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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 19, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." another big evening, both kamala harris and former president barack obama speaking at the democratic national committee jen. fox will have coverage of all of it. former democratic candidate marianne williamson has been following it closely. she describes the experience as like "binge watching a marriott congressional. that sounds about right, pretty unappetizing. smothered in the thick sauce of sel self self
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righteousness and self-pity. so far, the main excitement has been watching just how shamelessly they can lie. the goal appears to be complete reality inversion. professional rich lady michelle obama told america she was oppressed. the criminally negligent governor of new york bragged about how well he handled the coronavirus and jeffrey epstein's old pal bill clinton showed up just because the party's moral voice. there's been a low grade thrill and watching all of this. they don't tell small lies in the democratic party, they go all the way. you catch them stealing your wallet and they arrest you for theft and give you a lecture about how crime doesn't pay. the long time students of the liberal mind, none of this is new. the left long ago built an entire political party based on the freudian principle of transference, displace their own sins on to you, thereby cleansing their consciences and allowing them to seize the moral high ground. it's a clever trick but at this
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point it's an old trick, we know how it's done. the public certainly seems to have figured it out. last night, the democrats convention lost in the ratings to a variety show called ""america's got talent"." a pair of jugglers from the philippines, brothers wearing glow-in-the-dark headbands did a yo-yo demonstration on stage and that out rated dr. jill biden by a lot. i could've told you that was going to happen. only nicole wallace wants to watch another speech by dr. jill biden and by the way, what kind of doctor is she? some of us aren't feeling well. with the democrats should have done is put the rest of their proceedings on tv. that would get an audience. you might not know this but most of the actual convention events take place during daytime hours. the networks don't cover them, you have no idea they ever happen. there's a reason for that, obviously, but what a loss for the viewing public. if you saw what they were saying during the day, you would never
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tune into prime time again. you might flee the country. for the last three days we have watched all of it. in a moment we will show you what we found. we want to begin this evening by bringing you a moment of prayer that broke out at the convention on monday. a pastor called frederick haynes took the microphone. compared to what you might hear in your own church. >> you have the nerve to build a wall while at the same time you have in the harbor there in new york the statue of liberty saying "give me your tired, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." will say america, if you don't get your act together you may well go to hell. >> tucker: vote for biden, doom centers, or you are going to hell. that's a pretty straightforward message. despite what you may have heard, it is the democratic party that is a hotbed of religious
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extremism these days. a fan of minister louis farrakhan, men of faith. just not your faith. but religion is not the only institution the democrats are reconfiguring at their convention, the pledge of allegiance could use an overhaul, too, they've decided and they are giving it one. watch the new version. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and for the republic for which it stands. one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. someday. >> tucker: someday, right. someday this could be a good country. someday if we are in charge. otherwise it's an awful place. without us at the helm, america is terrible and not worth saving. you've heard this before. michelle obama want t once suggested it. the first time she was proud of her country was when her family got around it but that was nuanced by the standards of today. at the democratic convention
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this week, transgender rights activist came out and said it explicitly. >> i've never felt american, i don't know the pledge of allegiance, those are not my systems, that is not my president. >> tucker: those are not their systems, donald trump is another president. this is not their country as long as they dislike the guy in the white house. so it's all or nothing for them and right now they are trending toward nothing which is why they apparently turned over the d&c stage directions to colin kaepernick, watch. >> many of the videos and pictures you are about to see were recorded before covid which is why the kids are not social distancing. however the audio was recorded over the past month. you may rise or kneel if you are able or your preference. >> tucker: you can kneel. so if you watch this stuff for long enough, and we have, it's pretty easy to forget it's pretty kare actually, most amers
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like their country, that's why they live here and a lot of them displayed their affection by standing for the national anthem. it means quite a bit to people. americans have died in battle to protect our national symbols. that's a talking point but it's not just a talking point, it really happened. but they don't know anything about that of the democratic national convention and they don't think your kids ought to know about it either and that's why they've endorsed erasing american history. >> me this moment in history manifest more monuments like these that replace the old ones that no one cares to see anymore. may their emergence of a more overdue establishment and existence remind everyone of our terrible, ugly, and hurtful black world history. >> tucker: so there are parts of history no one cares to see anymore so we are getting rid of it. if you're keeping track at home, if not, we are at a race in american history, rewrite the pledge of allegiance, mock and
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degrade the national anthem, turn christianity into a political weapon. they have been busy over there at the dnc but there's more because now it's time for some granular policy discussions, the details of how to run the country. we've showed you in previous nights this week some of the dnc's platform, they want to get rid of a lot of the country's prisons, for example, do away with bail for accused criminals. but that's just the start. we are going to go to someone now, you should know that jay my's preferred pronouns are they-them. currently living out their ever evolving truth in winston-salem. god it? okay. now listen. >> why can't folks imagine a world without the cops, why can't folks imagine a world without prisons, why can't people expand their imaginations
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to include community care, including abolitionist future? i'm talking about for real, for real abolition, not just water down dnc version of abolition, talking about abolishing the police, talking about abolishing ice, abolishing prison. >> tucker: abolishing police, abolishing ice, abolishing prison, we are imagining a world like that. you're starting to get some sense of why they are not putting the stuff on tv, democrats and their faithful lackeys the media have been telling you for weeks that none of this is real, you're imagining it. democrats don't really want to take the cops away and leave you defenseless. yes, they are voting to take billions from police department across the country but that's not really defunding, it's redistributing. not a big deal, calm down. but now, jay my shows up and lets an entire animal counter of cats out of the dnc's bag and
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says that all your fears are true. be sure to warn your daughters, no more field hockey scholarships for them. there are boys on the field. democrats want biological men to compete with girls in sports. most parents of girls think that's nuts because it is and terrible for girls because obviously. but at the democratic national convention, it's not even questioned. it's just business as usual. watch transgender person marissa richman explain. >> a panel looking at youth issues where we've been watching state legislatures especially here in the south targeting trans youth, trying to deny them access to health care, education and even access to the right to play sports although needless to say, the mishandling of the coronavirus by the current administration is affecting a lot of people's ability to play
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sports. but they have been particularly transphobic in schools. >> tucker: okay, no more field hockey scholarships and i'm sorry your daughters are not going to make the soccer team. that's bad news, most people could live with that if they had to. but once again, it's just the beginning. what if they abolished capitalism, too? would you like some bread lines to go with that? how about some humiliation on the side? listen to aspiring economist ashley nicole mcrae. >> the future we are all trying to build really is about the destruction of colonization, white supremacy and capitalism. >> tucker: the destruction of colonization, white supremacy, and capitalism. what is that mean, exactly? we are not sure, we are not delegates to the dnc but we're pretty certain it's going to be bad news for you. but not the end of the bad news. no, there's more. elizabeth warren showed up to
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speak at the native american caucus on tuesday. seems pretty likely she's come to steal your horses. >> join us in fighting for joe biden and kamala harris and in supporting the democrats so that we can all continue our work for indian country. >> tucker: it's just so great. our work for indian country. we kept waiting for ralph northern to show about the african-american panel wearing a hoodie. people online love to the warren panel. people at home flooded the dnc with suggestions for chief warrant. if elizabeth warren can speak at a native american event, maybe milli vanilli can host the grammy awards. but it hurts elizabeth warren's feelings so the dnc shut down the chat room, what a shame. it bears repeating that not all this insanity was confined to the daytime, some of it bled
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into a prime time as well. sandy cortez showed up. she did all of that in a 92nd speech, pretty impressive. it was like a socialist mad libs competition, here's part of it. >> thank you to everyone here today endeavoring towards better, more just future for our country and our world. in fidelity and gratitude to amass people's movement working to establish 21st century social, economic, and human rights, including guaranteed health care, higher education, living wages, and labor rights for all people in the united states. i here by second the nomination of senator bernard sanders of vermont for president of the united states of america. >> tucker: let's put her in charge, that's a good idea. we should know to that crazy as all of this was, and it was, none of it was too crazy for joe biden or kamala harris.
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sandy cortez called for giving government health insurance to foreign nationals, imagine a world without cops or prisons, some lunatic in a clerical collar said republicans are going to hell. harris and biden nodded along. it all seemed normal to them, and it is. bret baier joins us tonight. i've got to ask you since you are a news man but also a tv man, veteran, the ratings last night, they don't tell the whole story but they are kind of revealing. if your convention loses to "america's got talent," no criticism of that show but does it make you pause and wonder, does this have implications costco >> well, i think so. the ratings are down and this is a different year, obviously but they are down about 40%-50% in the network coverage. overall, you know, roughly around 30%, the campaign says, that they are seeing streaming numbers going up but we haven't
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really seen all of those, that data. you're talking about what goes on air and it's very scripted. so far it's been a lot about moderates, republicans endorsing joe biden, how it's reaching across the aisle but during the day you are right to point out, there are a lot of things that happen, caucus meetings, delegate assembly meetings, they are not on air but they are online and you can see them and their are quite interesting things being said in all these meetings. to be when you can see them, you can't unsee them which is part of the problem. why are they streaming this stuff out of the public. they chose biden in part because they wanted moderate face on the party but if you've got people calling for an end to capitalism, that doesn't suggest moderation. >> most people won't see that, your producers will dig it up and show it but most people won't be streaming that come of the numbers won't be that big across the country, as part of the deal to reach out to the
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different groups, this is the democratic party platform, 92 pages long. you mention governor cuomo, his father, former new york governor says you campaign in poetry but you govern in prose. trends like that to me and you can put whatever you want in this platform, it's symbolic but when you get into governing it's a whole different thing. the question this time is if democrats do get into power, how much push will there be from the left side of their party to govern in the poetry? of what they are talking about in the caucus meetings and the assembly meetings. >> tucker: it's impossible to know about my sense is quite a vigorous push, that's what looks like what's coming. bret baier, great to see you tonight and of course to rb viewers, bret will be on special coverage tonight as he has. kamala harris is going to speak shortly at the democratic national convention which is extremely exciting for hedge fund managers and anchors at
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msnbc. >> it was incredibly exciting news when it came. >> a remarkable moment. she cares about women's issues, cares about equality. deep within her soul. >> and she does have, you know, kind of a charisma. i don't want to use the word celebrity but in political terms she does. >> people wanted to be around her, a charisma, a fascination, a bit of celebrity surrounding kamala harris. >> donald trump lives in fear of prosecutors and today donald trump brought a new prosecutor on his case, senator and candidate for vice president of the united states, kamala harris. >> tucker: she cares about equality deep within her soul. someone actually just said that on tv and for years a lot of us have resisted mandatory iq tests for cable news anchors. but it's clearly time. in 2008, sarah palin was the vice presidential nominee.
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she did not get coverage like that so we thought it would be interesting to get her reaction to all of this, sarah palin joins us, thanks so much for coming on, appreciate it. what you make of this? >> first, i'm so relieved to hear you laugh during your monologue because sometimes i feel like, am i the only one laughing at what's going on there the democrats convention? i kind of switch being really not donate nauseated and just laughing, these folks are just so out of touch with the normal average americans, all of us out here working hard to protect our freedoms and root for a smaller, smarter government and equal opportunity. all those things that america is all about. it seems like they are all opposite of that. >> tucker: it doesn't seem that way but what's interesting to me is how little coverage any of it gets and we don't have special powers. just assigned one of our less fortunate producers the task of watching all of this stuff. it doesn't seem like anybody in any other channel even notices
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and i wonder if that's on purpose. >> yeah, of course it's on purpose. remember, these democrat candidates, they are treated as delicate pieces of china whereas someone like, me and other kind of hard core common constitutional conservatives, more like the bull in the china shop and i think that those who are just really, really close philosophically, even with politicians and those in the media, the media is going to treat them with some kid gloves and treat them like those delicate pieces of china and yeah, complete opposite treatment when it comes to the different philosophies. >> tucker: it does seem that way and looking back, is there anything you could have done to get the coverage that kamala harris is getting now? you care about equality deep
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within your soul, you're a rock star, a celebrity, the dalai lama, reincarnated, could you have done anything to get that kind of coverage? >> i would not have in terms of changing any of my positions in order to garner better press. for instance, i'm all about all of our freedoms including the second amendment and i would not, for instance say yeah, you know, mandatory gun confiscation which is what the democrats are really for and pulling for, i would never have gone there in order to get that coverage and yeah, tucker, i would've gotten a lot better coverage had i compromised my convictions, had i decided that i was going to go with the flow in order to get that unit-party liberal coverage that would have been so much
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better. >> tucker: yeah. just say men can get pregnant and all of this can be. one of the consultants you dealt with in 2008 when you joined the mccain campaign was a man called steve schmidt. he has now, he has now endorsed to joe biden. what do you make of that? since you know him, i just have to ask. >> go ahead and single him out, he's a piece of work. both nicole wallace and the other yahoos. they are the ones, a couple of them didn't even vote for the ticket, they jump ship early, their actual enthusiasm for republicans being elected that year in '08 and as evidenced now by what they are doing today, you know they are democrats, they are very liberal, part of that and to think that they were
5:21 pm
the ones rolling out my candidacy and setting up the interviews and doing what -- there was a lot of sabotage going on there especially at the end of the game but look where they are today. steve schmidt, oh, my goodness, msnbc contributor, there is been huge exposures so you know, those of us who were kind of victims of what they are capable of is kind of indication for us, they were never on our team to start with. >> tucker: in the end, people get their peers they deserve. governor palin, thank you so much for coming on tonight, i appreciate it. we talked about the wuhan coronavirus pretty much nonstop for six months now. a brand-new survey shows that almost nobody in the country knows much about it. keen facts about it. why is that?
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interesting. plus, we will have more coverage of the democratic national convention. that's all ahead. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: it's been more than six months since the coronavirus arrived here from china, at this point we know a lot about the disease, how it spreads and who
5:27 pm
is most likely to die from it, most importantly. no topic in recent memory has been studied more closely than this one. but we know a lot about this so you think this one topic would be one in which americans would be deeply knowledgeable, wuhan coronavirus. but no. just the opposite is true. most of us seem to know very little about it. why is that? because we've been lied to. a new study illustrates the effects of the relentless to disinformation campaign. the investment firm franklin templeton looked at what the public believes about the virus. they found that on average, americans believe that young people 44 and younger account for about a third of the coronavirus deaths. that's completely wrong. the truth isn't even close to that, the actual number is under 3%. not a third. under 3%. very few young people die from the virus but strangely young
5:28 pm
people seem totally unaware of this. on average they overstate the risk of death from the coronavirus by a factor of safety. now you know why politicians have been able to shut down the schools, students are terrified. they shouldn't be terrified. overwhelmingly this virus is a threat to middle-aged and elderly people with pre-existing health problems. adults over the age of 55 account for more than 90% of coronavirus deaths. more than 90%. the numbers are out there, yet somehow the public doesn't know this. why don't they know this? you know why. lying motivated by politics, the more cnn you watch, the less you know about science. that's not speculation. the study found that self-described democrats "tend to mistakenly overstate the risk of death from covid-19 for younger people much more than republicans. this is not a partisan survey, this is a survey done by an investment firm to guide their
5:29 pm
investments. for the biden campaign and their allies in silicon valley all this is great news, it means our propaganda is working. their message is clear and has been in his day one. covid-19 is an eminent moral threat to everyone in america, young and old, healthy and sick and i mandatory vaccine is our only hope. until that arrives we must do exactly as we say. that's their position. it's not science, it is propaganda. but you're not allowed to know that so they censor anyone who strays from that script, including practicing physicians and scientists and researchers and school the rest of us until we shut up. they have to do this because if you saw the actual numbers and drew logical conclusions from then you might question the lockdowns and those lockdowns have made a senile man the front runner. well, the kamala harris of today it bears almost no resemblance of the kamala harris of just a few years ago. if you want to see the video we
5:30 pm
found before you watch her convention speech tonight because it's back. cap next. ♪ so what's going on?
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>> tucker: kamala harris is speaking tonight at the democratic national convention. she's running for president. technically vice president. we haven't seen her remarks yet, they haven't sent us an early copy but we are pretty sure they both sound nothing like the kamala harris of 2013. watch this. >> going around with these signs, build more schools, less jails. we walk everywhere, build more schools, less jails. put money into education, not prisons. there is fundamental problem with that approach, in my opinion, and it's this. i agree with that conceptually. but you have not addressed the reason i have three padlocks on my front door.
5:36 pm
there should be serious and severe and swift consequence to crime. >> tucker: serious and severe consequences for crime? trigger warning, that sounds racist, okay? it does. that's a tool of oppression and kamala harris appears to have come to that conclusion. here she is speaking this summer, see if you can spot the difference. >> part of what has been upside down in policing policy in america is that we have confused having safe communities with hiring more cops on the street. >> tucker: so if you are a business owner, an american who lives in the city and is afraid of getting killed in a riot or having your store burned down, kamala harris wants you to shut up and understand racial justi justice. >> and so the people protesting on the street are protesting, understanding that we have yet to fulfill that promise of equal justice under the law.
5:37 pm
>> tucker: kamala harris has changed a lot. how? why? which version is better. dana perino is in washington tonight for our convention coverage. dana, great to see you tonight, thank you so much. so the old kamala harris of 2013 i think is maybe more in line with most americans. but i wonder if we've solved for the reason she's got three padlocks on her front door. tape like that is going to it seems to me strike a lot of people is pretty sensible compared to what she's saying right now. because that's an interesting point because i think it was on your show, there was the poll, that said that black americans actually want more police. fewer police in their communities because they know that security means that they can do all the other things they want to do, get good education, start businesses, raise happy families.
5:38 pm
however, if people want to attack harris from this perspective that she was a really tough prosecutor and now she's pretending that she wasn't, for people that may be undecided our suburban women may say that's kind of reasonable to me, that sounds good. i think the republicans may want, if they want to attack h her, will be interesting tonight is if you think, aoc is the future of the party and joe biden is the past, then kamala harris is a present right now and they are caught between that ideology transforming and transitioning and evolving between where she was even in 2011 and where she is today. >> tucker: so really quick, there are reports tonight that barack obama is just going to unleash in a way that former presidents don't ever on the current president. do you think that's true, what would that mean?
5:39 pm
>> is not the thing that guy that i work for has not done that but bill clinton did really try to go after mitt romney, in 2012. and it was pretty skillful, actually, doing so. the other thing barack obama apparently is going to talk a lot about tonight's accuser republicans of voter suppression efforts and to tell young people that they absolutely must resist this, get around it, get out there and vote so i think you will expect to see that and i imagine, you'll be talking about it on your show tomorrow night. >> tucker: it's alabama, 1956. it always is. dana perino found her to see you. >> thanks, have a good night. >> tucker: speaking of mitt romney, is he speaking tonight or tomorrow night. when does mitt romney speak at the dnc? america hasn't gotten into any big wars in a while. in fact, this administration is the first in more than 40 years to not get us into a new war but there's a big effort underway to change that. more war. we will tell you who's doing it,
5:40 pm
we will be right back. ♪
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>> tucker: this is a fox news alert, day two of the democratic national convention begins tonight, barack obama will be speaking, hillary clinton, kamala harris. we are monitoring that, of course but sometimes it's easy to miss the things that don't happen. we are living under an administration that has not started a new war. that hasn't happened in more than 40 years. no one ever says that. some people are upset about it, they would like more war. all a lot more war. you are watching the proceedings of the democratic national convention last night, you heard speaker after speaker urging america's young people to get out there and get killed in some foreign country they can't find on a map. you saw the democratic nominee from several years ago, john kerry, urged voters to vote democrat so we could have more wars. watch. >> the only thing exceptional about the incoherent trump foreign policy is that it has made our nation more isolated than ever before.
5:46 pm
june 6, 1944, young americans gave their lives on the beaches of normandy to liberate the world from tyranny. out of the ashes of that war, we made peace and rebuilt the world. that was and remains exceptional. it is the opposite of everything donald trump stands for. this moment is fight for the security of america and the world. only joe biden can make america lead like america again. >> tucker: yeah. but here's the good news. america can still rebuild the world. america's young people can still give their lives in foreign countries. how? to explain how, the dnc produced the slick video to get everyone excited about a new quagmire in syria. >> our military policy, to maintain our presence in syria. >> came to the aid and help stop the advance made president trump told us to simply abandon the
5:47 pm
kurds. it's shameful. >> joe biden will be strong against dictators paid >> i've heard him on the phone with pretty tough characters. joe biden is tough as nails and everybody knows it. >> he will do the right thing no matter the political class. >> i've searched for her to call republican presidents and one democratic president and i've seen the trump administration make decisions without any thought, without any preparation that have massive life-and-death consequence is paid >> tucker: all right, we need to send your kids to syria right away because iran. way scarier than our unemployment rate right now, take our word for it. in the video you might've seen marie jovanovich. one of the democrat's impeachment witnesses. in case you had any doubt what impeachment was about. joining us tonight, we are happy to have a man from the left who's going to take a lot of
5:48 pm
heat for coming on the show but we are going to have him anyway. he joins us now. jimmy, thanks much for coming on. so -- >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: last night, i'm sure there are lots of things in the democratic platform you agree with but the emphasis last night on pure neoconservatism, flat out, we are going to get us more involved in syria, where did this come from, exactly? speak of democratic democratic party is a pro-war party. that was like a war rally at their convention. i was waiting for a football game to break out. you know, one thing john carey is right about his trump's foreign policy is kind of incoherent but joe biden, his entire career has been imperialism. he shamed democrats who weren't supporting the iraq war, he was a vocal supporter of it. how about when he became the vice president, they took us from two wars to seven.
5:49 pm
libya, syria, we are still in yemen so these guys are nothing but more warmongering maniacs and really, again, we have one party in this country, the military-industrial complex party and that's what we are seeing. even when trump tried to take us, he kind of was threatening to take us out of afghanistan, threatening to take us out of syria, the democrats jumped in to stop it. so we have one party and its all war party and it's amazing, they got colin powell to endorse them, a bona fide war criminal. the one piece of policy that everybody agreed on was that the iraq war was a good idea, that's what it seems like. those are the people that they have come onto endorse joe biden, the arcs of the iraq war and you don't think this is a failed party? b1 yeah, the one person that wasn't invited us, you'll notice, was tulsi gabbard. good luck, have a great time with them, they are the best.
5:50 pm
thank you so much for coming on tonight. i hope it's worth the abuse you're going to take. appreciate it. >> i'm going to take it. >> tucker: yes you are. well, barack obama about to speak tonight at the democratic national convention. what is he really think about joe biden? interesting question, we will talk to a reporter who covered that very topic, next. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: barack obama is speaking tonight at the dnc, he is going to praise joe biden of course, he's not going to say that he waited until the last possible moment to endorse bid biden. there's a lot going on behind the scenes. obama has had major reservations about his former vice president. obama's strategist told him not to run because his career would end in embarrassment if he did. what's going on now that the campaign is on its way? alex thompson is a reporter for
5:56 pm
politico, thanks so much for coming on. this piece suggests fair amount of turmoil and some contempt in your description. between these two camps, what is this come from? >> well, this relationship is a lot more strained than what you're going to hear at the dnc tonight. the fact is that 2016, obama and many of his top aides embraced hillary clinton as his would-be successor over joe biden and the fallout from that snob applies eight years of small snubs, obama aides doing a technocratic eye rolling out joe biden, they thought he had been a has-been even when he was vice president and sort out the fallout from all of those snubs has created a lot of tension not just between the two men but between their two worlds. i had biden aides brag about how they think biden has proven he's a better one on one rope then
5:57 pm
obama. brag about how they sealed the nomination faster than barack obama did in 2008 whereas barack obama during the race had a lot of anonymously-sourced quotes about joe biden saying that he thought he didn't really have a connection with voters anymore. you aren't going to hear any of that tonight but the relationship is a lot more tense. >> tucker: i know that obama 's aides patronize joe biden. i didn't realize how personal it was between the two of them. the piece implies, anyway, that president obama believes that biden was incapable, kind of almost a ne'er-do-well, that was my read of it. >> my reporting does not go that far but does show that obama did have an intellectual kinship with hillary clinton that he didn't feel he had with joe biden. joe biden graduated, 75th out of
5:58 pm
86th in his class at syracuse law school, 76 out of 85. so that lack of intellectual kinship led obama to sometimes be a little bit dismissive but biden to be a little bit proud and feel that he wanted to prove himself and honestly sometimes made him a better deal maker on capitol hill according to republicans adult with them. >> tucker: you've heard a lot about joe biden's declining intellectual acuity. did that come up in any of the many interviews you did? >> no. >> tucker: no one mentioned i it? >> no, no one mentioned that. >> tucker: interesting. to the obama people think biden is doing a good job? >> i think a lot of the obama people were extremely skeptical that joe biden was going to be the nominee from the very beginning and were skeptical that even he should get in. i think his win surprise a lot of them and to be honest that's
5:59 pm
also what is sort of feel joe biden and was adding to the tension now is that joe biden feels this pressure to sort of prove all the obama brainiacs wrong, to show that he can really do this thing that a lot of obama aides just didn't think he could ever pull off. >> tucker: interesting. interesting posture for a 77-year-old man. thanks so much for sharing that with us, appreciate it. that's about it for us tonight, and our moves fast. we'll be back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. we will go to sean hannity a little early today for his coverage. hey, sean. >> sean: 35 seconds early, i will give it back to you. i owe you 35 seconds. in about 30 seconds, night three of the worst infomercial on earth will officially kick off and during the 9:00 p.m. hour we will only dip in very, very briefly to remarks from
6:00 pm
twice-failed presidential candidate hillary clinton because it would bore you otherwise. we will show you the parallels between hillary's's pathetic 2016 campaign and biden's basement bunker strategy. this new radical democratic socialist party is a party where america's so-called elitists, we will explain that. they don't care about working people, blue-collar jobs, anyone in the midwest and true to form, tonight's big event will be kicked off by biden's running mate from san francisco, kamala harris. she's going to be introduced tonight, it's only going to be about a minute and a half, 2 minutes max and i'm going to do something on the other side of it. i want you to hear it, but then we are going to do something the mob and the media refuses to do. we will actually vet the most liberal senator in 2019, wasn't bolshevik bernie, it was kamala harris and we will get to all of that.


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