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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 17, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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serve themselves and their wealthy peers, but will provide a safety net for people facing hard times. and if we want a chance to pursue any of these goals, any of these most basic requirements for a functioning society, we have to vote for joe biden in numbers that cannot be ignored. because right now folks who know they cannot win fair and square at the ballot box are doing everything they can to stop us from voting. they are closing down polling places in minority neighborhoo neighborhoods. they are purging voter rolls. they are sending people out to intimidate voters, and they are lying about the security of our ballots. these tactics are not new. but this is not the time to withhold our votes in protest or play games with candidates who have no chance of winning.
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we have got to vote like we did in 2008 and 2012, we have to show up with the same level of passion and hope for joe biden. we've got to vote early, in person if we can, we have to request our mail-in ballots right now, tonight, and send them back immediately. an follow-up and make sure they are received. and then make sure our friends and families do the same. we have got to grab our comfortable shoes, put on our masks, pack a brown bag dinner and maybe breakfast too, because we have to be willing to stand in line all night if we have to. look, we have already sacrificed to so much of this year. so many of you are already going that extra mile. even when you are exhausted, you are mustering up unimaginable courage to put on those scrubs
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and give our loved ones a fighting chance. even when you are anxious, you are delivering those packages, stocking their shelves, and doing not essential work so that all of us can keep moving forward. even when it all feels so overwhelming, working parents are somehow piecing it all together without child care, teachers are getting creative so that our kids can still learn and grow. our young people are desperately fighting to pursue their dreams. and when the horrors of systemic racism shook our country and our consciences, millions of americans of every age, every background rose up to march for each other. crying out for justice and progress. this is who we still are. compassionate, resilient, decent
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people whose fortunes are bound up with one another. and it is well past time for our leaders to once again reflect our truth. so it is up to us to add our voices and our votes to the course of history, echoing heroes like john lewis who said, when you see something that is not to write, you must say something. you must do something. that is the truest form of empathy. not just feeling, but doing. not just for ourselves or our kids, but for everyone. for all of our kids. and if we want to keep the possibility of progress alive in our time, if we want to be able to look our children in the eye after this election, we have got
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to reassert our place in american history. and we have got to do everything we can to elect my friend joe biden as the next president of the united states. thank you all, god bless. >> that was a very direct message from the former first lady taking on a lot of things. michelle obama wrapping up night number 1 of the first virtual convention in history. none of us knew what we would get tonight, three more nights and the republicans get their turn next week. tomorrow night, night number two, former president bill clinton will appear in prime time followed by joe biden speaking on behalf of her husband. night number 1 is down, hope to see on the cable side for bill hemmer reports. >> we heard that the former first lady had been down lately, and it seems like at moment she seemed on the verge of tears as she delivered the speech.
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she feels very strongly about what is going on and definitely wants to get out the votes. very difficult to try to connect with and an audience without an audience there with you, but she has the ability to connect with people throughout the screen. you got the sense when you talk about authenticity, she has it in spades. she has that voice, she has clarity, and she knows what she is out there wanting to do. she was trying to get everybody to really focus and then she had a call to action. ask for your ballot tonight. i think that the dnc if they look over the course of the night, the first virtual convention of our history, they would say that michelle obama stuck the landing. >> bret: chris wallace, your thoughts. >> i agree with dana, she said that the speech was her main contribution to the biden campaign, it was a heck of. she really slayed, sliced and diced donald trump talking about
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the chaos and confusion and lack of empathy, especially coming from this president and this white house, spoke more about the deficits of donald trump then the pluses of joe biden, but did talk about especially, not so much policies, but especially his empathy and what he has been through and his care for average americans. he said we have to vote for joe biden like our lives depend on it. and again, very practical, not just this is what you're feeling should be, but you have to get out, you have to vote. you have to convince your neighbors to vote. this was a very effective spee speech. >> martha: juan williams, what did you think? >> juan: i did not know how she could outperform what she did in 2016, when they go low, we go high. but dana said she stuck it, chris said this was the speech that came from the heart. i will tell you how i heard it, martha. i heard it like the sun.
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i thought she spoke like a mother, like a stern mother, like a tiger mom saying to you, this is important. this is something that is important to our family, this is who we are in this family, this is our identity, we have empathy. we understand compassion, and i'm just paraphrasing here, but we have not been lying to you. this is who america -- these are the values and the principles that american stand for and that's why we speak this way to our children. i am surprised at how penetrating i felt it to be. i really thought there was a great speech. >> bret: this is the democrats week, it is their time to put their foot forward. this was their best foot forward on the first night. >> she was very good, a very good speaker, for someone who does not like politics, she certainly is good at. i don't dispute anything about how effective the speech was, but it is a noteworthy factor that we are talking about the style and some broad themes. we are not talking about the
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specifics of what she said, which was absolutely laced with distortions and exaggerations, but that's what we expect in political rhetoric and how you do it. so the question is not the actual truthfulness of the case that is made, but how effectively it is delivered and whether the attacks are likely to have the effect on the electorate that she hopes for, i suspect in this case it probably did. >> martha: your thoughts, there was one person that she did not mention tonight? >> donna: she kept talking about joe biden, and she knows joe biden very well, but she also knows kamala harris, so i was disappointed, but i just heard that perhaps she taped the speech before the announcement, but i am disappointed that we did not hear about kamala harris, the first black first lady of the united states did not mention the first black female ever to be on the major party ticket. i am a little disappointed that i did not hear that.
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>> martha: it is surprising. that was several days ago now, but i guess it gives us a little bit of a marker for how long ago she did lay down the speech. just in closing, i wonder how everyone feels about what we saw tonight in terms of virtual presentation, and whether or not it is overall effective. who do people stick with it? do people follow this? >> bret: we are getting through this the first time, at the beginning of the show i had an audio glitch, it's the first night, but we have some other nights to go, i just want to say that fox news has not changed. we have covered both parties conventions from the beginning of this network fully and fairly from all sides, and we will continue to. i am back tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern with a "special report." >> martha: and i will be back 7:00 with "the story." and back at 10:00 eastern took cover night 2 of the democratic
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convention. >> bret: good night, everybody. >> martha: good night. ♪ >> i am lauren lauren ingram, and this is night one of what you saw at the democratic national convention. you will get exclusive reaction from senator trump, victor cruz, dinesh d'souza, and more, now the democrats build tonight as a program to promote unity, but we are going to show you, and you will not see this anywhere else that this was nothing but a series of bromides and cliches and turned out to be an empty buzzword. now to discuss racial equality, they trotted out muriel bowser who cares about a muriel more than homicides are up more than 20% over last year. now to discuss covid-19, they brought on the avenue or
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andrew cuomo of new york. now, he oversaw some of the highest death tolls in the nation, and his nursing home policy was alone responsible for the deaths of more than 10,000 new yorkers. to discuss how democrats are the party of the working man, they trotted out to bernie sanders to rail against wall street and corporate interests. this on the night that they filled their program with lobbyists, and on a day that it was just revealed that they are getting more money from wall street this cycle than they have in a decade. i wonder why. china. sorry. as you can see it was more of a night of contradictions of course then unity. and we will bring you more of this throughout the hour. but first coming here to weigh in on the first night of the dnc, steve cortez, trunk 2020 senior advisor of strategy and ed rendell, former pennsylvania governor dnc chair, and longtime joe biden friend. i want to give everyone a taste
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of how democrats tried to woo middle america tonight. >> we are also challenging every kind of institution. think about what they can do better to an systemic racism. to speak of the divisions have been growing deeper, the anti-semitism, the anti-latino, the anti-immigrant, the racism in charlottesville. to speak of the most destructive hateful race racist president in the history of art this country. >> taking root in our country. >> we can turn the reckoning into a reimagining of a nation. >> laura: steve, i am thinking of the people i spent last week with a minnesota. i was down there on east lake street that was flattened by the riots. and all over the state. and i was thinking, how does this play to the average minnesotan? i was flabbergasted at the very
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negative and depressing presentation tonight, and at times, even the first lady, who of course gave a great speech, because she is a very powerful speaker, i will never take that away from her, she is a global celebrity, but is this connecting with the middle american voter who still believes that precovid life should be attainable? >> it certainly will not connect, this was for a crowd in brooklyn, new york, rather than places like wisconsin. it was catering to hollywood rather than the heartland. and it was not a celebration of america, it was an indictment of america. i will tell you as a proud american i did not even recognize the country that they were describing in this ridiculous along commercial that they put on tonight. they were describing some sort of dystopian racist scape. and i would give you just as a couple of points to push back against that. number one, this is the greatest country on earth in which to be a racial or ethnic minority, and
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i say that as a hispanic. i would also tell you this, if we were the country that the democrats describe tonight, why would tens if not hundreds of millions of people around the world who are definitively not white skin, why would they so yearned to come to this country? they must be fools according to the democratic party to want to come to a country that is as systemically racist as the democrats are trying to get us to believe. >> laura: governor rendell, i love having you on the show, you do to me are more like a classic democrat, and to me the classic democrat of your work, when i say -- i mean 5 minutes ago, five years ago, may be. is unrecognizable. you did not hear many policy is coming you a lot of invective, trump bad, trump bad man, not empathetic, systemic racist, but i heard nothing about how the democrats are going to make our
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lives better. why is that. >> first of all, laura, you have to understand, the conventions, the democrats and republicans who have been taken in their entirety, they are a lot about specific proposals as the week goes on. this night has three purposes, one to have senator sanders persuade his supporters, all of his supporters to vote for joe biden. and i think he did a good job at achieving that goal, secondly to get people like two former republican presidential candidates to endorse joe biden. to get one of the greatest governors in the history of this country, todd whitman to endorse joe biden. to give suburban men and women that comfort level of switching and voting democrat through the election, and i think they accomplish that in a big way. and then thirdly that to michelle obama fired up her base, and she did an absolutely
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spectacular job, so you can quarrel with the content of this one night, but take the convention as a 4-night to story and see if there is more meat on the proposals later on. but those are the three things we have to take account for and we accomplish in big time. >> laura: steve, on that point, there was a moment where bernie sanders rattled off a few quickies, and then he also said this. watch. >> our movement continues and is getting stronger every day. many of the ideas we fought for that just a few years ago were considered radical are now mainstream. >> laura: i love how he beats out every word radical. he is saying it is radical. the radicals have won in the democratic party. it is not ed rendell's party anymore. that party is gone and buried and i don't know if it's ever going to come back again.
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steve. >> you're exactly right, this is not your parents or your grandparents democratic party. the position as recently as a few years ago were considered extremist and fringe leftist radical views are now considered orthodox. and unassailable within the democratic party. to be specific, what do i mean? like affectively open borders, they don't use the phrase, but if you decriminalize order crossing and offer benefits to illegal aliens they do not belong in the country and joe biden has promised even more than that, full citizenship in the country to reward them for breaking and entering into our land, these kinds of policies are within the democratic party the norm. they are not mainstream policies within america, and there is the rub, it is our job on the trump campaign to make sure that we effectively communicate just how radical the 2020 biden-harris party is, and they did us a favor by showcasing the cynicism, the skepticism of this
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country, this was an indictment that we saw tonight. and people are being put forward. >> laura: let's move on from that point, because i wanted to -- touching back to meg whitman, and just for a moment, because i am thinking last even cnn poll, 91% of republicans, i think the mother was 95%, 96 and one supported the president and republicans, so i mean, john kasich and meg whitman, what is their constituency in the united states in america? god bless them, i guess they are nice people, but that is just a waste of air time, i don't see how that gets comfort to anyone that to joe biden is going to have the plan for magically stopping covid other than shutting down the whole country through i don't know, next year? >> that thing is a lot of the republicans if they are talking
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to the republican party becoming independent, but they are still republicans in the philadelphia suburbs for example, in the cleveland suburbs, there are still ready republicans who, you know, you say 9%, 10%, well, you persuade two-thirds of that 1%, there goes michigan, there goes wisconsin, there goes pennsylvania, so you can't minimize an election that will probably be as close as 16 was, percentages, those small percentages can make a difference. that's who they are talking to. and when you have two presidential candidates not weighing in on the past from four years ago. >> laura: and i don't mean to interrupt, but john kasich in 2016 cannot persuade ohioans to not vote for trump, but somehow
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comes back in 2020 and is a miracle worker, forgive me, but i do not understand that he is persuasive. i don't think he changes one vote. that's just my view about john kasich, but it will be a close election. thank you. and always great to see you. in praise of joe biden's accomplishments and talents into the knights dnc in the speech as it seemed a little bit forced, a little bit, consider this. the new nbc "wall street journal" poll found 50% of biden supporters say they are not voting for the former vp as much as they are voting against trump. 36% of them said they are casting their vote for biden, a number that is a lot lower than the 49% that said they were voting for hillary clinton. ahead of the 2016 election, what does that mean for the election and how is the trump team responding? joining me exclusively, eric trump, the speech is did not seem like they were in
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support of joe so much as really they hate your dad. they think your dad is not empathetic, he doesn't care, he does not hug, he does not ride amtrak, all of that combined. but what was he or take away from just that aspect of it? >> i thought they were generic, here they are saying we like to heal the soul of our nation, get kamala harris is going out there and effectively comparing i.c.e. agents to the kkk. there is no specificity to anything. how about talking about after the democrats sign gnashed out that we 70,000 tax deductions in this country and the jobs went overseas, why don't they talk about that? the $150 billion that joe biden gave iran to build weapons to use against our country. what about michelle obama comes out and he is the one to rebuild the economy, well, under biden-obama, the dow jones went up 4,000 points in eight years,
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under my father and three and a half years it has gone up 12,000 points. he is not the guy to rebuild the economy, .9% gdp growth under certain years in the obama administration but they don't know the first thing. joe biden can't spell the economy. so it's all these little fluxing messages, you said it best with washed up republicans that have 0% of the vote back in 2016 that quite frankly are still bitter that my father beat them so badly. but there is no specificity to anything. the military was run down part of the educational system was broken. we weren't growing. our economy was an absolute mess. illegal immigration in this country was absolutely ramp it, we were being used and abused by china, used and abused by mexico, ripped off by the entire world, nato was taking us to the absolute bank. the european union, i won't even tell you what they were doing to us. i could go on and on, and there is none of that, he is not a nice guy and the soul of our
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nation is "broken." yet they are sparking divisiveness every single day. painting black lives matter in front of trump tower in big yellow letters every single day while shootings are going on in the streets of new york and chicago and minneapolis, and seattle. >> laura: i want to get to new york for a moment, because governor cuomo in his remarks at the dnc tonight, check it out. speak of the european virus infected the northeast while the white house was still fixated on china. the failed federal government that watched york get ambushed by then the limb at their negligence and watched new york suffer, but all through it learned absolutely nothing. they're all the pain and all the tears come our way worked. and it was beautiful. >> laura: it was beautiful, well, this is what he said about your father's response back in april. >> the president brought in the army corps of engineers, they
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built 2500 beds, these were just extraordinary efforts and acts of mobilization. and the federal government stepped up and was a great partner, and i'm the first one to say it. we needed help, and they were there. >> laura: we needed help, and they were there. he was basically playing phone a friend with your dad during the entire pandemic eric, now he gets up there in the virtual dnc and suddenly donald trump doesn't know how to handle covid, are you kidding me? it was pathetic. i'm sorry, giving glowing reviews of the convention, i thought that that was one of the most pathetic performances by a political figure given the calamity that so many people are dealing with right now in new york and day during pandemic. sorry, i am acting up against on my own show, but i am pretty torqued about him. >> they are phonies.
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when it is the failed comfort about the statue of liberty, everyone was cheering in the world was working together, that is the phoniness of politicians. that's why people love my father because he is deadly real. look at kamala. two months ago she was calling joe biden a racist and said that she believed his sex accusers and now he is a wonderful man who has been a wonderful man for 45 years. you can only be one hour the other, my father either did a phenomenal job for a new york or he didn't, you can't change your mind made stream. and the reason why governor cuomo is is because he killed 11,000 people in nursing homes based on his horrible policies and has to shift the blame to somebody else. and it is tragic. my father has done a greater job in the last three and a half years than any president in history the way that he turned around the country. the way that he turned around the military. the way that he turned around immigration, the way we are no longer being used by every country around the world. he has done a phenomenal job,
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and they can point with quantifiable measure that they have done better than donald trump. it's just wealth them roses -- >> laura: i want to give context specifics. we want to deal in facts tonight about governor cuomo's handling of covid in new york. 32,435 have lost their lives. that's the death rate of 167 per 100,000 residents. let's compare that to read states that he likes to criticize, arizona, florida, georgia, texas. taken together those states have lost 29,219 people. that is very tragic, but that it's a death rate four times lower than new york at just 42 per 100,000. >> and the difference is those states did not shut down their entire government. they did not shut down their cities, they don't have people leaving their states and their cities by the thousands, they still have functional economy
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and whereas new york doesn't right now, where that is the difference. not only did they do it better and lose less people, but the states are actually alive and not defunct. >> laura: and he has the gall to say, it was beautiful or even use the word beautiful, beautiful that health care workers showed up every day and an essential worker shows up every day and does their darned best, that's beautiful. it's not beautiful to pass blame on the white house for his failures. that's what it is not beautiful. and eric, i'm so glad you joined us tonight. i know that your brother was on "hannity," but i am glad that you were on with us. and we mention this earlier, the former g.o.p. luminary speaking out against president trump, shall even bother? tonight here is the sampler. >> it's about a person. a person decent enough, stable enough, strong enough to get the economy back on track.
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donald trump isn't that person, joe biden is. >> joe biden on the other hand has a plan to strengthen the economy for working people and small business owners. >> he is a really good man, he is exactly what the nation needs at this time. >> laura: is that really the new face of the democratic party, lobbyist and billionaires? but those so-called republicans were merely a warm-up act for the most inseparable of the never-trump genre. >> america is at a crossroads, sometimes elections represent a real choice and i know that joe biden with his experience, wisdom, and decency can bring us together to help us find a better way. they fear joe may turn sharp left and leave them behind. i don't believe that. because i know the measure of the man it is reasonable, faithful, respectful, and you know, no one pushes joe around. >> laura: did that remind you of this two in "the wizard of oz"?
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i don't even know, but here to respond is texas senator ted cruz. there is so much to say and so little time, but your response to john kasich, though. >> well, look at, he has been an angry denial for four years. what we saw tonight was the beginning of the collapse of joe biden's basement strategy. he has been hiding in his basement since he won the nomination, but tonight was bernie sanders' night. tonight, so john kasich is promising voters, don't pay attention to the craziness on the democratic side. joe is not that crazy, you know who did not believe john kasich? bernie sanders do not believe john kasich, he stood up there and said our radical socialist agenda has won. we have taken over the democratic party, and joe biden is ours. and that really underscores the stakes of this election. if the democrats win, you are looking at bernie sanders and ascension, aoc, you're looking
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at mark my words elizabeth warren as treasury secretary. bernie sanders might be secretary of state. these are radicals and that's where the democratic party is. and i don't think that's where the american people are. >> laura: senator, excuse me, the midwest, think of midwest states, right, discussing last week in the midwest. i'm not getting the strategy. i'm just not getting america is a horrible, awful, racist country. we are terrible, trump is rotten, statues are coming down and we don't care, the rioting was not mentioned at all, the damage mentioned ointment done by the writing, how does the appeal really appeal in john kasich ohio in pennsylvania, and places like minnesota, wisconsin, does this really appeal? >> it doesn't, and the democrats today are the party of the rich, the party of coastal elites, manhattan and san francisco,
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kamala harris was a bold move to lockdown the vote in san francisco, and that's who they are trying to appeal to is the radical left, when it comes to working men and women, when it comes to union members, when it comes to the ohio steel worker, they were nowhere to be found. the democrats don't have a message for teamsters. they don't have a message for right now nt for mobs are burning police union halls. they used to be that union leaders would stand together, but the democrats have said, we care more about the woke mob than we do about standing with cops or firefighters or working men and women, and to go tonight without saying a meaningful word about the riots and the police officers being murdered, it is an example of how the democratic party, they are getting more and more extreme. and it's all because they hate donald trump. that's what they stand for is radical leftism and hating
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trump. that's not a majority vision in america. >> laura: and they go for a hollywood celebrity to be the mc tonight. i guess they hope everybody watching is a "desperate housewives." that they are just going to throw in with the democrats,, we will lose the free market and police in the suburbs, but we really think this is a fun ride to be on. again, i don't get it and i don't think it plays. democrats also use the night to spread and i have to get your take on this, this post office conspiracy to rig the election, watch. >> the u.s. postal service, it is central to so much of our lives, veterans count on the post office to get their prescriptions. a social security count on the post office to get their checks. >> he is putting the lives of nevada seniors at risk by trying to defund the post office.
8:33 pm
>> the president may hate the post office, but he is still going to have to send them a change of address card come january. >> laura: a moat to ms. long gloria and friends, they stop sending social security checks through the mail in 2013 under president obama. senator cruz, first it was russia, then ukraine, and now it is the post office. a new hoax for every time and every moment. >> and this one is bizarre. it is impressive to see the democratic talking points that when they decide on a message every single democrat across the country repeats it word for word, but to the post office, and willing to that not a single person they are speaking has bought a stamp in the last five years. they have no idea what is going on with the post office. but we also know what this is all about. which is the democrats are desperate to beat donald trump, and so they are pushing for the scheme that they call universal
8:34 pm
mail-in voting, and they want everyone to do it because it is particularly susceptible to voter fraud. they want to enable what they have done in california what is called voter harvesting. in texas we have tough rules to protect against voter fraud in texas and some of the history was that they were adopted by democratic legislators in texas because there was a long history of south texas of voter fraud in democratic primaries where unscrupulous political operatives, for example they would go to a nursing home and they would go to each person and say, here, fill out your ballot and let me help you, just check joe biden, fill in that diet, and then they would collect them and all of the ones get mailed, and if someone was stubborn of enough to vote trump that they just throw that in the trash. and to the democrats want to be able to enable voter fraud, that's what the whole post office nonsense is about is
8:35 pm
because they are trying to be in a position to steal the election. it's about their hatred for donald trump. >> laura: senator cruz, i also believe that there is a very cynical undercurrents involved in all of this that almost once to see a building movement towards more civil unrest if things don't go their way, because then they will say, you took it from the mailboxes, you stole the mailboxes. it seems like -- i find this to be a very dangerous tactic, they are playing with fire here with these types of allies and are you worried about that really quick? >> listen, you're exactly right. we have seen whether it is representative presley or or earlier maxine waters who urged people to engage in civil unrest, essentially encouraged the rioters. you headed in minneapolis when antifa, when mobs were
8:36 pm
firebombing stores and police cars coming at the attorney general of minnesota is holding up the antifa handbook and his son the minneapolis city councilman saying i stand within tivo. the democratic party when given a choice between the safety and security, of the men and women is in the country versus the radical mob, they said, we side with the mob. and i have to say, i feel for the residences of places like seattle and portland where the mob has taken over in the democratic politicians have said to with you to the men and women they are responsible to protect, because we are not willing to stand up to the radicals burning the cities down. that's who the democratic party is listening to right now. >> laura: thank you for joining us tonight till late on "the ingraham angle." the speakers at the virtual dnc tonight, they all failed to
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mention one of the greatest threats in our country right now and some of the most beautiful cities, the extreme levels of violence, criminality, mayhem, that are just destroying neighborhoods. i thought firsthand last weekend in minneapolis. and business owners have had their entire lives destroyed, minorities, people from all walks of life seeing their lives destroyed. in these cities are run by democrats. they have them run by democrats for decades. and things are getting more depraved and more dangerous, but to watch this tonight it's like it never happened. that's unbelievable. now in portland last night, peaceful protesters, they chased a truck driver, after he crashed, they dragged him into the street and they did this. i have to warn you, i have only been able to watch this video for about five seconds. it was that shocking. watch. >> back up, sit down. to sit down.
8:38 pm
shut the [bleep] up. [bleep]. >> shut it off! >> hate coming you are not leaving, bro. >> i'm trying to go. >> [bleep]. stay down. [bleep]. [bleep]. >> okay! >> [bleep]. [bleep]. >> laura: i just get enraged when i watch, it's like white, black, whatever your skin color, no one should be treated that way. it shocks the conscience, these things were not even mention tonight. on saturday protesters march down to the minneapolis police federation and that's where an actual candidate for the minnesota house endorsed by the democrat governor tim wolf, one of the worst governors in the country, by the way. and ilhan omar who won her primary last week did this. >> little [bleep] when we are in this neighborhood!
8:39 pm
the mother [bleep] peace. raising this mother [bleep]! you are a coward! taking this black skin on me! you can take it -- [bleep]. we are coming for everything that you want to [bleep] take from us. >> laura: we are coming for everything you took from us, i believe that he said. a bunch of teenage girls out front. i guess they are big threats. senior fellow satyr philip man sara carter, host of the sara carter show podcast. also vince ellison, author of the iron triangle. why should we expect the media to cover this? i think a lot of people if they don't watch fox and are not on certain websites. if they are not on twitter and following the right people, they would not even have known that any of this has been happening. they would not know it at all.
8:40 pm
they would not know what i saw in the east lake street last week, because nobody is showing it or talking to the minority business people. so we are operating in an information deficits unless you watch the show, others on fox, or follow listen to sara carter, vincent's great book. people are never going to know about it. that's how bad it is right now. >> yeah, i think that people are learning about it, because it is ubiquitous and in their own lives. they see it when they drive around and they see it in new york in the suburbs, what this unity messages, think about it. they are saying we want unity. in the subtext of that is we won't have anybody trying to burn the police alive when we or they, and we are not going to allude to the million dollar mile, we not going to destroy seattle. because we are going to tell them to stop because her message is what we represent. and they can get it through us. so there will be no need to. so in a weird way, they are
8:41 pm
holding the nation hostage. because the subtext is that this is donald trump's disunity, but they have whipped it up and they can stop it if they get what they want, and that is the bargain of the election. and they are talking about these april may issues as if they are in a time warp. i felt like they were back in may. george floyd is never mentioned in these demonstrations anymore. this has gone way beyond him. we are in the ultimate phase of the revolution. this is about destruction and antifa and anarchy. and they still talk about george floyd, and they still talk about the virus, well, the virus is here but for 30 days it has gone down. it's a very fluid situation. it is changing. and the lockdown is defined by one point now, 50 million children are suffering. to some dramatically so because they can't go to school when there is less risk than facing influenza. we can take care of teachers that are vulnerable. that's the issue in a losing
8:42 pm
issue. they don't understand that this is august and trump's polls are going up because they are talking about things from april and may and have no solutions or alternate policy is for this. and the final thing is whatever this i have empathy for them with the virtual world that we live in, but this is about a bad infomercial, and i hope the republicans can find some way to tweak it or get actual live people talking or interviews or candidate in the parking lot, impromptu. >> laura: we will get into this with bremen, we have to get to the other two guests. vince, i want to go to you. i think of what has happened to the poorest neighborhoods in the united states, okay, the poorest neighborhoods, ravaged by crime, lockdowns are terrible for the most at risk kids as victor said, no school is terrible for the most at risk kids, and that's like none of that is happening. it's donald trump is a bad man.
8:43 pm
>> i understood the democratic party for a long time, my father told me a story about how they use the ku klux klan to run the cotton plantation they were on when he was a very young man. and they did not want him to vote, they threaten to kill them. the democratic party has always known that. that's when their shtick for their whole life, violence, murder, assassination. they don't care about people, they care about power. that's all they will do, they will kill black people or anyone to get it. so the violence in the streets is something they are used doing something they have always done and always will do it. and i hope that america will wake up and understand that they will not have freedom until these democrats are gone. >> laura: president trump was in minneapolis today, also mankato, minnesota. in minneapolis he met with the victims of the riots, watch. >> democrat control cities have shown that democrats plan and what they plan for america, in minneapolis 700 buildings were
8:44 pm
burned, damage, or destroyed costing more than $1 billion. i just left incredible people, their businesses were burned down, gone, and they don't know what they will do, but we will try to help them to get them rebuild. >> laura: contrast that with biden, hiding out in the basement and doing these little infomercials that are so heavily edited, you wonder what the outtakes look like. and kamala is not even mentioning the shocking violence we are seeing. >> no, they are gas lighting everyone. i call it the virtual gas lighting convention day one with the democratic national party. this is how they operate. and this is such a radical agenda, laura, you know, bernie may not have won the nomination, but his radical nomination data. and he did it with the manifesto that they signed in early july, and for the american people and for people in urban communities like we see what president trump speaking directly to business
8:45 pm
owners in cities that have now been just emaciated, this chaos that has been sown and the founder of democratic leadership to actually unify their cities and protect their citizens, to basically -- they want to defund the police instead of protecting the businesses in their community, what we are seeing now is that exacerbation of what has happened in the united states. and i think that the voters realize this. i think that they understand this, and president trump and the campaign, i have to agree with eric trump and agree with senator cruz, they have to reach the american people and show them what this radical agenda will do. it will destroy the inner cities. we -- we have already seen what the democrats have done there. we can afford for this country to be more divided. come november there's going to be one choice. it will be a marxist agenda, a
8:46 pm
progressive agenda that is radical or freedom and principles that our nation is going to stand on. that's what the american people are voting for. >> laura: we will not be a nation of snitches on each other, not snitching on each other and not condemning our country at every turn when we have given so much to each other, the world, an invention. it's like america as we know her does not even exist at all in the way that they are painting her all night long. victor, i want to get into what npr reported on, which is the wall street opening up its wallets to biden-harris. to deep-pocketed donors from the halls of finance are giving more money into democrats and republicans, according to the center responsive politics, biden is a known commodity on wall street and is seen as the more centrist acceptable alternative to more liberal democrats who ran for president.
8:47 pm
i have one word to say to that, victor, and i want you to weigh in on the other side which is china. how much is it that china once joe biden to win? i'm wall street makes an enormous amount of money in china and keeping wages low here. >> you remember what they did when biden was out of the picture and it looked like bernie sanders was going to get it, they backed michael bloomberg, because he was such a chinese business personnel was heavily invested in leveraging capital for chinese interest. when he imploded and it looked like sanders might come in they resurrected biden, that is one of the issues they were most concerned of. they did it in 2016, i don't think that it will matter this year. i don't think the people on their side -- i want to say one thing very quickly, i agree that michelle obama delivered an eloquent speech, it was scripted, and eloquent, but completely disingenuous, when she said we go high, her husband just hijacked a funeral for
8:48 pm
john lewis, and he brought in things like the filibuster and puerto rican statehood, bull connor, and her husband, and that administration weaponize the cia, the doj, the fbi, they tried to destroy a political opponent, a transition, presidency, and as she is saying that we have a federal prosecutor who is already indicted and has the compassion that an employee in that administration tried to erode the sanctity of price accord, so that was a lot to stomach that they go high? i was the most corrupt administration of memory, they tried to destroy a campaign, a transition, and a presidency. we don't even know the full extent of it. that was hard to take. >> laura: yes, i mean -- this is when i wish i had three hours of radio every day, because there were a lot of lies in that presentation. it just really quickly, when they go low, she was like, when they go low, we go fisa like the
8:49 pm
fisa court. this is ridiculous. the most hateful people on the left who have vilified trump from day one, giving style points to michelle obama tonight is not exactly the difficult thing to do. what is difficult to do is rattle off what he just did and educate the american public. really quick. >> this is a problem what they have done to america, joe biden says he is proud of what he has done to black america, the worst food, the city is on fire, the families have been destroyed. you are looking at an american cold war right now where you see conservatism and you see the communists on the other side, and conservatism wins, and maybe they are deflecting and saying it is us, no, it is them. we are watching in real time, contacts between who is right and who is wrong. and you don't see us writing, you don't see conservatives are rioting and blowing up our neighborhoods in our schools and
8:50 pm
property of shooting and killing one another. the left is impaling on itself as evil always does. when you want to figure out who is right, you look at us, because kamala harris and joe biden have a political record coming to a city near you and to your city if they get elected, this is what they will do to america. spin on that council candidate in minneapolis said we are coming to the suburbs. he made that clear the way that he decided to take his message right to a small neighborhood. so they aimed to move into the suburbs, that's for sure. panel, great to see all of you tonight. thank you so much. and the theme for the dnc is uniting america, sound so nice. they realize that that means bringing people together. they are not interested in seeking common ground, there is no way. they sure as are not interested in reaching across the aisle, obama never did. so what does it mean. here to tell us, raymond arroyo, and desousa -- dinesh d'souza.
8:51 pm
what do democrats want to do in uniting america again something or for something? >> yes, they have a politics of unity, but it also includes a concealed disunity. they have a politics of inclusion, but not everybody is included. so they don't make any effort to find genuine middle ground either in policy or in rhetoric. i mean, if they wanted to find "middle ground and rhetoric." they would say things like we know they are all of these rights going on in the streets and we don't approve of that, and we support law and order, but in this particular case, you know, in other words they would attempt to address the reality in front of us, instead what they are doing is trying to create, you can call it an alternative reality. an alternative universe to get us to live in that, and in that alternative universe, all of forces are unified against us.
8:52 pm
against trump and the people who support trump. there is no effort to reach out to them. there is no effort to ever find middle ground them. there is an effort to stigmatize and demonize them and all of the talk of unity cannot hide the fact that these are actually very vitriolic hateful people. >> laura: they hate most people in middle america. and they hate most people in the suburbs, they hate the fact that they drive big cars, have big families, don't want them to go to church on sunday, but you can protest and burn things down no problem. you notice something in the buildup. it's likely early red carpet at the oscars, you have eva longoria, so the early red carpet and you notice that it was messaging to radicals. let's watch. biko being politically correct is probably not going to get it done. we have got to turn the system upside down. >> communities from boston and portland and everywhere in between are rising up to demand accountability and investment from systems. >> do you have the nerve to
8:53 pm
build a wall? america, if you don't get your act together, you may well go to hell. >> that was the feel-good part of the program. these were the caucus meetings before the dnc. and tonight i have to tell you, as i watch this, i kept thinking, this is like mda telephone after they fired jerry lewis. remember they had the pretaped segment and they raise no money, that's what we saw tonight. this was like a string of those state of the union response videos that nobody pays attention to. it was very hard to watch, and a dark vision of america really promoting fear, politicizing death, and it was a frightening evening in some ways despite michelle obama and her speech and bernie sanders energetic talk, between the cracks of this, the imaging, the pictures was of a very dark and dreary
8:54 pm
america, with no solutions offered other than joe biden is a decent guy. >> laura: know, joe biden rides amtrak and is nice to the engineers on amtrak, which is lovely. i love that. but that does not mean that you have the competency to be president of the united states. and at one point, joe biden was without when morgue doing an interview, highly edited. watch. >> what do you think the next thing that we have to do, glenn? >> there was a big uprising, but then it settled down. we can to let settle down. >> people are ready, we just got to keep pushing. we can't let up. >> laura: that's a lot of substance, dinesh, keep pushing. you can't let up, what? what does that mean? >> this is reminiscent of the movie "being there" i don't mean
8:55 pm
to be trespassing on raymond's hollywood territory, but uttering the bromides that meant absolutely nothing but people around him would respond in applause and admire his genius. that's what we have, and embarrassing spectacle, but for the rest of us it is like no amount of declaration can see all the obvious fact. >> laura: ratings for this, youtube was going down as it went down coming to watch the youtube numbers, what are your thoughts on how this is going to play? because my guess is things would plummet, the audience does not want to be bored and frightened out of its mind. this is not what we need in the midst of covid, that's what the committee offered up. we will see what tomorrow holds, but the most interesting thing to me as they are trying to depict and frame joe biden as a decent man, a good man, a moral man, a good man, a decent respectful normal man, but this is the guy who did one interview today with cardi b. >> laura: we have it, let me play it. go ahead.
8:56 pm
>> joe biden is a decent man with a long history of public service to america. >> put bringing decency back to the white house. >> he is a profoundly decent man guided by faith. >> laura: and then he was chatting with this woman, raymond. >> i just want trump out. you know what i'm saying? his mouth gets us in trouble so much. >> the rest of the world has always looked to us. why to us? not because we are so powerful, but because of the power of our example. look at what they are seeing now with this president. >> laura: why is he going like this into the camera? not sure why he is leaning, he should really consider the example. >> there four edits in one answer. >> laura: cardi b, i think that he is making a good point, because she is very empowering for young girls with her latest
8:57 pm
video. ♪ >> laura: that's very empowering, what does meeting with cardi b -- >> remember when the world goes down, biden goes high. i can't even describe to you the title of cardi b's song. it's so filthy and vile. and the opening of the video reads there are some whores in this house. it is the filthiest video, he has attached himself in a vain quest for african-american boats and young voters. he is attaching himself to someone who definitely does go low, admittedly. and probably one of the purveyors of a debased culture if i had to name two or three people, she would be on that list. it's amazing that a presidential candidate would elevate cardi b like this. >> laura: it is really bad
8:58 pm
when old people try to be cool, like trying to interact with the young people. a setting aside her filthy lyrics and all that, that's what she does. that is her thing. she makes a lot of money doing it, it's like a business, but it's like the old people, like you both have permission to smother me with a pillow if i at age 73 and i'm trying to interview rappers. it's just - -- or whoever is popular at that time. but i think it just accentuates, dinesh, the fact that he is so -- i'm sorry, seemingly out of it. he can't handle that. >> i literally predicted before the convention that biden will be in a sense guided off the stage and kamala harris will replace him, giving people the clear idea that this is basically a trump-harris race. what makes this fascinating is that the left has been going around the country yanking down
8:59 pm
george washington statues because the man owned slaves. and here's kamala harris a product of identity -- from a jamaican slave owner that owned more than 200 slaves, so there is a stunning irony that the democrats will have some explaining to do. >> laura: gentleman, so great to see you both tonight. don't take the pillow smothering thing literally, okay. before we go, we have to play this moment after bernie sanders was done explaining how his radical agenda was taking over the democratic party, there was a big pause for applause. that's when things got a little bit awkward. >> thank you. [applause] >> laura: i mean, it's hard to do these virtual things, but you have to find laughter wherever you can find it. that was one of the moments for
9:00 pm
me tonight. [applause] i'm sorry. shannon bream, and all the important developments and analysis with "fox news @ night." we will be back tomorrow night, special time after the special . >> shannon: shocking violence continues in many of america's democratically controlled cities as the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on lives and livelihood. against that backdrop, the democratic party kicks off its virtual convention that looks like nothing we've ever seen before. gone are the crowds, confetti, and balloons. replaced by prerecorded stories focused on police brutality, systemic racism and blaming president trump's policies for covid-19 deaths. senator bernie sanders and former first lady michelle obama among these marquee speakers on night one. a handful of onetime republicans joining their ranks. the message, a party unified around its most progressive


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