago and under the pathetic leadership there. liberal mayor, all the cities, liberal leadership for decades, mayor lightfoot, lightweight at this point. violent crimes fire out of control. three chicago police officers shot while making an arrest, as the city is forced to add 200 police to the downtown tourist district and yet another surge of criminal activity there. carjackings, assaults, stabbings.
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meanwhile, the office of city alderman, raymond lopez was just vandalized yet again. this is the third time. why? he called chicago lawless, for failing the people of chicago. joining us alderman raymond lopez and dan bongino, fox news contributor. you are a democrat, and what i hear you say is we've been watching for shootings, pick the numbers, what's it's going to be, 60, 70, 80 people shot? how many will die and how many will be children? you want your city safe, but you are now under assault for that? >> yeah, for the third time in a month, my office has been targeted. i have been targeted for standing up to the gang bangers who made a mission to terrorize my communities. and protecting my residents from
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defending the safety and security of our city should not be a partisan issue, but we have seen time and again, myro mayor and across-the-board, political incompetence for people making excuses for the political point at the expense of the residents, our children, our seniors,, who are dying and terrified on the streets of the city. >> sean: you know, i watch this, dan bongino, and i just cannot believe that it is a myth that this is happening. obama saying, oh, they are going after peaceful protesters with tear gas and batons. it is just a lie! and then politicizing it to the level that he did, which by the way, is predictable. every two years, every four years. >> you know, sean, i agree with you. i never really thought that it would come where i would wake up in america where in cities that are losing black men and women, white men and women in droves to shootings, people being muggeds. or raped, assaulted on the
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streets. that the cops would be the enemy. the cops would be the enemy to the point where you have the speaker of the house referring to federal agents. by the way, sean, the same designation for federal agents that protect nancy pelosi. i don't know if she told you, stormtroopers, referred to as an occupying force, literally. the cops are there for the police, folks, think about this. how does that sound to them, the worst day of your life. >> sean: they are the enemy. joe biden. >> they are there every single day. you were assaulted and whose they are first?wo it's not your mama, it ain't your daddy, it's the cops. who burglarizes your house? god forbid you are kidnapped or missing, who shows up? the cops! >> sean: alderman, you are a democrat. let me ask you a question, these mayors, they are not doing anything to protect people. they are demonizing the police. the police, literally disarming them. you heard the seattle police
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chief this week. you going to stay a democrat? do you think they are protecting the people in your city?yo >> i believe that there is value to the democratic party. >> sean: what are they doing to save lives? that is our number one duty. what are they doing to save and protect the lives? >> i'm not going to argue that the leadership that we have is failing in that regard. what they are doing is demonizing law enforcement that we have worked with for decades. my communities, h like the backyards, which is the most dangerous communities in the city of chicago. my local police have working relationships with the dea, atf, fbi trying to break down the gang and drug cartels and in those neighborhoods. we have worked well together to do that. what i believe we need to show that the party -- >> sean: the part is aiding and abetting anarchy. is that a true statement? >> there are some inr my party, yes, but that is not representative of all of us. >> sean: joe biden, or they with their comments and obama's helping? are theyrc
10:25 pm
>> i don't think their comments and more importantly, i don't think their silence is helping. because chicago whether democrat or republican they want to feel safe. they want their children to come home. and we have to confront those in our midst. >> sean: joe and barack has done nothing to help your city. and we mentioned it for eight years. we have a lot of news to get to tonight and mark levine to weigh in on all of this. just as being denied for michael plan. you will not believe what happened in this case today and also congressman kevin mccarthy will explain next how pelosi, schumer playing politics for the next covid relief bill and the great one, mark levine, stay with us. a busy news night. ♪ guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'.
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♪ >> sean: also developing tonight, another bizarre twist, unfair twist in the michael flynn case as the d.c. circuit court of appeal now says the order instructing judge ed sullivan to dismiss the case. we will have a rehearing by all judges on the cord. remember just last month, a three judge panel ruled in favor of the doj, which wants both sides to drop the prosecution. now, the rehearing is scheduled
10:30 pm
for tuesday, august 11th, and more interest is for general here to explain his general plans of turning, sidney powell with an update. sydney. it is unbelievable, and never ends. >> it is unbelievable, t sean, d the petition for rehearing should not have been considered by the court because he had no standing to file it.t. he's not a party in the case. he supposed to be a neutral umpire. and yet, he has taken on the role of an advocate for some sort of hearing that he wants to conduct back in his court on an issue that the government has decided to dismiss, the case has decided to drop where there is no longer a case in controversy at all because both parties have agreed to dismiss it. he cannot act as a prosecutor because only the department of justice can under article 2 of the constitution. there are two constitutional provisions that preclude him to do what he's trying toju do. and the court seems to be
10:31 pm
indicating that they will give him that opportunity, despite the fact he has noio constitutional to proceed to. >> sean: so his life is on hold even further in spite of all that we know that they didn't even think he was lying from the very beginning. and now i'm all the other new evidence that we have. all right, sidney, thanks for all you do. we need a better justice system. republicans move forward on another round of stimulus to get direct payments to the hands of families. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, guess what, they don't really care. they just once again resorting to petty politics, wanting to stop the package just like they did the last time with a blue state wish list here and here to explain more, house minority leader kevin mccarthy. first of all, they want $3 trillion. secondly, they want people to make more money, staying unemployed then being employed, is that correct? by the way, the democrats want to protect china from liability? >> well, but they first want to do is no longer $3 trillion but now $4 trillion.
10:32 pm
remember the $3 trillion bill, they mention candidates more than ever mentioned research or jobs. this is what they have. they just have a wish list and not a way forward. even today when you have unemployment insurance, the extra amount of money that the the government puts intoto extet to a week while we negotiate, you know who said no? chuck schumer. but watch what they will say on television. the president was willing to continue to go forward to protect those who are unemployeo right now, so we can get people working again, and solve this problem.nsi every single time we work on covid legislation, you know who has held it up? nancy pelosi. remember at her refrigerator when small businesses needed the money for employees? she said no. the very first cares act went forward, she said no and held it for another week. how many more people were unemployed because of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer's actions.ed
10:33 pm
>> sean: it is unbelievable. what else is hidden in here? lindsey graham said on the radio show and in fact, they actually except for one democrat, they want to permit americans that want to hold china responsible for what they did to the world from doing so. why are theyon protecting china? >> that is the biggest question. i do not know with the s communt party of china have on the democrats, but it is very powerful. it is so powerful that when the chinese are now hacking to find our vaccine, i put a vote on the floor to sanction any hacker. they voted against it. and now in the court today ands fbi said china is into influence the election and we know who they want to win. and also influence members of congress. they denied that in foreign affairs vote the other day. we even have the armed service chairmen say it wasn't china's fault. it's not the responsibility to i
10:34 pm
warn america about the virus, trying to blame the president. adam schiff, a real favorite of all of us. you know what he said when they close down the consulate?bl the hub of espionage? he said it was all politics and he blamed america. why won't nancy pelosi bring those bills to the floor that hold them accountable? huy? they want to defend china and blame america. >> sean: well, there is an election in 96 days. i'm hoping and praying that if you're going to vote for the president, maybe it's time to put nancy pelosi in the minority and keep the senate republic. that would be helpful. >> that is the best thing you can do. so what you got to do is, which party is best to keep america safe? go to if you want too get rid of nancy pelos. >> sean: kevin mccarthy, thank you for being with us. when you come back, he's on fire tonight, spoke to him twice. the
10:35 pm
great mark levine and later mark mccloskey, remember this guy, trying to defend his home while his lawyer filed a motion to remove the prosecutor from his case. she is trying to campaign off of the case. apparently true. we will explain as weiss conti. ♪ the case. apparently true. we will explain as we continue.
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♪ >> sean: all right, as we continue we saw a liberal meltdown over a tweet by president trump pointing out how corrupt this election will be. and when asked about it today, find out he was probing them to pay attention and pretty interesting on the president's part. just breaking as we move forward, "washington post" reporting the backlogs barking worries the ballot deliverynt could be delayed in november. akpresident's right to call attention to it. note the tension of delaying the election at all. here with reaction, the author of theco number one "new york times" seller, "unfreedom of the press" the number one show, sunday night, fox news, the great one, you know, mark, barack obama gives the eulogy to the surface to johne lewis today. a brave man his whole life, john lewis and literally made changes
10:40 pm
to the civil rights voting right and i'm listening to obama today, and he's talking about intron's memory, extending the voting rights act, and i'm thinking the guy at the top of the ticket for the democrats this yearig along with pelosi, along with schumer, along with the clintons, they praised the former klansman who filibustered these bills! now, you tell me and this happened every two or four years, mark. >> you know, sean, that speech by obama reminded me of the good old days of obama when he was an active is hanging out with domestic terrorists. he was probably really getting into the you know all the top cocktails, the good old days for obama. obama has milked this country p for everything it is worth.
10:41 pm
milked it for maximum power and he and his wife are worth tens of millions of dollars and sold their presidency after they left office. he gives the speeches and abuse the black community more than any modern president that i'm americaa or any modern politicin for that matter. what exactly has this man done for the black community since he's been in the private sector? what do do do for the black community when he was president of the tenth kill school choice in washington, d.c.? i can tell you what lincoln did for african-americans. i can tell you what grant did. i can tell you what eisenhower did and lbj, i can tell you what donald j. trump did, but i can't tell you what obama did. now, i want to educate obama the former law school professor and all y the leftist kooks out the, this country systemically racist? let me tell you something, no country puts thousands of men on the battlefield and loses them in a civil war. they keep the union and end slavery. the equivalent of 4 million men lost their lives to end slavery. that's a little bit more than
10:42 pm
barack obama has done or lebron james. e let's go over it quickly civil rights act of 1866, does that sound like a country systemically racist? i don't have time to get into what everyone of these is civil rights actba of 1861. civil rights act of 1865, civil rights act of 1957, civil rights act of 1960, liberals, follow along. civil rights act of 1964, civile rights act of 1965, civil rights act of 1968, civil rights act of 1990, civil rights act of 1991, we have supreme court decisions, 1948, shelley versus kraemer. 1954 brown versus board of education, 1962 valley versus peterson. this is what i would have said at john lewis' funeral, 1967 loving versus virginia. 1968 jones versus mayer. 1971 grade versus -- 1986,
10:43 pm
batson versus kentucky. now, here is what i didn't hear at the funeral when obama was giving a democrat left-wing kook speech, not a word about america's greatness. not a word about how men in our military, black, white, brown, red, yellow, went off to beat hitler. and italy, fascist italy put their lives on the line, 400,000 of themelo died. not a word about the men in korea and vietnam in afghanistan and iraq in our diverse, integrated military, not a word! not a word about the thousands murdered and our city every year. 7500 black people, mostly 90% by other black people, including in the cityit of chicago! didn't bring it up once! not a word about the nuclear family and personal responsibility and opportunity! not a single uplifting word for the country that made him rich
10:44 pm
and made him president and made him powerful! tirather than saying, look at wt i've done with my life, look at what i've become, look at all the people trying to pour over our border legallyic and illegally, of all races from the third world, south of the border from the continent of africa and the far east in the middle east and all over the world, why are they trying toto come here? because of george wallace and bo connor? this guy they want to run against george wallace and bo connor. i would say this to president trump. you've got a clause bo connor and because i george wallace's name is joe biden. and joe biden bragged about working with james eastland and stennis, two white segregationists and racists from mississippi. he bragged about working with other segregationist. joe biden has said nasty bigoted things throughout his life despite the left-wing media that protects him and his bubble in his basement.
10:45 pm
and all the rest of it. the fact of the matter is, i know this, donald trump at the private sector hired thousands of black americans. tell me, today the very wealthy obama's, how many black americans have they hired? how many black americans have a help? how many black americans didid biden hire? none, few. this president hired thousands during the past century career in the private sector and as mpresident of the united state, what did he get 70% of the black community, and yet, what has he done in the black community? a thousand times more than obama ever dreamed of doing. so obama gives a good speech but when the rubber hits the road, he's nowhere to be found! that's it! >> sean: for the full hour this sunday night life, liberty and levine, we reverse roles, mark interviews me. mark, thank you for being with us. when we come back, that couple that defended their home from protesters in st. louis. broke down the gate and they'llr
10:46 pm
be filing a motion to remove the bprosecutor. apparently, she is trying to campaign off of the case. mark mccloskey will join us with exclusive reaction next. ♪
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♪ >> sean: out of misery, the attorney for mark and patricia mccloskey, the st. louis couple charged with felony, unlawful use of a weapon. why? they defended their property from angry protesters. they broke down a gate and went into their community and threatened them. now a motion to disqualify the st. louis circuit attorney, kim gardner and her office foris pursuing the case, saying there is at least the appearance of impropriety.y. you think is now reported, gardner used the case to fund raise for her reelection campaign, campaign emails sent out july 17th includes request for donation and reads "president trump and the governor are fighting for thecas two pointed the gun's at peaceful citizens during the black lives matter protest." here with reaction mark
10:52 pm
mccloskey. mark, when i interviewed you the last time, it didn't sound peaceful, i guess, if you break down a gate to a community. if i recall, they threatened to kill your dog and were telling you what rooms in your house that they were going to be taking over. is that true? >> yeah, and not just taking over, taking over after they had killed us. so the interesting thing is the media is reporting this as a peaceful protest and everybody keeps playing the same 30-second clip where little tiny bits of i 30-second clip of an event that went on for 12 or 15 minutes. it was peaceful all right. later that same night, the same crowd out in front of the mayor's house, one produced an ak-47 and actually challenged the channel 5 reporter. she and the armed guard had to flee. that is how peaceful that protest was. >> sean: you know -- >> by the way, sean, ever since then, it's come out that the police were aware and had video of people in the crowd in front
10:53 pm
of my house armed with guns. that just got revealed yesterday, i think. >> sean: did you see the guns at that time? >> we saw the weapons at the time. as i told you once before, in particular, pointed out two loaded magazines and showed me so i could see the shells in the magazines. clipped them together and said, you are next. body armor, i mean -- >> sean: why hasn't that been released publicly yet? i haven't seen it yet. >> i don't know. i just saw them and there was apparently 12 pages of notes leaked -- my lawyer doesn't even have them yet -- where the prosecutor, assistant prosecutor chris hinckley is talking with the police officer that has to sign off on the probable cause document. the basis for the charges against us, and they were disagreements on at least 12 different points of fact, including that the crowd was allegedly "peaceful." >> sean: i support your motion obviously, she has been
10:54 pm
fund-raising off of your case. we did have the governor on and he pledged quite openly that he will pardon you. does that give you some comfort? >> you know, it does, but pardon is down the road and pardon is after i have to already fight the battle. then only if we are convicted, but i still have to incur the legal fees in the meantime and put up with all the lies andre slander in the press. and you will like this. i got lin wood on my side today, and he's agreed to represent us in this. >> sean: lin wood? >> yes, lin wood -- >>sean: by the way, i just retained him as my attorney, good choice. i have to run, but we will keep you updated on the case. he is great at what he does. when we come back, remembering a dear friend of this program, dear personal friendut herman cain, next. guys, times are tough.
10:55 pm
but force factor's test x180 can help us man up, america, by boosting total testosterone. build muscle, fuel desire, and improve performance. get test x180 from force factor, the #1 fastest-growing men's health brand at walmart.
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>> sean: sad news to report, we lost a very, very good friend of this show and a very dear personal friend of mine, friend herman cain passed away this morning from the coronavirus. what an amazing life he led. very successful businessman, former republican candidate. the president in 2012. a clip of herman back in 2018. >> there is no middle ground. that desperate tactic has made sure that there is no middle ground, which is why i hear a lot of people saying they are
11:00 pm
voting a straight republican ticket to save this country. >> sean: and they add 999, it would be the perfect year. >> 2 out of 3 is not bad, sean, okay? >> herman cain, he's in his heavenly mansion prepared for him. laura ingraham, we miss our friend. >> laura: we sure do, sean, that was a gut punched this morning to get that news. we will pick up the remembrance of what we can learn from his life. >> sean: amazing. by the way, god prepared many mansions. he is living there and telling everybody 999, i was right. [laughter] >> laura: thank you so much. thank you so much for that. >> sean: thanks, laura. >> laura: his smile and courage, hannity, thank you so much. >> i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. we begin by marking the passing of two amazing men. their american stories both inspiring in different ways.m first congressman john lewis laid to to rest today in atlanta


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