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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 5, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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together. shannon bream in the fox news at night team take it all from here. >> welcome to fox news at night and mike emanuel in washington mike: welcome to fox news at night,t, this is a fox news ale. this is new video from rochester new york where unrest has been building since no evidence showing african-american men who suffer from mental illness was allegedly suffocated by police after an altercation in march. in his new video protesters waving black lives matter flags were seen shutting down a restaurant doing outdoor dining, there are reports of trying to
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seal off public safety buildings tonight. we are keeping an eye on it. america is getting ready to relax and party for the labor day weekend but some folks are taking it too far. hundreds of students packing bars in south carolina caught on video with no social distancing and no masks and this is exactly what health experts are warning us about as the president says we are turning a corner with the pandemic the medical pros worried we might see another spike after a great weekend just like after memorial day. another model projects 410,000 dead by new year's day if folks don't follow the rules on masks and social distancing. the worst is yet to come according to researchers from the university of washington. nevertheless coast-to-coast folks are gearing up for the beaches. >> we can show love by masking
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them and sharing that. mike: doctor anthony fauci says north and south dakota, iowa, arkansas, missouri, indiana and illinois, particularly at risk. let's get the latest on the vaccine. >> reporter: there is still no official vaccine cleared by fda scientists around the world, we are working as fast as possible to create one. in the race for treatment or cure, tests and trials might not be enough. according to a new usa today poll even if scientists to produce a vaccine two of three voters say they won't get one when it is available, when four say they won't ever get a coronavirus vaccine. donald trump has touted the vaccine will soon hit the market.
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>> through operation warp speed, we are in the final stage of clinical trials. remain on track to deliver a vaccine before the end of the year or even before november 1st. >> in a letter the cdc urged all states to prepare for distribution as early as november 1st. medical experts warn the timing is unlikely to others called the calculated move to bolster the president's reelection chances. katie hill tweeting i'm a big fan of vaccines but i'm skeptical of one that is supposed to have been developed, tested and produced and distributed in six months, right in time for the reelection of our own dictator. presidential candidate joe biden noting the skepticism. >> when we get a vaccine that is good, that works. white we think the public will line up, be willing to take the injection? we've lost so much confidence in what is said. >> health and human services
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secretary alex ava condemning the pushback. >> it is very irresponsible how people are trying to politicize notions of delivering a vaccine to the american people, we have a significant challenge in this country a vaccine hesitancy. >> we are continuing to work around the clock with quentin nature medicine johnson & johnson vaccine preventable disease in hamsters. pfizer expect to see results by the end of next month. the wall street journal reporting an unusual joint pledge by competing manufacturers to not ask for governmental approval until the shots are tested and proven safe. current cases are down and that is largely attributed to people social distancing and wearing masks, something health officials are urging all americans to continue to do this holiday weekend.
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>> alexander leading us off, many thanks. the outgoing battle against covid-19, new jobs report and reiterating his support for the united states military top of mind for the president and the press corps. white house correspondent kevin cork shows us. >> this is called controlling the narrative, textbook election year politics. and expose a story dropped and your opponent spend days fending off the accusations whether they are true or not, that opponent is off-balance and off message. a day the white house would rather talk about anything else, like a sizable drop in the unemployment rate down from 10.2% to 8.4%, the fourth straight month of 1 million new jobs added to the economy or the tightening poll numbers that show the president gaining on joe biden, insta the president was forced to address the anonymously sourced piece in the atlantic magazine suggested among other things in 2018 the
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president called fallen us personnel buried in europe losers and declined to visit an american cemetery there. >> it is a shame when a second-rate magazine, i don't read it, i know little about this magazine but when the second-rate magazine can write things like that about someone who's done so much for the military, can write things like that and get away with it. >> still feeling from the accusations first reported last night the president again today denied them and defended his record of strong support for the military. nearly a dozen people went on the record to also deny that report. former national security adviser john bolton who has written a book critical of the president said he didn't hear the president make such remarks. as for the canceled cemetery trip. >> he decided not to do it because of john kelly's recommendation that was entirely a weather-related decision and -- >> others insist the allegations were true saying as much of the
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record, the mixing, the abn jennifer griffin. despite the salacious nature of the reported wasn't the sole focus of the day's presidential briefing. along with the economy and announced presidential medal of freedom for college football coach we will holds the president out of the administration's efforts to combat covid-19. >> the bottom line is the job we've done on covid-19, the china virus, china flag, call it whatever you want to come a lot of different names but it has been incredible. >> reporter: the president is expected to remain in washington over the labor day weekend it is also likely he will be keeping an eye on the increasingly tight poles in battleground states like pennsylvania, north carolina and wisconsin. a recent report on the key focus group showed just 2 of 10 participants backing biden over the president.
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respondents noticed concerns over spiraling violence and feeling overlooked by the democratic party. also today at the white house serbia and kosovo took part in a signing ceremony, the two countries agreed to economic normalization. a big piece of news right there. we also heard the president comment for the first time about the poisoning of kremlin critic, the president said he'd seen no proof of russians state involvement but he also added that he had seen no reason to doubt the german assessment that he was poisoned. have a good weekend. >> kevin cork live in washington, thanks a lot. joe biden calls the president's alleged belittling of american personnel sick, american and unpatriotic, peter doocy is following the biden campaign from wilmington, delaware. >> the words of the president
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matter, even allows the president. >> reporter: joe biden disparaged donald trump since day one but nothing like this. >> always caution not to lose my temper. this may be as close as i have come in this campaign. >> words almost can't describe how upset the former vp is. >> if you are behind a barn somewhere it would be a different thing but that's not the job of the president. >> you call on surrogates who serve to help pushback on the anonymously sourced report alleging donald trump disparaged american war dead and wounded. >> i take my wheelchair and titanium legs over donald trump any day. >> this issue is personal for the former vp who often talks about his son bo. >> when my son volunteered to join the united states military is attorney general, went to
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iraq for a year, for bronstein accommodations he wasn't a sucker. >> biden and trump will be in shanksville, pennsylvania marking the nineteenth anniversary of 9/11, biden is heading to michigan where he will boil his pitch to swing state voters down to this. >> who can handle the pandemic, who can keep their promises and who cares about and will fight for working families. jillian: kamala harris will go to her first event since joining the ticket, wisconsin. >> there will be times we are together because there's a lot of territory to cover. >> that means more covid-19 tests and biden revealed his first one. >> i am just going to show up and put my head back when they tell me. >> there was quite a stir at a shopping center 10 minutes away from biden's house, secret service agents in suits swarm the area, black suvs idled nearby. turns out the former bp just needed to go to the atm.
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>> that biden evened focus on the economy despite stronger-than-expected job support, some on the left the opportunity there rather than a focus on racial justice. >> i do know the longer we talk about violence and unrest and how he's handling or not handling it it is all advantage trump. this campaign is going well for donald trump because we are not talking about the economic devastation people are experiencing or the virus. >> it is sinking records at every level, we are doing better than every other country and we are very proud of all the people for doing such an incredible job. >> delta a little deeper in these election issues with former trump economic advisor steve moore, welcome. first to the news of the day the us added 1.4 million jobs as an employment fell to one.84% dropping below 10% for the first
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time since march. what is the impact on the race for the white house. >> every paul does show other than the public safety issue it is all about defeating the virus and getting this economy back open and getting people back on the job. it has been four months and we have created 10 million jobs. those were the highest number of jobs created. each of those in american history shows a lot of momentum, we are not out of the woods by any means. we gained 10 million but lost 10 million when the pandemic hit. a lot of work to be done but getting the economy back up and running, wages rose at a nice pace so you have more jobs, nice way to gain for american workers. todd: wisconsin swing voters feel overlooked by biden, racial
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resentment by the democratic party, distrust of political institutions and low information decision-making emerged as major themes in the virtual focus group. is a time for biden campaign pivoting that key swing state? >> i don't think so. most democrats i know especially those on the ground in wisconsin, jacob blake family were proud to see joe biden on the ground condoning the violence, having empathy for the jacob blake family. there were folks like the naacp president who said they didn't want trump or biden on the ground and it was too politicized i think it is about half and half. a lot of people are over it and wants to move forward but there are some that do want to see some leadership in kenosha. mike:. joe biden today. >> donald trump may be the only president in modern history to leave office with fewer jobs
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than when he took office. i talk to a lot of real working people, asked them to they feel they are being left behind. mike: how the response? it personally because i helped donald trump at the economic program together in 2016-17. the results were off the charts. we saw the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, we saw huge gains for blacks and minorities and hispanics, not nice wage gains, everything was going incredibly well and we got hit with this pandemic and that caused huge economic damage but the kind of hypocrisy but just him joe biden but a lot of democrats, they were the ones who are most in favor of locking
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down the economy and as recently as 10 days ago joe biden said i might lockdown the economy again. that is crazy, that would mean -- you don't want the 10 million to have not new jobs back in the last four months, you want them back on the unemployment lines? that would be catastrophic for american businesses. of mistakes been made in terms of dealing with this pandemic? yes but we are on good track in terms of defining caseloads and the big increase in jobs has been quite impressive. the congressional budget office thought we would have 15% unemployment, we are down to 8.5%, pretty good record. mike: is the vision the trump campaign is selling. >> greatest economy the world has ever seen coming back to life but joe biden wants to change that. >> i would shut down. >> why would we ever let biden kill countless american businesses, jobs and economic future, donald trump's great american come back is now
12:16 am
underway. >> what do you make of that pitch? >> that is a great dad, words taken out of context or not. i'm not a joe biden surrogate so i can't speak for him but what i can say is i would hope no one would want to shut the economy down, you can do both, sustain the economy but also be safe. in texas we have opened the economy back up and seen a spike in covid-19 cases. restaurants are open, we have social distancing, people are wearing masks. both can happen. to talk about what happened for 5 years ago doesn't matter. we have to deal with what is happening with the pandemic right now. >> have a beautiful weekend. after protests in american cities turned deadly how law and order matter. ken cuccinelli is live next. flexball designed to get virtually every hair on the first stroke, while washing away dirt and oil. so you're ready for the day with a clean shave and a clean face.
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>> new video released by portland police about the deadly encounter between. >> new information released by the portland da, this 20 page document revealing more about the suspect and the victim who police they had a baton and bear mace in his hands along with a holstered handgun and three loaded magazines in his pocket. he never pulled his weapon and it appears he was ambushed. evidence photo show him in the white t-shirt ahead of danielson on the sidewalk duck around the corner into a garage entry emerging after danielson passes. shots were fired soon after. a warrant was issued for his arrest on thursday. with u.s. marshals and fbi agents joining the pierce county sheriff's appy tension team. parking about two hours more
12:22 am
important when paired they say they spotted the 48 -year-old suspect leave the building around 7:30 p.m. and gets in the vehicle. when they tried to apprehend him they fired rounds into the vehicle. when he got out and tried to run they say he pulled a semiautomatic while handgun and several officers opened fire again. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> i want to thank them for their strength, their bravery, and i really do wish that the mayor of portland and the governor of oregon would get going and stop the crime in that cd city. >> he was killed just moments before an interview where he confessed to pulling the trigger. >> i had no choice. i mean i had a choice i could've sat there and watched him kill, but i wasn't going to let him do that. that was the straw that broke the camels back. >> danielson 39 was wearing a patriot prayer hat when he was shot and may have been targeted because the conservative group
12:23 am
was involved with confrontations with antifa an blm reporters earlier in the day. they remove the profile from the site along with the page of its founder calling it a violent social militia. give vincent could only shake his head paired. >> it's unbelievable to me so these groups come out and kill my good friend, jay, patriot prayer supporter and the way they respond is they don't ban these groups, they banas. >> i also asked his reaction to the suspects death? >> we're happy that he's not walking around free especially after we saw him do interviews, but we wanted them to bring him in alive because there was several people involved in that murder and we want to figure out who they are. >> portland police say they are still investigating and looking for this man who witnessed the shooting. meanwhile a memorial will be held saturday in vancouver, washington hosted by patriot prayer to celebrate the life of aaron j danielson.
12:24 am
>> to flashpoint in the demonstrations and destruction plaguing american cities have turned deadly in the last two weeks. now michael reinoehl ended in rittenhouse is facing murder charges. with stock it about the summer of discontent with the can cuccinelli. welcome, sir. >> good evening britt give this a speak in last week's portland killing is now dead buddy talk to news before being taken down by a federal task force. >> when i showed up, i saw more of their vehicles then real citizen vehicles. it felt like the beginning of a war. i see a civil war right around the corner. that shot felt like the beginning of war. >> in this case, did the feds have to get him because the portland mayor wasn't going to do it? >> marshals are the best in the world at tracking down fugitives and they did it here.
12:25 am
he had also crossed state lines, so they were outside of portland, it's not unusual to have federal and state cooperation like you saw in this effort. it's what we have frankly been asking for on the ground with portland and governor brown for a long time. when it happens, peace breaks ou for a long time. when that happens peace breaks out and what you are seeing is violence begets violence, you use immediate responsible force to quell violence and peace breaks out. mike: commercial services the task force attended to peacefully arrest him. do authorities lose much? they can't question him about antifa and its activities. >> our goal in any situation like this is to abduct, detain, really, the individual peacefully. that is the goal, you have a
12:26 am
criminal, alleged criminal here, strong suspect and the goal is to detain him peacefully but the first object in going after a situation like this when you know somebody is dangerous is to protect your officers, they did what they had to do under the circumstances. i don't see any false in that. to your question of course we would rather he was detained peacefully, that no shots were fired and no violence taken place. that is always our preference. it isn't just so we can have those conversations so that is important. we don't want anybody hurt even criminals. they make that decision. todd: rochester, new york, there's been a disruption. a lot of people dining tonight, turning to the streets, is it your assessment the worst is behind us in places like
12:27 am
portland, kenosha and other hotspots? >> i would say yes but a lot of what we have seen the last 3 months has been very unpredictable and a lot of it has been, sadly overshadowed, the original area of concern, the death of george floyd, that hasn't been a focus of anyone in portland. it has been an excuse but you haven't heard any public dialogue, you haven't heard any discussion in portland or kenosha or rochester about things that might be done differently and that is the kind of discussion, the first amendment expression we are out there to protect yet we see violence, we see rioters and that has to come to a end and i think the worst is behind us. mike: thank you for your time, have a wonderful weekend. can the government make you take the vaccine? night court convened next.
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>> time for night mike: time for night court, a group calling itself lou you baker intends to file a class-action lawsuit against massachusetts governor charlie baker for issuing a statewide shot mandate for all children age 6 months and up. >> mandate your freedom, mandate your body. mike: let's bring in criminal defense attorneys brian claypoole and david bruni, welcome. exhibit a, take a listen to these protesters outside the state house in boston. >> that is complete government overreach and we are here to fight for all the kids. they shouldn't have to get the
12:33 am
flu shot. >> forcing something to inject into a child that i don't agree with. >> i don't like random things going into my body without my consent. i don't like it. mike: your thoughts on those concerned parents? >> there is a legitimate. first all the governor is supposed to regulate or take care of the affairs of a state. i don't see the word legislate in the definition of governor. we've seen this time and again. governors closing businesses, closing churches, removing statues and not telling people they got to get flu shots. to begin with, that violates the fourteenth amendment, deprives individuals of life and liberty without due process. what does that mean? we need to have a hearing, we need to have evidence but before a legislature or court to find out if we truly need to have kids vaccinated. i will tell you this. vaccines for the flu have a 40
12:34 am
percent-60% success rate services not a steel proof prefixing. mike: massachusetts governor charlie baker, quote, i would hope people would understand this is an important of part of how we continue to fight the coronavirus in massachusetts. the more people who get the flu shot, don't get the flu and don't wind up in the er. what about that argument from the governor? >> government has the right to compel that, this goes back to the supreme court precedent in 1905, jacobson versus massachusetts and at the time it was smallpox and government has to protect the public and that is the essential reason they make these required vaccinations and this is just the start because it may be flu for massachusetts today, it will be covid-19 for all the states coming up and it is essential to understand that ultimately government has the ability to compel that theme.
12:35 am
mike: what about your take? >> there is no evidence before anybody in the country but forcing kids to have a vaccine is going to preempt them getting covid-19. i've got some statistics that are pretty compelling to show that there is not a health risk going on in the country with kids. in the winter of 2019 through february of 2020 kids age 5-11, 31 kids died, 25 kids age 12-17 died. i get it, every child's life is important, i have a daughter who is 14 but i will tell you those numbers do not justify the government stepping in and usurping the decisions of parents to govern their own kids. >> any other thoughts on this hot topic before we conclude night court for the weekend? >> the statistics may be what
12:36 am
they are about children. it does not mean it is not a health risk because the children could not show symptoms and then later get it to the elderly with a very high risk. in the end it comes down to the united states supreme court precedent, 1905 jacobson versus massachusetts like i said it is going to compelling be available to government in the event it is required. mike: thank you so much. have a wonderful weekend. >> have a good labor day weekend. mike: tonight an update on so-called cancel culture. a lot has to do with political correctness but the focus is on two of the biggest stories in sports this week. >> reporter: the most exciting two minutes in sports will run with no one inside the gate the 20 outside.
12:37 am
as thousands demand churchill downs shutdown the kentucky derby. >> we will try and funnel persons with different viewpoints into specific areas to prevent confrontation between these groups. >> controversy is intense because it was here in louisville but police shot breanna taylor during a no knock warrant and tuesday berkeley, trainer derby favorite says this about the protesters. >> i don't know what these guys are going to do, who knows? all i know is you are not allowed to shoot them and they are a lot to shoot you. >> reporter: greg carbide is a black owner, some activists want him to boycott the race. >> any outlook issued, i'm not naïve to think there aren't some people who might have issue with
12:38 am
my participation. >> reporter: racial tension in horse racing or basketball remain. >> ladies and gentlemen, there's no way around this. this is white privilege. this does not happen to a black man. >> reporter: stephen smith blasted the brooklyn mets for hiring ex-star steve nash is the next head coach passing over black candidates. fellow broadcaster charles barkley disagrees. >> when you have a responsibility about something serious like race you can't be full of crap, you got to be honest and fair. >> in the quest for racial justice the latest victim out of herself as an imposter, george washington university professor jessica crew poses a black scholar to write a book in advance her career. i'm not a culture vulture, she wrote, i'm a culture leach. >> she wanted to act black by using a dialect specific americans use to communicate. >> reporter: black or white the cancel culture doesn't discriminate. in los angeles, fox news. >> looking at the military and
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>> when you hear these remarks, suckers, losers what does it tell you about donald trump's soul in the life he leads? >> today is the angriest you've been as a presidential candidate. wife and joe biden angry about this? >> william barr saying on cnn his assessment right now is china poses the most aggressive threat to us elections even more iran or russia. do you believe, is that your understanding based on the intelligence you have received? >> joe biden holding a news conference expected to be about the economy but fielding a few questions about the latest presidential controversy. charlatans and tweeted we should get used to scheduled scandals being rolled out until election
12:44 am
day and the president said something similar. >> it is a hoax and you will hear more of these things, totally unrelated as we get closer to the election. just a continuation of the witchhunt so that it can hopefully affect the election but the american people are too smart. mike: senior director for strategic planning, retired brigadier general robert spalding and retired marine, member of the annex security team and benghazi, thank you for your service and welcome. >> thank you for having us. >> john bolton not a fan of donald trump says he didn't hear the comments in the atlantic article, he said it was john juliet's recommendation that the president not go to the military cemetery in france. is more from bolton. >> john kelly was reluctant to make the recommendation because as a marine he thought was important to go out and visit the cemetery, one of the marine
12:45 am
corps's iconic battles but when he laid the logistical problems out, the president accepted it. >> feels like there are some in the military who don't like this president and are willing to go after him. what do you make of it? >> when i saw the tweet about the article it was completely ridiculous. i believed it to be information, i stand by that. i don't believe it is true. general keith kellogg who was in the white house at the time his integrity is impeccable said it is completely false. i believe it to be false. it is solely designed to raise biden's approval rating and bring out more voters for the election. the whole thing is designed for the election. it is completely untrue in my mind. mike: with your take on it? >> i'm right there with the general.
12:46 am
you have anonymous sources, that in its face tells me or puts question to the validity of it because if you have any integrity and believe what you are saying stand up and take notice of it and be the person to say i was there and this is what i heard but you don't see that and that is the problem we are seeing with a lot of these things and we will see more and more than. we have a person who has helped our veterans with va choice, the military apprenticeship program. is done nothing but work for the veterans and our active-duty military so i have full faith in my commander-in-chief. mike: donald trump think there's a good possibility his former chief of staff john kelly could be a source of the story. >> i don't know that it was him. i see anonymous but it could have been a guy like john kelly because he was - >> does kelly need to come forward and say something one way or another? >> what the atlantic should have
12:47 am
done is gotten someone on record to say they heard this, they didn't. i stand by my assertion that this is completely done for the election it has no validity. mike: people buttigieg framed the issue this way. >> if you are a republican and always voted republican and it is hard for you to join the many republicans walking away from this president think about this, years later we will look back on this moment, you could either be a john mccain republican ray donald trump republican but you got to choose. think about what you would rather be. mike: how the response? >> people buttigieg is trying to make a place to have a voice, putting something out there.
12:48 am
i think i don't see the difference between a mccain president or a mccain republican area donald trump republican other than getting things done the president said he would do. in my world i always worked in in the military what you have done in the past gets you to that position but what you do every day keeps you there and keep your respective. every special ops school there ever was, if i am performing today what good am i? i am not effective if i can't execute the next mission. mike: from the daily beast trump's defendant he doesn't hate the troops, just sounds like an a-hole yet his allies admit trump routinely makes callous comments about us military personnel but it is because he hates the wars air force to fight, not the troops themselves. what do you make of that?
12:49 am
>> every time i have seen the president surrounded by military he has always acted as he thought they were the most important thing to him so i don't see this whatsoever. the whole premise that the president is somehow thinks less of the military is completely counter to everything we know about him as a person. this is an entirely for the election, we have 60 days to go, you will see more of these come out. i am certain of it. mike: thank you for your time and service, have a wonderful labor day weekend. we are mailing it in before we go, stick around. discretion for. try always discreet. the unique design features protective leakguards, which help prevent leaks where they happen most and an absorbent material that turns liquid into gel, for up to 100% leak free protection.
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>> voting for the november mike: voting for the november election underway, north carolina the first state to begin sending out ballots was mark meredith has that story from rally. >> reporter: and his raleigh warehouse with mask finance social distancing and forced workers are mailing out thousands of veterans in ballots for the november election. >> 70 folks working here today to get the ballots ready and get them out the door.
12:54 am
>> reporter: north carolina became the first state to send out ballots and demand is surging, so far 643,000 people requested to vote by mail four years ago, the numbers 39,000. >> the earlier you get it in the higher likelihood there will be no issues and yours will be counted. >> reporter: donald trump suggested some people may choose to vote twice. >> if they haven't counted it you can vote so that is the way i view it. >> reporter: north carolina avenue stop election official tells fox news voting twice is illegal. >> we do not encourage anyone to vote twice and there are safeguards in place that prohibit that from taking place. >> reporter: and state both stated urging voters to track their ballots online to see when it has been received. north carolina political party leaders tell us they have faith in the state's system. >> we have a good track record and the board of the elections
12:55 am
has done a good job. >> i have confidence in the state board of elections that we can vote safely and reliably. >> reporter: north carolina is a closely watched battleground state of the president knows this, he is planning a campaign in salem for ballots to reach mailboxes. mark meredith, foxbusiness. mike: to celebrate the 70 fifth anniversary of the end of world war ii this week las vegas held a procession of cars carrying world war ii veterans downtown. fire trucks, convertibles and limos flew the american flags wanted to sacrifice of the greatest generation, those who served. among those in attendance was 103-year-old vincent chang who not only served but became a prisoner of war. he says he is looking to send the celebration next year. a special thank you to those who served in world war ii, your
12:56 am
tonight's midnight heroes, the greatest generation. it was quite a week, thank you for watching, most watched, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am mike emanuel, see you monday, have a safe and healthy labor day weekend. labor day weekend. ay
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weekend, spend time with the ones you love, it's all that matters -- see you monday. >> sean: welcome to this special edition of "hannity," for the hour we will highlight some of my opening monologue covering the 2020 campaign of biden and kamala harris, let's start with my monologue explaining what would happen if biden and harris were elected, take a look. if joe biden wins, he has the strength and stamina and mental alertness to do the job, if he implements the extreme agenda that he is now embracing -- let me be clear, america as you know what, we know it would be destroyed, our entire way of life would be flushed down the drain. if the


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