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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  July 31, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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cautious. dr. lowe, thank you very much. the next time you go to the beach keep your eyes out. that's the most important thing. have an on-looker on the beach. the "daily briefing with dana perino" starts right now. >> dana: the battle over the handling of the coronavirus is heating up on capitol hill. lawmakers grilling the top health shalls. i am dana perino and this is the daily briefing. >> i don't judge one crowd versus another crowd. when you for a crowd and not wearing a mask -- >> it's a simple question. should we limit the protests? >> i am not going to opine on limiting anything. >> this impacts the spread of the virus. i am asking your position?
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>> i said crowds. >> so the protests don't increase the spread of the virus? >> i didn't say. that you are putting words in my mouth. >> dana: jim jordan going back and forth on how protests across the country may have spread the virus. dr. fauci said there is hope on the horizon when it comes to a vaccine. >> we are cautiously optimistic we will have a vaccine by the end of the year. i don't think it's dreaming. i believe it's a reality and will show to be a reality. >> dana: another big topic today. testing. the official overseeing those efforts saying it is essential to fight the pandemic but people must take other precautions. >> we can't test our way out of this or any other pandemic. testing did not replace personal responsibility. it doesn't substitute for
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avoiding crowds or washing hands or wearing a mask. a negative test doesn't mean you won't be positive tomorrow. >> dana: admiral gearard, joins me now. can you explain to people the lag time between getting the test and the results. is there any way to close that gap? a lot of people feel like getting a test is useless if they have to wait 10 to 14 days to get a result. >> well, thank you very much for going me that. we all recognize there are people who wait tad long. that's not typical. one-half of the tests, over 400,000 a day are done at point or care or local hospitals. those are back between 15 minutes to 24 hours. the remainder at large laboratories from have been delays. 56 are back within 3 days.
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they are ranked. if you are in the hospital or a nursing home, you will get those much more quickly than other people. we are working to decrease that turnaround time. the bottom line is no matter whether you just got the test, you have to physical distance and wear a mask. that's important. you have to do those things. >> dana: that's an important message. i remember back when you first started doing the briefings in march. the unthinkable about how many deaths there should be. we have done a lot of things to flatten the curve. the deaths are not in the millions but a model says we could have 230,000 dead in thes by november 1st. covid-19 deaths increased 10% from last week in so many
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states. we can put that on the screen. when you think back to march and now august 1st tomorrow, looking at a model that says 230,000 deaths by november 1st. what do you think about that? >> as you hear the doctors within the task force say models are based on assumptions. the assumptions we have to question. we had a surge in a number of cases and surge in hospitalizations and the deaths are increasing. you have a much better chance of surviving and doing well if you get it today versus april because of new treatments. we also know wearing a mask and social distancing, we are able to reverse this. what you are seeing right now is the positivity rate is down. the number of cases are starting to go down. the hospitalizations are going down. but the unfortunate sad fact the mortality, the deaths will lag
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a couple of weeks. i am not making any promises here, but if everything follows we should see the number of deaths go down in a couple of weeks. then it's up to us. if we do the things that work, we have evidence on top of evidence that simple mask wearing, can reverse this. then we won't see that. if we don't do that until we get a vaccine 90% of the population is at risk to get this virus. that could be catastrophic. >> dana: there was a report in "vanity fair" about a national testing scheme and about jared kushner having a testing plan that did not come to fruition. a health official said saying that political folks believe it's relegated to democratic states they could blame the
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governors. were you involved with jared kushner's plan on this testing effort? >> from the moment i took over testing at hhs, on march 12th, on march 13th. the entire jared kushner team and everyone mentioned in that article were in my office or in the white house. we were all working together. there was no separation or no closet cabinet or super secret plans. we all worked together. i saw parts of that plan. we implemented parts of that plan. we put diverse plans together. there was no sub-culture of a different leadership group. secondly, i have never heard something so preposterous as we don't do a national plan because it's affecting democratic states. i spent on the phone, morning, afternoon and night talking to democratic states who were having a problem. we worked on everyone's behalf and sent resourcees where they
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needed to be sent. i would like to put that to rest. that's really ridiculous. it just foments mistrust. we are working for everyone's benefit. >> dana: glad we got a chance to address that. many of those democratic states governors thanked the federal government for its help and the trump administration as well. admiral, thank you. >> you are quite welcome. >> kids need to be with other kids back in school. we have to take sure parents and kids have that option. >> parents and children can't be held captive to other's fears. . >> dana: that's from devosas teachers threaten safety strikes. joining me now is the president
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of the american federation of teachers. i want you to listen to dr dr. redfield on getting kids back in school. >> it's important to realize it's in the public health very interest of k-through 12 students to get back in face-to-face learning. there are significant to the public school closure. it's not public health versus the economy about school opening. it's public health versus public health. >> dana: how would you respond to secretary devos, and do you think safety strikes are necessary? >> i hope they are not necessary. when you have people like devos, or dr. redfield playing fast and loose with the rules and changing things every day, it's
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hard to know whose interest they are championing. let me be clear. the american federation of teachers put the first plan out in april when should go was said by secretary devos, on school reopening. we said we know our kids need to be in school buildings. we need to make it safe. there are ways of dog it. you have to reduce the community spread. you have to have the safety guard rails including testing, masks, social distancing, cleaning and ventalation. you have to be able to do that. when secretary devos says we should do it. where is your plan? where is the money to do it. ultimately they have not been forthcoming. people across america are trying to do it.
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in suffolk county, they had summer school. in new york city, our locals have worked every day with the school system to try to make it safe. help us instead of threatening us. >> dana: i then is not across the board, all unions. but it puts the unions in an overreach position when the union in los angeles is calling for getting back in the classroom would require medicare for all and no police in schools. pitting parents against teachers. >> but that's not the national position. you and i know and every single one of our locals have the resolution including our representatives from l.a. about what we need to do in terms of safety. do i want to make sure that the
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world is better? absolutely. but at the end of the day, this is about making sure that we can look at parents and look at our members and look at kids and say we have done everything to make it safe. frankly, i am shocked by a person like betsy devos who would tell you and others a lie about children. today we heard that young children in a study that the federal government is doing, that young children can actually be carriers of the virus. let's try to integrate and harmonize getting our kids back to school as opposed to doing remote, but doing did safely and having the resources to do it. that's what teachers want. >> dana: it's also what parents want. parents are essential workers who say their kids need the
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help. we would love to you have back. >> any time you want. >> dana: thank you very much. on fox news alert president trump taking questions as he left the white house a few moments ago. let's listen. >> go ahead, please. >> your reaction to president obama, sir? >> he did a bad job for migrants. i -- minorities. i did much more for minorities. if you look at the numbers i did a much better job than obama did for african-american and asian-americans and women. any group you look at. far better than obama did. go ahead. >> [inaudible]? >> go ahead, please. >> [inaudible].
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>> well, we don't want that to happen. yeah. we don't want that to happen. people have to come into our country legally. right now we have 267 miles of wall. we are doing well at keeping the drugs out and keeping people out that are not supposed to be here. people have to come into our country legally. >> [shouting]. >> go ahead. >> [inaudible]. >> we are looking at it strokely. we are working with representatives of daca and on a big immigration bill which is merit based and something that people will be happy with. we are doing it very big. immigration bill and a very big healthcare bill. the other thing we are working on strongly and it's very important is prescription drug prices. the drug companies are not happy. i assume they will be taking ads. but we are doing a drug
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prescription bill if a sense. we already signed it, what goes into effect very soon, that will get us to be tied with or lower than the lowest drug prices anywhere in the world. right now the united states because of what happened over the years, we have the highest prescription drug prices in the world. we will soon have the lowest. >> mr. president -- >> [inaudible]. >> we are looking at tiktotikto. we are looking at alternatives for tiktok. >> [inaudible]? we will have a report for you
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tomorrow. >> the suburban lifestyle dream. why would low-income housing in the suburbs destroy the lifestyle dream? >> we ended a rule that was horrible for people in the suburbs. it's been very unfair for a long time. it would be made worse by biden. it was you build low income housing and destroy people who have lived there and they want to destroy their lives. it's been going on for a long time. i ended the rule so people in the suburbs will no longer have that problem. >> [overlapping talking]. >> [inaudible]? >> herman cain was a great man. he did a fantastic job. he was respected by everybody. he was loved by everybody. we will miss herman cain.
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>> are you worried he caught covid-19 in tulsa? >> no, i don't think he did. >> dana: all right. there he goes. president trump on his way to florida. earlier the president doubled down on the warning about mail-in ballot and corrupting the election. chris hahn, the president set the cat among the pigeons yesterday about his tweet about mail-in ballot. he is concerned about the possibility of fraud or mishandling of the ballots. what say you? >> i say that on january 20, whether they are still counting or not, he won't be president of the united states anymore because we have a thing called the 20th amendment to the united states constitution. he should read it or have
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somebody draw a picture of it for him. i don't think he understands it. after him talking about delaying the election, for 240 years men and women laid their lives on the line for this constitution and this republic. they didn't do this so this loser could delay elections. we voted during the civil war and world war ii and the great depression. we will vote on november 3rd. the american people are tired of this. he was probably to drastic us from the bad economic numbers he is responsible for. he is being fact checked by good and he needs to go! >> dana: all right. i want to play the president's words about the mail-in voting. i will have you respond, matt. >> the absentee ballots are a good thing. they are secure and very good. but universal mail-in are a disaster. you will see an election and we
11:18 am
will do very well in the election. nobody wants that date more than me. i wish we could move it up. move it up! >> dana: matt, talk to me about that. republicans worked hard in the last many decades to get their absentee numbers us. that's how a lot of people voted. now republicans are scrambling in many states. >> the far left has for a very long time had a very radical reform agenda on voting. part is to do as much mail-in voting as possible. we have 5 states that do it now. 4 are democratic centric. they want mail-in voting and they want to de-couple the person from the election officials so someone with intervene in the middle to collect that ballots and turn it in. in the case of what is happening with the excuse of chinese
11:19 am
coronavirus is sending everybody on the voters list a ballot with postage paid return. it sounds like they are trying to be good, but they are trying to avoid the idea of a post mark or any idea of a way to track that ballot. so what? everything goes through the mail. the post office said they lose 5% of mail. a tight election with all mail-in ballots. you would question the result. in america we should vote on election day unless you have a serious health risk and then apply for an absentee ballot. i have no problem with that. >> [overlapping talking]. >> dana: the president is trying to make a distinction between an absentee ballot and a mail-in
11:20 am
ballot, everybody gets it. >> which is what the democrats love to do. >> dana: chris, shouldn't citizens have to do something to try to vote? >> i think we should make voting as easy as possible. that's what they did in states like utah which say conservative state. i don't think anybody questions the election of two republican senators from utah with universal mail-in voting. colorado is a swing state. there were studies of mail-in ballots across the country and no evidence of widespread fraud. when people are losing they try to explain why they are losing. what the president should do like other presidents did in the past is encouraging more people to vote and let that person win the job. >> dana: here's the thing we
11:21 am
know. >> [overlapping talking]. >>. >> dana: everybody is enthusiastic to vote. matt the last word? >> trump supporters are 3 times more enthuseastic to vote. chris, let me talk. in this country have a tradition of ballot security. if you can vote in person not too early. in 2016 a lot of things were dropped before election day. we have 10 blue states trying to extend the deadly. if you vote by mail you need to take longer to let the ballots come in. let's vote on election day. if it's your health apply for absentee voting. >> matt, i love you -- >> [overlapping talking]. >> what are you going to do when
11:22 am
this president doesn't accept the results of the election? >> like hillary clinton. >> [overlapping talking]. >> you are locaecturing the wro person. >> she conceded the next day. >> dana: but she questioned the election ever since. >> [overlapping talking]. >> dana: you two! okay, i have an assignment for the two of you. get on a zoom call and drink a beer and then send me a text. love you both. okay. a little programming note. a very big guest joins the daily briefing next week. doctor jill biden and her take on reopening schools and her
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florida's governor declaring a state of emergency for counties on the east coast as a new hurricanes take aim at the united states. rick is live at the fox weather center. >> two hurricanes this two weeks is very 2020. this is just to the north of cuba and getting very close towards the florida coast line. 75 miles per hour wind storm system. that's the strength to be considered a hurricane. it curves along the coast line from florida and georgia and the carolinas, because it's so close to the coast deviation to the left or right would have a different impact. the storm maintains about a category-1 strength storm from the national hurricane center. it goes very close right over
11:28 am
the northern bahamas that last year were impacted by hurricane dorian. if the storm verifies like this the worst will be on the east side and keep the worst of the whether off-shore which is good news. but it's so close. we could watch the center interact around west palm. we will see impact. how big remains to be seed on the east coast of florida. have your plans in place in case something gets worse. the upper air winds not favorable for significant strengthing. we see weakening up towards north carolina. maybe impact there tuesday and the northeast by wednesday dana. >> dana: i can see the future and it's wet with a lot of rain and wind. stay safe. thanks, rick. shark sightings are on the rise. look at this map.
11:29 am
sighting in 5 states from maryland up to maine. on monday reported its first deadly shark attack ever. officials in new york are taking steps to prevent attacks and laura ingraham is live on long island with this. >> laura: we just got off the phone with nasa county officials. there has been another shark sighting in neighboring suffolk counting. that leads everybody to wonder: is it safe to go back in the water. the town of hempstead announcing a new shark patrol with helicopters and jet skis. there have been 10 sightings on the south shore of long island here. some believe to be the aggressive bull shark. a bunch of college buddies
11:30 am
reeled this this 2 saturdays ago. an 8 foot long bull shark to shore before releasing it in dramatic fashion. >> i stuck my hand in there to pull the hook out which is terrifying. >> laura: this action off the coast of alaska. fisherman snagging a shark and getting a surprise. 13 shark atacts in the united states. 2 in california and the first ever in maine on monday by a great white shark. maine and massachusetts told people just go into the water to your ankles. be safe. >> dana: maybe just my toes. that's as far as i would go. thank you, laura. ferguson, missouri on edge after a prosecutor announced the former police officers who shot
11:31 am
and killed 18-year-old michael brown in 2014 won't face charges. mike has more. >> the protests have been minimal. we don't know of any reports of destruction. a small crowd gathered outside of the ferguson market. there was not a lot of destruction. all of this comes after the new st. louis prosecutor decided not to move forward with charges against the white police officers who shot and killed mike brown. >> i want to be clear that our investigation did not exonerate willis. the question whether we can prove a case at trial is different than clearing him of any and all wrongdoing. there are so many points at which dan wilson could have handled the situation differently and michael brown might still be alive.
11:32 am
>> a grand jury under the previous prosecutor chose not to indict wilson. the u.s. justice department exonerated him. bell also decided not to move forward. 6 years ago the killing of mike brown, the police reaction, 2 demonstrations and the grand jury decision not to insight. the saying hands up and don't shoot came from johnson who said it wasn't true. bell was under pressure to reexamine this case. he did so quietly and yesterday came forward with the results of this investigation. >> dana: thank you. next a former president named in unsealed documents dealing with jeffrey epstein ex-girlfriend.
11:33 am
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>> dana: the white house and congress hit a wall on a new coronavirus stimulus bill as the extra $600 unemployment benefit for millions expired today. our congressional correspondent is live on capitol hill. >> there is no movement whatsoever. we expect conversations by phone later this afternoon. you are right that, extra unemployment benefit expires today. that might bring urgency to the talk. there has been talk about maybe a bridge deal, temporary extension. that is something that nancy pelosi rejected. she said you don't put a bridge bill in place unless you have a bill you know will pass. they are far away from agreement. democrats think they have the bull by the horns here because they need democratic votes to
11:38 am
move this through the senate. mark meadows says republicans hold some of the cards. it will drift deeper into august because it's so complex. usually when you an impasse, you would caught talks off, but because this is such a big crisis, they are going to talk probably over the weekend. >> dana: already, chad. thank you. and newly unsealed court documents detailing claims of jeffrey epstein ex-girlfriend ghislaine maxwell and it include big names like former president bill clinton. brian, what do these documents show? >> good afternoon. the newly unsealed court documents date back to a 2015 lawsuit filed against jeffrey epstein friend ghislaine
11:39 am
maxwell. she accuses maxwell of abusing many girls on jeffrey epstein private island. she said that epstein and maxwell trafficked her to famous and rich people and political people. she said she was trafficked it a hotel chain owner and she was abused by prince andrews and the new mexico governor. she doesn't accuse bill clinton of any wrongdoing, she said she witnessed clinton epstein's island with maxwell and two young girls from new york. "i remember asking jeffrey epstein what is bill clinton doing here? he laughed it off and said he owes me a favor. i didn't know if he was serious." the clinton spokesperson called
11:40 am
this a lie. in the documents there is an email exchange between maxwell and epstein that contradicts maxwe maxwell's claim she was not in touch with him for more than a decades. epstein appears to be coaching her to deny allegations. he writes to maxwell, have you done nothing wrong and start acting like it. go outside and head high. go to parties. deal with it. maxwell's 2016 deposition could be released as early as monday. maxwell's lawyers are fighting it and say all these documents make it impossible for her to have a fair trial. >> dana: thanks. daniel is the co-author about the death of jeffrey epstein.
11:41 am
have you done so much reporting. it must be interesting to read these documents. did anything not match up with the reporting so far, that perhaps epstein and maxwell were communicating more recently than she said? >> yes, a lot of the documents that came out yesterday do back up our reporting in our book. that's heartening to see that happen. it confirms what we reported. maxwell, she told the judge something like 2 weeks ago she cut off contact with jeffrey epstein over a decade ago. that's clearly not the case based on emails that were released. as brian said, seeming to layout how to defend yourself against these charges. interestingly, i wonder if this changes the calculus for ghislaine maxwell.
11:42 am
now that she is caught in a lie, she may be more willing to cut a deal which may impact more people who had some relationship to this whole ordeal. >> dana: what about the references to bill clinton? how does that match with what you uncovered in your reporting? >> we reported they were very close. ghislaine maxwell and bill clinton. it makes you wonder how close is this investigation to bill clinton? the fbi is not just interviewing ghislaine maxwell but also victims and people associated with maxwell. has the fbi reached out to bill clinton? it struck me yesterday when he was speaking at john lewis's funeral, he hasn't been out in public a lot. there is a pandemic, but it makes you wonder if he is avoiding questions about jeffrey epstein and ghislaine maxwell
11:43 am
whom he knew well. >> dana: thank you. next concerns the baseball season could be on its last legs after more players test positive. alright, i brought in ensure max protein to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. [grunting noise] i'll take that. woohoo! 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. with nutrients to support immune health. little things can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop.
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11:48 am
>> dana: the major league baseball season is barely a week olgd. some people are worried it might not last much longer. tod with the latest. what is happening? >> 2 players on the st. louis cardinals and their game is postponeded. the cardinals just finished a series in minnesota against the twins. are any twins infected or any cleveland indians? because they just played last night in minnesota and used the same clubhouse as the cardinals? 6 teams won't be playing. brewers, cardinals, phillies and nationals and the marlins. miami up to 20 positive players. 18 players.
11:49 am
mlb and the players union agreed that all double header games will be two 7 things game and not 9 things. from the diamond to the hardwood. the nba resuming its season in the orlando bubble. while there were 2 games on tap. one message was clear. >> ♪ >> teams kneeling during the national anthem wearing black lives matter shirts. the games the jazz and lakers came out on top. >> dana: i will watch that. now i know what a bank shot it. i will watch. thank you.
11:50 am
>> no problem. >> dana: as professional sports work around the pandemic. high school student athletes wondering if they will be able to play at all. with me is zack, he is a senior defensive lineman in massachusetts. do you think sports will get going as the fall approaches? >> oh, hi. thanks for having me on the show. obviously i am no expert. the massachusetts department of education is meeting next week. we should get more information then. a few days later they should come out and give their guidelines for what the season will look like if we are to play. as of right now, the season starts earliest september 14th. that could change one the next 2 weeks. a lot is up in the area. >> dana: how are you keeping
11:51 am
active and fit during the quarantine? >> yes. obviously we can't work out as an entire team. we have been trying to get workouts in, in small groups. this morning 5 of us went to the field and got drills in. just little things like. that finding a way to do what we can. >> dana: i don't want you to live a life with worry and anxiety. but i want to ask you this: do you have concerns about not being able to play this year and what that might mean for your future and your college plans? >> yes. i mean, honestly, i am not really thinking about college right now. this season just means a lot to me and everyone on my team. i have three older brothers. all played college football. they say the same thing: there
11:52 am
is nothing like your senior year of high school. this season means a lot. just talking to my coaches and from what i have been hearing we are optimistic we should have a season. it's a matter of when and how it will look. >> dana: we will be cheering you from the "daily briefing" sidelines. tell all of your teammates we hope you have a safe fall and reintroduction into your favorite sport. >> thanks. >> dana: okay. ellen degeneres breaking news her silence after accusations of misconduct rocked her show. ys! ! safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! safe drivers do save 40%. click or call for a quote today.
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loans can close in as little as 30 days. >> dana: accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct rocking the ellen degeneres show. now the talk show host is responding. alicia akonia reporting live with the details. what did she have to say?
11:57 am
>> quite a bit to say in the letter to employees, buzzfeed is reporting some of the alleged sexual harassment happened in the control room of the show. dozens of former staffers say executive kevin lehman, ed glavine, and andy lassiter touched staffers inappropriately, commented on their bodies, and elicited or offered favors. warner bros. says it takes the allegations seriously "though not all of the allegations were cooperated, we are disappointed at the primary findings of the investigation indicated some deficiencies related to the show's day-to-day management. we have identified several staffing changes along with appropriate measures to address the issues that have been raised and are taking the first steps to implement them." warner bros. and ellen degeneres are committed to sharing a workplace based on respect and inclusion. earlier when reports of a toxic environment on her show surfaced, ellen wrote to employees to say, as we have grown exponentially, i have not been able to stay on top of
11:58 am
everything and relied on others to do their jobs as they knew i would want them done. clearly some didn't. that will now change and i am committed to ensuring this does not happen again. however, actor brad garrett is into buying it to tweeting "sorry, but it comes from the top "the ellen show" no more than one treated horribly by her, common knowledge." we will continue to follow this, dana. it's going alicia cuneo, thank you so much. i want to turn now to our very good friend who is talking about a phenomenon that i enjoyed myself last week which is big screen in your big backyard. or maybe your small backyard, what do you know? >> was ours as big as yours? this is the trend right now, trend to laymen turning your back yard into theater, that is an inflatable movie screen like a bouncy house, all you need is that, a projector like this one, and then either a roku or an
11:59 am
apple tv, better remember that or it won't play, and then you have your own theater in your backyard. i have john aft of the legendary act electronics in chicago, and this one over here, look at this. if you really want a good picture, you go with an actual outdoor tv. >> there are several many factors that make these, it is by sun bright and you make it in different levels for direct sunlight or partial sunlight. >> you can shine the sunlight and still see the tv. starting at $1500 which means that you can kind of afford it. and you want to get some audio, amount for the tv? >> this is some outdoor wireless network. this is a sonos piece that is wireless sound. you can stream spotify or apple music or anything you want. to speak of the latest trend in the great american backyard, bradley b with a picture, they are ready to go for tonight. not sure what is playing. we will see. >> dana: i love it.
12:00 pm
i was going back ours was lower tech than that. we just used a sheet and a little speaker, and we watched hamilton, but we loved it. thank you. >> old-school. >> dana: thank you for watching, everybody. i will see you on "the five," bill hemmer, will you get one? >> bill: that's a great idea. why don't we try one, we will see you at 5:00. all right, thank you, dana, i am bill hemmer on this friday, good afternoon, here's where we stand at this hour. president trump set to arrive in florida as their hurricane barrels closer to that state. going to meet with the sheriff and hold a roundtable on covid-19 as we approach the storm. florida has had a record-breaking number of covid deaths for the fourth straight day. phil keating has the story from cocoa beach in florida, but first john roberts from the north lawn at the white house. >> good afternoon to


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