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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 16, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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newsweek coming up next week, the democratic national convention will be held that under virtually an president trump every day will be out there as a counterpoint on the campaign trail voting in november, we will have a lot more at 4:00 p.m. eastern. >> we are now less than 24 hours away from the democratic national convention, joe biden kamala harris will accept their party nomination. welcome to america's new headquarters from washington i am kristen and here we are, this is going to be an unconventional convention. >> welcome to 2020, unconventional everything. i am leland, we will preview it all in the hour and the coverage
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on the fox news channel over the next four days, first let's check in with peter standing by in wilmington delaware rather than milwaukee, wisconsin. hi peter. >> good afternoon, a strong keynote speech at the democratic convention in 2004 is credited with putting the keynotes beaker that year, barack obama on the pathway to the presidency, this year there is not going to be a keynote speaker, instead there are going to be 17 keynote speakers, it will be a keynote collaboration, d.c. abram connerly m and the birmingham mayor all going to be part of this thing and here is how their explaining the keynote, reimagine for convention that will look and feel different than anything ever before which is the national convention will we together powerful and diverse voices from the next generation of party leaders into a unified pledge to step up and lead in this cortical moment for the nation, president trump is planning to break tradition this
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week and campaign himself and swing states like pennsylvania, minnesota, wisconsin and arizona during his opponent convention to offer a counter programming to what the democrats are planning which is two hours a night four nights in a row. >> this entire week starting this morning we are flooding the zone and taken her message to the american people, were all over the sunday shows, the campaign folks and the president himself while joe biden and all of his surrogates have chosen to ignore the sunday shows on the ee of their convention. >> we do not know what president trump's events are going to look like in the swing states yet but we know in wilmington wednesday and thursday remarks are kamala harris and joe biden are being set up to be fully socially distant, they are not setting anything up to host members of the public or supporters or voters, it is pretty much going to be the candidate, their staff, security and us.
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leland: by assuming some reporters will be allowed inside the venue to speak? >> right, it is going to be again socially distant, everybody's going to have to present multiple negative: test to go inside and went to go in there, it is less of a balloon drop and more like a zoom backdrop would be the theme this year. leland: you had a couple of good one-liners over this morning. we appreciate the perspective. >> it is time to go. leland: we will see you soon. thanks. kristen: he had always has the good one-liners. meanwhile president trump is going to be doing a swing state tour next week for the dnc and he standing by the postmaster general saying he has done gre great, this is the postal service warns that several states could now see delays and mail-in ballots, david spunt following the president and bridgewater new jersey.
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>> expect to hear a lot about the united states postal service in the coming weeks and months leading up to the election, millions of americans are expected to vote by mail this year because of the pandemic, that's why it's significant news, fox news has confirmed democrats calling on the inspector general of the post office and the inspector general has agreed to investigate that has been around for more than 250 years, tammy sent a letter last week by democrats to investigate what democrats are calling irregularities over allegations that collection boxes have been removed, machines are no longer working and employees are seen overtime cuts, democratic: voter suppression, they want $25 billion for the usps, white house chief of staff mark meadows says a sorted machine will not be taken off-line before the election telling people to relax, postmaster general promised to do the best job he can do for the organization but is under constant criticism, he is a
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trump donor with deep pockets, yesterday the president defended his postal pick. listen. >> i know she's a very efficient operator, very good operator but again he needs money to operate if you're going to hit him with millions of dollars, if you ask him he will tell you and he'll tell you very nicely, you have the money, it's sitting there, ready to go, the democrats do not want to improve it. >> democrats are disagree and say they want to approve the money, he spent lunch of his news conference talking about the postal service, this is edward, remember him from several years ago he classified information for the world to see, the present was asked at the news conference if he would consider pardoning edward, president trump did not give a direct answer but said it's something he would potentially be looking into, meanwhile from new jersey where the president is right now, his brother, just 11 day shy of his 72nd
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birthday passed away in manhattan yesterday, the president made a last-minute visit to see him on friday, undisclosed illness and undisclosed exactly what happened, we know he passed away in president trump in a statement called him his best friend and said may he rest in peace, our condolences with the president and his family. >> absolutely, very sad news, lease the president did get to say goodbye to his brother one last time on friday night, david spunt, thank you so much. >> the postal service is becoming a lightning ride into dnc, let's dig in to what the inspector general is going to look at and the protest outside the postmaster general's house in washington, mark meredith digging in on those issues. >> good afternoon, democratic lawmakers are demanding more from that the pos postmaster general, to capitol hill to testify about recent changes that the department has been
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making in the postmaster general says all the changes are focused on trying to shore up the dire financial situation that the post office has been in, take a look at what happened on saturday were demonstrators were outside of the postmaster general's home right here in washington, d.c., as david mentioned, he's only been on the job since june but he's made efforts to cut overtime and overhaul operation, the employee spoke out against the changes in lawmakers from both parties have also raised concerns that the changes could negatively impact the post office's ability and likely increase mail voting by the november election. >> this is a deliberate effort to defund the u.s. postal service so people cannot engage in mail-in ballots. >> members of congress had made it clear, they're not happy about all of this including one member saying a enough is enou
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enough, they should come back to washington as soon as possible to hold public hearings with the postmaster general and hearing there hoping for will be a little more than eight days from now, congress and also set a deadline for the end of this week to have the postmaster general turnover documents, were getting strong indication that the house will cut their august recess short, come back to work on a bill to fund the post office, no final decision has been made but a lot of people eager to see what congress will do about all of this. leland: one democratic source saying is not a question of if but when they come back in the next couple of weeks to put a spending bill together on that, mark meredith in d.c., thank you. kristen: joining us now is the director of communications for the trump campaign and tim, i would like to start to extend my condolences to the president and the entire family of his younger brother last night. >> we very much appreciate that, it's a sad loss for the president and the entire trump
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family and i will make sure he knows that you extended that. thank you. kristen: i know the president has a very busy travel schedule next week, he's going to for big swing states during the dnc, is the death of his younger brother, is that going to impact his travel schedule next week? i know he does indeed plan to attend his funeral. >> i don't have any information on whether or not the president's political travel will have to be altered, if we do get that information, we will release it so folks in those states and the media know what the changes are, but the intention right now is for the president to go around to the key states, wisconsin and minnesota and arizona and pennsylvania and really tell the folks in it costs the country what it failure joe biden has been for the 47 years that he has been an elected official in washington, d.c. we are doing that at the same time that his convention will be happening virtually of course,
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the democrats will not be telling folks in their convention that joe biden will raise taxes by $4 trillion, we will make sure that the president tells the folks because i think that is not the sort of thing that joe biden wants to advertise. kristen: i know the trump campaign is planning a big digital ad by the course of the next four days and the messaging coming from the dnc, seven or eight figure digital ad, that's a lot of money to spend over the course of a week or so, do you think it's going to be worth it? >> certainly i think we will have more people see our content online then actually watch joe biden's convention, the advertising real estate that were talking about is the biggest and the best on the entire internet, we will take over the youtube for four
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consecutive days, 96 hours of taking over the youtube masthead and were doing on the washington wall street journal, as well, daily color and other websites and this is an unprecedented move because we want to make sure that people see the agenda of joe biden, the radical left takeover of joe biden is complete, that is the message we will send people as they watch the show business that democrats are putting on to conceal joe biden's agenda and again, raising taxes by $4 trillion, opening our borders, taking people's private healthcare away, these are things that joe biden will not tell the folks at home but we will, that is one way we will be counter programming as well. kristen: the trump campaign is a ways been a digital first implant well during the pandemic, one other things you guys are pushing is an aggressive ground game, younger bus tour in iowa, field staffers have knocked on a million doors and whatnot, it sounds very good but are you worried that that could turn off voters in the middle of the pandemic, knocking on doors going face-to-face in person interaction even if they are wearing masks and practicing social distancing?
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>> no i think voters want interaction with the campaign, and people are knocking on doors and they're happy that one campaign is reaching out to them, you have to remember, i know it's difficult for folks in washington or in new york to think of it this way, the situation is not the same everywhere in this country from state to state, the conditions on the ground are different and our volunteers always follow local and state guidelines as far as social distancing and mask wearing and when they're interacting with voters, the biden campaign start to their candidate and goes down throughout their volunteers, they are just not interacting with the american people, the candidate himself, joe biden has been hiding in his basement and wilmington delaware performance, he does not answer questions from the media and is not talking to regular americans. >> i only have ten seconds, one quick question, has a final
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determination been made of where president trump is going to give his acceptance speech, will it be on the south lawn, somewhere else at the white house, do you have that exact place to kneel down? >> the president told the new york post he would probably do it at the white house but he's the one and the only one that can make that determination kristen: amazing with this close and we still don't know that sure. thank you so much. >> thank you. leland: were talking over each other. kristen: i look forward to sitting side-by-side with you sometime but we are going to get the democratic perspective on this with michigan congressman and congresswoman and co-chair of the house democratic and communication committee debbie dingell and stick around later for "fox news sunday", chris wallace is going to have an exclusive interview with new jersey democratic governor phil murphy, checker local listing for time and channel, you probably would've done a better read on that and i would.
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leland: we got through that's important part. phil murphy will be talking about with chris walsh is election security and how they did mail-in voting there in new jersey, joining us now former pennsylvania governor, co-chair of the bipartisan election safety coalition, boat save tom ridge, you might remember him from the first homeland security, mr. secretary we appreciate you joining us, i understand boat safe was a number of changes including increased in the amount of mail voting and to be clear you have absentee voting and then you have universal mail-in voting where everybody gets a valid, are you advocating for something in between, if so what? >> it is good to join you, there's distinction of a difference, 43 states we actually have to apply to get the ballot and we highlight the whole notion of individual responsibility if you want about you gotta ask for, their seven
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states because you're a registered voter and the secretary sends it out to you, the bottom line is that the signature validation, authentication and security protocols related to either one are the same, i think it's a distinction without a difference, i do think the challenge going forward on november the third and i would love to see the president use his poll, they apply for then absentee ballot as they should and i would like him to see him use it because people pay close attention to what the present has to say about absentee ballot, i'd like him to call the 50 governors and secretaries of state to begin the processing, not the accounting but the processing of the ballots because it will be an unprecedented number of absentee ballots, begin the processing days and weeks before the election. leland: you point out, that
10:16 am
requires a change in law, how many people will absentee or that they get they require a lot more verification, a number of ballots that coming, this is what anthony fauci said about how safe it will be to vote in person, november. take a listen. >> i think if it's carefully done according to the guidelines, there is no reason i can see it not be the case, if you wear a mask, if you observe the physical distancing and don't have a crowded situation, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to do that. leland: you know better than everybody how hard it is to change government bureaucracy and do things quickly, two and a half months to change the way we do election in america would be unprecedented and with doctor fauci saying there is a way to do it safely, the old weight of voting in person, why make such in enormous wholesale change to
10:17 am
what we do of something so important and sacred in america to get right. tom: i don't think anybody is forcing a wholesale of change, i think it's human nature. leland: forgive me but there's a lot of governors that say they want to change everything and they want to go to although by mail, everybody gets a ballot whether you apply for one and take the personal responsibility or not, that would be a wholesale change for a lot of states in two months. tom: you're talking to former republican governor, is a federal system, i gotta let the governors and the 50 secretaries of state determine the best form for themselves, as of today, i think 43 states you have to apply for, i think that is a good thing and i think it's more important, not the nature but how do you validate the authenticity of the voters preference, i think that standard across the board, i think the fact that the president and the first lady are
10:18 am
using absentee ballots validates that, i do think as you pointed out, i think the safe and secure in person balloting is a very important option and i think amidst the pandemic we gotta give our voters options, i view both party neither has an advantage for absentee ballots, but how you use them effectively does have an advantage and i suspect morty under majority leader mcconnell and congressman mccarthy and dicken contested ss and candidacies, they want to make sure that the republicans if they don't vote in person, have the opportunity to vote for the republicans. leland: you point out the studies have no one side really having an advantage despite the arguments on both sides of somebody else. does mr. former governor, we appreciate your time as always in your long service to the nation. tom: good to be with you.
10:19 am
get out and vote, it's not a privilege, it's a responsibility. leland: i remember my mother taking me from when i can remember to say just how important it is to get out there. good to see you sir, thank you. tom: thank you very much leland. kristen: israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu speaks out on the historic agreement next. ♪ ouch, okay. huh, boring, boring, you don't need to see that. oh, here we go. can you believe my client steig had never heard of a home and auto bundle or that renters could bundle? wait, you're a lawyer? only licensed in stockholm. what is happening? jamie: anyway, game show, kumite, cinderella story. you know karate? no, alan, i practice muay thai, completely different skillset.
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>> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the peace deal between israel and the united arab just a few minutes ago here on the channel. benjamin: we are making history and changing history, peace is a good thing in this piece unites moderate two of the most advanced economies in the world, israel and the united arab into the most moderate were fighting iran in radicals who try to overthrow the middle east, subjugate people, propagate terrorism, this is good for peace, good for security, good for prosperity. i think it's good for the united states and good for israel. leland: the prime minister denounced the council rejection of a u.s. bid to extend the arms
10:24 am
and i wrong. benjamin: iran has done nothing to earn the netherlands from the un, it's gonn of what is neededr blocking aggression and peace, again the un is disappointed in this. >> telephone service between israel and the uae began today, one of the first effects of the new diplomatic ties, what struck me the most watching his interview which was fantastic is how many times the prime minister went out of his way to think president trump and to praise him, if you want to see the difference of how a country in a prime minister ask when they feel like they have an ally in the white house, see how israel has acted over the past few years versus how they acted under the obama administration.
10:25 am
kristen: this is something, this praise from the israelite prime minister is something that president trump campaign is going to take and run with all the way until election day, this deal was praised by the president's opponent, joe biden, granted he said it was a combination of work of several administrations, he prays that nonetheless, i think this is going to be something that's talked a lot about but especially at the republican national convention next week but as you know. i was just going to say as you know before we can get to the rnc, we have to get to the dnc. is going to be unconventional, whatever word you want to describe it, it will be started tomorrow in milwaukee and mike tobin's is going to be there any authority there on the ground and what to expect over the next few days. >> you can expect it will be like a political convention and
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stay sharp. stay you. with natrol cognium. and my password? kristen: a new update from the trump campaign, one of the president some air can trump will visit milwaukee on tuesday were a skilled mechanic national convention will be underway starting tomorrow he is in milwaukee on moral what we can expect from this year's dnc and mike, certainly not as many people or media as there normally would have been. >> the professor at the university of wisconsin in milwaukee, he put it this way, honey i shrunk the convention, instead of having a big pack of fisa forum representatives and delegates, instead you have the much smaller wisconsin senator
10:31 am
behind me setting up security, even though it will be a largely digital event, u.s. representative will welcome the convention to wisconsin as the first local speaker, her speech has been truncated. yet the keynote speakers, the vice presidential nominees will give their speeches remotely, the big confetti and balloon drop will not happen, the drama and the delegate vote will be replaced with a roll call across america, the points they hope to make will be two hours a night for four nights, coronavirus response has become political he will see democrats making a point to restrictive warnings by medical professional. >> while we are not necessarily knocking on doors across the country because we don't necessarily think it's safe, you probably don't want a voter coming to your door and knocking on your door. were using other tactics, text messaging voters, calling voters, so our tactics have changed, the work has not changed.
10:32 am
>> republicans on the other hand will be pushing the boundaries, president trump is making an appearance on oshkosh on the first day of the democratic invention, he heard the democrats mentioned that republicans boast that they will be knocking on over 1 million doors a week from a safe distance, democrats will not knock on any emphasizing digital platforms like text messaging. kristen: interesting stuff, mike tobin live in milwaukee, thank you. leland: democratic members of congress may not be in wisconsin but they may be in d.c. this week, senior member of democratic leadership in the house tells fox news that members might come back to town during the dnc to vote on a special funding bill for the post office, michigan congresswoman co-chair of the house democratic policy and communications committee debbie dingell joining us, we both acknowledge it's unusual that we are both not in milwaukee and will move on from that point, why would it be worth coming
10:33 am
back in the session to vote on the post office, they were already given $10 billion in the last stimulus bill, is money what's going to solve the problem? >> i did not think from our discussion last night with nancy pelosi, it is not about money, is that the post office continues to work, we've been hearing from postal workers that they have been told that they can no longer work overtime, we are witnessing post office pick up in equipment being removed and what we want to ensure is that the post office is working as we know it now during covid. we have to have these on the road but right now we need to be focused on make it to the post office is working now. leland: at least what were hearing from the trump campaign is that the postmaster general has said he is going to authorize over time and change things in reverse a couple of the decisions that have been made to ensure is the best chance of all of the boats that are cast by mail get through, all the mail musket through in
10:34 am
the post office, how is congress all of a sudden make the post office work? >> first of all let's be really clear, either working on the post office for a couple of years before all this happened meeting with my post but the fact of the matter is, the president last thursday made it very public statement that he wants is supported, all the sudden people are already a system that was having problems and was getting mail, they're getting better in their medicine, getting seniors their social security checks has broken down for weeks, been going in the night before all this started and i was contacting all my post office because that's what i do, suddenly overtime had been stopped, mail is backed up in many of the post office is and we are hearing from people, let me tell you you cannot go out, as you know i probably go out more than i should, i'm getting
10:35 am
stopped at grocery stores, church, at the airport, ida procedure yesterday at the hospital people were yelling at me, your hearing about everywhere. leland: the idea that the post office is slowing down in one way or another but i should return to the issue, what is congress going to do by law to fix that, if it is not money and that is congress' power, the power of the purse, what does congress need to come back to do, if you think about it, $25 million is a number that's been tossed around to fix the post office coming of 153 million registered voters that everyone seems to be worried about in terms of being able to vote, although by mail, ballot election, that's $163.39 per ballot, is that what we really need to pay here? >> we do need to make sure that those ballots are dispersed, that is not what it's about, it
10:36 am
brings people awareness but i gotta tell you, my veterans are complaining that they're not getting their medicine, my seniors are worried about their checks, people are worried about their bills, more people during covid are shopping online and seeing deliveries that way, i'm not hearing about ballots, politically i hear about ballots, when i'm talking to people in my district, they're worried about the services that the post office is to provide and that it has slowed down, i cannot tell you the number of people whose medicine has not gotten there in the last week, anybody can call the supervisor in the township and you will not be able to get off the phone for three hours. leland: antidotal evidence in fiscal year 20 quarter three at the district level, 98.1% emme f mail was delivered within the
10:37 am
service standard plus three days but it's your medicine you're waiting on plus three days does not do you a lot of good or is certainly concerning. we appreciated as always and we will see what you learn over the next couple of weeks and have you back to talk about it. debbie: be safe. good to see you. kristen: the countdown is on to the dnc, fox news reports will cover it all, we will be on with bret baier for a preview of tonight special programming d ght after the break. ♪ try boost® high protein... -with 20 grams of protein for muscle health- -versus only 16 grams in ensure® high protein. and now enjoy boost® high protein in new café mocha flavor. toi'm releasing a plan to save lives in the months ahead.irus.
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♪ ♪ >> the theme uniting america says that all, we are the big ten party, this is a moment in american history where we will put us versus them in the rearview mirror and come together in common purpose. kristen: that was dnc convention co-chair new jersey governor l phil murphy giving a convention on sunday, tomorrow fox will
10:42 am
kick off its own special coverage tonight in here to our chief political anchor of special report, bret baier, thank you so much for talking to was on a sunday, i know you have covered a ton of conventions, not one quite like this, where are you going to be watching from when this get started tomorrow night? >> good afternoon, the challenge for both parties is going to be excitement and how to figure out you are not going to have the fun it has in the delegate wearing them, you will not have the balloon drop or the confetti and you have to come up with sunway to get the message out in a way that is attracting eyeballs, i do know that dnc is up first, they had this launch when they reintroduced kamala harris who ran her own presidential campaign but now the challenge will be to focus on joe biden and i think you're going to see as governor murphy talked about the effort to portray the governor party being
10:43 am
tense, you will have conservative democrats which are a more rare breed and progressive democrats like stacey abrams speaking the first night. i think really that is the effort to bring the party and have the unified message every night, at least what's the forecast right now. kristen: to your first point, generating the energy that we are so used to at these conventions, one of the things i'm going to be watching in addition to the political messaging is the logistics, how it looks, how do the campaigns make this more than glorified, star-studded zoom call, i'm wondering if you think the trump campaign may have an advantage given the fact that they were so focused on the digital side very early on and they have been holding these daily, nightly
10:44 am
news cast, video chats for the last several months, does that give them an edge heading into the virtual convention. bret: that's a great question, i think this is a new time, a time we are not familiar with, it's a challenge for the dnc since they go first, to they want to pro trade that the country is engaged so they're going to have different viewing parties and different speakers and different parts of the country, i think the trump campaign is going to be well-positioned to do it similar but different and you're right, they have focused a lot on the digital launch, it's also interesting that the president is going to different states this week at the dnc convention is going on. leland: for the viewers, people go to conventions as delegates already have their minds made up, that is why they're there, for viewers who watch our cover
10:45 am
and decide who they're going to vote for and get a feel for things, it seems the coverage is going to be very different and their experience is going to be very different. >> definitely, you know what is interesting, there will be a lot of eyeballs because of the serious issues we are facing, the covid-19 and how to fight it in the economy and how to bounce back, racial, social justice and how to deal with violence and protest in a way that is a law and order way abuse with the bigger systemic problems that we have as a country, i think these big issues will take the forefront stop since wise and it will not be as much glitz and glamour and balloons dropping. leland: they say the hardest speech to give is a rebuttal because the president gets a full house of chambers of commerce and then the rebuttal speaker normally gets a podium and some room somewhere. how do they create virtually or have you talked to anybody, have there been any background calls
10:46 am
on how they will create some type of excitement for the speakers to feed off of and feed off the energy? bret: ethic is a great question, you look at the state of the union response in marco rubio, bobby, these are folks who were in a room by themselves and i think it's a tough thing to get the excitement because there's no feedback, they will try to do virtual feedback and bounce around the country and show people reacting to speeches but i'm not sure how it's going to go off and were going to be steering viewers through it but we will be viewers as well as it's happening. kristen: the one thing is, so many people are stuck at home now, and they cannot watch all that much else, maybe it'll up the viewership. leland: that is right. the best part is you guys have been battling in different box boxes, we will be in the same
10:47 am
studio which is the first time that that is going to happen, we will be able to turn and look at each other and steer that way. leland: the term television anchor was created out of the convention in 1956, i cannot think anybody luckier than you and brett will see back at 10:0, thank you for taking the time this afternoon, the dnc convention kickoff tonight, 10:00 p.m., i almost said election kickoff, brett made the point that this is not only the kickoff to the dnc convention but the beginning of the sprint, the dnc, the rnc and then labor day heading into november. kristen: it is really starting to feel like the campaigns are kicking into high gear, usually feel like that several months ago but convention starting, then it's a final sprint and were here to cover it through the finish, coming up we have the protest continuing for the
10:48 am
80th night in a row with police there declaring orion outside of law enforcement building, more on the tension dribbling across america. we made usaa insurance for veterans like liz and mike. an army family who is always at the ready. so when they got a little surprise... two!? ...they didn't panic. they got a bigger car for their soon-to-be-bigger family. after shopping around for insurance, they called usaa - who helped find the right coverage for them and even some much-needed savings. that was the easy part. usaa insurance is made the way liz and mike need it-
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leland: every week police portland declaring a riot when
10:52 am
demonstrators move on police property and then clashed with officers overnight. this at several other major cities like new york, chicago, st. louis are seeing a rise in violent crimes, especially gun crimes, aisha has neat tracking it from the streets of new york, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, it is a horrifying situation and it continues to evolve, pretty much every single week, let's start in new york city where three people are dead, 17 more injured in 12 shootings overnight, this after a violent weekend that saul and off-duty corrections officer shot and killed, the mayor launched a crime-fighting plan, just about a month ago but shootings were still up 152% for this area between mid july and last weekend, community activists are getting fed up and want to see real change. >> we have to raise the mandatory minimums for those carrying weapons, illegal weapons to a minimum of ten
10:53 am
years incarceration no conversation, no plea bargain, that message getting out to reduce the guns on our street. >> over in cincinnati, an extremely violent night, 19 people shot, up to four people killed this morning, gun violence is up in that city, 2020 on track to be the worst year for homicide, four people were taken into custody in portland after police declared a riot there, protesters were throwing softball size rocks, glass bottles out police and spray-painted the security cameras and at one point armed counter protesters started to throw paintballs and peppers forever crowd, back in new york it is not about big cities, rod chester salt a violent night, there were several people shot, five people shot into business it by gunfire including a local tv station. leland: with all things in chicago get out of hand where
10:54 am
protesters were supposed to be peaceful and it got out of hand. kristen: let's turn to headlines, and extreme heat wave is disrupting much of the western united states, fuel and raging wildfires prompting blackouts, firefighters are battling three major wildfires near los angeles alone. we are also tracking josephine off the coast of puerto rico, the storm weakening overnight and it might dissipate by monday, the u.s. virgin islands is expecting 3 inches of rain but no warnings are in effect. good news there at least for now and there's a disappointing and very sad news that we got late last night, robert trump, the president's younger brother passing away last night after being hospitalized in new york, the president was able to visit his younger brother one last time on friday night, officials have yet to release the cause of death robert was 71 and gosh,
10:55 am
our heart goes out to president trump his entire family, anyone who knew his younger brother, and there's obviously a good time to lose a loved one, you can imagine during a presidential campaign, a week before or roughly a week before you're about to give your acceptance speech, a particular tough time to lose your brother, our thoughts and prayers go out to president trump and his whole family today. leland: the statement by the president that he put out, there was a warmth and love their that you could feel, he was not just my brother the president said in a statement, he was my best friend, he will be greatly missed but we will meet again, his memory will live in my heart forever, robert i love you, rest in peace. there was a friendship and a smile and a picture from inauguration night or perhaps president trump 2016 victory
10:56 am
where you see the two of them and brace and away that is very special and you see the friendship and the bond between them, it really is only between siblings, it is worth thinking about that joe biden among others same for the democratic side they were praying for the president of this week's dnc which is going to look so different, as we noted earlier we got the special 10:00 p.m. tonight and they did a preview of the dnc and how it's going to look, vote by mail, absentee voting as well be in looked at in chris wallace coming up next. >> i'm going to be doing a little key about the battleground states as well, it really was a good chance to dig into some of the states that will be our next president may be.
10:57 am
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10:59 am
11:00 am
chris: i'm chris wallace. joe biden prepares to lay out his plan for the country in an unconventional democratic national convention. >> my fellow americans, let me introduce to you for the first time your next vice president of the united states kamala harris. chris: biden picks a running mate ahead of first convention of the covid-19 era and add new jersey to the list as more states move to mail-in balloting for the november election. we will speak with that state's governor phil murphy about that move and plus his role as cochair o


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