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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 20, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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jillian: steve cortes, thank you for joining us. we appreciate you being here. >> of course. todd: set your dvr so you never miss a minute of "fox & friends first." jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good one. ♪ >> i accept your nomination for vice president. we must elect joe biden. >> if trump is reelected, things will get even worse. >> we are saving the world from a radical left that will destroy this country. >> donald trump's ignorance and incompetence have always been a danger to our country. >> we have the greatest economy in the history of the world. now we are doing it again. have to do it a second time. >> we're going to elect joe biden president country heartless disregard to america's goodness. >> we need strength in our country. not weakness. >> a hope that donald trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously, but he
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never did. >> when i listen to that and then i see the horror that he has left us. the reason i'm here is because of president obama and joe biden. ♪ so much to say ♪ so much to say ♪ so much to say. steve: live from new york city, it is "fox & friends" for a thursday, august 20th, 2020. and you can look into the new york harbor and there is lady liberty. and she starts our show today. dnc last day is today. last night we're going to talk a little bit about how kamala harris was nominated officially as vice president for the democrats. and ainsley and brian, you know, since the pandemic hit life has not been normal that's why they have had a virtual convention. what is interesting now is the fact that we are getting a little closer to normal on this
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program because they were gone for a while, born four years ago, the diners are coming back today. ainsley: yes. pete hegseth is out there in new jersey. he is at a diner, breakfast with friends. hey, pete. >> we are at the bacon beach long you can't beat this view on the beach. beautiful morning. look at all these great folks. good morning, everybody. how are you doing? [cheers] [. >> folks are talking politics and the i just got. this this is the bacon sampler platter. you didn't think it was the bacon beach for a reason. [bacon] article business opening up outside. the folks are enthusiastic to be here. we are going to dnc the president, reopening, all those things from the folks and we missed this, didn't we, guys?
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diners getting out. >> pete, how exactly how are you going to do this socially distancing? do you have a bull horn? how are you doing this a long microphone? how are you going to do this? pete: we have got a boom mic as they call it in the business. i'm going to stand over here and the audio is going to be over there and we are going to do the best we can if i had inspector gadget i would extend the arms. we will do the best we can we will be careful. brian: all right. good job. pete hegseth set to host the show over the weekend and it's nurse. kamala harris the first woman of color to accept the vice presidential nomtion. ainsley: democrats biggest stars to attack the president on night 3 of the dnc. steve: griff jenkins is waking up for the fourth day in the row out in wilmington, delaware. last night get rid of donald
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trump. griff? griff: it sure was. good morning. the history book also recall last night harris accept the nomination and gave a speech highlighting her history. on display as she attacked president trump. watch. >> i know a predator when i see one. donald trump's failure of leadership has cost lives and livelihoods. right now we have a president who turns our tragedies into political weapons. joe will be a president who turns our challenges into purpose. >> her remarks after former president obama delivered his most blistering rebuke so far of his successor. listen to this. >> we understand that in this democracy the commander-in-chief does not use the men and women of our military who are willing to risk everything to protect our nation as political props to deploy against peaceful
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protesters on our own soil. griff: last night's scene was a more perfect speech. speech after speech it was clear a referendum on president trump as hillary clinton so noted. >> this should not be another would have, could have, should have election. don't forget joe and kamala can win by 3 million votes and still lose. take it from me. griff: president trump was watching, punching back in realtime tweeting at obama why did he refuse to endorse slow joe until it was all over and even then was very late? why did he try and get him not to run? he followed that up with he spied on my campaign and got caught. now, the president on his campaign trail going to old forge, pennsylvania, just outside of scranton biden's hometown. here in wilmington we will hear by joe biden tonight. he will be joined by his family. we will see harris and see
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senator cory booker, buttigieg, keisha lance bottoms. we heard what was wrong with donald trump. it will be interesting to see what will happen. ainsley: kamala harris was back stage hey, everybody, it's me, camla. she talked for a little while and then the convention began. and then she ended the night with her speech and jennifer hudson singing. i was reading some articles about how president obama was going to end the night and he said you know what? i think this is more of a pass the torch moment let me speak right before she did. here is obama, president obama unleashing on president trump. >> i sat on in the oval office with both of the men who are running for president. i never expected that my successor would embrace my vision or continue my policies.
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i did hope, for the sake of our country, that donald trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously. donald trump hasn't grown into the job because he can't. and the consequences of that failure are severe. >> he went ton say that this administration the trump administration will do anything to win. is he unqualified to serve and then painted a dark vision of the consequences of a second presidential trump term. brian: so a couple of things -- a lot. the president is obviously not over the fact that his legacy was handed over to the republican party. think about it. when he left office the dnc was bankrupt. most of the money went to his super pac. anybody donating to the party. he had lost the house. and he lois the senate and the white house wasn't handed to hillary clinton his hand picked successor. it was handed to donald trump his nemesis that he mocked for at least two and a half years. he can't believe it happened. when he takes over the first thing president trump does is unwind a lot of what he is
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doing, undo especially the middle east did a total inverse. went to allies and said i expect more of you. he put together a foreign policy he might not agree with. instead of don't agree with mocked. didn't like his style he used it to be condescending. he is clearly not over i could not make up my mind who is having a harder time getting over the fact that in 2016 president trump won the election, hillary clinton or barack obama. but after john lewis' eulogy. steve: it's a tie. brian: and barack obama's speech last night it is clearly to me the former president of the united states and that's why he is doing something unprecedented worker harder again than the candidate to win an election for somebody else. here is president trump with the ultimate diss of president obama who he knew was about to rip him. >> president obama did not do a good job. the reason i'm here is because of president obama and joe
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biden. if they did a good job, i wouldn't be here. and probably if they did a good job, i wouldn't have even run. i would have been very happy. i enjoyed my previous life very much. they did such a bad job that i stand before you as president. brian: the key for the president of the united states is going to get the economy on the right trajectory. is the covid virus going to decrease throughout the country. and then is it going to be who is going to hustle more responsibly. get the audience with masks. keep them distant like a west point graduation. the president is going to try to outwork everyone. joe biden doesn't want to get to work to fight for the job that he says he wants, steve. steve: listen, we know that barack obama never liked donald trump before the actual election barack obama says he will never be president of the united states. we saw how he ripped donald trump when he was president and donald trump was thinking about running for president at the washington correspondence dinner back in 2011, no love lost
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there. and donald trump brought up something important. and that is why was barack obama so slow to endorse joe biden then you have got joe biden. he was with peter doocy at first stop in wilmington, delaware. mr. vice president, why hasn't the former president endorsed you if you are running? he said i asked him not to endorse me. which we know is just a fib. anyway let's bring in rudy giuliani, president trump's attorney and former new york city mayor. mr. mayor, good morning to you. what do you think about night three of the dnc? >> good morning, steve. >> i think it was really quite pathetic. president obama was probably the most failed president of my lifetime. he left world affairs in horrible disorder. we were in danger from north korea. he had given over a billion dollars, much of it in cash to our greatest numb, really, the slack republic of iran.
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we were in a situation in which european countries were taking tremendous advantage of us and we were getting very little out of it and we had trade deals and the one with china almost was corrupt. i mean, if it wasn't negotiated corruptly, it looked like it. so, can i see why president obama is so bitter about president trump. in three and a half years, president trump accomplished way more than president obama accomplished in 8. he turned around the economy. he took the economy and moted only that the irony of it is that obama was the first black president and did he nothing for the black community. it was president trump who got their wages up to the highest ever unemployment down to the lowest ever. and the most jobs. same thing for the hispanic community. so here we have a president that's elected because it's historic to have the first black president. he fails his community. dismal record in terms of doing nothing for them. and this other man comes along
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who he mocks and makes fun of who does probably has the best record with regard to performance for the black community than any president in our memory. so i think there is a great deal of bitterness there. a great deal of jealousy that president trump actually does the job that he failed at both in domestic policy and in foreign policy. in both situations america was much stronger as a result of three and a half years of donald trump. ainsley: all right, rudy, we want to update our audience what was happening in portland with the assault of a pickup driver. tell this story and get your reaction on the other side. the man attacked by that mob in portland is speaking out after being released from the hospital. >> i stepped out of the vehicle. i didn't even think anyone was following me, still. before i even got my door open someone was yanking me out and i hit the ground. and then i sat there for a while and they wouldn't let me get up.
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steve: the 32-minute video just released showing the moment up to you adam handwritinger's ahe said tried to you stop a person's backpack from being stolen. video shows hainer on the ground getting kicked in the head before getting knocked out. >> police are still searching for the suspect. they know his name and background. marquis love no, stranger to law enforcement. he has at least seven arrests over the past 8 years. police are urging love to turn himself in including one of domestic abuse. these your suspect. he also predicted that he was going to be arrested soon. guess what, rudy, as people see this roster of violence. this guy who has two black eyes and is lucky to be alive was being a hero. you have a transgender individual being beat up because these guys, according to that 30 minute video just looked like they were looking for a fight. he stands up to them even though he is outnumbered and gets knocked out senseless and cops don't get there for another 30 minutes. why aren't people talking about.
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>> 30 mention. >> his heroism last night? >> because the media is completely warped and i guess the best indication that you need that we better not vote for a democrat this november is their convention completely its nors the chaos that's going on in their cities in america. most of the violence and most of the rioting is -- and the worst of it is taking place in purely democratic cities. and here we have the national party having the convention and they say nothing about it. they say nothing about what they are going to do about, for example, last year, 800 -- 8,000 african-americans were killed by other african-americans. they say nothing about how they are going to reduce that and all they talk about is 1%, less that 1% of the way african-americans have been harmed. that is by police officers. most of the time justifiably. so, all i would take from this if i was antifa or black lives
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matter is they are on my side. we can beat up a man like this, they pay no attention to it. not a word about it. and it isn't -- this man is symbolic of what's going on in my city, for example, which is chaotic. i have a city that hasn't known crime for 20 years, really. and all of a sudden in four months, we have had an onslaught of crime. it's never gone up as fast go back 20, 25. brian: the mayor says it's trump's fault because he ignored -- >> well, the mayor actually ignored the pandemic. the president recognized it four weeks before the mayor. it's the mayor who after the president cut down any kind of contact with china was inviting people to go out to parties and telling them it isn't so bad. so stop all this nonsense about the president mishandling the pandemic. the president was the first of our leaders to really get on top of it. it was nancy pelosi telling democrats oh, can you go to parties.
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it was him, de blasio. it was cuomo. cuomo didn't get it for three weeks and then he stuffed our nursing homes with people who didn't have to die. and that he has tried to blame on the president. except no other governor did it because they fouled the rules that were correctly set out by the centers for disease control. the democrats are playing shift the blame to the president for things they actually did. ainsley: so, rudy, when i was growing up, new york was considered a dangerous city. then when i moved here everyone told me you should have seen it before giuliani. he cleaned it up. i have 245erd that from democrats and republicans. people now are very scared. they are business owners, they terrified to walk their kids to school because they are worried they are going to get mug you had. we have a heart for this city and worry about when it will come back. will kaine new "fox & friends weekend" anchor. listen to what this business owner said. >> as the owner of this
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restaurant, and we are having a lot of difficulty surviving these days. whoever is in charge is not helping us out at all. i came to this neighborhood when i was 12. it was right when the first of the situation was over here and then i saw all the biewfings under giuliani's leadership and everything and how this neighborhood changed for the better. commerce grew, everything grew. we are right back where we started, you know, 30 years ago. will: do you feel safe in new york city. >> no i just put drapes on my window yesterday. i lived in this neighborhood 30 years and i just had to put grates back on my window. ainsley: a lot of people moved out of new york city for that very reason. what will it take to bring law and order to this city again. >> the last time this city was like this. the last time the city had riot and crimes at this level we had
3:18 am
a democratic mayor. all during the period of time, we had 30 years of massive crime. so, if this sets in, it's not going to end. we need a change in leadership. a change in policy. these things are happening in these cities because the democrats have pro-criminal anti-police policies. the reason it's happening is not donald trump. donald trump didn't release 8,000 people from prison. de blasio did. donald trump didn't pass the no bail law that allows criminals to be back in the street in two hours. cuomo passed that. question so cuomo about 10,000 and de blasio put 8,000 prisoners and criminals on the street. what do they expect they were going to do? steve: right. >> go to church every day? criminals basically do what the criminal's specialty is if he a murderer, he murders. if is he a drug dealer, he is
3:19 am
dug dealing. they let all the drug dealers out of the prisons and put them in the streets of the city. i mean, there are children living next to sexual predators as a result of these two idiots and this is going on not just there -- brian: this isn't about race. i have never seen more mentally ill people. i walk to the train every day. if i walk 10 blocks, these people need help. a lot of them aren't criminals. they look like they need to be institutionalized and need care. someone let them out. ainsley: refusedy told us one time he had a policy when he saw homeless people on the street, what did you tell the officers to do? >> go up and talk to them and find out what the problem is. if you can't help, you bring a social worker there we did that consistently for three years. and we got rid of homelessness. it came back somewhat under mike but not bad. and probably his worst failing up until now, de blasio, has been homelessness. i wrote a op-ed piece about three years ago saying a city
3:20 am
with homeless people has a mayor that doesn't love people. because, if you have a heart and conscience and you see somebody that's homeless, do you signature about it. come up with a policy to engage them. brian: $2 million. her chief of staff gets $275,000. her speech writer gets $115,000. what speech does she give? >> his wife would be under major investigation if she weren't a democrat. she has gotten away with murder with that thrive thing. articles in the newspaper, there is no audits. there are no reports. money just gets -- flows in there and nobody has to figure out what she has done or what she has held. the corruption has also gone back. one of the reasons i became mayor is i put so many in jail. the city was corrupts big time. and that ended also for 20
3:21 am
years. everybody knows this guy is corrupt as hell and nobody does anything about it. not even democrats like him. and to blame it on the president is so totally ridiculous. i think people laugh at him. it's obvious that it is his policies and also finally what he is doing to the police is shameful. it goes back to when that poor police officer had the water thrown on him and the guy did nothing because he was afraid to do anything. that was the signal to these hoodlums in the street we can push these guys around. what they needs is mayor. they need a mayor who isn't a democrat. doesn't have to be republican. not a democrat. because you look a every other city that have democratic mayors they are doing the same thing. pro-criminal, anti-police. can't do that. steve: rudy giuliani, once upon a time mayor of new york city still has strong opinions about it. rudy, thank you. all right, 6:22 almost here in the east.
3:22 am
meanwhile, hillary clinton still having trouble forgetting about what happened four years ago. >> joe and kamala can win by 3 million votes and still lose. take it from me. steve: tomi lahren on her, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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and you need to go to college for that. if i didn't have internet in the home i would have to give up more time with my kids. which is the main reason i left the military. everybody wants more for their kids, but i feel like with my kids, they measurably get more than i ever got. and i get to do that. i get to provide that for them. ♪ >> don't forget, joe and kamala can win by 3 million votes and still lose. take it from me. so we need numbers overwhelming so trump can't sneak or steal his way to victory. ainsley: hillary clinton using the dnc to reflect on 2016 and her loss to president trump. our next guest says these attacks only help trump. fox news contributor tomi lahren
3:27 am
is here to explain. here, tommy, what do you mean by that? >> well, i think the fact that the democrats would even put hillary clinton to speak at their convention just shows how truly tone deaf they are. and every time she speaks it, only reinforces why we voted for donald trump in 2016 and why we will vote for donald trump again in november. just her whole speech there bitter much? i think the american people can see right through the smoke and mirrors show and they know exactly what they are going to do in november. hillary clinton only helps donald trump's case. ainsley: i know you have a new episode on no interruption on fox nation. i speak with senator marsha blackburn on what it means to be a conservative woman. watch this. >> the mainstream media tries to say oh, you are a fourth class citizen. we don't want to hear from you. but what i have found is most women are very much like me. they are concerned about their family, their home. ainsley: tommy, your reaction? >> well, what a contrast when
3:28 am
you have someone like senator marsha blackburn a real leader and somebody who takes the bull by the horns instead of passing off any of her faults on to somebody else. to look at hillary clinton and someone like senator marsha blackburn just shows that strong conservative women do have a role model in people like her and that it is the republicans, the conservatives that are out there fighting for law and order, fighting for the american people, fighting for election integrity fighting to hold china accountable. it's such a large contrast i don't know now the american people could not see that and vote red down ballot in november. ainsley: i remember when she was running for senator she was criticized by taylor swift and criticized in documentary. here is marsha blackburn. >> i would love the opportunity to sit down and visit with her. my door is always open to individuals that want to have a conversation about how do you improve the lives of tennesseans. ainsley: did you expect that reaction? >> well, i expect that from
3:29 am
senator black burn because she is such a class act. really you have got these celebrities who take so many hits especially at conservative women but they refuse to have a conversation. here you have senator marsha blackburn that represents the state that taylor swift calls home. i would love to have a conversation with you. don't tell me your real issues. i don't think we will hear from taylor any time soon. she is much happier spouting off on twitter. really a shame. ainsley: why wouldn't she sit down with her if she is critical of what happening in her state. just sit down and they can have a conversation together. >> i think sometimes when the truth walks in the door the b.s. has to go out the window. that's exactly what would happen if the two window had to sit down taylor swift to understand she doesn't have a grasp on politics and what is happening in tennessee. she would be wise to sit down with marsha blackburn and get educated. ainsley: tomi, great to see you if you want to watch no interruption on fox nation through august 22nd get a free
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book live free or die by signing up for one year plan. thanks, tomi. top democrats making their pitch for joe biden on night three of the dnc. what do voters think? pete hegseth is having breakfast with friends. the diners are back. hey, pete. >> hey, good morning, guys. they are black. it's time to hear from the people. and what better spot than the bacon beach grill here in long branch, new jersey. check out that view, guys. look at that that is the beach. that is what the morning is supposed to look like. these are the folks. we will talk to them about all the issues of the day. what do they think? what do the people think? that's what matters and we will bring it to you here on "fox & friends" ♪ ♪ ♪
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steve: good morning, everybody. with night three in the dnc in the books how did message with top democrats resonate with you the people.
3:35 am
here with dials partner and president at maslansky and partners lee carter. good morning. >> hey, good to see you. >> and for folks who are unacross tommed to how the dials work we know that the people on the right and people on the left are dug in. really it comes down to the people in the middle, the independents, right? >> that's right. and you will be able to see how they react by really focusing in on yellow line, independents red, republicans and blue democrats. those so those are the ground rules. ladies and gentlemen, take a look. here is the historic last night when kamala harris accepts the nomination as vice president. >> i keep thinking about that 25-year-old indian woman all of 5 feet tall who gave birth to me at kaiser hospital in oakland, california. on that day she probably could have never imagined that i would be standing before you now and
3:36 am
speaking these words. i accept your nomination for vice president of the united states of america. steve: okay. so we just watched the lines. now we will give them a grade which is? >> can you see democrats not surprisingly gave this an a. ingtsds a b and republicans a c. this is really good moment in a night where it was noncontroversial. a lot of people feel like this is historic moment and kamala harris did a very good job in the beginning of her speech introducing us to the personal side of herself. opening herself up and being more vulnerable than we are used to see that worked for her. her attacks less so but this was a positive moment from. positive moment to not so much. we got an extraordinary moment where a former president of the united states says sitting president, you know, this kind of criticism we hardly ever see, a sitting president would tear down our democracy to hold on to power, plus barack obama had much more to say about donald trump.
3:37 am
watch. >> did i hope for the sake of our country that donald trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously that he might come to feel the weight of the office and discover some reverence for the democracy that had been placed in his care. but he never did. steve: well, i was watching the yellow line and got farther away from the blue line. >> sure did. you can see democrats responded well not surprising gave it an a. independents a c and republican republicans an f. independents so when they heard these attacks specifically from president obama they were turned off. they are looking for a reason to vote for joe biden not against donald trump. a lot of people confused about where they are going to vote right now. a lot of people who aren't pleased with the president's performance on certain issues. looking for an answer. this was divifn. this seemed like theres would not going to be unity, mornings vitriol and did not resonate
3:38 am
with the voters. >> on the second night bill clipghtsd spoke and last night hillary clinton spoke and it's very clear she is still not over 2016, which, you know, you could understand she made it very clear look, i won the popular vote and he won the electoral vote and i'm still steamed about it. very grim assessment of the future if trump is reelected if trump is re-elected things will get even worse. that's why we need unity now more than ever. remember back in 2016 when trump asked what do you have to lose? well now we know our healthcare, our jobs and loved ones. our leadership in the world and each our post office. steve: so the independents did not like that at all. does that say they didn't vote for her last time or does that say she has got to get over it? >> you know what it says really this idea that we have got to
3:39 am
unite in this moment is a message that a lot of the democrats are using. independents aren't buying it because they are not talking about uniting the country. what you are talking about is uniting against donald trump and his supporters. that's what people are hearing when she talks about that it's divisive. it's a lot of vitriol. it's a lot of anger and that's not what people are looking for who are undecided in this. they want united means let's come together and address the real problems facing this nation. do so in a way that's welcoming and inclusive. all opinions not just people who agree with us. that's passionate of the problem with the message that they had last night. steve: you mentioned lee carter the undecideds. at this staining about 80 days out, how many people are still undecided or are persuadable? >> you know what? there is fair number of people who are still persuadable. i have heard from voters directly you were talking about, they had hoped that they were going to hear from joe biden. something that was going to make them excited in this moment it's just not something that they are
3:40 am
hearing. they are not hearing exactly what he is going to do. there were some moments earlier in the evening talking about child care. people are looking for what is going to be different in joe biden's america. they are not getting that answer right now. and so there are a fair number of people out there who are persuadable. we have got a lot of people who are locked in already. and but if you look at joe biden supporters, they are still not voting for joe biden. only 1/3 of voters voting for joe biden are voting for joe biden. two thirds are voting against donald trump. he needs to shore that up this week. steve: well, tonight a big night and we will have recap tomorrow. lee, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: 19 minutes now before the top of the hour. ainsley: you heard what the polsters said. what do you think the voters are saying? brian: pete hegseth is talking to them over breakfast with friends at bacon beach grill in long branch. pete, talk to the people, won't you? pete: i will, of course, guys invented this now we get a chance to do it.
3:41 am
finally back out with the folks, bacon beach grill, new jersey. to bees of people out. give fran and bacon beach grill credited. secret garden back here. get to those folks hopefully nut 7:00 hour. they have been creative like a lot of businesses in finding ways to serve customers and be open. if you are out here on long branch check it out. beautiful beach season as you can see. i wore my flip-flops just in case we get a chance to go down to the beach. enough about that. talk to the people here about the news of the day. we will get to the dnc in a second. this fine group of folks we have been chatting it up all morning long. that gentleman is big al. big al, right? heck of a nickname. i love it. first of all, your reaction to the dnc that's gone on this week? >> i really don't have a reaction. they are not impressive. they haven't done anything in 44 years. and i don't see them doing anything going forward. pete: how about you, policeman? have you watched a little bit of it. >> i have only watched a little bit of it. big blame game. instead of doing what they're
3:42 am
going to do for us. they're busy pointing fingers at trump. it makes no sense to me. pete: absolutely. ma'am, is there anything joe biden is going to talk tonight. is there anything you will wants to hear from him or would want to. >> the best thing can i hear from joe biden is that i am stepping aside. trump deserves to win. [laughter] pete: i don't think we are going to hear that tonight but you never know. i do have to ask you though, the good year story where good year tire says it's acceptable to wear black lives matter or lgbtq gear but not accept to be wear blue lives matter or all lives matter or maga hats. what's your take. >> and they say they are not political. i say go firestone. >> you think people look for another option? >> absolutely. absolutely. i'm a car guy. i'm firestone or cooper. pete: ma'am, does this surprise you at all. >> not at all. it's just the political statement. they should not be making a statement like that. and new they have a fallout from
3:43 am
it. pete: they are. absolutely. pete: thank you very much. we appreciate it. keeping moving our way. some folks want to talk and some don't. that's how we are working it out this morning. sir, you are a democrat. >> i am. pete: supporting joe biden. your thoughts on the convention and how it's going so far. >> what i enjoy is seeing the largess of the tent whitman and collin powell coming into the game. >> you what does chris steeb todd whitman agree with aoc or comrade cortez on. >> the environment is certainly her big thing and it always was. she is environmentalist of longstanding which used to be big deal with the republican party. pete: that's a good answer. i don't think they agree on much else. i agree on that. come on back what is that ketchup? >> very important. i will do the awkward stand over here know will probably stand over here. all this covid thing. sir, what's your name again? >> mike jones. >> what's your background.
3:44 am
>> retired police sergeant from elizabeth. >> and you. >> barbara jones, small business owner. >> thank you for your service. >> and for you. >> you are an independent? >> very much so. pete: you are independent. have not voted for republicans often. >> once in my life. >> yet you are supporting the president this time, why? >> supporting the republican ticket. >> why is that, sir? >> i usually consider myself to be cixd of a leftist but the left has left me. they have gone a little overboard, too far tore me. pete: how about as a law enforcement officer the defund the police stuff is that part of it? >> it is part of it. and the false narrative. i think 99.9% of the cops are out there doing the right thing and we don't support the guys that are doing the wrong thing. more emphasis needs to be put on that. pete: great point. ma'am, you are a small business owner as well. >> yes. >> pete: what have you faced in new jersey. >> we were closed almost 100
3:45 am
days. now that my business, which is a salon is open, it's still very difficult because there is less disposable income out there i think in society and some of my small business friends are going to go under if everything doesn't open up soon. pete: that's the point. can they make it? >> i don't know. i have had my business for 17 years. so i am holding on, which is great for me. but i worry for my friends who have small businesses. the restaurants that ares clean-up the, you know, to indoor dining, et cetera, the. it's going to be really really tough for people to hold themselves together during this time. pete: you think open up and let people make a personal choice? >> i think all my small business friends are doing everything they can to follow the centers for disease control guidelines and things interest as safe as they can be. yeah, i do think open things up and let people make their own decisions. pete: joe biden says wear a mask for three more months. have you got alternatives, i guess. you are hearing from them. more we want to get to wonderful people who have come out.
3:46 am
hopefully have more air time to get to them as well. people paying attention to as you can see not just the conventions but the reality of you who mandates and things in our country are affecting people and their businesses. back to you guys. brian: instead of giving people a chance to have indoor dining keep people outside and slowly starve the restaurants of a chance to make a living. it's unbelievable. steve: but there they are. at the are out at the bacon beach in long branch in a very blue state of new jersey. ainsley and brian, it is great to have the diner section back and we're going to be back with pete all morning long. so, if you live in the neighborhood, go on over and pete might stand six feet away from you. who knew? brian: meanwhile straight ahead, a former fbi lawyer pleading guilty in the criminal case in the durham investigation. probably didn't hear about that. judge napolitano has cable at his house. he is going to talk about this unusual plea for two reasons ♪ yes, i'm stuck in the middle with you ♪ and i'm wondering what it is i
3:47 am
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jillian: new evacuations ordered overnight as 350 fires burning across california. resources are being stretched to their limits.
3:52 am
flames spreading to homes outside of san francisco. a helicopter pilot was killed after crashing on a water dropping mission south of the city. dozens of buildings have been destroyed. hundreds of thousands of acres have been burned. one of vladimir putin's top critics is in a coma after a suspected poisoning. spokeswoman believed some kind of toxin was mixed into his tea. the russian opposition leader got sick on a flight and was rushed to the hospital after the plane made an emergency landing. doctors say he is in serious but stable condition turning now extreme weather. take a look at this. incredible video of a waterspout turned tornadoes in southern florida. the weak efo twister ripping up trees and patio furniture for nearly nine minutes. no injuries or major damage was reported it. quickly went down as it reached the shoreline. that's a look at your head line. send it back to you. brian: kevin clinesmith pleading guilty in federal court
3:53 am
wednesday in the first criminal case stem from the john durham investigation. clinesmith admitted he doctored an email that was submitted to the fisa court to surveil carter page but claims he believes the information was true at the time. that makes no sense. here to discuss it is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. judge, is this a big deal? >> well it, is a big deal. it's an unusual guilty plea, brian. my initial notes said that the judge had not accepted the plea. we went back and checked the record and it turns out he had. however, when you enter into a guilty plea with the government, there is always an agreement that is reduced to writing in which you agree to help the government and the government agrees to reduce your exposure to jail time. there is no written agreement here. so that's a bit of a head scratcher. so, we don't really know how big a deal this is, brian. and whether clinesmith the lawyer who pleaded guilty is actually going to help the
3:54 am
prosecutors by providing evidence against former colleagues. normally the first person who enters a guilty plea gets the best deal because he offers to spill the most beans on many of his colleagues as he has beans on whom to spill. we don't know if that's happening because the government ihas not yet revealed whatever agreement it entered into with clinesmith. brian: there could be a deal, we just don't know it yet, correct? >> yes. precisely. brian: judge, i have got to get you on this. that is the new jersey is being sued by the trump campaign for all of a sudden deciding unilaterally they are going to have -- they are going to have mail-in ballots for everybody in that state. does the trump team have a case? >> well, the trump campaign along with the republican national committee and the -- and republican party in new jersey has sued governor murphy arguing that he has assumed powers that were given to the
3:55 am
legislature. in that respect they're right. the legislature decides how people vote. not the governor. so what the governor did on his own was ordered the government to mail ballots to all four and a half million, four and a half million registered voters in new jersey. can you still vote by person if you want, but you have this (ballot, this mail-in ballot n your hands but you have got to put in the mail the sunday before election day. can he do that on his own? my opinion he can't do it on his own. but i don't think the courts are going to rule that way. i think the courts are going to say this is a political dispute in new jersey and will let the voters or the legislature resolve it. because the supreme court the u.s. supreme court in the past six months has steadfastly refused to get involved in how the states manage these elections. governor murphy acting tyrannical? yes, again. just as he has been doing throughout the entire pandemic.
3:56 am
is he continuing to do it. the legislature doesn't stop him. that means the legislature and the governor are taking democracy away from the people of this state. brian: judge, 15 seconds, everybody gets a ballot they are not going to know if you show in person if you voted by mail or not. >> everybody is being trusted, brian. everybody is being trusted. if you mailed that ballot in on sunday, don't show up at the polls on tuesday because the poll takers won't know whether or not you mailed in that ballot on sunday. brian: straighten out your state, judge, and then give me a call. all right? that's all i ask. >> all the best, brian. brian: judge napolitano thanks so much. senator tom cotton, sarah sanders and donna brazile.
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
kamala harris is elected the candidate for vice president. >> we have the chance to change the course of his industry. >> candidate we need right now. forward-looking, honest and authentic. >> the reason i'm here is because of joe biden. we need strernt in our country. not weakness. >> don't give up on america. we have come so far. >> look what we are doing. we have our great border wall. we have security. the. >> we can build a thriving economy. >> we have the greatest economy in the history of the world. and now we are doing it again.
4:01 am
i will have to do it a second time. >> donald trump hasn't grown into the job because he can't. >> he was so ineffective. so terrible. they did such a bad job that i stand before you as president. ainsley: it is august 20th and a big day ahead as democrats wrap up the dnc tonight. joe biden set to deliver his much anticipated address, brian. brian: president trump hitting the campaign trail at the same time. he has never stopped heading to old fort pennsylvania 15 minutes away from joe biden's hometown. kamala harris making history in night three of the dnc becoming the first black woman to accept the vice presidential nomination. steve: so that is where we start on this thursday morning. we have live coverage all morning. bryan llenas is in old forge ahead of the president's visit. "fox & friends" co-host on the weekend pete hegseth is in long branch, new jersey at bacon beach. is he right underneath me. hello, can i smell the bacon. first, we start with griff jenkins live in wilmington,
4:02 am
delaware. where joe biden tonight will deliver his speech to the nation from the chase center. griff? griff: that's right, steve, ainsley, brian, good morning. history was made last night in build thatting over my shoulder when kamala harris accepted the nomination and gave the speech highlighting her personal history. but, also, wearing her prosecutor hat and attacking president trump. watch. >> i know a predator when i see one. donald trump's failure of leadership has cost lives and livelihoods. right now we have a president who turns our tragedies into political weapons. joe will be a president who turns our challenges into purpose. griff: last night's theme was a more perfect union in speech after speech it was clear a referendum on the trump administration as evidenced by hillary clinton and speaker nancy pelosi. the most blistering rebuke came
4:03 am
from former president barack obama naming his successor by name. >> i did hope for the sake of our country that donald trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously. but he never did. no interest in treating the presidency as anything but one more reality show that he can use to get the attention he craves. donald trump hasn't grown into the job because he can't. >> president trump was apparently watching, punching back in realtime over twitter saying why did he refuse to endorse slow joe until it was over and even then was very late? why did he try to get him not to run? then he tweeted he spied on my campaign and got caught. as you mentioned, brian, the president imlifs old forge pennsylvania today. america's promise we will see joe biden get that much anticipated speech and see what
4:04 am
he has intends to do if he is elected. his family with join him with kamala harris and hear from senator booker. hear from pete buttigieg, among others. brian, ainsley, steve? pete: pete is in there, too. ainsley: thanks, griff. bryan llenas is in old forge where president trump is headed later today. >> president trump making his speech this afternoon in old forge, pennsylvania. just mention away from ca scran. former vice president joe biden's birthplace and also on the same day that biden will be making his mark key speech at the democratic national convention. expect the president to speak to those blue collar workers that propelled him to a win in 2016 in the battle ground state of pennsylvania. he is going to talk about fracking. this is number two state in natural gas industry in the country. is he going to try to drive a wedge between biden who has said he is against an outright ban on fracking and his running made
4:05 am
kamala harris, who says that she is for a ban on fracking. he will also speak to the farmers of the state, the farmers who have been hit hard by the trade war and tariffs and now the coronavirus pandemic. and when you look at the map from 2016, well, trump won by really running up the margins in the rural communities in pennsylvania. he also won here in the northeastern part of the state. relationships in a couple counties that were democrat. and if he wants to win this year. he is going to have to do the exact same thing. >> the key for him is not just winning it by 30 to 35 points but winning it with the same number of voters as he did four years ago in order to offset which will probably be a slightly weaker performance at the very least in those swing counties in northeastern pennsylvania. >> for the democrats in the biden campaign, they are going to try to offset that rural vote by bringing out black and hispanic voters, increasing that voter turnout in the yo urban centers in this state and
4:06 am
planning on doing that by concentrating on the coronavirus pandemic which has disproportionately disthose speak they believe that the coronavirus response from the president is actually a benefit. >> if you look at the state that had the highest unemployment and pennsylvania at one time was the number one, it is the democratic governors, their actions, their steps that they took in restricting and limiting businesses and continuing to do so. >> the latest real clear politics average has biden ahead of president trump by six points in pennsylvania but a fox news poll in late july, guys, showed that president trump was ahead of biden by five points on the issue of the economy. the economy expected to be the theme of today's speech by the president. guys? brian: bryan llenas, thanks so much. the incountry has got to continue to bend the term.
4:07 am
the president's handling of the coronavirus. the whole country is heading in the right direction almost every single state. and we think that's a good thing. number two is the economy has got to continue to come back. we will get an indication of that in 90 minutes. meanwhile, let's go back to the highlight last night, as much as kamala harris made history, as much as people are talking about hillary clinton trying not to be bitter but looking very bitter. people are talking about how a former president went after the current president. yes, the person that replaced barack obama is donald trump and he can't seem to stand it. he went after professionally and personally. in fact, here is a little of the attack that was on president obama right at donald trump. listen. >> they believe that in a democracy the right to vote is sacred and we should be making it easier for people to cast their ballots, not harder. they believe that no one, including the president is above the law. and that no public official,
4:08 am
including the president, should use their office to enrich themselves or their supporters. they understand that in this democracy, the commander-in-chief does not use the men and women of our military who are willing to risk everything to protect our nation as political props, to deploy against peaceful protesters on our own soil. steve. brian: let's bring in tom cotton who knows about service he does it and did it. senator from arkansas. your reaction to president obama's reaction to the president trump's three and a half years? >> brian, it was a pretty remarkable speech and a pretty remarkable day at the democratic national convention. i heard a lot of reasons why donald trump offends the delicate elite sensibilities of people like barack obama and kamala harris and hillary clinton. i don't think i heard many or even any reasons to vote for joe
4:09 am
biden. i mean, i understand that donald trump is living rent free inside the heads of all these democrats having beaten them in 2016 but, ultimately. the democrats have to explain why america would be better off with joe biden as our president. they don't want to do that because joe biden is going to raise our taxes by $4 trillion. he is going to open our borders by decriminalizing illegal immigration. is he going to give free healthcare that you have to pay for to illegal immigrants while he takes away your insurance on the job. brian: free college. >> free college, too. if you didn't see those ideas last night at the dnc. well, just tune in to the wacky daytime dnc when they tell you what they actually think. they have speakers talking about abolishing the police not just defunding them more ending capitalism. they don't want you to see those speeches while you are away at work because that's the true heart of the democratic party. that's what will happen if joe biden gets elected. that's why we must reelect donald trump. steve: yeah, where is the fact checker regarding what barack
4:10 am
obama just said. he said donald trump is using the military to stop the peaceful protesters. it's not the peaceful protests. it's the violent protesters, particularly, senator, what we have seen in portland and breaking in the last 10 minutes u.s. attorney billy williams announced today that a portland than by dakota ray horton 24 years old has been charged with assaulting a u.s. marshal deputy with a baseball bat at a riot on july 27th. the locals have trouble, you know, rounding up the people who are breaking the laws, but ultimately it looks like the department of justice is going after them. and then there is this guy adam hainer who was attacked. we have shown the video. here he is, listen to this describing what is happening to him. they are still looking to the guy that did to him. >> there was someone got a bat
4:11 am
taken in front of me. hitting the person. i tried to step in between. they i got them away from her. by the end of it i'm wrecked and unconscious on the side of the road. i know what they were down there for but it didn't seem like they were trying to make anything good. they were just trying to make our city horrible. steve: look at the black eyes on that guy. can you talk about the violence sweeping the american cities at the dnc? democrats don't want to talk about the violence you see in chicago new york. dough don't want to offend the left wing of the base. they don't want to talk about the consequences of defunds the police or disrespecting the police or what you see in portland where they refuse to arrest any of these criminals who are attacking innocent citizens on the streets they only do so when they're shamed by violent videos.
4:12 am
usually then they release them the next day without serious charges. when they declare a riot which is what happens almost every single day in portland. lock them up with consequences. people will think about twice coming out on the streets and destroy property and attack innocent citizens. ainsley: let's talk about iran. the president, he talked about his order for a snap back on the sanctions. he says if he is reelected he can make a new deal. listen to this. >> the united states intends to restore virtually all the previously suspended united nations sanctions on iran. it's a snap back. a few years ago i withdrew the united states from the disastrous iran nuclear deal, which was a product of the obama-biden foreign policy failure. funneled tens of billions of dollars to iran. 150 billion to be exact, plus
4:13 am
1.8 billion in cash, just another great deal that turned outs to be a total disaster. they would have funded all of the chaos and the blood shed and terror in the region. ainsley: so when he says restore suspended u.n. sanctions on iran. what exactly does that mean for the average american family? >> ainsley, that means that iran is not going to be able to get tanks and fighter aircraft and helicopters and missiles to attack our troops and our citizens and our friends across the middle east. just another remind of you who terrible barack obama and joe biden and john kerry's iran nuclear deal was. i said at the time that some these deadlines are the blink of an eye in the life of a nation. the conventional weapons ban expires in just two months. restore that weapons ban to make sure iran cannot import the world's deadliest weapons. brian: senator, i think you know the prime minister of iraq is going to be in the oval office meeting with the president. someone that wants iran out of
4:14 am
his country as much as we want iran out of the country. president doesn't like iraq war. do you see this as an opportunity to back a prime minister who wants autonomy for his country and to reduce the influence of that horrible nation? >> brian, i think that's what president trump hopes to accomplish. the new iraqi prime minister does want all of these iranian controlled militias to stand down. he wants the people of iran to be able to determine their future. president trump. brian: people of iraq. >> iraq in the middle east as he found it which was going up in flames because barack obama and joe biden had allowed isis to rampage across the region. it was under president trump's watch that we smacked isis into so much dessert sand. we're going to continue to build on that success. we're not going to let iran run wild in the middle east. steve: all right. senator tom cotton joining us from the d.c. area. senator, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: all right.
4:15 am
it's about a quarter after the top of the hour on this thursday morning. take a look who has got some headlines. jillian: that's right. good morning. let's beginning with this story we are following. hit with covid-19 19 morton teenage just sick adults even if they don't show any symptoms. massachusetts general hospital researchers found children had significant higher level of the virus in their airways than hospitalized. some calling silent spreaders of covid-19 regardless of their success septemberrablability to develop the infection. michigan is expected to pay up to $600 million to settle claims over the flint water crisis. it would be one of the largest settlements in the state's history. back in 2014 the state switched the water source for the city to save money but it was contaminated high amounts of lead which poisoned people across the city. most of the settlement money will go to kids who got sick. more details expected tomorrow.
4:16 am
house speaker nancy pelosi says the postmaster general has no plans of restoring removed blue mailboxes or adding back employee overtime it. comes as postmaster lewis dejoy is set to testify in front of the senate tomorrow. on saturday the house will vote on additional funding for the postal service. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: great, thank you. ainsley: thanks, jillian. what do voters think? brian: pete hegseth live with breakfast with friends at the bacon grill long branch, new jersey. pete: the beach is right around the corner. have you seen the sun set? amazing here in long branch at the bacon beach grill. we are now in what i think we are going to call the secret gashed back here. used to be a parking lot. now with the outdoor dining as they are doing the best they can they moved it outside and some great folks joining us here this morning including this wonderful family over here. ma'am, what's your name? >> ingrid garcia.
4:17 am
>> how are you these are your children and husband. >> my husband. pete: you came from peru in 2003. obviously you are supporting the president. wife is that. >> because when i came here i got better opportunity. i got better education. my kids will have the same and better because trump is changing things around. people that believe socialism is good they are wrong. i came from peru. my neighbors come from venezuela. i traveled to venezuela when i was their ages. beautiful country and now it's destroyed. it's sad to see people that always, always had everything in their own country, right, could work, with their own children now they have nothing. they eat out of garbage. i went to per rough in 2018, they were in peru asking for work when they had more than we did. they were doing better than peru. this is america. the land of the freedom.
4:18 am
this is the landing of opportunity. that's where my kids are going to be. and people say oh you are from peru, you are going to get deported. >> i can get deported but my kid will be here. don't be afraid. don't be afraid to say trump is my president. don't be afraid. people trying to deny that, trying to ban us from saying that trump 2020. pete: i think we found the star of the show, folks, what do you think? [applause] pete: well said, ma'am. what is your name? >> will. >> you own an auto repair and detailing shop. >> yes. >> you heard about the good year story can you wear black lives matter not blue lives matter or that trump gear. what do you think about that? >> i think it's a shame that whether it be sports or athletes or now make cars for tires they are trying to get apolitical. it's really destroying a way society functions in a whole. you can't put a certain set of
4:19 am
tires on your car without having to worry should i have to justify who i'm buying tires from. the tires are overrated as it is. i don't even sell them in the shop. purelllys. >> you debate league champion what's your name, bud? >> evan. >> you are the champ. i need your take when joe biden debates donald trump, what's your prediction? >> i predict that donald trump will possibly know everything he is about to say and have a come back for it pretty much. that's what i do when i debate. when i debate i think about what they're going to say, when they say it, i'm already ready for it. pete: and what about joe biden? how is he going to do? [laughter] pete: there you go. that's why he is the champ. thank you very much. appreciate it. [cheers and applause] pete: raising him right. sir, what's your name? pete: mike. sorry i have to be so distant
4:20 am
from you. you know how it goes. what's your background? >> i'm sofia employed. >> have you seen the dnc? what's your reaction to the it. >> catch two speeches last night by mistake. i turned the channel on and i didn't change. i'm just disappointed the total lack of respect for anything donald trump has done. they praised him when he brought the hospital ships. they didn't mention it again didn't use the hospital ships. people in 30 years blaming the man who has been there for three years for every problem in this country. it's crazy. it's crazy. pete: very well said. sir, thank you for your service. >> thank you. pete: i appreciate it. what's your reaction? last night former president obama really went after the sitting president in an unprecedented way talking about unit yet i call 67 congressman not going to president trump's inauguration in the first place. so your reaction to where we are with the democrats? >> i just don't get the idea
4:21 am
that everything donald trump does is hateful for racist or whatever. they always use negative terminology to talk about the president of the united states. i didn't vote for obama, but i took his eight years. kept my mouth shut and went about my business. these people don't understand that that's the way it really works. you should use common sense when you deal with the president of the united states. the most powerful office in the entire world. i respect everybody. i give them all a fair shot. i think that probably the democrats have to learn a lesson from this. they are going to be beat. they are going to be beat bad. and they did it to themselves. nobody else. pete: thank you very much, sir. i recognize that logo that's core make sure we can talk to each other. i love it. how about that guy? you can't beat that crop of folks. i just stumbled upon them in the
4:22 am
secret garden. more from the bacon beach grill shortly. steve: fantastic, pete, really nice. social live distanced diner segment continues. it's great to have the people back. ainsley? ainsley: i love that little boy and his mom. they were cute. coming up could kamala harris be joe biden's secret weapon to win the latina vote? former bernie sanders advisor chuck rocha says yes and he is here to discuss with rachel campos-duffy next. cosentyx works on all of this. cosentyx treats the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis to help you look and feel better. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me! learn more at
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broij brian a as joe biden and kamala harris accept their party's nomination: here to discuss this and more is the bernie sanders senior advisor
4:27 am
himself chuck rocha officer of the book to you, bernie, the inside story of you who bernie sanders brought latinos into the political revolution and fox news contributor and fox nation host raach chilly campos-duffy. start with you. a lot of people with a little unhappy after three days there has only been three prominent hispanics featured the governor of new mexico, senator mast toe as well as governor grisham and of course aoc. are you somebody that is a littldiscuss mayed by that? >> we all like to feel. latina is keeping the heart beat going during the coronavirus while our population is dying at three times the rate and our children are 8 times more likely to get sick based off the cdc. i always want to see full representation of all americans there. if you were to ask me, brian, see more latinos on stage, i would say yes. brian: rachel, in particular, bernie sanders is the one who
4:28 am
won over the hispanic vote in the democratic primaries. it was not joe biden. is this any way to compensate for that. >> i think picking kamala harris because, by the way rocha believes -- chuck believes that kamala harris is going to be the secret weapon. i don't believe that hispanics are going to vote for joe biden and kamala harris simply because she is a minority and because her mother is an immigrant. i think she is actually a drag on this ticket. forget the convention. she is a radical she supports slos policies you just had that great signaturement with pete and woman from purr rewho lived in venezuela just like i did. they reject socialist policies. she is also anti-catholic which is a swing vote the democrats need to win over. and regarding the working class, which is what they need to win over, hispanics are part of the working class. kamala co-sponsored the green new deal. it kills manufacturing jobs. it kills farm jobs. this is a disaster for
4:29 am
hispanics. brian: chuck, go ahead. >> i couldn't disagree more. i just did. this right? like i'm not a reporter. i'm not a policy. i don't sit there and read that teleprompter like y'all did. you are good at it. i can if i can do this with a 78 senator from vermont avowed socialist democrat and get 73% of allah teen knows to vote for him. kamala harris will be a lot easier than that she stood with the latino community and daughter of immigrants. that's how you open the door to our community. you need trust. there is a lot of latinos voted for donald trump he stepped on them with what he is doing with the coronavirus. they won't forget that. that's why i think this will be a powerful message to our community. brian: that's a good point. on the other side, rachel, easy to point out too there was one person who took an interest in the people of venezuela get rid of that horrible dictator president trump and one person that looked at the castros and what they did to cuba and how we normalized relations despite
4:30 am
being a brutal dictatorship and president trump who reversed that for those two segments of the hispanic community, do you think that matters. >> of course it does. nobody knows better than hispanic what is socialism does to countries. it destroys the economy. it destroys freedom. by the way, religious freedom a huge issue. kamala harris actually said that faithful catholics are not deserving of being in public office. she is antilife. she is anti-school choice. these are all issues. look. i believe that chuck is right. you have to make investments into the latino community. bernie sanders did do that and he made some gains. but, policies matter, too. i believe that the trump administration is making those investments. his numbers are up. he had 28% in 2016. he is now up to 34%. i believe if he keeps going, and gives his message about freedom and antisocialism, and pro-life -- and pro-family agenda, he can get up to 40%. and that will be devastating for
4:31 am
the democrats. brian: wrap us up, chuck. >> i talked about this in the book tio bernie that i just put out. persuasion. not just republicans and democrats. i welcome to everyone come tour compliewngt and invest in our community and tell them what they're going to do for them. that's why i wrote this book tio bernie. >> brian, i think donald trump should take his message directly to the hispanics. his deck of issues, policy issues resonate, god, family and the freedom to work. that's what hispanics care about. brian: i don't know if it's going to resonate here. robert o'brien is making great progress relations with the u.s. has been surprisingly strong between both leaders. we will see if that translates. chuck, i look forward to talking with you again and rachel as well. >> thank you. >> thank you. brian: congratulations on the book. house speaker nancy pelosi says have a great agenda. mitch mcconnell stabbing in
4:32 am
the way. elise stefanik knows the answer to that question if it's true or not she will join us. we support memorable moments,
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printing unlimited amounts of money as they passed the buck to the future. that's why it's time for digital currency and your investment in the grayscale funds. go digital. go grayscale. >> sent the senate bill to protected our dreamers, lgbtq equality, prevent gun violence and to preserve our planet for future generations and even more. all of this is possible for america. who is standing in the way in mitch mcconnell and donald trump. so here is our answer. we will remember in november. ainsley: let's bring in g.o.p. congresswoman elise stefanik. good morning to you. >> good morning.
4:37 am
great to be with you. ainsley: good to see you. what's your reaction to that trump and mcconnell are standing in the way of the democratic agenda? >> nancy pelosi has politicized her entire time as speaker of the house. the unifying belief of all democrats is their hatred of president trump i have been frustrated as heard mainstream media talk about her master negotiator walks away from negotiation for the american people. politicizing as she calls us back from our district all working hard, helping our communities through covid. i have been very frustrated and how political and partisan she has been particularly in the covid relief space where they walked away from three different offers provided by senate republicans. brian: congresswoman, i don't understand what is going on with this whole offensive that mail-in elections are going to go find mail-in ballots if donald trump would stop shutting down sorters in the post office.
4:38 am
this narrative is on hyper speed. what's going on here? >> it's a lot of misinformation. first of all i represent a very rural district. one of the most rural district on the east coast. we know how important our postal service. the fiscal challenge that the postal service has been facing has been going on for decades. we actually acted to provide $10 billion emergency loan. they haven't even tapped into that line of credit. but the postmaster has said on record that there are fully funds ready to go through 2020. august of next year. our postal workers are out there every day working hard. when it comes to the mail-in ballots, we saw in the state of new york that the automatic mailed out ballots were a disaster as they are still counting. so congressional ballots. steve: there is so much involved with this. and the average person just hears oh donald trump is trying to hack the election by doing all that it all comes down to the u.s. postal service's -- postmaster general sent out that
4:39 am
note and said you know, because some states have short turn arounds. you can actually ask for a ballot on the thursday before the tuesday of the election and they just said we don't know that we're going to be able to get that back to the counters in time. and that's where this all started and i know the republicans are going to oppose any more money. the postal service said they have enough cash to run through 2021. i don't know what the big deal is however you have been on this congresswoman to talk about in the past is andrew cuomo and the way he has taken care of the covid problem, particularly with the nursing home. we are going to take a flashback to monday night at the dnc. here is the governor of new york talking about what a jeanous job he has done handling covid. >> we climbed the impossible mountain and right now we are on the other side. we saw the failure of a government that tried to deny the virus and then tried to ignore it and then tried to politicize it. the failed federal government
4:40 am
that watched new york get ambushed by their negligence and then watched new york suffer but all through it learned absolutely nothing. for all the pain and all the tears, our way worked. steve: our way worked, he said. it was also announced that it worked so well that he got a book deal. you know, there was no fact checker to what he said so why don't you act as the fact checker right now, congresswoman, and tell us what he got wrong in that. >> so i would be happy to act as the fact checker for governor cuomo as he continues to lie to the american people. first of all, when he talks about the mountain that we climbed, that's a the mountain of death and many of those deaths were caused by governor cuomo's failed nursing home policies. we lost more people in the state of new york than any other state across this country because of the mismanagement of the governor of new york state. in addition, when it comes to the federal support, the federal government and president trump provided more support to new york state than any other state
4:41 am
in the nation because we were the pirnted, becaus epicenter. not just because of mayor blas but governor cuomo. we second the navy comfort ship that was not used. we gave guidance from cms about how we can protect nursing home policies and governor cuomo ignored that i'm very, very frustrated why the governor has time for a quick turn around book deal he doesn't have time to talk to new yorkers who lost their loved ones in nursing homes. those families deserve answers. they deserve accountability and transparency so that we can make sure those fatal and flawed policies never happen again and we continue to protect our most vulnerable. ainsley: congresswoman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. you are welcome. ainsley: jillian has more headlines for us. >> jillian: that's right, good morning. jenny durkin undecided whether she will veto the city council's police budget cuts. plans to cut the budget by 14%.
4:42 am
>> police have a really hard job right now. there is no question about it. in some ways the council was a little too cute. >> temperature can expressing concern over plans to help manage temperature can has until monday to decide if she will veto the budget. smith says they will not back down. >> put forth zero evidence that shows that are a danger to the public. and they have put forth zero evidence that shows any other store that is currently allowed to be open is any safer than ours. we have called for that evidence and we will continue to call for that evidence. jillian: both men say they took safety precautions every time they reopened their gym
4:43 am
including social distancing. take a look at this. the moment a sinkhole swallows 21 cars near a shopping mall. look at that the video shows the plaza suddenly collapsing taking cars and trees down with it. this happened in china where the evidence is battering torrential rain fall. 15 cars have been lifted from the hole. no deaths reported. teachers at one georgia high school not missing a beat as students start online learning. watch. this going to log in every day ♪ every morning ♪ i'm watching ♪ we're virtual senat about to take it up a notch ♪ ♪ jillian: ally evans and andre williams pumping up students in albany. they created a music video about virtual learning to keep students excite and engaged. the video as you can imagine getting thousands of views online. i love that they are good. guys? steve: very nicely done.
4:44 am
brian: thanks so much, jillian. a great dancer janice dean has the weather. right? janice: i'm glad that you remembered that. quality about myself. brian: very good dancer. janice: let's take a look at the weather first of all before we start dancing. we have a lot going on in the tropics. we have our next tropical depression that will probably be named today or tomorrow and moving closer to florida perhaps going into the gulf of mexico by this weekend. so this is something we need to watch. and then we have an area of low pressure that is moving towards the gulf of mexico, close to the yucatan peninsula over the next couple of days. let's take a look at the tropical models and tell you where we think the storms are going to go into. florida needs to watch this and, of course, the gulf of mexico. once it gets into the gulf of mexico it has nowhere to go except towards, perhaps, the u.s. this is something we're going to have to watch over the weekend as we get into next week. the next named storms will be laura and marco. this is the busiest time in
4:45 am
hurricane season, so we're going to watch those named storms. the potential for them to get a name over the next 12 to 24 hours. other big news we are watching the southeast, parts of the gulf for showers and thunderstorms. it remains very hot over the southwest with high fire danger and extreme heat. so we'll continue to monitor the tropics and the rest of the country, of course as well. always nice to see you. i miss you guys. steve: we miss you, too. listen, janice, today you are wearing two hats. you are doing the weather. plus, in the next hour, there is a big yum date because you testified before the legislature here in new york state regarding covid. that's coming up, right? janice: yes. can't wait to show you the pictures from yesterday. i was in the nation's -- our state capital, a beautiful building talking to legislators and i can't wait to bring you the news from yesterday's conference. back to you. steve: well, we can't wait to see it. all right. j.d., thank you very much. meanwhile, 14 minutes before the top of the hour. the democratic convention wrapping up tonight night four.
4:46 am
so what do people think about it so far? >> are you watching the democratic national convention? >> i think it's fabulous. >> not much of a message being said. they beat up on trump a lot. it didn't catch my attention. >> okay. more from "fox & friends weekend" co-host that hits the streets of new york. he will join us live. will kaine coming up next ♪ ♪ i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ brian: night three of the dnc officially on the books. what are the potential voters saying about it? ainsley: "fox & friends weekend" co-host will kaine hit the streets of new york city and he joins us now. hey, will, what did you find out? will: hey, good morning, ainsley. as measures, as new yorkers slowly start to come out of their homes and armtsz to the ao did they like and what did they think of their city at this point? i think the answers were interesting. listen. ♪ ♪ >> are you watching the democratic national convention? >> yes. i think it's fabulous. >> are you watching the dnc? >> oh, yes, definitely. >> what do you think of the format? >> it takes some getting used to. and you find yourself watch for
4:52 am
a while and might drift off. >> gives intimacy to the process that you wouldn't normally get from an entire auditorium. >> are you watching the dnc. >> i caught a few minutes of it on tv. todd: what did you think of it so far. >> not much of a message being said. beat up on trump a lot it. didn't catch my attention. kind of boring. will: what's the big issue for you in the election? >> restoring functionality to our country. >> biggest issue right now is the virus. >> safety. being able to run your business safely. will: do you feel safe in new york city? >> no. i just put grates on my windows yesterday. i lived in this neighborhood close 60 years and just had to put metal grates on my windows. we are right back where we started, you know, 30 years ago. will: are you supporting biden or trump. >> biden. >> biden. >> support trump on this one. >> definitely biden. >> whoever helps me out the most let's put it that way. >> so as you can see new yorkers were somewhat divided on who
4:53 am
they support at this point. you know what's fascinating, guys, anybody who was from new york seemed to be supporting biden and making allowances for the virtual convention. anybody who was from out of town or a business owner, well, they were leaning more towards trump or some sense of normalcy back in their city, which they are adapting to and convincing themselves is still in good shape, brian. brian: there is a lot of things going on in make cities from portland to chicago to albuquerque, new mexico to philadelphia and new york, of course. and it's all democratic mayors. there is a republican mayor that joined us two hours ago and is reacting to the law and disorder. listen. >> the last time this city was like this. the last time this city had riots and crime at this level, we had a democratic mayor and all during the period of time, we had 30 years of massive crime. so, if this sets in, it's not going to end. we need a change in leadership. a change in policy.
4:54 am
these things are happening in these cities because the democrats have pro-criminal anti-police policies. the reason it's happening is not donald trump. donald trump didn't release 8,000 people from prison. de blasio did. brian: will, they are blaming donald trump, the mayor and the governor. >> you know, brian, what's interesting is i talk to people on the street i always ask the question do you feel safe in new york today? and almost all of them say they do. but what i find that reveals is new yorkers can adapt to anything. they can tell themselves it's okay no matter what's going on around them. but safety? much like sizzles is hard to build an easy to tear down. it's often just a thin layer on top of our lives. and i think as i walk around new york and i live in new york, what you find is that sense of insecurity. that unsafe feeling is just a few inches below the surface. yes, oh it's so charming we are eating in a lane of traffic now. just like the old days. but, you can get this sense in the air this isn't new york of
4:55 am
six months ago. there is an insecurity not far below the surface. steve: when did we eat in the streets, will? brian: we are doing it again. ainsley: what he is talking about is -- explain it, will. >> everybody in new york it's so charming to sit on the sidewalk and have outdoor dining where you are this far from the curb. all that's changed now you are this far over the curb, steve. you are sitting in a lane of traffic. steve: sidewalk dining it's the street dining that's the new thing. ainsley: some people are up on the sidewalk and some people are in that one lane. >> you are literally in traffic. ainsley: they usually put a barricade around it with flowers. steve: you mention the people from new york seem to be for biden and people out of town seem to be more for trump there are no out-of-towners. there is no tourism. brian: nothing to see here. steve: few people are coming to work that's it? >> that's true. did i find to manage to find a few tourists. brave souls willing to come to new york. do you know what i found, steve,
4:56 am
the thing that's an mating anybody for biden, i asked them all what's the biggest issue for you in this election. almost to a person the answer was getting donald trump out. the energy is not behind biden. the energy is behind getting trump out of office. steve: will, how many of those tourists you met wanted to bit $20 rolex wondering where that guy was? >> i don't know what their shopping habits were. how much disposable income they h i did have trouble with the guy who had the pittsburgh steelers jersey on. we this that debate off camera. brian: ugly. ainsley: thank you so much. >> thank you. ainsley: still ahead sarah sanders, donna brazile and larry kudlow. stay with us. ♪ you had to be a big shot. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
... book direct at now that the rent's due but they've cut your pay. now that the virus has cost lives but your healthcare costs too much. now that our president has had months but he still doesn't have a plan. what happens now? joe biden knows how to lead through a crisis because he's done it before. when our economy was on the verge of collapse, joe biden led the largest economic stimulus in a generation and saved millions of jobs. now joe biden is ready to lead us through this crisis. he knows rebuilding our economy starts with fighting the virus, increasing testing, getting more protective gear for healthcare workers and calling for mask mandates nationwide. as president, he'll get working families back on their feet
4:58 am
by lowering healthcare costs and helping small businesses recover. so what happens now? we elect a president who will build back better. i'm joe biden and i approve this message.
4:59 am
5:00 am
i accept your nomination for vice president. we must elect joe biden. >> if trump is re-elected things will get even worse. >> has always been a danger to our country. president trump: we have the greatest economy in the history of the world and now we're doing it again. i'll have to do it a second time we elect joe biden president in this country for america's goodness. president trump: we need to strengthen our country, not weaken. >> i did hope that donald trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously, but he never did. president trump: when i listen to that horror that he's left us
5:01 am
, the reason that i'm here is because of president obama and joe biden. >> ♪ ♪ brian: of course we know who this is, florida georgia line this was a great song released during the pandemic, but i like the way the arrow is bending as we try to get a hold of this coronavirus. hi everybody welcome to the day three of or the final day, day four of the dnc. we'll get a few days off and then we we're up for the rnc. steve: that's right and so as we were looking at that shot toward lady liberty of the new york new jersey line we were listening to florida gary cohen georgia line, welcome to the final hour of fox & friends for this very very busy thursday. good to have you. ainsley: kamala harris making history as the first woman of color to accept the vice
5:02 am
presidential nomination. brian: democrats using their biggest stars to attack president trump, on night three of the dnc. steve: of course the devon nunes was supposed to be in milwaukee but instead it got moved via five big trucks to wilmington, delaware, griff jenkins is there right now so they shipped in the stage but left the people behind. griff: they sure did, steve, ainsley, brian good morning and it feels or it because there are no political folks out here observers or those selling t-shirts and buttons, but history was made in that building behind me when kamala harris accepted the nomination, talked about her personal history, made the case, for joe biden, as president, and then put on her prosecutor hat and threw punches at president trump. listen. >> i know a predator when i see one. donald trump's failure of leadership has cost lives and livelihoods. right now, we have a president who turns our tragedy into
5:03 am
political weapons. joe will be a president who turns our challenges into purpose. griff: her rebuke was far from the only one in speech after speech to former secretary hillary clinton to speaker pelosi but the harshest criticism came when former president obama unleashed on his successor. watch this. >> i understand that in this democracy, the commander-in-chief does not use the men and women of our military who are willing to risk everything to protect our nation , as political props, to deploy against peaceful protesters on our own soil. griff: it appears president trump was watching because he was punching back in realtime on twitter last night, writing at obama, "why did he refuse to endorse slow joe until it was over and even then was very late why did he try to get him not to
5:04 am
run" and he tweeted he spied on my campaign and got caught, president trump will hit the campaign trail in old forge, pennsylvania today, just outside of biden's hometown of scranton, pennsylvania, but here, they'll wrap things up tonight in the chase center behind me. joe biden will make his speech joined by his family, we'll see kamala harris again, and we'll see senator corey book era long with california's governor gavin newsom, pete buttigieg and a plant a's mayor keisha lance bottoms but we won't see , steve it appears the people that gather around these historical political conventions. ainsley: thank you so much, griff. joining us is fox news contributor and former white house press secretary sarah sanders and fox news contributor and former interim dnc chair, donna brazile. good morning to you ladies. >> good morning. ainsley: donna, i know you are enthused about this week. what were your takeaways clearly a historic night for our country
5:05 am
>> thank you so much, and hello , sarah. i hope everything is going well with you and your family. miss seeing you every day on television but i know you've got a better job just raising those beautiful kids. >> hey look, i'm still fired up ready to go, kamala harris, i mean, i can't say much more than what has been said. a fabulous pick, a historic night for not just the democrats but the country, because we all work very hard to get universal sufferage for wome n so here we are ready for the last day of our convention and while many of us are watching it from home or wherever we live or work or play or pray, what we are going to see tonight is what i call the launch, the launch into the 2020 campaign. we're not waiting until labor day. tonight we're going to launch the official 2020 drive to the ballot box so i'm excited about what's going to happened to at
5:06 am
the convention. brian: sarah do you want to weigh in, what's your top take away? >> well first, good morning, donna i appreciate the shout out i always love seeing her on mostly for her dancing skills, less about her political viewpoints of which i don't think we agree on most of the time. i think one of the big problems that democrats have coming out of this convention is they have yet to talk about what their real plan is and i think the big reason that they have done that and that they've spent all their time just attacking the president is because they know that they have moved so far to the left that they are out of touch with most americans. i think president trump next week will focus on his accomplishments, how much he loves this country, and what he will continue to do to build it up over the next four years as president. it's something that has been vastly different and missing from the democratic convention that i think we're going to see next week and another reason i think the president will get a good bump coming out of the end of the week and put him on a
5:07 am
track to do very well in november. steve: well the president is going to pennsylvania today, and so -- >> i've got to laugh my friends , so sarah you know i do dance very well but let me tell you what i also do, i listen. i listen to what the american people are saying, because that is what our convention has been about all week. you might not have heard on monday and i can give you the precise time that we talked about health care, we talked about the covid crisis, we talked about the economy. steve: we saw it. >> we talked about climate change and we talked about of course ending gun violence. all of this is part of the conversation that we're having with the american people. it's not just talking from top- down. it's talking directly to the american people, so listen up, everybody. tonights going to be the best night of the four nights. steve: donna, it's interesting you framed it that way where people are talking directly to the american people, because our producers, keep in mind, this is the joe show. these four days, this big tv
5:08 am
show is all about launching joe biden and yet, we looked at the headliners last night, and they talked so little about joe biden barack obama spoke for 20 minutes but he only talked about joe biden for a little under three minutes. kamala harris obviously her big night of the 18 minutes she talked about joe biden, two minutes and 38 seconds and hillary clinton who reminded us that she won the popular vote last time and she's not over it, she spoke for a total of six minutes and 30 seconds but only talked about joe biden for 31 seconds, so sarah, let me ask you. why, during the joe show, so little about joe? >> because there's not enough good things to say. the democrats have made so much of this convention again about doing nothing but attacking the president. they are so out of step with most americans. they want bigger government,
5:09 am
higher tax, liberal judges. they want a total takeover of your life. they have moved so far to the left, they may be talking to american people but i don't think their message is resonat ing because they are not talking ability what they would do over the next four years. i love that donna feels like they are talking about these issues, but they aren't being truthful about them because if they are, they would say that they want to take over your life , they want to run everything. that's not what democracy is about. democracy is about allowing americans to have freedom, to live in the greatest nation on the face of the planet. they want to take that over, and i think our founders be appalled by the way that this major political party has moved so far to the left and wants so much intrusion over every single thing and every single aspect of your life. that's not the country we are and i don't think that the americans out there that will be voting in november are
5:10 am
going to want the way of the democrat party to take over everything we do. >> well you know the good news is that democrats of governors in states from north carolina to montana to my beautiful louisiana, so what sarah is saying is practically hog wash. what republicans want you to think about is that the democrat s are from some other planet. no, we're every day americans. we're your truck drivers. we are your essential workers. we're your doctors, your lawyer, your teachers we just want america as good as it is for everybody. not the top 10% or not the elite. we want what works for everybody and that's why joe biden tonight is going to talk about building an economy that works for everybody. that's why he's going to talk about an environment where we have clean air and safe drinking water. you probably heard last night that michigan has to put out over $600 million for the flint water crisis because we failed the american people.
5:11 am
brian: right, donald trump's fault. >> i didn't say it was donald trump's fault this is the problem. let's stop making every crisis in the world about donald trump. this is about the american people, our values, our share values, and do you know what? brian: you should have gave that message to president obama because all he talked about was president trump. >> no let me just tell you -- >> i would agree. if it was about american people, they would have talked about the american people, but instead they only talked about one american and that's donald trump , and i think that if they really cared about the american people, they would have been doing it for the last 50 years. joe biden has been in office for several decades. why now should we be able to trust him to take care of the american people when he didn't do it for over 40 years? donald trump has actually govern ed and brought up this country and done better for all americans. >> have you been sleeping? have you been sleeping? >> look at our economy. >> did you all forget about the
5:12 am
great recession and how we had to pull the country from the brink of depression? did you forget about bailing out the auto industry? did you forget about the mortgage foreclosures. i mean look, we can have selective memory syndrome when we are talking about donald trump but let's talk about what the democrats are offering the american people. now if they don't want it fine, they can continue on this dangerous path that donald trump has put us on. brian: talking about donald trump again. i don't want to talk about donald trump but i want to talk about donald trump. that's exactly it. please. >> no, brian. brian: you're double talking. i mean come on. we have the audio up. >> he is the president of the united states. ainsley: okay, donna. >> we have one president at one-time. brian: right. >> it's a referendum on him and over 80% of the american people are dissatisfied with the direction of the country. they can either go with donald trump and the road he is on or we can choose another road and
5:13 am
that road i'm going with joe biden and kamala harris, so that's it. ainsley: all right >> we've already seen what that road takes us to. donald trump has spent the last four years cleaning up the mess that the obama/biden administration left. they were weak on foreign policy if we missed anything during those last couple of years it's because we were so busy focusing on the president's booming economy where every american is doing better. steve: new topic. ainsley: okay so when petes out there at a dine erin new jersey and one lady said instead of doing what they will do for us instead of telling us what they will do for us last night they just continuously blamed donald trump and andrew yang admits, you remember he ran for president as a democrat and he admits that the democratic party's message has a patroniz ing element. listen to this. >> democrats have really done a very bad job of making many americans feel like we are fighting for them.
5:14 am
they think we're fighting for people other than them or against them in some way. democrats have the tendency to have a message out there and then, if you don't like the message, then it's like well it's your fault. there's something wrong with you and i think that's what a lot of the folks i met on the trail have picked up on where there's like this patronizing element to a lot of what we say and do, and it's hurting us and it's wrong. it's unproductive. it's a great way to not win. ainsley: donna, fellow democrat what do you say about that? >> hey, guess what? the democrats as well as republicans and independent and i don't know why we have forgotten this. have you noticed a number of republicans that have been at our convention? at last count, i'd say wow it's almost like a quarter of the republican party. they see a home, they see a party that is open. they see a party that is inclusive. we have a welcoming table at our party.
5:15 am
look, andrew yang i respect him, i understand his criticism and his critique. make no mistake. we're not a perfect party, but we are a party of patriots, people care about the future of this country and that's what you heard last night and what you're going to hear tonight i think will make your weekend the best- ever. brian: sarah, a noted historian writes no former president has ever attacked his incumbent successor at a convention like barack obama tonight or even close. your thoughts? >> well i think it be a lot easier to take president obama's rhetoric on democracy more credibly if he hadn't illegally spied on the trump campaign and tried to overturn the 2016 election. i think he loses a lot of credibility lecturing the rest of the country on the 2016 election. one thing that i think donna and i can agree on is we are going to have a great weekend this weekend, after we watch joe biden speak tonight, because it
5:16 am
will be a great reminder of why we don't want him to be president, of why we want four more years of donald trump because if we want to continue to live in a free and prosperous country, there is a very clear decision to make and that's with donald trump, not with joe biden i think that the democrats have made a big mistake by not talking about anything that they plan to do for america. i think we all know why and i think next week you will see a huge contrast in the republican convention. you'll see a president and a party talk about loving our country, what we've done for it over the last four years and what we're going to continue to do. it's very hard to take democrats serious when their convention is full of just aggressive hatred towards the president and a lecture from a bunch of celebrities telling us how we're so out of touch with america when they are some of the most elite in the country. steve: well we'll see because it all starts in earnest on monday,
5:17 am
we'll see how the rnc is different than the dnc. donna and sarah thank you very much. >> can i have the last word? steve: if you can do it in 15 seconds? yes ma'am. >> i love all of you and that's how much i love this country because we disagree but we can still say at the end god bless america. that's what i love about this country. >> absolutely. steve: we love to hear all sides to every story and we have since the get-go. we love this country. ainsley: god bless you. >> bye-bye you all. steve: donna thank you very much same for you sarah. meanwhile, speaking of the country, pete hegseth is actually talking live to voters. he's on the street right now at bacon beach degree in long branch, new jersey and this is our first time back in the diner s after the pandemic started and he's trying to social distance this diaper. let's see how he does. pete: doing the best i can, steve. it is awesome to be back out on
5:18 am
the street. talking about feeling the love, are we feeling the love this morning? >> [applause] pete: the silent majority is not so silent this morning. i'm telling you it has been so much fun to be out here all morning, we've had even more fun off camera talking to people about where we're at so much going on in our country the dnc, the rnc, the covid stuff hit new jersey, everyone has an opinion and back drop and their family and job and schools have been affected so let's get to it, again bacon beach grill, long branch, new jersey. donna you're in the food industry. talk to us about this moment. >> well this is great because we are getting to see that everybodies really enthusiastic about being here but what we all fear, i know i speak not just for myself, we're american, we're free. we don't want to be forced to wear a mask. we don't want to be quarantined. we don't want to be checkpointed we don't want any of that stuff and we worry that if donald trump is not re-elected we're
5:19 am
going to lose all of that and that's what really scares us because after this , where do we go? we're loving life. that's all we want to do. we're not telling anybody else they shouldn't do what they want to do but don't tell us what to do. pete: talking about personal choice. >> thank you for your service. pete: i appreciate it, thank you ma'am what's your name? >> carol. pete: hi, carol have you watched the dnc? i want your reaction. >> yes i have. pete: and your reaction? >> it's a show. it's like an academy award kind of presentation, whatever. pete: do you think it's going to convince voters? >> well i don't think so. the smart ones anyway. pete: smart ones like you. thank you very much i appreciate it. how you doing what's your name and tell folks your background. >> my name is paul and i'm a retired police chief from wood ridge new jersey in burden county. pete: what do you make of the moment we're in right now, with law enforcement, how they're being treated and are
5:20 am
the democrats addressing that at all? >> it's disgusting 99% of the officers out there are doing their job every day risking their life and they took the job to help people, and the democrat s are promoting violence against police officers they're not speaking up or stepping up to defend them, and they want to take the money away and i think most of the public if you took a survey most of the public supports police and they don't want them defunded. >> [applause] pete: amen, well said. thank you very much for your service. thank you. pete: ma'am what's your name? >> charlene. pete: you are i believe a democrat? >> yes i am a registered democrat. pete: talk to us about the dnc, your thoughts on the democrat party and the president. >> i have not even been able to watch the dnc. i did want to give them some hom age and watch some but i could not. my heart is now going to be with the republican party. >> [applause] >> i am, however, seriously considering doing my homework, so trump, you don't have to worry about biden.
5:21 am
you're going to have to worry about joe. pete: but you're walking away from the democratic party? >> i am walking away. i'm no longer a democrat. pete: you heard it right here. jen, she's a nurse on the frontlines. new jersey was hit hard early what's your take right now? >> that the virus is over. we're over. we need to step away from the fear, and we need to educate ourselves on how to get healthy and i think that that's a big part of this presidential election right now. pete: it's certainly a huge issue no doubt no doubt. real quick what's your name? >> pierra. totally against mail-in ballots. pete: okay, real quick. >> real quick the left is just creating this as another bullet point for them to create chaos. three points real quick. fauci is voting in person. number two, the governor forfeited his right to have any say in this when he was in frontlines with the protesters, the looters and rioters and number three, there's always absentee ballots that's been
5:22 am
there forever. pete: all right guys no opinions here. new jersey has never been known for opinions. we got more fox & friends on the other side thanks for joining us with the people. - the world is in turmoil. been turned on it's head. of a possible recession..
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>> reporter: we are back with quick headlines and we begin with a fox news alert. the man attacked by a mob in portland is speaking out after being released from the hospital >> i stepped out of the vehicle i didn't even think anyone was following me still, and before i even got my door open someone was pulling me out and i hit the ground, so and then i sat there for a while and they wouldn't let me get up. >> this newly released video shows moments leading up to adam heiner's attack. he says people started punching
5:27 am
him when he tried stopping a person's backpack from being stolen the video shows him getting kicked in the head knock ing him out. police believe this man was behind the attack, still on the run. he has a long rap sheet including at least seven arrests over the past eight years. one of vladimir putin's top critics is in a coma after a suspected poisoning. a spokeswoman leaves some kind of toxin was mixed into his tea. the russian opposition leader got sick on a flight and was rushed to the hospital after the plane made an emergency landing. doctors say he is in serious but stable condition. brian? brian: incredible. never stops. meanwhile new york's nursing home tragedy hitting close to home in our own fox news family as you know janice dean lost both her father-in-law and mother-in-law tragically to the covid-19 virus while nursing home facilities brought them back in. earlier this week she finally testified before new york state 's lawmakers, after initially being denied that opportunity last week and yesterday, she joined a bipartisan group of state
5:28 am
lawmakers calling for an independent investigation into new york's nursing home deaths. >> how are we going to stop it from happening? >> we need the facts. they have not been presented to us. >> we share the grief and the anger sometimes and not getting the questions answered. >> i'm looking forward to hear ing those answers. brian: so what took place and what are the results? janice, you join us now, no maps behind you, just the facts. what was it like in albany yesterday? >> janice: it was wonderful. it was wonderful to meet lawmakers on both sides. they told me this hasn't happened in a long time to have bipartisan support for a bill that would empower the legislature to form a commission with subpoena power to conduct an investigation into the nursing home tragedy. brian: so you had how many
5:29 am
lawmakers on each side roughly and what do you think was accomplished as everyone testified and weighed in? >> i think we had at least 10 people representing both sides. the person that is co-sponsoring this bill is assembly member ron kim and he's very vocal about wanting a bipartisan investigation. he lost his uncle in a nursing home and he was, you know, very critical of both the health commissioner, howard zucker, and the governor himself. there was a lot of talk about how the governor wants to investigate himself but is not open into a bipartisan investigation that would give us answers and finally, a real count of how many people we lost in nursing homes. new york state is the only state that doesn't count the deaths that happened in the hospital, but those patients contracted the virus in their assisted
5:30 am
living or elder care facility, so we need to get those answers to make sure this never happens again. brian: so 6,000 abhorent but it could be double that. that's what you're saying so the number could be 11,000 people, and yet the governors not curious to how this happened or do you think he knows and doesn't want some fingers pointed in his direction? >> janice: i definitely think there is a coverup, and every time he's asked the question he blames everyone else except the person that signed the mandate march 25 to allow covid-positive patients into nursing homes that was in place for 46 days and every time he's asked that question he blames everyone else and at the beginning of this he said if you have a problem, you blame me, the buck stops at my desk. he's yet to take any accountability and now, of course we know he's writing a book about his leadership in the middle of the pandemic. i think he actually should be writing con dole ensemble cards to people. brian: we reached out for a
5:31 am
statement. his office did not get back to us. real quick, seema verma came on here and said don't you dare point the fingers to the federal government. that was not our policy. >> janice: listen, governor cuomo got everything he asked for. he got the comfort ship, he got the makeshift hospitals all over the state. why did he not use them? we won't get those answers until we have an independent bipartisan investigation with subpoena power and that's what that was about yesterday. thank you all to all those who made that happen. it was a wonderful day of democracy. brian: it was great to see you come out but he could also get this vote and decide not to do it and kick it back down. back to the legislature, right? >> janice: he could but we'll keep fighting, brian. brian: it'll be remarkably unpopular as you see. janice brought democrats and democrats together, that's a lesson for everyone in washington, thanks janice appreciate it. meanwhile straight ahead weekly
5:32 am
jobless claims report out moment s ago 1.1 million filing for unemployment national economic counsel director larry kudlow here to react, next, it's a little bit higher than they thought. >> ♪ ♪
5:33 am
5:34 am
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5:36 am
steve: it's a fox business alert as you can see right there the weekly jobless claims report came out six minutes ago, just over 1.1 million people file for first time unemployment benefits last week. that is more than what was predicted that was closer to 900,000. more than 57 million americans have filed for unemployment since the pandemic started in march. ainsley: let's bring in larry kudlow, director of the national economic council, good morning to you, larry. >> good morning, ainsley, how are you? ainsley: good morning we're doing well so that's higher than
5:37 am
what was predicted and we've been watching the dnc all week, democrats are blaming president trump for the economy since covid. your reaction? >> yeah, sure. blame him for the virus as though he created it. it really wasn't part of his policies you know and the whole economy is suffering from something they had no control over. look i'll just say if the other side wants to talk about the economy, that be just fine. we inherited the worst, slowest economic recovery since i don't know, probably the great depression, and secondly, in 2016, directly before president trump came in, the economy was teetering very close to recession. it was on the front end of a recession and so the president's policies of low taxes, deregulation, unleashing energy, free and fair trade deals to improve exports for manufactures and farmers, those policies generated tremendous boom, 3.5%
5:38 am
unemployment, the other side could only dream about the low unemployment, minority group, blacks, hispanics, asians, women and so forth had record low unemployment rates. i'm happy to take that anytime and i will say this , i don't know i didn't watch all of it last night i was kind of on a good movie on netflix but i will say this , biden and harris want to raise your taxes, okay? 3.5 to $4 trillion tax hike. now you tell me, ainsley, just common sense. not eat control or philosophy. we're claiming out, rapidly, of this pandemic contraction, okay? why would anybody in their right mind want to raise taxes, take money out of people's pockets as we're trying to get through back to a good normal recovery. it just doesn't make any sense at all. brian: here are the democrats last night, talking about it's time for joe biden to do what he does best.
5:39 am
rescue the economy. >> trump came in with so much setup for him, a strong economy. >> they'll rescue the economy like joe helped do after the great recession. i asked him to manage the recovery act which jump started the longest stretch of job growth in history. >> joe will bring us together to build an economy that doesn't leave anyone behind. where a good paying job is the floor, not the ceiling. brian: so joe biden's going to rescue the economy and raise corporate taxes, we know, and he said your taxes are for the rich anyway, we've had it too good for too long. >> yeah, well i don't think the rich are the enemy in this country but let me just say this. following president trump's business action, we cut taxes on individual, on small businesses, on large businesses. it was across-the-board. we also slashed taxes for lower income people, earned income tax credits, tax credits for
5:40 am
children and so forth, but, but, but, the proof is in the pudding. where wages increase, wage growth for the middle class blue colors soared, after our tax cuts, and even bigger winner, lower middle income people, people earning around $25,000, $35,000 a year had the absolute biggest increase, not the top 1% , and those are facts, so we'll have to review the scoreboard and as i said, we inherited the slowest recovery with high unemployment and 2016 was virtually a recession. happy to take this on and i'm happy to have vice president biden tell us why, if you're trying to get a big rebound in the economy, which you've already seen signs of, why would you take money out of people's pockets by taxing them? i just don't get that. it's just common sense. brian: got to get free high
5:41 am
school and college. steve: larry let me ask you final question and it regards breaking news of the chinese commerce ministry has announced this morning that the trade talks are back on, between china and the united states. going to be on the phone, going to start in the next couple of days what else can you tell us? >> well look, that was originally scheduled as a normal review of the phase i trade deal another, i might add, president trump accomplishment. actually, you talked about lighthizer, our trade ambassador they're doing basically what they should be doing. they're buying a ton of commodities particularly agriculture commodities probably the best we've seen in at least a half a dozen years. i'm not saying we know yet. steve: so this is just a review, larry or something new? >> no, no, no, this was scheduled. it's part of the process, part of the governance process of this large trade deal. it was on again off again,
5:42 am
that's all that was was scheduling issues. it's a normal review. we have many huge complaints about china. many. no time this morning for that, but on the trade deal, we are engaged, and as i said ambassador lighthizer believes that china is following their script so so far so good. ainsley: larry you said you watched a netflix movie last night and a little bit of the dnc. what are you doing tonight for your birthday? happy birthday! >> well, thank you. appreciate it. 73, still standing, honored to be in this job, and always happy to come on your program in the mornings. steve: well thank you, sir. brian: if you're shopping for larry he needs a new mask. go get it. he didn't have it before. ainsley: we're glad you were born, have a good night. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: you're welcome. bulletproof vest sales are on the rise amid this nationwide unrest. one business owner is seeing a massive spike at his store in
5:43 am
chicago after rioters and looter s hit the city, grady trimble from our sister network fox business joins us live from chicago with more. grady we've heard about gun sales going up now we're hearing bulletproof vests are up? >> that's exactly right, steve, ainsley and brian. body armor sellers across the country tell us they saw sales spike at the start of coronavirus shutdowns and sales have stayed at that high level. this store here in chicago, sells bulletproof equipment made by a company called bullet safe and that company says sales are up more than 500% year-over-year on vests and up more than 600% for bulletproof shields. the owner who you can see here, demoing this product compared to other items says sales typically go up during times of economic uncertainty which we've seen with the pandemic as well as periods of unrest like the rioting we've seen and the crime surge we've seen in major cities across the country, so a double hit causing the sales increase, so who is
5:44 am
buying this equipment? well for one, police amid calls to cut funding for police, or abolish police departments in major cities across the u.s. , as well as security guards, atm repair technicians really anybody who works a dangerous job around valuable equipment and property, but also just every day people looking to protect themselves. >> as soon as the pandemic hit, as soon as there was a shortage of toilet paper, for some reason , our business went bonker s. that was before the george floyd protest and all that sort of stuff and really at a time when we were just starting on lockdowns, and people were rushing out to buy supplies, you know, for the pandemic. >> reporter: and with crime on the rise in cities like chicago and new york, some dealers expect these strong sales to continue. guys? steve: sign of the times. thank you. brian: thank you very much, jillian mele you've been following the news while we were
5:45 am
talking. >> reporter: good morning and we have a fox news alert now we have just learned a power company worker has died, battl ing a wildfire in california. it comes just one day after a helicopter pilot was killed after crashing on a water dropping mission south of san francisco. more than 350 fires are burning across the state. flames spreading to homes outside of san francisco. firefighters say resources are being stretched to their limits. dozens of buildings have been destroyed. hundreds of thousands of acres have burned. an emergency worker's union leader says "people will die if new york city follows through with proposed layautographs." mayor bill deblasio is considering cutting 400 fdny paramedics and emt's the city faces a $9 billion budget shortfall because of the pandemic. the mayor says layoffs could start inactive they don't get financial help. goodyear responding after president trump calls for people to boycott the company. the company denying that they
5:46 am
called for a ban of hats as part of their diversity training class or that the slide in question came from corporate, saying in part, "goodyear has always wholeheartedly supported both equality and law enforcement will continue to do so. " that's the update i'll send it back to you. brian: getting ugly, hey jillian , thanks so much meanwhile janice dean i got the inside story on her trip to albany for that legislation, now back to your other full time job , and that is telling us what the weather is. >> janice: i love forecasting storms. let's take a look at it we've got one that we are watching that could affect florida or the gulf of mexico. this is tropical depression number 13 probably going to get a name today or tomorrow and look at the trajectory moving right into traffic south florida or the gulf of mexico something we need to watch as we get into the weekend. we also have an area of concern moving in towards the yucatan peninsula perhaps going into the gulf of mexico as well so both of these areas are of concern to the u.s. coast
5:47 am
line, so we will continue to watch that over the next couple of days. the other big story we're watching, showers and thunderstorms for the gulf, the southeast and the hot weather continues as well as the fire danger for parts of the west. steve, ainsley, brian? back to you. steve: you got a lot going on, j. d., thank you very much. meanwhile, a dozen minutes before the top of the hour it was night three of the dnc, that's now in the books, but did the democrats message resonate with americans? lee carter had americans do the dials, and you'll see the results, coming up next on that show, fox & friends. from prom dresses... soccer practices...
5:48 am
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>> sandra: good morning, everyone. former president obama launching a full attack against president trump last night, though how is the president, president trump responding this morning? we'll ask his press secretary kayleigh mcenany joining us live in moments plus kamala harris had her big night last night, so did she sway voters? we'll ask dan henninger from the wall street journal top of the hour and brand new numbers on the economy just out, maria bartiromo is here to react as the stock market hits new highs this week, and we have a busy day coming up join us live from america's news room, top of the hour. ainsley: night three of the dnc in the books, but did the democrats message resonate with americans? here with the dials, partner and president and lee carter, hey, lee. >> hey, good to see you. ainsley: good to see you too. okay so the first one is it was
5:53 am
kamala harris' big night because she got the vp nod and she was talking about how joe biden is going to turn challenges into purpose listen to this and watch the dials, guys. remember the middle line are the independents. >> right now, we have a president who turns our tragedies into political weapons joe biden will be a president who turns our challenges into purpose. joe will bring us together. ainsley: republicans not buying it you saw that red line go down independents just level in the middle, yellow. >> they are right in the middle , they gave most important voters right now, democrats obviously love this game but here is the thing, kamala harris when she talks about biden bringing us together we've heard a lot about unity and what people are hearing is unity against trump is not true in the country. what we need right now and what independents are looking for is somebody bringing all people together. ainsley: okay there's another sound bite we want to play it
5:54 am
was president obama talking about how biden will rescue the economy. watch this. >> they'll rescue the economy, like joe helped do after the great recession. i asked him to manage the recovery act which jump started the longest stretch of job growth in history, and he sees this moment now not as a chance to get back to where we were, but to make long overdue changes so that our economy actually makes life a little easier for everybody. ainsley: lee? >> so you can see there republicans not buying it so much. but here is the most important thing, independents gave it a b and democrats gave it an a. ultimately this is what people want to hear about right now is the economy. it's the number one concern that's on people's minds people are really really upset about the situation that we're in right now. mostly trump is winning in the polls on the economy but this is exactly the kind of message that democrats need to put forward right now. ainsley: are you hearing the economy is more important or law and order? >> you know what's really interesting is i would say
5:55 am
overall it's about safety together, and that means your financial safety, your physical safety together so it's a really a combination of both. ainsley: want to get this one in too, hillary clinton saying that trump is stealing the election. listen to this. >> and don't forget, joe biden and kamala harris can win by 3 million votes and still lose. take it from me. so we need numbers overwhelming, so trump can't sneak or steal his way to victory. ainsley: lee? >> so you can see there, democrats loved it gave it an a independents andc minus and it's time to start re litigating the election, but it is important that everybody get out and vote and that's the message she was trying to get out and should focus more on that. ainsley: i'm sure we'll have you back next week to talk about the rnc. thank you so much. >> bye-bye. ainsley: we have move "more fox & friends" just moments away. >> ♪ ♪
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call now and get your free infokit >> there you see new york harbor and lady liberty. later today you'll see here on fox news the president is going to be going to pennsylvania and we have seen excerpts of his speech and he will scorch joe biden. we'll have the vice president drop by tomorrow "fox &
6:00 am
friends." he will be with us in the 7:00 hour and we hope you are, too. >> i will be here. and brian will be on radio right after the show. >> from 9:00. i hope everybody watches and listens. you can see it on fox nation. >> sandra: thank you for joining us. top of the hour. president trump firing back following a flurry of criticism out of the democratic national convention last night. the blistering back and forth ahead of tonight's grand finale when joe biden will formally accept his party's nomination for the presidency. i'm sandra smith. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher. senator kamala harris is making history last night becoming the first woman of color to accept a major party's vice presidential nomination but it was the keynote speech by former president obama that made headlines. the 44th president not mincing words delivering what is being described as unprecedented criticism of his successor. first here is


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