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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 18, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> whenever we look to this white house for some leadership was we get instead is chaos, division and a total and utter lack of empathy. >> we have moved this country in a bold new direction. we have a president who is leading us down a path to authoritarianism. this election is the most important in the modern history of this country. >> joe biden is america tough. joe biden can restore the soul of america. >> he understands redemption and he knows resilience. barack obama leaned on joe for his strength and decency and you can too. >> the future of our planet is at stake. >> donald trump is the wrong president for our country. he is clearly in over his head.
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>> biden is just a trojan horse for socialism. they sold off your dreams and gave away your jobs. now you have a president who is fighting for you. >> attacks on donald trump dominating night one of the democratic national convention. good morning, thanks for joining us. todd: the two our virtual event with the present of nominee joe biden only making one appearance. jillian: griff jenkins breaks down the highlights. >> reporter: good morning. the first night in the virtual convention, thousands of cheering delegates camped in their respective state areas, something of the new york times called in online awards show. it was complete with celebrity, democrats oberstar's, republican in the leader of the progressive left bernie sanders who painted
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a dark picture of life under a second term of donald trump. watch. >> we have a president who is not only incapable of addressing these crises but is leading us down the path of authoritarianism. nero fiddled while rome burned, trump golfed. while joe and i disagree on the best path to get universal coverage, he has a plan that will greatly expand healthcare and cut the cost of prescription drugs. joe will move us forward. >> reporter: the night belonged to michelle obama who delivered searing if not measured remarks, before senator harris was picked as running mate. here is what she had to say. >> donald trump is the wrong president for our country. he has had more than enough time to prove he can do the job but he is clearly in over his head.
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going high is the only thing that works because when we go low, when we use the same tactics of degrading and dehumanizing others, we become part of the ugly noise that is driving out everything else. we have got to vote for joe biden like our lives depend on it. >> reporter: racial injustice was a major issue introduced, actress eva longoria, it's, needed a moment of silence led by george floyd's brother. coronavirus, the very reason the convention was driven online front and center is two governors in the midst of the pandemic, governor cuomo and witmer blamed donald trump. >> covid-19 is the symptom, not the illness. it is just a metaphor. donald trump didn't create the initial division. the division created trump.
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he only made it worse. >> with a lot of work from the autoworkers and too little help from the white house joe biden and kamala harris will lead by example. >> reporter: tonight's theme will be leadership matters. aoc, senator schumer, bill clinton and doctor jill biden and our keynote will be led by 17 rising stars including stacy abrams. we will see how it goes. jillian: another recap tomorrow morning. todd: michelle obama's remarks the main event of the night, a reaction to the first lady's emotional appeal to the country. >> michelle obama doesn't like politics, she said this speech was her main contribution to the
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biden campaign. she really flayed, sliced and diced donald trump talking about the chaos and confusion and lack of empathy, spoke about the deficits of donald trump and classism of joe biden. >> bernie sanders was the big headliner of the night. the host of the next revolution says the democratic socialist with the only speaker with any real energy. >> the only speaker with any real energy was bernie sanders because he really believes in something unlike the rest of the, joe biden is not anything. a machine politician. that is the danger. because bernie does have the energy. jillian: the first night of the convention was supposed to be about unity as ohio governor john kasich tried to win over independents and anti-trump republicans. >> america is at the crossroads today. the stakes in this election are
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greater than any in modern times. i'm a lifelong republican but that attachment is second place in my responsibility in normal time something like this would probably never happen but these are not normal times. we are being taken down the wrong road by a president who has pitted one against the other. todd: marianne rafferty has more on the unusual endorsement. >> reporter: several well-known republicans declaring their support for joe biden that included court governor john kasich who ran unsuccessfully for the republican presidential nomination in 2016. in his address to the dnc urging independent voters and undecided republicans to abandon trump attempting to reassure them the former vice president will not cave to the far left. >> republicans and independents couldn't imagine crossing over to support a democrat. they feared joe may turn sharp left and leave them behind.
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i don't believe that because i know the measure of the man, reasonable, faithful, respectful and no one pushes joe around. >> reporter: in a rebuttal republicans say it is clear why members of their own party are pledging support for biden. >> susan molinari and john kasich being used as ponds. it is a sad, desperate reach for relevancy which they didn't have a voice in the republican party. nobody wanted him. he didn't come to the convention. >> reporter: the president's son eric lashing out republicans are crossing party lines. >> washtub republicans that got 0% of the vote in 2016 and still bitter that my father beat them so badly but there is no specificity or anything. >> reporter: donald trump
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heading out of the former vice president in his speech in wisconsin. >> biden is just a trojan horse for socialism. a trojan horse. he has no clue but the people around him are tough, and smart but we disagree with them very strongly. they are mean and angry. >> reporter: in minnesota he made sure to differentiate himself from his opponents. >> we will revitalize police department, protect religious liberty, defend the lives of our beautiful unborn children, appoint conservative judges, uphold free speech on college campuses, safeguard the second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms. >> reporter: the president will take part in a disaster recovery briefing in iowa before heading to arizona to speak on border security. jillian: thank you.
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todd: prior to john kasich's speech alexandria ocasio cortez lashing out at the for republican governor, extreme politicians like aoc received too much publicity and don't represent the party. the new york democrat firing back tweeting imparted is great the john kasich has woken up and realize the importance of supporting a biden harris ticket but something tells me your republican who fight against women's rights doesn't get to say who is or isn't representative of the dem party. the seattle police department releasing body cam footage of protesters shooting fireworks at police. the department says six officers were injured by rioters throwing explosives, one officer had to be hospitalized but is okay. 18 people were arrested.
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jillian: this disturbing video is being investigated, black wisemen of protesters attacking a truck driver, the da saying this will not be tolerated. video shows a man dragged from his truck and beaten unconscious. the man who filmed the incident believes it was unprovoked. >> this was violent, extremely violent. sometimes i forget i am walking the streets of an american city. it feels like you're walking in a third world country. jillian: the driver is expected to be okay. no arrests have been made. chaos we the country, ted cruz blasting democrats for not once condemning the violence during last night's dnc. >> right now, antifa mobs are burning police union halls that used to be that the union leaders would stand together but democrats said we care more about the woke mob than standing with cops or firefighters or
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working men and women and to go a night without saying a meaningful word about the riots, the police officers being murdered. todd: more on that in a moment. a st. louis couple charged after defending their home with guns, during a black lives matter march, will speak at the republican national convention. they are charged with unlawful use of a weapon after wielding their guns near protesters. donald trump call the charges an extreme abuse of power. jillian: the president reveals where he will deliver his republican nomination acceptance speech. >> we are doing a real speech next thursday, doing it live from the white house. todd: the gop filed for a permit to end next week's republican national convention with a fireworks show over the washington monument. 11 minutes after the hour, joe biden lays low the president is crisscrossing the us. >> show biden is nothing but
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>> joe biden is a puppet of left-wing extremists trying to we raise our borders, eliminate our police, indoctrinate our children, vilify our heroes, take away our energy and replace american freedom with left-wing fascism. todd: donald trump spending the first day of the dnc campaigning in minnesota and wisconsin, joe biden making a brief appearance during the democrat -- >> both battleground states, who carries them this time? the chairman of the national republican congressional committee joins us live, thank
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you for being here. what is the main issue voters in your state are looking to right now? >> the economy, restoring law and order, donald trump who won wisconsin in 2016 came within roughly 45,000 votes of winning minnesota being the first republican endorsement for presidential candidate to win minnesota since 1972. this is the reason he is in position to win in minnesota and wisconsin again. todd: the latest cnn poll is fascinating. it shows the president just trailing joe biden by one% in a polling of battleground voters. with that in mind as donald trump win your state of minnesota and also take wisconsin, both battleground states.
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>> i don't know you can trust these polls as i think the president is doing better than cnn is showing, they are using the same approach they use four years ago and we saw where those polls ended up after 2016. the president's message every building their economy which started in restoring law and order across this country is the message most americans want to hear is oppose what is being offered by the other side which is raising trillions of dollars of taxes, defunding the police and pushing government healthcare, socialized medicine. >> john kasich, we heard from him last night making a plea to independents and anti-from republicans to get the vote out for joe biden. what was his message about being a crossroads as we see in his video and what side you are going to go. >> sad moment for john kasich. a guy with some success in his political career.
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what we saw leslie was a bitterness that has overtaken him. he was a candidate for this office four years ago on the republican ledger. he got left on the road with everybody else, donald trump won the nomination and the election. it is sad to see what john did. i can't believe john kasich supports raising taxes by trillions of dollars, defunding the police, opening our borders and pushing socialized medicine or government healthcare. i can't believe that is john kasich. this was more about his feelings and the fact he was not successful. todd: you don't think he speaks to the midwest voter? >> he seems to be very sick in the twilight of his career, sad to watch last night. john may have his perspective and his feelings but the
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american people have a choice in the choice is the trump economy, restoring law and order versus raising taxes, defunding police and pushing socialized medicine which frankly will be less healthcare for people. todd: we came to a crossroads, we need to end, we appreciate your time, thank you so much. jillian: it is 19 after the hour. evo long korea delivers star power to the dnc but nice one left a lot of critics wondering where is the substance. todd: is a political theater? that is next. awesome internet.
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xfinity xfi can because it's simple, easy, awesome. get advanced security free with the xfi gateway. download the xfi app today. jillian: welcome back. nice one of the convention will again award show to some people. evo long korea and several
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musical guests launched the democrats most important week before november. is this what voters want to see? joe costa joining us live. >> this was one of the most tedious and teasey political theaters i ever witnessed. in a pandemic it can't be like a normal convention but it made a pbs telephone look like new year's eve in times square. it was beyond boring for lack of a better term and filled too homogenized, they didn't seem to be any authenticity to it but don't take my word for it. here are words to describe it online, anti-trump voices in the media, cringesy, sad, slow, phony, amateur, robotic, boring, painful. even marianne williamson said i wanted to like it, i promise i did. overall this is what we can expect for the next three nights
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with president obama speaking, then kamala harris, joe biden and democratic stars. given this format you will see ratings drop in 2016, 40 percent-60% range. jillian: now it will be my follow-up question. the first time this has been done virtually, i don't think anybody knew what to expect to make it successful. some argue michelle obama's speech did resonate by the way it was done because it was quieter, has everyone's attention. were their parts of it that worked? >> the highlight looking for positives. one thing stood out, the fact
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that you have the first african-american first lady not mentioning once the first woman of color in kamala harris being added to the ticket. why did that happen? it appears according to several reports you will read that michelle obama recorded this more than one week ago. i know she has a podcast and everything couldn't she have done this after kamala harris was chosen as joe biden's a running mate? she did it from home. jillian: a lot of questions as far as that is concerned. there was an interview with joe biden, joe biden vowing family that makes less than 100,$000 will make a free education. who is paying for that is what did you think of the fact that
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party be was talking to joe biden? >> free college education, for four years of college flat out. everybody in the family less than 125 grand will get free education. we can pay for all this by doing practical things like making sure no corporation making a profit should pay less than 15% tax on their profit. >> if you add medicare for all, with free college on top of all the spending we've done, the only way to do that is by raising taxes on all levels of income. instead of sitting down with chris wallace, joey saying goodbye, joe biden and kamala harris will sit down with an
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actual journalist where the records will be scrutinized, a lot to answer for, they are offering a lot. jillian: you will see, pretty sure you are doing that or something. >> democrats dishing out, not one piece of violence carried out by radicals.
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>> now more than ever we need a president who will unite this country. >> we need a president who sees unifying people as a requirement of the job. >> black lies matter plaza behind me, a place we could come together to say enough. action begets action. progress begets progress. we can accomplish anything. >> reporter: democrat came out to make the case for joe biden, and no mention was made of the violent protests taking over cities across the nation. todd: how can we achieve unity without rejecting this -- why do democrats consistently fail with the violent we see across the country? >> would you talk about it if you were trying to sell your party? they don't have a good answer
2:32 am
for it. they don't have the answer, to quell the violence. it is a blind spot for them and it would be insane to bring it up because if they brought it up it would only encourage the protests, the way democrats have been talking about this. they have no choice but to ignore it. jillian: we heard joe biden as the unifier, did not hear about joe biden's plans to take the presidency and have four years with kamala harris. what did you think of the absence of joe biden? we didn't see him once. >> attending the wedding party without the bride. it is not unusual for the nominee not to speak until the end but they are sitting in
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their seats or watching from there hotel room, people like seeing them. it humanizes the president, usually they are entertaining, that is the chief characteristic, fairness hadn't been done before. i don't know what the good answer is but it did seem to me a real lack of excitement. when you are with people who believe as you do, want to see donald trump gone, want joe biden elected you would think it would be a little more electric. not sure the format they chose were the best things they could do. interesting to see how republicans watching this try to counter at their own convention. what do they do? jillian: they can learn from this. >> congratulations to you.
2:34 am
if you had voting issues at this time, listen to what nancy pelosi and bernie sanders had to say about mail in voting. >> there purpose is to frighten people from voting. the more chaos they can create, the more they fear they can instill. >> this president's term the unthinkable has become normal, to prevent people from voting, undermined the us postal service. todd: is the president trying to scare people? >> i don't think so. this is extraordinary to me, the post office conspiracy koran enterprise that loses billions of dollars every year. seems to be the new russia, the new conspiracy, the president wants -- i am not sure, i think there's an appetite for replacing donald trump certainly among democrats but they are not
2:35 am
sure, mister biden, the real way to go. if i were trying to run against donald trump i would have a more positive vision. everyone does attacks. usually at convention you have speeches, a lot of them are funny, unfair to the opposite party but i didn't see that except for amy klobuchar. it felt like a -- todd: we have three more nights to go. >> public a pbs -- right. it will probably be -- i am sure -- are rows the crowd. jillian: thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> thank you. jillian: widespread blackouts across california after being averted, millions being warned to conserve.
2:36 am
todd: the 5 growing to 19,000 acres threatening thousands of homes in la. lightning strike sparking new fires off the coast near napa valley. jillian: is there any relief in the site? >> this heat is going to linger, we are looking at extreme heat, large area. these are heat watches, warnings and advisories in southern california and arizona stretching into montana. a large area where the heat is there and with those dry conditions we could see wildfires, temperatures running into the triple digits, some spots getting up 125 degrees, in phoenix 110 degrees and you can see that over a fairly wide area, triple digits as far north is idaho in the pacific northwest seeing triple digit
2:37 am
numbers. it is cooler on the eastern half of the country, tiny but like fall, highs in the midwest only in the upper 70s, closer to 80 degrees in new york city so it is cooler in some spots. a couple spots we are paying attention to any atlanta, these are days away but some tropical storms forming in the next couple days before they track into the caribbean so we are in the heart of hurricane season and we will be tracking that. todd: this will be the best thing you see all day. a therapy dog named ellie getting millions of views online, going for a beer. jillian: she can manage her own social media accounts, order food and carry the take out bag.
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the open road is open again. and wherever you're headed, choice hotels is there. book direct at ♪ >> a new challenger in the bidding war for tick-tock, financial plans reporting tech giants oracle exploring buying the popular apps. todd: cheryl casone joins us with what is next for this apps. >> reporter: larry ellison and oracle pursuing tick-tock which donald trump promised to shutdown. the company reportedly had talks, this is a beijing company, oracle will go up again
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if this continues with microsoft in the lead to take over tick-tock's operation, australia and new zealand, taking over global operations as well and we should add twitter has also expressed interest in the apps with millions of users. that is the fun thing about the story. the state doesn't have a stake. and to be america's first. >> it is clear, make it official on the utah fix list and make it be beer.
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>> for utah, promising to release the special can, a tag on social media getting 85,000 across different social media platforms. why not utah? >> democrats showering joe biden with praise on nice one of the dnc. nathan webb joins us with a reality check.
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rob: in 14 minutes i get paid to work but i want to preview what is coming up. i will try to whisper.
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nice one of the dnc is in the books. our guests talk about that. james cliburn will talk about night one and night 2. he will address the convention. on tap, jim jordan reacts to john kasich, joe biden in the middle of the field, there is a crossroads and we will hear from marsha blackburn, 100 years and swimming at the right to vote and the middle east progress as well as covid-19 progress. mark morgan as the president heads to the arizona border. also on deck, martha maccallum, karl rove, lawrence jones, jerry baker on top of the wall street journal, we ask him to help us out. i hope it is enough for you but
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i urge you, you have 13 minutes to please get dressed. todd: bernie sanders giving joe biden a progressive push in his dnc remark slamming the president on what was supposed to be about unity. >> our great nation is living in an unprecedented moment. we have a president who is not only in capable of addressing these crises but is leading us down the path of authoritarianism. our movement continues and is getting stronger every day. >> is bernie sanders political powdering? fox news contributor david webb, good to see you, thanks for being here. you've got the democratic party can be split between moderates in the far left progressives as we seen.
2:49 am
you are seeing the message from bernie sanders, what was your overall idea, who are they reaching with these areas? >> democrats have spent the last few years, literally fostering complete tearing a part of american culture preaching unity to us, bernie sanders who admires the former soviet union, cuba, the current state of venezuela who won't denounce maduro, preaching to the american people about authoritarianism. might as well be biden's advisor trying to retract statements, 80 million people. and tacitly approving outwardly, rioting and protesting and what is going on around the country
2:50 am
attacking federal buildings, civilians been while his wife cries yesterday, randomly dragged out of the truck. democrats say nothing about that or their failures. but we are supposed to believe now, they are going to unify the country. >> all about attacking donald trump like the last four years, attacking donald trump, an emotional plea to end the chaos. >> whenever we look for leadership or consolation or semblance of steadiness, what we get instead is chaos, division, and a total and utter lack of empathy. we've got to vote for joe biden like our lives depend on it. todd: if biden wins will the chaos and division end as
2:51 am
michelle obama implies? >> according to her it does but for the first time she is proud of something else besides her husband, joe biden who according to some reports, barack obama is not concerned about because they could screw things up, their words as reported. michelle obama has been doing this for a long time, gives an empathic plea but never gives solutions, democrats on stage coming in order to have unity you have to have a plan for that unity, they face disunity tearing the country apart, what they need more than anything because the base is gone so far left, have to's satiate them. we have a broken democrat party where democrats are leaving, the silent majority below the tip of the iceberg, the silent majority
2:52 am
of americans who say we are not going to go that way, following the path of tearing the country apart under the guise of rebuilding under bernie sanders am a biden or kamala harris far left model. jillian: hillary clinton, hollywood star power approach, with eva along korea hosting and joe biden sitting down with party be. >> give it up, hillary, go away, nobody cares, it is not saying much. >> you can catch reality check with david webb on fox nation. >> a republican power player at a crossroads literally. >> america is at a crossroads would sometimes elections are
2:53 am
present a real choice for individuals and a nation. todd: social media lighting up with comments coming up. ♪ .
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♪ jillian: the lights are coming on. sun is coming up. a few minutes before 6:00 a.m. in new york city. todd: the city looks like. i love this mid summer feel. jillian: john kasich was one of several republicans who endorsed joe biden last night. if i can talk. everyone is talking to his commitment to the crossroads met tore, watch. watch. >> this is at a crossroads a choice we makes a individuals be as a nation. about which path we want to take when we come to challenging times. the stakes in this election are greater than any in modern times. todd: so to review we are at a crossroads? carley shimkus here with reaction online. carley: that's right. good morning, guys. in case you need a little help understanding john kasich provided a visual. in his speech he accused the
2:58 am
president of leading our nation down a deviable path to which south carolina senator lindsey graham responded saying in case you missed it, john kasich, president trump has appointed and the senate has confirmed over 200 conservative judges, two supreme court justices. cut taxes, provided massive deregulation. brought the u.s. to energy independence. but most people were just stuck on that whole cross load crossr. >> rhonda corn in. from the pants have got to go. bi. >> just like john kasich i stand crossroads every night of quarantine whether to go to bet or another glass of wine. todd: meantime shim can a getting off the hook one assistive facility in texas. carley: this is one party i would love to be invited to
2:59 am
assisted living fittings in texas decided to is switch things up and entertain residents included booze and temporary tattoos. so the wesley house assisted living activities director susie came up with the idea. the tattoo idea came from me planning this month's happy hour and thinking wow, we are already in august. this is crazy. we are going crazy. so i thought what do crazy people do when they drink? get tattoos. so residents are in their fifth month of total lockdown. during that time they also had a christmas in july party where they exchanged gifts and decorated a christmas tree. look at that won with her fake tattoo and bud light. awful stuff. in florida deputies to the rescue. will. >> two deputies in florida, they came to the aid of a waitress, a local waitress after her bike was stolen. the st. lucie county's sheriff's department posted about it on facebook.
3:00 am
those are the officers with that waitress who was walking to work each day because her bike was stolen. now they gifted her something to make her life a little bit easier. jillian: carley, thank you. >> thank you. todd: stay tuned for "fox & friends" big show coming up. >> welcome to the 2020 democratic national convention uniting america. >> this president is not just a threat to our democracy. he has put our lives and health in jeopardy. >> because whenever we look to this white house for some leadership, what we get instead is chaos, division, and a total and utter lack of empathy. >> america is at a crossroads. we are being taken down the wrong road continuing to follow that path will have terrible consequences for americans' souls. [chanting four more years] >> hello oshkosh, thank you. >> thank you very much, minnesota. >> this is the most important


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