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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  August 23, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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thank you to tyrus and michael and by the plus it will change your life. jon: house of her present is voting on legislation to get the u.s. postal service and the just $25 billion a controversial mail-in voting heats up at the white house. president trump's said he will veto it if it hits his desk. good evening i'm jon scott and this is "the fox report." the house democrats bill also restricts any further changes to the postal service. postmaster general louis dejoy a big donor to president trump testified yesterday before senate panel. he said cost-cutting moves like removing sorting machines won't slow delivery in an election when the coronavirus pandemic is
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likely to have more americans voting by mail. president trump's slammed universal mail-in voting is supposed to absentee ballots of voter must request. democratic nominee joe biden said the president is indirectly trying to steal the election by leaving doubts about mail-in voting. we have fox team coverage. hillary long on the biden campaign and rich edinson at the white house but first let's go to chad who's live on capitol hill. >> k jon the house of representatives started this if the blood minutes ago on this 25 billion-dollar postal service bill. they want to infuse the postal service with the money they will probably finish off on a bipartisan basis within the hour. the new procedures under the coronavirus they usually take about 15 minutes maybe an hour or so before 7:00 eastern time we will have a conclusion to the. democrats are skeptical about louis dejoy.
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there afraid he's trying to undermine vote by mail and one person in particular whose concern is eleanor holmes norton. she's from the district of columbia. >> mr. dejoy did not tell the truth at the senate hearing yesterday. we know from a july 15 memorandum directing employees explicitly to leave mail behind and to significantly cut overtime. >> postmaster general louis dejoy appears before the house oversight committee a second hearing on capitol hill in four days. house is expected to pass the postal service bill shortly. a small number of republicans will vote yes including gop pennsylvania representative. >> i stand with the hard-working postal workers usps must be fully funded so that my constituents and millions across our nation can receive a
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high-quality and timely service that the post office has provided us. madam speaker i will vote in favor. white house chief of staff mark meadows is very concerned about fixing the postal service. >> we have politicized it to a point where i'm concerned that it may not be solvable just based on the rhetoric and in trying to make it more of a political partisan message and that's a real disservice to the american people. >> meadows was on capitol hill with a rare saturday session and he tried to drop in on house speaker nancy nancy pelosi pays trendy get something going on what he calls a coronavirus bill. they haven't been in negotiations and a couple weeks for she was in a leadership meeting so he left a message for her. he is indicating that the house and senate should be working on coronavirus legislation writ large not just something from the postal service that they will pass this bill within the hour. we'll go in to the senate and
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house speaker nancy pelosi trying to put pressure on republican senate saying you were not passing our legislation. you didn't pass the coronavirus bill the coronavirus bill buckley passed a made you will not take up the still dealing with the postal service now. jon back to you. jon: chad pergram on capitol hill, chad thank you. we await white house reaction to the proceedings in the house of representatives as president trump continues attack on mail-in voting and promises to veto any measure that makes it out of the house and senate. meanwhile the trump administration is revving up for the republican national convention which begins on monday. rich edson is live. >> the republicans turn is to have a modified convention. the events will culminate at the end of thursday when the president gives his acceptance speech at the white house. the republicans will be hosting events with speeches throughout the country both in washington and in charlotte.
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>> it's great, great number of voices from all across this country on what this president has done not just through the time of testing through which we have passed but the first three years. joe biden said democracy is on the ballot and characters on the ballot. let me tell you something mariyah i think your viewers know the economy is on the ballot. republicans have branded their convention honoring the great american story. the republican national committee said voters will see president trump each day at the convention. the full list of the speakers is unclear. first lady melania trump will speak tuesday and vice president mike pence is scheduled for wednesday. republicans have also announced speech is from senators tim scott joni ernst worm or u.n. ambassador nicky hailey south dakota governor christie dome among others. charlotte was the initial convention site and then covid-19 became a cant pandemic
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and republicans adjusted pay. they will broadcast speeches from across the country including mellon auditorium a few blocks from here at the white house and fort mchenry in baltimore. the republicans condition with a presidential speech and the rnc has requested a permit for a fire which showed and the whole thing at the washington monument close by after the president's speech. jon: rich edson, rich thank you. for more on the battle over mail-in ballots tune in to "fox news sunday." chris wallace will speak with white house chief of staff mark meadows about the houseboat on funding the postal service and delaware senator chris coons a biden campaign surrogate will sit down with chris to discuss biden strategy ahead of the republican convention. you can watch both exclusive interviews on your fox station tomorrow morning or here on "fox news" at 2:00 p.m. eastern. check your local listings for times. as we look ahead to next week's
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republican national convention democrats are planning to counter program the multi-day event. hillary vaughn is in delaware with what to expect. hillary. >> hi jon. democratic nominee joe biden's except in speech at the dnc last week ended with a bang as fireworks lit up the sky above an audience watching the speech from their cars in a parking in a parking lot but today biden's remarks are sparking new reaction for some who think this closing not the line sounded familiar. >> love is more powerful than hate. hope is more powerful than fear and light is more powerful than dark if this is our moment. this is our mission. >> some canadian press pointing out that they think that line is very similar to one the late canadian former leader of canada's new democratic party jack layton wrote when he wrote in a letter this quote my friends love is better than
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anger hope is better than fear and optimism is better than despair. this is the first time biden his in trouble for borrowing material to >> 1987 had to drop out of the presidential race due to a plagiarism scandal. today biden left wilmington and headed to his house while biden is off the campaign trail. candidates are taking a break during the opposing party's convention to the cycle the biden campaign said they aren't going dark during the gop convention but instead they have a counter campaign that will feature video press conferences with democratic heavyweight starting with congressman val demings on monday followed a michigan governor gretchen whitmer senator cory booker speaker nancy pelosi and pete buttigieg. tomorrow the joint ticket interview will air in and it died and says he would be willing to shut down the country during the flu season of scientists recommended it. >> in order to keep the country running and moving and the
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economy growing and people employed you have to fix the virus. you have to deal with the virus. >> so if they said shut it down? >> shut it down. i would listen to the scientists. >> biden has tapped himself as the best candidate to reboot the economy but a possible shutdown of the middle of winter would do the opposite area and jon: hillary vaughn in delaware, hillary thank you. the fbi looking into possible truck on threat against federal buildings in portland oregon. last night the 86'd great night of unrest there. crowds gathered outside of the police precinct damaging vehicles and starting fires. police issued repeated warnings to stop and made targeted arrest before moving in on the protesters in full force. bryan llenas now has more. >> jon good evening in the violence and unrest in portland oregon is taking place right now
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we take a look at this new video we have out of portland this afternoon their time. violent rallies being held by opposing groups at the justice center in the middle of the day in portland. this is the epicenter of the 86'd night of rioting that are right-wing blue lives matter group planned a rally today and rally today and a left-wing marxist protest group countered them. those sides are throwing rock amp projectile to one another. reportedly both sides have makeshift shields in their reports of tasers and paintball guns and mace being used rid this is portland police find themselves in the middle of it all in riot gear trying to protect their police precinct. this north precinct was the site of the right last night when a crowd of 150 to 200 writers badly damaged police patrol vehicles at this very same location. the portland police bureau reported projectiles being thrown last night at police officers that included railroad
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spikes, eggs, bottles golfballs and balloons filled with. nine people were arrested last night. this is the fbi continues to investigate a car bomb threat made to federal officers in portland on friday. the same day 25-year-old marquice love turned himself in. love is facing three federal charges including assault. love is accused of repeatedly punching and kicking this man adam haner nns disturbing attack video we have seen. painter was knocked unconscious and he said he and his girlfriend tried to stop the crowd from attacking and robbing a woman when he was attacked himself by black lives matter protesters. >> they were trying to fight the behavior towards them but they are exhibiting the same behaviors that they are trying to stop. >> you can watch there rest of
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this interview at 8:00 p.m. on "watters' world" with jesse watters. jon. jon: bryan llenas reporting from brooklyn. brian, thank you. for more on the vote we told you about at you about the top of the hour regarding the postal service in the house of representatives and what to expect from postmaster general louis dejoy congressional testimony monday was bringing congressman norman a member of the house oversight and reform committee. the postmaster general congressman will be speaking to your committee on monday, correct? what do you intend to ask him? >> well i will probably defending him. if it's like pulliam bar's testimony the democrats will give them 20 seconds of that to respond to their assaults. i will be asking him to explain why he's doing what he is doing why are we getting the money and wide the vote was a complete sham today and hopefully at least some of the democrats will give them time to answer but i
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doubt it. jaw mack republicans have argued that there a lot of other things that congress should be voting on and is in but to this postal service bill under unusual circumstances. why is that? >> it's a all political. they dislike this president so much. we haven't been in session since march 10 and this bill has not been debated and it has not gone through the regular process. this is just how the democrats do it. they are manufacturing this crisis and they think it gains them something politically. they will do anything to stop this president and i don't think it's going to work. jon: the argument from the democrats as you have to throw bunch of money at the post office to enable it to process all of the ballots that democrats would like to see cast as a result of mail-in voting. do i have a summation corrects? >> what they want to do is what
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they want is mask ballots being sent to anybody no verification of driver's license and they are saying that $25 billion which we have 73 days before the election in 237 million a day. it lets taxpayers get a glimpse of that to see if they agree with that which i don't think they do. the post office has plenty of money. it has $15,000,000,000.10 billion additional from the cares act and $400 million for handling the election. so it's a false claim. it's manufactured and i think the public sees it and we will see it for what it is. jon: as you are answering that question the vote tally in the house went above the 216 needed to move this thing forward. it's 224 yeas now so it appears that nancy pelosi has her way and will get a positive vote out
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of the house but then it goes to the senate and the senate is just going to let it languish in all probability. >> that's why this is a wasted manufacture crisis. she knows the senate isn't going to do it. jon: the senate isn't going to do anything with the? >> the senate isn't going to do anything with it. this is a messaging bill against this president. jon: so the hope if you are nancy pelosi is you get a bunch of headlines and you get people believing that republicans want to beat up on the postal service. >> you have heard everything today from the president. a threat to democracy and they gave examples of people not getting mail. barack obama took out more postal boxes then the postmaster general now.
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again it's just an attempt to create chaos and an attempt to demean the president. again i don't think it's going to work. i think this president is going to win it and this is just another long list of items that they are going after president trump on. jon: the 25 billion-dollar postal service bill appears to be on its way to passage. they have the votes in the house. south carolina congressman ralph norman we will be watching you monday when the postmaster general comes to your committee. >> my pleasure. jon: to two tropical storms are moving across the caribbean on a historic march towards the u.s. golf coast. the watch has been issued for the florida keys is tropical storm laura hammers puerto rico and heads towards the dominican republic. tropical storm our is passing through yucatán channel. hurricane watches in effect for parts of louisiana right now. both storms projected to approach the u.s. gulf coast at or near hurricane-force.
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researchers say two hurricanes have never appeared in the gulf of mexico at the same time but according to records going back to the least 1900. reinforcements from tennessee arriving in california to help crews fight hundreds of wildfires. here's a look at active fires currently burning in the west. the fires in california killing at least six people and destroying hundreds of homes for christina christina coleman is in la's pacific palisades area with the latest. christina. >> jon nearly 14,000 firefighters along the frontlines of two dozen major wildfires burning in the state right now. take a listen to the crews as they worked to rescue two firefighters who got trapped trying to stop the flames. the wildfires have destroyed or damaged more than 930 structure
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statewide. unprecedented lightning storm started last saturday and lasted throughout the week sparking many of the fires raging in northern california. 585 new fires have started since last saturday burning nearly 1 million acres across the state. there were nearly 12,000 lightning strikes over a 72 hour period this week with over 100 occurring just yesterday or the l.a. you lightning complex is the second largest fire in the state recorded history. it's burned more than three to 14,000 acres so far and has spanned across five counties including nasa and sonoma. it's only 15% contained. >> with all of the fire activity throughout the state all resources remains stretched to capacity that we have not seen in recent history. we are not out of the woods. >> vsc you lightning complex
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started three days ago with 20 fires and they merge and burn more than 295,000 acres of prayer. it's only 10% contained and it's now the third largest fire in the states recorded history. personnel and equipment to help out some of these fires and governor gavin newsom says he's going to ask australia and canada for additional help. more thunderstorms are expected or northern california and because of all of the intense heat it could bring more dry lightning which could spark even more fires. jon. jon: unbelievable christina coleman in pacific palisades california. we made usaa insurance for veterans like liz and mike. when their growing family meant growing expenses, our agents helped make saving on insurance easy usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa where we've got the best deals on refrigerators, microwaves, gas ranges and grills. and if you're looking for...
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gene headlines from around the globe in china human testing for potential coronavirus vaccine has been approved. as one of at least nine potential vaccines that have entered different stages of unical trials in that country. in spain more than half the companies they are reopening after closing in the covid-19 pandemic. this is that the number of confirmed cases deadly rising since the end of the lockdown in june. in paris the french government delaying the announcement of the coronavirus economic reboot plan until next month. willumstad focus on reopening schools.
2:24 am
in south korea the government imposing coronavirus lot down rules after nine days of triple digit increases in new confirmed cases. that includes bans on large gatherings and closing beaches, nightspots and churches. covid-19 cases jumping by a record number. more than 69,000 people infected with the virus today as the nation nears 3 million confirmed cases. in maui hundreds rally in the capitol celebrating a military coup after weeks of anti-government protests the mediators are in west african country trying to push a swift return to civilian rule. in belarus protest continue after the election earlier this month that some of the country say was rigged. it's opposition leaders expected to meet with deputy secretary of state steven deegan on monday. in israel thousands protesting outside the home of prime minster benjamin netanyahu today demanding he give up his post while he's on trial for
2:25 am
corruption charges. netanyahu has rejected any calls to step down. in germany russia's opposition leader right thing at a berlin hospital following a suspected poisoning. alexei navalny is now in a coma after drinking tea on a plane and falling ill. his supporters suspect he was targeted by vladimir putin. kitty logan is in london. >> navalny is receiving care at the hospital in berlin. we understand some of his supporters say his condition is currently fatal. alexei navalny arrived in germany on a medical evacuation flight from russia early on saturday. his supporters say they are concerned about his health and his family thinks the russian government will happen sooner. navalny is being treated at the hospital in central berlin. doctors they are expecting his condition but have yet to give
2:26 am
an official diagnosis progression medical staff say navalny's life is not in immediate danger but he will be kept in an induced coma. initially they said he wasn't well enough to be transferred to germany. navalny is a known opponent of russian president vladimir putin. he collapsed on the flight last thursday after apparently drinking tea which his supporters say was poisoned. we don't know for sure but russian authorities say no poison was found in navalny's body. it's not the first time political opponents of vladimir putin have been targeted. doctors say they are updating us about navalny's condition once they've been extensive test and share the results first with immediate family. jon mckinney loken in london, thank you. that's a look at stories from around the globe. and here at home the justice department questioning former
2:27 am
cia director jon brennan for eight hours on friday. it's part of u.s. attorney jon durham's probe into the origins of the russian investigation. brennan was a portly told he is not a subject or a target of a criminal investigation written statement from brennan spokesperson reads brennan welcome the opportunity to answer mr. durham's questions related to a wide range of intelligence related activity undertaken based the cia before the november 2016 presidential election as well as the intelligence community assessment published in early january of 2017. straight ahead why the republican national committee says democrats are pushing quote conspiracy theories when they accuse the president of interfering with mail-in voting. plus a preview of what to expect from the republican national convention next week. rnc national spokeswoman liz harrington jointly to discuss all this on the other side of the in your family,
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jon i'm jon scott and this is "the fox report." the bottom of the hour and if you are just joining us as a look at our top stories. there are more than 23 million confirmed cases of coronavirus around the world with just over 801,000 death. here in the west are more than 5.6 million infections or 176,000 deaths. the white house task forces the highest rate of infections. 100,000 people is in georgia which surpassed 5000 deaths today. democratic nominee joe biden says he would shut down the country to stop the spread of the virus if scientists recommended it. he will do whatever it takes to save american lives. and the house voting right now in the bill for $25 billion in additional funding for the u.s. postal service ahead of the presidential election in november. president trump said he will veto it if it reaches his desk.
2:33 am
as the debate over mail-in ballots winds its way through congress several states are now using ballot drop boxes. that gives voters a place to put their mail-in ballots without going to the post office but critics believe it could lead to voter fraud. eric shawn has more. >> the workers at the michael p. murphy post office are preparing for a crush of mail-in ballots as their other post offices across the country but in one new york state senator is proposing an alternative way to vote, ballot boxes pay ballot boxes are like large mailboxes that are set up by local election boards for voters to simply pop their outlets into the slot. that way voters do not have to rely on the mail to get their ballots in one time or stand in line at polling places because of coronavirus. a growing number of states coast-to-coast already is ballot
2:34 am
boxes and election officials insist they are proven safe and secure method of voting. new york state has had recent foulups and mail voting is state senator brad doyle meant has put ballot fox is on the streets of the empire state. sad this is the best way to get your ballot to the board of elections if you don't want to vote in person in my opinion. they are secure, they are safe in the cut out the u.s. postal service which has been undermined by the current administration of voters will have confidence to know that their election ballot is going to be counted. >> critics like president trump campaign say ballot boxes are not safe and could be susceptible to voter fraud. they have sued pennsylvania election officials claiming such boxes should not even be considered legal polling places. in philadelphia with a different set of rules then than in some other counties in the state puk of votes that are double counted. he could have people voting multiple times.
2:35 am
there's no security at the box pretty good at people voting after the polls close. we need uniform standards that follow the rules and allow people to have certainty in the outcome of their election. >> while some states employ video monitoring for security president trump says drop boxes are still vulnerable to tampering especially the democratic states that try to mail out alex to every voter whether they ask for them or not. the president tweeted quote some states use drop boxes for the collection of universal mail-in ballots so who is going to collect the ballots and what might he done to them prior to calculation? the rigged election? so bad for our country. only of absentee ballots acceptable. >> states are implementing drop off boxes that are unsecured and monitored and don't have uniform standards and how they are handled municipality by municipality. this is dangerous and a
2:36 am
dangerous way to administer an election. it can lead to fraud and it can lead to an insecurity but most importantly can lead to uncertainty. >> this is an incredibly unusual time. there's nothing more important especially now during a national emergency than making sure that every vote is counted and giving voters a safe and healthy alternative to cast their ballots. >> if approved they will need a lot of drop fox is. new york state has nearly 13 million registered voters. i'm eric shawn, "fox news." jon let's bring in republican national committee spokeswoman liz harrington. you probably have a chance to hear that report received a report from eric shawn. would he think about the idea that drop boxes for voting ballots? >> the real problem with
2:37 am
democrats plan to completely overhaul our elections and less than 80 days is that it's never been tried and they are mailing out more ballots than there are eligible voters on the roll. if you look at what just happened in detroit where 72% of their precincts did not have an accurate tally. the vote tally didn't match in their recent primary how can anyone have confidence in the outcome of that result? that's what we are fighting for and if you don't have oversight over this process when democrats try valid harvesting which they are suing in these battleground states to make what happened in paterson new jersey legal? of course they will say there's no such thing as voter fraud because they want to legalize voter fraud. that's aware friday against. we want everyone to have a chance to vote safely and we believe that can be done in person we get to the process which has precautions in place and safeguards built-in preview
2:38 am
have to request a ballot and you have to be a will to prove you are a real voter behind that registration. what democrats are doing doesn't work. it's been a failure everywhere it's tried and reduces confidence in the outcome and where you will question who won and maybe you won't know who won for six weeks like what happened in new york city. jon: you have a busy week ahead. the republican national convention kicks off in charlotte. let's take a look at the overall theme preview are calling it honoring the great american story and each day has a theme on monday the land of promise to say the land of opportunity the land of heroes wednesday in the land of greatness on thursday. the administration is trying to contrast this with the overall team of the democrats last week. >> absolutely. there couldn't be a bigger contrast. our convention is going to be a celebration. we are proud to be american and
2:39 am
we are proud of our candidates at the top of the ticket president trump and all he's been able to accomplish in such a short time in washington. joe biden gave the shortest acceptance speech. it can be very long long because what has he accomplished for the american people? president trump we can showcase what he's done whether it's jobs, tax cuts regulation cuts usmca building the wall defeating isis the biggest mobilization of the private sector since world war ii and fighting that pandemic from communist china. why did we hear from the democrats last week what they have accomplished and the results of their agenda in seattle, and portland in minneapolis and chicago, the list goes on but they have no opposition. they didn't highlight the results of their work. we are going to highlight the results of americans and americans succeeding in to the policies of president trump. they have made a real difference for our country and we are going
2:40 am
to be proud to showcase his results and it will be forward-looking and what we are doing in the second term under president trump really staying true to the founding principles of freedom and equality of opportunity. all we want is one set of rules for everyone to do with 11 shot for everybody of the american dream and there's nothing we can do when we uphold the founding principles that president trump has brought. jon so you want an optimistic tone to the convention but you know this country is hurting right now. there's a pandemic and unemployment is at 10% to a lot of people wonder how they are going to hold on and small businesses especially. how do you put on an optimistic convention in the midst of all that? >> we know as americans there's nothing we can't defeat when we stay true to the principles. the media is not telling the full side of the story. this president has led from the beginning. he acted early when everyone
2:41 am
said you can't travel in joe biden said that's hysterical and fear-mongering and xenophobia. he attacked the european travel ban. we are going to set the record straight. we know this year has been a challenge but we are going to forget why this happened, because the communist regime in china lied to the world and it's not just america that has had to deal with it. it's in the entire world but guess what there's a reason why our economy isn't super bad shape because president trump came in and did what raqqa obama and joe biden could never do. they tried to rewrite history last week at the dnc. they could never get wages rising and unemployment at historic lows. they couldn't bring manufacturing jobs back and it act they said it was impossible. president trump changed all that and going forward we are going to talk about the things we can
2:42 am
do. joe biden is talking about the things we can do. you can't go outside unless you wear a mask and you can't go to school and he can't go to church but go ahead and write and burn down the federal courthouse in portland. it's completely upside down. we have a better way. we know we can do this at operation warp speed in so many amazing accomplishments in fighting this pandemic. hasn't been easy but there's nothing that this president and this country can't do because of our great freedom and our opportunity in the private sector. that's aware going to highlight and that is going to be affluenza teen. you won't hear the calls for restoring capitalism. jon i want to put up for our viewers a quick rundown of the key key speakers president trump vice president pence nikki haley kevin mccarthy joni ernst the senator from iowa can -- tim scott the center for them by q&a
2:43 am
christine gnome ivanka cheong -- ivanka trump and tiffany trump and melania. coming up this week the republican national mini-spokeswoman liz harrington thanks for coming on. >> you bet. "fox news" special coverage of the republican national convention begins tomorrow night with democracy 2020 convention kickoff. martha maccallum o. bring you a preview of the events taking place in charlotte north carolina and on line at the 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on "fox news" channel. "the fox report" continues after this short rate. . . . . .
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capitol hill and emergency relief bill for the postal service has passed in the house of representatives with 257 yea votes. includes $25 billion in funding and prevents further changes that critics say could slow the mail delivery head of the november elections. the senate is not expected to take up the bill which republicans call very political. president trump has threatened to veto it. postmaster general louis dejoy said he will suspend further cuts until after the election and the postal service will prior ties mail-in ballots. syracuse university has suspended nearly 23 students after they were caught attending a large social gathering on campus earlier this week. other universities across the country taking major precautions to keep everyone safe during the coronavirus pandemic. as the nation faces a school year like never before. molly line has more. >> this week unc-chapel hill
2:49 am
scrapped in-person classes due to a spiking cover 19 cases in a group of students from the university of connecticut have they kicked out of on-campus housing. with enhanced safety protocols arriving freshman from nevada to florida will be the first to negotiate the new normal which includes coronavirus testing. >> there is a reason for it so doesn't really bother me. the transmission rate in massachusetts is among the lowest in the country but the greater boston area is home to more than 100 colleges and universities raising fears that tens of thousands of students will bring a new surge of cases. same my concern is these students coming from these red states and red states that hard haiyan coronavirus and we are hoping the students quarantined. >> correct world demand all travelers outside a specific list of states quarantined for two weeks or until they have a negative covid test but experts studying the emerging epidemics
2:50 am
that compliance is vital to containing the spread. >> it's a students are going to return its essential that the governor's order quarantining and testing be followed in the test results come back within 24 hours. >> to meet that ambitious target boston university set up its own lead. students harping stagger for social distancing but it relies on a robust covid-19 testing program. >> we have the best test so the result can be turned around quickly. >> we believe we have in place the information and a system to monitor the health of our community. >> when a student schedules tesp commitment to wear a mask report symptoms and abide by quarantine rules. other universities are requiring unprecedented -- asking students to sign waivers or risk of mollegen and forms noting no
2:51 am
guarantee they won't be exposed to covid. in boston molly line "fox news." jon and we will be ta-da! did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i should get a quote. do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ where everybody knows ♪ someyour name ♪ant to go ♪ and they're always glad you came ♪ applebee's. now that's eating good in the neighborhood. sprinting past every leak in our softest, smoothest fabric.
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jon: and miracle birth at smithsonian national zoo in washington as giant panda mei
2:55 am
xiang welcomed the cup yesterday. we don't know if it's a boy or girl did staff will know more in a few days when they are able to retrieve the cub. colorado teachers behind it viral video breaking down coronavirus safety precautions. check it out. ♪ ♪ this is science or neck. he made a school safety music video using the song don't start now melody. his staff even got involved. up next the pandemic ushers in a new era for sports entertainment and how wwe fans are watching their favorite pro-wrestlers inside the squared circle. ♪ find your keys.
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>> world wrestling entertainment bringing the thongedder to the fox broadcast network debut the thunder dome on last night episode of smack done in orlando. features a regular ring which is surrounded by pyrotechnics drone crams, lasers, and video boards with fans who are watching from home. and that's how fox reports this saturday august 22nd of 2020 i'm
3:00 am
jon scott. thanks for watching. we'll see you again tomorrow. ♪ pete: look at that sky. don't keep the camera on us. sing in. jedediah bila, will cain. can you name. colors of the sky? will: purple, orange, pink. i can name all kind of colors. here is what i want to say about that picture. sunsets are universally appreciated. sunrises do not get enough


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