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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  August 31, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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to examine our hearts, citizens. elected officials, police, all of us. and then she said this "we need healing." more than anything that's what we need to do as a nation. we need to heal. our current president wants you to live in fear, advertises himself as a figure of order. he isn't. and he has not been part of the solution thus far. he is part of the problem. the problem that i as president will give you my all resolve to solve. i will deal with the virus. i will deal with the economic crisis. and i will work to bring equality and opportunity everywhere. we have arrived at a moment in this campaign, we all know including the press in front of me knew that we would get to. the moment when donald trump
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will be so desperate he would do anything to hold onto power. donald trump has been a toxic presence in our nation for four years poisoning how we talk to one another. poisoning how we treat one another. poisoning the values this nation has always held dear. poisoning very democracy. now in a little over 60 days, we have a decision to make. will we read ourselves of this toxin? or will we make a permanent part -- make it a permanent part of our nation's character? you know, as americans, i am confident we believe in honesty and decency. treating everyone with dignity and respect, giving everyone a fair shot, leaving no one behino safe harbor, and demonizing no
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one. we have till now always recognized that there is something bigger than ourselves. trump does not seem to believe in any of that. look, i have said it before and i will keep saying it, america is an idea. it is the most powerful idea in the history of the world. and i believe in beats in the hearts of the people of this country. all men and women are created equal. and they deserve to be treated equally. trump has sought to remake this nation in his image selfish, angry, dark and divisive. this is not who we are. at our best america has always been, and if i am there to do it, it will be there again. generous, confident, and optimistic nation full of hope
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and resolve. donald trump is determined to instill fear in america. that's what his entire campaign for the presidency has come down to, fear. but i believe america is stronger than that. i believe we will be guided by the words of pope john paul ii, words drawn from the scriptures. "be not afraid. be not afraid." fear never builds the future, but hope does. and building the future as america does. what we have always done. in fact, it is what we have best and continue to do best. this is the united states of america. there is not a single thing beyond our capacity when we decide to do it together. so let's get together. i want to thank you all. may god bless you. may god protect our troops.
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>> and that's joe biden finishing up a campaign speech, the first that he has done outside of wilmington, delaware, where -- in several weeks, and peter doocy is live in pittsburgh for us on this. you have been covering this campaign. watch the speech today, this is quite a departure from his initial strategy throughout the entire summer, now august 31st. >> it was, dana, because it is not just about covid, he was addressing the issue of violence in the streets in some big cities which is what president trump has tried to draw everybody's attention to. and something else unique, dana, about this first general election event in pittsburgh, this is what it looks like essentially if you are the biden campaign outside the event in the covid era, a few dozen people showed up even though it was not open to the public. and you can see the campaign did not have any way for these
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people to watch the remarks or listen, it's not clear that they even know that he is done speaking. there is a biden flag. a couple of biden-harris t-shirts, and now chant "let's go joe." they have eyes on the motorcade inside, so it seems like they are just hoping to get a glimpse. but again, it's kind of like the democratic nominee version of field of dreams. you know, kevin costner kept hearing the voice, if you build it, they will come. here in pittsburgh if you show up to give a speech at an old mill, people will come. >> dana: it is very interesting, i think that those observations are very key about how does a campaign look and feel during a pandemic. how do you show it? how do you bring in a live -- this is the first one and we will talk about the substance next. peter doocy, thanks so much. i want to bring in the political panel, we have fox news contributor and
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"washington times" opinion editor at charlie hurt and tennessee congressman harold ford jr.. i was following you on twitter just a little bit, you were following the remarks. and if you like the campaign was sort of smoked out, the biden campaign realized they cannot see all the ground from donald trump. they saw the lead from june start to go away, the race was tightening and also the topics are changing. when there is violence and crime, just as a former news person, and know that you are obviously a journalist news guy, that is the story that rises to the top. let's get your thoughts on this. >> yes, the images we have been seeing really all summer, but the last couple of weeks in particular is really hard to squelch them. it's hard not to see them. they are everywhere. and i do think there has been an effort among a lot of the mainstream press to try to minimize it. but you really can't minimize it. especially in this environment where you have the internet,
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people of all sorts of sources of news. they can go and find the footage and find the news that they want. but one of the oldest most basic rules of politics is you don't repeat to the attack -- your opponents attacks on you. well, joe biden has had no choice at this point but to repeat the attacks on him right now. and he has to come out and defend himself. that on its face is a very difficult position for anybody to be in. the second thing is if he is actually talking about this issue, the issue of violence in cities, it is an issue -- that is donald trump's briar patch. that's where politically speaking donald trump is going to appeal and probably win over a lot of those independent voters. and the fact that joe biden now has finds himself having to go there and defend this is very difficult for his campaign. >> dana: let's take a lesson harold to something from the speech that joe biden said about violence and rioting and protesting. take a look.
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>> rioting is not protesting. looting is not protesting. setting fires is not protesting. none of this is protesting. it is lawlessness. that's plain and simple. fires are burning and we have a president who fans the flames. rather than fighting the flames. but we must not burn. >> dana: harold, this is the first time we have seen live remarks, we have paper statements, tweets, and a video late last week addressing this. this is the first time he has addressed it in alive speech. do you think that he answered mr. mark >> i thought that the speech -- first thanks for having me. i thought it was the most direct, some said native, and powerful speech of president trump's record over the last several years and laid out a defensive joe biden in the immediate terms, which charlie touched on, but also laid out in some fleshing out of some detail what building back america
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better really means. and that a leader does it insight. he leads. i think today marks not only the best speech that joe biden has given in this campaign, allies,e portrait they try to draw of joe biden being unresponsive, enable and incapable of handling himself in a very tough speech and tough moment. i don't think joe biden never sought to refrain or show restraint in campaigning. surely campaign from his basement, but he made clear that he would debate donald trump. i think the scariest part, the most scared people right now are those who are trump allies who believe that joe biden is not to -- was not prepared to defend himself, lay out a vision, and debate to donald trump when an opportunity presents itself at the end of september. >> dana: any comment on that, charlie, or you can talk about the location? joe biden going to southwest
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pennsylvania today perhaps wanting to try to find a way to turn that state blue again? >> obviously, you know, if any time a democrat is going to be campaigning in pennsylvania, that is on sort of a defensive posture, but that's understandable given the fact that president trump won pennsylvania in the last election in 2016. but also his charges that president trump is fanning the flames of all of this, i would be interesting to know what joe biden is talking about when he says that. the bottom line is, this is the problem that we have right now in this country is that making political statements does not fan the flames of violence. there is no excuse for violence. and the firebombing of police stations and the violent conflicts that we are seeing right now, there is no political speech that justifies that. and the fact that joe biden -- i do think it is a step in the right direction as harold said that joe biden is now addressing it, but he did not address a for a long time. and of course, kamala harris his
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vice presidential running mate has raised money to get violent people who have been arrested out of jail on bail. that is a devastating thing that is going to come back to haunt them in the final months, final weeks of the campaign. >> dana: harold, do you think that the biden campaign is having sort of visions of 1988 and what happened with the caucus who was painted in the last few weeks of thoughts campaign as weak on crime? >> i think any campaign that was not successful, if you are running for president or any political office you should see what those people did right or wrong. i think today again, and not to dismiss your question, you can't won this election or presidential race that people don't think you can keep their country safe and secure. he reminded us in the speech if anyone out of the mainstream radical left is going to be taken over and taken out, they
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must not know me or my record. and certainly don't know where i'm from. i think he laid that out very clearly today. to this race still has a long way to go. there will be more ups and downs. but today is an important moment for democrats because it demonstrated how serious biden is about the race and how serious he is in understanding the concerns of everyday americans, and every city across the country. i look forward to this fight being on in a meaningful and real way. >> dana: mark august 31st on your calendars, it does seem like the day that the democrats realize they need to get out there and not feed the ground to president trump. charlie, harold, love having you. thank you very much. meanwhile president trump is expected to visit kenosha, wisconsin, tomorrow, one week after two people were killed at a police brutality protests. but democratic leaders are asking the president to reconsider his trip. garrett tenney is live in kenosha with more on the story. >> well, dana, the mayor and the
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governor are among those asking the president to reschedule his trip or when the wounds of these riots over police brutality aren't so fresh. in a letter to the president on sunday, governor tony ebert said i'm concerned that your presence will only hinder our healing. i'm afraid it will overcome our work to take out division and build together. there are lots of folks who feel the same way especially those who have been out protesting, but many others we spoke to argue that this is exactly where the president should be. >> well, it feels like trump is going to make a frenzy. he is here for the cops and not for the people. which is disgusting. >> the city's burnt down, we need to be seen by the whole world. >> i don't think you should come at all, no. >> he is the leader of the country, so he does need to make an appearance. >> as of now the president is not scheduled to meet with the family of jacob lake during his
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visit. both yesterday and today the white house officials said they are trying to connect with the family, but as of sunday, his family said they had not heard from anyone in the administration. not everyone in the family even once to meet with the president, blake's mother and the family attorney suggested they are open to it, but blake's uncle told abc news this weekend at the family does not want anything to do with the president and that they believe he is partially responsible for the violence we have seen across the country because he has not done enough to address police brutality in this country. dana. >> dana: garrett tenney, thank you so much. for more on this let's bring in fox news contributor trey gowdy, a house oversight committee chair and to the author of the new book "it doesn't hurt to ask." which is why we bring him on here and ask him all sorts of things. i want you to listen to two people, first the mayor of portland and secondly karen bass. about how they are trying to frame this in terms of the
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political moment that we are in. take a listen. >> it's you who have created that hate and the division. your campaign of fear is as antidemocratic as anything you have done to create hate and vitriol in our beautiful count country. >> i think this visit has one purpose and one purpose only to agitate things and to make things worse. he is campaigning. it is clear his campaign is all about law and order. it is a throwback to the past. he is going to do everything to disrupt law and order. >> dana: trade, from where you sit, how do you look at this? you have wise thinking, and i think a little bit of distance helps as well. >> yeah, i mean, the first thing on my mind, dana, we have a criminal justice reform from this administration, not from president obama or vice president biden. it was this president that commuted the sentence of alice johnson and granted a pardon to
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mr. potter. it was not the last administration. and we would have police reform, we would have it today if it were not for kamala harris looking tim scott in the eyes and saying, doesn't matter how many issues i have with your bill, i won't take amendments for them, i would rather have the issue than the solution. and guess what, we have the issue. we still have it. president trump has shot no one, he has not said anything on fire or shot anyone, i was not a huge supporter of president obama. i thought that he did a remarkable job healing our state and our country in the aftermath of mother emanuel shooting. whether people like it or not, donald trump is the president, and i think that he has the right to -- he went to louisiana and texas and the democrats have a problem with that in the aftermath of the hurricane? that's what presidents do. >> dana: and kayleigh mcenany, the press secretary addresses and a press briefing just about an hour ago, listen to that.
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>> the president wants to visit hurting americans. he shows up just like he showed up this week and in louisiana and texas in response to hurricane laura. he wants to show up to the city that is hurting. >> dana: so that is to your point, and i was thinking this weekend that as long as the violence goes on it serves no one well, you are not going to get the police were forms that you want to if that's what you think is needed. you are not going to get more support for the police if you think that's what's needed. in the business owners who's establishments have been looted and rioted and they have all of their dreams smashed through no fault of their own, no one gets help here unless there is a way to try to heal, and it is unfortunate it is happening in the middle of a presidential election, but it is very clarifying as both sides try to make their case. what is the best case that the president has against accusations that he is trying to stir up a crime the cities? >> how?
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by offering federal assistance? how many hundreds of arrest did operation legend, how many hundreds of federal arrests? if i was the president, what precisely, i have set nothing on fire, i've looted nothing. i've shot no one, what exactly is it that you want me to do that i have not done? the reality is they just don't want them to be the president. they just don't want him to be the president. and i say 80% of americans do not view this issue as black-and-white, republican-democrat, it is an american issue. people of good conscious who are not of good conscience, and people with good conscience did not mind when president obama came and helped us heal in charleston, i don't think they will mind if president trump makes the effort to show respect to jacob lake and his family. that's what presidents do. >> dana: as a former prosecutor, how do you think about what is being called
11:19 am
vigilante crime? >> i think you used the right word, it is a crime. we don't have vigilantes running around weeding out justice. public safety is a preeminent function of government. state, local, federal. it is the number one state of government. the nature poor is a vacuum, nature does not like a vacuum. so when you are not doing your job, people get the mistaken notion that they need to fill in. i'm not a fan of vigilante justice. it is a crime. use the right word, it is a crime. >> dana: i wanted to ask you this, it seems in a lot of the cities you have a disconnect between the prosecutors and the police. so the police where they can arrest people who are accused of crimes of looting, writing, arrested on those types of charges, but then when it comes to actually being charged by the prosecutors, they are taking a little bit of an easier stance, and the police feel frustrated.
11:20 am
i wondered if you had noticed this as well and what can be done about that? >> what i say to my friends in law enforcement, making an arrest requires this amount of evidence. it's called probable cause. getting a conviction is beyond reasonable doubt. it's 95% certainty you have the right person for the right cri crime. what is the use in taking someone to court if you have no realistic probability of getting them conviction? i'm not faulting the police, sometimes you make an arrest just a quiet things down, you make an arrest because that's the right thing to do at that time, but you don't have the evidence to secure a conviction, prosecutors don't work for cops. they work for a woman holding a set of scales. if you can't get to 95% or close to it in front of a jury, you really have an ethical obligation not to go forward. >> dana: trey gowdy. i could go to law school with you and learn a lot. thank you so much for being with us. >> you would make better grades than i made, i promise. >> dana: [laughs]
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>> trump and mike pence are running on this and i find it interesting "you won't be safe and joe biden's america." and what is the proof? the violence we are seeing in donald trump's america. he keeps telling you if only he was president it wouldn't happen? if he was president. he keeps telling us if he was president, you would feel safe, well, he is president. whether he knows it or not. >> dana: moments ago joe biden slamming president trump over his handling of violence across america. responding to the president's attacks on the same issue. now much of the violence we hear about is in big cities, but both campaigns are also fighting to win over the suburbs. especially suburban women. and hillary vaughn lee mack hillary vaughn live in d.c. virginia. hillary. >> hey, dana, well, suburban voters make up half of all voters. more than rural or urban voting box, so in the suburbs could be where the 2020 election is won
11:26 am
or loss. and president trump is pitching himself as a candidate with that will control the chaos in the streets and is courting the suburban housewife who support he swung in swing states in 2016. in wisconsin where president trump will be tomorrow, he wants 56% of white women with no college degree in pennsylvania where joe biden is campaigning today. 58% of white women with no college degree swung their support towards president trump last election. in pittsburgh today, biden is on defense denying any unrest in democratic runs u.s. cities with a democratic run country under his leadership would look like. >> violence will not bring change. it will only bring destruction. it's wrong in every way. it divides instead of unites. destroys businesses only hurts the working families that serve the community. >> president trump says biden would not just put suburban neighborhoods in danger, but would also fundamentally change
11:27 am
them by backing a bill from senator cory booker that we get tax payer funded grants to communities who change their zoning laws to allow multifamily high-rise housing to be built on smaller lots and neighborhoods where they normally would not be allowed to be built. dana. >> dana: thank you, hillary, we appreciate your reporting. i'm sure that there are suburbs all across the country paying attention to that. to join me now with reaction to joe biden's speech blasting president trump moments ago, chief political columnist add to the political journal, and howie kurtz, josh, you wrote a little bit about this over the weekend. how did you think that joe biden did today? >> look, he needed to give the speech. the fact that he is talking about law and order, about issues that are typically one of the president strongest suits, that shows they are concerned about losing ground in the suburbs. losing ground in an area where joe biden was before this doing quite well. but this is a speech that biden
11:28 am
gave was a pipit. when he said, ask yourself if i look like a socialist, and when he called for the prosecution of vandals and rioters, which you know, a lot of progressive prosecutors, das and the big cities aren't doing that, the fact that he is trying to push himself to the center and take on the left wing of his party shows how politically important it is and how he wants to react quickly to trump's attacks. >> dana: even the media was saying that biden's campaign, what are you doing, why aren't you out there? why can't you make the statements? do you think that they felt the pressure? >> absolutely. that was the most full throated annunciation out of urban violence i have heard him give. but the campaign has been cautious. he should've gone to kenosha and taken ownership, gone on a sunday show. he hesitated and now president trump is going there tomorrow. and i think that he also gave the president a huge opening by
11:29 am
having no mention of violence street crime at the four-day democratic convention. they will say he put out a video about kenosha and portland, he issued a statement. sure he did paired but how many people saw that? politics is about pounding away when you are up against an incumbent president with a much louder megaphone. >> dana: josh, should we make anything about the choice of the biden campaign to not go to wisconsin and instead campaign in southwestern pennsylvania? twice he repeated that he is not going to ban fracking. and it seemed like he really wanted to make that message stick, because maybe president trump is having a little bit of success penetrating with that message in pennsylvania? >> i think they want to wait to see what the president does and how the local community and kenosha response to the president's visit this week. i would not be surprised if joe biden does end up going to kenosha given the importance of wisconsin on the political map. i would add one other thing, the biden campaign is spending money
11:30 am
in minnesota a state that hillary clinton won in 2016 and also visiting minnesota in the coming weeks. so it is a sign that it is not, actions week louder than poles and spin, and the fact that you have him in the upper midwest, the states that president trump did so well and in the last election, they know that it is having an impact and they needed to respond as soon as possible. >> dana: howie, republicans are feeling a little bit more bullish because they think that it works better for them then coronavirus as those cases thankfully have continued to go down just a little bit, but crime is on the rise. kevin mccarthy, the house minority leader wrote this on twitter. those people who are vandalizing, looting, and committing violence in the streets aren't protesters, they are criminals and need to be arrested. this madness must stop. can the republicans continue to campaign on this issue? and also address the real issue that some people have, the fact that there is questions about
11:31 am
police misconduct in at least some of these cases. >> writes, job item plays up racial justice and police misconduct, the president plays up law and order are not as much on racial justice. about the safety of your handling of such a visceral issue. we in the media, many who have been downplaying the violence in places like portland and seattle lose sight of that fact. and joe biden into something interesting at the end of the speech and try to pave it from i want to keep your family safe from crime, but i want to keep you safe from the coronavirus and going into the president on that. trying to have a broader debate about safety than the president and his law and order efforts would prefer. >> dana: all right, howie kurtz, josh kraushaar humor, great to have you on this monday. thank you. and teachers on the verge of a walkout in the nation's largest school district. why they might be about to strike. and follow us on instagram at "the daily briefing," bringing you the biggest headlines we are following. so make sure you check the top
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♪ >> dana: it's the bottom of the hour, time for some top headlines. a st. louis police officer killed in the line of duty. responding to a report of a man barricaded inside a house when he was shot in the head. another officer who ran to help was hit in the leg, but survived. survived. the gunman was taken into custody. the new york city teachers union now preparing for a possible strike over coronavirus safety concerns. leadership meeting earlier today as schools get ready to reopen in person instruction set to begin next week, here is mayor bill de blasio. >> we continue this work every day with the folks working in buildings, with arm administrators, with our educators, with our custodial teams, with our building staff, the food service staff coming you name it. everyone is in this together and we are working constantly with
11:37 am
the unions that represent the people due to work. >> dana: and a terrifying 30 seconds for a toddler in taiwan after she was caught in the tale of a kite. strong winds took her on a wild ride height in that era before people on the ground were finally able to grab her. fortunately she was not seriously hurt. and those are today's headlines. next oregon state police returning to portland after another weekend of violence in the city turned it deadly. a man was shot and killed after a series of confrontations between black lives matter protesters and trump supporter's. life in portland with the latest on this. matt. >> dana, right now portland police are asking for any eyewitness accounts of the shooting that they can greatly help, this is the intersection where that man was shot in the testing and killed at this tree right here. there are some flowers and tied to its close to the shooting.
11:38 am
so far portland police have not officially release the victim's name. police tell us an autopsy and all next of kin must first be notified. the shooting victim's name has appeared on social media and in local reports as aaron danielson, reporting a quarter of the conservative patriot group prayer. after a caravan of president trump's' acute lament supporters cruise through in a plan demonstration on saturday. opposing groups and riders, class with the pro-trump supporters and ultimately a man was shot dead hours after the caravan ended. reports say there is a shooting suspect being investigated right now. portland's police chief says it is critical that people refrain from conjecture in this weekend's shooting and everyone must do better to prevent any more violence or death. >> portland desperately needs calm, we are living in an
11:39 am
extremely divided era, and we need to focus on what we have in common and not what divides us. lives are at stake. >> we will keep you updated as police identify either the shooting victim or the shooter as portland heads towards 100 days of unrest. dana. >> dana: matt finn, thank you so much. and to the white house now pushing for more coronavirus will leave indicating that the president is willing to sign a $1.3 trillion bill that would be much closer to republican then democratic proposals, congressional correspondent chad pergram is live in alexandria, virginia, can the two sites come together on this? >> well, no talks in a long time here, and even though the president is now pushing $1.3 trillion, keep in mind that a lot of republicans want to come in at 1 trillion. there is also a lot of republicans that don't think that that on other bill is necessary whatsoever. they are going to need democrats to get us across the finish line. it is hard to see how this
11:40 am
changes the equation. republicans aren't onboard at all and certainly democrats aren't on board. and white house chief of staff mark meadows blames the impasse on house speaker nancy pelosi. >> she puts forth on numbers suggest that she came down and yet she is willing to turn down $1.3 trillion of help that goes to the american people because she would rather them have nothing. >> coronavirus talks remain stalled and frozen with no thawing insight. >> we are not budging. understand this. >> how do you break the impasse? >> they have to move. why should there be a bill that has far less what the public needs? >> house speaker nancy pelosi previously negotiated deals with the secretary of the treasury steve mnuchin. by the wild card is mark meadows, the new chief of staff. nancy pelosi takes offense and
11:41 am
feigns ignorance of his name. >> this is a conversation only to respect the fact that the president's representative, not even the lead negotiator, that would be steve mnuchin, we consider whatever his name is, what is his name? meadows as staffing mr. minh nguyen. >> if there is a deal, it would be a chance for a big build government shutdown one a month from now, or you have no coronavirus bill and a government shutdown during a pandemic. dana. >> dana: people need help while they bigger, thank you, chad. steve bannon us had to go to trial next spring on fraud charges, he is accused of using money meant for the border wall on himself. aishah hasnie has more on this from news york -- new york. >> yes, set for may 24th pending
11:42 am
any covid concerns, all four codefendants have been arraigned and pled not guilty. and of course bail has been set at the lead defendant to retired air force veteran brian coppage at $500,000. steve bannon already posted his $5 million bail last week. their associates timothy shea and andrew bought alano are accused of routing hundreds of thousands of people who donated to the we build a wall fund. according to the indictment, the four men spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on personal expenses, bannon called the entire thing a political hit job, today the judge slammed for talking about the case on social media, something that prosecutors have threatened a gag order over her. i want to make a note of this very interesting sketch from inside the courtroom, we are in the virtual here a hearing and this is the first time i've seen
11:43 am
it where the defendant chose not to be on video. very interesting, dana. >> dana: and today muted the microphones, that is interesting. it could be history we just experience together. thank you so much. airlines desperate to get more people flying and one major airline with a huge and sent men. permanently scrapping ticket change fee. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug
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>> dana: could we be one step closer to a vaccine, the head of the fda saying he may be willing to fast track it and eric shawn joins us with more now. hi, eric. >> hi, dana. it's good news that a vaccine made it closer than we think, though fda saying they are willing to green light a vaccine even if a drug company does not
11:48 am
go through a key clinical trial. usually it takes years for a vaccine to be developed, but fda commissioner stephen hahn says that the agency is willing to let drugmakers not finish what is called a phase three clinical trial. that's where large studies where the vaccines are studied to see if they are better than standard treatments and use a placebo. the coronavirus has exploded across the country and college campuses. the university of alabama says 1,368 students tested positive. that just two weeks after classes started there. university of philadelphia, they stopped in person classes after the number of cases almost doubled. the university of north carolina chapel hill, sending students home. 1,000 students infected they are. and a new york governor andrew cuomo sending a cobit s.w.a.t. team of contact tracing's and investigators to the state university of oneonta after 100 cases popped up after just one week of class. and dana, get this, most of the
11:49 am
cases that are showing up on college campuses are because students are attending parties in dorms and frats. it's not even coronavirus that can keep college kids away from a party. >> dana: college students are going to be college students. eric shawn, thanks for that. we will pray for the vaccine. and united airlines putting an end to domestic flight change fees. and that's as airlines try to win backup nurse -- customers with keeping air travel on pause. joining me now is chief communications officer, always good to have you. so this will probably become welcome news to customers, because as i understand it was one of the most changes of customers to united airlines that they wanted to change fees dropped. what change the discussion? >> dana, they have been through hard times before, and in previous down cycles airlines have been forced would make really tough decisions about how to reduce costs. and often they make those
11:50 am
decisions in a way that attractive from the customer experience. and here united airlines, we are determined to try something different. we are going to see if we can come out of the crisis by actually investing in the kinds of things that we know customers want. and we know now more than ever are customers value flexibility in being able to adjust their travel plans when things intervene. so we have gotten rid of domestic change fees for standard economy and premium tickets. we have also updated our standby policies so that every customer if they get to the airport earlier and want to hop on an earlier flight and there is a seat available, you can have it for free. you don't have to pay an up charge or a fee, there is no other u.s. airline that offers that to all of their customers, because we know. we know that people value their flexibility more than ever. >> dana: how many times can you change? like if you are a really annoying couple that i know pretty well -- >> just a hypothetical. >> dana: changing it three times because things happen, is it a one-time thing or a multiple time that you can change as much as you need?
11:51 am
>> you can change as much as you need. we are into flexibility. and that is what we are trying to provide. we know in this era where people are concerned about to the death rate in the traveling conditions. where the ground rate is changing. we want to have that flexibility and we want to give it to them. >> dana: is that a permanent change? i know that these fees have been a revenue stream for the company. is there any concern that you might have to reverse this in the future? >> this is a permanent change. we are not planning -- we don't have any plans to change this. we are going to have to make some fundamental changes in this business. this business has been totally disrupted by the coronavirus. and here united, we have actually been in the leading edge of many of these changes from the way that we disinfect our planes to a requirement that people wear masks. at least when it comes to disinfection and cleaning, we think those policies are also going to be permanent that we want to do more to build people's confidence in the cleanliness of the environment they are flying in.
11:52 am
this is another example of a change where we are leading. and this is a change that definitely will be permanent. >> dana: are you seeing an uptick in the number of people who are willing to travel as an indicator that things are getting back to normal? is there anything you can tell us they are? >> slowly but surely, dana. business traffic has not recovered. but we have seen a small uptick in that kind of traveler who is going to see friends and relatives. that is -- those are basically the people who are traveling right now. but we are confident that over the long term that once a vaccine is -- has been developed and widely administered that to this industry will bounce back. that these kind of zoom conversations are effective for putting on a television show, but not the same as looking each other in the eye and speaking in person. so we know that the desire for people to interact in person and attend a wedding or hug your grandchild, that is not something that can be replaced.
11:53 am
>> dana: i have my sister coming in a couple of weeks which is great. josh ernest, thank you so much. >> nice to see you, dana. spin on the "farmer's almanac" out with a prediction for this winter. let's say it is right on par with the rest of 2020. ♪ on't raise your rates just because of an accident. cut! is that good? no you were talking about allstate and... i just... when i... accident forgiveness from allstate. click or call for a quote today. number seven, please come up. please spell love. - love, s-h. - i think you misunderstood. your word is love. - yes, sir, i understand. - okay, please proceed. - love s-h-c. love. - i'm sorry, that's incorrect.
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today senior u.s. and israeli officials landed in abu dhabi on the first-ever direct commercial flight from israel to the united arab emirates. trey yanked live in tel aviv with more on this, the purpose of this flight was what? >> dana, good afternoon at the purpose of the flight was actually to mark the uae peace deal that was announced earlier this month on the side of this boeing 737 with the word peace in english, hebrew and arabic and also a quick missile defense system due to the high-profile guest it was caring. senior advisor jared kushner was
11:58 am
joined by the national security advisor robert o'brien taking off from tel aviv and landing in abu dhabi where jared kushner addressed the big f-35 fighter jet. the big question in the region whether or not the united states will sell jets to the new ee as part of the peace deal and it would certainly change the equation and we are getting breaking news at this hour about a new cease-fire agreement that was announced just a few minutes ago between hamas and israel inside the gaza strip bue envoy to hammer out the details of this agreement and it does appear at least for now an agreement has been forged. dana. >> dana: all right, that would be good news, trey yingst, thank you. and as if 2020 has not been crazy enough for you, the farmer almanac says winter once and on the action. todd piro, what is the grid news? >> dana, would you expect anything less from 2020 continuing into the fall or into
11:59 am
2021? the "farmer's almanac" warning that this winter could be brutally cold and snow way with "everything crazy in between." here is how it breaks down the northern half of the country with extended bouts of cold. great lakes with lots of soft snow and brace for more snow than normal for most of us in the northeast, we barely saw any snow last winter but the "farmer's almanac" warning of a blizzard of the second week of february with 1-2 feet of snow from d.c. to boston along with another big snowstorm on the east coast in late march. and the almanac calls for significant february snowfall for eastern ohio and kentucky along with wintry precept hitting the southern plains that month as well. the desert southwest expected to have a dry and mild winter but that could worsen drought conditions in coastal areas along the coast could see a rainy and wet winter, possibly hurting tourism. now the "farmer's almanac" said
12:00 pm
long-range forecast on mathematical and astronomical formula developed in 1818, but in here is the key parts, it is not to be confused with the old "farmer's almanac," which is calling for a light winter with warmer than normal temperatures for a large part of the country. dana, for my money, i want to go with the old "farmer's almanac." >> dana: indeed appear to have to kick it over to john roberts who i think he would pick the almanac with a better winter, is that right? >> i say ring out the new and end with the old, i am with todd to come a mild winter appear there is a reason why there are mountains and that is where there snow should go, thank you, dana. ♪ >> good afternoon i'm john robertson per bill hemmer and president trump meeting at the white house with attorney general bill barr and secretary chao to wealth. we are told the focus of the meeting is law and order, big topic of the day and we will monitor this to bring you


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