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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 13, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> a major manhattan underway this hour to find the gunman who shot to california sheriff's deputies as they sat in their police car, you can see the walk up to the officer's car and opened fire seemingly from no reason, the officers are in critical condition at a hospital in los angeles, police say there were protesters chanting we hope they die, meaning we hope the police officers die while the protesters tried to block access to the emergency room at the hospital. sunday morning here in d.c. gillian nice to be with you, nice to be with you home.
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gillian: leland good to be with you i am gillian turner, those two sheriff's deputies are now in critical condition and they did manage to radio for help and immediate aftermath of the attack thankfully, we are joined by christina coleman who has new developments, she joins us from los angeles christina. >> hi, those deputies they are in critical condition and intense search is on right now for the gunman who attacked them, they're both fighting for their lives at this hour, surveillance video shows a suspect ambush the deputy as their sitting in the patrol car at a metro statesman in compton last night, both the deputies were shot in the upper bodies, they were still able to radio for help in one of them opened the car door after the attack. the critically injured deputies identified as a 24-year-old man and a 31-year-old mother in the 6-year-old boy. >> this is an unprovoked cowardly act, the individual will be caught and justice will
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prevail. >> the two deputies were doing their job and somebody just walked up and shooting on them, it hisses me off. gillian: the two deputies were taken to a local hospital and they both have surgery after the shooting and both were shot multiple times, president trump tweeted, if they die, fast trial death penalty for the killer, only way to stop this. witness a protesters showed up to the hospital where the deputies were taken chanting anti-police slogans, riot police ended up showing up to the protest, the l.a. county sheriff's department tweeted this last night. to the protesters blocking the entrance and exit of the hospital emergency room yelling we hope that they die, referring to the two l.a. sheriffs ambushed in compton, do not block emergency entries and exits to the hospital, people's lives are at stake an ambulance cannot get through. the sheriff department also asking for people to keep the injured deputies and their
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thoughts and prayers. gillian. gillian: christina coleman from los angeles, thank you. leland: joe biden tweeted on this this morning saying the cold-blooded shooting is unconscionable and the perpetrator must be brought to justice. we bring in d.c. homicide detective fox news contributor ted williams. there is a lot to break down, none of it is good, start with the shooting itself, you watched the tape, it reminds me so much of the summer of 2016 when people were targeting law enforcement officers in much the same way. >> when you watch that tape it is so shocking, here it is in the two deputies are in their car and the guy walks up, in case it's a guy, we don't know what it is, a man or woman, they walk up as though they're gonna walk past the car thing come right back and they wound up shooting the two deputies just
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sitting there. i don't know how shocking this can be, it's really terrible to hurt them when i see this, this really brings home what the men and women of this country go through every day, every time they put the uniform on and they go out there, their lives are in danger. leland: it's one thing for your life to be in danger when you run into a burning house or you try to arrest a suspect. but the idea of officers being targeted as they sit in their cars is a whole different thing. it's going to have to change at some point in policing the officers could no longer sit at 711 or the donut shop and take a minute and relax. >> i wish there were some way to change this but i really don't see any. you and i covered two police officers in new york city sitting in their car under the same circumstances, they were shot and killed.
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it's just a terrible situation leland. leland: terrible in every way, then you combine that with the report and there is video out there of protesters blocking the entrances to the emergency room and saying that we hope they die, i'm not really sure there is a word in the english language to describe the behavior. >> it is undescribable. we hope they die, here it is, to officers clinging, fighting for their lives and you protesters at the emergency room hollering and singing and protesting and saying we hope they die, we wonder, what in the hell has happened to this country. why are we at this stage, i keep wondering about this as to whether the electoral process in this country at this time has something to do with it. do we have some foreign agents that are out there and are
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operating, this is uncivilized in our country. leland: unprecedented to and the effect on policing is real, we have a list and there's so many we've had to scroll through the names of the police chiefs who have resigned since george floyd's death. it is a stunning list. many of these are not been accused of doing anything wrong but so many of them feel under fire for simply trying to do their job, and police chiefs are resigning and you cannot get good people to sign up for the force, that leaves us all in a pickle doesn't. >> it leaves us abroad in this country. were in a very bad state in this country, where mo morale of police officers are always out there and what we need to understand is that these men and women put their uniform, they don't go out there and say we want to kill a black person, we
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want to kill a white person, they go out there for the most part to serve and protect the people of the community. you have that segment, that bad segment but weed them out. we cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater and unfortunately that's where we are in law enforcement this time. morale is at a all-time low. leland: all-time low in the murder rate in crime rates are going through the roofs. st. louis murder capital of the rural underworld in the murder capital of the united states and the murder rate of 43 plus percent. ten we always appreciate your insight and analysis and a calm head on days like this. thank you. >> my pleasure. ♪. gillian: now to the campaign trail, we have fox news poll showing joe biden with a five-point lead over president trump, both candidates on the home stretch our going in on swing states. david spunt has a breakdown.
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>> good afternoon, political always says after the convention the race tightens a little bit, that seems to be the case this year although we did not have a normal convention and it has not been in a normal election year with covid-19. let's take a look at the fox news numbers and came out today that show the race a little bit closer than it was a month ago. specifically the pullout this morning chose biden harris sitting at 51% while trump pent sitting at 46%, this is closer than preconvention if voting were held today. according to our pulling likely voters have a positive opinion in trust joe biden over the president specifically on coronavirus response supreme court nomination and uniting the united states of america in the country. biden leading with women suburban voters, seniors, millennial, blacks and hispanics, those are specific areas where biden is taken edge as compared to the trump pent ticket. if you look the president and
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vice president currently lead when it comes to men, role voters, veterans, white catholic and generation x voters. both campaigns continuing to push their narrative this morning about why the candidates should win. >> i think he's breaking from the most important issue which is the economy, there's a lot of cross turns in 2020 him anything about this year are unique and singular but i still believe the ultimate driver of the electoral decision for most americans is going to be what it typically is, who can create prosperity for me, my family and my country going forward. >> the biden campaign hitting back on the narrative from the trump campaign that the former vice president not out on the campaign trail and he's in his basement. listen to this. >> vice president biden without campaigning this week as you know, folks saw him not campaigning but reverencing and really taking a solemn moment marking the 9/11, this past
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friday and vice president biden wilwill be out next week, flori, minnesota. >> less than two months to go president trump also lead on the economy in his signature issue 1.4 million jobs added in august, joining the unemployment rate thankfully now under 10% at about 8.4%. gillian. gillian: david spunt with the breakdown from washington, d.c. thank you. president trump is spending the weekend himself in nevada, he is a latino front trump event in las vegas, then he has a rally in henderson later on today and he is now pushing for the latino vote another battleground states as well specifically including florida. to break down the trump campaign plan for the homestretch, were joined by mercedes, the senior advisor to the trump 2020 reelection campaign, where sadie
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is wonderful to see a, thank you for taking time. let's talk about the new fox pulling first. i want to draw your attention to seniors and hispanics according to the nationwide numbers, we've got joe biden leading president trump 52 - 43% with seniors and then 57% - 41% with hispanics. i point out the two specific democrats because you know for the better than anyone, those are the swing votes in your state right? >> that is right. i just came back from florida, i was in tampa last night in the enthusiasm is so great for president trump, you cannot say the same for joe biden and i think what you see in many of these public polls is that the president has made in enormous into the latino community. i've been in republican politics for very long time and what you see with this campaign and
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president trump is the fact that we have invested significant resources in reaching out to the latino community and this is for the fact that president trump has delivered, he has brought economic prosperity to our community, compared to joe biden which we know that even his own campaign, even bernie sanders is also a that they need to do a lot more to reach out to the latino community because as we know latinos are rejecting joe biden far left allegiance which he made with bernie sanders. gillian: you are right to mention the enthusiasm gap in the president has made inroads with hispanics but why do you think that is not being reflected now in the polls in florida and you think you can make up some of that ground. >> joe biden was doing at this time with the latino community.
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for us it's become a priority to continue to message to the latino community, we have spanish ads in all these different targeted markets, in addition to opening up the latino community centers, something that is new with this campaign and the mere fact that we are seeing so many volunteers who are latino helping us knock on doors, making phone calls and again, i think what you're seeing is a latinos especially when you look at south florida, the cuban-americans of venezuelans, it's a big margin of those who are supporting president trump and joe biden is on defense, he's definitely on defense and having to go into these different states that are normally democrat or historically democrat and were looking to flip the states like racine and nevada where the president is right now and his efforts to reach out to the latino community there. gillian: you mentioned joe biden is at the state level playing
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defense in florida and through the latest real clear politics polls, joe biden is only leading president trump by eight points, he lost a lot of his lead, but there was an announcement yesterday from mike bloomberg that he is going to funnel $100 million over the next month into florida. that puts the trump campaign on defense. >> not at all, shows the democrats are in panic mode, they felt that they were doing a lot better and all of a sudden they seen the post polls tighten, obviously the internal polls that they are seen shows momentum on our side, we are seeing the president leading or tied in the puddle ground state, you're talking about the fact that we made over 100 million voter contacts, that is three times more than we ever made in 2016. i'm telling you our structure is in place, the fact that we are communicating and staying very
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closely tied to the latino community in the president's record where he has been able to bring opportunities to latino communities, obviously a champion in an important issue as well, for joe biden's attachment to the far left in the mere facts and a 4 trillion-dollar tax burden on tax families which would impact over 82% of american families, that is troubling and what latinos want is good opportunity and better opportunities for their family. gillian: is absolutely the case that florida is a must win state for president trump in the biden camp says they have an alternate route to get to the electoral votes to win without the state, we gotta leave it there, thank you for taking time out of your very busy weekend to join us. it's great to see you and we appreciate as always. leland: democratic congresswoman from michigan house democratic
10:16 am
committee co-chair debbie dingell with us now. nice to see you, we appreciate it. panicking yet for democrats as mercedes said or somewhere in the middle as this tightens up? >> i see no panic by any democrat. we knew it was going to tighten after labor day, i have said from the very beginning this is good to be a competitive race, i think america is really concerned about covid. i think when you see the senseless shooting in california, the tension, there'd be divided as a country and i think a lot of americans are just plain sick of it and i think a lot of people are looking for people to bring it together and that's why think joe biden continues to lead. leland: you point out correctly he does continue to lead in the national polls tied in florida and things are tightening in michigan. he famously back in 2016 when we talked, you talked about the
10:17 am
past victory for canada donald trump especially for michigan because what you're saying, this is joe biden in michigan trying to talk to those voters and having to acknowledge that usmca president trump's renegotiation of nafta was better than nafta itself. take a listen. >> it is better than nafta, look at the overall trade policy with nafta. >> i'm sitting here listening to your pitch and i'm thinking i like what he has to say but, he is part of the establishment and throwing jobs down the river, he supported nafta. >> i'll tell you what we did do, we inherited the greatest recession short of the depression. >> inheriting the greatest recession does not say much for folks in michigan who need help now does it? >> i think nafta was a terrible bill voted, i was not there and i did not vote for but i was one of the people that supported donald trump from the very
10:18 am
beginning and said it needed to change in our boys going to be a fighter on the trade issues. a lot of people at home are worried about their jobs, i think michigan is competitive, i've said that, i don't believe any of the polls and i think it will be a competitive pre-but i'm talking to the 14 and in women in their scared about their jobs, and my district two different this year eliminating 1500 jobs and 350 jobs, there still paying the jobs, the auto industry fears. they want to see what's going to happen and covid is the number one issue on their mind in the healing of covid is impacted the economy. leland: of people want to hear who their leaders are going to be, donald trump was in michigan, a large rally last week, joe biden was there, he did one tv interview and he le left, does it were you on this week in less than two months before the election that were not seen joe biden as a single
10:19 am
campaign event? >> that's not fair, i saw joe, i talked to him, he told me he's coming back, he takes michigan very seriously i get worried when i see 6500 people at one site. leland: fairpoint that reasonable people can agree that joe biden has been less than available to the media as evidenced by this, we did a little research in the past month and a half since augus august 2020, joe biden has done a total of seven television interviews, you nearly doubled that with 12, does it bother you at all that this is somebody who is not willing to come out and talk not just to fox for any organization on a routine basis. >> i think you're going to see a change, i think you will see him out there more this fall, he listens to scientists and the doctors, i don't want to see huge rallies, i went to see joe out there more in both of the candidates so everybody is evaluating what is at stake and
10:20 am
i think they see both of them and they see what's happening in the country and the division and i think they will consents on a candidate as soon as they get together. leland: thank you very much, michigan is in play and we will check back in throughout the race. i appreciate it, good to see y you. gillian: millions of americans are now facing the threat of wildfire and torrential storms, tropical storm sally as it barrels towards the gold coast of new orleans and westerly states bracing wildfire california city skyline with the smoke. in toledo outside of san francisco with the devastation there. >> juuling and the death toll is climbing as a western wildfires have more than four and a half million acres and more dangerous weather on the way as a crisis of a presidential visit, i will have the all ahead.
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leland: just to show you the effects of the wildfire on the west coast, side-by-side of the seattle sideline and on the left two years ago and on the right what it looked like yesterday. the wildfires are choking much of the west coast turning the skies in some areas bright orange, claudia cowan is in
10:25 am
california where we can see the smog and smoke hanging in there behind you. >> hi, nearly 100 active wildfires burning and now getting the president's attention after being criticized for not saying more about the crisis in president trump has added a stop to his western campaign swing and he will arrive in sacramento tomorrow to meet with california governor gavin newsom and get briefed by officials and first responders, tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes, not only here in california but in oregon and washington where fires have scored 4.6 million acres in california has the brunt of the death toll so far 22 people have perished. flames have ripped through more than 3 million acres taken out more than 14000 structures and weathered has planed the made role in the fire season and
10:26 am
lightning has caused most of the recent infernos around the bay area and strong winds and hindered dry conditions have dangerous fire conditions everywhere in california. >> we have no currently have five active fires that are five of the most destructive fires over the history of the state, five of the 20 most destructive that are currently being suppressed which is remarkable when you consider that. this is been the hottest in recorded history. >> oregon has also seen a great deal of devastation, ten people have been killed in fires there and half a million residents are under evacuation warnings or orders to leave. >> we lost -- probably 99.9% of our posting our wire in all of our inventory. and all of the homes, five different homes, five different
10:27 am
shops, probably 250,000 antique cars with no insurance on them. >> many who have homes will not be safe inside of the because of all the smoke in the air, portland, seattle, san francisco air quality among the worst in the world and after a bit of a break in the weather for firefighters last week, cal fire officials saying tomorrow's forecast calling for strong winds and return of the dangerous fire conditions. leland: you imagine how exhausted the firefighters are in the heat and bid on the line for so long. claudia cowan thank you so much. gillian: tropical storm sally gaining strength as a barrels towards the gulf coast. the storm is expected to be a hurricane monday as it reaches louisiana shores, is prompted governor john bel edwards to issue emergency evacuation, this as hurricane paulette threatens a small island of bermuda with
10:28 am
raging wind pelting rain and the potential for severe storm surge. leland: sally is moving slowly as well into the flooding possibility. resident trump is on the second leg of the three-day campaign swing across the west, the campaign kicks off with a trip with a rally in northern nevada last night. we have the las vegas area jonathan hunt following the president. hi jonathan. >> president trump in the middle of it to rally swing through nevada as a new poll shows him trailing joe biden by about four points here. crowds have turned out to see him, president trump believes he can turn it around and win the state he lost to hillary clinton in 2016, we will have the latest from nevada coming up. ♪ otein.
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♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪ ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. ♪ ♪. leland: president trump los
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nevada by less than 30000 votes in 2016 and his team says this year will be different, he is spending two days with rallies and roundtables, jonathan hunt to live in the silver state why the campaign thinks they can make road in the latino community. >> nevada only has six electoral college votes but in a tight presidential election those six could obviously be crucial and that is why president trump is devoting so much time to nevada over this weekend, and new poll from the your time college shows president trump trailing joe biden by four points right now, but president trump is confident he is and will continue to bridge the gap, he is obviously buoyed by the crowd that he has turning out here. in 2016 the enthusiasm in the side of the crowds underestimated by many including
10:34 am
many in the media, last night crowd in northern nevada was certainly hugely enthusiastic and several thousand strong, the president is still saying don't pay attention to any of those polls that you might be reading. listen here. >> if you read the fake reporters and they say president trump is tied in nevada, i don't think so, the only way we are tied if they screw around with the ballots which they will do in my opinion. we are not tied anywhere. >> not tied anywhere, bold statement, perhaps not entirely accurate but the president clearly feels he is making roots in nevada, the latino community obviously and often a crucial factor in voting, the president is holding roundtables with latino community leaders through the day and then he will go on
10:35 am
to the rally at 7:00 p.m. local time, 10:00 p.m. eastern here in henderson where he is likely to repeat what is much of the stand of a speech that were hearing all of the rallies, a big focus is hitting out a joe biden saying he the president does not believe joe biden is up to the job, listen to the president here. >> let's face it, joe is shot. [cheering] not that he has anything to do because he won't know what's happening, he'll just be locked up in a room someplace in the radical left will be running our country. >> we are still around nine hours from the rally beginning but i can tell you just a couple of hours ago we went outside the venue as already people were lining up, several dozen of them probably closer to a couple of hundred now i would imagine and they will be standing outside in
10:36 am
temperatures that are gonna be well over 100 degrees today, these are very, very enthusiastic supporters and again, you look back to 2016 and how much that enthusiasm was underestimated by many people did, it could be a key factor once again, that enthusiasm is there you need to see the people outside these rallies to realize that. leland: the campaign has been talking about that in the size of the rally in northwest nevada last night, jonathan hunt on the ground coverage of the rally tonight on fox. thank you. gillian: small businesses and major cities have been gutted over the summer coronavirus shutdown compounded by large-scale rioting and looting and economist approved the two predicting exponential challenges for the backbone of the u.s. economy. we are joined by two small business owners, curls the owner
10:37 am
of liquor in rochester, new york and the owner of santa monica music center in santa monica, california, thank you for joining us to talk about your stories, we appreciate it. carl, you said you knew as early as may 31 that you face the decision whether to board up, close up shop in the wake of the death of daniel prude while in police custody, tell us about the moment when you knew you were going to have to make a decision. >> the night that we were looted, it was may 30, about 1045 i got a phone call from a security company earlier in the night we fear there might be something that would take place at the store so we went out early and decided let me take some money out of the safe just in case we did get hit but were off the beaten path of downtown so i was not too concerned but obviously there was some concern, no sooner than i get
10:38 am
back for taking the money out of the registers i got a phone call from my alarm clock saying we had been broken into and there was glass breakage through the front door. i had been out. gillian: for our viewers at home, sorry to interrupt i wanted to know that they're looking at footage from your security camera of the looting that happened on the 31st. gillian: have to say at the end of all of this you suffered about $20000 in damages, is there a plan to recoup any of that or is it a loss? gillian: luckily our insurance did cover a good portion of that, we had so much support from the community, customers setting up gofundme, we had one customer set up a specialty thing where if they purchased a few bottles of wine the customers then would get a free bottle on that particular customer, it was really cool to see a lot of people come together, and friends help put
10:39 am
boards up in bars to ensure there would not be any further damage in the days to come. as horrible as it was it was very humbling to see everybody come together and rally around what was going on. gillian: tell us about your own harrowing experience at your nonprofit music center that you run their when you guys experience of the quite similar. >> we have the business which is a for-profit but serves the community and we help our nonprofit outreach through the art at the same facility, my husband got a phone call from his boss that said they needed to lock up customer packages at fedex offices ended did not think, he said we were going to be hit because we were 15 blocks up from the mall in a business district, we decided to check on it because i was housing school instruments that we got back, right as we pulled up there was
10:40 am
five kids that were going to take a crowbar to one of our windows so we scrambled inside and we had friends help us hide as much as we could, we still suffered over $40000 of loss and instruments and over 60000 in just damage and smashing windows and graffiti, unfortunately as the crowds grew larger we had to exit the building and neighbors took footage, my husband took some footage and it was heartbreaking to literally stand across the street and watch the people take not just from your business but an entire community they literally stole instruments that we donate them to. gillian: when you look back at all this, what was the take away message for you, did you think the people who did this advanced the cause of racial justice and
10:41 am
equality. >> no as a minority myself, i have immigrant parents who suffered these challenges the people are marching for and who i stand with, this was opportunist coming and taking advantage of people who had nothing to do with it. as a matter of fact the kids that we donate are now without an instrument for two weeks at school because is very instruments were taken from their hands. they stole t-shirts that supply free half-hour private lessons for them, it has a domino effect and i think a lot of people assumed insurance covers it, i sit here and tell you it's out of a paycheck of my employees were on minimum wage and takes food off of our table, we literally had communities bringing us food, it took money out of the mouths of not just the business owners and their employees but had a ripple effect on the community and in our case -.
10:42 am
gillian: i'm sorry to interrupt you we are out of time, we got leave it there but thank you for being so open and showing the footage. our heart goes out to you and we wish you the best moving forward. >> thank you, appreciate it. leland: the first nfl sunday during the coronavirus, casey steagall in new orleans ahead of kickoff. >> out of all of the games that are being played today only one has fans in the stadium, we have a complete live report on nfl sunday, coming up live from newo orleans next. ♪ safe drivers save 40%!!! guys! guys! check it out. safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! he's here. he's right here. - hi! - hi. hey! - that's totally him. - it's him! that's totally the guy. safe drivers do save 40%. click or call for a quote today.
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have had hepatitis b, which may flare up, and could cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. tell your doctor if you have had hepatitis b, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions... ...and all medicines you take, including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects include headache and tiredness. ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. gillian: pro football back with a bang after the opening game in kansas city but also looking a lot different these days during the coronavirus era. casey stegall in new orleans with more. >> a lot different in fact, only eight nfl teams or so have made the decision to allow fans inside the stadium and today out of all the games that are being
10:47 am
played that is only happening in jacksonville, the jacksonville jaguars versus the colts for the season opener, the capacity of the stadium will be at 25% and everyone has to wear masks and hand sanitizer stations and things like that. here for the big game in new orleans, absolutely a no go, the saints will take on the tampa bay buccaneers with 0 fans inside the superdome, so different than what the players and everyone is used to, a venue that could normally hold more than 63000 people. >> covid is forcing us to do some things differently and how we celebrate and cheer on our saints is now a part of it. >> fellow fans not to let your love of football trump which truly important your family members who could fall ill if you were to get covid at a party, it is not worth it.
10:48 am
>> that's the other big fear, people will host large parties to watch the games and that could be a super spreader event even roads and parking lots around the superdome have been closed off to prevent people from tailgating gathering in those groups, clearly this is a big economic loss were all of the host cities, nearly tens of thousands of fans packed the hotels, the flights, the bars, the restaurants and obviously with that on hold has repelled the hotel occupancy rather low and i gotta save here in new orleans it looks like a ghost town around like the superdome when normally you would have so many people packing the streets excited ahead of the kickoff. back to you. gillian: thank you for that, casey stegall in new orleans.
10:49 am
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leland: the sunday of the nfl the first sunday of the season, not a lot of fans in the stands but plenty of protest on the
10:53 am
field, legendary hall of fame football coach lou holtz joining us to discuss, we have some video of the bears game where you had a guy standing during the anthem and some kneeling and holding their fist up, that was there a couple of other teams took knee before kickoff and during kickoff, can we ever just have football again rather than politics on sunday? >> that would be nice in the majority of the fans would go for that as well. we wonder why sometimes people have a difference of opinion, everybody is entitled to do what they want to, that's the thing about this country, you want to protest by taken any, go ahead and do that but how about taking care of the people that are murdered in chicago, young children or various police officers, nobody seems to care, their family and children like everybody else. leland: is a point we see a lot
10:54 am
of black lives matter and other things and of the like during the football games an interesting point, mike allen pointed out in his note that the racial justice protest during the games is not a pro sports it's going down to college boards as well and pointing out a couple of teams have done different things and those that are playing in protest, i wonder in your coaching games in notre dame and other places whether you would allowed your student athletes to make political statements. >> is predominantly done best in the lemonade before happens, we are not quite the user football team to promote anything other than our university, we will not use it for gay, abortion rights, if you feel that way, god bless you, go do it and i'll support you 100% but we are not going to use her team or anything other
10:55 am
than the university, i don't think one of our teams sends a message, i think a lot of the black athletes are upset because of the stand, that is their right but here's what happens, they want to shut you down, everybody wants to shut everybody else's opinion down, you cannot voice your opinion anymore, i'm an old man i don't worry about a death sentence anymore or life sentence in prison because i'm so old, i think it's time that we stood up and said what we feel. leland: have you had to worry what you feel on or off the field, we appreciate you being here with us for this, unfortunately we got a little news with the police shooting in los angeles that makes us cut the segment short, i've not had a chance to congratulate you on the presidential medal but we will have you back soon to talk about it. >> thank you so much for having me. >> thank you, this starts 430
10:56 am
eastern p.m. on fox sports, check your local listings for the saints buccaneers game, you can see everything on your tv screen, saints buccaneers and that includes tom brady which i know gillian is so excited to see, fox sports will bring you the best moments in sports entertainment history. gillian you're ready to open a cold one for tom brady's buccaneers aren't you. gillian: if i had to get excited about something and football it would probably be tom brady. leland: we now found something with football to talk about. gillian: there you go. leland: "fox news sunday" coming up next. ♪ stove instead. (customer) tell me something i don't know. (burke) with your farmers policy perk, home guaranteed replacement cos, this can be rebuilt, no matter how much. (customer) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum,bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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chris: i'm chris wallace. today a new fox poll, where does the race between donald trump and joe biden stand now? as the president tries to contain the fallout from saying different things about the pandemic and public and private. ♪ >> he knew how dangerous it was. chris: joe biden calling it a life and death betrayal of the american people. >> it's beyond despicable. it's a dereliction of duty, it's a disgrace. chris: while president trump calls revelations in bob woodward's new book a political hit job. >> i didn't lie, what we


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