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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 20, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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that's the "the story." but it is always the story that continues. we will see you back here at 10:00 eastern. bret baier will be with you for the main event. and our panel is well paid have great night. spend the rest of it with us here at fox news channel covering the final night of the democratic national convention. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for thousands of years now, faithful monotheists around the world have waited for one single moment. the fulfillment of their faith, god's return to earth. last night at the dnc of all places it finally happened. tragically, you may have missed it. fire masters was on the cooking channel, we don't judge. but the media was there. bowing deeply before the author of creation, our 44th president.
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can i get an amen? >> it was intimate and chilling and he was declaring a national emergency and what he was doing was saying, i need you to save democracy. nothing less. >> tucker: is nothing less. there is a religious revival underway in america's newsrooms tonight, greg gutfeld joins us to assess the 21st century pentecost. are you saved? back in the temporal world, it is day four of the democratic national convention. it is time to consider what we have learned so far. we see an awful lot this week, wash elizabeth warren promise to bring peace to indian country, a lady called in from their $11 million summer home. we met gender-transcend into mermaid queen-king who dreamt of a world without police or prisons. post-makeover sandy cortez nominate a man she referred to see mysteriously as "bernard
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sanders" for president. what is it all mean? one thing it does not amount to is a coherent ideological framework or logical governing strategy. that's about the only thing they agree on. joe biden himself doesn't have particularly strong views on anything these days except maybe and no one in the room likes kamala harris and no one in the roowhatexactly do these people n common? they are all deeply and personally unhappy. this is the coalition of the miserable. it's hard to know precisely what went wrong for these people. some of them are mad at their fathers, for others life didn't turn out the way they hoped. it can make people better. many others are simply victims of their own affluence. being rich for too long tends to destroy people from within particularly when they didn't earn it, they become guilty and
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restless and insecure. whatever the cost, you cannot takanyone maladjusted group at e dnc this week. last night, the schedule in appy singer called billie eilish. the first thing you notice is she's very unhappy. whatever she's got going on in her personal life, you don't want to be part of it and who knows what it's really about, she probably doesn't know. most of us don't really understand what ails us but for the purposes of last night's event it doesn't matter. like almost everybody in the democratic party, billie eilish has decided that donald trump is her core problem. >> you don't need me to tell you that things are a mess, donald trump is destroying our country and everything we care about. we need leaders who will solve problems like climate change and covid, not deny them.
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leaders who will fight against racism and inequality. it starts with voting against donald trump and for joe biden. we all have to vote like our lives into the world depend on it, because they do. >> tucker: donald trump is destroying everything we care about. period. that right there is the message of the dnc this week. the message is not "joe biden can identify his own wife by site and is therefore fit to lead the country." it's not "kamala harris is a very sincere person who is thought through the issues that matter." it's not even "vote for us and our program won't make the country better." no. it's more compelling. "you're unhappy, so are we, it's all donald trump's fault so kick him out." real life by contrast is complicated. if we are being honest about it, all of us we implicated in our own failures to a much greater
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extent than we care to admit but that's the thing. at the democratic national convention, you don't have to admit it. you did nothing wrong. you are blameless, it's all donald trump's ball. watch chief warren come alive from indian country. >> donald trump's ignorance and incompetence have always been a danger to our country. covid-19 was trump's biggest chest. he failed miserably. this crisis is on donald trump and the republicans who enable him. on november 3rd, we will hold them all accountable. >> tucker: see? at the coronavirus to the list of his crimes. it's all there. when he wasn't stuffing your neighborhood's mailboxes into the back of his suburban, it turns out donald trump was up late in his basement lab mixing up lethal bat pathogens which eat unleashed on america from
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his own personal wet market. you should see what he did to the nursing homes in the state of new york, it was awful. give that man points for energy. donald trump is so committed to making you unhappy that he rarely sleeps. you look skeptical. how could one man achieve so much global evil in a single 24-hour day? there just isn't time. when did he have a chance to call vladimir putin? that's a fair point, it does sound unlikely. on the other hand, it's easier than the alternative explanations. let's say you lost a presidential election that by any matter you should of won, your husband was the president, in the end it turned out that you were to entitle, too out of touch, voters just didn't like you. it would be hard to admit that to yourself. it would be even harder to admit it to others. you might just prefer to blame donald trump. he must've cheated, sounds like something he would do. >> i wish donald trump knew how to be a president because america needs a president right
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now. remember back in 2016 when trump asked, what you have to lose? well now we know. our health care, our jobs, our loved ones. our leadership in the world and even our post office. don't forget, joe and kamala can win by 3 million votes and still lose. take it from me. so we need numbers overwhelming so trump can't sneak or steal his way to victory. >> tucker: see? trump stolen along with the mailboxes and the pay phones. of course he did. donald trump is such a bad person at the true scope of his diabolical awfulness is hard to describe. maybe impossible to describe. maybe it's better to not even try to describe it. it's like when your grandmother got sick, no one wanted to say what it was, the disease was too scary. trump is that bad. the good news is, compared to
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donald trump, everybody else looks good. even the worst people, especially the worst people and that's the beauty of it. listen to how they are describing teddy kennedy at the dnc. >> i have admired joe biden since i was a senate intern in 1974. celebrate women's rights and working families. >> tucker: uncle teddy's commitment to women's rights. the same uncle teddy who fled to the scene of a drunk driving accident and left a young woman to drown slowly in the backseat. the same uncle teddy who shared the harvey weinstein school of dating. and you're starting to see the appeal of the message here, are you not? everyone gets off the hook except for donald trump. and people who look like donald trump are evil, too, guilt by resemblance paid >> it was all about representation.
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my little me heart felt so full last night. >> today with david and john is the first time i see a white man like in eight hours other than joe biden last night and that's okay, they've had 240 years of representation, they're going to be okay. >> tucker: so this is how bad he is, anyone with the same skin color is donald trump is repulsive. so disgusting, so repugnant to gaze upon, the cnn anchor is now refreshed. a spot treatment in sedona, that's a hot towels. keep in mind, nothing you've just heard his racism. no, of course. if you said that about the cnn anchor, obviously still would be. but the cnn anchor isn't donald trump, is she?
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no, she's not someone who looks like donald trump, is she? no. okay, so it's fine. just like drowning a woman in a car, it totally depends. was trump around? it's all about context. eventually kamala harris took the stage last night. "wherever else we are in the democratic party, we are definitely not donald trump and that's enough so just vote for us, everything will be fine." >> so i think we need to ask ourselves, why don't they want us to vote? why is there so much effort to silence our voices? and the answer is because when we vote, things change. when we vote, things get better. >> tucker: there it is right there, that's the line of the night. "when we vote, things get better." vote for us and things will get better. she's not telling you how they're going to get better, why would she?
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just vote. put us in power and your life will instantly improve. that's also the promise they've been making for decades and for decades people have believed them. democrats now control nearly every major population center in this country. so the question is, how are those places doing? have things gotten better in say chicago, detroit, baltimore, birmingham, in the city. we will leave the reporting of that to you. google the name of any major american city and see how life is looking for the people who live in those places right now. they did what they were told, voted the way kamala harris wanted them to vote. did life improve? that's the basic question and maybe the only question that matters. democrats hate it when you ask. when you press them and let you know, this may come as no shock, donald trump is destroying things and places they've controlled for generations. then they changed the subject. often they bring up a place
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called selma, a small city in the state of alabama, famous because there was a consequential civil rights march their 55 years ago this spring. we hear a lot about the march but you never hear about how the story ended. people in selma voted and good, that was the point of the march. and they voted for democrats. how did that turn out for them? selma is now the poorest city in alabama, the most dangerous place in the state. it has the highest unemployment rate. more than 40% of the people who live in selma are poor, they are in poverty. that's a tragedy. it's amazing there is a city like that in this country. does dea kamala harris care? has she ever mentioned real life selma? probably she have hasn't done has kamala harris done to make selma better? you know the answer. progressive democrats took control of selma and that was the end of the story because
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taking control was the whole point. the lives of the actual people who remained there didn't matter. and they still don't. but to kamala harris, this is the blueprint for the rest of the country. >> and the excessive use of force by police and in our broader criminal justice system, there is no vaccine for racism. we have got to do the work. for george floyd, for breonna taylor, for the lives of too many others to name, we've got to do the work to fulfill that promise. of equal justice under law. because here's the thing, none of us are free until all of us are free. >> tucker: yeah, okay. what's interesting is what
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kamala harris didn't say in that speech. at no point did she mention any of the people dying as she was speaking, the beatings, for example, that took place, the assaults going on as the democratic national convention progress this week. they are not important. the other day in manhattan, a retired nypd sergeant was viciously beaten and robbed on camera to my camera, cities across the country are falling apart in real time. take a look at the dnc after party this week, watch. >> [bleep] [whistle-blowing] [shouting] >> [bleep] >> tucker: those
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are real people. their lives matter, no matter what they look like, no matter who they voted for, they are americans, their lives matter and they are being hurt and in some places killed but they weren't mentioned, they haven't been mentioned all week, why is that? because the policies they are pushing are implicated in the violence you're watching. nor are they mentioning what's happening in california right now. they are rolling blackouts. we need a green new deal, the democrats tell you. okay, what will that look like? well, there is one state in the union that is closer to a green new deal than any other. it's california and thanks to its green energy policy, california is suffering historic power outages in the middle of a heat wave. that can kill people. for another thing, it's not a first world situation, we are supposed to have electricity and when our big estate doesn't it tells you there's been massive and profound, possibly criminal mismanagement. who did that and why?
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shouldn't we be interested in finding out? no mention of it last night. >> we've been without power 60 plus hours since friday night. >> at least half a does in medical devices that need power, all of them help to keep his son alive. during other power outages he would get advanced emac advance notice but not this weekend. >> this particular outage, we got no heads up, no information. >> thousands of residents in san jose lost power over the weekend as early as friday night. this map shows that thousands more are still affected. >> tucker: most voters in california are democrats, this is not in any sense of partisan point. california will vote for kamala harris in november, no question about that. it's a question of helping actual people, not just repeating mindless platitudes, telling us the same two stories about police brutality. nobody defends police brutality, nobody is in favor of it but if you keep talking about the same
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stories it gives us the sense that you are intentionally ignoring what's actually happening. which is the consistent to lowering the standard of living for actual americans, millions of them. so you shouldn't be surprised if you continue to ignore things people actually care about that people may not be that excited about your candidacy despite how they feel about the guy you are running against. in the case of kamala harris, that meant they had to make people up. take a look at this, this is, they had to duplicate some of her fans after the address. it was hard to find a room full of people actually clapping so they just invented some people out of thin air. it's good enough or major league baseball, it's good enough for the dnc, take a look. so if you're wondering where the genuine supporters are, they may be wandering around looking for an actual message. trump up bad. even if you agree with that it's a little thin after a while.
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a journalist with "the gray zone," which breaks news that other places won't. thanks so much for coming on. we've been in a fairly sincere way trying to figure out what the messages. obviously the core messages that trump is bad, a lot of people agree with that. that's fine. what else is kamala harris running on, do you know? >> i don't and i think if democrats really cared about people of color they would end policy of war on people of the world but unfortunately kamala harris voted against a very meager decrease in the pentagon's budget a few weeks ago. it's very clear that in office she will act as nothing more than a marionette for the very people who destroy countries such as libya and are actually responsible for bringing slavery back to the african continent and the point i think is so interesting when it comes to foreign policy, tucker, is that president trump has given the democrats a perfect opportunity to oppose him in a meaningful way, he recognized an individual
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even he described as the beto o'rourke of venezuela, overseen a failed coup in that country, implement it crushing, brutal sanctions against people of syria struggling to rebuild after years of war waged by the united states and its allies. many people who crafted that war will likely be in abide in administration. trump even made the decision to assassinate someone who actually fought alongside the united states in its fight against isis and here's the thing, the democratic base rejects all of these policies but the democratic elite don't seem to care. in fact, what amazed me as i watch the convention is that the only jobs program democrats have offered the public in the midst of a global health crisis and economic crisis is a jobs program for washed up criminal neocons. >> tucker: washed up criminal neocons. the architects of the foreign policy disasters you're describing seemed to have gone
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almost as a group to the democratic party and are supporting the harris-biden ticket, why do you think that is? >> tucker, i think the neocons just don't seem to die. for some reason overseeing iran and venezuela and policy in administration, but you have people like bill kristol, who is goinand couldn't punch way out a paper bag, colin powell revived on an international stage, national stage i should say on this is the thing, anyone who supported the iraq war such as colin powell, elliott abrams should be discredited in the eyes of the u.s. public to and in fact is, the only person i was missing from this whole event was colin powell's little vial of anthrax and i think he may have thrown out his credibility with that bio when he brought it to the united nations and lied the united states into a war with
5:21 pm
iraq. >> tucker: that made us weaker. thanks so much for coming out tonight, i appreciate it. so the world changed a little bit last night, let's not lie about it, it changed a lot, permanently and forever. the 44th president of the united states reemerged, came back to earth. many were struck mute by the experience, greg gutfeld is slowly regaining his ability to speak. we will talk next. ♪ i try to put my arm around any vet that i can, absolutely.
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♪ >> tucker: barack obama emerged from the wilderness last night. he appeared as if in a dream, gathered his people around him. loaves of bread and dried fish in his hand and told them of a better way. here's what he said. >> i did hope, for the sake of our country, that donald trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously. that he might come to feel the weight of the office. and to discover some reverence for the democracy that had been placed in his care. but he never did. for close to four years now, he has shown no interest in putting
5:27 pm
in the work. no interest in using the awesome power of his office to help anyone but himself and his friends. no interest in treating the presidency as anything other than one more reality show that he can use to get the attention he craves. donald trump hasn't grown into the job because he can't. do not let them take away your democracy. >> tucker: barack obama, we learned last night, does not like donald trump, but he has a solution. if you vote for the candidate barack obama likes, you will be saved. that is his message. as you can imagine, obama's message hits the media like a flash bang. they were shocked and disoriented. all they knew is that something they can't just happen. >> president obama has always been a great speaker but he really delivered tonight. >> really history have been shaking speech by
5:28 pm
president obama, an extraordinary speech. >> obama's speech shook me as his despair laid there, it was intimate and chilling and he was declaring a national emergency. and what he was doing was saying, i need you to save democracy. >> president obama can be a poet. he empowers people out there, he made people see that this democracy is theirs. i just think that this obama speech was one for the ages. >> barack obama emanated tonight, i love this country and it could be gone. >> throughout all the speeches i have read or watched, this absolutely did feel like the most of our warning and i think it was warning about the potential end of america. >> tucker: take away? dumb people are easily impressed. like a cat by a slinky. but a poet? barack obama is a poet now?
5:29 pm
greg gutfeld heard it last nig night. he's the author by the way of the book "the self-help book for people who hate self-help." he joins us now, great to see you. how moved were you by the poetry emanating from the lips of our 44th president? >> tucker, i'm going to be honest with you right now, this is the first time i've spoken since i watched it. i have been rendered speechless for the last 24 hours. i decided to come and do your show, i had a stunt double on "the five" because i was in a hospital recovering from the shock and all that lived through my soul, ate my soul and then threw it up all over studio f. you know what it was? >> tucker: that's disgusting, by the way. >> thank you. when obama talks into the media response it's like a baby, like a mama bird feeding a baby bird, right? the media ate it all up because obama just regurgitated their narratives of the last four
5:30 pm
years. he condensed cnn's prime time content into 20 minutes and then gave it back to them. basically he droned, and not just people, tucker. he droned -- >> tucker: you mean he went on in a monotonous way or used unmanned airborne vehicles to drop explosives on people? >> you are explaining my jokes, tucker, and i hate when you do that. my favorite part, did you ever notice when kids discover a term and they keep overusing it? you see it a lot on twitter, it's now, the phrase is "putting in the work." "doing the works." that's the phrase they are using which is hilarious because you can hate trump all you want, say he's the worst thing but you can't say he's not putting in the work, the guy is up at all hours, juggling five different things. you may hate what he's doing but the reason they are pushing
5:31 pm
joe biden's because he's guaranteeing the media and the democrats three hour workday, tops. he's going to get up around 10:00, have lunch at 1:00, there will be the 4:00 nap and then he's going to watch his shows and go to bed. the thing is, look and see that trump somehow doesn't do the work is hysterical. >> tucker: i once heard someone say that the media are so impressed by barack obama because he's the smartest person they've ever seen which i find hilarious. >> he is there a mirror he's their mirror. >> tucker: greg gutfeld. >> they would love to -- never mind. i'm going to edit myself. >> tucker: probably best. good to see you tonight, thank you. well, parents are worried that netflix is showing some content involving children. when we say involving children, i mean that in the absolute
5:32 pm
worst way. we will tell you what we mean after the break. plus, coverage of the dnc. ♪
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>> you want to know why? not because you're going with that, it's because [bleep], [bleep], you got it so bad [bleep]. [bleep], [bleep], dirty [bleep]. [bleep], brush your teeth [bleep], all day. [bleep]. now you've got bacon, egg, and cheese grease inside [bleep], you know what i'm saying? >> tucker: that was joe biden's favorite music artistartist cardi b for with a message for your daughters and granddaughters. this isn't confined to music,
5:38 pm
all of a sudden it's everywhere. now the company netflix which of course dominates subscription television is saying it's deeply sorry after releasing poster to promote its movie "cutie." take a look at the poster. what's the first thing you think of? it's sexualizing young girls, dancing in dance costumes. you should be offended by this. the company says it's a film about an 11-year-old girl who rebels against her family to join a salacious dance crew. okay. a film critic at national review, thanks so much for coming on. why this constant impulse to sexualize young girls from the people who tell us they are protecting girls? what is this? >> we have to remember, it's not really new, tucker, it goes all the way back to madonna, back in
5:39 pm
the '80s madonna came on the scene, after this, what's left? since madonna, the media has found a way to influence and ruin young generations. mtv is based on the pernicious indoctrination of young people into sex and alcohol and drugs. this is what our democratically-based media is based on. >> tucker: if you are handing out marlboros to sixth-graders you would be seen as a villain. this is so much worse because it corrodes people inside, helps shape the course of their lives in a really bad direction and we don't even know the names of the people pushing this. why don't the rest of us say something about it? >> you know, it's funny, but as a pop culture critic i realized for years for people think
5:40 pm
hollywood is their friend. it's not their friend. one of trump's great phrases is the enemies of the people in the mainstream media have become the enemies of the people, this is why they use sex to lure young people's imaginations, get them concentrated on self abuse and self exploitation because mtv tells them this is the route to fame. it happens all the time. it happens too frequently. >> tucker: politics. >> it happens all the time, we shouldn't take it for granted. >> tucker: do you have any idea why they would want to destroy young girls? >> i believe it's a way of controlling an audience, keeping an audience. they always say cells, violent
5:41 pm
cells, this is what hollywood does, for lack creativity. too often most people think it's business, it is business as usual but we take it for granted as this is what pop-culture is but it's not what pop-culture can be. as i tried to say, two times a week at national review, pop-culture can be better than this, we should demand better of it. >> tucker: exactly. speak do not give it to me really quick, if you would. >> for instance, you started out with a clip from cardi b. cardi b is vulgar but is not as dangerous as someone like taylor swift who sells a message to the young people that makes them think they're being smart when actually she's getting them to swallow the hollywood line and that's just as dangerous,
5:42 pm
frankly. >> tucker: interesting. that's what i appreciate. >> that is good stuff out there, you have to look for it. >> tucker: thank you for coming on tonight, i hope you will come back. kamala harris prosecuted a journalist whose opinions she didn't like. he's still fighting for his freedom. we are going to talk to him after the break. ♪
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you on this is a fox news alert, the final night of the democratic national convention has started, joe biden will be speaking. will senator met romney arrive tonight to vouch for joe biden? will willie brown come to put in a word for kamala harris? we don't know, anything could happen, stay tuned. back in march 2016 when she was the attorney general of california, kamala harris met with several planned parenthood executives. cops raided his home, that obviously is a violation of the first amendment but it didn't matter to kamala harris and in fact remains prosecuted, his
5:48 pm
whole life on hold, while kamala harris moved on. a journalist and pro-life activist joins us tonight, thanks so much for coming on. we've talked to you a couple times about this because it is one of these things that's hard to believe it happened in this country but give us a sense of where you are now in your battle up to live in a free country and use the first amendment. >> sure, sure, kamala harris, when she was attorney general of the state of california, she targeted me because of the message i had to say on the content of my speech. your viewers probably remember the harrowing undercover videos of planned parenthood's top-level leadership trafficking aborted baby body parts. planned parenthood was not happy when those videos came out. undercover video is widely practiced in the state of california, it's legal and we were scrupulous to follow the law to a tee, reporting people at open public restaurants,
5:49 pm
crowded public restaurants where anybody could be expected over here and at the behest of planned parenthood, kamala hair parenthood decided to target me and make me the first and only e of the criminal video recording law in california. she did that after having a secret meeting in southern california with six top-level planned parenthood executives in california and at the urging of planned parenthood with instructions from planned parenthood to seize the computer and video equipment i was using to publish the videos, kamala harris send 11 california doj agents into my one-bedroom apartment in southern california to seize the means of publishing the videos, they overlooked the printouts of invoices for a baby body parts from planned parenthood's business partners. they took the speech critical of planned parenthood. >> tucker: she used the power of armed law enforcement to
5:50 pm
crush someone who criticized her donors. does that make you worry for the country if she becomes the vice president? >> everyone in the united states who cares about our first amendment freedoms, to think for ourselves and say what we believe, everyone should be afraid of what kamala harris has her radical disrespect and contempt for the first amendment and her record that bears it out throughout her career. >> tucker: if you are willing to send people with guns to the home of a journalist because he criticize someone who gave money to your campaign, that says a lot. appreciate you coming on. good year, the tire company responding after a leaked document exposed political discrimination in their company, that's next. also, live coverage of last night, the final night of the democratic national convention right here on the way. joe biden is speaking tonight. it we will find out soon enough. ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: well, this week an
5:56 pm
employee at the good year plant posted a document that said it's good for employees to support but forbidden to support trump. it's forbidden to saw all lives matter. you can promote marxist organizations that want to destroy your family. good year did not deny this. they said that activism outside of the scope of equity issues is prohibited. banning only political speech they disagree with.
5:57 pm
this is a tire company. its job is to make tires. if you needed more evidence that the cultural moment has misconduct. good year provided. when you have to mouth the words to make tires, it's mandatory nationwide. the white house is condemning this document but many federal agencies have similar policies. until businesses and politicians take action against this, you need to be woke to get your tires. buck joins us tonight. this has to be a violation of the law to tell employees some political speech is allowed and other is forbidden. >> in the people's republic of
5:58 pm
woke, what is political? they want to control the definition of that word to skew this to one side of the political aisle. we see this happens corporations across america. they took over the schools and universities and hollywood. now you have to add corporate america's hr-culture. there is no deviation allowed and they will define what they like as being non-political. even blue lives matter, that's where good year ran into trouble. i think good year's customer understands that the bulwark of our society comes from law enforcement.
5:59 pm
und undermining cops is not political. >> tucker: they are pushing for total sameness. it's the opposite of diverse. what does someone say that? >> i think you have a lot of companies that are infiltrated by social justice worries. it's also at the very top. look at silicone valley. the left boycotts and the right wants to go about their lives and buy stuff that works. companies take this posture, we will bend the knee before we get if trouble and theylet the diversity czars come in. it upsets normal people. we see it in one case in kansas. but this is happening across the country. people don't want to lose their jobs. so this marxist nonsense continues on. >> tucker: thank you very much
6:00 pm
for that. dnc wraps up trent. -- tonight. joe biden accepting the democratic nomination. he waited 30 years for this moment. too bad he is not here to enjoy it. sean hannity. >> sean: what a minute? what happened to we are the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. >> tucker: especially group think. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." in just moments the president of the united states donald trump will join us live. we will get his take on what i see as the worst info-merial on the face of the earth. the grand finale of the democratic national convention and tonight the forgetful


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