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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 15, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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ugh grease on contact, without water. just wipe, and rinse. get dishes done faster dawn powerwash dish spray. spray. wipe. rinse. >> extreme weather alerts. hurricane sally crawling toward the gulf coast with life-threatening storm surge. >> state of emergency effect before the category one store make landfall less then a month after hurricane laura. todd: let's go to mississippi. >> reporter: we are very close to mobile, alabama, the flooding, i'm standing in what
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was the yacht club parking lot, this flooding is really starting to take in, the wind is starting to pick up too. 20 minutes ago i read on the national hurricane center website this storm is moving at 3 miles per hour, 75 miles east southeast of the mississippi, keep in mind even though this storm did we can it is still expected to be a very dangerous storm with the flooding, the storm surge, all of that, in the gulf, they said hurricane center, national hurricane center also said did not discredit the fact that we can. it does have the potential to pick back up in the strength, listen to what the mayor of mobile, alabama had to say? >> it is expected to be a tremendous amount of flooding associated with this storm.
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anyone in a low-lying area should make preparations to get out soon. >> reporter: obviously the biggest issue with this storm since it is moving so incredibly slow is the potential for the deadly flooding so keep that in mind if you're in this area. the police i have spoken to said if you're in your home and decided to stay for this, stay put and don't go anywhere once the storm does hit. shannon: stay safe out there. >> let's go to janice dean with the latest on the track. what are we looking at? >> remember hurricane harvey, the storm that hit texas. everyone was focused on the category, 4, 3, this is the same type of scenario. i don't want you to focus on whether or not is a 2 or one or even a tropical storm, the problem is it is slowing down it is going to be in the same area for a matter of 36 hours and
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this is going to be a major, dangerous flooding events, potentially catastrophic for these areas so don't focus in on the one or the 2, this is going to be a potentially deadly storm because of the amount of water that will continue to move into these vulnerable regions. if i have any good news, new orleans looks like it is west of the past but everywhere east of that path is going to get a real wallop from this storm system. 90 mile-per-hour sustained winds, they up into a category 2 before landfall but we won't have landfall until tomorrow evening. that gives you an idea how long this storm is going to sit and spin and bring incredible amounts of water, similar situations what we had with hurricane harvey along the coast of the mississippi, alabama and the florida panhandle. i know we are always focused on the category. it's not about that now.
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it is about the water and it will continue to push all of that gulf of mexico water inland for 36 hours straight. that is the problem. we will continue to monitor. shannon: we do remember harvey and it was devastating for that area because it just sat there for what seemed like forever. >> reporter: it wasn't a hurricane when it was bringing in all that water. it doesn't take a hurricane to cause catastrophic damage. if this is stalled out we have a huge problem because they can't get away from it. >> white house answering the call from gulf coast states as a brace for impact calling a residents to take caution. team rubicon mobilizing in the region. >> vice president of government relations and emergency management joins us now. thanks for being here, you just heard janice dean talking about
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if this stalls and is so slow-moving at this point this could be detrimental to that area. what are you preparing for right now? >> thank you for having us. what we are preparing for first and foremost is coordination with state and local officials. we had a good meeting with the state of alabama, we will meet with mobile county officials in the morning to coordinate our efforts with our focus is on first and foremost the safety of the team we have in mobile. secondly to make sure we understand where the impacts could occur and what those impacts look like so we can mobilize even more to meet the need. shannon: how the you stage a mission for sally when you're still helping people following laura? >> we still have a tremendous need in southwest louisiana and texas as a result of laura. we have 130,000 gray shirts across the country, doing not
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only -- we are continuing our covid-19 support across the country so we will meet the need should arise and us being here early allows us to make sure we can get the right team with the right equipment to do the right job to help us in this instance in the northern gulf coast. >> were you therefore hurricane harvey or after hurricane harvey? >> actually with hurricane harvey i was with the federal emergency management agency. hearing your speaker before me i would also -- tropical storm alex in houston a number of years back was not even a hurricane, 25 inches of rain over a day and a half, two days can create a lot of damage and that is what we are looking at here. >> jeff myers, appreciate your time and good luck as you prefer what could be a pretty tough situation. >> keep us updated.
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>> let's talk about this now, 49 days to go until election day, donald trump heads to philadelphia after pushing the great american comeback during his west coast blitz. >> the president attending a briefing on the devastating wildfires in california. griff jenkins live in washington as joe biden slams the president for his views on climate change, good morning. >> getting pretty rough out there in the campaign trail with 49 days to go. the president taking a lot of heat for his california stop which comes after he made the case in nevada and arizona to hispanic voters blasting joe biden's record. watch. >> i have achieved more for hispanic americans in 47 months than joe biden has achieved in 47 years. don't call him sleepy joe for nothing but a vote for republicans is a vote for the american dream.
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>> reporter:. in california, battling wildfires from san diego to oregon, the president attended a briefing with this reaction to the secretary of natural resources pressing the president on climate change. >> it will start getting cooler, you just wash. >> i was science agreed with you. >> i don't think science knows actually. >> reporter: california governor gavin newsom thanked the president for his supporting quick response to the emergency but also criticism. >> we feel strongly the hots are getting hot, the drives are getting drier. something has happened to the plumbing of the west, climate change is real and it is exacerbating this. >> reporter: in delaware biden taking hard shots at the president on climate. >> the climate arsonist four more years in the white house why would anyone be surprised if we have more america ablaze,
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wildfires don't skip towns that voted a certain way. the impacts of climate change don't pick and choose because it is not a partisan phenomenon. it is science. >> reporter: biden heads to florida, a townhall event tonight but first donald trump at 8 am on "fox and friends" and he will have something to say about this criticism, the president doesn't intend to win california. that is a very ugly state but the criticism is certainly going to add to today's father on the campaign trail. shannon: the pittsburgh steelers on monday night football, holding a banner against racism and got a big boost from big ben's return. >> roethlisberger to the end zone, caught for a touchdown.
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a big night. shannon: ben roethlisberger throwing three touchdown since last september, 26-16. >> the cornerback was nowhere near that call. >> beating the broncos with a last-minute field goal after four other kicks in the game, final score 16-14. >> i would like to thank the produces forgiving jillian that read. that was cruel. time is 10 minutes after the hour, the la county sheriff slamming anti-police rhetoric after two of his deputies were ambushed. >> i heard some things from elected leaders at the local level just astonishing and they are fanning the flames. >> the shocking new photo of the life-saving moments after the attack. >> reporter: rochester police chief fire over the handling of
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the changes shocking new photo shows the dramatic moment after two los angeles sheriff's deputies were shot at point blank range, the deputy helping each other as they call for help. todd: that photo is chilling, the increase the reward for information on the gunmen still on the loose. >> reporter: a manhunt still underway as authorities search for the man who ambushed two unsuspecting officers in compton. the reward leading to the arrest just raised to 200,$000 new surveillance video showing the second after the deputies were shot, they were seen hiding
1:15 am
behind a column where they help each other as one of them, a 31-year-old mom frantically called for help. her words barely audible after she was shot in the job. >> reporter: la county sheriff taking aim at local officials refusing to support law enforcement one day after compton's mayor claims deputies terrorized her community. >> i heard some things from elected leaders particularly at the local level that are astonishing and they are fanning
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the flames. >> reporter: in lancaster, pennsylvania eight people were arrested following chaotic protests. hundreds crowding the streets after police shot and killed a man while responding to a domestic violence call. body can video showing the moments leading up to the officer's firing, appearing to charge the officer with a knife. mayor leslie ward removed the city's police chief ahead of his plan retirement following nationwide outrage over the death of daniel prude in march. >> this emotional look as shown but we have a pervasive problem in the rochester police department, one that views everything through the eyes of a badge and not the citizens we serve. >> police chief single terry was set to retire in two weeks which mayor warren is calling for a federal investigation into how the case was handled. >> the mayor requesting a review of the police department as a whole. >> joining us to react is
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brandon tatum, thanks for being here, there's a lot to talk about. let's talk about the updated information from rochester, what's your reaction? >> ridiculous this person, the leadership in rochester decided to attack the police officers as well. we've already seen citizens attacking police, the rhetoric is hatred towards police and now city managers and people who run the city are now taking a shot at the police department. it is shameful, no way in the world they should be firing anybody referencing mister prude's case. he was acting a fool in the middle of the street and i set up dying as a result after the police interaction. i hope they get their stuff together and stop blaming the police for everything. >> to clarify are you in favor of them performing their investigation as they are doing and then reacting after the investigation is determined? >> i'm not in favor because it is a knee-jerk reaction and they
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are doing it in bad faith. if they want to do an investigation they should have been investigating the incident when it occurred several months ago. they are doing it because they are getting political pressure and they want to rule the city when it comes to police matters they are not doing it in good faith. todd: a 200,$000 reward in the ambush of two sheriff's deputies in compton. whatever we are doing isn't working, not like this situation, the war on cops is getting any better. what do we need to do to prevent ambushes like we've seen recently and obviously la being the most recent incident? >> we need to have a strong stance from the police chief and political leaders and city
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leaders because we need to acknowledge or put out we are not tolerating this anymore. if you're going to attack police you will be dealt with swiftly. also we need to increase police tactics. looking at shooting in compton the police were in a poor position to defend themselves. they should have been backed into the building where they could see all sides and not have to worry about what is coming up behind them. i'm not blaming them but we can work from a police perspective on better tactics so we won't get ambushed in these situations. shannon: a lot of discussion the last few months surrounding police officers has been perhaps they need different training, better training. when you look at that video of what we were playing on the screen of that ambush and the two deputies were able to get out of their vehicle, get themselves to safety. the female deputy, 31 years old, they were both on the job for a short period of time she was able to call for help and they are both expected to survive, talk about the fact that they really understood their training and what they needed to do in an emergency situation when they were both shot in the face. >> those two officers were incredibly poised, looking death in the face they were able to get out, take cover and assist
1:20 am
one another, that probably resulted in both of them having a chance to live so that portion of training was excellent, well executed. i do like to see or would like to see them improve on some of the preincident tactics, the way you park, the we represent yourself for you won't get ambushed but they did a tremendous job and thank god they are alive. todd: we need to change the mindset of those rooting for the deaths of these officers but that is a topic for a different segment. appreciate your time and insight this morning. >> new overnight donald trump warning iran after a reported assassination plot on a us ambassador. live this message to the regime. todd: a man who admitted starting the brushfire with a molotov cocktail charged with setting 6 more fires. why he was allowed to go free in the first place. ♪
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todd: donald trump putting iran on notice after politico reported the regime plotting to investigate the us ambassador. the signing of treaties between israel, bahrain and the united arab emirates. jillian: just hours before history is made. >> reporter: stark warning by donald trump following a report in politico indicating iran planning to assassinate the ambassador to south africa, donald trump ten overnight any attack by iran will be met with an attack 1000 times greater. his words match those by his secretary of state on fox. >> we make very clear to the
1:25 am
islamic republic, attacking any american, anyplace whether an american diplomat, ambassador or service members completely unacceptable. >> reporter: the threats come after donald trump ordered a drone strike to take out soleimani in baghdad earlier this year. overnight the us embassy in baghdad was targeted with two rockets by suspected iranian proxies. at least one of those was intercepted by the missile defense system. always comes as donald trump's israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu today at the white house along with leadership from the rain and the uae. the countries will finalization agreement brokered by the trump administration. the timing of this is remarkable when you think of the location of the uae and bahrain across the persian gulf from iran. >> it will be historic day, appreciate your reporting, thank you. shannon: nancy pelosi is defending not speaking to donald trump for nearly a year. >> i've spoken to his
1:26 am
representatives and he says they speak for him. mike's parents with the president is been but it hasn't been on the level. he will say something and then it doesn't really happen so i don't find a good use of time. >> reporter: last time they met face-to-face with at the white house october of 2019. donald trump's decision to pull troops from syria. >> election congressional staffers warning a contested election could lead to a pelosi presidency. the constitution gives congress the authority to decide which candidate wins each state but a close president race, pandemic and voting by mail, contingencies are possible and one of them includes the speaker of the house becoming acting president of congress is at an impasse in certifying the electoral college the twelfth amendment mandates the house elect the president that would be the most 2020 thing to
1:27 am
happen. >> 26 after the hour brand-new evidence that for helped organize violence important, leaked email from the department of homeland security. >> louisiana state senator barry milligan will join us as hurricane sally bears down on his stay. we are live on the gulf coast and janice dean with the latest track, don't go anywhere.
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jillian: hurricane sally inching closer to the coast. todd: a look at the conditions there. >> reporter: we are 35-40 miles west of mobile, alabama. we are under the shoreline and we spoke to a police officer said the next 30-40 minutes, 15
1:31 am
yards from the street, this has the potential to completely flood by then. that gives you an idea how quickly this is happening. earlier it was starting to flood. that is the biggest issue with the storm coming through because it is moving so slowly but also the potential for storm surge. this water is creeping up in the last 5 minutes, i have seen it come up but listen to what the governor of mississippi had to say about the potential of this storm. >> we will get significant amounts of rain. it will be a major water event no matter where it hits along the gulf. >> reporter: that is what every official has told me. it will be the flooding that will be potentially deadly. every one who is an official in the area we've been through in louisiana, mississippi, louisiana, alabama said if you
1:32 am
are staying put do not leave your home once the storm hits. todd: appreciate it, stay safe yourself. >> janice dean tracking this very slow-moving storm, really unbelievable to watch. >> janice: i am concerned we will talk about the storm being in the same place this time tomorrow morning because we are not seeing that forward movement and that means the flooding risk will be ongoing for the next 24 hours on the coast line from mississippi through alabama, the florida panhandle and southeast louisiana. the good news is looks like new orleans will be out of the worst of the storm surge and heavy rain and wind. let's look at the tropical models. it is assault out for the next 24-36 hours, potential landfall
1:33 am
sometime tomorrow and wednesday between the border of mississippi and alabama and the florida panhandle so this is going to be a water event. don't be fooled by the category. doesn't matter. the fact that it is moving so slow it will continue to pound the coastline with storm surge, heavy rainfall, two feet of rain and the potential for stronger storms including tornadoes. the storm surge forecast, when you have water that is continuously pushing onshore on the east side of the center of the storm it will be a catastrophic situation, like harvey, allison, it has been tremendous amounts of damage on the coast line. we will keep you going, 5 am advisory shortly. >> when we have seen in the past video of hurricanes it is always the wind that gets your
1:34 am
attention but in reality is the water from the flooding that causes the death and destruction. look at sandy, water destroyed these coasts, the wind not too much. >> see you at 5 am with the update, louisiana flooding as sally traxler the gulf coast very slowly. >> barry milligan joins us. how is your area preparing for the storm? >> we moved the assets, we were hit 19 days ago, 20 days ago with hurricane laura, a huge catastrophic storm. we moved our assets, power crews, generators, food and water, fleets of buses on standby, water rescue teams on standby ready to go at a moment's notice, it is a water even tends new orleans is a low-lying area so we repurposed assets, shifted from around the
1:35 am
state, took them some southeast, southwest louisiana to reposition and be prepared. >> how do you prepare for a storm that is so slow-moving, you have a lot of time to prepare but on the other hand a lot of the damage might be on the back end as this potentially could stall over an entire area? >> correct, we all saw what harvey did, 60 inches of rain in some places. forecasts a day or so predicted a slow-moving storm, we could have 36 inches of rain and storm surge. you're making sure everything is right, your water rescue because you know you will need them. coast guard is there, national
1:36 am
guard, everybody standing by, new orleans is at huge risk anyway. the actual model the state studies and prepares for every year, we might not have to use them but we are reaching out to the mississippi, homeland security, offering our services to them. todd: how much does covid-19 impact your ability to prepare? >> it has been huge. we know every state on the gulf coast has shelters all over the state that normally you bring the buses in, shift north out of harm's way. with covid-19 you don't have the mass sheltering capability, you can't have the -- you have social distancing. we prepared those math shelters at 50% occupancy, they are ready to go especially to evacuate new
1:37 am
orleans but we managed to use hotel partners throughout the state in texas to house 17,000 people from the southwest part of the coast so it is challenging, a new playbook none of us were prepared for. shannon: keep us updated and we will touch base with you again, thanks for joining us. todd: a man who admitted starting a fire with a molotov cocktail charged with starting six more fires, police arrested domingo lopez junior near a freeway hours after being released on his own recognizance which he was found walking along the same road starting more small fires. he was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation and charged with reckless burning is that the wildfires burn in that state, ten people have been killed. >> reporter: the department of homeland security has, quote, overwhelming intelligence that months of violence in portland
1:38 am
was organized by antifa. this is a leaked email obtained by cbs news, the email says the nightly protests were organized by and archivists and not opportunistic. protests have lasted 100 days. todd: a federal judge, acting dhs secretary chad wolf is likely serving in his role unlawfully, the judge says his appointment did not follow department's succession giving them no authority to amend policies and blocked the agency from enforcing new asylum restrictions which include making asylum-seekers wait for jobs, dhs is not commented on the decision. >> senator ron johnson teasing a, quote, them and report on joe biden's dealings with ukraine according to the milwaukee journal sentinel johnson telling supporters, quote, stay tuned. in a week we will and a lot more
1:39 am
about biden's unfitness for others, johnson chairs the senate homeland security committee, investigating hunter biden's employment by a ukrainian energy company, how the former vice president was in charge of ukraine policy during the obama administration. 38 minutes after the hour. a federal judge fools the state's covid-19 restrictions are unconstitutional. >> the congressman says it is the first step to limit the governor's unchecked power, joins us next. these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office
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print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the services of the post office plus ups only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again. todd: donald from celebrating the pennsylvania ruling calling governor tom wolfe's coronavirus restrictions unconstitutional. >> just had a great ruling, prominent respected federal judge ruled they can't shut the state down any longer. it's too much.
1:43 am
we hope it is going to happen in michigan too because it is just totally shutdown. >> congressman fred keller joins us to react. obviously the case involving people suing the state of pennsylvania for the lockdown saying they were too onerous on businesses, let's read one line from the decision. judge stickman iv, even in emergency the authority of government is not unfettered. the constitution cannot accept the concept of a new normal where the basic liberties of the people can be subordinated to open-ended emergency mitigation measures. your reaction? >> looking at that the court did what it needed to do making sure there is a balance. we said governor wolf couldn't do 1-sided mandates without consulting other elected officials in the commonwealth respecting the right to individuals, we are happy the court saw what we were seeing all along with this. todd: the government writing the actions taken by the administration were mirrored by governors across the country and
1:44 am
continue to save lives in the absence of federal action. this is worrying as pennsylvania and the rest of the likely will face a challenging time with a possible resurgence of covid-19 and the flu in the fall and winter. are people in your state more likely to get covid-19 following the decision as applied by the governor? >> the governor got it wrong when he said there's been in action by the federal government, the president early on took decisive action and people do what they do best to keep themselves and their neighbors and family and friends safe. we can do that but the governor doesn't trust the people of the commonwealth to make those decisions when given guidance to do so. todd: you don't think more people will get covid-19? >> i think the people of pennsylvania are thoughtful, resource land care enough to take appropriate precautions.
1:45 am
todd: lancaster, in your state violent protests after police shot a suspect coming at them from a knife. i am wondering what are police supposed to do when someone is literally coming at you demonstrating lethal force? >> first thing we need to do is respect law enforcement was when we call on them to keep us safe there seeing someone who's not having a good day and they react to keep themselves in the public safe. when you look at the body cam and i looked at the footage, as horrific as it is the officer had to protect his life and potentially the lives of people who might have been endangered by people going down the street with a deadly weapon and for people not to recognize the situation and rushing to judgment and never having -- we are having some rioting in other places in lancaster, when you don't address this appropriately you are rewarding and
1:46 am
encouraging that kind of behavior and you get the behavior you encourage and reward. it's time we stand up for law enforcement and when they make the right decision not rush to judgment. todd: it seems obvious but not everybody is on board with that. appreciate your time, thanks for joining us. shannon: the university of chicago's english department's only second graduate applications for those interested in, quote, working in and with black studies. faculty issuing a statement saying, quote, in light of the historic reality we believe in doing persistent recalcitrant anti-blackness in our discipline and institutions must be the collective responsibility of all faculty here and elsewhere. the announcement comes amid a push for universities nationwide to incorporate race into the curriculum. a writer from the atlantic facing back lash after arguing democrats may not accept a trump victory, the progressive publication warning readers the
1:47 am
left might not concede if donald trump wins reelection especially if he loses the popular vote. the article says, quote, a los by joe biden under these circumstances is the worst case because it is the outcome most likely to undermine faith in democracy resulting in more social unrest and street battles in cities including portland oregon and seattle have seen in recent months. todd: 47 after the hour, bill diblasio's decision to turn luxury hotels into shelters backfiring, advocates slamming him for forcing them back on the streets. >> job all releases the entire city is going down the tubes and he says bill diblasio is to blame. still your best friend. and now your co-pilot. still a father. but now a friend. still an electric car. just more electrifying. still a night out. but everything fits in. still hard work. just a little easier.
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todd: a group of 200 retired military leaders throwing their support behind donald trump, they say our way of life is at stake in the president can help, the veteran saying we believe donald trump has been tested as you other presidents have an proven leadership in front of these dangers, the group slamming the democratic party saying they are welcoming socialists and marxists. show biden's campaign hiring 13 more people in addition to 19 staffers in texas, the new hires include previous obama administration staffers and those from the texas congressional delegation, this move comes as polls show biden and donald trump in a tight race in the lone star state just weeks before the election. the democratic presidential candidate is won texas since 1976. >> homeless advocates marched to new york city mayor bill diblasio app store step protesting his plan to remove
1:52 am
300 homeless people from upper west side hotels after locals complained about an increase in crime and decrease in quality of life. >> i went and saw it for myself on the upper west side last weekend what i saw was not acceptable and had to be addressed. this was the right time to start to move away from hotels and we will do that in a variety of neighborhoods going forward. >> you to react is job a rally, thanks for being here. what do you think of what he had to say about that. people have been complaining of for a long time about the fact they've got kids that are walking around on their streets, their community where they paid to live and you've got drugs and things like that. people have been fed up about this. >> what he said is exactly right, the conditions in that neighborhood, stockpiling homeless folks in once luxury hotels is unacceptable. it should be an accessible to residents who live there but let's remember how we arrived here. this is someone who said last year he was going to throw
1:53 am
hundred million dollars to fight homelessness, so we are going to end homelessness as we note, probably before or fifth time his administration promised to do something to eradicate homelessness whether it be building new modern and clean shoulders which most people do support or building 200 or 300,000 units of affordable housing including supportive housing which often helps people cope with or deal with the underlying cause of their homelessness whether it is drug addiction or mental illness etc.. so diblasio is saying the right thing but once again his administration is failing to do any of the follow-through since they started in 2014. >> hindsight is 20/20 and when coronavirus first hit in the spring a lot of decisions had been made and some of them were correct, some were not as we are seeing now. i am curious what you would do differently, what would you
1:54 am
suggest? >> there is an answer. and the type of housing i mentioned, this takes people off the streets and puts them in an environment where they were living with some type of counselors or therapists or people who can deal with the underlying cause of their homelessness, bill diblasio supported this, the state legislature had been working on this but it always falls on the follow-through of bill diblasio where he never gets anything off the ground. you will see this back and forth, they stopped and blocked removal of folks from these hotels. it is unfortunate because this hotel, the type of housing situation was never meant to be permanent for these people and there is some compassion in the protesters who want them to stay but residents of that neighborhood will suffer. jillian: thank you for joining us, we will follow it.
1:55 am
we reached out for a statement but did not receive a follow-up. todd: in the next hour of "fox and friends first" the reward to turn in the gunmen behind the ambush of two sheriff's deputies up to 200,$000. fox nation reacts to the attack and protesters who cheered for them to die. jillian: hurricane sally, the gulf coast braces for a potentially life-threatening storm. you know that look?
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>> extreme weather alerts, hurricane sally turning toward the gulf coast. millions brace for a second life-threatening storm in less then a month. todd: a los angeles deputy bloodied saving her partner's life after they were ambushed,
2:00 am
the growing reward to find the gunmen. jillian: donald trump issues a warning to iran over the alleged assassination plot against a us ambassador. todd: "fox and friends first" continues. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. shannon: let's begin with this weather alert, hurricane sally inching closer to the gulf coast very slowly come millions in the path of the storm and its life-threatening flooding. >> hundreds of miles of coastline under storm watches and warnings, janice steen tracking at all. what is the latest. >> janice: we have the 5 am advisory and it has weakened a little bit but as i mentioned last hour doesn't matter what the category of the storm is, the main event is the water. we could receive 10-20-30 inches of insulated rainfall along the eastern gulf coast. that will be the main threat d


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