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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 14, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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♪ >> this is a fox news weather alert. i'm rick leventhal live in los angeles. tears of historic flooding is hurricane sally, categor category 2 storm rapidly intensifies in the gulf of new mexico -- gulf of mexico. a warning has been issued eastward to florida. hurricane conditions with winds of 70 miles per hour or greater could be felt in the coming hours. forecasters say some areas could see a storm shards of up to 11 feet and up to 16 inches of rainfall. by the time people wake up in the morning,trong winds and storm surge could already be a big problem. the outer rain bands of sally although i moving onshore in the florida panhandle and we have
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new video showing some flooding, water on the roads in louisiana and the national hurricane center says life-threatening storm surges, force winds and flooding are likely overnight and later on tuesday. more than 17 million people are in the path of this hurricane. emergency declarations have been issued for alabama, mississippi, louisiana, and the governor of florida has declared a state of emergency for two panhandle counties. there's even a possibility that hurricane sally, which is moving very slowly over the gulf, could turn into a major category three storm before it makes landfall early tuesday or wednesday. i'm rick leventhal in los angeles, stay with fox news channel for more american sally. now to "tucker carlson tonight" and the latest on the shooting ambushed of two l.a. county deputies. >> straight up ambushes these two deputies, firing multiple gunshots through the window. one of the deputies is a mom of a 6-year-old child, she's 31 years old, the other deputy is a
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24-year-old male, they are very new, just graduated from the academy 14 months ago when i want to show you a photo, it's a little bit graphic, but it's powerful. i did get the permission from the family of these deputies as well as the sheriff to show this photo. it shows what they went through. this is the moment right after they were shot and right after that suspect took off. you see that female deputy, what i'm told by sources is she was shot through her jaw and what you're seeing there is all the blood pouring down the front of her best, her uniform, her partner is kneeling on the ground next to her. this is part of a surveillance video footage, it's very graphic. her partner was shot in the forehead area thankfully the rounds did not penetrate his cranial -- his skull area, did not hit any important organs but that photo right there extremely powerful and what's happening there is that deputy, despite being shot through the mouth, through her jaw, she made a radio call for help and is also
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tourniqueting her partner as this is happening, there are people videotaping them, laughing that they've been shot. there's videos online of people live streaming themselves laughing, celebrating that they've been shot, saying no justice, no peace in this deputy is tending to her teammate and also keeping an eye out to make sure that shooter didn't come back. we do have some of the radio call, that audio that went out with that deputy was calling for help. it's a little bit mumbled because she was shot in the face. it's heart wrenching, but take a listen to some of that. >> [indiscernible].
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>> deputy shot, 902 is going to be responding. >> again, that audio very difficult to listen to, 998 with the l.a. county sheriff's department means a deputy-involved shooting. so the latest, what's going on right now. th is an all-out manhunt for the sugar. at they've brought in 14 homicide detectives, the fbi is involved as well as the u.s. marshals, but as of right now, speaking to you, no suspects identify just yet, nobody in custody just yet. >> tucker: thank you very muc much. that was hard to listen to, that audio. awful, but we played it for you for a specific reason. this is the country they are creating. an attempted assassination of two young deputies. there was no dispute beforehand, no arrest. a man walked up out of nowhere and tried to kill them. it's the kind of thing they refer to as a senseless crime. riere's a reason they try to kill him. he tried to kill them because they were cops.
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and we really be surprised that he tried to do that? since the beginning of summer, the democratic party has told us that the police are evil, that they are killers, agents of racist, cops are the problem. they have told us that every day for three and a half months, they put it in the partyar platform. finally at least one man believed them. so he shot the young mother in uniform in the face. as she staggered out of her patrol car, a group of people in compton stood across the street and watched. they didn't help her, they didn't call 911. they filmed the woman as she bled out. one of the onlookers celebrated her suffering. watch this. >> [bleep] it go up. [bleep] just got to air it out. they just bust on this [bleep], that's crazy. two sheriffs shot shot in the
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face. two sheriff's shot in the face, they tripping. >> tucker: it didn't happen by accident. again, this is the country they're creating. someone got aired out inth compton, the man says laughing. if you'd like to know who heo i. you like to know where he is, you'd like to find him. a young woman shot in the face gasping for air as she tries to stay alive for her child. what kind of person could laugh at that? you'd like to think that only a monster would laugh at that, but the truth is scarier. legitimate sociopaths are rare. far more common are people who believe what they're told and people like that are everywhere, especially right now. black lives matter has told this man that police officers deserve to die because they areec subhuman. so why wouldn't he celebrate their death? he and many others, a mob of ghouls quickly assembled out of the hospital where these two deputies were taken. they showed up to root for their death. then they blocked the entrance and exits to the emergency room.
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that meant that ambulances couldn't move. if there was ever moment one los angeles sheriff's department will be justified in using immediate and overwhelming force to move these people and to protect the public by doing it, it was this moment, but they didn't do that.nt instead they want on twitter and begged joe biden's voters to please move. it didn't work. if anything, the mob seemed involved in. watch. >> [indiscernible] they got these pigs out here. they're telling us that we cannot come in here and see the individuals who have been shot down at the [bleep] train station. >> [bleep] [laughs] >> [bleep] i hope they die [bleep]. >> tucker: oink oink, i hope they die. if you missed the reference, it means you haven't been following black lives matter very carefully. pigs in a blanket, fry them like
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bacon. that's what blm chanted one police officers were murdered four years ago. this is the same blm, the very same that the democratic party promoted at its convention over the summer. the very same blm at the unhappy rich lady across the street for me celebrates with a sign on her -- that's what they're promoting when they promote blm. there promoting people like kevin whorton price. who wished the deputies -- price is a well-known left-wing activists. the "l.a. times," the local paper, has mentioned price approvingly repeatedly. on facebook, a video of plotting the shooting of these t deputie. >> [indiscernible] and bust a cap on both of them. so i mean, what are we supposed to do, y'all? we are supposed to celebrate the day because oppressor has been
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slain. this is the start of retribution that i think is a very good start. >> tucker: the oppressor has been slain. it's "a very good start." is he on a federal watch list? you certainly would be if you advocated terrorism. but it's not likely he has because price has powerful friends. local democrats in los angeles consider him a community leader. just this february of this year, the "l.a. times" reported that price's organization, the so-called africa town coalition met several times with mayor eric garcetti's office. eric garcetti didn't think price was a dangerous lunatic. just the opposite. in fact his office met with price's group to start forcing local businesses to obey their demands. so the guy who celebrates cop killing was his go to consultant for "cultural competency." the mayor says he's now opposed to shooting police officers. too late, we know the truth.
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meanwhile, the nearby city of lynnwood, next to compton, were police officers were hospitalized tonight. the city manager, a man called jose, also celebrated. he posted this statement on his personal instrument. "the chickens come home to roost," cook water and malcolm x, in other words, they deserved what they got. the city council is notd condemned those remarks. multiply these attitudes by every democratic officeholder in america and you won't be surprised to see our cities burning. and our crops murdered. there were riots last night in lancaster, pennsylvania, ofse al places.g never thought you would see a riot there. the details in that story tell you everything about what's happening to the country. a 27-year-old man charged at police a knife in his hand and it wasn't an idle threat. in his case, he was booked last year for knifing for strangers, including a teenager. the cops shot him in self-defense. good for him, you would have inne the same or you would have
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been killed. we are not speculating, here is body cam footage. >> coming your way. >> where did he go? get back to my get back. >> tucker: it's not a close call. a still frame photograph from the video clearly shows him with a knife raised as he charges wildly at the officer. so the police released that footage because they thought it would calm tensions. of course, the guy had a knife. he had been busted for knifing for people. the cop was about to be the fifth. calm down, everyone. there was a reason they shot w him. in a reasonable country it would over.een of course they shot him. but joe biden voters respond to the way the democrats of trains them to respond. they immediately smashed windows, attacked a post office
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in a police station. they set literal dumpster fires in the streets. watch this. >> [bleep] [indiscernible]. [bleep] [indiscernible]. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]. >> tucker: so what are they trying to tell us by rioting? what point are they making? this is a demonstration. okay, what's the message? that the guy trying to knife a cop is a martyr? fairly they want you to think that, just like then i'll gequire require you to believe that joe -- grow up to be likeds george floyd's son. it's all such an absurd life
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everyone is paying attention knows it's a lie. but they demand that we all play along and they punish us if we don't. and what are the results? the most obvious result of this ongoing scam, this grotesque scam on the country is that cops get murdered. last week in north carolina, a police officer was shot in the face and killed when he responded to a break-in. on sunday, somebody fired a rifle of police as they responded to a domestic violence call. should they not respond to a domestic violence call? they won't if people keep doing this. the democratic party has encouraged them to resist. we are told we can't blame the people pulling the triggers for the violence. by the way, unlike the republican party, when they come up with a talking point, the democrats stick to it. they repeat it so often and that such volume that millions of people believe it, but again, people tend to believe what they're told. we've got 200 years of practice. people believe those in
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authority and for most of our history it was worth believing people in authority. no more. it watches everyone from congress -- all levels of government repeat the same mantra. if the cops fault, awful, it's your fault. we need to reimagine law enforcement. >> the folks in law enforcement that share the goals of reimagining police. >> reimagining policing in the 21st century. >> rethinking at reimagining policing purity >> community efforts to reimagine policing. >> to reimagine policing. >> we have to reimagine what policing looks like. >> rematchha may policing. >> reimagine citizen-let approach. >> deemed to reallege and law enforcement. >> reimagine -- >> what can we do to reimagine public safety? >> to reimagine public safety. >> we much reimagine what public safety looks like.
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>> tucker: so what does reimagining the police look like? shooting them? may be. we don't know, no one has specified. waste of all joe biden. these never even imagined police in the first place. he's been in a bubble for 50 years, he has no idea what's going on in america. oetch joe biden declare the police right now just don't pull over white people somehow. watch. >> if i were your daughter, what advice would you give me the next time i get stopped by the police? >> if you were my daughter, you would be a caucasian girl and you wouldn't be pulled over. >> tucker: portable phone. it's hard to believe they are running that guy. behind his vacant smile and laughably outdated assumptions about in america that does not exist and hasn't for many years is a group of hard eyed [indiscernible] right behind him and they know exactly what's going on. and they have a purpose for it. these people want power. they know that effective, honest, independent local
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law enforcement stands in the way, in theirr way. the left already controls the fbi completely. if they want your police department to come to heal. that's thehe plan. and if dad cops of the price, they think it's worth it. bernie kerik served as commissioner of the nypd and we are happy to have a montagnais. thanks so much for coming on tonight >> thank you. speeone's of these two deputies shot in the face, young people both shot in the face because they were cops. does that tell you about the state of america right now? >> you know, tucker, i was on your show four weeks ago, five weeks ago, we talked about rosenberg being a part of the black lives matter organization. she was a part of the group, the black liberation army that back in the '70s and the early '80s was responsible for over ontwo dozen homicides, murders, assassinations, executions of
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cops around the country. that's what we are seeing right now and who's pushing it? black lives matter, antifa, the creators of black lives matter are the democrat-led cities by marxist left-wing lunatic politicians who are saying nothing about it. you know, when younisten to what was said, especially by thato mongrel fog that found it entertaining that these two had been shot, and you listen to the democrats talking about reimagining the police, reimagine this. reimagine that your communities where they are systemically slaughtering black men and women, how about the men in those communities have chivalry and respect and discipline where they're not basically slaughtering or slaughtering their own. and you're holding them accountable, because that's
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what's going on and nobody's doing anything about it. they all find us entertaining. at the bottom line is for all those people voting for the democrats in those cities and voting for joe biden, this is going to be the future if you don't stop it and stop it now. >> tucker: i wonder -- i hate to keep fixating but i can't control myself. all the vapid, guilty episcopalian ladies in america's affluent neighborhoods with atheir blm signs on their front lawns, shouldn't they have to face the consequences of what they are supporting gimmick i don't mean be hurt, i mean watch the video of others being hurt in their name. >> you know what, i've seen the signs in new jersey. i've seen the signs in st. louis tnexing the people that have those signs in their houses. they're completely oblivious to the reality that black lives matter is a marxist revolutionary group that wants to overthrow the government. they don't have a clue, and yet,
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though support from just, you know, insanely support them and you have the sports figures, these million-dollar sports figures wearing the names of these thugs, like that thought that was found entertaining? if he got shot and killed, they'd be wearing his name on a helmet or jersey. w tucker: he'd be a saint, he'd be a role model for the rest of us. it's disgusting. bernie kerik, thanks so much for your perspective tonight, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: interesting story out of europe that may have implications for us in the u.s. coronavirus cases surging in many countries over there, but one country seems to be doing fine. why is that and what can we learn for it? whatever we are doing isn't working, obviously. what should we be doing? that's next. ♪ my husband was kidnapped. our sources tell us doug was nabbed by hezbollah. your wife is cia and so are you... no one knows where you are.
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you gotta get him out. we'll get back to you. i can't give up on him. this is terrorism! we're getting out of here. infidel. rated r.
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♪ >> tucker: i'm like pretty much every other place in europe and in scandinavia, the nation of sweden didn't shut down in schools, didn't show close businesses to prevent the spread of covid-19. instead, the government told people to stay socially distanced and some reasonable way and to wear masks. the results? sweetness death rate has dropped to near zero, easily even as
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cases search elsewhere in europe and that raises the very obvious question, did the lockdowns hurt more than they helped? alex berenson specializes in thinking through tough questions like that. he joins us tonight. alex, thanks for coming on. very supple question, do you think, based on the fact pattern just outlined briefly, that lockdowns hurt the rest of europe?ro >> yes. edi mean, sweden is averaging about one death a day for the last couple of weeks. they have 10 million people, cases have not spiked. meanwhile in the countries that have been locked down hard and early, notably spain and france. especially those countries now are averaging several thousand, more than 10,000 new the rest and debts arising. spain has 12,000 positive tests i believe it was last friday, which is a per capita rate higher than the u.s. ever had
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during our worstai day. by the way, spain, france and italy, but especially spain, had terrible economic directions in the first half of the air, sweden of past events less severe. sweden got through this. of course, we are going to have to look at what happens to the fall, but right now things look very good and sweden and at much less economic cost and if you look over the last six months total, the sort of overall per capita death rate in sweden is very similar -- very much the same as france, spain, the u.k., or italy. so it's hard to see what sweden didn't gain from following a policy. >> tucker: interesting. we are trying to be as honest as we can. there are lots of variables between countries, obviously. are there any big variables between sweden and, say, spain that might account for the different death rate? >> well, actually, fewer than you'd think. sweden has a substantial elderly population. if they do a lot of nursing homes as spain does.
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and sweden actually -- the one thing people would say about sweden on sort of the left want to attack sweden is still safe other nordic countries had lower death rates, and that's true. but sweden is bigger than most other countries. and it also has a somewhat different overall demographic -- it has more immigrants acted as more -- it has more nursing homes. and there are some questionse about the way the swedes traded people in their nursing homes early on to be honest with you. there are these other factors. one thing -- i was talking to some else about this earlier today and you know, it might be a good idea to get [indiscernible], the swedish --g the epidemiologist in sweden who's in charge of the response and who, by the way, does what he thinks is best without politics. he's the one who set this policy. you know, maybe it would be a great idea to have scott atlas bring them over and talk to the coronavirus task force and talk to donald trump, because you
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know, we've heard a lot of american epidemiologists and of course famously neil ferguson made the case is about how lockdowns are the only way to go. maybe we should care from somebody on the other side. >> tucker: i don't like anyone is interested in hearing more evidence that i have to say -- i just have to pause and smile atl the idea that the left is attacking sweden. if you're over 40, you remember when sweden was held up as a model for everything. alex berenson, a man who's used to iron it, thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: tomorrow and the show we are going to speak it to mike exclusively to overall interest from trying who says she's about to publish evidence, actual evidence that covid-19 originated in a lab, a government lab in wuhan, china. the wuhan coronavirus may be from the chinese government. she tells exactly what she's found. that's tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. eastern. straight ahead, minneapolis' police union is pulling its endorsements for several democratic candidates. why are they doing that?
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we will [indiscernible] after the break. ♪ (calm inspirational music)
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>> tucker: bill de blasio, mayor of new york got bored the other day waiting for his dealer to arrive we try to cancel the tribute to 9/11 because coronavirus. it will noticed, they were outraged. canceling the 9/11 memorial? he reversed course. bill de blasio is still a big fan of shutting down things that people enjoy, particularly traditions that have been around for a long time. so he's trying again. the macy's thanksgiving day parade won't really be a parade this year. there won't even be alive possession, but he's apparently too high to realize that people might not like this. watch him enthusiastically sell the new format for the thanksgiving parade. >> it will not be the same parade we are used to, it will be a different. kind of event. they are reinventing the event for this moment in history and you will be able to feel the spirit and the joy of that day
9:35 pm
on television online. not a life parade, but something that will really w give us a grf feeling we have a thanksgiving day. >> tucker: they are reinventing this event for this moment in history. we are taking indica, not city for. he seems kind of subdued. meanwhile, new york is s reinventing its crime statistics, hundreds of corporations based in new york are pleading with the mayor to crackdown on crime and save the city, improve quality of life, care about the people who actually lived there and pay for all of this nonsense. is he responding in any? fair and lives in new york, associate editor at [indiscernible], he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. people have confronted stakeholders as i think they're called in the city have confronted de blasio about this. what have they said and what's his response been? >> well, they're just begging him to take leadership and try to fix the city. but as you see, it kind of has
9:36 pm
these feckless responses. the macy's day parade is a good example. you know, this is an extremely popular national event, people tune in. and it signals -- you know, if we were to have it it would signal, hey, new york city wants tourists. maybe we can't have everyone now, but we are open for business. this is what the future holds. de blasio, anything that's like cheerful and wholesome that normal people like he frowns on, he wants to squash because you know, people like that will obey the law. meanwhile, in washington square park every weekend, refuse fascism, part of the revolutionary communists has a protest party with a dj of hundreds of people drinking, doing drugs, dancing. de blasio doesn't even notice, so he implicitly, tacitly has permitted it. >> tucker: drag queen story are for third-graders in proce process. has de blasio ever built
9:37 pm
anything, or does he only destroyed? i'm just asking because it's symbolic of the left. very good at wrecking thingsgo that other people built, very bad at building things. see built anything? anything? >> that's a good question. he had as plan to extend the shoreline of manhattan into the east river. i don't think that's going to happen. no, i can't really say that he's built very much. you know, for public money and rehabbing some apartments, but i couldn't say that he's big on building things. he's more big on redistribution. that's what he sees as his men ta, taking what other people have been giving it to others. >> tucker: with him in control. the opposite of charity. forcing other people to give to give. >> right. >> tucker: seth,h, a keen observer of new york city, good luck there, thank you. >> thank you, tucker. speeone's of the many
9:38 pm
the minneapolispolice -- severac legislators after one democratii candidate was filmed beating an effigy of the police union's president and his wife outside their home. brian peters is the executive director of minneapolis police officers association we are happy to have a montagnais. thanks so much for coming on. your union, you think of unions in the democratic party, particularly the upper midwest as being one, so it's a little bit of a jaw dropper to see a union drop its endorsements of democrats, why are you doing this? >> so, first, thanks for having me on tonight. i do want to correct you. we are actually the minnesota police and peace officers association. >> tucker: my mistake. >> we represent over 10,500 police, correctional officers, dispatchers across the state and we do all of the state and federal advocacy from a legislature standpoint, so we endorsed candidates every election cycle. so you know, frankly,
9:39 pm
law enforcement is appalled at the behavior of john thompson. and for him to go up into a neighborhood and call for it to be burned down and then beat a pinata of a female -- female reporter in their driveway is just beyond me. and the fact that he has yet to come out and really give a sincere apology is really a slap in the face, so recently we became aware of the democratic caucus leadership in the house of representatives was holding i fund-raiser that he was going to be ae part of. and that's where i sent the letter to speaker of the house, telling her that we are appalled and i couldn't believe that the democratic party is not coming out and condemning this behavi behavior. it's just beyond law enforcement. >> tucker: so i mean, they should have dropped in immediately, gotten a restraining order and a mental evaluation and instead they're raising money for him.
9:40 pm
what does that say about how they feel about you, about police and law enforcement? >> well, the fact that they would, again, not condemn this behavior, frankly condoning violence against women, i am not going to stand for. he used a homophobic slur in the democratic party is not going to come out and condemn it, they were going to hold a fund-raiser, and so that's why we took the aggressive step of saying if you're not going to come out and condemn the behavior, we are pulling the endorsements of several candidates that are in close we did.hat's what >> tucker: so, i mean, maybe this was inevitable. if you say are not allowed to criticize people because of the way they look, nothing they do disqualifies that i i guess. what could this guy do to getth bounced off the democratic sle sleep? >> you know, that's the million-dollar question. that's a question i've asked even to all the candidates that i told them this was coming. and all of them told me to my face that i condemn the
9:41 pm
behavior, but my question back to them is, why isn't your parti leadership, why are you going to your leadership and demanding that they do that? but also look at the fact that we have a governor that endorsed this candidate and the day after this happened, i sent an immediate email and did not hear back for days. finally i sent a second email and the office told me that this is a campaign issue and you're going to have to take it up with the campaign, so we even have a governor that will not come out and call out the specific actions of this candidate. >> tucker: well, it would be nice if your members refused to provide personal security for politicians. consequences of the world they are creating. thank you. that may be too radical, you don't need to endorse that idea but there's no reason that people should be allowed to degrade everyone else's safety and not live with the consequences of that themselves. an outrage, actually. >> and frankly, if this is where
9:42 pm
the democratic party is going, we will support elsewhere, and that's what we are doing in the next round of elections. >> tucker: good for you. thanks for coming on tonight. because thank you. >> tucker: so we've done a bunch of segments about segments about ufos over the years, we've been mocked for it but tonight it turns out we are not alone. wewe were right. signs of life in our solar system on venus have emerged. we will show you what scientists have found next. ♪
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>> ♪ >> tucker: we realize this is not about politics or covid-19, but it is still worth knowing about. scientists have discovered foss being in the cloud of venus, the planet. they say it's significant because microbes on earth produce that gas. this suggests that alien life is somehow surviving in the atmosphere of venus even though the planets surface appears to be a wasteland. what does this mean exactly? netball was a ufo second of, we are happy to have a montagnais.
9:48 pm
thanks for coming on. what does this suggest? >> this is amazing news and i think people will look back atay today and say maybe this is when we found out that we are not alone. and the indications are vast because life has arisen apparently not once, but twice in our solar system. and if that's the case, life isn't some sort of cosmos miracle or accident, it should be commonplace in the universe. >> tucker: that has all kinds of implications for us and it may tie directly to your life's work, what you study primarily, which is unexplained sightings atmosphere, so how should we respond to this? >> well, i would like to see the president talking to nasa and saying let's do a flagship mission to venus. it's going to investigate, even very carefully take some samples from the atmosphere and bring it back.
9:49 pm
i mean, if there's alien life there, let's study it. like i say, very carefully. >> tucker: i would say it's an instinct defender of the status quo that gives me some pause. we couldn't contain -- the chinese couldn't contain the coronavirus. we really want alien microbes banging around earth? would that make you nervous? >> yeah. i guess the venus blue would be something to be very worried about. it would take careful planning. this is a great day for science. yet, the implications for the ufo phenomenon too. it's interesting that this news hit just really days after the news about commander david talking about the tic tac incident again and saying that the radar jamming that could --i as he put it, an act of war.te i think the stories are connected and people are interested in this. >> tucker: have to ask you, i ask time you come on, how long
9:50 pm
will it -- do you think the u.s. government can continue to keep up the pose and the veil of secrecy? how long before we can know what our leaders know? >> well, i get the impression we are building up something. hopefully not long now. i would love to see a question about this, by the way. today's discovery and ufos, i would love to see a question at one the presidential debates and let's face it, aliens would be the ultimate october surprise. >> tucker: sure. it's just so funny that the topics are leaders dismissed as conspiracy theories are off the grid, not allowed, very often the most important things. maybe that's why they're trying to -- nick pulp, i hope you will break that news here when it does. appreciate it.l >> will do, thank you. >> tucker: up next, radical islamists and the walk left have something in common, it turns out. we will speak to someone who has thought very deeply about this,
9:51 pm
who knows a lot about both and has drawn that connection. we will be right back. ♪
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>> tucker: the left has shutdown debate on anything if you don't believe in climate change or have question about the science, you must be silenced. if you support donald trump, you can lose your job. we have seen this over and over again in the past year. we have seen similar behavior from islamic radicals who are intolerant of any questions about their beliefs. why has the american left t embraised this tendency? this person fled radical islam to come to the united states and a research fellow at the hoover institution and wrote a great piece on this topic. thanks for coming on tonight.
9:57 pm
you are uniquely situated as an expert on both topics. radical islam and the left. similarities that you see? >> i see a great deal of similarities. in the short time we have, i will stick to the fact they are both committed [inaudible]. truth matters. they don't want to debate. more importantly they hate america. here's my question to anybody on the left side and even on the center right side of the united states: on friday it was 19 years ago last week friday september 11th 19 years ago since we had the twin towers brought down by the radical islamists.
9:58 pm
when i reflect on that, i often think about the passenger of united flight 93. i wonder. they knew and understood they were going to die at some point. but when they figured out that the hijackers wanted to take out the white house, they stood up and they wrestled control from the hijackers and the terrorists and they crashed somewhere else in pennsylvania. today the question for us democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives is: even when we know we are going to die and our enemies are going to get rid of us, what are we willing to stand up to defend? that's what really freaks me out about 2020 and the coming election and the kind of polarization. people say we have always been
9:59 pm
polarized. that'sn true. but what are we willing to die for? when we are dying what is it we are willing to defend with our last breath. islamists and the left want to destroy america. >> tucker: so in the end that's the goal of both movements to destroy america? >> right. because america represents everything they hate. it represents individual freedom.ts it represents an economic prosperity on earth and all americans can get together. regardless of the racer the gender gender or or we set up a model that is not perfect, but it works and they hate it. >> tucker: i have always noticed that people who come here from other countries have a clarity
10:00 pm
about what is best about america and sometimes and in your case it's refreshing and great. thanks for coming on tonight. >> tucker, thanks for having me on. >> tucker: we'll be back tomorrow. can't wait. "hannity" is next. >> i'm rick leventhal. live in los angeles our nation southeast once again bracing breaking for another mighty blo from nature. only a few weeks after hurrican laura delp the gulf coast regio a devastating hit. here comes hurricane sally. it's proving to be a glowing threat at this hour. forecasters 40 of potentially historic flooding. curly the storm is packing 100 -- 100 mallon our wins with gusts exceeding 120 and it is a development that it could be a category 3 storm along the mississippi state line. this for


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