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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 20, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> gentleman, great to have bot of you on tonight. we enjoyed the conversation and we will see you soon. up next, we will bring you shannon bream and the fox news at night team, they take it all from here. >> shannon: all right, laura, some thought-provoking conversation there, we will pick up where you left off, thank you very shannon: thought-provoking conversation. we will pick up where you left off and we begin with a fox news alert. after three nights of the democratic national convention what is clear is the party is making a fervent appeal to progressives visually and ritually while trying to keep the platform closer to the center by watering down things like climate change plans. television ratings have plummeted on broadcast but the dnc is streaming caucus meetings with speakers making contentious statements associated with the hard left.
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out front showcasing democratic heavyweights, former president barack obama and hillary clinton, kamala harris and more taking shots at donald trump on a range of issues and he is responding with searing attacks against their records when they were in office and it is a question we are trying to answer. can the democrats persuade progressives and young voters the party's old guard led by joe biden really stands for what they are hungry for. a few specifics on their own plans but plenty of jabs that the president. welcome to fox news at night. we start with peter doocy and tonight's highlights. >> barack obama is a tough act to follow but that is the democrats designed the evening program which he spoke in philly and then kamala harris.
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>> right now we have a president who turns our tragedies into political weapons, joe will be a president turns our challenges into purpose. problems progressives had with her in the democratic primaries, record as a prosecutor and she believes this system has issues with police department and systemic racism. >> there is no vaccine for racism. we've got to do the work. for george floyd, for the lives of too many others to name, for our children and for all of us.
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>> it is not the first time she has attacked trump by name or even her sharpest words about him but certainly brought barack obama's strongest words about his successor as he talked as a former president who spent time with both party's candidate in the oval office. >> donald trump hasn't gone into the job because he can't. and the consequences of that failure are severe. 170,000 americans dead. millions of jobs gone while those at the top taking more than ever. our worst impulses at least, a proud reputation around the world badly diminished and our democratic institutions through like never before. >> here tonight is a testament to the dedication -- >> harris at the end of tonight's program, because the party thinks they are excited about having her on the ticket
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they had her come out, misinformation meant to discourage people from voting. >> i know many of you plan to vote this year but the excitement and enthusiasm for this election, you heard about obstacles and misinformation, making it harder for you to cast your ballot. we need to ask ourselves why don't they want us to vote? >> everything at the chase center happened inside but there is a stage set up at the parking lot outside and they are doing some testing. it appears tomorrow there might be an outside element as well. shannon: we know you will be there to check back in. thank you. following a couple days of counter campaigning in swing states during the dnc, the president is close to the white house as his administration took
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aim at the record of the previous one. >> policy in the middle east was so bad and distractibility entire region in shambles and all of america's allies feeling very betrayed. your democrats talk about how donald trump would ruin alliances. what his son is brought a common sense approach, met with people, rebuild our alliances. shannon: mike emanuel has that story. >> reporter: president obama's night at the democratic convention donald trump delivers some shots at his record. >> president obama and joe biden because if they did a good job i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: donald trump told reporters his team is dealing with the mess left by democrats in charge of prominent american cities. >> we are confronting the wave of crime in democrat run
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american cities, absolutely shocking. when you look at portland or new york, san francisco, seattle, chicago. >> the president also expressing concern about the number of universities and school systems going with online learning. >> nothing like campus, being with the teacher as opposed to being on the computer board. >> donald trump says his administration is still cleaning up after obama/biden on foreign policy and the president suggested the regime will be looking for a deal after he wins reelection. >> iran will be very much neutralized, and with the horrendously stupid iran deal signed by obama this could have never happened. >> the secretary of state
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delivered this below on obama/biden foreign-policy. >> they lead from behind, that was the motto. >> donald trump was asked about the controversial q1 non-movement. >> this belief that you are secretly saving the world from the satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals, does that sound like something you are behind? >> i haven't heard that, but is that supposed to be a bad thing? if i can help save the world from problems i'm willing to do it, put myself out there and we are, we are saving the world from a radical left philosophy that will destroy this country. >> the president spoke with reporters for 30 minutes on a range of topics taking his take on things is represented in the middle of the dnc convention. >> a rather entertaining briefing on a number of levels. former president obama's address to the dnc, donald trump took
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the opportunity to go at his predecessor's record. >> how bad he was, how ineffective the president he was, so ineffective, slowest growing recovery in the history since 1929 on the economy. until the china virus came and we had the greatest economy in the history of the world and now we are doing it again. >> another former president on the dnc stage, let's break down night 3 with jessica karloff and steve hilton. welcome to all of you. we had all of you pick a moment from tonight. you picked something from former president obama. we will play that. >> i did hope for the sake of our country that donald trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously, no interest in treating it as one
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more reality show, 170,000 americans dead, millions of jobs gone. >> why was that your pick? >> it was funny the other night michelle obama was saying when they go we go high and obama went low, not even really well like it is like a reality show, like we've never heard that before, but it was original. it contrast with kamala harris's speech which i thought was quite good. she went after donald trump. and as i mentioned it, she did mention donald trump's name is. it was an elevated speech, she talked about what biden was going to do in contrast but barack obama went low. i thought it was really bad. shannon: you pick the portion of
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the former president's speech. let's get your reaction. >> what i know about joe. what i know about kamala is that actually care about every american. and they care deeply about this democracy. shannon: most of his speech wasn't about somebody to get around to endorsing and praising his former vice president. why did you pick this part? was plank of the speech, turned into 3 sections, the first section was donald trump is completely inadequate and not -- totally bungled the job. the second part about joe and the human connection in his capacity and kamala harris's capacity to care about people, this is been central to joe biden's success throughout his career that he can connect with
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everyday americans. and he is the amtrak guy. that video of amtrak workers was especially powerful. when you look at how historically important the question of does he care about people, you see how critical that is so that is why i picked that is really important in the third piece was when he said don't let them take away your power, don't let them take away your democracy. those are the 3 sections to critically he knows who joe biden is that michelle obama talked about this too, someone who cares about people like you. shannon: you mentioned hillary clinton. she was hoping to be the incumbent at the convention this year, she spoke tonight as well. that is one of steve's pics. >> joe picked the right partner in kamala harris. she's relentless in the pursuit of justice. >> this is one of the things she's having to balance.
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her record as a prosecutor, putting people behind bars for a lot of reasons out there with a very different tone about law and order, the criminal justice system being unfair, she's walking between her past and present. >> is and what it points to is a number of things that go to the hard of shoes. the tight rope is happening for her because as california democrats have told me, whatever they say privately, i know a lot of democrats, goes with the territory, they also the same thing about her, she's totally unprincipled, she doesn't believe in anything, all that she does including the cases she brought in san francisco and what she focused on which was political ambition. what stands out to me that needs much more attention and was
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prompted by that comment from hillary clinton, she's relentless in the pursuit of justice. while she was district attorney of san francisco she covered up child sexual abuse by the catholic church, she took the side of the church who were all political backers against victims, of child sexual abuse. that is who she really is. we need to pay attention to her record rather than the incredibly bland words we heard from her. shannon: the longer she's on stage there will be more delving into her background and her record as a prosecutor and as attorney general of california. tv news networks worried about airing two hours of trump convention, multiple sources told the daily beast when democratic officials met with
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various broadcast network executives about their convention coverage plans the executives stressed they could not broadcast two hours each night in part because then they would have the give the same airtime to trump. >> doesn't surprise me at all. viewership is down dramatically. it was down 40% the first night, 48% from the previous convention on the second night. we will see what it is tonight. people are not tuning into this convention the way they have in the past, we will see what republicans, up with next week. shannon: i'm sure the two of you have something to add. interesting conversation but we will see, the conventions are out there, thank you all. the tire company at the center of political firestorm tonight after a diversity training slide at its topeka kansas plant reportedly labeled mag attired
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politically affiliated materialism except. jonathan hunt taking a closer look for us. good evening. >> reporter: donald trump's twitter attacks on america's biggest tire maker, don't buy goodyear tires, he wrote. get better tires for far less. the president's anger spark fine anonymous video of guidelines for employees on political and social issues and expressions like black wires matter at lgbt issues were acceptable the bull lives matter, all lives matter and make america great again attire were not. goodyear said the screenshot was not created and distributed by its corporate offices but added that it asks all employees to, quote, refrain from workplace expressions in support of political campaigning for any candidate or political party as well as similar forms of
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advocacy that fall outside the scope of racial justice and equity issues. the presidential limousine by the way has goodyear tires. donald trump said that might change. >> based on what i heard we will see what happens. a lot of people not wanting to buy their product anymore and will buy from a competitor made in the usa too. >> reporter: goodyear is one of only two fully american major tire companies. shannon: we have been tracking this case in portland on the west coast, that brutal beating. any update in that case tonight? >> police still trying to track down the black lives matter protester who delivered the final kick in the head that left the driver of a pickup truck unconscious in the street. in a very 2-minute video posted
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on youtube the driver is seen talking outside a 7-11 with a group some of whom argue and fight when a person identified as a transgender female, she sprayed mace at some in the group who grabbed her purse and skateboard. the truck driver appears to trying to help her, he eventually returns to here's nearby truck, ribs the engine loudly and inches forward as members of the group gather around the vehicle while others shot at each other to get out of the road. he then guns the engine, speeds away but crashes. the group then surrounds and beats him accusing him of trying to drive into them. haner is recovering at home. hours before the incident he shared a facebook post criticizing the attention given to george floyd's death in police custody. shannon: we will continue to track it, thank you. a former fbi attorney pleads
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>> shannon: former fbi lawyer kevin kleinsmith pled guilty in federa shannon: kevin kleinsmith put guilty in federal court to doctor document that was key to an investigation involving the president. the criminal please stemming from john's investigation into the investigators. chairman lindsey graham signaling it could be just the beginning saying the wheels of justice are turning, more to come. the host of the talking for podcast and other than the book defender in chief, good to have you back, gentlemen.
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let's start there. what do you make of the senate judiciary chairman's prediction that there's more to come? >> this is an extraordinary step. mister kleinsmith is probably the first and only fbi agent who has ever been convicted of misleading a fisa court and he was doing it to provide electronic surveillance of the trump campaign particularly of carter page. seems to me the question is if durham is starting at the bottom like you are supposed to and working his way up how many other people above mister kleinsmith are going to be cut up in his net and whether it is going to take time to get those indictments out to affect the election i can't imagine a young guy like kleinsmith acting on his own as some kind of rogue agents and i'm sure that is what mister durham is pursuing, whether he had co-conspirators
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in the former place harry and i used to workhorse obsessed with donald trump we are willing to abuse the fisa process to get surveillance on the trump campaign. >> what do you make of that? when i have conversations with people following the news that is the same thing they bring up, this young attorney who acted on his own to do something that bold that he admitted to or was he taking direction from someone else? >> if you look at the information it plays out is pretty isolated. i want to deck out there is no new news here. this is in the horwitz report in december and he's acting since 2017 so it is hard to tie it into any spying on the trump campaign but what he was asked - >> part of what he put together was used for fisa renewal to continue surveillance on people connected to donald trump.
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>> the idea there was spying on the campaign. hard to say that in 2017. on this point that portends a lot more there is no real basis for thinking it. what we have as played out in the information itself he gets insistence from his supervisor that the cia, he puts in that they did. nobody is saying it wasn't true. he said in court today that it was but the main thing, he had to quickly put this into respond to a harried supervisor, not much and he's way down on the latter, just no basis in it for thinking the latter goes high, there may be but nothing in the information suggests that. shannon: was is a clerical error? >> it is much more than a clerical error. what mister kleinsmith did and split to it if he did -- he
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delivered we changed an email from the cia, carter page is a good cia source, reversed entirely saying carter page is not a source which deliberately, at least he tried to mislead the fisa court. if this really is an isolated incident what you would have his durham would let this case go but it sounds like the investigation is still going on. according to reports he still got to interview people like the cia director, director of national intelligence. i don't think he is close to finished. shannon: quicklime comment from you. >> horwitz said there was no bias but kleinsmith is simply, there is no allegation that he was -- that it was false. he told everybody he is a some
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source, like a nomenclature thing for the cia so it comes down to was he a source that he wasn't. shannon: directly altered an email to see what it did not stand admitted to that so we will continue to track it as we await the rest of what mister durham might bring down. thank you both. the hit and misses on night 3 next.
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>> i think there's room for improvement in terms of the showcasing of latino talent at the dnc. change the showcasing of latino talented the dnc, some folks point out the dnc program out of 35 primetime speakers only and three latinos in it, no muslim
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americans. shannon: that is former democratic presidential candidate julian castro lamenting a lack of latino influence at the convention. they talked about illegally entering the country by crossing the river. live in the battleground state of arizona, efforts to court the all-important latino vote. good to see you. >> former presidential candidate julian castro issuing a warning of sorts to his party but if it is not carefully could lose hispanic support. castro was not scheduled as a primary speaker at the dnc but participated in roundtable discussions. he was glad to see alexandria ocasio cortez in a prominent role, he thought she deserved more than 60 seconds but he supports biden. >> is going to win and win big the latino community in november but the dnc should have put more folks on the platform in the beginning because her
12:33 am
presentation does matter and send a strong message about inclusion. >> the real clear politics average shows donald trump behind former vice president biden by two points. arizona's population is changing. arizona brings in the top 5 states for eligible latino voters. the president made his second trip to this traditionally red state, beat hillary clinton by 3 points in 2016. a slimmer margin than past gop candidates. a rally we met 3 women who say they feel conservative latinos are treated like they are invisible by the media and democrats. lifeline democrats since she's now a trump -- she went to the latinos to wake up and she will never vote. again. >> still waiting for democrats to condemn all the violence. instead they are going on camera
12:34 am
calling for more unrest, horrible what they are doing. >> multiple times at the president's rally donald trump referred to people born of undocumented immigrants as, quote, anchor babies. i asked the daughter of immigrants or opinion. >> when you hear him talk about anchor babies that bothers some people. does it bother you? >> now because nothing bothers me. i am not a snowflake, get over it. i feel in my heart he stands for the people, the latinos, stands for the americans, that is what we are, we are all americans. >> arizona is firmly battleground territory. back to you.
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>> thank you very much. as part of the convention the dnc is streaming caucus meetings daily. we told you about one last night. the biden campaign of that of the hot seat forcing a spokesman to distance the nominee, widely accused of anti-semitism, she appeared during a virtual meeting of the democrats come was of delegates and allies assembly. or some other highlights from this online meeting. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, for one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all someday. >> i don't know the pledge of allegiance, that is not my president. >> the future we are trying to build is about the destruction of colonization, white supremacy and capitalism. shannon: let's bring in bret baer for night 3 of the dnc. i don't know about you but my
12:36 am
impression of watching these meetings is the party is struggling with appealing to the far left progressive part of the base and preventing the nominee and the ticket is more moderate in nature. >> delegate is families during the day make it to primetime and there's a reason for that. they are getting a voice, talking about these issues but with party is putting forward is a more moderate approach to try to appeal especially to women, suburban households and people who might be independent or disaffected republicans. we saw that the first three nights. shannon: a lot of women were on stage concluding with the vice presidential nominee, former congresswoman who is well-known for surviving a deadly shooting spoke tonight and got a lot of praise. is what she had to say. >> i put one foot in front of
12:37 am
the other one word and then found another. we must elect joe biden. he was there for me, he will be there for you too. shannon: we heard a lot of that tonight, he's been there for people, he's been through enormous pain and loss in his own life. appealed very much to the personal side of him. >> that was a really emotional moment. we are told the former congresswoman who was shot in the head in arizona took a long time, almost died but spent a lot of time learning those words for this moment. there was no teleprompter and she really tried physically to get that speech out and obviously her passion is fighting guns on the streets, changing gun laws. it was a moment for the democrats at the beginning.
12:38 am
>> everyone is cheering her on, people are so happy to see any progress. good news from her. to another female who took the stage, one of the vice president's former rivals, senator elizabeth warren. >> i love a good plan and joe biden has some really good plans. plans to bring back union jobs in manufacturing and create new union jobs in clean energy. plans to increase social security benefits, cancel billions in student loan debt. >> we know she loves a plane and has been instrumental in putting together a lot of what joe biden is making part of his platform and his plan. >> had to to progressives, a strong presidential campaign on that front, she does love plans, she talked about it, one of the things she was credit about on her presidential campaign but the plans of the biden platform
12:39 am
fit elizabeth warren's plan. that's the issue here, to try to get the progressives fired up about this ticket. there using the unity of trying to kick out the guy behind me in the white house, donald trump. shannon: summit wants to help with that also lived in that white house and that is former president barack obama and here is some of his speech. >> donald trump hasn't grown into the job because he can't. the consequences of that failure are severe. 170,000 americans dead, millions of jobs gone. shannon: we haven't seen them on stage a lot because usually former presidents don't go after their immediate successor but this is political season and that changes things. >> the criticism the former president obama levied on donald
12:40 am
trump, the most direct criticism of former president has levied on a sitting president even in a campaign season. he spent a lot of time, he spent a little time talking joe biden, backing him up and a large part of the 15 minute speech, it was a call to action you saw throughout the night, a worry the democrats won't show up to the polls, ptsd from 2016 when it comes to voting. shannon: pretty direct remarks from the woman who hopes to be vice president. >> i know a predator when i see one. donald trump's failure of leadership has cost lives and livelihoods. shannon: has been a lot of talk that she will be an attack dog against the president and taken on directly and it will be harder for the president to respond to her than it would be directly to joe biden. >> this speech, i don't think
12:41 am
anything stood out but the historic moment of it stood out, woman of color on a national presidential ticket but the sad part is a bunch of proctors of state that was empty in the room, don't know why they were taking the one shot, tough at the end of the speech, applause from people in boxes and kind of that moment that is surreal when joe biden comes on and keeps social distance from kamala harris. it is much different if you feel for her but is a historic moment. >> everything about these conventions will be different. we will remember them as the covid-19 your. thank you for being with us for extra analysis, good to see you. why are democrats talking about the ongoing violence in cities like portland, seattle, new york and others at their convention? the president of the chicago police union has plenty to say
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about it live next.
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>> shannon: police declaring shannon: police declaring another night of rioting in portland as protesters set fire to a government building. the pattern of might be protests turning violent and democratically led cities being ignored at the dnc. this discuss with the president of the chicago fraternal order of police and seattle radio talkshow host jason grant. welcome to both of you. let's start this headline from the new york post, democrats don't acknowledge what is happening in our city saying this. you can't store problem you don't acknowledge and failure to address the urban. it is a major myth. if the pattern continues all week, dems will give trump a major opening. count on him to hammer it at home until november. i know a lot of law enforcement
12:47 am
groups have endorsed donald trump this time. has the dnc missed an opportunity to address it and make their case? >> clearly they are missing an opportunity but it is by design. the anarchists support the left. the silent majority sitting at home and if they attack these anarchists and go after the we will lose votes. they are willing to sell their soul to gain power but the ridiculous part is they will gain power of what? will he push a button and regain control? it is impossible. shannon: it is hard to think what party, democrats or republicans that average goodhearted hard-working americans out there from either party are not supporting this, i don't know what is you get by papering over this but here is what byron york had to say today
12:48 am
about the disconnect between the dnc and what is happening on the streets. >> a real disconnect between what is going on in portland and other cities and what you are hearing from the democratic national convention, not just portland where they have nightly riots. there's a portland in seattle and minneapolis, chicago, new york and other cities that had enormous spikes in violent crime. shannon: how are things going in seattle? >> i got stuck in a protest on the drive to the studio. clearly we are going to the same thing portland and other cities are going through. just like everyone else know what is talking about it and it is by design. rather remarkable that earlier tonight during president obama's speech he said donald trump was sending federal troops to go after peaceful protesters.
12:49 am
that is not what is happening. they are terrified of calling these people out because in large part they don't want them showing up to their doorstep, don't want them disrupting their election and by calling out this violence it does play into donald trump's election strategy to be the law and order president but at some point it takes a strong leader to say there is some lawlessness. i would handle it differently than donald trump but i need to handle it because we can't allow this to overtake our american cities. shannon: a number of people who have been supportive of these protests when they cross the line and show up at leftist leaders house in cities or different areas they then turn and say enough is enough. we've seen that happen. you can cozy up to them but once they cross into violence, not peaceful protests you have something different on your hands. i want to see play with each communication director said about the accusations joe biden doesn't support the police or would defund them.
12:50 am
>> first of all the campaign has been clear when it comes to defunding the police, they do not support defunding the police and i don't know how many times we have to say this on this network or others but that is the case. shannon: quick final comment from you on that point. >> they can say what they want but their actions speak louder than words. a quick example in chicago. they tried to get emergency city council meeting scheduled for friday in order to get the national guard to supplement the chicago police department is because our members are working 70-80 hours a week and it is not a sustainable model and the mayor is calling, doesn't want the national guard to facilitate law and order in the city and it is a nationwide problem. shannon: we've got to leave it there because we are out of time. thank you. i'm making sandwiches!
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>> democrats had hoped shannon: democrats hoped climate change would sway persuadable voters. kevin cork on the road in columbus, ohio with that story. shannon: the issues of clean energy and climate science are usually at or near the top of democratic party policy debate and certainly that is the case in 2020 with the election just around the corner and you may have seen this video promoting
12:55 am
the policies or planned policies of joe biden, his plans to combat climate change and secure a clean energy future with progressive green policies of democrats are voted into office in november and while he hasn't expressed a specific opposition to all fracking his running mate kamala harris expressed her support of the green new deal and a ban on all fracking. to illustrate why that is an important issue consider this. 20 states have active shale gas fracking operations, a list that includes major tossup states like ohio, pennsylvania, michigan, virginia and colorado. democrats remain convinced a green new deal like policy will not only help them reclaim the tossup states they lost in 2016, they believe it is smart energy that will do best for america's future.
12:56 am
by contrast donald trump has been aggressively promoting his administration's energy policies the white house officials say are not only job centric but more comprehensive and that could play well in a heavy fracking state like ohio. we will see. shannon: that is it from washington. i'm shannon bream. dash and we'll replace your windshield with safe, no-contact service. >> tech: schedule at >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> i accept your nomination for vice president of the united states of america. >> kamala harris is the vice president we need, committed to our constitution. >> joe is the right partner. >> he chose his ideal partner who is more than prepared for the job. >> president obama did not do a good job. the


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