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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  August 8, 2020 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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that they have a lot of energy. this is a great set up. a lot of pet parents will be following suit. >> juan: that's it for us. have a great summer weekend, everybody. enjoy ♪ ♪ it's always a good time. >> "fox & friends," good morning. >> good morning, "fox & friends." pete: good morning, it is fox and friends. i have never heard that before. who is manning the phones this morning. quite interesting. good morning, it's august 8th. 's the 6:00 a.m. edition of "fox & friends." we are really grad you are here and glad to have emily compagno and as always our swamp monster griff jenkins in washington, d.c. today is the 45th day -- our stage manager shared this before the show 45th anniversary of richard nixon's resignation
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today. did you know that. griff: i did not know that. i'm busy down here working with congress and we are getting a new phase 4 covid stimulus package that's going really well down here. pete: yeah. griff: you have an even bigger task which is swimming the hudson river. pete: emily, your encouragement is to give me encouragement from seattle. emily: i'm really good at that i'm a good cheerleader. you know. this. pete: you are. of course, today is the day that i have been dreading and looking forward to. i am going to join the gi a bunch of navy seals, 60. we are going to try to swim across the hudson river -- i'm going to leave this set pretty soon. head down there and jump in the water. the current are nasty. the water is also nasty these guys are awesome. the cause is great. veterans homelessness, entrepreneurship for vetsd. guys affected by covid.
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i have got some swim buddies help me through it. i have been training a little bit guys, but, like i said, it's going to be a beast. [splash] griff: did you survive last year against some naysayers you did not drown in the hudson. you survived it last year. you got a little bit of help and see you getting help from the jet ski, the current got tough around the statue of liberty. this year i know you are down playing your expectations. i think you are going to crush it and go without the assistance. griff: griff, thank you for upplaying my expectations. yeah, i'm going to overpromise and overdeliver. i'm going to crush it. i have been swimming in a pool which is not the same as open water. last year i didn't do pushups and pull-ups the way i should. this year i'm going to knock it out. griff, thank you for the encouragement. emily, thank you for the cheerleading. all live all morning here on "fox & friends." don't miss it. emily: pete, if anyone can do it, you can. this is such a great cause. we are all rooting for you and
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cheering for you and everyone out there. you can do this. pete: thank you. emily: try to stay clean and away from the currents. pete: the cause is gi start with the politics as well. president trump running out of patients with democrats. the president warning he will sign an executive order for covid-19 relief if a deal is not reached by next week. doug luzader is live in our nation's capital as frustrations mount. >> good morning. that's right. you can't rule out a deal with congress. but looking less and less likely at this point. the president is getting closer and closer to taking some executive actions of his own. he held a quickly assembled press conference from his new jersey golf club yesterday to outline some of those possible actions, including, possibly, halting will payroll tax. will will -- democrats in congress with just not interested in a deal. >> tragically, nancy pelosi and
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chuck schumer continue to insist on radical left wing policies that have nothing to do with the china virus. if democrats continue to hold this critical relief hostage, i will act under my authority as president to get americans the rerelief they need. >> democrats though say any actions by the president will fall short of what the country really needs, including a massive bailout of state and local governments. >> meet us in the middle. don't say it's your way or no way. >> this isn't about negotiating or leverage or anything. it's about meeting the needs of the american people. >> the administration is still preparing the final details here. and, again, it's still possible that we may see a deal result from this. the president acknowledges that if he goes by executive action here, he may face some lawsuits. griff, emily, and pete, back to
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you guys. pete, take off the tie before you jump in. pete: noted. thanks, brother. griff: thanks, doug. appreciate it. you know, doug there is talking about whether or not the president is going to get challenged. well, as we know, congress controls the power of the purse. we will see where this goes. really what the standoff is all about though, in case our viewers are getting into this collapsed talks, it's because republicans are worried about the bailout for states. they don't think that states that went into the red because of issues not related to the pandemic they shouldn't get billions and billions of dollars. and that's why you are seeing this standoff. georgia senator kelly loeffler was talking last night on the story about why we have got to focus narrowly on the unemployment crisis. listen. >> they know that people are hurting. but they also know that people want to get back to work. we want to do it safely. that's why we have been looking at a package that's very focused at jobs, kids, and healthcare, and making sure that this all
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works together safely. we need to make sure that we aren't providing incentives for people to stay home. the current democrat package has a $3 trillion price tag on it. we just passed $3 trillion of relief. we still need to deliver about a trillion dollars worth of that in the meantime, we need to fix the issues around unemployment. people are unemployed through no fault of their own. they are facing evictions. i think that's where the president wants to focus. >> the blame game out of washington, d.c. is so exhausting right now. it's like something is hemorrhaging out of your body and someone else is focusing on putting a band aid somewhere else. i think what's so disheartening as well the democrats refused to extend at least four times an emergency stop gap measure because, in part, speaker pelosi said, quote: we usually do that when we are closer to an agreement. measures need help right now. they need a supportive government. unfortunately, we are not getting that from congress right now. pete: sad when pain is your
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leverage. if you release that and allow that unemployment extension, maybe democrats don't have the upper hand they think they have. the republicans say we are hyper focused on covid relief and people affected by that and getting you back to work. we want people back. that's part of the payroll tax cut idea. more money in people's wallets and less taken out if they're going back to work. let's see how it plays out. the campaign trail continues as you know, griff and emily, 87 days to the election. we have a joe biden spotting out of his basement. a sighting. he went to a nearby quernt, conn center not quite sure for. what potentially, again, meeting with a potential running mate day after day. one of the contenders that has been in the news recently is michigan governor gretchen whitmer. now, if you will note, michigan has had lock downers for a long time. she just renewed the emergency orders through september 4th. michigan has been on lock down
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for six months now. of course, joe biden recently said if he was president, what he would do is lock more people down, s they are two peas in a d on that. ultimately, we will see if she is actually in contention, griff. that's another name we are hearing. we have heard rice, we have heard bass and others now gretchen whitmer as well. griff griff that's an important point, too pete. you heard about whitmer wanting to extend the lockdown. here is the problem with biden talking about if president he will roll back the reopenings is that the democrats don't have a plan for getting out of lockdowns. that's what the economy -- that's what measures are wondering. where is that plan? we will lock down if there is a way to get out. we saw the most recent numbers. a slowing of hiring. that's due because they reclosed so many businesses. and when you look at biden who now has become his sightings are as rare as shark sightings on
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the northeast coast. have you kristen soltis anderson talking about how important the vp pick is because of that very reason of biden's absence. listen. >> i think for the most part when vice presidents are chosen, it's something where we talk a ton about it up until the choice is made. it gets made and then we go oh, tim cane, great. and nobody talks about it again. in this case there is a potential for it to matter because i think folks perceive that biden could be just a one term president. there is a higher likelihood this person could become the president of the democratic party. griff: indeed. we were told we may know who that pick was but we don't. we wait with baited breath. headlines, starting with a fox news alert. hundreds of protesters flooding portland's streets. pete: again. griff: yes, 70-plus days. officers calling it extremely dangerous situation as they tried clearing out the crowds.
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[horns] leave to the east now. griff: protesters even shining lasers trying to blind officers afers the city sees more than 70 nights of unrest. and the bodies of seven marines and a sailor are recovered off the california coast overnight. they were in a military vehicle when it sank during a training accident. the service members ranging in age from 19 to 23 years old, 16 service members were on board. 8 were rescued. the commanding officer of the unit saying in part we hope the successful recovery of our fallen warriors bring some measure of comfort. the family and friends celebrate the life of herman cain at his funeral in atlanta. >> always smile. will will will will [inaudible] [laughter] griff: former republican,
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presidential candidate died last week following complications from covid-19. the former ceo of godfather's pizza was the co-chair of black voices for trump. kaine leestlesz behind hi leavee four children and two grandchildren we miss him. hundreds of dollars for homeless veterans in washington state. >> support of it is kind of a thank you to some of the veterans who don't really get recognized. >> atta boy. gregory used the donations to buy essential items like water bottles and flashlights. he filled 25 backpack backpacksh supplies giving out to veterans in need. and those are your headlines. pete, a boy scout, doing good. pete: great cause for homeless veterans and another cause for homeless veterans is my. the timnigh. going to talk more news 7:00 hour as well. i will be there. i have got to head out for the
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navy swim. i got my gear. i don't know that i need it right away. but i will put it on just in case. i got tie off. i will do it eventually. i got my notes. i will hand them off to todd piro. griff: is there a speedo. pete: there is. it's under my jeans. i'm not taking my pants off until on deck. that didn't seem appropriate. i got my jordans on. i got notes for you, todd. todd: some words of encouragement i would like to offer to you. rest assured if you get tired today and you need a substitute. i have not trained for anything since 1995. pete: could be your man. here are your notes. capable hands. let's do it. ♪ ♪ looks like they picked the wrong getaway driver. they're going to be paying for this for a long time.
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griff: welcome back. pete is off to the hud some river. we will be checking in with him. todd piro joins us on a saturday. this is fun joining me and emily. hey, todd, good morning. todd: it's great to be here. i'm not joking about what i said. the last i trained for 1995 soccer my senior year. griff, it's got to be you. you have got to come up here if we have a problem here. let's get to the segment. this is going to be very interesting. you know the july jobs report came out and beating expectations and third straight month of economic growth. nearly 1.8 million jobs sending the unemployment rate down to 10.2%. the report revealed other interesting numbers that are worth a closer look. here to break thenel them down fox news contributor and finance director at the kings college professor brian brenberg. there are devils in the details
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here. let's start with leisure and hospitality. this shocked me. 592,000 jobs added in july. this accounts for one third, 1/3 of overall jobs added in july. what do you take from that number? >> well, and it's a big number in june as well. this was the space that was supposed to be really hard to come back from. it's been a battle. what's been so fascinating is to see companies, restaurants, bars and the leisure and hospitality space really get creative about how to come back if you have been to a restaurant in your town, have you seen it. the workers are doing different things. they are opening different spaces. everything is set up to make this work and that's allowed them to come back at a level people just didn't expect, todd, what's really important to understand here is nobody was predicting we would see these kind of job games in leisure and hospitality. that's been a huge upsize surprise and very needed one for america. todd: another surprise
3:18 am
construction 639,000 jobs added in the last three months. what's your take away from that? >> the thing about construction is these guys know how to deal with government regulations, safety regulations. that world is shifting all the time. and they have figured out how to do that. so, when covid hit and they saw what was coming, they figured out very quickly how they could get back on the job safely. that's why the numbers there again have bumped up so much. it's summertime. people are building. the underlying economy is still strong. these guys figured it out and got back on the job. that's why the job gains have been so extraordinary. todd: let's talk about the payroll tax cut it. looked like it was dead in the water and this week the president says i'm bringing it back. i may do it via executive action. a lot of republicans don't like this. you do. why do you lining this? >> well, it's a pro-growth policy. i mean, you think about a payroll tax cut, it makes it cheaper for economies to higher workers. and 'puts more money in people's pockets. it's exactly the kind of thing we need in this economy right now. i'm glad the president has put
3:19 am
it back on the table. i have been frustrated that congress has been unwilling to look at it. these talks in congress have failed. stimulus is going nowhere. and the ideas that we have gotten are stale ideas. i love that the president is creating a third dimension here. is he shaking it up. is he threatening to go his own way. i think that's the kind of leadership right now that congress needs so they can get refocused on getting things done. they should get unemployment done. they should get money for schools done. there is no reason that these couldn't be finished. they have been trying to ram through a huge big overspending package and the president is saying no. we need to do something different. >> if the payroll tax cut happens it will be a deferral. it will be interesting to see if that becomes a forgiving later on next year. brian brenberg a pleasure. we appreciate your insight this morning. >> good to see you, todd. todd: coming up, andrew cuomo says all schools can open up this fall. is it the right move or too late? our education panel is here to discuss next.
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emily: welcome back. we are back with quick headlines for you. police body camera footage from george floyd's death will be released to the public. the minnesota judge ordering the release after a challenge from media outlets. it's unclear, however, when the video will be released a former police officer is amber guyger is requesting to either be acquitted of murder or acquitted and charged with a lesser crime. found guilty of murder in the shooting death of boston john after mistakenly entering his dallas apartment in 2018. on to you, griff. griff: emily, thanks. new york schools getting the green light to return to the classroom this fall.
3:24 am
once the pertinent of the pandemic the governor is now giving the go ahead to reopen highlighting the state's progress in reducing the infection rate. joining me now to react is our education panel center for education reform's jeanne allen. catholic votes senior political advisor and former teach and the superintendent for partnership schools, which is a network of several catholic schools in new york city, kathleen port erma gee. good morning to you all. this is big news. governor cuomo announcing a reopening and let's start with you, jean, what's your reaction to his decision. >> on the surface it's really good news that he is giving the green lifetime achievement we know across the country it's fits and starts all the time. so many caveats. if the infection rate goes above 5% that certain region, if certain things happen. who knows, maybe like montgomery county, maryland health officer wake up one day oops we are pulling you back and closing
3:25 am
private schools, too. the problem is we can't keep making policies based on entire cities and regions without parents making that determination where their kids should go. griff: kathleen, let me send it to you. not only do you have that problem, you know, will this change and governor cuomo said that he will monitor as he goes along. what about the teachers not wanting to be in the classrooms as well. >> yeah. the teachers are having a really tough time. they are scared, they are worried. the rhetoric across the country has been incredibly heated. i think the challenge though is there is a difference between teachers fears and worry and teacher union demands. i think what's concerning about the rhetoric right now is that teacher union demands are not just along health and safety guidelines. we see teachers unions around the country asking for a moratorium on charter schools. asking for moratorium on vouchers and tax cuts. those things have nothing to do with public health. i really think it's important that we have, to especially in this moment, separate politics from public health.
3:26 am
griff: tim, is politics the problem here? >> i think it's part of the problem. i think it's probably not a coincidence that card no dollan and the main competition to the new york public schools have announced they are going to open and do it safely and securely and so we finally have some response from the political folks meeting the demands of parents. they need to send their kids back to school. the kids need to go back to school and their main competition catholic schools. they are already doing that. that's really a good sign, it's indication, actually that our public schools need more competition and not less. griff: yeah. jeanie, let me ask you, as tim pointed out and cardinal dolan was on "fox & friends" this week talking about the need to reopen. let me show you some of the demands for reopening classrooms. police-free schools. canceling rents and mortgages. moratorium or new sowmps programs. taxing billionaires and wall street, this is from the demand safe wall street is
3:27 am
it going to work? >> you know, if ever there was a cry for personalized learning for every child, it was now. as kathleen pointed out we have been seeing unions, by the way, this isn't new. this has been happening for years. they are stepping up their demands, they are threatening strikes. our poor parents and kids out there and rank and file teachers don't know what's going to happen. they are using this as leverage. they are using this not just as leverage but extortion to try to get policymakers to do things that they have always wanted them to do. and, you know what? they're behind the times here. this is time for everybody to come together and recognize that our kids need to go to school in whatever way, shame, or form that their parents and the people closest to them think it's effective. -- lots of different ways we shouldn't stop and rely on cities and stays and countries to make that decision. griff: you put your finger on it there, jeany.
3:28 am
as a parent of two teenagers, i can't overstate the anxiety about what's going on. what are you saying to parents? >> so, in new york city and cleveland where i run urban catholic schools, we have offered parents two options a five day a week in person option and also a remote learning option for parents who either cannot or are not ready to send their children back. because we understand parents need to have options. so i agree with jeanne completely. we need to bring parents into the conversation as well. i think that the schools that have been best able to anymorably respond to the needs of their communities and of their parents have been the smaller schools. the private, catholic, and charter schools around the country who, in the spring, when the nationwide shut down hit, were able to quickly adapt to the new world. they were able to serve student and community needs. it's time to do that again. griff: in the remaining time, tim, let me give you the last word. are you confident we are going to get where we need to go? >> we are going to have to at the end of the day, hopefully, i pray that the parents will be in
3:29 am
control in making those decisions. i think it's abundantly clear that our private catholic schools are responding to the needs of the parents and teacher unions are looking out for themselves. hopefully continue to move forward, get these schools open. let the parents get back to work and safely and securely educate them for the future. griff: let's hope. great panel. we will certainly be following it. thanks, guys. >> thank you. griff: still ahead, joe biden now backtracking after these controversial comments about african-american voters. >> what you all know but most people don't know, unlike the african-american community, with notable exceptions, the latino community is incredibly diverse community. griff: is the media giving him a pass for the latest gaffe? lawrence jones is on deck. now, simparica trio simplifies protection.
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and simparica trio is demonstrated safe for puppies. it's simple: go with simparica trio. this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including seizures; use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders. protect him with all your heart. simparica trio. >> what you all know, but most people don't know, unlike the americaafrican-american communih exceptions, latino community is with different. todd: the media giving joe biden a pass on those remarks. some say the prime time shows gave it zero coverage wednesday evening. emily: biden has since backtracked the comment tweeting in no part in no way did i mean to suggest it's monday listth
3:34 am
litt not on i'd did i, not on issues, not at all. here to react is fox news and list and fox nation host lawrence jones. good morning to you. happy saturday. what say you. is the media giving him a pass? >> i think they are. and i don't honestly think that the vice president should apologize because i think he meant what he said this the arrogant and contempt for black america that the democratic party has started to really show in the recent years. because they feel like it's just a voting block that they cannot lose. now, i think the question that many people ask is why black america would continue to vote for democrats when they exercise such contempt and air gansz? and when i go on the ground and talk to black americans, they say we don't see republicans here, so this is our only option right here. and then when i go to the republican party, and i ask them well, why aren't you in the community? they say that the -- they are
3:35 am
going to vote for the democrats anyway. so although vice president biden said it, i think some republicans would have the same sentiment as well. todd: okay. lawrence, what if a g.o.p. member said those exact words? wouldn't the backlash just be off the charts on every single note work all the time? >> yeah. i think if they definitely said it out of their mouth, i think that there would be wall-to-wall coverage of that. best of your recollection again, i think this goes back to hot media has and what is their pick? and joe biden is definitely the media's pick. i think when it comes to the comments, as far as the content of the comments, i think republicans would do themselves well to actually go and compete so they could actually win those communities. so, if you realize that the democrats are this bad, and this is the comments they are going to say toward black america, i don't think it should be that hard to defeat them. >> so, lawrence, both parties need to earn the votes, but here
3:36 am
we have biden out in front saying these comments. what are you hearing when your boots are on the ground? is this alienating the young black voters? >> oh, that's a good point, emily. i think when you look at young voters, especially let's talk about char la main the god who has a lot of influence young voters they will sit this out vote for their party or no candidates at all it. goes to show you the older generation, the more seasoned black voters may hold their nose and vote for joe biden. the younger are sick of thethe h destruction and poverty. and not presenting real ideas like education and tackle poverty. so if they are expecting these young black voters to just get on board, i think they got another thing coming. i think that's why biden's comments are so damaging.
3:37 am
griff: all right, lawrence, i have got to ask you about a special have you got coming up on fox nation. full disclosure, i spent a lot of time around sharks as a surfer. i'm excited when i see them. but you have a look at the summer of the shark. tell us about it. >> yeah. the purpose of this little mini doc was to focus on the media and how their obsession with these stories. and the only reason why they covered these is when there is a slow news cycle. i mean, the likelihood of you being attacked by a shark is very slim to none. but, when there is a low ratings area or block, they start covering this story. i would prefer them to cover things like the violent things impacting americans. doing a deep dive into that. instead they focus on these sharks. but i will say this. i don't get in the water. i can't swim. i don't believe in getting into the animal's habitat because i don't want to be their lunch. griff: lawrence, whether we go in the water as surfers, we call
3:38 am
them the men in gray suits. you spoke to an ocean photographer about sharks being the perfect predator. let's watch this quick clip. >> okay. >> have something that has a lot of teethe teeth that's a lot bi, weigh multiple tons come at you and try to devour you i think in the very most primal way that capture's people's attention. sort of the perfect predator. a living dinosaur still here on earth that hasn't become extinct that wants to rip your flesh supposedly. griff: it is the perfect predator. can you watch it on fox nation. go to fox from now until august 22nd and can you get a free copy of sean hannity's new book live free or die by signing up for fox nation's one year patriot plan. head to fox for more information. lawrence, i'm going to put you on the spot. will you at least go in the water with me at some point? >> oh that was real good, griff,
3:39 am
maybe. todd: i will put you on the spot will you sing baby shark with that. >> i'm not going to become a people. todd: understood. griff: you recall go to fox summer of the shark. >> have a good one. todd: operation legend leads to dozen's of arrests in kansas city and milwaukee. some arrested for gun related offenses others wanted for violent crimes. the federal initiative sends federal agents to cities to crack down on violent crime. a new jersey dad free's a 7-year-old daughter trapped after a giant tree decimates their home at the height of tropical storm isaias. >> i think that's why i'm okay losing everything i got my daughter, i got my family out. and the rest is material stuff. todd: god bless you. the father reaching in the rubble to grab his daughter and 9-year-old son out as well. the family is safe and the go fund me is set up to help them get back on their feet.
3:40 am
plan on wearing pj's during online classes? think again a school district banning students from wearing pajamas. the parents angry. saying district should not be. ranging from detention to a verbal reprimand. oh. and those are your headlines. emily: thank you, todd. now we have our special weather man rick reichmuth. good morning. how are you? happy saturday. rick: good morning. it's great to see you, emily. all right. so we have an incredibly active hurricane season so far. take a look at this noaa and colorado state by the way one of the premier hurricane forecasting groups. they have really under their forecast. they do a mid season forecast to see if they need to make any adjustments. take a look at this 19 to 25 named storms is what they are forecasting now. 7 to 11 hurricanes three to six major hurricanes. we haven't had any major
3:41 am
hurricanes that changes quickly. about to get into the meat of hurricane seasonal. next four or five days things are pretty calm. few things coming off the coast of africa we are going to watch. probably four to five days and start to see the activity tick up. hurricane and tropical storm isaias that has called things down. we will see the moisture change today, drop a little bit which is good news. that's going to change with the temperatures though. there is about 800,000 people who are still without power across parts of the mid-atlantic into the northeast. primarily into the northeast. and temperatures are going to be climbing, we are going to see a little bit of showers again cutting through the area today. i think a little bit less than we have seen the last couple days. all right, guys, send it back to you. griff: rick, that's unbelievable, that forecast, we haven't had a hurricane forecast like that in a long time. rick: 2005. griff: 2005, there you go. still ahead, first ohio governor mike dewine tested positive for
3:42 am
covid-19. just hours later he tested negative. so how common are false positives? dr. marc siegel breaks it down after the break. ♪ s
3:43 am
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griff: back with headlines. ugly game against the chicago cubs postponed after two players and staff member tested positive for covid-19. the team which has at least 16 cases hasn't played since july 29th. the tiger woods struggling to make the cut at the pga championship. tiger doing whatever it takes to make the cut. he goes into the weekend 8 shots off the lead in the chase for his fifth pga championship. come on, tiger, emily? over to you. emily: thank you so much, griff. all right. coronavirus testing is facing
3:46 am
scrutiny after ohio governor mike dewine tested positive for the virus despite show nothing symptoms only to test negative just hours later. so how common are false positive tests? here to break it down is fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. doctor, welcome, and thank you for joining us today. so what are your thoughts on that? just how common are these false positives? >> emily, it's more common than people realize. and i want to walk you through it. first of all, it depends on something called pretest probability. where are you? are new an area where there is a lot of covid-19 or an area where there is very little. if you are in an area where there is very little, then you believe in negative much more often. if you are in a hot spot and there is a lots of it, then a positive is more accurate. secondly, what kind of test are you doing? because governor dewine was doing. anna: todoingant again test. i love those test because they
3:47 am
are rapid and quick and test a lot of people on them. they are very similar to what we do with the flu test. but they are less accurate than the test the gold standard we have been using since march where we look for gwinnett particular material. that is the one that takes longer to get back in most cases his first test was the protein ant again test. when they got a false positive they went ahead and did the more accurate gwinnett particular test it. all depends on the test you get. the answer here and message for the public you can't say that the test is 100 percent accurate in any case. emily: so, doctor, quickly, does that mean that people should be seeking out pcr tests and requesting those so that they can be one and done rather than worrying if they got that more vegas tesvaguetest false positi. >> that's a great question. it depends on what your
3:48 am
likelihood is i like anti-general take a quick look. maybe have you it. the other is more extensive look. maybe confirmatory test. i like the antigen overall better. emily: thank you in last 60 seconds, i want to ask you about supplies. initial supplies of any successful coronavirus vaccines are now expected to fall short. what are your thoughts on the vaccine or those ancillary supplies on that? >> i want to get under that headline a little, emily. we are hearing that whatever company emerges, we are going to get 100 million doses right away. we may want 300 million doses couple of points. one, not everybody is going to take this right away. i talked to the surgeo surgeon l about this. care about this vaccine surgeon general dr. adams. we have to convince people to take the vaccine and high risk
3:49 am
groups first. to say our healthcare workers, elderly, those obese, those at high risk, socioeconomically disadvantaged. we have got to get the vaccine into the areas where it's needed the most, where people are at most risk of high risk symptoms starting with healthcare workers. i think we can do this and i have think we are going to have enough vaccine. emily: and when you say we, when you say that we should show we care, do you mean the average american? do you mean voters? do you mean leadership in congress? who is that we? >> that's another great question. how about our politicians? how about they be consistent? how about the messaging be consistent and public health officials out there be consistent the way dr. adams is by the way, the department of defense is going to be involved in this. they will play an enormous role in getting this out there and reassuring people along with the centers for disease control. we need a consistent message from leadership and from public health officials. emily: thank you so much as always, dr. marc siegel. up next, samsung's newest phone
3:50 am
is set to hit the market later this month. is it worth the $1,000 price tag? kurt, the cyberguy, got his hands on one early and is here with his review next. ♪ here's your iced coffee! ♪ america runs on dunkin' can it help keep me asleep? smart bed is on sale now. absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's our weekend special. save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. plus 0% interest for 48 months on all smart beds. ends monday.
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3:53 am
griff: welcome back. samsung introducing the latest note 20. price tag $1,000. you heard that right. set to hit the market later this month. and today we are getting a very special preview. todd: here with the first look is kurt the cyberguy. what makes this phone so speci special? >> todd good morning to you. griff good to see you, emily
3:54 am
looking great this morning the three of you and we are tuning in to pete on the new phone. note 20 ultra that i have in my hand with a price tag of over $1,300 whoa. the other one is just called the note 20. it's a little bit smaller this one has the 6.9-inch display. excuse me. they both have these amazing three rear cameras on them that will take some outstanding pictures. and then the thing that you won't get on an iphone is this thing called the s 10 built into the bottom. pop it out and, yeah, can you write on the screen and it is very accurate. screen resolution beautiful on this. and what todd has always been waiting for is that 5g connectivity. so, this year we have the pandemic going on, right? so the pandemic is going on. so you say why in the world would you introduce $1,000 plus phone just like apple is going to do coming up here with the iphone in about a month or two,
3:55 am
september, october, look for the latest iphone likely to be called the iphone 12. both of these phones coming to market at a time when people are a little more hesitate tangt. let me tell you what's going to happen. right now nobody is clamoring for 5g. because we're not sure where we can get it. but this is going to be the year that you find out wow, it's in my neighborhood. and when you feel that, and you notice that, it is so much faster in in connection with, that's what they're hoping we're going to do is we are going to plunk down some money in that way. now, if it doesn't work, and nobody is buying these phones this year, which i don't think is going to happen, but if that's the case, you are going to see -- like this is the iphone se. this is that low cost budget iphone that as soon as the pandemic hit, apple was like all right, we have got to shift gears here. they put essential lit latest technology of their expensive phone inside budget phone that's about $400 and poof it went out
3:56 am
on the market and has sold globally, 28% of the revenue off their phones is from that phone. and if you look at the trend of the market of phones itself, you look at the fact that well, china sort of the first to recover from the pandemic, right? they are starting to come back. they saw a 7% decline in phone sales first two parts of the year. which is rightfully, you would expect a decline. except for that low cost apple se phone, the iphone se phone it, flew off the shelves. look for the same stuff here. todd: i have the precursor to that phone honestly it works fine. i will get the new cheap one at some point. obviously this is a tough time for a lot of people. if you can't afford it, these are some options for you. as always, kurt the cyberguy, we appreciate your time and we will see if 5g becomes the real deal. >> good to see you guys. see you online. todd: covid-19 relief the talks
3:57 am
stall. president trump accusing nancy pelosi and chuck schumer in working bailout money into the stimulus package into democrat-run cities. we will check in with mr. hegseth as he starts his mission with the navy seals getting ready to swim across the hudson ♪ ♪ne packed proteins feels like. meat! cheese! and nuts! p3. because 3 is better than 1 ♪ ♪ ♪ the open road is open again. and wherever you're headed, choice hotels is there. book direct at ♪
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4:00 am
♪ ♪ griff: good saturday morning and welcome to "fox & friends weekend" you are looking live there at liberty state park. jersey city, new jersey and we have more than 30 navy seals that are going to swim the hudson river for the jag go fund and our pete hegseth will be there. we are joined by emily compagno and todd piro. good morning to you guys. emily: good morning, you guys. i'm so excited for this fun this swim across the hudson.
4:01 am
exciting event that we will be bringing you all morning long. so proud of pete, it's for such a great cause. todd: we will try to do a little play by play when he ultimately gets in the water. >> let's join him in to join us before he joins that team of navy seals across the had you son. pete, describe the energy right there right now. pete: great energy. the energy just arrived off the bus. they are beasts. they are navy seals. they're the best of the best about. 50 of them i think in total going to be jumping into the water with me. an awesome scene right here at the 9/11 memorial. will will freedom tower behind us us. the nypd supporting the event. the coast guard, they are escorting along the route. these guys are no n. monster shape. no problem for them. i met an mma fighter our personal security. cars larson who dragged me through the body last year. he says he is going to lift off me this year that's a lie. what they did spring on me before we jump in the water,
4:02 am
guys, apparently there is also a 1 mile run which i was not aware of and did not train for. we are going to start with pushups, do a mile run over to the point where we are are going to jump in the water and then the swim begins. the cool part is two fold. honoring god and country this morning there will be a prayer, the anthem. a ceremony before we start. running with flags. and then ultimately the cause is the gi go fund an awesome organization gi raising money for vets entrepreneurship. just a wonderful cause. i hope our viewers will check that out. that's why these guys are doing it. honored to be here. about to get wet. griff: good luck, pete. we can't wait for you to get wet after that surprise one mile run. we will be checking in with you all morning long. we will let you get ready for and it get going. all right. pete: you got it. and, pete, let me ask you this, we are going to start talking now. pete: i will stick around for a second. griff: stick around for a second. we had a surprise press conference last night.
4:03 am
the president all of a sudden said yeah i'm going to hold a press conference. in it the news we took away him vowing to sign executive order by the end of the week because nancy pelosi, chuck schumer can't get this deal when he has been sitting with mnuchin and mark meadows. now, the president tweeted about that saying. this pelosi and schumer only interested in bailout money for poorly run democrat cities and states. nothing to do with china virus. >want $1 trillion, no interest. we are going a different way. before you get wet, pete, what are your thoughts? pete: is he exactly right. they are trillions of dollars apart. the democrats have said they want money to bail out blue states from the very beginning. if you can't run your state and pension fund why use a covid-19 crisis to do so? i think republicans have been right to be laser-focused on a more tailored unemployment on extending the ppp payroll tax breaks if possible. but that may end up all coming in the form of an executive
4:04 am
order because ultimately, the democrats are digging their heels in because they think, emily, the pain on this is the leverage they have. that's unfortunate for people who are struggling and still in need of help because lockdowns in a lot of states continue. emily: that's exactly right, pete. in the beginning the initial relief, the initial coronavirus relief was really like a blanket. it was exactly what everyone needed. it didn't have that surgical tailored approach that people really need now. and i have heard, for example, argument against the payroll tax saying that doesn't help people without jobs. but the point is that they both need help. we need to help in these accurate, specific ways for both business owners and employees and also those who run employed right now. todd, your thoughts? todd: i'm curious why are they clapping? you can't leave the clapping without asking why are they clapping? pete? pete: yeah, they are clapping because the new jersey state police has showed up. so this is a group that appreciates service, the new jersey state police are here with us all morning to escort
4:05 am
us. it was a spontaneous applause when they showed up. listen, a lot of discussion in this country about law enforcement and police. i will tell you these seals that who have done deployment after deployment after deployment have nothing but love for the men and women in blue who do the hard work every day. patriotic scene, they are doing our thing whether we have a show or not. these are navy seals. so we play by their timeline and their rules. but, guys, as they go forward and we will bring you the opening ceremony. this is just preparation for it. you mentioned the impromptu press conference yesterday at bedminster. i don't have power at my house so i have no tv. i do have sirius fm radio. i listened to most of it. one portion in particular was interesting. so, a member of the press asked well, why are there people in the room not wearing masks? some of which were, but many which are members of the club in the back. they said why aren't they wearing masks? is that okay? the president was quick and knew exactly how to respond. listen. >> just in this room have you dozens of people who are not
4:06 am
following the guidelines in new jersey. >> political. [boos] >> you are wrong on that. because it's a political activity. they have exceptions. political activity and it's also a peaceful protest. you have an exclusion in the law that says peaceful protest or political activity, right? in fact, specifically, yeah, says exactly political activity or peaceful protest and you can call it political activity, but i would call it peaceful protest. >> great nation, we have been so blessed. so very blessed to be americans out of the gate cart -- >> pete: there is a prayer going on here so we're going to keep it very quiet so i will toss it to you guys to comment as soon as it's done i will chime in as well. emily: yeah, that was -- todd: go ahead, emily. emily: just that was indeed a sharp response, right? i think the president has a gift for that how do you respond to that as a member of the media,
4:07 am
right? he really put them back on the heels of their feet. griff: todd, i don't know, what is your take? i mean, you know, here's the headline of the press conference was the president taking an executive order. and then this becomes more of the politics of covid as i'm sort of starting to call it that i'm not sure serves a big purpose other than maybe to score political points. todd: of course. this whole thing has become ridiculously political depending on where you live your leaders dictate what you can do and what you can't do. and for those who live in very liberal areas, protests where people are right up next to each other screaming and shouting, no social distancing, no nothing. that's completely allowed. churches not allowed in those areas. so the president is in charge in bedminster. it's his place. he owns the club there so he can sort of do what he wants. he had a pretty witty answer. we will see if there is any more fallout from this. griff, back to you.
4:08 am
griff: we shall see indeed. the president has a fundraiser. we will see if he has more to say if he runs into a camera. i bet he does. turning to your headlines starting with a fox news alert. overnight hundreds of protesters flooding portland streets throwing explosives and rocks at police. protesters even shining lasers trying to blind officers. it's being called an extremely dangerous situation as officers tried clearing out the crowds. >> use of crowd control leave to the east now. griff: protesters placing pool noodles filled with nails on the streets in an effort to damage police vehicles. portland now seeing more than 70 nifts unrest. and a former los angeles angel staffer is charged in the overdose death of pitcher tyler skaggs. eric kaye was the team's communication director when scation died. investigators say text messages
4:09 am
showed skaggs asked kaye to deliver pills to him. skaggs was found dead in a texas hotel room. he died from a mixture of alcohol and drugs. but said fentanyl is what ultimate lid caused his death. and a house ethics committee rules congresswoman rasheda tlaib violated federal campaign finance laws. the michigan democrat ordered to repay her campaign nearly $11,000 within a year. that's more than half the nearly 18,000 she got from her campaign after being elected to congressman 2018. the panel found that thrable did not pay herself with ill intent. very important day for the second grader in southport. escorting him to his first day of school. a yearly tradition since the boy's father was killed in the line of duty in 2017. allen's mother started the first day hero program encouraging families to take a photo on their kids first day of school. those are your headlines. what a great and powerful move.
4:10 am
todd. todd: unreal. thank you. some in the media scrutinizing the president's ban on the chinese owned app. tiktok. meantime a new report is detailing china's influence over hollywood. where is the outrage? gordon chang is on deck with that what if i sleep hot? ...or cold?
4:11 am
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4:13 am
emily: welcome back. president trump's actions this week against the chinese owned app. schtick tock sparking scrutiny from some in the media. meanwhile, a new report is revealing china's influence on one of the nation's biggest industries, hollywood, for years. where was the outrage for protecting free speech then. here to discuss asian analyst and author of the u.s. china
4:14 am
tech war gordon cheng, thank you for joining us this morning. i wanted to actually read to you a quote from the report and get your thoughts ton if i may. the penned report made in america sensorred b sen censorey ching make sure that the stories told in china are ones specifically improves. beijing's influence over hollywood creating a climate of self-censorship makes unwilling or unable to criticize the decisions of the government that regulates the lives of over 1.4 billion people. what are your thoughts on that, gordon chang? >> well, beijing certainly is regulating lives. it is censoring and also we have hollywood studios being complicit in. this you have got to remember that the chinese regime is not only committing crimes against humanity, it's also declared a quote, unquote people's war on the united states. hollywood censoring of films is regrettable. but business is business. the way we stop this, emily.
4:15 am
is we make sure that hollywood studios don't distribute in china. that's the only way that we're going to deal with this problem. emily: and when you say we, do you mean regulators in congress and we should be lobbying for bills or lobbying for restrictive regulation or do you mean, boat people, the viewers, don't support films that are shown in china or how exactly do you mean? >> yeah, all of the above. it's we the american people have to express our outrage at what hollywood is doing. also, the president of the united states can use his economic emergency powers to stop hollywood. now, this would be politically difficult, so we americans should support him in this. you know, once you allow hollywood into china. you know, beijing is going to intimidate them. they are going to censor. all of this is inevitable. what we have got to do is make sure from the ground up that there is support for the
4:16 am
president to stop, really, this complicit practice. emily: a lot of the decisions that these big movie houses make in terms of the success of films in china are -- have to do with those blockbuster hits that are also really successful here. the big action and super hero and this sort of signing on for three to five movies at a time in a series. how do we persuade viewers and the regular american people that makes a difference by not supporting those movie houses that do that business with china? >> yeah, this is a ground-up effort. and it's going to take quite some time to change opinion on this. but, you know, this really is outrageous. because, if you watch movies, you know, all of the sudden, you know, there is something threatening the world. and who saves the world? well, it's not the united states. it's somebody in china. you know, and that is -- this is movie after movie after movie americans have got to show the outrage and organize ourselves
4:17 am
because we have got to create that political momentum that permits president trump to do something like this. emily: right. and it's going to be one less way that china has control over us in a way that many americans don't realize. thank you so much, gordon chang, for joining us this morning. >> thank you, emily. emily: coming up in a new exclusive interview attorney general barr issues a warning about voting by mail. >> i think the people who want to experiment with different ways of voting right now, which are predictably, you know, can predictably create problems are playing with fire. emily: former acting attorney general matthew whitaker agrees and is here to explain why next.
4:18 am
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griff: time now for news by the numbers. first 2 phone $2 billion. that's how much the u.s. postal service says it lost in three months. post master general massive decline in mail volume. a broken business model and a management strategy that is not equipped to address issues. next, nearly 6,000. that's how many americans renounced their citizenship in the first six months of 2020. that's according to government data. it did not say why people are renouncing their citizenship, and finally, $653 billion. that's how much spacex and the united launch alliance will receive in government contracts from the pentagon. the money will go towards several launches in 2022. emily? emily: thanks, griff. in an interview with mark levin set to air tomorrow right here on fox, u.s. attorney general bill barr warns of the problems voting by mail this november. take a look. right now we are very divided
4:22 am
country politically. our lengszs have been very close. people have to have confidence in the outcome or we are going to have real problems in this country. and i think the people who want to experiment with different ways of voting right now, which are predictably, you know, can predictably create problems are playing with fire. griff: that's the ag on life, liberty and levin right there. here to react former attorney fg attorney general matt whitaker "above the law" playing with fire, do you believe that. >> i do believe that we have recent examples in this primary season that i think should concern people. one is whamsd in nevada in their primary where every eligible voter received a ballot and these ballots were collected at apartment buildings where people had moved and the like it. was obviously very concerning the kind of fraud that can happen with people going and giving those ballots. look at what happened in new york we had couple primaries
4:23 am
that took weeks, if not months to determine the winner. i don't think the american people are going to stand for an election in november where we don't know the winner by at least that night or the next day. and so, you know, i think there is attorney general barr is absolutely right that we cannot start playing around with how we vote in the fall and that we should do the tried and trusted methods. i'm sure we can do it safely. >> you mentioned nevada. another quick question on that. 8 states are going to do the direct mail sending ballots directly. only got 87 days. is it time for all the states to really come to terms to dealing with what this may mean? >> yeah, i think it is, griff. i think what needs to happen is each one of these election officials oftentimes the secretary of state or the local county official, they need to ensure that not only everyone that wants to vote can vote but can do it safely but also, that they don't change up this short of time frame for people to go
4:24 am
do what they normally do. and so if suddenly all the rules of you who to vote and where to vote change, i think we are going to have a lot of confusion on election day and that will not be god for our republic. >> taking that a step further and putting fraud aside just for the logistical execution of this in griff reading the headlines just before this segment, he mentioned that the u.s. postal service has admitted that in their billions of dollars of losses, it's due in part to their, quote: poor business model and inability to identify and manage issues. why is this not more acknowledged, especially among the mainstream media that having the entire nation vote by mail would likely be a total mess that the u.s. postal service is not ready to equip or manage? >> yeah, emily, that's an absolutely good point that you make. the u.s. postal service appears to be really struggling and to put a, you know, the future of our republic and who our president is in their hands, especially whether you have things like postmark deadlines and the like for ballots to be
4:25 am
counted i think could really cause some problems. and so i think that is a big challenge this year. todd: matt, the attorney general also making news because he was seen shaking the hands of pro-police supporters. let's take a look at the video. can you see the attorney general there right there. you will see him in a second. now, what message does this send to quite frankly an embattled group of individuals there in law enforcement in. >> i was heartened to see attorney general barr take time out to give support to the people that are supporting the men and women in blue. i think they -- police officers have been under a lot of fire lately. and actually some criticism that isn't deserved. they have been on the front lines in all of these challenges that our major cities are face. they do their job. they are heroes and we should support them. i was glad to see that bill barr would take time out to show how much he supports the men and women in law enforcement. griff: matt, do you have any
4:26 am
problem with that long standing tradition of not weighing into politics that protest is political in nature? would you go if you were the attorney general? >> griff, there is -- you know, supporting law enforcement is not a political statement. it is something that we should do every day. we should thank them for their hard work and them being willing to put their lives on the line. i don't see this as a political statement. i see this as an express of support for law enforcement. griff: former acting attorney general matt whitaker and great author. thanks for joining us, matt. >> thanks, griff. griff: coming up, months before the election joe biden is touting his plan to offer subsidized healthcare to illegal immigrants. watch. >> if they are working in the united states of america. and they are paying taxes, they should have access to healthcare. griff: 2020 senior advisor steve cortes is here to sound off after the break. as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely.
4:27 am
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4:31 am
watch. what an incredible morning. all of these events supporting the gi go fund as you said, griff. proud americans right there and they have all served our country and honor to watch them for they're fund this morning. todd: of course we will be checking in with pete throughout the morning. another big story we are following right now with less than 90 days until the election. former vice president joe biden is highlighting some of the policies he would put in place if he wins including this on illegal immigrants. here to discuss trump 2020 campaign senior strategy advisor steve cortes. steve, thanks so much for being here. i mean. >> good morning. todd: good morning to you. taking a step back and saying we have a pretty compromised economy right now. obviously yesterday's job numbers were somewhat positive. you would be naive if you said we are doing really great right now when it comes to our economic situation in this country. what happens to an already compromised economy if biden's immigration policies become law? >> right. look. it's a terrific points you make.
4:32 am
there are reasons for optimism. there are a lot of green chutes out there right now in our economy. all of us know we have a lot of hard work ahead to get back to the heights of the trump boom that we enjoyed just earlier this year. we have an economic crisis in america because we have a health crisis in america. none of this is our fault. it was all caused by the communist chinese deception crashed the world economy. the last thing we need in the united states is continue to variety in a lot of illegal workers who will unfairly compete in the wage market against americans who are trying and yearning to get back to work. on top of that joe biden promises taxpayer funded healthcare for illegals. he calls them undocumented. by the way i hate that phrase. makes it sound as though some paperwork is out of order. they are illegal my granting in this country. they trespassed on our land and do not belong here in the first place. the idea in the health crisis we would offer american healthcare and american science to treat at taxpayer expense people who don't belong here in the first
4:33 am
place is simply lunancy and it is representative, unfortunately, of what has happened to joe biden. is he an empty vessel who he hobby commandeered by the most fringe left wing elements of american policies. they believe in open borders. even though they won't use that phrase. this kind of policy is de facto open borders. it's wrong for our economic and national security. griff: steve, you talk about open borders. we are seeing a surge on our southern border. the numbers around the anywhere where near they were. listen, it's getting bad again primarily because of covid in mexico and central america. biden had this to say about the border wall if he is elected. listen. >> there will not be another foot of wall constructed on my administration. i'm going to make sure that we have border protection but it's going to be based on making sure that we use high tech capacity to deal with it. and at the ports of entry.
4:34 am
griff: steve, is that going to be an issue? >> absolutely it's an issue. look, this is outrageous. it's important, griff that we talk about we lock our doors at night on our home not because we hate those on the outside but because we love those on the inside and we want to protect them. the same is true for our country. america's front door as it were had been left open for years. we are now closing it. hundreds of miles of wall has been built. hundreds of miles more will be built this year. for joe biden to say that he is going to stop that, number one it's an affront to the brave people of customs and border protection and border patrol. many of them hispanic americans by the way, who do the hard work of protecting our country. they tell us that they need the wall. that it's an important tool for them. number two, i think this is crucial. let's just be honest about where joe biden and his radical friends are led. they want illegal immigrants to come to this country because they promise them citizenship. because once they're citizens, they believe they have tens of millions of new voters and they will change this country permanently that is the real goal. and i think america needs to be aware of that just how high the
4:35 am
stakes are once you promise citizenship to illegals, you are talking about a permanent, political transformation of america and that's where the democrats are headed. emily: now, steve, we understand you have a new op-ed out on why biden's numbers new england hispanics are tanking. explain to us and the viewers why that is. >> sure, so i published this article at the national pulse and point out to the latest quinnipiac poll, joe biden is only polling 45%. that's 20 percentage points worse than hillary clinton did in 2016. that was already a very disappointing performance for the democrats. i really think there is two reasons i name in the article small business and religious faith. on the issue of small business, we hispanics are statistically the most entrepreneurial demographic in america by quite a long shot, actually. and before this country was hit by the chinese virus, hispanic entrepreneurs, all entrepreneurs but particularly hispanic ones were thriving in this country
4:36 am
under the policies of our entrepreneur and chief president trump. he produced the trump boom that we enjoyed for the first three years of his administration. and he will compel the trump boom 2.0. i think hispanic start up people know that secondly on religious faith. we hispanics are a conservative people culturally, politically, religiously. according to a recent pugh poll. we are 17% more pro-life than other americans. joe biden has now embraced the really just treasury of abortion all the way until the day of birth. he has promised to, again, target the little sisters of the poor. he denies working class hispanic families who want to send their children to religious schools that option via education choice. on all of these issues. i believe that hispanic people are rejecting quite rightly the biden vision. griff: steve cortes, trump 2020 campaign senior advisor we shall see if your predictions come true. thanks, steve. >> thank you. griff: turning now to your headlines, new yorkers fear
4:37 am
their city is no longer safe. residents living on the upper west side are complaining of increasing drug use outside three hotels housing hundreds of homeless people. president trump sounding off on the state of the city. >> when you look at what has happened in new york, so sad. to me, it's so sad because i love new york. and it's so sad. and all it is horrible, horrible incompetent management by politicians that truly don't know what they're doing. griff: the concerns come as mayor bill de blasio announces his plan to turn buildings into affordable housing. ice agents discovering what they called the most sophisticated tunnel system at the southern border the 1300-foot long tunnel was found after someone reported a sinkhole near the border wall. the tunnel had ventilation, water lines, electricity, and even a rail system. agents believe it was going to be used for drug running but was never completed.
4:38 am
good samaritans making a dramatic rests could you of four children and their father almost swept away by floodwaters in pennsylvania. the family got caught in a tropical storm earlier this week. one. rescuers describing the harrowing moment caught on camera. >> started losing it. i lunge out into the water and grab them by their ribs and i'm holding on to them and could see the fear in his eyes. >> good samaritans say they knew they had to jump in and help. and nascar started ago hilarious tribute to johnson as he at this approaches retirement. asking fans to name everything after him. even gave some examples such as the jimmie johnson sealing fan. you seceiling fan. jimmie johnson shower poof and jimmie johnson commemorative confused dog. that's creative. you can share yours with the
4:39 am
hash tag named for jimmie, if you want to. and those are your headlines. todd: good stuff. emily: i didn't know it was called a poof. todd: rick reichmuth weather center at the rick reichmuth weather map, rick reichmuth studios for rick reichmuth weather. rick: could have incredible. hunter ceiling fans guys are going to call him up. temperatures as you are waking up this morning. take a look at this across decks and oklahoma temps into the 80's and it's 6:30 in the morning. warming up to be a really hot one today. it's hot and humid across much of the east. that's what happens in august. these are beginning to be those dog days. when you get that you get the afternoon pop-up storms. looks dramatic on the radar. clears out. see those fire again later this afternoon once the atmosphere heats up and that humanity kicks in. spotty showers. less in coverage than what we saw yesterday which is good news because we have had a lot of
4:40 am
flooding post tropical storm or hurricane isaias that brought all that rain now a lot of the rain this week has caused some flooding as well. notice this across parts of the four corners, monsoonal activity mostly though across much of new mexico into colorado. can't get any of that to move towards arizona thasmghts doesn't look to change unfortunately. this is rainy season, you need the moisture, we are not getting it as we would like to see. here is your high temps for the day today. very warm across the central plains, a lot of people, guys, still without power, 800,000 people across parts of the northeast without power and the temps heating up tomorrow, things will begin to be a little bit dangerous for people. we will have to watch that closely. all right. back to you. griff: thanks, rick. emily: all right, rick. thank you. still ahead mortgage rates just hit another record low. what does that mean if you want to buy or sell a home? charles payne is crunching the numbers. and he is next. ♪ ♪ living in the land of opportunity ♪ ♪
4:41 am
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emily: welcome back. i have a few quick headlines for you. michigan governor gretchen whitmer reportedly met with joe biden last weekend. the two reportedly discussed the vp job as the presumptive democratic nominee nears a decision on his potential running mate. but, hundreds of dnc delegates want biden to pick karen bass. they see bass a unity pick that will bring the party together. biden is expected to announce his decision this month. over to you, todd. todd: thank you very much. president trump highlighting july's job numbers as the economy marks its third straight month of economic growth. >> the job growth that we have seen over the last three months 9.3 million is the single greatest three month period of job creation in the american history. hispanic american unemployment has decreased by nearly 32%. jobs held by african-americans increased by nearly 1 million over the past three months.
4:45 am
and that's also a record. todd: here to react is the host of making money on will fox business is charles payne. how significant was this latest jobs report? >> extremely significant. really, you cannot under -- i don't think -- i don't think it's appreciated enough. you know, here's the thing. it was extraordinarily encouraging news and at the same time very sobering news, right? so, we have seen this amazing run, this three month run that we have never seen before in the history of our country and still we are down 12.9 million jobs from the february high which was an all-time high for our country. so it says we have work to do, obviously. but we have come back and by the way, these last three months also every single month came in much better than the experts expected. now, think about july and all the stalled reopenings, some of the reversals of reopenings and some of the larger states in this country and in this number could have easily been a lot lower even negative number. the fact that it wasn't, again,
4:46 am
extraordinarily encouraging on how we are trying to snap back in this country and it just tells you how vibrant the economy was before we, you know, slipped into this coronavirus depression. todd: charles, looking forward, when you talk to the people in the financial world, the people who know what's going on, and can read the signs, what are they telling you about q 3 as we look forward to the november election? >> well, i will say that the people who typically know how to read the signs have been way off. they really all under estimated what this economy has done. if you look at all of the predictions and where we would be right now, every single expert on wall street got it wrong. so, everyone is expecting a third quarter to be a strong bounce. you know, we are in the middle -- we are actually at the end of what they call earning season on wall street. we are hearing from companies themselves. i prefer to listen to the ceos of companies rather than the economists anyway. and what we're seeing is, again, i'm going to use the word
4:47 am
encouraging. better guidance. more optimism, so we're going to have extraordinarily strong third quarter. where we go, honestly, is anyone's guess. probably though will be a record amount of growth, particular whether i states now reopening again, you know, it's all about letting this economy be what it wants to be. so we're going to have a extraordinarily strong third quarter and a strong fourth quarter as well. todd: charles, i'm a child of the '70s. when i used to talk to my parents about the mortgage rate it was somewhere in the 15% range. now, this is shocking. this mortgage rate the latest report fell to another record. i think we are at 2.88%, which is mind boggling. that's down from 2.99 last week. what does this mean and should you just go out and buy a house, no questions asked? >> >> well, if you can. the only probable now is a lack of supply. we just do not have enough homes in this country for sale. to your point, according to bank rate, and this is important for
4:48 am
the audience who may be considering buying a house. for every $100,000 that you borrow, you will pay 425 bucks a month in principle and interest. think about that run those numbers in your mind. juxtapose that perhaps to what you are paying now. what you are paying to rent. and think about, you know, the ultimate american dream because, you know, one of the side effects of the covid-19 has been a whole lot of millennials who, by the way were, already gravitating to family formation, moving out of the basement, moving out of those small apartments in these major metropolitan cities. it's now become a mass exodus. people already running these numbers in their mind. golly, i'm spending 2 grand, 2500 for a shoebox in manhattan. run the numbers in your head. for every 100,425 bucks a month, do you want the american dream? it's out there, if you find a house. i think now is an amazing time obviously. and refinancing, forget about it. don't try to play games. if you want to refinance, get some extra cash, this is the time to do it.
4:49 am
todd: don't try to catch a falling knife. making money each day oat 2:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. thank you for being with us. >> thanks a lot. todd: one nba player taking a stand when he chose not to stand for the restart. some jokes about jonathan isaac's season ending injury. burgess owens is here to react next. ♪ ♪ discomfort back there? instead of using aloe, or baby wipes, or powders. try the cooling, soothing relief of preparation h. because your derriere deserves expert care. try new soothing relief.
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whatintroducing the new sleepld? number 360 smart bed... now temperature balancing, so you can sleep better together. can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. can it help with snoring? i've never heard snoring. exactly. no problem ...and done. will it help me keep up with mom? you got this. so you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. it's our weekend special with 0% interest for 48 months on all smart beds. ends monday.
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4:52 am
griff: welcome back, espn radio host dan levy tar apologizing for posting incentive poll about isaac ordained minister.
4:53 am
first player not to kneel for the national anthem after he suffered season ending injury. the poll asks is it funny that the guy refuses to kneel immediately blew out his knee? here to react former super bowl champion burgess owens, burgess, what do you make of this? a little insensitive it, seems. >> hi, griff. first of all budget for for those who want to support me. this is reminiscent to me growing up 12 years old. standing in florida of theater demonstrating against segregation with college students from florida a and m. and it was no guarantee when we went out there for those young people there would be no incident. they had the faith to overcome that fear. and this is what you are seeing by jonathan. rewarded by americans we love courage. at the same time we are seeing what true meanness is. i understand we are dealing with the radical left is true pure evil. i saw last night an older lady
4:54 am
towered over by this tall guy and he is pouring paint over her and berating her. this is not what america stands for. what we are finding out now is how mean and angry and divisive and destructive the left is it's a great opportunity to understand america -- griff: you mentioned quote the left. this is an espn radio host who should be giving us politics-free sports coverage. now, in fairness to dan levy tar, let me show you he did issue an apology of sorts here's what he said we apologize for this poll question i said on the front end and back end on air conversation i didn't think it was funny. on the context we missed the mark we took the tweet down when we realized the mistake and posed the question to does dan lebatard miss the point insensitivity he shouldn't be political in the first place. >> this is the way the leftists
4:55 am
work bullies. once they are caught they are all run and hide. most important thing is as we are getting to understand -- we are talking about radical left. not just those demonstrating destroying and trying to hurt cops or kill cops. it is actually those who hide behind the scene. those hiding corporate environment and colleges. they hate our nation and america and our values no. matter where they're right now in power, they will come out and do whatever they can to destroy and hurt. i will say this. for those who have concerns about about president trump, understand if evil hates a president this much, maybe we should reconsider those who are concerns. reconsider. because if evil hates him, that means he musting doing something good that could be a good message for americans we want to go towards light, positive growth and we have to get back to that. griff: burgess, just quickly and lastly do you think jonathan isaac is doing this for political reasons or another
4:56 am
reason? >> he is doing it because is he a faithful christian. is he doing what christians do. again, there is it no guarantee that he wouldn't get hurt or have some repercussions but he has faith in his lord and savior and he is going to do the right thing, stand for our country. that's what americans need to do across the country. stand up and man up for our nation and we do that the bullies will go away because they don't know how to do well against those who are courageous and fight back. griff: at least one other player has done this as well, burgess. do you think do you think we will see more of it as the season goes on? >> as americans begin to turn off the tv, i'm one of those guys who will not be looking at professional sports until they fire some of these commissioners because at the end of the day, they are undermining our culture. they are attacking our kids and attacking our american way. i think we will find more of that happening as we go forward. griff: former super bowl champ burgess owens and can candidate for congress. take care, burgess. >> you too.
4:57 am
griff: griff taking executive action after congress fails to reach a covid-19 relief bill. live from washington tom of the hour. have no by-products. (his voice) "baloney!" (automated voice) has joined the call. (voice from phone) hey, baloney here. i thought this was a no by-products call? land o' frost premium. fresh look. same great taste.
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♪ whatever it takes ♪ i love the adrenaline in my veins. whatever it take. griff: good morning, happy saturday. you are looking live at the statue of liberties just across the hudson river where a number of navy seals and pete hegseth are preparing to get into the water and started their swim. we will check in with pete in just moments. happy saturday, i'm griff jenkins along with emily compagno and todd piro. we understand, emily, that pete fin neighborhood one mile run with those seals. soon, the swim begins. emily: that's so incredible. we got to see them all running
5:01 am
each holding american flags. apparently he was surprised by that mile run. he was expecting to swim today but he knocked it out of the park, of course. we will be bringing updates to you all morning long as these navy seals and pete swim across the hudson for incredible cause the gi go fund. todd: it's awesome. we will check in with pete throughout the course of the morning. do not miss a minute of that of course a lot of news to get. to say another big story we are following. president trump running out of patience with democrats president warning he will sign a bill for covid-19 relief in a bill is not reached next week. the president prepares to take action. doug, good morning. >> good morning. a lot of frustration around here. talks are essentially going nowhere on capitol hill and now the president is on the serge of following through on his threat to take action of his own if congress cannot reach a deal on new coronavirus aid package. he spoke late yesterday from his
5:02 am
golf club in new jersey outlining kind of some aspects any way of what he is talking about as far as these executive orders are concerned. one aspect of this is something that he has been pushing for really from the word go here. and that's a suspension of the collection of the payroll tax to help boost paychecks and provide a jolt for the economy. is he also talking about some additional executive actions to deal with student loans, restrict some evictions and reinstate at least some level of enhanced unemployment benefits. >> tragically, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer continue to insist on radical left wing policies that have nothing to do with the china virus. if democrats continue to hold this critical relief hostage, i will act under my authority as president to get americans the relief they need. >> the president calling out democratic leaders who, in turn, blame him for not agreeing to a much larger package. >> this is about the safety net
5:03 am
for our children, just as we have a safety net for the market. this safety net is not just for the children. it's for our whole economic system. >> democrats are going to keep pushing for that multitrillion-dollar deal that includes a massive bailout for state and local governments. that's something that many republicans, including the president want no part of. griff, emily and todd, back to you guys. griff: boy that's right doug luzader in washington. doug's point, guys, is so important. it's the overall price tag and they are miles and miles apart democrats came in with 3.4 trillion and mcconnell north of 1 trillion. i don't see them getting there i think really the question now, emily, becomes whether or not they are even is going to be another covid stimulus package it. doesn't seem at this moment with this stalemate and this far apart that one is even likely.
5:04 am
emily: it's such a failure to me. such an exhaustive failure on the part of these congress men and women who, by the way, we pay their salaries. so, unfortunately, just disheartening, not surprising. but you talked about being miles apart. earlier on this show today we had brian brenberg on and he talked about the fact that if that catch is insurmountable it is indeed our only hope to have the president issue that executive order and take things into his own hands. take a listen. >> these talks in congress have failed. stimulus is going nowhere. and the ideas that we have gotten are stale ideas. i love that the president is creating a third dimension here. is he shaking it up. is he threatening to go his own way. and i think that's the kind of leadership right now that congress needs so they can get refocused on getting things done. they should get unemployment done. they should get money for schools done. there is no reason that these couldn't be finished. they have been trying to ram through a huge big overspending
5:05 am
package and the president is saying no. we need to do something different. >> just a reminder as well over four times that a stop gap measure ha has been proposed the democrats continue denying it. we are not even afford the luxury at this point of a band-aid of a simple stop gap to get us through a time they can come to agreement, todd. todd: this is a reason no matter what your party is you get so frustrated with politicians. people need this help and nothing is happening. they can't come together. we will obviously keep you posted. another big story this week. everybody seems to be talking about this, at least everybody here, joe biden saying african-americans are are not diverse like latinos. remember this? take a listen. >> what you all know but most people don't know, unlike the african-american comiewngted, with notable exceptions, the latino community is incredibly diverse community. with incredibly different attitudes about different
5:06 am
things. >> okay. so that's what biden said, extremely inartful and i think he realized that he tried to backpack with the following earlier today and made comments about the diversity in the african-american and latino communities that i want to clarify. in no way did i mean to suggest the african-american community is a monolith not by identity. not on issues. not at all. so, you know, give joe a little bit of credit for trying to walk it back. acknowledging that what he said may not have been exactly something that you want to put out there. nevertheless, folks at msnbc and other places, not a lot of prime time coverage of the gaffe or the walk back. take a look. zero. zero. and zero, wednesday, thursday and friday. guys, i don't know. i look at this and not really shocked by this one bit because we have said for a while now that this is a referendum, those networks like nbc, they want
5:07 am
trump out at any cost. and even if it means ignoring these gaffes that joe biden is making, they are going to do it. griff: todd, just to be very clear, we are looking at the prime time coverage on msnbc. and, of course, not the news areas which did have some mentions. but the point you are making is valid which is the prime time shows there are all for anyone but trump. now, the a.p. from which we get our news is writing this headline that says biden risks alienating young black voters after race remarks and this is, of course, not the first time that he had a big gaffe with the radio host charlamagne tha la g. people want something different than biden here's what he said. >> although the older generation the more seasoned black voters may hold their nose and vote for joe biden.
5:08 am
the young people want something much different. they are sick of the destruction, poverty and death of our community not presenting real agenda education and tackle poverty. so, if they are expecting these young black voters to just get on board, i think they got another thing coming. i think that's why biden's comments are so damaging. we shall see hot vice presidential running mate pick is and whether that will affect it. a quick true story emily and todd. i was talking after these comments, these recent comments with biden with a democrat long time democrat operative friend of mine. i said is this going to be another gaffe that hurts or is it going to be overlooked. he said look, griff. i think a lot of democrat voters right now are looking at this election as a vote for trump or simply a vote not trump. and that biden is really lost in translation i think by that operative's analysis it's going to matter quite a bit who biden
5:09 am
picks as the running mate, emily? emily: that's exactly right, griff. i agree with you that the vice presidential nominee has a lot of importance because it sort of embodies the potential future fails of the democratic party. i think it's widely expected if joe biden were to win that he would likely be a one term president. i think it's interesting that oh, i think we have pete, right? great, all right. pete, how is it going? pete: it's going great. we are right here right behind us is the statue of liberty. that's our first point on the swim. you can see the group behind us is gathering. it's been national anthem. we just fi finished the one mile run. love of country, support for the police. recognition of service, honoring the mental who lost their lives and who can't be with us today but ultimately we got a challenge in front of us, thankfully, i have a swim buddy in will larson. you were my swim buddy last year
5:10 am
kach. we will get to that in a moment. why is this so important to you and the navy seals? >> beyond the pageantry, pete, the flags and the statue of liberty and all these important symbols what this is all about is veterans helping veterans. times it's important for veterans when they transition from active duty time to the civilian world. so it's important for us to bring other veterans together in a shared sacrifice in service. and to show people that your service to your country it doesn't end when you take your uniform off. can you still be out here and can you still be helping because your country still needs you. pete: absolutely. we had you on the program couple weeks ago for netflix documentary network of drugs. have you had a ton of success and a lot of guys here too. we look at the freedom tower the sacrifice. homeless vets, guys transitioning that haven't had the same opportunity. that's what the gi go fund is all about today? >> absolutely. the purpose here, again is, to make sure that we have received so much. it's been such an honor to serve and now we can continue to help others. pete: we where to jump in the
5:11 am
water. last year i needed help from you. i grabbed on to your shorts and you pulled me in the water. i couldn't get around the corner. what's your prediction? >> all i know is mission number one today is to make sure i capture that beautiful mug on the camera with the kaj cam. pete: kaj cam. drone in the air. jump in the first leg is the most difficult. pray for us, please. navy seal swim moments from jump not guilty water. griff: very quickly, can i get a commitment from kaj not to rescue you this year? griff wants to give assurance he is not going to rescue me this year. i don't think he can do that. hearing the national anthem behind us so we will send it back to you. griff: good luck. griff: thanks, pete. turning now to your headlines, overnight hundreds of protesters flooding portland streets again throwing explosives and rocks at police. protesters even shining lasers trying to blind officers.
5:12 am
it's being called quote an extremely dangerous situation as officers tried clearing out the crowds. use of crowd control agents. leave to the east now. griff: protesters placing pool noodles filled with nails on the streets in an effort to damage police vehicles. portland now seeing more than 70 nights of unrest. and the bodies of seven marines and a sailor are recovered off the colorado coast overnight. in a military vehicle when it sank during a training accident. service members ranging in age 19 to 23 years old. 16 service members were on board. 8 were rescue you had. the commanding officer of the unit saying in part we hope that successful recovery of our fallen warriors bring some measure of comfort. and today president trump is expected to attend a private fundraiser in the hamptons. wall street bull narrow john paulison is hosting the event at his home. tickets are reportedly $500,000
5:13 am
per couple. it's expected to raise $15 million. utah, gubernatorial candidate toilet paper online and gets months later. remember when the world was running out of toilet paper my wife was getting nervous so i ordered some on amazon. it was coming from china and supposed to take two weeks. well it, just arrived today. the delivery coming four months after cox ordered it. as you can see it's significantly smaller than the standard american toilet paper. wow. that's an interesting package. todd: that doesn't look like at all. that looks wrong. griff: those are your headlines don't order toilet paper from china. todd: new poll finding a jorlt of black americans do not want fewer police in their neighborhoods. we're going to discuss this coming up. ♪
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
♪ ♪ looking live as pete hegseth gets ready to join the navy seals jump into the water and starting their swim across the hudson river. pete, very excited to toss to you these will be a brent musberger voice. how is it looking out there? >> todd, it's looking about like we where to get wet. already a big chunks of seal. my man kaj is right in front of me the kaj cam first hand view hardest stretch back here. didn't make it. hopes this year i can i will be thinking about that statue of liberty and ellis island and
5:18 am
seals and done so much. that's what is to ponder at this moment. check out gi to support these seals. we got an impromptu comment. >> i want to shout out to my kids, isabella, gabe brill bell. pete: navy seals, can't support them. >> thank you, guys. griff: good luck, pete. emily: can you do it. stay safe. you got. this. griff: indeed. i will tell you who may not have it know as we watch pete head into the hudson rivers i don't know that schools particularly in new york city are going to get their act together although governor andrew cuomo saying is he going to allow schools to reopen. here is what governor cuomo had to say as we transition to the reopenings segment. >> our infection rates all school districts can open
5:19 am
everywhere in the state. every region is below the threshold we have established. if there is a matter of concern in the infection rate then we can revisit it. but, for planning purposes, they can reopen. so. >> we will see. emily, what do you think about this? >> well, i see it as a significant about face by the governor. but, what's interesting to me is the fact that he is still leaving it open essentially for closure. but what he is focusing on is the plan and the specificity needed. and i think that's the most important. because there are a million factors that have to go into reopening the schools. or having them stay close an acknowledgment of a lot of those factors like child care and just so. many. so i see this as a good step in the right direction by him. but now it's incumbent upon the school system or whoever is in charge to actually create those plans so parents can happen full faith in the system and have it executed. todd: i mean, look, we are in
5:20 am
august right now. we need something to happen asap. we are going to get back to that in a moment though. go back out to hegseth. there is pete getting acclimated to the water let's just say. and there we go. we are getting regular stroke, it's not the breast stroke. i really prepared for this. i should have known what pete is doing. if we're going to be doing play by play. remember, look, that water is not the easiest water to swim in. if you remember from last year, it looks calm. but the currents really do impact the swimmers, as they are trying to make their way to where they are trying to go. and, you remember last year and i'm assuming the same thing is going to be this year. they try work in tandem to make this happen so that they are together as a unit. they feed off the energy of one another. but they also feed off the knowledge as to how to make it through those waters. will. griff: that's right. i remember last year we talked with pete because the navy seals were explaining the current. once you get caught in one of
5:21 am
those in the hudson river which can be very strong. you have to navigate it correctly. we will watch as pete heads towards lady liberty. more "fox & friends" after this. ♪ ♪ here's your iced coffee! ♪ america runs on dunkin'
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call or go online today. todd: 124 minutes after the hour now on your saturday morning. thank you for being here. we are back with quick headlines, a high school student suspended for posting this photo of overcrowded hallway can go back to school on monday. take a look. picture showing georgia students ignoring social distancing guidelines some not wearing masks. the school litt the the student
5:25 am
suspension after her mother wrote a letter to the school principal. the picture was taken out of context. restraining order california church banning it from holding large indoor services. that church was sued earlier this year for defying governor gavin newsom coronavirus orders. the judge says the risk to public health is greater than the church's constitutional right. emily? emily: thank you. now the defund police movement is gaining traction in at least a dozen major cities. despite all the recent protest, the majority of black measures do not want less police presence in their communities. that's according to a new gallup poll find 61% want the police to remained in their neighborhoods. here to react is retired dallas police officer c'mone wingo. thank you for joining us. what are your thoughts on the perceived trend about please police presence but in contrast to what that poll reveals? >> hi, good morning, emily, thank you for having me on i
5:26 am
have to ask the question who will it hurt the most if politicians get their way with defunding and abolishing the police. the answer to that is the black community. the elite, the wealthy, the governor, the city mayors they all have armed security and they will remain safe regardless. they are not fearful because someone with a gun always has their back. it's the black communities that's going to suffer the most and the black community is well aware of that you know, and then what happens is the gang bangers, you know, they will start running the streets and the neighborhoods. you will have a poor older people, families, churches, even small business also be forced to make weekly payouts to these thugs for protection. you know, i kind of called it black guess at tha gestapo. it's terrible of the situation that we would be in if there weren't any law and order i in society. emily: c'mone what are your thoughts on that disconnect
5:27 am
between the realities of the positive effect the police presence has and the need for it in those communities that you just outlined and then a lot of what we are hearing in terms of talking points, in for example, the mainstream media or what people are messaging in that narrative that is so popular? why that disconnect? >> you know, i think a lot of disconnect, especially with the police and how communities view police is because you hear them always say well i never see police in my neighborhood. you know, i never see them coming to my neighborhood. and simply because me being a police officer who patrols for so many years is that even back then when we had more police officers you are always going from call to call to call. if there is never a time where can you stop cop and k. stop and start a game one-on-one basketball with the kids or find the old men sitting under the trees playing dominoes and out a game with. they just enough time. believe me, i know there are lots of police officers, i know
5:28 am
personally there are a lot of officers out there that would love to do it. they would love to go in and play a game of hopscotch or double dutch with the little girls outside playing in the summertime. it's just not -- there is no -- the ability is not there because we are constantly answering calls. and so, that's one thing that we need to do to get back reconnected to the community. we need to have officers with the ability to do those type of things. emily: that's exactly right, c'mone. we view it too as law enforcement being part of that community that they are there to protect. certainly our prayers and support are with you and the community of law enforcement, especially for morale. thank you so much for joining us this morning and giving us your perspective. >> thank you, emily. thank you. emily: coming up, as new york attempts to dissolve the nra, another state is welcoming them with open arms. arkansas' governor is now extending the invite and he joins us live next.
5:29 am
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among my patisensitivity as well tas gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. new sensodyne sensitivity & gum gives us the dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. ♪ ♪ griff: that's your shot of the morning moments ago, navy seals our own pete hegseth jumping into the water and swimming across the hudson river all for a good cause gi go fund. you see pete there working his way out into the hudson river. this is the toughest stretch by pete's account as makes his way toward lady liberty. last year, guys, and this is the
5:33 am
calm water at the beginning. but he will soon get into the current of the hudson river. that's where kaj larsen swimming with him there. you see him with a camera on his head and he has got his watch out. kaj had to help pete in those current and what that i cans mows river current so much dangerous. such a defined narrow area of water and those current can be literally life-threatening in some cases. obviously, you are surrounded by 30-plus navy seals. you are going to be okay in the end but the difficulty of this task reall real can't be overstd and pete survived last year, emily, i think is he going to do great again. emily: right. survival the most important thing. i love he is giving us thumbs up. wonderful cause. he said he didn't expect the mile run in the beginning. certainly bring it to you all
5:34 am
morning. school districts across the country debate how to safely get kids back in the classroom this fall. arkansas is giving them the green right to return to in person learning later this month. todd: arkansas governor asa hutchison joins us now to discuss. governor, thanks so much for being here. how did you make this call for five day a week in person school? >> well, the school environment is so important for our young people. you can't have the same level of education. you can't have the same consistency without the inn. classroom instruction. she t. is very challenging because teachers want to make sure it's safe as they go back. you want to make sure that the students take the precautions wear masks and do social distancing which they're not accustomed. to say we have a lot of work in arkansas and couple weeks left until we actually start our in classroom instruction. we are committed to that. that's very important for us. we know it's going to be
5:35 am
challenging, but it just makes all the difference in the world for the young people and that includes the sports side of things that is important part too. it's not like they are either going to be in sports or going to be in their bedroom. they are going to be somewhere in the community. this is a more structured environment. and we eight to be able to accomplish that as well in a safe way. griff: governor, speaking of opening doors, you? arkansas are opening the door to the nra as new york tries to dissolve them with that new lawsuit. why should they move to arkansas? >> well, this is a very startling attack and a coordinated attack from the left on an organization that defends the assessment. have you got both the lawsuit in the district of columbia against the foundation. have you got the attack in new york by the attorney general against the nra. it doesn't take anyone that is too astute to observe that they
5:36 am
are simply trying to destroy an organization that supports the second amendment. and whether you are a firearm manufacturer, an ammunition manufacturer or you are an organization that supports the second amendment. if you are in a state that doesn't appreciate that and value that come south. come to arkansas, we value the second amendment and we understand the nra is not perfect and if there is accountable issues there ought to pursue those but don't destroy an organization because it supports the second amendment. emily: that's exactly right. new york attorney general allegation goes back at least three years and certainly this investigation has been ongoing for quite some time. revelation get us election yea 7 days before hand. seeking complete dissolution when allegations are for corporate fraud and the part of
5:37 am
redirecting finance. part of incredible remedy they are seeking and incredible solution to something we usually actually don't see in law. >> so foreign poor the public to understand that. an action that says we want to make
5:38 am
the pair tried stealing other
5:39 am
cars multiple times before hopping in the backseat of a random car on a highway. they were eventually caught after trying to make a run for it. and the world's longest yard sale kicks off this weekend. it's more than 600 miles long spanning six states from alabama to michigan. take a look. >> i love yard sales. i love finding, you know, sometimes you find the best deals. sometimes you don't find anything. >> people use their vacation for this and travel around. i have talked with some folks that have actually have motel reservations all along the route. >> i love yard sales, too. this sounds awesome. organizers say safety precautions will be enforced including face masks, social distancing and hand washing. this is the third year of the yard sale. those are your headlines, device. back to you, griff. griff: wow, that's a large garage sale in a weekend if you
5:40 am
had time. rick reichmuth see what the weather holds. hey? rick: hey, guys, yes. here we are hurricane season. kind of at the beginning of hurricane season. we already had nine storms and we have had five of them that have impacted the u.s. two as hurricanes, a few tropical storms, this week a lot of the organizations noaa and colorado state put out their revised forecast. colorado state i just want to point this out here looking now for double what we normally would see on an average year. these are numbers that are very similar to what we saw in 2005 which was the katrina year. and we are getting into the meat of hurricane season now. so just watch that very carefully. keep on bringing you the latest. behind isaias went through kind of a north carolina up through the mid-atlantic and in through the northeast 800,000 people without power. we have also been watching storms each afternoon continue to go on through. and has caused a little bit of flooding. it has also brought temperatures down a little bit which has been good news for all the people without power. you will notice temps this morning, cleveland you are at 60 degrees right now.
5:41 am
so cooler air in across parts of areas of the northeast, that is gonna change over the next couple days. temps are going to start to rebound five to 10 degrees above average. not good news for the people still without power. hopefully by tuesday or wednesday of this week. have the power restored to almost everybody. take a look at this across parts of the high plains, really hot. temps in the 90's all across areas from denver all the way up through parts of montana and in towards north dakota. that cools down as all that heat begins to move off towards the east. all right, guys, send it back to you. todd: all right, rick, thank you very much. joe biden backtracking after these controversial comments about african-american voters. >> what y'all know about but most people don't know unlike the african-american community without exceptions the latino community is incredibly diverse community. todd: next guest candidate for congress says is he not surprised by these comments.
5:42 am
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todd: it's 44 minutes after the hour. what have you done this morning? these guys doing work. a live look navy seals doing pushups on the first barge completing the first leg of big swim across the hudson river. pete is still making his way across the river. just moments ago jump into the water, swimming from new jersey to new york with the navy seals. and do yoand you see him there a tough, tough swim. by the way on that platform at each stop they have to do 100 pushups. not to mention the one mile run that began would be enough for a day or even a week's exercise. pete is getting his fill and he has just started now going along and i will tell you one of the tough things, emily, too, you see a buoy there orienting
5:46 am
yourself. sometimes you feel like you are swimming to nowhere and that mentally becomes a central in and of itself. emily: focused on the great cause this is supporting the gi go fund. i'm telling myself that those pull-ups and pushups are keeping them warm because the thought of all of that exercise this morning literally makes me want to pass out. todd: you see pete in the white cap making it easier to identify them. mixing in freestyle with a little bit of back stroke. can you imagine after doing those pushups, pull-ups they have to do and the run and everything that free stuff gets a little rough. doing the back stroke mixing in other strokes very, very important, griff. >> it sure does. can you see pete come up for a breath there almost looked like he had a smile. the buoys sort of one step at a time. one step at a time and you clearly got to that buoyy. now he has is going to do a little back stroke, take a little breather, kaj giving him advice. then we will see him turn and
5:47 am
put more freestyle into it and get back on focus. but you have got to pace yourself as you go. checking in all day long with pete as he goes back to the freestyle and get that going. all right. meanwhile, moving on to another story we have been following as we say goodbye to pete there and check back in with him. that is joe biden is on damage control after the comments that critics say is derogatory to minority voters. here's what he said. >> what you all know, but most people don't know, unlike the african-american community, with notable exceptions, the latino community is incredibly diverse community. with incredibly different attitudes about different things. griff: our next guest says biden's remarks highlight the racist views many white members hold. byron dodgeds joins us now, byron, good morning to you. how significant of a gaffe. >> good morning, griff. griff: was there for joe biden?
5:48 am
>> griff, first of all, thanks for having me on the show. this is not a gaffe. this is actually what white liberals across the country think when it comes to black voters. they believe they have a hold on black voters in the democrat party. that black people don't have some different thoughts. but what they don't realize is that black voters across our country we are liberals and conservatives, we are democrats, we are republicans. we are libertarians and also no party affiliation individuals. we decide who we want based upon the best person but the real thing that's really a problem in america is that you have whited liberals like joe biden who believe they own the black vote. but we will show them in november that they don't. griff: do you think, byron, we will see at the ballot box black voters that didn't want their vote to be taken for granted? >> i definitely believe so. listen, i had a conversation with a friend of mine from college we're the same age. black female that lives in fort lauderdale, florida, she is watching what is happening in our streets across america.
5:49 am
she doesn't like what she sees. she doesn't like the fact that she feels that the party that is her current religion strative party, the democrat party is leaving her behind. she feels that party is going too far to the left. and i think you have many black voters in this election cycle not just looking for the party that they have always known. they are looking for a party that provides real opportunities and real solutions not just for the black community but for all of america. griff: well now, byron, byron tried to walk it back in a tweet clarifying it. do you think that will, at least, cover up for this recent gaffe? >> no, i don't. and, like i said, it's not a gaffe. this is what joe biden truly thinks. people have not forgotten what he said when he was on the breakfast club with charlamagne la god. how if you don't vote for donald trump you ain't black. i have not forgotten that i think what joe biden will realize in november when he loses the election you can't take black votes for granted. frankly you can't take any vote for granted. your job is to earn the job
5:50 am
american people not assume you have it. >> joe byron running for the 19th congressional district of florida. thanks, byron. we should point out we invited your competitor to come on. we will see if they want to join us at some point. break out the bowling shoes it is national bowling day. bowlers will be safely hitting the lanes today. we have a live look at a number of locations getting ready for a strike. ♪ ♪ hike!
5:51 am
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xfinity xfi can because it's simple, easy, awesome. get advanced security free with the xfi gateway. download the xfi app today. emily: welcome back. we have a check-in with pete he just got out of the water finishing the first leg. pete, how are you feeling? pete: emily, i finished the
5:54 am
first link by myself kaj directed me. the practice kicked n the motivation of the statue of liberty and all these amazing men kept me going. i wanted to quit. did i not. these seals would never quit. we are about to jump back. in pushups and pull ups. check back in with us. the swim continues. emily: awesome job, pete. we will check back in with you later on this morning. thank you, great job. todd: all right. did you hear? it's national bowling day. and if you have got some spare time, wink, wink, nod, nod, a day at the lanes could be right up you your wink, wink, nod, nod, alley, of course. we have a look at some those open lean lanes this morning joining us in kansas frank, executive director of the bowling proprietor's association of america and owner of five bowling centers. good morning to you, frank. thanks, this is exciting day. everyone loves to go bowling. >> it sure is a great day.
5:55 am
and watching pete is even funner. but we are glad to be here and glad to be celebrating national bowling day all across america in the centers that we can participate in today frank they are able to do it safely because of covid we have to make sure everybody is distancing themselves. talk a little bit about what goes into a day like this. >> yeah. it's a big day for us. when you have 67 million people that bowel every year, national bowling day is just a great day to reconnect with friends and spend time with family in a very save environment. that's what we are been working with the local municipalities and states to have a safe environment for our consumers and our bowlers to come and enjoy themselve them our workere
5:56 am
wearing mask and providing mask if need hand sanitizer and working with proper distancing. when you think of a bowling center they are a thousand square feet per lane. big boxes, big buildings. the proper distancing works well for us. people can keep their distance but still enjoy the participation in our great sport. todd: frank, we appreciate your time this morning. obviously, everybody is hoping that everybody stays safe but bowling alleys are so important to our communities we need to have them back. frank, have a great national bowling day and knock them down for us. get that turkey? >> thank you, go bowling >> stay safe, frank. as the vp search winds down for joe biden. we are learning that he just met with michigan's governor. is she the new frontrunner? the latest on the biden veepstakes coming up on a very busy saturday.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> ♪ born to be wild griff: there's pete hegseth moments ago completing the first leg of his big swim across the hudson river , emily, all for a good cause. >> emily: we will check in with pete and some navy seals in just a few moments and talk about a little bit more about the gi go fund. so good to be here with you guys on this saturday morning todd, griff. todd: emily the shot that you just saw was them resting and during their "break" during this challenge, they do pushups and situps. during my breaks this morning in between segments either you or griff has a segment i ate a bag of sun chips. griff: yeah and they're resting
6:01 am
by doing not just a couple of pushups and every rest stop, they're doing 100 pushups, plus 20 pullups, they are doing that so that the proceeds go to the g i go fund, every bit of this day is geared towards supporting them, and supporting veterans and we see pete there, you know? he's run a mile. he's swam the toughest leg of three-stage swim there and of course, doing pushups, and pull ups, we'll find out how he's doing in just a little bit, emily. >> emily: right and don't forget too, the nypd is out there, the nyfd is out there with a lot of groups showing support for each other and for this wonderful veteran's cause so it's really exciting to see and an incredible morning. todd: obviously there is so much news still to get to as well so let's start off with that we'll check back in with pete throughout the course of the morning, but there's a situation that is going on in case you're unaware it is called
6:02 am
coronavirus and as a result of coronavirus, we have locked down major parts of our countries at varying times during the last four months, and so the focus really has been on trying to open things up. that said, joe biden has a different take on things, and this is specifically important because it boils down to who he's getting to pick for his vp obviously they're running together, he's looking at gretchen whitmer, if you'll recall it's somebody who likes to shut things down so here is what joe biden said about shutting down earlier this week. >> what i see now, if i were president, oh, i'm sorry if i were president today, i would rollback the reopenings in a number of places because look, it's clear. masks and social distancing make a gigantic difference in terms of the spread of this disease.
6:03 am
todd: in picking whitmer yes you do help yourself when it comes to michigan. you help at the swing state, but really doubling down on this notion of closing things down again, i think is perilous. i live in a democratic state, guys and i'm telling you democratic, republican, by and large they want things open up so i don't know if closing things down and talking about closing things down again is the best course of action to really try and win come november >> emily: that's exactly right , todd and keep in mind too there's been significant messaging that joe biden's vice presidential pick will be a woman of color and that's certainly not at this point potentially the michigan governor, and we want to show for you guys we have a clip of all of the comments of democratic leadership on this , take a look. griff: so let me pick it up
6:04 am
there for a second emily because what todd was saying about saying this is perilous for biden whether it's gretchen whitmer or not, we just got the jobs numbers, and the july jobs numbers 3 million less than in june, and a lot of the economists say that was because of the closures and the reopenings and closing again and the sort of unknown what's happening next. now, when he says he wants to re close things there is no messaging as you're pointing out emily, the messaging where the democrats in all of these states, governors, would reopen the plan after they close, how they will reopen and that is what is scaring the daylights out of the markets, you talk about the democrat party leadership and where they are in terms of the stalled failed talks in congress as pelosi and schumer refuse to accept
6:05 am
anything less than what they originally wanted. here is the montage of the leadership. listen. >> i've told them come back when you are ready to give us a higher number. >> she says you guys need to come up a trillion dollars is that a non-starter for you? >> it's a non-starter. >> we're asking them again to be fair, to meet us in the middle, not to have my way or the highway attitude which they seem to have. >> what they want is a $2.5 trillion blank check. griff: now the president tweet ing saying this. pelosi and schumer only interested in bailout money from poorly-run democrat cities and states, nothing to do with china virus. i want $1 trillion, no interest we're going a different way and the president obviously saying that one of the things he wants to do this week is an executive order that would among other things extend those unemployment benefits. >> emily: that's exactly right , griff and that in part comes on the heels of the fact that obviously congress can't
6:06 am
come to a mutual agreement on anything. recall that democrats have at least four times refused to even issue it a stopgap measure in part because speaker pelosi said well that usually happens when we're closer to an agreement so upon the continued failure of our elected officials to come to some type of agreement that would actually provide relief for those americans both unemployed and those who are employed and also the small business owners if they're not getting the relief they need from their elected officials whose salaries they pay well then the president is going to step in. todd? todd: i shouldn't do math but i did here before the show, so if you took that $1 trillion, right , that we're all talking about. not the democratic plan for like three, but just the republican plan for one and you divide it out among 330 million people in the country, my math says $3,000 per person, and wouldn't that go a long way to helping people pay rent, buy food, do things like that? get rid of the noise the other areas where they're thinking of putting money, give it to the people because the people are the ones who need it now.
6:07 am
otherwise, our economies going to be in trouble. with that, somebody who is not in trouble because he trained for this is pete hegseth. and by training for this i mean the swim. hegseth how's it going? pete: recovering, all right? we're all recovering although these guys feel a lot better than i am. we're about to go on the second leg knocking out pushups and pullups for the gi go fund. i'm here with bill brown who put this together a couple years ago , navy seal. what is the swim all about for you? >> it's about love for our country and love for veterans and love for the men and women who put themselves on the line for our country like police officers and firefighters. pete: for fox & friends to be here if you would share your name and background. ray, navy seal. pete: why are you doing this swim? >> for the gi go fund, for america and for freedom. great vets doing great things. pete: how did it feel to get beat by me on the first swim >> i don't know you didn't beat me. pete: exactly right. how about you name and back
6:08 am
background? >> kenny a former navy seal. it's beautiful. we're here to support the gi go fund, to light the way during the times of darkness with lady liberty to make sure that all the patriots and patrons out here get represented for our freedoms and civil liberties, thank you new jersey state police and nypd. pete: amen, such a motivating group of men, seals, patriots in this dark and difficult time these guys are charting the way. i'm just following behind trying to keep up but we're knocking it out awesome charity, gi go fund, i think we'll make it before the end of the show, don't you think? >> absolutely. pete: we'll make it out of the water on the other end. griff: you are going to make it pete before i let you go so you swam to the statue of liberty and now the next leg goes to ell is island? pete: yes, right behind us, then to ground zero. all i care about is that i made it around the statue of liberty, didn't move an inch for 25 minutes last year, fought through it. these guys led the way, excited
6:09 am
to be here. track us, keep watching us. griff: we will indeed and stay tuned all morning long with you. thanks, pete. good luck, as he gets in the water here soon for that second leg. there's three total legs. we'll see how he does but for now we're turning to your headlines. a former police officer is appealing her murder charge in the shooting death of her neighbor. amber geiger is requesting to either be acquitted of murder or acquitted and charged with a lesser crime. she was found guilty of murder in the shooting death of botham john after mistakenly entering his dallas apartment in 2018. >> the bodies of seven marines and a sailor are recovered off the california coast overnight in a military vehicle when it sa nk during a training exercise. the service members ranging in age from 19-23 years old, 16 service members were on board the vehicle, eight were rescued. the commanding officer of the unit saying in part, "we hope the successful recovery of our fallen warriors brings some measure of comforte >> and the
6:10 am
coronavirus we go, covid deaths now topping 161,000 in the u.s. , as cases approach 5 million nationwide. ohio governor make dewine speaking out about getting a false positive covid-19 test before meeting with the president. >> they told me that i couldn't see the president and the reason was that i tested positive, but then got the good results last night that the test from ohio state had come back as negative for all of us. griff: fox news medical contributor dr. mark siegel joined us earlier and he says false positive tests are more common than people realize. >> what kind of tests are you doing, because governor dewine was doing an antigen test which looks for a protein that the virus has now, i love those tests but they are less accurate. griff: the pcr test is considered the gold standard for coronavirus testing. >> and check this out a boy scout rallies together more than
6:11 am
$2,000 worth of donations for homeless veterans in washington state. >> part of it is just kind of a thank you to some of the veterans who don't really get recognized. griff: benson gregory filling 25 backpacks with donated items like water bottles and flashlights, giving them out to veterans in need, and those are your headlines, good job. the boy scouts emily got to love them. >> emily: absolutely, thanks griff. still ahead a fugitive wanted for more than five decades is finally captured by the very detective he shot back in 1971, that detective shares the incredible story, next. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness,
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6:15 am
the first leg to the statue of liberty and now he will go from this place over to ellis island for the second leg and he's wav ing and he looks good so far he's swam a little over a half mile in the roughest part of the hudson river with 30-plus navy seals all for a good cause for the gi go fund when he was resting and this is how navy seals rest he did 100 pushups and 20 pullups and now he will begin again but you never know with rivers where the current is going to be worse he's got a lot to go yet and then he'll do a third leg as well it'll go to battery park and then they will run with american flags to honor veterans, heros. you have the nypd, the nyfd there as well and here goes pete. pete interestingly, emily and todd, pete in front there of this group i believe that's a navy seal that joined along with them helped them last year hasn't had to help pete this year and actually has a
6:16 am
camera, a go pro on his cap so at some point we're going to give you not only this great shot of pete swimming the hudson we'll give you the up close go pro which may tell us exactly how hard it was and how much he struggled, emily? >> emily: that's exactly right , griff and every navy seal that you see swimming here has a partner that they're swimming with, including our own pete hegseth and that's sort of to make sure that the current i think is enabled a little smoother for them and also of course for their safety. it's really incredible to watch how dedicated these men are to country, to their community, to u.s. veterans and all the support that has come out today from nypd and nyfd and the like. gi go fund really an incredible cause and we're so excited to be a part of it. now, another story we are following is a huge a ever on the run for 46 years, who was finally caught by the same cop
6:17 am
he shot back in 1971. the police officer making it his mission to find now-77-year-old lewis archuletta he joins us now to discuss his incredible efforts. sir thank you so much for being with us today and congratulations on what must have been such a fulfilling capture. please tell us the story of the pursuit and then the final capture. >> sure. it was october 3, 1971 when i got shot and i was returning from to sunside drug and cutting through the projects and i spotted a car at the curb with two females and a male sitting in it and the male had a hat on and he looked like a character, so i pulled a u-turn, came in behind him, and i'd confronted him on the passenger side and i
6:18 am
asked for an id and he gave me a social security card and had the name lewis archuletta on it and that's the only thing he had so i get him out of the car and his shirttails were out and i asked him to step to the rear and put his hands-on the trunk and i was going to pat him down for weapons, and as soon as we got there he was side stepping with his butt towards the trunk and his right elbow went up and i reached across his body which is a rookie mistake, and i grabbed his hand which had a gun in it and i couldn't restrain him and he shot me. so that's how the shooting happened. >> emily: and for 46 years you and your department pursued him. what was the eventual lead. what turned the tables that enables you to finally capture this guy? >> well you have to understand for all this time, i have been pursuing him by contacting his
6:19 am
family and friends and ex-cons, informants, and rattling their cages all the time, and hoping that they would talk talk among themselves, and apparently, it worked. i can't believe it took this long but it did, and on june 24, i get this call and this person says i've thought about it and i'm going to tell you where the guy that shot you is and i couldn't believe it so i just listened and he gave me a name and an address and some other details which after i talked to this person, i went to work and verified it and i found this guys in the databases under this alias of ramon montoya and the address that this guy just gave me. i mean, it was amazing. i had these leads, so the break came from me when i found that
6:20 am
he was involved in a 2011 dwai in mexico, and i got his mugshot and this guys old but his head shape was the same and i knew it was him, so i compiled all this information, i verified that he had a social security number, a driver's license, the date of birth, address, which was in his wife's name, and i called the lieutenant abraham baka of the espinola police and gave him all of the information and he agreed to help me. >> emily: officer it's an incredible story and speaks to your determination and we just can't thank you enough for your service and for the fact that this was a better late than never capture. we salute you, sir, thank you for being with us today. >> thank you. >> emily: coming up, joe biden approaching the end of his vp search and with nearly one week
6:21 am
to go until the democrat national convention, more than 300 dnc delegates are all rally ing behind one in particular, don peebles breaks down the short list, next. a lot of healthy foods are very acidic and aren't necessarily great for your teeth. the acid can actually wear away at the enamel which over time can cause sensitivity and a lot of people start to see their teeth turn yellow. i like to recommend pronamel to my patients to help them protect their teeth and keep the enamel strong. it was built on blue-collar, hard work. hard work means every day. getting it right. it's so iconic, you can just sit it on a shelf if it's missing, you know it. your family, my family, when they drink that coffee,
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6:24 am
griff: welcome back to the campaign trail we go joe biden is expected to announce his runningmate any day now, and congresswoman karen bads is getting the endorsement of more than 300 dnc delegates meanwhile susan rice is selling her share of stocks in netflix as she had reportedly on his short list, so who should the former vice president choose to be his vp? here to discuss it, the founder, chairman and ceo of the people's corporation and a former member of president obama's national
6:25 am
finance committee, don peebles. don is washington's favorite parlor game whose the pick going to be? who do you say it will be? >> well i'm not sure look i think he's got a couple good options. i think congresswoman bath who i worked with where i chaired the black caucus foundation back in 2016 we worked together, she's got good leadership skills and she be a good domestic choice; however, i think susan rice, of course with her foreign affairs experience be helpful. i haven't ruled out elizabeth warren. i think elizabeth warren brings a whole lot to the equation, and a very helpful in terms of bringing the progressives to biden, because biden is the center or he's going to run to the center i think he's always donald ultimately he's going to need some credibility to the left in order to energize that base. griff: okay happening on, don. you give me so much there let me just dive in. first of all warren is white and there's been a lot made about whether or not he should pick a woman of color to include maxine
6:26 am
waters, california congresswoman saying it should be a woman of color but then you've also got the specifically warren hurdle which is she's viewed as very liberal when it comes to finances created the consumer financial protection board. >> yeah, look. i think that first of all i don't think we should be picking candidates based on race. certainly i am obviously very progressive when it comes to promoting economic opportunity for african americans and equal protection under the law for african americans but we should no more say that you have to pick a black candidate as he should have to pick a white candidate so i think he should pick the best vice presidential candidate for the job. karen bass is one of the best candidates for the job. so is susan rice. so is elizabeth warren. so i think that he has a broad selection here. i think the vice president made a mistake though in saying he would pick a woman and he was doing that to win the nomination when he was struggling during the early primary season and i
6:27 am
think that locked him in to the equation that we have now and that's why he's going to put himself in a position where i think absent picking karen bass he's going to have some unhappy people on the progressive side or on the african american side. griff: don we're leaving out one name perceived to be the front runner for the pick and that is senator kamala harris. do you think she's been moved out of the front runner status seat? >> no, i don't think she's been moved out yet. look i think she be a very good choice. she's had a series of leadership positions at the state level, statewide is the largest state in our nation, and in the united states senate; however she tends to be more moderate and also, she's from a state that he is going to win no matter what. karen bass is the more interesting choice because of her progressive, she's definitely to the left in terms of her progressive approach to things and i think that could help biden in a different way.
6:28 am
warren, you know, be able to accomplish a lot of that. warren is a combination of bass and harris, except for the race issue, so she be a good choice. i think the one thing that democrats are being concerned about right now is as a republican governor of massachusetts, charlie baker and of course if warren were to elevate up to vice president that he would nominate a republican for the senate and that would takeaway the chances of the democrats controlling the senate, should biden win. griff: all right, don, with just seconds to go if it were don pee bles, the candidate running for president, who would you pick? >> i would go with kamala harris. she's ready to lead day one. griff: very fascinating, don peebles thank you very much we'll wait and see who biden picks could be any day. thanks, don. >> thank you, thanks for having me. griff: president can vowing to
6:29 am
take executive action as congress stumbles on a stimulus deal. what could be on the president's agenda we discuss it next and pete continues to swim across the hudson we'll check in with him, coming up. you don't want to miss it. >> ♪ ♪ oad is open again. and wherever you're headed, choice hotels is there. book direct at it was 1961 when nellie young lost her devoted husband. without him, things were tough. her last option was to sell her home,
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>> ♪ what doesn't kill you
6:33 am
makes you stronger, stand a little taller, doesn't mean i'm lonely when i'm alone ♪ todd: we watched pete hegseth jump back into the river and pete is the one in the white cap. >> emily: he is swimming from new jersey to new york raising money for our veterans. griff: here is a live look at some seals arriving on a barge dropped off from ellis island and from there they will make another stop to do more pushups and pullups petes not there quite yet but this is a barge here ellis island they will rest which means another 100 pushups another 20 pullups before they begin their third leg, the third and final leg will take them to battery park, and from there, they will run with american flags to the 9/11 memorial such a significant day and pete, to be swimming with these navy seal s these are her america's
6:34 am
greatest heros the bravest in the history of our country from the fight and you see navy seals getting out, it seems like it's just another day for a swim. they don't look exhausted at all in deed, but it is certainly a tough task considering the current in the hudson, the fact that they began this morning with a one mile run before they even got in there, it's amazing my hats off to these warriors and navy seals we want to bring in now former navy seal scott taylor whose a republican congressional candidate for the state of virginia. scott, good morning to you. >> good morning, griff good to be with you i'm proud of pete. i'd love to be out there. i'd be quarantined for 14 days otherwise i'd be swimming. griff: well listen you can't swim but let us give you an opportunity to assess, give us a little analysis of how you think pete will measure up swimming against 30-plus guys that began their career. >> well, you know, pete is a
6:35 am
stud. i love him he's a good brother of mine but let's face it some of those guys are really fast, a lot faster than i am and they've been working for years doing that so they probably have a little bit of an advantage over him. griff: yeah, and scott, the cause, the gi go fund is what they're doing it for , very very important. tell me about it. >> look there's no question that you've had less than 1% of the nation that has gone back over and over again, defending this nation. let's not forget their strong families which is the very backbone of our military community, and so i'm just really proud of my brothers out there who are supporting veterans, we have too many veterans committing suicide, too many that are homeless, too many military and veteran families in need, so i'm just super proud of not only those out there swimming today but all the supporters who are really helping this community out. todd: scott let's do a little
6:36 am
non-hegseth news, you're a congressional candidate so you want to be in congress and you know the people that are supposed to be doing what the president wants to do, the president vowing to sign an executive order by the end of this week accusing nancy pelosi and chuck schumer of looking for a bailout for democrat-run cities. should the president use the power of his pen and do some sort of executive action to bring relief to the american people? >> well here is the issue. we didn't like it when president obama did the same thing he said he had a pen but two can play at the same time right? what my person is is the american people out there. the single mothers, the small business owners, the everyday americans who don't care about that big salt deduction which of course is the real estate tax for wealthy property owners that schumer and nancy pelosi want to protect. they seem to care more about their liberal donors and every day americans who quite frankly the governments across the nation have really imposed and harmed them calling them non -essential, life's work livelihoods i don't think you
6:37 am
should be bailing out cities who have been run poorly by liberals for years. if we're going to get aid out there let's help the american people who need it the most that goes directly to them as opposed to being eaten up in bureaucracy and given to political donors quite frankly. >> emily: speaking of private property we wanted to get your thoughts on this next topic. republicans are slamming team vogue calling for the abolish ment of private property rights and the police. and it's titled "an vehicle crisis is coming we need to treat housing as a rate" and from the article, from the op-ed , they say while we're working to abolish the police we must also work to dismantle what the police were hut here to protect which is property. your thoughts on that? well a couple things. number one it's completely anti- american. you have an editor who wrote a book called feminism, resistance and revolution in trump's america. look only in america could you have a vogue magazine that glory
6:38 am
it fridays the ultra come surge of movie stars at the same time trying to elevate anti-property policy that you saw in cuba, you saw in russia. the reality is our youth and our people in this country need to understand that in this country as opposed to most countries in the world and certainly the vast majority and throughout history, we have this unique framework that allows us to create a better union to reform things, slow for some, but we're imperfect, but we can move towards a more perfect union and that is unlike anything throughout world history. >> emily: scott taylor thank you for joining us this morning and most importantly thank you for your service. >> my pleasure great to be with you all. >> emily: turning to your headlines, bill maher who confronts an ex-clinton advisor over the former president's ties to jeffrey epstein. questioning if the involvement of the clintons in the 2020 election could be a distraction. take a look. >> now bill clinton people are
6:39 am
saying there are witnesses who saw him on jeffrey epstein's sex island, obviously it's denied. well you shake your head like oh , that's impossible. look it's possible. >> emily: appearing to shake his head "no." he went on to say the clintons are pretty talented politicians. >> take a look at this. a man is caught on camera pouring gasoline on a police car outside a south carolina station and setting it on fire. police say he fled in a silver four door sedan and is still on the run. they are asking for tips in hopes of leading to an arrest. please contact them if you know anything. >> next a dad saves his seven- year-old daughter after a giant tree falls on their new jersey home. take a look at this frightening video. >> i thought my daughter, i got my family out and the rest is just material stuff. >> illegal immigrants: the father pulling his daughter from the rubble carrying her and his 9-year-old son to safety.
6:40 am
the tropical storm has caused the tree to fall completely destroying their home. >> and those are your headlines. griff: yeah and that headline, we have been waiting for all day long is when pete gets to the next stage and we see pete there , arriving at ellis island that's the barge out there. he's made now the second leg complete. the first one to the statue of liberty. the second one to employee us ellis island and he's climbing the ladder and he doesn't even look that exhausted this is unbelievable an incredible improvement from last year when he was certainly struggling in this part of the phase, now it looks like he's having no problem whatsoever, all smiles, giving hugs, saying hi. pete, congratulations! the second leg now done you're at ellis island how was it? how you doing?
6:41 am
we were just saying you just got to the second part there, pete. how you feeling? you look like you're not even tired. pete: feeling good. confidence restored. my left and right i was drafting off the whole way let's not lie. these guys are absolute navy seal swimming pros but i think a little practice paid off this year. i feel better in the water. >> i feel like you found a fifth gear, man where did that come from? pete: it's called turning 40, that's what it is you find your next gear. jeff you saw me struggle last year and by the way mention that but also how inspiring it is to be swimming with guys in this river. >> absolutely, it blows me away every time being out here with the statue of liberty with all the fellow veterans, seals, army , marine, it's incredible and on our way to manhattan to pay respects to everyone who gave the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our freedom over there. pete: absolutely this is a generation that never forgets
6:42 am
what happened on that day on 9/11, 2001, guys like this who have lost so many done so many deployments way more than me and most, they go to the most dangerous places in the world, they lose people and leave them behind but never forget them, they don't leave them behind but they lose them and never forget them and a swim today as much as it is about vets and vets homelessness and entrepreneurship and it's about honoring the legacy of the guys you guys served with. >> absolutely it's about our brothers in arms and i know some of the guys who couldn't be with us today, these are great seals who were killed in combat overseas, they're smiling down on us from that big lilly pad in the sky. pete: amen, and they're still doing pullups and pushups. i'll try to knockout my portion. i might have to skim on that a little bit due to time but it's inspiring looking at 9/11 swimming through that water looking up at the statue of liberty the gi go fund doing great things for vets and honor ed to be a part of it jeff any final thoughts?
6:43 am
>> just a huge honor to be out here with everybody and we've put on new jersey state police today my grandpa was a marine and fought in korea and retired new jersey state police so it's a huge honor to be wearing his shorts and we got new york police department, new york fire department and port authority fire department. this couldn't happen without them coming out and supporting us as well. we protect everybody overseas they protect everybody right here. pete: amen, and you got a kiss on your shoulder right there. little lipstick for a seal. we're going to finish this swim. griff: give me the next leg is what? pete: next leg, we're at ellis island, next leg is down to the shadow of ground zero, we'll go to the remembrance pools there, honor the names of the fallen ceremony there, i think it's after the show ends guys but we'll bring it to you tomorrow, sunday on "fox & friends." griff: well good luck pete. pete: we'll finish this for you. griff: you're doing great. we'll be watching, stay tuned. he's going to make it, guys.
6:44 am
more "fox & friends" coming up after this. >> ♪ in a believer
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botox® has been preventing headaches and migraines before they even start for 10 years. so, ask your doctor about botox® today. >> emily: welcome back we're back with a few quick headlines a judge issues a temporary restraining order against a california church banning it from holding large indoor services. the church was sued earlier this year for defying governor gavin newsom's coronavirus order s. the judge says the risk to public health is greater than the church's constitutional right. >> and nasa announcing it's removing offensive nicknames for planets and galaxies. the agency says it will only refer to them by their scientific names, one of them includes eskimo nebula and that will now be called ngc 2,392. pair >> on to you, todd. todd the aclu unveiling an
6:48 am
ambitious multi multi-year lobbying effort, the organization writing in part , "it's time for governors to use their existing powers to unilaterally undo the harms of the crime era and forcefully confront a racist criminal legal systemment" joining me to react is the founder for the center of the american liberty, always great to get your thoughts on these points. why do you say this is a bad idea? >> well, the evidence is right here in alexandria a few days ago where a young man, was released by governor northam back in april under this very type of a program. he was in jail awaiting trial for rape, and violent strangulation and robbery, and he was released and he then went on a few days ago to murder his victim and then shoot himself and so for months he was on the
6:49 am
loose and had he stole a car but this is just one example of many so in the eyes of covid a lot of these liberal activists have attempted to change laws they have already been trying to change for many years such as the elimination of bail such as releasing people shortening sentences such as not jailing people at all for certain types of crimes but there's a difference between letting elderly people out who have served their time a few months early versus not even bothering to incarcerate or have ankle bracelets at all on accused violent criminals and this lady paid with her life and there are many other americans who paid with their property and life as a result of these liberal policies under covid. todd: in light of that case, is there any other way to view what the aclu and others like it want other than giving victims more or less rights than criminals. >> well not really. this is something they've been pushing for some time. this is part of their liberal agenda but the most basic function of government dating back to caveman era is to keep
6:50 am
the citizens safe, and by elevating the rights of the violent accused over the rights of the citizens governor northam, liberal governors throughout the united states, have said that basic responsibility, and the lady who was murdered, she was an immigrant and the people who are most affected by this type of a situation are typically people with less advantage, not the people like governors with security, not the wealthy, it's the people who could least afford it. >> harmeet, we appreciate your insight on this and thank you for your time and still ahead we'll check back in with pete whose about to jump back into the water and continue his swim with the navy seals. more on fox & friends. >> ♪ ♪ usaa is made for what's next we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed
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6:54 am
griff: you're looking live at our drone shot over the hudson river where pete has been swimming for hours with navy seals for the gi go fund what an unbelievable shot. that's the barge off ellis island the completion of the second of three stages we want to go down there now, where i think we can check in with pete, before he starts that next and final leg. pete? pete: yes, griff i was waving to the drone. great to see it. i'm joined by pierce, former army ranger, who just got back from afghanistan multiple tours thank you for your service, pierce. howed you get mixed up with these navy seals? can rangers swim? >> i'm here to prove that rang ers can swim. luckily when getting out of the military a few months ago i linked up with an amazing group of special operations veterans
6:55 am
out in los angeles and they invited me out here to do this amazing event and this is my hometown. pete: you're a recent transition guy something like the gi go fund, how much does it mean when you're coming out to have a group of fellow vets to support you? >> this is an incredibly capable group. a lot of people think that us coming out of the military we need the help but we like to think of it as what can we provide to the community that's coming out and in the real-world so this is awesome to be here and support the gi go fund. pete: i'm getting the go sign right there. i listen to my swim navy seal buddy so we got one leg leftist the smart thing army guys listen to the navy seals absolutely don't wait. we'll jump in the water right now i'll hand off the microphone and we'll finish the swim and bring the rest to you tomorrow on fox & friends, wish us luck. pierce? lead the way. griff: well go get them, pete. we're going to watch as you try and go and jump in. it's unbelievable, emily and
6:56 am
todd as we're watching pete it looks like he's not even really struggling at this point. a far cry from last year when he was really struggling he's got this in the bag and you know, seeing navy seals swim for this cause, the gi go fund and all that they have given for the sacrifice and service of our nation, it's unbelievable and while it looks like they are all just sort of having some fun , jumping in, clowning around if you will, oh, yeah a backflip are you kidding me? this is an unbelievable mile- plus swim in a difficult river, the hudson river with current. here goes pete so after pete does this , go get them, pete as he goes for his final swim he'll go to battery park and that's the completion of the final and third leg and then he'll run with these seals and as we found out a ranger to the 9/11 memorial, the american flags and really bring it home, we'll be back in a moment, after
6:57 am
this. ♪
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>> ♪ we're an american man griff: the final leg of his journey across the hudson river. todd: bye-bye, everybody have a great saturday. neil: all right, you won't do it congress, i will. growing indications today is the day that the president is going to issue that executive order, executive action if you will, to go ahead and get stimulus out to the american people, sooner rather than later lake i said, today. what we know is that he is looking to provide an extension of jobless benefits. he also could look at keeping obviously the payroll tax issue alive and well, maybe something that could produce instant cash from the american people. the devils in the details but this much we know for sure. the president hinted at this last night at his golf club , that'


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