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tv   Fox News Democracy 2020 The Democratic National Convention  FOX News  August 18, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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brett and martha will take it from here. let not your heart be troubled. ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to washington, our special coverage of the democrat national i'm bret baier. >> and i am martha maccallum. the role of it's not like any roll call we've seen in american history. >> bret: additionally each state delegation is called on and they announced to a tax cheering arena how many delegates they are pledging for the nominee. covid-19 has thrown that all out the window. >> martha: joe biden is being formally nominated by video clips.
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it's a trip across america we are seeing. you can see montana right now,es all 57 states and territories as they register their votes this evening. >> bret: the magic number is 1991991 delegates to officially nominate joe biden and obviously each state gets 30 seconds and they are telling their story from each state, some of them are well-known names in those states. senators, lawmakers. others are just average americans. let's listen into nebraska. > they call us essential workers but we get treated like we are expendable. workers are dying of covid and a lot of us don't have sick leave or quality protective equipment. we are human beings, not robots, not disposable. we want to keep helping you feed your family. but we need a president who will have our backs. nebraska cast 33 votes for our next president joe biden. >> nevada. >> working people are the backbone of our economy and the okey to our recovery. joe biden knows it's not enough
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to praise them. we have to award them. so let's raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and power workers to negotiate for better benefits and safer workplaces, and make it easier to pay for things like health care and higher education. i am proud to cast 24 votes for bernie sanders and 25 votes for our next president joe biden. >> new hampshire.lo >> we trust joe biden. joe provides the leadership necessary to bring us back from this awful pandemic. joe has a plan to attack global climate change once and for all. and joe will restore honesty, decency, and trust to the white house. reunite all americans, and build a better future for all. the great state of new hampshire awards nine delegates to our friend and neighbor n bernie sanders, and 24 delegates to the next president of united states states, joe biden. >> new jersey. >> we been hit hard by covid but we are coming back. but we have to be smart.
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we have to listen to the experts. and we have to have a president who has a plan. that's why in memory of all those we've lost, and solidarity with those who are sick or struggling, and in eternal gratitude for our heroic front-line workers, new jersey casts five votes for senator bernie sanders and 139 votes for the next president of the united states, joe biden. >> new mexico. >> greetings and good evening. my name is derek lente, state representative comingnt to you from the homeland of my ancestors here at the beautiful pueblo of sandia. new mexico is a diverse state, home of 23 indigenous sovereigni nations with a rich multicultural history. we are all united by the love of this beautiful place that we call home and we believe that we owe it to the next generation to protect the natural and cultural resources that are there inherited. to that end mama also respect tribal sovereignty.
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new mexico proudly casts four votes for bernie sanders and 42 votes for the next president of the united states of america, joe biden. >> as an immigrant from st. vincent and the grenadine, and as a registered nurse, i am proud to be part of america's fight against covid-19. but many health care workers don't get paid sick leave or have enough protective equipment. ii have two children with asthma and a mother who is high risk. i worry every day about bringing this virus home toth them. joe biden's plan will help us take better care of your loved ones as well as our own. along with lieutenant governor kathy vogel, i castt new york's vote. 44 votes for bernie sanders, and 277 for our next president, joe biden. it's joe time!
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>> north carolina. >> i've been doing this for a long time so let me just be plain. black people, especially black women, are the backbone of this party. if we don't show up, democrats don't get elected. i'm putting on my mask and we are going to every corner in north carolina to help organize because we need to make sure everyone shows up for joe biden. he will show up for us. north carolina casts 39 votes for bernie sanders and 83 votes for the next president of the united states, joe biden. >> north dakota. >> welcome to the homelands of the igraduated from a class of just 44... >> martha: beautiful backdrops. people rub sending these states, definitely different what we are used to. we'll get back that to you in a moment. >> bret: it works. >> martha: it really does. t
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this is the most sort of inventive and creative way of doing this. we are used to standing on the floor and the cameras all go to the one state and they all get up and they got their hats on. it's exciting too. this is a kind of a cool way to do it. >> bret: it's all formalities where they already cross the number of her bouncing around the country i'm sure the republicans are looking closely for next week as well. >> martha: looking closely to see how they do it, things they might want to do a little differently. let's go back and take a look at the last hour because there were a number of big speakers and will recap what we've seen on night to go so far watch this on night two so far. >> it's my honor to call a second session of the democratic parties. >> this is a different kind of convention. >> look at the camera. >> and this is a different kind of keynote. all of us are on stage and we've got a lot to say. >> this nation belongs to all of us.
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america, we need joe biden. >>. the future of our democracy is at stake. we need a president who respects our law and the privilege of public servants. >> america, donald trump has quit on you. democrats must take back. >> our party is united and offering you a very different choice. a man with a mission to take responsibility. not just one. concentrate, not the strike. not deny. our choices joe biden. >> bret: former president bill clinton, 11th consecutive convention speaking with our all-star panel with analysis of the night so far, chris wallace, brit hume, dana perino, juan williams, karl rove, donna brazile, and katie pavlich. chris, let's start with you. we look at the last hour and there was one part where they brought up 17 rising democratic stars. it was sort of like virtual speed dating with voters. everybody gave a little bit of a speech. what about tonight?
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>> well, i wanted to talk about two things in the first hour. one was the keynote address to adjust as you said, you thought that t the roll call work. i thought the keynote work. it sounded pretty crazy to me, and 17 up-and-coming democrats all delivering the same speech. but it actually kind of work. they had sentences. and all fit together. you saw black, white, old, and young -- well, i guess not old, but men and women. it was a pretty effective speech be a lot more memorable of keynote speeches with the exception of barack obama's in 2004. bi to talk about bill clinton. he's been a major part of every democratic convention since 1988. i remember i was on the floor. he gave an endless nomination speech for michael dukakis and when he finished it he said, in conclusion,n, the place eruptedn cheers because people were so bored by the speech he'd given. of course, '92, the triumphs of
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the nomination and same in '96, and 2012, he giving a speech that made a better case for barack obama than barack obama did. tonight he was consigned to a much smaller role. a pretaped five minute speech. things have changed for bill clinton and his standing in the party. thepl #me toomovement,goingbackto re he seemed to be a much more diminished figure until he gave ati speech. it was only 5 minutes. it was -- i thought he made a more cogent argument from his point of view about how donald trump hashi mishandled te coronavirus than any i've heardy from anybody. after the 2012 speech, barack obama called him the secretary of explain things, and even today, in this diminished role, bill clinton is still the secretary of explaining things.
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>> bret: rhode island pitching some food while they are doing their numbers. donna brazile, i just want to ask you one logistics question. this is all on tape. we were expecting delaware or the one that puts them officially over the top, joe biden, his home state. that's a big hurrah thing in most states. b they have a different plan. what about it? >> first of all he wanted to make sure that all the states including the district of columbia, the territories had an opportunity to do it their way, essentially what is best about their state.ed so i'm excited that delaware will go last. he's already over the top clearly but just show me the type of energy and enthusiasm, i want to echo what chris said, the biden campaign reached out to bill clinton because they wanted him to make the connection between the economy and the covid-19. i-1 thought he did an excellent job. we heard from president carter and we heard from caroline kennedy.
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this is a night to also bring back some of the great leaders of the democratic past. >> martha: let's bring in brit hume. your thoughts on this evening so far as we watch the roll call and we wait for delaware to be the final state to nominate joe biden? >> i was fascinated to see bill clinton after all these years, as you may recall, martha, i covered his presidency, i've known him a long time. i always wondered what he's going to be doing as the year goes by. i remember four years ago in the convention when he made that speech on behalf of hillary clinton. i remember saying to all of you that night that they didn't call them the bigdo dog for nothing d he could still summon it for a heck of a must say a little bit of a different reaction from chris. i was struck by how old he seemed tonight, how the voice is failing, seemed elderly in the way where i do not think anyone of us knew the energetic and remarkable man he was whether
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who we loved or admired her or not. this is a forest. he seems in many respects a shadow of his former self. >> it was interesting. essentially a sort of version of what he said in 2012, but with covid as the subject. he said it didn't have to be this way. that covid hit us much harder thanuc it had to. i think that something we are going to hear a lot when we turn to the rnc that this virus has taken a huge toll on our country. we got blindsided by it and the president will no doubt argue that they've done a remarkable job, brit. bill clinton defined that in a different way that i think is instrumental. >> martha, there is going to be a centerpiece ofng this campaign that the -- not only the virus and it spread and the human toll
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it has taken, but the terror build toll it's taken on the economy and t the tremendous disruption of peoples' lives and the lockdown, that all of this wasn't necessary. if donald trump had manage this properly from the start and taken it as seriously as they claim that he should, the virus would've never affected this as the way it has. i'm not sure i believe that argument, but that argument is going to be made and it will be reflected in the media which is basically looking at it that way from the start. that's part of the democrats' message. it's going to be consistent, i think, and the democratic party's many friends in the news media. >> bret: out there in vermont when senator bernie sanders. cameom in second again come a secondyc cycle in a row. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez gave her 62nd speech but hit on all the progressive points. and seconded the nomination for a bernie sanders, putting his
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name officially end for president of states. interesting moment just for logistics. >> brit and chris brought up how bill clinton had been a part of these conventions. i couldn't help but wonder if alexandria ocasio-cortez will be a part of these conventions forn the next many decades as well. she's young, she is vibrant and as much as last night was about prosecuting the case against donald trump and painting a dire picture of doom and gloom and a mix of negativity, this night i guess visual leave from an energy standpoint, it has a lot more pep in its step. i think the visuals havet been amazing and i don't ever want to see another roll call taken in the conventionen hall. i think this is awesome. i love this trip around america. >> martha: what do you think so far? >> i thought tuesday night was going to be kind of a quiet night, but i agree with all ofll you. i've enjoyed watching. i've enjoyed the trip across america so much. it reminded me of the song "america the beautiful." you can see so many parts of our spectacular country.t
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i love it. just as i'm speaking now. i'm also thinking about, you know, the nomination. because what we saw, we saw bob king, the former president of uaw, and alexandria because your cortez nominating. but the real kicker for me was not that one, it's when the nomination came for vice president biden because not only did you see chris coons, the senator from delaware, but jacqueline, the elevator operator at "the new york times" that was the famous selfie taken by biden in the elevator with her and somehow someone had the idea that this ordinary woman from new york should have the opportunity to nominate joe biden. i think that tells you about the message they are trying to send. that ordinary people can relate to joe biden and joe biden can relate to ordinary people. >> bret: two more states and territories. we get to delaware. karl rove, your thoughts on this night and how republicans may be
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looking at this we? >> well, first of all let me say that i'm in deep debt agreement with everybodyer who spoke earlier. i hated the videoeo swing around the country. i'm a traditionalist. i wanted the people in the goofy hats and many outfits to stand up and say, they're great people of ohio... instead, we w got the video were generally one person there. also frankly hated the keynote. i thought the tape that had at theat beginning with snippets ot of keynotes starting with senator in a way in hawaii from 1960 was more illuminating and uplifting then jumping twitter o twitter to twitter, as each one of them got to spit at 140 characters to go on to another person. i might be in the minority. i get it that i do have to say the democrats did something tonight other of bill clinton's that therepublicans ought to ret whether it's bill clinton talkig about covid, did you notice that how many people in the roll call made a reference to the covid --
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to the plague in their state and made a reference to it? i thought that was enormously good discipline. the republicans would be wise to emulate that. again. toi say it. i'm a traditionalist. my third democratic national convention for i hope my 12 republican national convention has got more of thaty great tradition that i hear tonight. >> martha: i hear you, karl. this is definitely the instagram picture with the ii also remember youwith that te rncme all came down to new york and sit there in the middle of it. there is a lot of excitement that can happen on the floor with all of us who are political junkies. delaware who is coming up right now. >> you see joe biden appear on the platform with the rest of the crowd on his way to work or going home to his family. that's all he's been, delivering forli families like his own. people who sacrifice to build a better life.
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nobody has ever had to wonder who joe biden is in it for. >> our nation faces daunting challenges, but i've known joe biden for four years and there's no one who i trust more to leadd our party, and restore our standing in the world. much more, he's humble, he tells the truth, he treats everybody he encounters with respect and builds bridges, not walls appear he's a leader made for this moment and the finest public servant i've ever known. >> delaware is proud to cass' 32 votes for our favorite son and our next president, our friend joe biden! [applause] ♪ [applause]
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>> all right! how are you? ♪ ♪ >> thank you to all of our delegates. i'm pleased to announce that vice president joe biden has officially been nominated by the democratic party as our candidate for president of the united states. vice president biden is hereby invited to deliver and acceptance speech.
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>> thank you very, very much. from the bottom of my heart, thank you all. it means the world to me and my family. and i'll see you on thursday. thank you, thank you, thank you. [applause] ♪ >> martha: come on! that was so sweet with the grandkids. >> bret: there you go. donna with the dance. you get a feel that roger
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goodale in the nfl draft had all those teens cheering. the reaction shots around the country, instagram, if you want to say that. this is diana ross' daughter tracee ellis ross. what about that question my katie pavlich? your thoughts on joe biden officially getting the nomination? >> third time's a charm for joe biden. he's wanted this for years and decades and is finally here as a nominee for the democratic partt and other work really begins. more people start paying attention to this race. after labor day, we've seen thel polls get closer and president trump has been behind joe biden really since the beginning of the year but he's catching up now while the president is on the campaign trail laying down markers and policies are joe biden is trying to unify the party. that's what last night was all about and the question is whether or not they can come up with some a grassroots campaign and whether they can do that
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through digital means or they are actually going to have to get out like the president knock on some doors and build that grassroots army to go as a delegate of north carolina said, door-to-door to get joe bidend elected. >> bret: chris wallace, we are ready to hear from john kerry, secretary of state and former vice down my potential candidate himself. what lies ahead for joe biden this week? >> it's going to be very interesting. you are going to hear for the first time in these two nightsy. about foreign policy. john kerry going to talk about that. also colin powell, another former republican who has switched giving up his g.o.p. credentials given the fact he's endorsed every democratic candidate for president since 2008. a man who obviously was a great hero to the country. the head of the joint skis joint chief off staff's during
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the war in iraq. and obviously joe biden, there's going to be a video and about an eight or 9 minutes speech and she can talk about your biden in a way that no one else can to talk about how he was able to put together his own broken family after the terrible tragic death of the first wife and daughter, experts have been released, she wondered how to put 1 foot in front of the oth other, doing it to protect the people. i think it's going to be an interesting night. i didn't like the beginning of this telethon like experience last night. i'm o getting kind of used to i. and despite old fuddy-duddies like all roof karl rove, i kind of likeit. >> you're just trying to be hip. check out your instagram feed
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while we are talking here. >> in this crowd, it isn't hard to beat. >> hey... >> martha: let me go to karl. i'm curious what you thought about "celebrate," the balloons. it looked like they were sort of in a library there. what are what do you think about the celebration? >> it'sbr more like a science fiction short story, planet earth is covered with small cubicles in which people live and only to vindicate with each other via electronic means. as i saw those bases past, most of those single people in a room clapping, we had five -- i just thought of that science fiction story. we are all stuck in the cubicles. we are all participating electronically. this is the limitation of human contact. >> martha: we all want to break out of the cubicles soon. it's time to get back tomorrow.
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this is a very different experience we are all watching clay out here. brit, what do you think? >> i must say i remember standing on the floor of the democratic convention madison square garden 1980 and hearing walter mondale who was nominated for vice president say, we are young, but we are experienced and we are ready. look at the line of the speakers! bernie sanders, john kerry, bill clinton, and ultimately of course joe biden. these men are experienced. but they aren't too young. and it's a striking thing that we are looking at a party which has been moved to the left by the energies of its younger cohort, now being led by the generation that has been leading it now for decades. it is a striking contrast and one that i can't imagine the viewers around the country won't notice.
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>> bret: quickly, dana, that is the battle in this party. it is the moderate side versus the progressive left side, and how they put that together if joe biden wins the presidency to govern. it's going to be a real challenge. >> one of the thing that biden needs to do is capitalize on a couple of things that have gone his way the last few months and that is seeing his numbers improved with seniors and the working class. can he get any of those voters that went obama-trump to become obama-trump-biden voters. he has to say i can be all things to all people but it really isn't possible. i also wonder if they'll be able to pull off switching out the economy with covid being the most important issue. you see that trying tonight and that'll be the contrast next week. >> martha: will have more from our great all-star panel here. plus what the trump campaign is up to in the
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midst of joe biden's big week. >> bret: more coverage of our special coverage of the dnc, knights two virtual when we come back night two virtual when we come back.
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>> martha: welcome back, everybody, to our special coverage of night two of the democratic national convention of it wee are awaiting speeches from john kerry, the party's nominee in 2004, and colin powell who has been very critical of president trump, and the big speaker of the night, dr. jill biden who is expected to detail her husband's personal story as she makes the case for his presidency. >> bret: we can lose presumptive, that is no longer there. all this as president trump attempts to break through the democratic convention, ramping up his campaign stops to provide some counter programming, especially battleground states. chief white house correspondent john roberts right behind us at the white house with more on the president's visit today. >> good evening to you. the president highlighting the
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strategy joe biden staying at home. first visit today was in iowa where he promised swift federal aid in the week of devastating storms. it was on to arizona where the president again picked up the endorsement of the national border control council and in the process slamming his opponent for being soft on illegal immigration. here's what the president said. >> joe biden is the puppet of the radical left-wing movement that seeks the complete elimination of america's borders and boundaries. they wanted to take the world down. they don't want to have borders. they want to have sanctuary cities. lots of bad things they want. following orders from his boss.s i guess his new bosses bernie sanders. >> a question and answer sessioa event, thearizona president was asked about the senate intelligence report about 2016 that found extensive contact that year between trump
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campaign officials and russian operatives including an associate of paul manafort. he was described as a russian intelligent agent and may have directly been connected to the hack and leak operation of 2016. here's what the president had to say about that. >> i don't know anything about it. i did see senator rubio say donald trump had absolutely nothing to do with it. he said donald trump had absolutely nothing to do with russia. >> the president has got no campaign events tomorrow. thee trump campaign pointing out he traveled 6500 miles the last couple of days. then on thursday, bret and martha, the president will hold a town hall event outside of scranton, pennsylvania, on the day joe biden gives his acceptance speech. >> bret: thank you. >> martha: as we wait for john kerry who is expected to be up shortly, let's talk a little
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bit about foreign policy. donna, as you watch that moment taking the helm there, the democratic nominee for his party, and we will hear more about foreign policy which makes you think about the fact that we haven't heard a lot of specific policy up to this point. the major thrust about what has been said about joe biden is he's a good, decent man and that he is reliable and trustworthy. it feels like at some point you are going to have to get to what the country would look like with him in charge in terms of real policy. vehicle throughout the last 100 days, joe biden has been laying out his policy from health care to build back h a stronger econy dealing with, of course, covid and the pandemic. it seems as though that only those who are listening are paying attention and those who are ignoring might not be watching. i think what we've seen on the democratic party sideor is a platform that we've got the moderates, the liberals, the progressives that came together
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and it's probably the best bowl of gumbo i've seen to ever come out of the democratic party. it's hot in places we needed to be in terms of health care and protecting those with pre-existing conditions, and it isg cool in areas we know where the democratic party may want to see some serious change and of course the environment. watching the president traveled across the country over the last couple of days, bill clinton reminded us that he should be in the white house commanding usg during this pandemic. instead, he's stirring up a storm. >> bret: the question, katie, is if people are watching this gumboo being cooked. the ratings are down significantly. the campaign says the streaming numbers aren't up. we are waiting for john kerry but quickly. >> whether that'll turn into action on the campaign trail and people will go out and vote includes the enthusiasm gap that joe biden has. i want to talk about foreign policy with a former sectarian state john kerry speaking tonight. bob gates, the former secretary of defense for two presidents has said that joe biden has been
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wrong on foreign policy for entire career. >> we lead by example. we eliminated the threat of an iran with a nuclear weapon pit we built a 68 member state coalition to defeat isis. we stopped ebola before it became a pandemic. donald trump inherited a growing economy and a more peaceful world. like everything else he inherited, he bankrupted it. when this president goes overseas, it isn't a good will mission, it's a brutal blooper reel.ovamerica deserveso is looked up to, not laughed at. donald trump pretends russia didn't attack our elections. and now he does nothing about russia putting a bounty on our troops. he won't defend our country, he doesn't know how to defend our troops.
10:36 pm
the only person he's interested in defending is himself. this is the bottom line: our interests, our ideals, and our brave men and women in uniform can't afford four more years ofd donald trump. our troops can get out of harm's way by hiding in the white house bunker. they need a president who will stand up for them and president biden will. joe's moral compass is always pointed in the right direction, the fight to break the back of apartheid from the struggle to wake up the world to genocide in the balkans. joe understands that none of the issues of this world, not nuclear weapons, not the challenge of building back better after covid, not terrorism, certainly not the climate crisis, none can be resolved without bringing nations together with strength and humility. joe understands our values don't limit our power, they magnify it. he knows you can't spread democracy around the world if
10:37 pm
you don't practice it at home. and he knows that even the united states of america needs friends on this planet. before donald trump, we used to talk about american exceptionalism. the only thing exceptional about theut incoherence fee of five foreign policy is that it has made our nation more isolated mthan ever before. joe biden knows that we aren't exceptional because we bluster that we are. we are exceptional because we do exceptional things. june 6th 1944, young americans gave their lives on the beaches of normandy to liberate the world from tyranny. out of the ashes out of that war, we made peace and rebuilt the world. that was and remains exceptional. it is the opposite of everything donald trump stands for. this moment is a fight for the security of america and the world. only joe biden can make america
10:38 pm
lead like america again. if you agree, text joined 230330. thank you. >> bret: former secretary of state john kerry, former presidential candidate making a case for my foreign policy case. i think they would say that ebola and putting that with covid are two very separate things. and they point to basically the foreign policy stance that changed. i think you are going to hear from colin powell something different. a pitch that he's made before from other democrats from a foreign policy standpoint. >> he also made some very pointed jabs at president trump, talking about when he goes overseas, it's not an agenda, it's a blooper reel.
10:39 pm
he says he writes love letters to dictators but also from bill clinton who went after the president for the time he spends on tv and social media. juan, let me bring you in on this bird you got that personal attack stuff which president trump i think has heard plenty of over the years. on the other hand, you do have the substantive side, a uae deal that was called historic on both sides of the aisle, and it really isolated iran. john kerry stands up there and talking about how clean the iran deal was. >> if they won, there is a lot of sharp elbows in what kerry had to say. i thought they were sharp in regards to defending the troop and the failure of the president to respond to the russian bounties and saying that president trump can hide in thep bunker but the troops cannot. i think that was pretty sharp elbows. with regards to the deal with the middle east, i believe it's a great deal and it has great potential.
10:40 pm
we haven't seen how it plays out yet. the palestinians have been reluctant to join and which expectation. but what you have here is an opportunity to see things move. until this point, what you saw is that the president, president trump, with benjamin netanyahu, has really been lots hand in expecting of israel and its dominance in the region with the exclusion of the palestinians. and what you see now is the first sign of light. w i think everybody who cares about the middle east has to salute it as an opportunity. but to suggest this is rep are tentative of the entirety of tha trump reign in terms of foreign policy try to aggrandize what this president does. >> martha: >> bret: there are some republicans on capitol hill who says there needs to be different foreign policy from this administration, but a number of them defend this administration for how it deals with china, how it's dealing with the middle east, and how it's trying to bring troops home from
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afghanistan. >> the iran thing caught my eye right away. arguably iran was much weaker than it was at the end of 2016. i thought the shot against president trump and the troops was unfair. i doubt the troops don't feel that president trump stands up for them. the democrats complain when republicans try to make the military political. >> a young jamaican woman gazed up at the statue of liberty for the first time. they became my parents and inspired men to finish college and join the army. thiseg would take me a journey f basic training, combat to vietnam, up the ranks to joint chiefs of staff, and secretary of state. the values i learned growing up in the south bronx and serving in uniform were the same values that joe biden's parents instilled in him in scranton, pennsylvania. i support joe biden for the presidency of the united states because those values still define him and we need to
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restore those values to the white house. our country needs a commander in chief who takes care of our troops in the same way he would his own family. for joe biden, this doesn't mean teaching. that share with millions of military families, sending his beloved son off to war and praying to god that he would come home safe. joe biden will be a president we would all be proud to salute. with joe biden in the white house, you'll never doubt that he'll stand with our friends and stand up to our adversaries, never the other way around. he will trust our diplomats in the intelligence community. not the flattery of dictators and desperate's. he will make it his job to know that whenever anyone threatens to threaten us, he will step up to our adversaries with strength and experience. they will know he means business. i support joe biden because beginning on day one, he will restore american leadership and our moral authority.
10:43 pm
as he had said, we lead by both the power of example and the example of our power. he will restore america's leadership in the world and restore the alliances we need to address the dangers that threaten our nation. from climate change nuclear proliferation. today, we are a country divided and we have a president doing everything we can to make it that way and keep us that way. what a difference it'll make to have a president who unites us, who restores our strength, and our i still believe that in our hearts,he we are the same ameria that brought my parents to our shores and in america that inspires freedom around the world. that is the america joe biden will b lead as our next preside. thank you very much. >> it was a friendship so that shouldn't worked. john, a former navy pilot released from a north vietnamese prison. joe, a young senator from
10:44 pm
delaware. but in the 1970s, joe had signed military aid for a trip overseas. >> i was the navy senate liaison and used to carry your bags on overseas trips. >> this son of a gun never carried my bags. he was supposed to carry my bags but he never carried my bags. >> john and joe traveled thousands of miles together. the families got to know each other, gathering for picnics in the biden's backyard. >> they would just sit and, joe, it was a comedy show to watch the two of them. >>n when john was elected to the senate as a republican from arizona, they found themselves on opposingos sides. >> we are in different parties. weti hold different views on may issues. >> you go out on the floor and
10:45 pm
you think, these guys must really dislike each other. they be having dinner tonight together. >> has great respect for the senates. build relationships that were cordial. >> you're always thinking that that guy -- cross the aisle, lock arms. it's good for the country. >> it takes trust to get things done in a divided government and i think with joe biden, he probably knew that your points are equally valid to him. >> even if a deal got reached, it was always joe who tried to cross the aisle. >> he is like a natural to that. he used to have an ability to come around but never gave up his principles. >> for three decades, joe was able to move his colleague and find a way forward. on violence against women, banning chemical weapons,
10:46 pm
assault weapons, and controlling nuclear arms. >> with a style of legislating and leadership that you don't findnd much anymore. >> and when millions of americans were faced with losing their health insurance, it was joe's friend who saved obamacare by crossing the aisle. >> mccain sent in his boat with a thumbs down. >> john and i have been given several awards about bipartisanship. we don't understand why we should be given an award for bipartisanship. >> thank you for your example on how to remain the same good guy when you first got here. most of all, for your friendsh friendship. my life and the lives of many have been enriched byy it. >> bret: the voice of the late john mccain, senator and that p is voiced by his wife cindy mccain. and obviously dear friend of joe biden and the biden family.
10:47 pm
before that, colin powell, it's important to point out that colin powell has endorsed democrats for the last four cycles. 2008, 2012, including john mccain, 2016, and now 2020. >> martha: one of the things that come to mind when you watch the last few minutes and put together last night, you had john kasich last night, a group of republicans, you have colin powell, you have this svideo of john mccain talking about his friendship with joe biden and i want to bring in brit hume because obviously that speaks to their argument that he works across the aisle. on the other hand, you had almost a third of the delegates going to bernie sanders. you have a lot of progressives in the party who maybe aren't that enthusiastic when they watch some of these speeches tonight, brit. >> the truth about joe biden is a very nice guy on a personal basis and he's not mean-spirited and he's never been really terribly partisan in his conduct as a senator.
10:48 pm
the stories thatte you hear abot him reaching across the aisle, working with john mccain and others, all have a ray of truth because that's the kin kind of y he was. he was and even as vice president, he was a dealmaker. and that's why he was vulnerable to the accusation that he worked with these racists, the southern democratic senators when he was first in the senate because they were senior,he they had the pow, if you had to get anything done you had to work with them. biden had to work with these people. i think in many ways he's a weak candidate but on that score, the praise of that is real. how that sits with the current attitudes of the democratic party remains to be seen. after all, he got the nomination. he's the h guy. >> bret: the french with mccain and his family was real as well. more analysis with the panel pit we've been waiting for dr. jill biden's address.
10:49 pm
fox news' special coverage of the democrat national convention continues after this. welcome, today's discussion will be around sliced meat. moms want healthy... and affordable. land o' frost premium!!! no added hormones either. it's the only protein i've really melted with. land o' frost premium. fresh look. same great taste.
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♪ >> martha: just a couple of minutes away from jill biden taking the stage. i want to go to karl rove first. your thoughts as we watch this video and hear from john kerry a little bit before we listen to that? >> i thought the john mccain video was powerful because ity emphasizes something that's very strong for biden and that is he's capable of working across party lines but i think the country comfortably swing voters, want to see that and it's going to be a question whether we see more of that in his speech tomorrow night or in the video tomorrow night, or we see the speech on thursday. i thought the john kerry thing was like leaving with your jaw. we have isis because of the carry-obama-biden administratio.
10:53 pm
obama-biden left the military in a state of disarray when it comes to readiness. russia, obama-biden refused to give to the ukrainians to face up to the russians. trump did. y that was like leaving with your chin, that's the tone deafness we've seen from john kerry in the past. they are leading from behind whether you like it or not,ru president trump has made america's interests and america's role in the world and what american feels it ought to do to be the preeminent, not leading from behind and paying attention to what international organizations want us toen do. >> bret: getting ready to hear from jill biden. she's been around washington. but lately she's been talking about her roots, that she's a girl from philly, that she's a teacher, and we'll likely hear a lot about education in the speech coming up. speak about education, her life with joe biden >> about education, her life
10:54 pm
with joe biden, someone who cares deeply, about children, their health and well-being. as a democrat who's been involved in this party over the last 40 years, this is a party that's immensely diverse, a party that has moderates, conservatives, yes, and a lot of liberal champions. i'm proud of the part that can reach out to not just republicans but also make sure that that was on the left and the center understand that we are a country that stronger together when we can all come together. thank you, joe biden, for making this happen. >> bret: let's listen into this introductory video with dr. jill biden. >> its dr. biden, our first lady. the country will be getting one of the best humans that we have. >> she's been through some really tough things in our own life and knows how hard it can be. >> the american people in theirt heart no, they fight like hell for it. >> we all need community. we need to depend on others for our strength.
10:55 pm
all american families, we all need each, other. >> and now welcome dr. jill biden. >> i have always loved the sounds of a classroom. the quiet that sparks with possibility just before students enshuffle in. the murmur off ideas bouncing back and forth as we explore that we are all together. the laughter and tiny moments of surprise you find in materials you taught a million times. when i taught english here, i would spend my summer preparingf for the school year about to start filled with anticipation.
10:56 pm
but this quiet is heavy. you can hear the anxiety that echoes down empty hallways. there is no scent of new notebooks or freshly waxed floors. the rooms are dark as the bright young places that should fill them are not confined to boxes on a computer screen. i hear it from so many of you, the frustration of parents juggling work as a support their children's learning or afraid that their kids might get sick from school. the concern of every person working without enough protection. the despair in the lines that stretch out before food banks. and the indescribable sorrow that follows every lonely last breath when the ventilator is turned off. as the mother and grandmother,
10:57 pm
as an american, i am heartbroken by the magnitude of this loss, by the failure to protect ouros communities, by every precious and irreplaceable life gone. like so many of you, i'm left asking how do i keep my family safe? you know, motherhood came to me in a way i never expected. i fell in love with a man and two little boys standing in the wreckage of unthinkable loss. morning a wife and mother, a daughter and sister. i never imagined at the age of 26, i would be asking myself, how do you make a broken family hole still, joe always told the boys come up mommy sent jill to us.
10:58 pm
and how could i argue with her? we figure it out together in those big moments that go by too fast, thanksgivings, state championships, birthdays and weddings, the mundane ones we didn't even know were shaping our lives, reading stories piled on thehe couch, rounding sunday dinners and silly arguments, listening to the faint sounds of laughter that would float downstairs as the kids put joe to joe put the kids to bed every night when i studied for grad school or graded papers. the dinner dishes waiting in the sink. we found that loves love holds a family together. love makes us flexible and resilient. it allows us to become more than ourselves together. and though it can't protect us
10:59 pm
from the sorrows of life, it gives us refuge, a home. how do you make a broken family hole? this same way you make a nation hole. with love, understanding and small acts of kindness. with unwavering faith. you shall love for each other in big ways and small ones. again and again. it's s what so many of you are doing right now with your loved ones, for complete strangers, for your communities. there are those who want to tell us that our country is hopelessly divided. that our differences that are risk at irreconcilable. that's not what i've seen the last couple of months coming together and holding onto each other, finding mercy and grace
11:00 pm
in moments we might have once taken for granted. we are seeing that our differences are precious and our similarities intimate. we have shown that the heart of this nation still beats with kindness and courage. that is the soul of america joe biden is fighting for now. after our son beau died of cancer, i wondered if i would ever smile or feel joy again. it was summer, but there was no warmth left for me. four days after bo's funeral, i watched joe shave and put on his suit. i watch him steal himself in the mirror, take a breath, put his shoulderss back, and walk out into a world empty of our son


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