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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  September 9, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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horizon that we are struggling to know what is next. there is a little bit for everybody. does it change anything for the voter? i think it's impossible to say. i doubt it. >> okay. we are going to squeeze in a quick break. no we are going to harris's new show. tanks. we will continue our coverage. >> harris: you are the best partner in the world. i will take it now. it's chippy off the top. we were waiting for this event to start and given a. two warning two minutes ago. we want to keep that blue door to the left of the screen in view. the white press secretary kayleigh mcenany will walk through it. there will be a number of
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questions. a lot hitting headlines right now. not the least of which is the "washington post" report on a new book by bob woodard who said he had conversations in preparation for that book with the president earlier this year that led him to believe that the president did impact know how deadly serious the coronavirus was at that time. back on february 7th are the notes i am reading. i don't have a copy of the book. melissa francis did not. we were not given a copy as this was breaking 10 minutes ago. now the press briefing with the white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany. let's watch together. >> president trump was nominated for the nobel peace prize in recognition of his work in the israeli and united arab emirates peace deal. it was a historic deal and the first such deal in over two decades. this is a heard earned and well
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deserved honor for this president. president trump's foreign policy will always be one of peace through strength. that is what the american people are seeing abroad. career politicians merely talk about the results this president has achieved on the world stage. end wars. not often did we see that done. today the president and the pentagon are announcing a draw down of troops in iraq down to 3,000. we are getting our allies to pay their fair share. 9 nato countries are meeting 2% spending obligations. we are seeing better trade deals for the american workers and the president brought back manufacturing jobs. president trump stood up to china. president trump defeated
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terrorists. the isis caliphate is destroyed. along with the iran general soleimani. the peace deal between israeli and the united arab emirates led to the first fight from israel over the air space to the united arab emirates. signing ceremony will be september 15th at the white house. and the president has had a major break through between serbia and kosovo. president trump broke the 39-year-old streak of american presidents starting a war as a great washington examiner peace headline read. these wins are possible because of the president's leadership. president trump addresses all challenges new solutions and
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delivers result for the american people. with that i will take questions. >> i want to ask about the woodard interviews. did president trump mislead the american people about the throat of covid, a pandemic that cost the lives of 200,000 americans? >> absolutely not. this president when you are finding insurmountable challenges it's important to express confidence and express calm. >> is playing it down expressing calm? >> can you read the rest of the quote. >> that's how much they put in there. >> you excluded the last part. i deny. he doesn't want to see chaos when you failed to read. the president just days after having this discussion with bob woodard said this. from this podium. march 30th i want them to stay calm. we are doing a great job.
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stay calm. it will go away but it's important to stay calm. this president does what leaders do. stay calm and resolute at a time when you face a challenge. >> [overlapping talking]. >> the president lied to the american public about the threat posed by covid? >> the president has never lied to the american public on covid. he was expressing calm and his actions reflect. this january 6th the cdc issued a wuhan travel notice. i refer you to dr. fauci who said this president had an impressive response. i can't imagine that anyone could do more. that's the record of this president. >> how do you square the president's words to woodard when he said this is a very delicate one. it's more deadly than even your strenuous flu. this is deadly stuff. two weeks later he said this is
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a flu. this is like a flu. he said it was quickly going to zero. that's a direct contradiction to what he told woodard? >> well, the president was listening to medical experts. dr. fauci said if the seasonal flu was a bigger concern, he said had on february 17th. people are worried about going to a chinese restaurant. we have a bad flu season. he was reflecting that point. he said i want to keep the country calm. that's what leader dos and that's what president trump does. >> dr. fauci is not saying coronavirus was -- >> he was at a covid interview and asked about the flu and said exactly what the president said. the president took it more seriously. he said the flu could be worse
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and taking action to address it. the cdc was implementing public health screeners. one rchted case c-- reported cae and pelosi released a statement. on january 31st the president should a travel ban on china that the former vice-president called xeno phobic. >> you quoted dr. fauci. dr. fauci is apparently on the record saying of president trump his attention span is like a min us number and his sole purpose is to get reelected. that's according to woodard. the president by his own admission acknowledged the depth of this crisis and yet told the american people something very different. how is that not an abject
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betrayal of the public trust? >> the president was always clear to the american people and acknowledged this was serious in march. that 200,000 lives could be lost. dr. fauci you are referring a quote he allegedly told bob woodard. i can give you quotes we could play saying the response was impressive. dr. fauci said i can tell you the president the first and only time i said you need to do mitigation strongly, the response was yes, we will do it. the second time i went with dr. birx to the president and said 15 days to slow the spread are not enough. we have to go to 30 days. people had problems with that. nonetheless the president went with that recommendation. a long litany of praise from dr. fauci and talking about something allegedly he told woodard. >> it's on tape.
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>> we can play the video clips. >> february 7th the president said it's deadly in private. on february 28th he said it's like a miracle tell disappear. it's one thing as a public figure not to incite panic. it's different to lie and mislead the american people about a crisis that claimed 200,000 american lives. >> one day covid will go away. we hope for that day. we will have a vaccine because of this president tearing through bureaucracy to get a safe and effective vaccine. one day it will go away. that's a fact. the president expressed calmness and mobilized the private sector the greatest since world war ii and got more tests than any country in the world on covid. that's a record for a novel pathogen should we get a vaccine
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by the end of the year or 3 years which was the timing for ebola. this president has done an unprecedented job dealing with covid. >> you mentioned an insurmountable problem. you look around the world. the united states leads the world in cases and deaths from covid-19. doesn't the president have to bear a responsibility for that record as well as the testing and the vaccine? >> no. when you look at the rest of the world and in particularly the fatality rate in the united states is 3% and the world is 3.3%. belgium 11.2%. we have done a very good job. the case fatality rate shows how
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well we have done with therapeutics. we are leading the world with the lowest case fatality rate. that is attested to the president who ripped true bears to get convalesent plasma. >> why did the president have thousands not wearing a mask last night in a rally? local officials should have the final say. >> people have the first amendment right to show up and express their political opinion in a peaceful protest. there is a double standard.
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cnn had on a doctor who said now there are social distancing issues with the protests across the country. however this is a public health crisis. they are marching against systemic racism. >> kayleigh mcenany, how can the president bear no responsibility for the 200,000 lives lost when he down played the virus initially and knew how deadly it was? i don't understand that? >> the president never down played the virus. the president expressed calm and he was serious about this when democrats were pursuing their cham impeachment. -- sham impeachment. he was taking early action. >> the language he used, you said he used hopeful language.
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does heregret that? >> no, this president embodies the american philosophy. we lead world in testing. doing far more than number two which is india. he took it seriously but expressed calm. our flood supply chains were at risk. the markets also and the economy was in play here. we didn't want there to be a huge crash and panic. he expressed calmness from the podium but always taken it seriously and the response unprecedented reflects that. >> i wanted to ask you about the astrazeneca trial. they halted their trial. in terms of getting a vaccine quickly? >> astrazeneca paused their
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trials. stage 3 trial. that's a routine response with an adverse response. there are still two american vaccine showing great promise. astrazeneca showing that the science is guiding the way which dr. fauci and others have said all along. >> do you feel confident you will see a vaccine before the end of the year? >> by the wend of the years the goal, yes. >> because there was a discussion about seeing something around the time of the election, do you think that delays that? >> our timing is not about the election. it's about saving lives. the end of the years our goal. a safe vaccine we will take as soon as we can get it. >> custom and border protections
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were going to announce a ban on imports from china as a result of the human rights abuses. that announcement hasn't come. do you intend to make that announcement? or is this a back lash against it? it encompasses a lot of different products? >> if i get more information i will let you know. >> my understanding is that two rallies this weekend in nevada have been cancelled because of the governor's order of not having events of 50 people or more? what is the president's policy? >> i have not heard that about the rally. i will refer you to the campaign for further information. as i discussed with zika here,
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we believe that if people want to show up and express their political views, that's their choice to do so. we hand out masks and encourage them to wear them. a lot of people did in north carolina last night. we give out hand sanitizer. if you want to join a peaceful protest you can do so. there is no reason just like the protest in the streets you can't show up and express your political view at a rally. >> why did the president sit down with bob woodard for 18 interviews? >> because he is the most transparent president in history. >> okay. when do you expect we will get the short list of who the president is considering for scotus? >> you will get that list in short order. the president is excited to share who he would nominate to the supreme court and what will
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guide his choices are people who follow the constitution. he wants constitution abiding judges who believe the word of a statute are what they are and not subject to interpretation. he wants judges guided by the constitution like justice kavanaugh and gorsuch. >> did the president or anyone at the white house have conversations with the department of justice about [inaudible]? what were those conversations? >> i am not aware of any discussions that were had. >> the president [muffled audio]. an executive order on prescription drugs. has he signed that and when will we see the text? >> yes, the one he is referring
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to is the previous one. for medicare programs you have 2 days to get prescriptions part-b or part-d. it makes sure american citizens are getting their medications a price equal to other countries. any updates i will the you know in the upcoming days. >> following up on the coronavirus issues. how is it not misleading for his advisors to tell him and compare this virus to the spanish flu of 1918 but for the president to say that this could disappear by april? >> the president was expressing calm. the president was hope. that covid, we would be able to
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handle this to make it go away quickly. the president rose to the occasion. it's worth mentioning the misleading that the w.h.o. on china did. they were repeating china's claim that the virus does not transmit. this was a novel virus and the world health organization said it doesn't transmit. >> they said this could be the biggest threat to the presidency and others grades. -- agreed. and president trump said no one could predict this when his own experts predicted this. >> you are referring to the intel community. on january 23rd that community briefed president trump for the first time about covid.
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the briefing said coronavirus from china could spread globally but it's not deadly for most people. this was the information president trump got. the next time he was briefed on january 28th and the spread was happening outside of china and china is not sharing key data. they were not. on january ninth the world health organization said it doesn't transmit between people. and on january 14th the world health organization said no clear evidence of human to human transmission. clearly that was not true. the w.h.o. opposed travel restrictions. on january 31st president trump put in place the travel restrictions. >> the same day the president trump tweeted that the virus would become weaker when the
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weather got warmer but he told woodard it was dangerous. >> he expressed calm. that's what a leader does. he always followed the advice of medical experts like dr. fauci who called his efforts impressive. >> he said this is deadly? >> yes, he acknowledged that and shut down the country to save millions of lives. so will do the vaccine that is being developed. >> the process in belarus continues. what concrete steps the president is going to take to support belarus in their struggle for democracy and to stop human rights abuses? >> a very good question. the u.s. is extremely concerned
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about human rights violations in the wake of belarus's election. reports of opposition figures being kidnapped and threatenned are a few of the methods the belarus government is using. the u.s. is working with international partners to hold all of those accountable and call on the belarus government to release all of those being held. the election was fraudulent. the government can no longer ignore the people's calls for democracy. >> the president keeping his promise of ending wars. in iraq it's just a withdraw. that's not keeping the 2006
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promise. >> these things take time. we want to make sure the iraqi security forces are well trained and our u.s. troops have done a magnificent job doing that. we believe that now is the time when we can make this draw down and keep the country disable. because of the training our troops have done. >> is it an attempt to look like the promise is kept for the election? >> no. this is an expression we believe that iraqi security forces can do this along side the troops that will remain there. this president broke the 39-year-old streak of american presidents starting a war or bringing the united states into an international armed conflict. unlike past presidents, this president prioritized peace through strength. >> breaking the 39 year trend. how does that work if the president sent troops to saudi
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arabia? >> channel. >> thank you. with kosovo and the united arab emirates, muslim majority countries spanning two continents bringing an agreement with israel towards peace. number 1 have the palestinians opened up any discourse with the white house as to their reaction to these developments with israel and middle east countries. have the palestinians expressed any interest in distancing themselves from iran? >> through the deal president trump made additional progress on reaching peace in the middle east. kosovo agreed to normalization of ties and serbia will move its embassy to jerusalem. israel and the united arab emirates is a huge step forward for broader peace in the world. i refer you to the palestinians
10:25 am
for their reaction. it is telling that historic agreement between serbia and kosovo addressing a decade as long conflict was only mentioned one time on cnn and one time on msnbc. yes? >> i wanted to ask about [inaudible]. in 2022. human rights groups called on the olympic committee to move the games from beijing. would president trump support a boycott of the games over human rights abuses? >> i have not spoken to him but this president holds china accountable. he stood up to china unlike any president before him in modern history. but one thing i do want to address is just really
10:26 am
egregious. i addressed it on friday. the atlantic story written by a liberal activist. now you have 25 people who have spoken out and dismissed this story. you even have the author of the story who said i hear the view that it's not good enough referring to the fact that he did this false report based on anonymous sources. when you look at the liberal activist who wrote this he has a bad history and he can't be trusted. in the early 2000s this author at the new yorker wrote on about the links of iraq and al-qaeda. he relied on people who seemed to me to be credible.
10:27 am
who said they had information about such connections between al-qaeda and iraq. goldberg's reporting backed up his view that the u.s. should invade iraq. this author argued in favor of the u.s. invading iraq and later admitted he knew people blamed him for getting the united states in the war and he said yes, yes, i know i started the iraq war. his reporting can't be trusted. 25 people have come out on the record dismissing his report. the report by a liberal activist. thank you. >> [shouting]. [inaudible]. >> with that, the white press secretary kayleigh mcenany taking dozens of questions on different topics. the start was all about a new book that the "washington post" has written about by bob woodard
10:28 am
and a conversation in february that the president had with woodard. there that are recordings of that interview on tape as woodard was getting ready to write a book. to write something. so she never said, kayleigh mcenany, that the conversations about the coronavirus did not happen. however, she said the president never misled the people. karl rove former vice-president biden -- former deputy chief of staff to the president. i come to you first, because this is cooking and makes news. joe biden is getting ready to speak. he may make a comment about this as well. i want to get your reaction to it. >> well, every president does
10:29 am
a bob woodard book and later comes to regret it. this is one of those instances. i think we need to put this in proper frame. particularly if this is on the receiving end of a joe biden partisan comment. in the beginning of all of these pandemics, there is a lot of information that turns out to be inaccurate. you are trying to feel your way forward with a lot of unknowns. the president is being told by people this could be bad. then he has the responsibility of not engaging in panic making. i would remind people this. everybody thinks these things in retrospect, we know everything and hindsight is perfect. remember, in february and march, the top advisors to joe biden went on television saying masks don't work. this won't be a pandemic. we should not engage in fare
10:30 am
mongering at the same time the president is trying to get that balance between i am told this could be bad and i don't want people to panic. before we start making judgments about one person in this drama, we ought to sit back and make the same judgment about both players in this drama. the record is clear. president trump took actions that joe biden disagreed with like the china travel ban. president trump said things about the pandemic. in retrospect he would like to revise and withdraw but so did joe biden. i was taken aback looking at the footage of emmanuel on television saying don't go buy a mask. this won't be a pandemic. this was in february and march that advisors to biden said these things. >> i want to get to this. here are two clips from the president's interview with bob
10:31 am
woodard on covid-19 that reporter were referencing during that lengthy press briefing. watch. >> it goes through air. thoughts tougher than the touch. you just breathe the air. that's how it's passed. that's a very tricky one and very local cat one. -- delicate one. it's more deadly than even the strenuous flus. >> well i think, bob, to be honest with you, i wanted to always play it down. i still like playing it down. >> yes. >> because i don't want to create a pan being. -- panic. >> he said he always wanted to play it down want what the problem is we knew the president knew that china was not playing fairly. the american people didn't have a shot at getting the real truth. we were not going to get it from
10:32 am
the w.h.o. we were not getting it from china. and it looks like we got some sort of watered down version from president trump. >> well, that's one way of looking at it. again, if the president doesn't know everything to a certainty, then error on the side of caution. you could argue he should have said masks and social distancing earlier. particularly if he knew it was aerosol borne. we expect perfection from people in places where perfection is not possible. dealing with pandemic the unknowns are large and difficult to deal with. what is the president said things that sparked a panic. we would have said he should have been more measured. any president dealing with a situation like this will look back and say there are things i would have know differently. when it's injected into this
10:33 am
partisan election year it's not effective moving forward as a country. do you think joe biden was comfortable when susan rice and others down played this all. do you think in a moment of quiet he would say i wish they hadn't said those things and i wish i had not listened to those things? i suspect the same is true of president trump as are. he would say i wish i had done this differently. these are not easy situations to deal with and to require perfection of anybody in this whether it's joe biden or donald trump is unfair. >> harris: yes. i want to point out that joe biden is expected to talk in reaction to the news about the woodard recordings with the president of the united states.
10:34 am
he will speak in a moment in michigan. we will carry some of his remarks. as he makes those too. karl rove, you always have a calm way of putting things and taking us forward. if you had been there and i think is fair to ask of you because you have messages in mind. how would you have the president do those things he was doing to keep us calm but also saying the truth that people needed to know there was airborne and it was spreading by touching surfaces. it was deadly dangerous. >> well, again, words matter. this is why people draft remarks. have you them parsed by people inside the senior staff and have scientific experts look at them. this is something that is difficult to do. and yes, you would want to have
10:35 am
a rigorous staffing process inside the government so the president's initial remarks and follow-up remarks were vetted and repaired. -- prepared. you don't want to insight panic. we saw the lines of people at the grocery store. you need to say things that are accurate and tell people when you don't know everything. you said one thing. we got it by touch. it did notling or a lot of surfaces. people would not pick up their mail and found out it didn't linger on those surfaces long. >> harris: true. >> that's the way it is dealing with this situation. we have been through with mers and sars. the range of possibilities in a pandemic is so big and the
10:36 am
possibility of disaster is there in those results. >> harris: you are so right. what we learned about surfaces. but we knew touching each other was a problem. >> touching our face and not washing our hands. >> harris: you said something i wrote down. perfection is not possible. that applies to so many things we are dealing. karl rove thanks for being with me. >> thanks for having me harris coming up joe biden is michigan and expect him to comment on this new bob woodard book claiming that covid-19 was deadlier than the flu and calling it out as a dire situation. the recordings we played for you.
10:37 am
potential we have more. coming up when joe biden has his reaction. she will show you that and more on "outnumbered overtime" this hour.
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together. masimo. together in hospital. together at home. >> harris: bringing in the power panelle in this hour of full of breaking news. we expect joe biden to react to these recordings with president trump and bob woodward for a book that woodard was writing back in february. all of the things that were said in the context of how serious the coronavirus pandemic was and the spread of this disease was going to be and how the president really saw it. bruce executive director of the national diversity council for trump and member of the trump 2020 advisory board. welcome.
10:42 am
ethan, an attorney and radio host of left coast news. ethan, joe biden is expecting moments in michigan a battleground state to talk about his reaction to all of this. what should he say? >> well, what should joe biden say? this is a clear abdication of duty by the president. i disagree with karl rove. president trump has no responsibility to the american people to down play. it joe biden needs to point out we need a president who has a pandemic response task force that president obama put in place and president trump got rid of it so we were not prepared for this pandemic. we need a strong leader to come out and not lie and say it will
10:43 am
disappear and down play it 108 times. president trump said to bob woodward, he could say this is serious but don't panic about it. >> harris: what about biden's comments when the president said no more travel from china and the president was activating his plan to protect the american people? joe biden indicating that the president was not who he should be. he accused him of all sorts of things. >> that's a great question, harris. joe biden was not president of the united states. joe biden didn't have the national -- >> harris: so he gets to say whatever he wants? >> no, but he didn't have the insight that president trump as we just heard on the tape with bob woodward had. he knew how serious it was. joe biden did not than. >> harris: he was not getting briefings in february? that's part of a national security briefing if there sia
10:44 am
pandemic coming? >> joe biden was not in february. >> harris: all right, bruce, maybe you would know, the times of things that an in coming candidate because you have been with the president for a while and were with his campaign am campaigns would get an imagine some information on these things. maybe i am in left field on that. >> yeah. i am sure biden had as much information as the president about how serious it was. he was the nominee of the democratic party. it's interesting to linto the monday quarterbacking. i was attracted to the president early on and watching him make quick decisions. he shut the country down and made a quick decision, fast and quick. i thought about all of the millions of people he saved by make a bold decision.
10:45 am
he shutdown the number 1 economy in the world. he knew 30.6 million small businesses like mine would be compromised and knew the schools would be compromised. he made the decision. i am looking at the millions of people he saved by making a quick decision as a true leader unlike joe biden. then two, we are 90 million in testing. this say lesson learned for all americans. it's so important that we the people made in america, we should never had our resources depending on anyone in the world. we should have all of our vaccine here in the u.s. coming out of this, lesson learned. there are a lot of things we need to manufacture back here in america with president trump. >> harris: pharmaceuticals made in china that was a big deal. diabetes people were worried
10:46 am
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>> ♪ >> harris: breaking news as we promised. joe biden in the battleground state of michigan being asked off the top about this new bob woodward book and the president of the united states. let's watch. >> mr. president, where is my president? there you are. thanks for the welcome. it's great to be here in michigan. and with the united auto workers. you know, as say they in parts of my state, i got brunng up on general motors. you know cars are cars are cars. i still have my '67 corvette. it was new. i still keep that. i am waiting for the electric one that goes 210 miles per hour.
10:51 am
the reason we are late here, getting off the plane the press asked me a legitimate question i didn't have the background on because it occurred on the plane. earlier we celebrated labor day and in the heart of the american automobile industry we never forget everything we owe the unions. unions built this country and it's the economic engine that built american manufacturing. in the case of the auto workers, you did it. i want to thank you. uaw region 1 for hosting me. great to see the senator and my good friend. i spent time with the governor. the senator and i worked together on an awful lot of matters over the years. in the united states senate. she was a great partner to me when i was vice-president. we worked in lock step to get
10:52 am
the people of michigan back on their feet. we were joined bry one of the best and brightest and hardest working governors around gretchen wilmer. if you wonder what strong leadership looks like in covid-19, look at this executive right here. >> [applauding]. >> governor, have you done an incredible job steering the people of michigan through a turbulent time. much brought on by donald trump's lack of leadership. you have been rock solid, governor and listened to the experts and led with science. you put the needs of the people who were hurting first helping them get through this crisis. meanwhile, on the day that we hit 190,000 dead in the united states because of covid-19, we just learned from the "washington post" and bob woodward that the president of the united states admitted on tape in february he knew about
10:53 am
covid-19 that it passed through the air. he knew how deadly it was. it was more deadly than the flu. he knew and purposely played it down. worse, he lied to the american people. he knowingly and willingly lied about the threat it posed to the country for months. he had the information. he knew how dangerous it was. while this deadly disease ripped through our nation, we failed to do his job on purpose. it was a life-and-death betrayal of the american people. experts say if he acted one week sooner, 36,000 people would be saved. two weeks sooner back in march, 54,000 lives would have been spared in march and april alone. his failure is not only cost lives. it sent our economy into a tail spin. it costs millions more in american livelihoods.
10:54 am
this recession is created by donald trump's negligence and he is unfit for this job. how many schools are not open right now? how many kids are starting a new school year the same way they ended the last one, at home? how many parents feel abandoned and overwhelmed? how many front line workers are exhausted and pushed to their limits? how many families are missing loved ones at their dinner table tonight because of his failures? it's beyond despicable. it's a dereliction of duty. it's a disgrace. we will hear a lot more about this i am sure. not just from me but from the news media and a lot of others. i want to ask you one simple question. what is the value of a promise? what is it worth? what is the worth of a woman or
10:55 am
a man's word, of a president's word if it's not matched with action? in 2016, then candidate trump came here to warren just a few days before the election. he said if i am elected, you won't lose one plant. you have plants coming into this country. you will have jobs again. you won't lose one plant, i promise you. i promise you. that's what he said. donald trump makes a lot of promises. the promise that he alone could stop the off-shoring of jobs. he promised he would bring back jobs and stop companies from leaving. he could do what nobody else could do but him. he promised his administration would enforce every last buy in america provision on behalf of the american people.
10:56 am
what makes his wild claims and hopes, he now hopes we don't notice what he said or won't remember. when he doesn't follow-through, the exact opposite. he hopes we have poor memories. he doesn't give us much credit. the american people are smart, honest, descents and hard working. we expect our president to be straight with us. to do what he or she says they are going to do. let's look at the reality of donald trump's economy and what exactly his promise to the american people and workers are worth. he is on track to be the first president since hoover and the great depression to see the number of jobs in our economy go down and not up while being president. our economy is down 4.7 million jobs since he took office. 4.7!
10:57 am
even before president trump's failed response to covid-19 crashed our economy, his reckless and chaotic trade policy threw american manufacturing into a recession. it was all right contracting in 2019. even when covid-19 hit, trump -- before it hit trump was creating an average of 500,000 jobs fewer than the last 3 years when president obama and i were in office. when the gm transmission plant in warren closed last year, i bet the workers were not comforted by trump's empty promises. michigan leost auto jobs even before covid hit.
10:58 am
did trump stop american jobs going overseas? of course know. the rate of off-shoring by federal contractors, people who get federal dollars from the federal government. big companies paid by u.s. taxpayer doubled under trump. those contracts. federal contract with your tax dollars. they doubled the number that have been off shored. he invited companies to the white house to make what he called the pledge to american workers. he could not even keep those firms from out sourcing. many were given federal contracts and some shipped 7,000 jobs overseas. under president trump's u.s. trade deficit it's hit an all time high. the u.s. trade deficit is at an
10:59 am
all time high under trump in the last 3 years. president trump's answer to all of this is the same as his answer to everything. corporate tax giveaways awarded to reward off-shore. if you off-shore you get more tax breaking news. his 2017 tax bill slashed taxes on companies that sent production and jobs overseas. those corporations then make huge profits by shipping these foreign made products back to the united states to sell to american consumers. no industry has taken great advantage of trumps over shoring tax loopholes an the pharmaceutical companies. they lobbed for a hand out and that's what they got from them. the u.s. is building factories
11:00 am
overseas instead of united states skipping out on in the process, by the way, he's trying to do away with all healthcare in america. during the pandemic, we're seeing not only the inequity of this policy, but the enormous vulnerability that this creates for our own health security. our security requires us to have supply chain of the necessary drugs based here, not overseas, not overseas in times of crisis. what about trump's commitment to buy american? like the rest of president trump's promise, it has nothing


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