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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  August 14, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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show with you going back to the classroom because i'd watch that for sure. >> if you produce it, i'm there. i'm doing it. real quick, i know it's not my story, but the seals are the reason why the sharks are back, too many seals. >> dana: bill hemmer, did you hear that? the seals are bringing sharks. >> bill: indeed, nice to see you. so good friday afternoon. i am bill hemmer. stacked our in new jersey a little bit later this hour, visiting his younger brother robert who is getting care in a new york hospital native will meet with members of a police union, also spoke at a news conference before leaving the white house. meanwhile, joe biden, kamala harris appearing together for a third straight day. in moments, i will speak to senator tim kaine and then reaction with stephen miller. we also have jacqui heinrich in delaware with the biden team,
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the fallout from the russian matter that happened just hours ago but first, chief white house correspondent john roberts kicks off our coverage from the north lawn. good afternoon on this friday. >> good afternoon to you. and just the last couple of hours upping the pressure on democrats to come back to the table and sign a coronavirus relief bill in a series of tweets outlining what he is prepared to do immediately said that democrats are holding him up but the president said he is prepared to do more direct payments to all americans to the tune of $3400 for a family of four, that mirrors the first direct payment and also additional paycheck protection plan payments to small businesses and spend more money for states and local governments including $105 billion to schools. one of the main sticking points in getting the deal has been mining the democrats are demanding from the post office, $25,000,000,000.03 and a half billion dollars to handle the expected surge of mail-in voti
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voting. the president is very critical of that demand, don't forget, doesn't like mail-in voting. i asked him whether he would be willing to compromise and here's what he said. >> if the democrats were to give you some of what you want, which you articulated in a series of tweets in the last hour, would you be willing to accept the $25 billion including the three and half billion dollars? >> it's not what i want, it's what the american people want. they're not giving it to me, they're giving it to the american people. i would certainly do that. >> democrats continue to insist that he is using cost-cutting measures to try to diminish the vote. house speaker nancy pelosi and chuck schumer saying "the president made a play that he will manipulate operations to deny eligible voters the ballot in pursuit of his own reelection of the president's own words confirming he needs to cheat to win. the chances of getting a deal at
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least in the immediate future are slim to none and i believe slim just left town, but there is some talk here at the white house that they might not even need a deal at all because the president's executive actions that he has taken on unemployment insurance, reducing the payroll tax withholding as well as trying to do something to ensure people have protection against eviction may be enough to tide over until the economy starts to recover and more people start to go back to work but even if the president doesn't really need to deal with doesn't mean he can't hold the prospect of one over the democrats heads which is exactly what he's doing. >> bill: thank you very much. john roberts from the white house. team fox coverage continues now, jacqui heinrich covers the biden-harris campaign in delaware. >> afternoon. was a brief event, no q&a with reporters, biden ignored her question about whether he's been tested for coronavirus and harris briefly responded to a
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question essentially saying she is in it to win it, but the meat of the moment was the photo op setting the stage for next week where harris will become the first black and south asian woman on a presidential ticket. >> let's make it official. going to sign our request to get on the ballot in each of these states, starting off by signing delaware and the senator will sign california and then doing the real work in getting all the states. and territories. so thank you. >> the larger event is tonight, another virtual fund-raiser. in the two days after announcing harris as vp, the campaign brought in $50 million, a staggering sum when you remember harris brought in 40 million her entire presidential campaign and biden raised just over 60 million in all of 2019. comes as a new fox poll shows
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biden leading president trump by seven points with a large majority of voters concerned about the spread of coronavirus. the biden campaign is going after the president hard after his pandemic response releasing a memo titled "president trump's coronavirus lies, 152 and counting." it's broken up into categories including minimizing the threat of the virus, biden campaign also airing coronavirus criticism in battleground states with three new ads detailing how they would get the virus under control. one of those ads specifically targets seniors leading president trump and that poll in the spanish language add values of faith and family. >> bill: 81 days give or take. nice to see when delaware. some breaking news from the first criminal case and john durham's investigation into the origins of the russia probe, a former fbi lawyer expected to plead guilty to making a false statement.
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his attorney says his client believes the information was accurate but now realizes what he did was wrong. near th the presidents golf club where he is heading a bit later today, good afternoon. >> you can expect president trump will be weighing in on this probably at some point this weekend whether through a tweet or other comments. meanwhile, his name is kevin kleinsmith, former fbi attorney as you mentioned, has agreed to plead guilty to falsifying a document as part of the john durham investigation. john durham, the u.s. attorney based in connecticut looking at the origins of the russia investigation put in there by attorney general bill barr more than a year ago but this is the first tangible result from the durham investigation which makes that critical. according to the document released today, altered an email to say that former trump campaign eight carter page was not the source for the cia. the problem is, he was a source at some point in time. several fires and surveillance warrants were issued, the fbi
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never disclosed that because kleinsmith changed the wording on the document. fbi inspector general michael horowitz released the long-awaited report where he found 17 significant errors or omissions in the applications. last night, attorney general bill barr on fox news snapped back at frequent criticism that he is allowing this probe to wrap up just two and a half months before the election. listen. >> if people cross the line, if people involved in that activity violated a criminal law, they will be charged. and john durham is an independent man, highly experienced, and his investigation is pursuing. >> saying kevin deeply regrets having altered the email and was never his intent to mislead his colleagues as he believe the information relayed was accurate but understands what he did was wrong and accepts responsibility. that coming from esther
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kleinsmith's attorney. meanwhile, we could possibly potentially see indictments over the next few months, not clear if they will be an actual report that was different between the john durham report and the ig michael horowitz report is that john durham can always criminally charge. we'll see what the president says this weekend in new jersey. >> bill: interesting interview last night, nice to see you. in meantime, we've got the justice department announcing fuel from four tankers heading from venezuela, that is a direct violation of u.s. sanctions. lucas tomlinson has the story. >> the largest capture of iranian fuel by the u.s. government in history, over 1 million barrels and now they want some of that money back according to the justice department. "without connection to state-sponsored terrorism may in whole or in part be directed to the united states after the conclusion of the case. last month, the u.s. filed a complaint to cease all of them
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aboard to oil tankers. the issue was in the nation's capital. in an attempt to recover some of the seas petroleum was unsuccessful according to the doj. u.s. military release this to be video of the raid. they also registered in liberia and no coincidence, officials tell me. in austria, secretary of state mike pompeo met the head of the nuclear watchdog has members of the u.n. security council vote to extend the arms embargo when i ran. results will be announced later today. russia and china oppose the move. >> it makes no sense to prevent the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism to purchase and sell weapon systems. this is about whether the world is going to permit iran to buy and sell weapon systems. it's that clear, it is that simple. >> that arms embargo expires in october. >> bill: thank you,
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lucas tomlinson from the pentagon, more to come on that. hillary clinton's former running mate says senator harris is good for the ticket and for the country. senator tim kaine of virginia will jointly live to talk about that in a moment. within a bit later, will speak to president trump senior policy advisor about the debate over plans to reopen schools and more. plus, fox news sunday anchor chris wallace on the latest fox news polling including who americans think their neighbors are voting for. that's a block party and that is still to come. is mealtime a struggle? introducing ore-ida potato pay. where ore-ida golden crinkles are your crispy currency to pay for bites of this... ...with this. when kids won't eat dinner, potato pay them to. ore-ida. win at mealtime.
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>> bill: democrats across the country praising joe biden's pick for vp including senator tim kaine of virginia who is hillary clinton's running mate. the senator is with me now and good afternoon to you. we went back four years ago today, and here is the average in polling on this day in 2016 in pennsylvania. you were up nine, today joe biden is up six. in wisconsin on this day, you were up nine, joe biden is up six. in ohio, you're up about two and a half and today, joe biden is right about there. what do you think when you see these bowls that show biden up ? >> i think we have to work awful hard to make sure we win especially in a day like today when the president is trying to undercut the ability of people to vote by mail. he has a lot of power as
12:15 pm
president that he didn't have as a candidate and will stop at nothing to win so that's what i tell people all the time, making sure we do everything we can, not by a little, not by a medium amount, but by a lot so the message will be loud and clear that joe biden and kamala harris will be our next president and vice president. >> bill: i bet you have thought about 2016 every day since. i think i'm right about that. >> i would say covid has chased a lot of those thoughts out of my mind. >> bill: what is the one thing you would change from that campaign that you think you learned? >> the best thing about the campaign was also the worst thing about the campaign, so you're asking a personal question, the best thing was i loved being on a ticket to try to help the first woman be president. and we fell short. we won the popular vote, but we lost. the worst thing about the
12:16 pm
campaign was being on a ticket and seeing the misogyny and double standard applied to the first woman nominee, the lock her chants and doubles standards that are applied, and i see some of that now starting up with kamala harris, the president raising a question over whether she's a u.s. citizen because her parents were immigrants. just tells me in the united states is good at so many things including good at an awful lot of things about women but have an awful track record of electing women in congress. our congress and 76 in the world with 24% women, tied with afghanistan but behind iraq, behind canada, half of mexico, so i think this is going to be an excellent opportunity to finally break the glass ceiling that i hope to have raked four years ago. >> bill: let's come back to that. sorry, there's a delay in the signal there. come back to that comment about hillary clinton. are you saying that's why she
12:17 pm
lost? >> that is a major reason, you can be absolutely sure of it. i don't think you would see people chanting law corrupt had she been a man. i just don't think they were a whole set of outrageous slurs cast her way and doubles standards applied to her and women that i know have gotten used to double standards being judged on their appearance when men are being judged about whether they are likable, people said that she too ambitious, who has ever said about a male politician that they are ambition was something that should be held against them? so these are double standards, some of them are equal in some of them are very subtle and subconscious, but that's the reason why. >> bill: you don't think it may be that hillary clinton was not the candidate that america wanted? >> i didn't say that there was only one reason for the outcome, but i do know they were very
12:18 pm
definitely misogyny and double standards directed towards hillary and that's what it's going to take to have the first woman vice president or president is to get over a hurdle that many other nations have been able to get over. >> bill: how long can joe biden sustained being hunkered down in delaware? would you encourage him to get out there? doesn't take any questions. how long is that sustainable? >> i think you're going to see the ticket out there. he is trying to be appropriate and follow the guidelines that health officials are setting up. i will tell you this, i'm glad i'm not running in 2020 because shaking hands and hugging people on the rope lines and things like that are much more difficult now if you are trying to follow good science. but i have no doubt communities all around the country are going to see joe and, between now and november 3rd. >> bill: you put forward a bill to help students in higher education and excess money for
12:19 pm
covid. what would you like to see done right now? the white house argues there's 10 billion out there that hasn't been spent, what would your bill do to help students? >> here's what i think we should do. the dollars are needed, but the dollars need to be deployed in the best way possible for science. the cdc has had a web site for a very long time with guidance for colleges that didn't have anything on it about testing, nothing. and i kept pestering the cdc and the health committee hearings, how come you are not giving guidance about testing? the administration has decided on governors and college presidents rather than offer guidance, so the first thing we should do is just have is crystal clear guidance from the cdc and nih as possible about here's what your protocol should be, should you test all students when they come in and then kids with symptoms and then some random testing, we need clear
12:20 pm
guidance and then the dollar should be spent following the science. shouldn't lead it up to every college. they don't have an nih or cdc to figure out on their own. >> bill: need to get kids back in school. i think we can all agree on that. thank you for your time, senator and i hope we can stay in contact. 80 plus days right now and we will go through these issues together. thank you for being here today. president trump meanwhile saying democrats are holding those checks out. democrats arguing the relief does not do enough. harmony team takes that on just ahead. plus, i'll ask the president senior policy advisor what's next for the middle east after the region's first peace deal in 25 years. r every year. with their va streamline refi, there is no income verification, no appraisal, no out of pocket costs and no va paperwork for you.
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>> bill: there was a stalemate over a further covid relief and it could drag on for weeks as congress leaves town. want to bring in our friday money team, with the advisor of trump campaign in 2016 and professor of economics and public policy at the university of michigan. welcome, as of friday, feeling good i think during these covid times. are we on track to get more relief to the folks who need it or do you think we should took a step back this week? >> trumped of the unilateral payroll tax cut which was a stroke of genius because it puts money right into the pocketbooks and paychecks of 140 million working people, and they need it. nurses and doctors and sanitation workers and construction workers so that's a good start. trump doesn't want to do these checks that could provide as much is $3,000 per family. pelosi wants to do that too. you want to do it, do it.
12:26 pm
the big fight right now is about this big trillion dollar blue state bailout that nancy pelosi wants which republicans want. >> bill: that's a hangup for now. just in, what do you think? that's with the president tweeted a a bit earlier today. is that good for now? >> for now. remember, right now is the middle of august. all the income support for the first bill ran out july 31st. is two weeks too late. congress is left with a bunch of tricks coming out of the white house. my kids school understands that we are all trying to get back to school in the middle of september so starting weeks in advance. when everyone knew the money ran out july 31st, not only that, it's been scattered. we've got tens of millions of families with no work and no income support. isn't just about economics, it's a human problem too.
12:27 pm
>> bill: are fox poll and for both of you gentlemen, how are you doing right now, holding steady, falling behind her getting ahead. 32% say they've fallen behind. i like that you add holding steady in getting ahead at 66% still, 30 people respond to that to our poll that say they are falling behind financially. >> it is not actually something that we should be surprised about. we very foolishly have shut down the american economy for the last four or five months, and we shut down businesses and shut down jobs, people suffer financially. we put away the single most important thing we have to do to get people back on the job and people feeling good about their lives is to open up the economy. most states have done that, there are some still that happened. some of my liberal friends are saying we should shut down the economy again. there was a big story in "the new york times" saying we should shut down the economy for six more weeks. we can't do that.
12:28 pm
we have to move forward and obviously do it in a safe way but no amount of federal money is going to make up for the fact that we still -- >> we actually tried the prescription which was not shutting down, and what have you got? spreading disease everywhere and they've been forced a shut down. turns out it's not very good epidemiologist. >> you are wrong about that. the states that have -- >> bill: hang on, justin. >> the strictest shutdowns were in new york, new jersey, and pennsylvania and they have death rates two or three times higher than the states that never locked down at all. lockdowns did not save lives. obviously we have to keep all people safe, we want social distancing and masks but we want our schools open and we want businesses open and we have to do it quickly. >> bill: it's really stunning. continue.
12:29 pm
>> i'm not going to go through and refute him point by point because the point is economists shouldn't be the ones making these decisions. it will be whether the bug spread. what's happening to the sun belt states and we have widespread disease and rising deaths. those rising deaths that have economic consequences they may be qualified to talk about and what we're seeing is when it comes back, the economy slows down, if you look at what's happening to the u.s. economy has the virus has research through july, the recovery has stopped dead in its tracks good so this experiment failed, failed people, they are dying and feeling the economy is stopping. >> bill: almost out of time but your name was invoked a few times. go ahead and respond to that. >> we've had three months of rising job numbers, still have a lot of work to do but you can't have an economic recovery of businesses are shut down. and you can't if schools are shut down, most parents want to
12:30 pm
do that. they tried the economic shut down route in states like new york and massachusetts and new jersey and it was a catastrophe. in the states that did not lockdown have low unemployment rates. >> bill: we are to shutting down everything. they canceled the lights display for 9/11 here in new york. on september 11th, 19 years later. thanks to you, we can go on forever and we shall. thanks to both of you here today. that's the breaking news right now, air force one touching down moments ago, comes as the white house on the administration outlines plans to reopen schools including masks for low income children and a lot of assistance from the cdc, the senior advisor run policy is stephen miller and will join you live next. plus, high school football teams back on the field for their first game with fans as the
12:31 pm
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>> bill: some bottom of the hour headlines, the numbers of cases decreasing slightly after hitting an all-time high last month. u.s. averaging about 52,000 new cases a day over the past week. ncaa canceling fall sports championships because of the pandemic. could push the games to spring and we hope that is the case. meanwhile, a couple of schools in utah took to the gridiron last night believed to be the first high school football game in the u.s., fans were masks and players sit from their own water bottles. sold out at 45% capacity. breaking news, the president has arrived taking questions right now. >> we are doing very well in our trade deal but i feel
12:36 pm
differently about china than i've ever felt. i'll see you later. >> bill: so there it is, also the president visiting his brother who is in a hospital here in new york, his name is robert, his younger brother and alex hogan has been tracking that, now joins me as a president gets ready to head into manhattan. >> good afternoon. they white house has still not released why exactly robert has been hospitalized but should note that earlier this year, the younger trump brother was hospitalized for about a week. robert trump is 72 years old and his two years younger than president trump. he was a former top executive in the trump organization during a news conference earlier today, president trump didn't offer any details about his brother's condition but did say the two have a strong relationship over the years, saying this. >> i have a wonderful brother. we had a great relationship for a long time, from day one. a long time ago and he is in the
12:37 pm
hospital right now and hopefully he will be all right, but he's pretty -- she's having a hard time. >> robert trump married his longtime partner in march and two months ago fir filed a tempy restraining order to block a book by his niece mary. a supreme court judge rejected that request. after visiting his brother, president trump is expected to go to bedminster, new jersey. >> bill: thank you, alex hogan here in manhattan. did a as they continue to push for schools to reopen, promising federal assistance from the cdc. with me now, stephen miller and from the north anna stephen, good afternoon to you. thank you for being here. you are you is well over $10 billion for schools that still has not been used. that is the case, why don't we get to it? >> that's a great question. we have $10 billion ready
12:38 pm
sitting there waiting for schools to reopen, the cdc has provided guidance for each school on how to safely reopen and we are shipping out masks to low income families and children so we can reopen in the same fashion. the public policy question for every city and community in this country is how to take care of our children in a way that advances their health and long-term well-being. any country that wants to succeed over the long haul has to put the needs of children first. >> bill: however, in georgia today, more than 2,000 already in quarantine, several hundred positive tests. does that lay bare the issues for what lies ahead for so many? >> i think we need to have a very rational, fact-based, science-based conversation about the threat factors and who coronavirus, who the china virus targets. we need to open schools in a safe fashion and we also need to reassure families and parents that children are the lowest
12:39 pm
risk demographic for this virus. 99.96% of all fatalities for this virus are adults. for people that are very young, records show in the past two years the flu has resulted in more mortality. every life is precious and must be guided with vigilance but we also have to make sure they are not denied that kind of early childhood education that is so fundamental to a child's social, physical, emotional, and mental well-being. >> bill: however, in georgia, you said the cdc has strike teams ready to go and deploy and support. the cdc is based in atlanta. are they there in the school districts in georgia today? >> we are working with every single states strike teams and the cdc sends and resources as well wherever that's needed. we have to understand that what is on the other side of this ledger? let's say we keep every single
12:40 pm
school closed indefinitely, number one is controlled and of course can still get the virus and families can still get the virus, but the damage to children will be long-lasting and if schools are kept closed for too long, that damage can eventually can become irreversible. you can have situations where people are led into substance abuse and all kinds of suicidal ideation, all kinds of very significant public health harms, and we have to guard against those so open schools safely, open schools responsibly, but make decisions based on the true well-being of children. >> bill: we will see how this goes. i have 2 minutes to get two more topics, number one on crime. operation legend was expanded today, i think 11 cities total. in your view, how many american cities need this program today? >> of every single high crime city in america were to reach out the hand of cooperation to the federal government, we would be there the next day.
12:41 pm
the president said repeatedly to the mayors of crime-ridden democrat run cities we are there the moment you put your hand out. in the meantime, federal law enforcement in every city and the state is going to continue aggressively applying federal law. what you see in cities like portland and tragically now in new york city is that road map for america. they want to make every city unlivable, with rampant homelessness, public drug use, violent street crime. >> bill: it seems like it is not one a day but at least one a week. how much further do you go with this? >> we will go as far as we need to go but at the end of the day what americans need to understand is that there are cities in this country that are refusing federal help, cities like new york city and to chicago who are refusing federal help, but if the left were to implement their vision, they would pass federal legislation
12:42 pm
making every city in america have the policies of portland and the policies of new york city with rampant public drug use, public areas that are unusable, with living conditions that are frankly intolerable for a first world country. >> bill: for indianapolis, they are getting 45 days of federal help and we will see how that goes. on the middle east peace deal in them and i have left between the uae and israel, a lot of reaction, final plans are not nailed down. the head of heads below last hour condemned the deal, but also says other arab countries will join the deal. so i ask you which arab countries will. >> all i can tell you is this president since has mobilized the muslim world against a violent islamic extremism. this is a historic achievement, the biggest breakthrough in the middle east since the peace deal with egypt and israel decades
12:43 pm
ago. this is a new bulwark for regional cooperation and countries finding common ground both within the region and with the west and understanding that the future of the middle east depends presenting a unified front against violence, extremism, and terrorism. in this administration under the president's bold leadership has taken a giant leap forward in that direction. >> bill: you mention saudi arabia. are there more? >> the president is engaging with every country in the middle east towards a road map for peace, stability, and harmony and understanding that the enemy of all peaceful muslims and all peaceful citizens around the world are terrorists, and we can all be united in a shared effort to shut down those organizations and to make every community safer from terrorism. >> bill: not going to name names today but i hope you come back and we have an opportunity to do that.
12:44 pm
thank you, stephen miller from the north lawn. joe biden wins, but we see some big names in his cabinet? what hillary clinton is saying today about possibly taking a job. i will speak with "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace about that as well as the fox news poll and, who americans think their neighbors are voting for. that's coming up i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. come on in, we're open. ♪
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>> bill: so if joe biden wins in november, hillary clinton not ruling out serving in the administration. and she said she is not thinking about that yet but is ready to help in anyway. want to bring in fox news sunday anchor chris wallace on a friday, nice to see you today. she says she is ready to help, see a job for her?
12:49 pm
>> i think it means more the campaign then the administration and she's going to do everything she can is the one who lost to donald trump to send him into retirement and she can help in a few ways. 66 million people voted for her and he won the election but she got a lot of support and has been effective in raising money although over the last 48 hours, biden and harris have raised $48 million themselves. she can help. serving another administration and her 70s, i doubt it. >> bill: the convention begins on monday. i don't know what it's going to look like, i guess you're just as curious. the vp role that was probably as well as he could do keeping it a secret, then walking into that high school in wilmington, delaware. no streamers, no balloons, no
12:50 pm
people cheering, little bit of house music but that's about it. what is your expectation? >> i don't know. i've been doing this for 50 years, my first convention i was a teenager in 1964 as an intern, and the marriage of tv and can inventions has been good for both. it's a spectacle, you have the speeches coming out of the shearing, the balloon drop, delegates walking around in hats on the bright state of texas votes for hen we are going to have none of that this time. it's going to be a bunch of people in their living rooms delivering speeches, delivering applause lines when there is no applause because there's no crowds. i think the real question is the convention is very important in history as a game changer, a moment when people are listening, millions of people are watching and sometimes it changes their perception of the candidates, whether they're going to do the same when it's a
12:51 pm
virtual convention, i don't know, we will see. >> bill: karl rove has a great piece, history of how they have evolved in the last few years, he thinks tv has been bad for conventions. that's what i've gotten from what i've read there. fox news poll inc., joe biden has a seven-point lead over donald trump and here's what we find interesting. put it up, guys. 49-42 joe biden but then we ask the question who do you think your neighbors are supporting for president? 34% say joe biden, 39% say donald trump, a five-point difference. what do you see there? >> i know what some people are making of it is people are still a little reluctant to say that they are for trump, but not reluctant to say their neighbor's for trump, so maybe there is a hidden vote there, maybe there is, there are some other things in the polls if i were donald trump i would be concerned about, right track, wrong track, people really
12:52 pm
concerned about the country, the future of the economy, people really concerned and when they were asked what's the message he would send the government, leave me alone or lend me a hand, traditionally i think a year ago overwhelmingly people were saying leave me alone and now they're saying lend me a hand, so they feel they were in trouble and they want help, that is generally speaking tends to help democrats but we will see and plans are just a snapshot in august, not november. >> bill: who's your neighbor voting for? do you know? >> i don't have a clue. you can't talk about politics these days, you could start a fight amongst neighbors. >> bill: i will see you on sunday, okay? crystal talk exclusively with new jersey governor phil murphy, cochair of the democratic national convention, so check out your tv listings. have a great weekend, nice to see you. in the meantime, one of the darkest days in american history will be a little darker this
12:53 pm
year. the pandemic causing some major changes to the annual 9/11 tribute in lower manhattan. a new york city firefighter is reacting just this hour to that. ♪ water? why?! ahhhh! incoming! ahhhahh! i'm saved! water tastes like, water. so we fixed it. mio
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the virus spreading out of control.n. the president, once again, failing to act. joe biden knows we need to listen to medical experts and take action now. that starts by expanding testing, calling for mask mandates nationwide starting immediately, and producing more protective gear here at home. fighting this virus and rebuilding our economy will take a president who's ready to lead. i'm joe biden and i approve this message.
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12:58 pm
in the northern english city of new castle, there staging the first large-scale socially distanced music gig between 500 concertgoers five family member or friends taking in the sounds 500 safely separated open enclosures for they sue wert an drinks to their seats, they use clean and plentiful facilities masks and hand sanitizers all around. in strict accordance with british health concerns. the young rocker sam bender sai he is happy to have a job again. he says there's hope there coul be a way out of the global performing arts field which has been hard-hit by the virus for example the concert business in the state is set to lose $10 billion this year. take a listen. >> we all want to get back into the festivals but if we can't be , i think this is the next
12:59 pm
best thing. we help around the world, peopl take inspiration for it and we can get the music industry working again for it. >> music fans are mostly positive after the lockdown for months they are happy to be out and the beat goes on hopefully. >> think he thinking appeared nice to see you. new york city will look different this year, the two beams of light that on a victim of the twin towers will not shy next month because of health an safety concerns related to the pandemic. the memorial says there's also concern about the crew who woul set up the display. instead blue lights will now appear on buildings around manhattan. for new york city firefighters union slamming that move just i the past hour and calling for a reversal of the decision. we will see if they get that.
1:00 pm
>> we are here monday through friday. set your dvr and never miss a report, a big day starting on monday. day one of the democratic convention. enjoy the weekend. >> thank you. we are monitoring a lot of development simultaneously bear the president has arrived in ne york city we are monitoring that . has been very very sick. we are try to get the latest there on that following some fast-moving developments about covid 19. right now california has just hit better than 600,000 cases and the governor they are sayin he is on top of it. he has not hinted at what new actions he might take to addres this. all of this as in the united states, we're getting work 50,000 new cases each day. we have not seen that in a whil even though some other trends


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