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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  August 20, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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in london and another agent more recently, but numerous other critics have also been poisoned and site licensed. they wish him well. dana. >> dana: benjamin hall an amazing story. thank you for that. we will see you on "the five." >> nice to see you in washingt washington. buy. >> bill: good afternoon everyone, i am bill hemmer. pennsylvania where president trump is said to speak at this hour in a moment now. air force one has landed. he will be at that campaign event that takes place a few miles from where joe biden was born. we expect the president to and likened this draconian to his speech. the democratic presidential nomination. it is the final night of the democrats virtual convention. they have a big line of speakers leading up to joe biden in prime time. and a moment i will speak with
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democratic vice presidential nominee joe lieberman and reaction from rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel's. this is bret baier, peter doocy, the first two to roll on the lawn with john roberts. good afternoon, john. >> mike >> in sports the best offense is a good defense. in politics, it is the other way around and the president will definitely be going on offense this afternoon. the president will say in his speech there just outside of joe biden's birthplace of scranton, pennsylvania, biden left scranton several years ago and ripped off the residents of pennsylvania with bad policies and bad trade deals. he will add biden wants to raise taxes by $14 trillion in biden support for a green new deal would devastate pennsylvania's industry. the president will also appeal to moms with law and order pitch in his remarks "if you want a vision of your life under
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joe biden presidency, imagine the smoldering ruins of minneapolis, violent -- bloodstained sidewalks of chicago coming to every city and town in america. also by going to biden's hometown, scranton, pennsylvania, this afternoon the president sharply contrasting his traveling across the country with his campaign to joe biden staying home in wilmington, delaware, and the fact that joe biden hasn't taken a question from the press since july 28. the president again taking questions earlier this morning. here is kayleigh mcenany on that. >> but this president is doing, he doesn't hide in basements. he goes out and talk to the american people. he traveled more than 6,000 miles this week. he will be out to pennsylvania today. he looks the american people in the eye. he talks directly to them while democrats have a bunch of politicians lying amongst themselves. >> the biden campaign offering rebuttal to the president's speech and the campaign manager kate bedingfield.
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>> yet more of the same old divisive attacks is being recycled with political hits donald trump and his campaign have tried to throw at joe biden since the moment he got into this race over a year ago. i think it only underscores for people just help arrest a leadership we are right now. >> the biggest contrast will come next thursday when the president will contrast his big speech here at the white house with that of joe biden's tonight. they are in wilmington, the president will have an audience on the set one of the white hou. he has invited the majority of the house and the senate republicans to come and join him on the south lawn. we get a sense that they are already starting to build out of a facility for that, and you can bet it is going to be a grand one. those are the perks of being the president, bill. >> bill: we shall see how many show up, thank you john roberts for that. air force one to wilmington, delaware, and we picked things up with peter doocy and what we
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can expect tonight as the president comes in on the plane. peter. >> bill, good afternoon. all of exactly one year ago on an afternoon like this one in iowa, joe biden answered questions about why he was running for president with a question of his own. could i die happily having never heard a will to the chief played for me? yeah. the acceptance speech, one closer to a shot of having a field to the chief play for him. back then there were still two dozen democrats in the field and the last man standing is accepting the democratic party's nomination formal drivers cory booker, andrew yang, pete buttigieg and tributes to biden from his daughter ashley and son hunter biden with a former vp vigorously dependent -- defended with conflicts of interest with his business dealings. the trump campaign is hoping to steal a little bit of the
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spotlight, to own the air with a biplane holding a banner that says joe biden is losing it from a vote trumped 2020. the biden campaign told us what to expect from this beach. it will be about his experience and harasses experience as a senator and prosecutor. the theme is going to be america's promise. this speech is the only thing on biden schedule for the foreseeable future and we have also spoken to a couple of sources on the ground who tell us that more than 100 vehicles are going to drive into the parking lot behind us to watch the remarks this evening from their cars. so at least for tonight, the d dnc. >> bill: thank you, peter we will talk to you later. in the meantime, joe lieberman, the al gore's running mate who worked with biden in the senate representing the state of connecticut. i might have t stomach interrupt
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you so stand by for that. but what is the mission tonight because the mood has been grim. it's been pretty much donald trump bad, bad, bad guy and donna dominic joe biden a really good guy. so do you think grim wins in 2020? >> no, it doesn't win but the other vision for the last few nights, bill, joe biden is a good man. he is a normal guy, a family guy, and that he's got a big tent he has put up which embraces a lot of democrats and also republicans like governor kasich colin powell and the rest. and i think that is exactly what he's got to do tonight. he's got to show this broad group around him that he has his own person, his own man, and he is not any one element in the party which i'm sure the trump people who try to say he is.
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>> bill: so many have gone after him and the presentation. how much of that this joe biden do, do you think? >> i don't think he has to do very much. i think people, particularly at small, significant remaining group, the undecided voters are sick of the counter attack. and i think joe biden will be able to validate what others have said. and also talk about what he will do as president to stop the covid-19 pandemic to the economy going. >> bill: do you wish they would have done more of that in the first three nights? >> they did some of it. but a lot of it was negative, but i think it sets a contrast, but it sets the vice president up and the canada for joe biden
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to be affirmative with his vision of america's future and we talk about how we work across party lines to get this done. that is exactly what the american people want. kamala harris is speech was mostly positive. and i think joe biden will build on that tonight. and in my opinion, for what it is worth, that is exactly what they should be doing. >> bill: one more question here. former president barack obama was in philadelphia last night and the fact that he chose, no coincidence south west p.a. and he wins in some cases. here is a clip of him and a very direct message for president number 45. >> for close to four years now, he has shown no interest in putting in the work. no interest in finding common ground, no interest in using the awesome power of his awesome to help anyone but himself and his
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friends. >> bill: he was very serious. i think almost carried that tone to certain disdain for president trump. what did you think of his delivery? >> well, as everybody said to him it was very unprecedented to hear a former president to speak about a current president that would unfortunately, that is the way it is. and president trump has spoken quite critically of president obama as well. i think the constitutional city and not just the importance of pennsylvania in the election, but i think he believes this and you can agree with him or not, but you see president trump as not respecting the constitution. and quite seriously and negatively about president trump and quite frankly, another reason why biden doesn't have to be negative tonight. and has a real opportunity to be optimistic, hopeful, and hear
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about what he is going to do for the american future. it can be better. >> bill: we will see it when they get together. senator joe lieberman from connecticut. covid time, sir, thank you for being here. the building products, old forge pennsylvania near the town where joe biden was born on the night, the day of the if of joe biden's big presentation tonight. in a moment analysis with bret baier, my colleague who made his way to wilmington, delaware, and ronna mcdaniel on the counter message for the rnc. the speech is forthcoming and we will squeeze in a commercial break right now. ♪ talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. it's not just a sandwich, far from it. it's a reason to come together. it's a taste of something good.
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about the pill first prescribed for ra more than seven years ago. xeljanz. >> bill: as we mentioned we are ready for the president to arrive and speak rather at the battleground pennsylvania. he arrived about 15 minutes ago which could be the key to the selection. 20 electoral votes and hard fought the president won by a couple thousand four years ago. ronna mcdaniel has made her way to charlotte, north carolina where things will pick up on monday with the delegates arriving there. you had a chance to look at what the democrats have produced in three days. how will the republicans be different next week? >> welcome with the democrats have started every night with a hollywood actress, elite explaining to the america what the elite and big tech and hollywood individuals think we
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should view america, how we should view america. and the president convention will be about real people. i'm a real mom. i don't play one on tv. i'm a real mom. the president will talk about real families, real people, what has affected their lives, how has policies made their life better and what the future holds for america. it will be more aspirational, less grim, less attacking, more of the greatness of america and what we are. >> bill: okay, here the message. give me the format. how much of this is virtual now? what do you learn from what the democrats have done? >> yeah, i feel a little differently for them because i know what they have gone through, what we have gone through, readjusting everything for covid. monday, we will have a life roll call in charlotte for the delegates. there will be live programming every night and the keynote speaker will all be live and some will have to let you see, bill. there will be some surprises. >> bill: so is this -- i'm not
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suggesting you are winging this, but in these covid times, things change every day. would you say that the program is still coming together as of now? >> i feel it is in a really good place and now we are just putting finishing touches on it as we have picked our speakers and made videos and figured out what is virtual and what is live. but yeah, it has been a totally different year i think for both parties to put on a convention in a virtual way and not have that traditional, you know, crowd of delegates screaming and yelling. so we are all figuring this out, this ne new world together. >> bill: okay, just to be clear on this because we watch every evening here. the primary focus for the dnc has been 9:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. coastal time. and it is tougher those times with the ending mark. is that what you will do also, essentially a two hour program every night? >> so we will have programming through the day a little bit as well because we will have
12:17 pm
training around the country, maga, tons and tons of virtual events around the life events throughout the day. and then at night, i think we will start around 8:30 and then go to 11:00. so a little earlier than the democrats. >> bill: i am really curious to see what you produce. i was curious monday night with the democrats as well. but next week, in a way, do you feel like you have an advantage by going saturday? >> i do. the incumbent, the president always goes second and gets the last word then tradition. we were glad to go second. when it was the traditional convention but now even more so, it is nice to go second and see what the democrats are putting forward a period like you said earlier in the earlier segment, it has been a grim vision of america. hit it has not been uplifting and aspirational. the theme of our convention is the great american story. this is going to be a very
12:18 pm
positive, uplifting convention talking about real people and how their lives have been battered under the trump administration. >> bill: okay, tuesday, wednesday, thursday from the white house, is that the plan? >> no, not all of that. there will be some other surprises in there. you will see. >> bill: i'm trying to pull it out of you, write them a little bit. >> i know. the president will not be happy if i give away the speaker. >> bill: i get that and i've heard that many times. absentee ballot and how this whole male in thing goes. do you believe this format declared by governor after governor almost everyday, andrew cuomo, favors one side or the other? >> i think it is putting a lot of uncertainty into a critical election without a lot of time to ramp up for new election procedures. the reason why the president has absentee voting is great is because every state does it, they vetted it, it is a process
12:19 pm
they have used for years and years and years. it is a proactive step of a boater asking for a absentee valid. 70 days outcome at 78 days out from an election. we will upend the whole process and change everything. we don't know if the infrastructure is built to handle this and it is concerning like in the primary in new york with six weeks to get a resort gnomic result, paterson, new jersey, had 20% thrown out because of fraud. we are concerned about this and democrats unleashing chaos in the time when our country need certainty. >> bill: chaos. okay, we believe it there. i have to run. thank you for your time. do you think we will have an answer november 3rd, rhonda, yes or no? >> right now, i don't know. i don't know if we will with the way the democrats are changing election laws across the country. that is why the rnc affording a lawsuit as democrats try to strip away the signature verification from a voter i.d.,
12:20 pm
things that guarantee election integrity. it is really scary what they are doing across the country to bring chaos. >> bill: we will get reaction to dnc and all those reactions very soon. sticky wicket perhaps in december. awaiting the president any moment now, only hours before joe biden officially accepts the democratic presidential nominee. my colleague bret baier is life in wilmington, delaware, coming up next. ♪ i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ five dollar, ♪ five dollar footlong. now, only in the subway® app or online, any footlong is a five dollar footlong when you buy 2. even the new bbq rib. subway®. eat fresh.
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restrictions apply. >> bill: as you mentioned, waiting on the president set to speak right now. the bad run state of pennsylvania and the birthplace of joe biden on a big day, bret baier made his way to wilmington. we bring him in for coverage. good afternoon to you. i don't know what it looks like in wilmington. i can see the image in pennsylvania. what do you think about this
12:25 pm
split screen separated a few hours ago today? >> quite something. the president is making a mark. we set up here in wilmington and martha and i outside of the trade center. we decided to throw our mask on and bounce around joe biden's haunts in wilmington. gianni's pizza behind me, angelo's luncheonette come a bunch of stops, listen, no doubt people here in wilmington, delaware note joe biden and also no doubt really when you push that button on the map, bill, delaware will be blue. but what the president is doing in pennsylvania is really setting the marker. because pennsylvania as you know will be a real fight. and i think it will be pretty pointed according to the guidance that we here now about joe biden's history as a politician, 47, 50 years. >> bill: here is one of the comments coming, brett. joe biden will tell you in the president will say in a moment he left scranton seven years ago and spent the last half-century selling you out and ripping you
12:26 pm
off. joe biden is no friend of pennsylvania. he is your worst nightmare. wow! >> yeah, it is pointed and there is more. i think they were really go after china. they talked about the dnc not that much but trade and how this administration is dealing with china. i think the green new deal and tracking jobs, especially when it comes to someplace like pennsylvania, they will get really into the weeds there and say what is the difference between the two parties. you will start to see the selection start to firm up as far as substance. not just the exterior why somebody is bad and the exterior, you know, how was this person acting but what it means substantively on the issues. >> bill: we are moving towards that my think you are right about that contrast. give me your expectations for tonight for joe biden in delaware. >> yeah, a lot of luminaries, former candidates,
12:27 pm
pete buttigieg, cory booker, mike bloomberg who got in the race because he wasn't sure joe biden could get across the finish line. he will speak, but i do agree with senator leahy miller earlier in the show, bill, that joe biden, i bet focuses more on the optimism and the lifting up of the nation. a lot of this convention so far has been targeting president trump and pretty dark and some of those speeches. i think, perhaps, this sets the table for joe biden to do the lifting up of america so to speak. >> bill: the other thing i asked joe lieberman about is the tone of barack obama. i haven't seen him a lot, frankly, but he chose philadelphia to deliver a stern message that really was aimed between the eyes of president trump. how do your remark on that? >> first of all, the fact that he went to the american revolution museum in philadelphia was its own message. the importance of pennsylvania. second was i think this was a
12:28 pm
pretty stern speech from president obama. and every speech last night had this message of a call to action, make your plan to vote. that shows how much democrats are concerned about 2016 and who didn't show up at the polls and to make sure that they come out this time. i think this is going to be a close election no matter what the polls are saying now. >> bill: i went back and did some math today. michigan, pennsylvania -- >> you always do. >> bill: sometimes come i've got time on my hands. pennsylvania, president trump won by 44,000 votes. these 4 million were tested in pennsylvania. michigan he won -- that is around 77, 78,000 votes. three states. 78,000 votes out of millions cast. do we see that again? >> it is very possible. this dog agrees with that math. but it is very possible.
12:29 pm
and that is why the get out and vote is so important that message from the dnc. think about how many black voters did not come out. women voters did not come out, even for hillary clinton. that is the message that you are seeing every night at the dnc, why those numbers make such a difference. >> bill: whose dog is that? >> they are very upset with that analysis. i don't think they agree. >> bill: your wife did not bring the pet dog from the bret baier family. we will see you at 6:00 and you and martha on prime time fox. thank you. we are ready for the president right now. just as a reminder, this is the marriott of building products old forge, pennsylvania and the reason this is important this is a stone's throw from the home where joe biden grew up to around the age of eight or nine before he moved to delaware. the president is going there to try to make in part that point.
12:30 pm
i want to bring in some of my colleagues geraldo rivera, leo terrell, this is our weekend to get together and get a sense about how last night and this week has played with you. geraldo first, what have you heard? >> you know, you mentioned that the proceedings last night and this week at the dnc were graham. that is one way of describing it, bill, but i would say it is good, bad, ugly but the good part fixed tolling of the virtue of father joe biden. he was sanctified, he was decent with the word of the evening, decent joe, decent joe, good guide joe. and then kamala is to work, also very good, historic, momentous woman of color to be in the white house if she wins. that was the good but the bad is they made no mention whatsoever of urban violence or blood flowing in the streets of our
12:31 pm
cities at levels unseen. the surgeon violence unseen in decades. that is the bad appear the ugly was president trump is not only a bad president and not only awful but also a menace, and he's got blood on his hands. it is so ugly and they obama's are part of the allegations of e accusations. he killed 170,000 americans, 170,000 americans. my father died because president trump's a competent or whatever it was, good, bad, ugly but i think that ugly really sticks. it is like they stepped in something, and i'm not sure you recover with an uplifting speech tonight. >> bill: let me come back with that point. first, leo, let me get your impression. >> i will tell you it was totally dark. i saw nothing good about the democrats dnc. let me give you four quick points, all anti-trump here they are running on anti-trump platform. you have heard no policies, no
12:32 pm
programs, and all of the first three days. nothing whatsoever. there has been a total ignoring of what is going on in older democratic cities. they ignore that. but the appeasement to black lives matter and that is a part of their platform is ridiculous. honestly, i believe they are jealous of donald trump's record because he has a positive record to run on. so they just constantly attacked peer that is all i saw the last three days. i don't think joe biden will be able to tell specifically what his policies are as an alternative to donald trump. >> bill: gentleman standby with me a moment. the program is a little bit behind but not by much. we will get a little commercial break and squeeze this in and come back on the other side of this commercial break.
12:33 pm
spit went back to old forge, pennsylvania, scranton, pennsylvania, which was blue in 2016. the president lost the county by 3400 votes close with hillary clinton.
12:34 pm
he is about to go up on joe biden. the only one thing standing between you and your family and the radical left wing mob is your vote this november. if you want mobs and criminals, democrat, if you want jobs, and cops, vote republican. hours before joe biden takes the stage, old forge, pennsylvania, we go. >> i don't know if you know what is going on outside, but that is as many people as you can possibly have all the way back. how did you get in? that is my question. i know you are special friends of a group of people that i've done a really good job. i want to thank you very much for being here. pennsylvania has been very important to me. i went to school in pennsylvania, as you know, college. i love it. please sit down. and by the time i finish my will have a nice sunburn right here. where is my sunblock? but i want to thank everybody. in 75 days we are going to win
12:35 pm
this state. we are going to win four more years. we are under siege, beat them and keep beating them and i tell you we have never seen anything that no president should have to go through what we have gone through. no president. it should never happen. and i watched president obama last night. i watched him talking about everything, and i had to put it out, yeah, but he spied on our campaign and got caught. that is about as that of the thing you can imagine. if the app into another campaign on the other side, they would have had 25 people in jail for many, many years. it is a disgrace. but in three years what we have done in just a short period of time, there has been no administration that has accomplished what we have accomplished and that is despite pandemics and all of the witch hunts the pony witch hunts. no administration has done what we have done.
12:36 pm
we have secured era borders, brought back the manufacturing jobs, rebuilt the military, washed out the isis caliphate 100%, killed our terrorist enemies, achieved american energy independence, and guess what, we are just getting started appear that is just a small part of it. that is a small part of it. and this election, you know this, you know it and i mean it and i've never meant it more at stake in this election is the survival of our nation. it is true because we are dealing with crazy people on the other side appear they have gone totally stone cold crazy. you know, you look at hillary and she was a lot smarter than joe, but i will tell you, there was a certain sense of sanity four years ago. these people have gone insane and the radical left, you look at some of the things happening in the democrat run cities, which we consult in 2 minutes. all they have to do is call us, right? great ex-congressman, all they
12:37 pm
have to do it -- and thank you for being here -- but all they have to do is call us and we will be there 2 minutes and take care of the problem. joe biden as a puppet of the radical left movement that seeks to destroy the american way of life. they don't understand and probably when it happened, they would say what did we ever do? joe biden has pledged to hike your taxes and the largest tax hike in history. they won't waste money on the green new deal. the green new deal. you know what you get out of that? nothing, nothing but debt and debt. they want to eviscerate the second amendment. they want to take away your guns. they want to take away your guns. you remember that. just that one point alone. they want to take away your guns. who was going to vote for that? we want our second amendment. i have held it strong and you think it was easy? i held it totally strong. give free health care to illegal aliens. you don't get free health care.
12:38 pm
expand deadly sanctuary cities, forced taxpayers to subsidize late term abortion and shut down the energy fields of pennsylvania. they want to shut them down. no fossil fuels. no fossil fuels. and not too happy either. texas can i just left a little while ago, two weeks and i said, they don't want energy, they don't want guns, and they don't want religion. that's not going to happen in texas. but you have the same thing. you are a big fracking state. you want to see your taxes go up? stop cracking. they want to throw up windmills that will ruin your houses. put up a big windmill and you walk out your door and you see this big monster turning. but even fat, i don't think they want to do anything. i think they want to close your businesses. just remember second amendment, they will take it away as sure as you are sitting or standing, they will take it away from you.
12:39 pm
second amendment. don't let it happen. close down charter schools, eliminate school choice, so important to abolish. the suburbs they want to put low-income housing in the suburbs so the american -- by the way, we have a lot of minority groups that live in the suburbs. african-american, asian-american, hispanic-american, all phenomenally last year with jobs, the best jobs we've ever had in the history of the country. the best economy we have ever had. [applause] they are a big part of the suburbs, and they want to put low-income housing in the suburbs and they've never done it before at a level like this. and terminate the regulation that did that. they said we can change and i said no, let's terminate it. people have to aspire to go there. they want to aspire to go live in the suburbs. they want abolish cash bail, releasing 400,000 criminals into
12:40 pm
our street. no more cash bail. look at what happened to new york. cuomo entered cash bail and that wasn't even de blasio, that was cuomo the governor. he ended it in new york. in the crime rate has gone through the roof. the speaker advisors convention probably declared we are talking about abolishing the police. we are talking about abolishing ice, and we are talking about abolishing prisons. and that, the only thing they are not abolishing as our text is because your taxes will go up a level you've never even heard of before. if you want a vision of your life under biden presidency, think of the smoldering ruins of minneapolis, the violent anarchy of portland, at the bloodstained sidewalks of chicago, and imagine the mayhem coming to your town, in every single town in america. you will not have law and order. did you notice and i shouldn't say it because i will put it in a speech if you can read it
12:41 pm
which i doubt it. they will put it in they are tonight shouldn't say that. we should have a good audience and people will find out what the hell is going on. he hasn't answered the question and i just saw on the newscast since july 17th. and hasn't taken any questions from the fake news back there. no, think about it. [applause] and i think i take about a hundred questions a day. these people. you know, it is one thing i've learned, the people in these other countries whether president xi, china, vladimir putin of russia, one, turkey, any of them, kim jong un north korea and remember we will be in war with north korea, there is going to be a war, right congressman, there will be a war. if trump, it will be a word. it would have been a war if hillary clinton or obama. but where is the war? i don't see the war. maybe things happen, you don't know.
12:42 pm
but there's been no war. nobody killed. he would have lost 25 million, 30 million people but they don't say that. they say 100,000 people, no, no, 32 million people and it's right next to the cannon fire. we have a good relationship with him. i have a good relationship with him. you know when i say that, this is not terrible to say. no, it's not terrible. it is great. i have a relationship. president obama said when i shut down the first meeting, right come in the white house, he said it was the biggest problem we hd with north korea. and she would have had a big problem. it would have been one of a war. you are probably right and we would be in that war right now. so when i say we got along and met. it was terrible. no, it is a good thing, not a bad thing. it is a good thing. does it mean bad things don't happen, but it is a good thing. [applause] there is only one thing standing between your family and the radical left wing mob, and that
12:43 pm
is your vote this november. this is a very important -- i feel like i am a wall. we built the wall on the southern border. we will have 300 miles from two weeks from now, even less, 300 miles. [applause] by the end of the year, we will be up to almost 500 miles. then we will go on a little bit further some areas loose, little bit loose, we found out. we will put a little bit more 536 miles going up at a record clip that is doing phenomenally well. if you want mobs, criminals, you have to vote democrat, look, because that's what it is about. they don't talk about law and order. now, i'm bringing it up now, but i haven't seen anybody get up. i just got the other day endorsed by all the sheriffs of florida, all of the law enforcement. i got endorsed, i got endorsed by pennsylvania. i got endorsed by texas, ohio, i think everybody come i don't
12:44 pm
know. how can you endorse somebody else? how can law enforcement and/or somebody else? we gave all of our ex-army equipment. we have tremendous surplus equipment and it was sitting in where houses all over the united states. hundreds of millions of dollars. i distributed it to the police whereas biden and obama, they didn't want to do that because they said no, no, no it makes the police look strong. i want the police to look strong. you've got to look strong. and a lot of it was protective equipment. [applause] if you want jobs and you want a lot of police and you want a lack of crime, you know, if you would take away new york, chicago, and some of these terrible cities that we see about that deal with the crime. i left new york for years ago, and i can see because he has a terrible mayor, the things that were happening that were bad. he has no rudy giuliani, i can tell you that, but i can see
12:45 pm
things were happening. but the last six months, seven months, it exploded. it is incredible. crime up 368%. 368%. it is crazy, it is crazy. if you want law and order mike can say sometimes, say it gentl. people want to hear her gently. say it gently, say law and order. if you would like law and order and safety -- [laughter] no come i can't do that. if you want law and order, you have to have law and order. you can't have what is happening in portland. did you see the kid that got whacked like a piece of garbage? who can take that. we don't want that. pretty soon we have to send an error people because we are supposed to wait until request? i don't know if they are embarrassed but these democratic cities are out of control. they have none. look at seattle where she said no, we want a summer of love. i mean, this woman is crazy. and they would have never taken
12:46 pm
back seattle except they knew we were going in the next day. that is only reason that they did it. so tonight, we have slow joe will speak at the democrat convention. [laughter] and i'm sure that he will just knock them dead to. [laughter] and he will remind us that he was born in scranton, but you know, he left like 70 years ago, right? he left a long time ago. you know, i view it differently. he would say he was born here but left when he was eight, nine, or ten. so he left 68 years ago, he left. a long time ago. so i view it differently. he wasn't born here. he abandoned scranton, okay? his family had something to do with that from his parents but he left scranton. he keeps talking about i was born in scranton, i lived in scranton a few years but then he left for another state. you know the state. but this scranton stuff, that is
12:47 pm
why i would figure here and asked when one thing to you, but i think you people know it better than i do. he left. he abandon pennsylvania. he abandoned scranton. he was here for a short period of time, and he didn't even know it. it is amazing he goes around in a circle, he still doesn't know it. but he spent the last half-century in washington selling out our country and ripping off our jobs and letting other countries steal our jobs. mexico, china, live them. he is stealing our jobs. he's been there 47 years. and now he will come in and make a change. i don't think so. his son worked out with $1.5 billion to manage and his son didn't even have a job before that. and i asked the wall street people, tell me come is that possible? smartest people in wall street said it can't happen, it can't happen. the smartest people of the people that do get money from every country from everybody say it can't happen.
12:48 pm
he walked out of there in 10 minutes with $1.5 billion. explain that one, right? they want to look at him and nobody looks at ukraine, $83,000 a month and $3 million upfront payment because of his great expertise and energy but he had none. he even admitted, no, i don't know anything about energy. but he goes on to an energy company, millions of dollars, it 83 can actually double that because him and some guy that knew less than he did. and it is that okay? yeah. is it okay when joe biden says, $1 billion a you are not getting it unless you get rid of those prosecutors. you talk about quid pro quo, right? that is your quid pro quo and they did quid pro quo, right? they did, they got rid of the prosecutors. now, you are getting your money. okay? figure this, how about if that is a republican doing that what
12:49 pm
happens to the republican? it is over. it is a disgrace. but it is changing slowly, to slowly as far as i'm concerned. joe biden is no friend of pennsylvania. he is actually for the reasons we just said your worst nightmare. local list attack on pennsylvania workers, and after, china's world trade organization, which built china into a power. epp, korea, the horrible ridiculous paris claimant accord which stripped our natioe so-called clean power plan. the only thing good about it was a name, a horrible, unfair deal. wearable for you and horrible for pennsylvania. they want to take your power away. you know what your power is? the billions of dollars you make on going deep into the earth and taking out what you have to take out. everything you want from
12:50 pm
fracking. you don't realize how big a fracking state, does anybody know how big fracking is? you will not be allowed to frak anymore. no oil. no nothing. no oil, no gas, no nothing. just think of that, what would happen, first of all, many of you 600,000, 670,000 lose their jobs. no money, no oil, higher taxes, your stock market would crash. if they get and be on fracking, if they get in, you will have your 401(k)s with each or extending records. the stock market, by the way, just hit a new high. [applause] and don't forget, we have been going through this horrible plague from china just hit a new high. think of that. that is incredible. but your 401(k)s, how many people have 401(k)s? good? that's a lot. how about if they went down 10% because that can happen. and it will happen if we are stupid and we don't go out and
12:51 pm
vote. secure your ballots. absentee ballots are good, but the stuff or they take millions and millions of ballots and send them all over the place, grab it and we will put them in a big pile. everyone grab it. it is a disgrace. even common sense tells you that. look at new york. look at what happened in new jersey. look at what happened in virginia. look at what happened -- i woke up to the details and you know the story. they have no control whatsoever. in new jersey, 20% of the ballots were defective, fraudulent, 20%! and that is because they did a good job, okay? so this is just a way to steal the election. and everybody knows that. because the only way that they are going to wins by a rigged election. i really believe that. i saw the crowd outside. for every sign we had for trum trump/pentz, every single sign. [applause] i mean, and that is said in
12:52 pm
texas we had people the highways and the roadways, driving to an oil well where we gave a speech. but a 20 minute drive between the plane and that wheel well, there were tens of thousands of people and they had the signs tromped, flags, american flags. you know, the other side show up which is rarely and never have an american flag. i can always tell the group of people coming you never see an american flag, the fake news would tell you that, but you never see -- but they will not tell you personally. but you never see an american flag. it is an amazing thing. but if you look outside today, is it 100/1, 200/1 and then tomorrow biden was well represented. he wasn't well represented, there was hardly anybody there. every once in a while i see biden waving to the people. i waved to her anyway, who cares. yeah, but it was 100/1?
12:53 pm
and you will agree he had a massive crowd also. pennsylvania lost more than one in three manufacturing jobs after nafta and china's entry into the wto. and that was a vote courtesy of sleepy joe. biden looked american labor into the eyes and took their dues, the union endorsements, and their votes, the unions, the unions have to be more reasonable. they have to be more reasonable. and we love the unions. we love nonunion, i've had it all, you know? i built every building i built every building in new york i built with union. and the republicans don't want me to say that but unions, told him to keep their dues down, please, but they are fine. you have unions, nonunions. but i talk about the worker. treating our workers horribly. we lost our jobs to foreign lands. our workers got fired, whether
12:54 pm
they were in the unions are not. then he sold out and he passed the cadillac tax. the union health care plans. the tax, energy jobs and sent their jobs to china. and now he's back begging for their votes. you know, it is like a custom. democrats come except with me. i came in and i have so many union votes and i get far more. you have seen it. a couple of people either lost their job or came very close that were unbeatable. because they lead a charge for the democrats for cricket hillary last time. they led a charge. and the people in the union didn't want that. they didn't want hillary, they wanted tromped. we had union revolts, we called them, they revolted and you guys are you young and young people? i can tell. are you joining in? that is good, that is fine. you get a hand. certain parts of the country they would not be happy, but
12:55 pm
that is okay, right? and that is great. and they were not happy and they were not happy when the bosses got endorsed by the democrats. american labor will vote for tromped/pence in 2020. and this area will be an incredible area, this used to be all democrat until i came along. until i came along, this was democrats may heavily union, democrats and everything that they liked, trump. and they will let you down. i won't let you down. first of all, the country won't be let down. you will see a crash like you've never seen before. as good as the stock numbers are, there is a headwind. the headwind is if he won, the market will crash. the green new deal, socialized medicine, that is what they want. socialized medicine. no doctor, no plan from obama lied about it 28 times.
12:56 pm
remember he said you could keep your doctor, keep your plan. it wasn't true. 28 different times. for the last four years, reversing the historic wins for the people of pennsylvania and your state lost over 50,000 manufacturing jobs for vice president and my first three years, pennsylvania gained 14,000 jobs, manufacturing and going up at a level nobody has seen before. and we will catch all those jobs lost. manufacturing jobs will never come back. remember, you need a magic wand. where is the magic wand? we have the magic wand. my first week in office i withdrew from the trans-pacific partnership. it would be a horror show. i withdrew from the one cited paris climate accord which would have cost us so many billions of dollars and all it would have done was made the competition
12:57 pm
even tougher all over the world. i believe it was designed to hurt the united states and to get jobs away from us and companies. i stood up to china's plunder and theft, rampant cheating and i repealed that horrible tax. so many taxes. how many taxes did i repealed? i'm getting a list of them now and i will have them for the next reading because i will be back to pennsylvania. that i promise. [applause] and i'm standing up to the special interest in the big pharma, big weeks ago i signed four historic records to dramatically reduce prescription drugs. think about it. you know what i did come i signed as you know and as you have seen my guess. other countries have 10% of what we pay for the same exact pill, same drugs, same prescription drugs. and i signed a deal that we get that is not signed by the drug companies.
12:58 pm
they hated to take advertising. whenever you see bad ads from drug companies, just remember one thing, your prices are coming down. that means your prices -- but it's called paid for nations. paid for nations. we were the least favored nation in the world and we pay the highest price. so with germany as an example pays $0.10 for a pill, and we pay $3 for the exec exact same pill, that means that we could p drug prices by 50, 60, 70% at a level that has made them very angry. and rebates go to you. nobody else would have done that. they could have done that a long time ago. biden could have done it but he didn't know what it meant, but i will tell you, most people do know but they can't do it because big pharma is the most powerful group and i guess number one. is it number one? you didn't take money from big
12:59 pm
pharma, i bet you didn't. i bet you didn't. i entered the nafta disaster and signed usmca into law. usmca is phenomenal. and it will keep your companies from moving to mexico and other places. after years of building up other nations, we are finally building up our nation. and we are finally doing something that i've been talking about for years. we are finally putting america first. i have done that right from the beginning. we are honored to be joined today by some incredible warriors that were really fantastic to me and friends of mine. representative scott where is scott? thank you, scott lloyd smucker. thank you. john joyce. thank you. great job.
1:00 pm
great job. and a friend of mine and a grea great man. he would've been here forever i he decided to. maybe it was time to do something else, but this was a fighter like no other fighter. and the three other gentlemen will attest. >> we are monitoring the president of the united states and pennsylvania. it as if on cue, the market is doing what he's been talking about in this speech. the nasdaq hit yet another record the 32nd of the year. we are also getting wind that the s&p is very close to hittin a record as well. there 35th record of the year. all of this, a huge comeback from the blows we expensed back in march. all the major market averages are up at least 50 percent from those levels, so the president was trying to point out in remarks in pennsylvania today that that


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