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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 22, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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if everyone else forgets it it doesn't mean it's not true. it is. period. we have honor and decency and we follow the rules. let's not forget that. back tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. the show that's the sworn enemy of line, possibly smugness and groupthink. sean hannity from new york. >> sean: thank you. welcome to "hannity." we begin with the fox news alert. the president holding huge rally in the important battleground state of pennsylvania. the first of two major campaign events this week in the state. let's dip in as the president seems like he's closing out. >> president trump: we get the same prices, all the nations paying a tiny fraction. should a been instituted a long time ago. drug companies are going after me with those ads, it's terrible. you know why? every time you see an ad from the drug company can plenty of money. anytime you see an ad from a drug company remember one thing. your drug prices are coming down.
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that's what it means. that's what it means. we will strongly protect medicare and social security and we will always protect patients. we will protect every single patient. america will have the first woman on the moon and the united states will be the first nation to land an astronaut on mars. you know, nasa was an absolute disaster, grass was growing through the fairways. they had fairways. that's about all they used, the fairways. now we have something right through the runways. the landing strips. it was all grass infested. it was weed infested. now it's the number one space center in the world by far. it was a close darkness. a closed up mess. we have rich guy setting up records. elon musk and others. they sent of records and we say let them keep going. let them keep spending money on these rockets. the all rockets. we will the radical indoctrination of students and
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restore patriotic education. we will teach our children to love our country, honor our history, and always respect our rate american flag. and we will live by the timeless words international motto. in god we trust. for years you had a president who apologized for america. now you have a president who is standing up for america and standing up for the people of pennsylvania like nobody has ever stood up before. get your friends, get your family. get your neighbors and your coworkers. get out and vote! early voting, if you do know, it's already begun. watch it. watch those fake ballots.
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you've got to go out and turn the men. if you see somebody cheating, you've got to turn them in. from erie and you probably will. it's going to be a mess. watch this. get out and vote. early voting. from erie to easton, altoona to scranton. harrisburg to pittsburgh. say hello to big ben. we stand on the shoulders of pennsylvania patriots who gave their blood, sweat, and tears for their beloved country. this is the state where our founding fathers declared american independence, right? this is the state. such history. such history. it's where the army weathered its brutal winter at valley forge. i know it well. where george washington led his men on a daring mission across the delaware and where our union was saved by the heroes of gettysburg. gettysburg. one of the great, great, incredible states of history.
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gettysburg. so vicious, so horrible and yet so beautiful and so historic, right? incredible. gettysburg, pennsylvania. this is a place where generations of tough, strong pennsylvania workers mind the coal, worked the railroads, forge the steel that made america into the greatest and most powerful nation in the history of the world. we are making it greater, greater, greater than ever before. not even close. not even close. what we're doing. we are doing it together. proud citizens like you helped build this country, and together we are taking back our country. we are returning power to you, the american people. with your help, your devotion and your drive, we are going to keep on working. we are going to keep on fighting. we are going to keep on winning,
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winning, winning. we are one movement, one people, one family, and one glorious nation under god. together with the incredible people of pennsylvania, we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again! thank you. thank you, pennsylvania. thank you. >> sean: there it is, the present wrapping of his speech
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in pittsburgh tonight in moon township, pennsylvania. meanwhile sophie joe biden, yes, he's been hiding in his basement bunker since 9:00 a.m. this morning. apparently need the day off. because of his obviously declining stamina, his, well, physically it's pretty face he is weak and frail, obviously declining and somewhat cognitively. he remains in hiding most days. hannity election correspondent lawrence jones will be here tonight. he has a full report coming up and later will bring you shocking new video out of wisconsin that is shedding new light on the shooting that took place during the riots in kenosha. all coming up. first we turn to the collective what is a national nervous breakdown, temper tantrum underway among democrats. their allies in the media mob. all of their anti-trump allies. the president is now reportedly planning to announce his u.s. supreme court nomination this weekend and breaking today, well, it appears the senate will
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have enough votes to move forward with earrings and a vote on the president's nominee. keep in mind there have been 29 vacancies at the u.s. supreme court during presidential election years. a sitting president has nominated a replacement all 29 times. it would be unprecedented for this president not to do his constitutional duty, nominate a replacement. as failed presidential candidate amy klobuchar accurately tweeting "the people pick the president. the president nominates for justice. that is how it works." well, amy, you're exactly right. thank you. when the same party controls both the white house and the senate, well, the approval rate is exceptionally high. 17 out of 19 past nominations have been confirmed in that scenario. there is little democrats can do other than make threat after threat after threat that these threats are scary and they are real. when we think about their psychotic rage, their hysteria. just when you think it couldn't
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get any worse, think again. today very unhinged speaker of the house in name only, nancy pelosi claiming she could impeach this president every single day of the week. wow, that's going to be so good for our country, don't you think? take a look. >> what is your power to do this? i get the election. you can speak out more. you can do more impeachments, things like that. do you have enough power? >> we can impeach him every day of the week for anything he does. >> why not? >> 200,000 people dying. the american people what we know what we are doing that affects them directly. >> sean: while nancy pelosi is ranting and raving about impeachment, the media mob, they are vowing to blow up, their words, the system altogether. take a look. >> thinking about the supreme court, we have lost that battle. i don't want to talk about the republicans anymore.
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>> the fear that this will destroy the senate, it's like people saying climate change is coming. no, it's not coming. it's here. the senate has been destroyed as we know it. >> not take meetings with the nominee. we want to see the senate democrats fight this tooth and nail. >> no matter what happens, everybody sticks together. >> we are going to have to blow up the entire system. get rid of the electoral college. the minority in this country decides who the judges are and they decide who the president is. >> you need a constitutional amendment to do that. >> of joe biden wins, democrats can stack the courts and they can do that amendment they can get it passed. >> sean: do you hear what they are telling you they want to do? the unethical practice called court packing. that was last attempted by fdr, franklin roosevelt tried unsuccessfully to add justices to the u.s. supreme court in order to usurp the powers of the digital branch. in other words, roosevelt was trying to expand the numbers of justices on the supreme court, fill spots with individuals who just rubber-stamp his agenda.
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in that scenario, the supreme court would become useless and no longer serve as a coequal branch of government. our important constitutional system of checks and balances would be completely destroyed. on monday, joe biden refused to say whether or not he supports the illness at practice of court packing, telling a local reporter "it's a legitimate question but let me tell you why i'm not going to answer that question. it will shift all the focus. joe won't even release the potential supreme court nominees he said he would release. joe doesn't answer any real questions. pretty pathetic how the media mob, state run papers, state run broadcast television, state news cable channels also state run tv allow him to get rid of all this. meanwhile, is radical far left running mate senator kamala harris telling "the new york times" she is absolutely open to packing the court and multiple far left media outlets are all but begging democrats to infect
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support court packing, including new york magazine,, radical democrats, the media mob, well, they don't seem to care about any precedent. they don't care about the constitution. they don't care about the bill of rights. they don't care about coequal branches of government and checks and balances. now threatening to start stacking the courts in the electoral college and the legislative filibuster, impeach the president, as nancy says every day for any reason. and oh, yeah, they also want to impeach the attorney general while they are added. democrats do not care about our great system of justice. they want to burn down the system and they are saying so. believe them. for them, the only thing that matters is power. in 42 days, well, actually the power lies in your hands. if it's an honest election, and by the way part two of my monologue straight ahead will cover the democrats latest despicable pretty repulsive
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disgusting anti-christian attacks on a potential supreme court nominee. joining us first at the sight of snakes massive trump rally, well camara hannity 2020 election correspondent and investigative reporter, lawrence jones, we give him all the hard assignments. he gets to hang out at every party whatever event and have fun. lj is out there getting a lot of love. people love, they can't get enough of lawrence jones. working hard. what's going on? >> [laughs] >> sean: i agree. i'm an awful human being. >> you are awful. [laughs] good evening, sean. a lot happening here today, sean. i've talked with folks on the ground and getting a good gravel what they are thinking today. in 2016, a lot of conservatives were reluctant to support the president because they didn't know if he was going to govern like a conservative. they went out and supported him because of one issue: the courts. now the president has a record
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to run on. two supreme court justices and 216 federal court judges. i talked with folks today to see what they felt about the president appointing another justice on thursday. they say that the president should go forward because if the shoe were on the other foot, democrats would do the same. watch. >> the president announced that on saturday he could nominate his pick for the supreme court. what are your thoughts? >> i think it's appropriate and supporting the constitution. >> if the democrats were in the same position, do you think there would be any delay? >> no, not at all. absolutely not. they would be all over it. >> if the shoe was on the other foot. >> they wouldn't hesitate to fill that seat. >> no chance. >> no chance. >> the democrats say if the president announces saturday and they are confirmed that they are going to add more justices to the supreme court. they are going to go into the
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streets. what do you think about that? >> they are going to do all of that anyway. >> what do you think about the democrats' response? >> they are unfair they have no -- they want everything their way. nancy pelosi, she's totally out of control. >> do you think that disappointment helps the president or hurts the president? >> i think it helps him, i think it does. >> sean, as you know, progressives and democrats are upset about the president's appointment, even people like former attorney general holder says of the president goes through his nomination, what it looks like he has the votes right now, that it's time for democrats to stack the courts. a lot of folks are saying democrats have no one to blame but their own because they change the rules in 2013. with harry reid. back to you, sean. >> sean: all those people. people make this country great and you get to hang out with him every day. i give you the hard assignments. lawrence jones, great to see
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you. i'm in deep trouble when i see lawrence. also tonight we can report president trump has already met with at least one potential supreme court nominee. the u.s. court of appeals judge. her name, amy coney barrett. judge barrett went to law school at notre dame, clerked for the renowned u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia. since then, barrett has enjoyed a renowned career as a lawyer, professor, federal judge. she is also a practicing catholic and the mother of seven children including two adopted children from haiti. barrett is a constitutionalist. she's an originalist. by the way, she's not a judicial activist that will cite foreign law in making decisions. she will relight on our constitution. she is not ruled directly on the practice of abortion. she did join the dissenting votes to rehear certain cases surrounding certain abortion regulations. in the case of the state of indiana. she also once argued in favor of judges recusing themselves for
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religious reasons surrounding for example death penalty cases. in other words, issues of conscience. which is very normal actually. democrats, the media, the mob. they are beginning to try to paint this woman as a monster. buckle up. they are contacting her faith in god, her catholic faith. vilifying every aspect about her life. yahoo! news by the way they use the headline that read "this is amy coney barrett, the potential rbd replacement who hates your uterus." that's a lie. reuters which is supposed to be a so-called news organization openly wondering if this was the beginning of the handmaid's tale. "u.s. supreme court candidates religious community under scrutiny." keep in mind joe biden is a practicing catholic. nancy pelosi is a practicing catholic. now, the obviously have different views than their church on the issue of abortione is between them, their church,
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and god. not sean hannity. in fact, the u.s. constitution is very clear about this. let's go to article 6, klaus 3. "no religious past shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the united states." that didn't stop senator dianne feinstein from grilling judge barrett over her catholic faith in 2017. pretty disgusting display. this was during her circuit court of appeals hearing. buckle up. preview of coming attractions. take a look. >> i think whatever a religion is, it has its own dogma. the law is totally different. i think in your case, professor, when you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the
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dogma lives loudly within you. that's of concern. >> sean: your comments are of concern. that was 2017. my prediction it will only get worse. they will continue to attack her over her deeply held religious convictions and faith. they will try to paint her as some kind of antiabortion extremist. she is not. they will probably even accuse her of racism before this is all done. by the way you might remove what they did to robert bork and justice thomas. take a look. >> robert bork's america is a land in which women would be forced into back alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters. rogue police could break down citizens' doors and midnight raids, and schoolchildren could not be taught about evolution. writers and artists would be censured at the whim of government. >> this is a circus, a national disgrace. from my standpoint, as a black
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american, as far as i'm concerned, it's a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deigned to think for themselves, that unless you count how the old order, this is what will happen to you. you will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the u.s. senate rather than hung from a tree. >> sean: repubepublicans never d this to elena kagan or justice breyer or justice sotomayor or or ruth bader ginsburg who i think only have votes against her. everybody knew they were pretty radical, hard left. recently the same democrats, we all watch and witness their efforts to destroy, smear, slander, besmirch, ruin the life of justice kavanaugh. never forget what they did to him. justice thomas and robert bork. make no mistake. they will do it again and again
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no matter who the president nominates. here with reaction, author of the new book "the mind of a conservative woman: seeking the best for our family and country," senator marsha blackburn what did you make of dianne feinstein's attack on judge barrett? >> it is absolutely disgusting, sean. what the democrats are trying to do is disqualify you if you are a person of faith. so you have amy coney barrett and you have barbara lagoa, each are catholics. what they are going to do is try to disqualify them. their standard would be, if you're an atheist or a secularist, then you can be a judge. but look at where the left has gone on religion. look at some of the actions that they have taken lately. and this is what they are continuing to do. joe biden won't tell you who he's going to nominate because what they are looking for is
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activists that are going to rule against our freedoms. our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our second amendment rights. and turn the supreme court, expand it and turn it into another legislative branch. >> sean: if they do what they did to robert bork and clarence thomas and justice kavanaugh again, what would be the reaction in your view of the american people, senator? >> the american people have about had it with this. they want to see constitutionalists on the bench. they are looking at us and i will tell you, sean, we are hearing from so many tennesseans who are saying we want to see the seat filled. they have trusted president trump. we have put 216 judges on the federal bench. chairman graham gets a lot of that credit. they know that they are seeing good, well-qualified men and women on the federal bench.
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they are wanting to see the same thing with the justice. they are thrilled that it's going to be a woman. mind you, they know exactly what the left does and with the mainstream media does to conservative women. you're exactly right. they are going to vilify. they are going to rip apart. they have already written press releases, and they are waiting to fill in the names. so they can begin to denigrate the conservative woman that will be put forward as the next supreme court justice. >> sean: senator, thank you for being with us. we appreciate your time as always. here with reaction, author of the best-selling book "speaking for myself," fox news contributor sarah sanders. lie, smear, slander, character assassination, besmirch. it's all coming. this defines them and then the threats. we are going to pack the court. we're going to get rid of the electoral college. we'll impeach the president every day. this is now the party of anarchy to me, sarah sanders.
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>> president trump hasn't even named who he will nominate to the supreme court and they have already started aggressively and viciously attacking judge barrett, one of the potential nominees. a very conservative, strong woman. they are attacking her for her christian faith. let's not forget these are the same liberals who lecture us about empowering women. when the truth is they are nothing but liars and hypocrites who are only trying to empower themselves and their radical agenda. this is a time for us to send a clear and strong message that we will not tolerate the liberal mob. president trump will stand up to them. he has the support of the american people and the party to do that with him. we are going to fix the court and fill the seat. he absolutely has a constitutional obligation to do it. he should. he has to stand up and continue fighting against this radical left liberal mob that thinks that they get to control and run
6:24 pm
our country when they don't. >> sean: if they try to eliminate the electoral college and they are threatening court packing and they are threatening to impeach the president every day, haven't they just thrown down with the mob? >> that's what they have become. they have been completely and totally owned by the radical left. let's not permitted think that joe biden, if he somehow manages to win, will be running anything. he will be completely and totally controlled by the liberal left and the radical mob. look who they trotted out front and center to be one of the first people to respond and come out. it was aoc. she will be just as much in control as anyone else and i think that should be terrifying for every american and certainly for every woman conservative women need to stand up and fight back as much as anybody because they certainly won't be empowering you. they'll be trying to tear you down every chance they get. >> sean: sara, congrats on the
6:25 pm
book. good to see you. joe biden is trying to distance himself from bernie sanders. did he forget the 110 page bolshevik bernie biden manifesto? we will get to that. later, michael bloomberg is paying the fines for 32,000 felons in florida. matt gaetz is saying that the florida attorney general needs to investigate. that's next.
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>> sean: the ever forgetful joe biden, frail and weak, trying to rewrite history. after embracing the new extreme left, including teaming up with bolshevik bernie sanders on his 110 page manifesto, well, biden is trying to claim he's not a socialist at all. even taking a swipe at comrade
6:30 pm
bernie. the only problem is it's all on paper. he signed it. maybe he forgot. take a look. >> number two. i beat the socialist, that's how i got elected. that's how i got the nomination. do i look like a socialist? look at my career, my whole career. i'm not a socialist. >> sean: why did you sign the manifesto? have you ever read it? i don't think ocasio-cortez, the squad are going to be too happy with those comments although i have to give the congresswoman get it trickle credit. she rightfully anxiously said they will control joe biden. they know it was the summer that bernie and put their stated far left promises in writing. they let out the agenda. trillions in new taxes, economy killing climate policies that go further than the green new deal according to joe, open borders, the united sanctuary states of america and so much more.
6:31 pm
no oil, no gas, no fracking, all on paper. joe biden wants to pretend it never happened and he never said some of those things. the barely there biden who is now change positions on fracking, policing, traded by the way even his stance on supreme court vacancies and giving us the list of names. biden knows he's behind on policy. behind on enthusiasm and forcing his campaign to spend in a million different directives ahead of november. the show will continue to do the job the rest of the mob and the media will never do. we are vetting the candidates and exposing biden's 47 years of flop and failure in d.c. here with reaction, arkansas senator tom cotton. senator, he says all these things. he said it a number of times. for almost a year, that he was going to end fracking and obvious for fracking. okay. we have kamala harris to the
6:32 pm
left of bolshevik bernie. he signed the 110 page manifesto. he won't even tell us. he said he was going to tell us who is supreme court list was going to be and then he won't even tell us if he's against stacking the court. it sounds to me like he has to keep appealing to the radical left. >> yeah, sean. joe biden may not be a socialist but he's a weather vane and he is blowing whichever way the wind has gone in the democratic party for 50 years. in the '70s in 80s where it might've been fashionable to present himself as a centrist that's what he did but now the radical left is in charge of the democratic party and joe biden says he will have the most progressive administration in history. as you pointed out, it's not just dodging on things like the green new deal, it's on court packing. a radical proposal by democrats. joe biden won't even renounce this radical idea. if we move forward with our constitutional duty to confirm the president's nominee. that's one reason why i have
6:33 pm
announced tonight that we are starting a supreme court war room. you can go to tom to learn more because we know how far the left will stoop. they called brett kavanaugh a drug dealing cereal serial gang rapist. imagine what they will call the female jurists. joe biden will stand idly by and let the radical left determine the direction of the democratic party. >> sean: they are talking about d.c. and puerto rico. maybe even several statehood. they will have a majority in the senate in perpetuity, stacking the courts, ending the legislative filibuster. eliminating the electoral college. can impeach the president for any reason any day. might as well impeach the attorney general. it's like the lawlessness has now taken over. i've been saying that this is the most extreme major party ticket in history the country.
6:34 pm
i don't think i'm overstating the case. do you really believe they will try to do these things because i do. i am listening to what they are saying. >> sean, you're not overstating it. i find it ironic that democrats are threatening to retaliate against republicans if we exercise our constitutional duties. democrats are threatening rioting in the streets. democrats have been writing in the streets for four months. they are threatening to pack the courts or make washington, d.c., estate. they are promising to do that five days ago before the sad news of justice ginsburg's passing. democrats have been saying that they are going to do this. these are not reasons for republicans to fail to do our job. these are reasons for americans not to vote for democrats because they cannot be trusted with power. >> sean: all right, senator tom cotton, thank you for being with us. when we come back, pretty unbelievable, as the president calls him, many mike bloomberg is paying the fines for 32,000 felons in florida.
6:35 pm
so they can vote november. congressman matt gaetz, he wants an immediate investigation from the florida attorney general. oh, is he offering something of value to vote a certain way? interesting point. later we bring you shocking new video out of kenosha, wisconsin, should a new light on the kyle rittenhouse shooting during the kenosha riots. he claims it was self-defense. we have got the tape. we will let you decide. coming up. (announcer) now more than ever, it's important to lose weight,
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♪ >> sean: new york mega billionaire mike bloomberg causi quite a stir. throwing a big amount of money around in the 2020 election. $100 million of the race down in florida to help joe biden. former new york city mayor has raised over $16 million in an effort to get florida felons
6:40 pm
voting rights. paying off their fines. bloomberg along with the florida rights restoration coalition have already paid off the fines of 32,000 florida felons. you see, since 2018, felons in florida who have served their time can vote so long as they have paid off any outstanding fines, fees, or restitution. so bloomberg is trying to game the system. florida congressman matt gaetz announced on twitter that he's calling on the states ag to launch an investigation into bloomberg for quote potentially engaging in bribery." in north carolina, election officials are giving residents up to nine days after election day to count their absentee ballots so long as they are postmarked on election day, november 3rd. here with reaction, also a brand-new book out called "firebrand: dispatches from the front lines of the maga revolution." congressman matt gaetz and member of trump's teams and also
6:41 pm
executive director along with his dad of the acl jade, jordan secular. matt, we will start with you. i read your tweet. okay, you want the investigation. i would agree. >> in the moments before the show i spoke to florida attorney general ashley moody and she says she's all over it. i believe there may be a criminal investigation already underway of the bloomberg connecting activities in florida. chapter 104.04614 the statute says it's third-degree felony for someone to directly or indirectly provide something of value to impact whether or not someone votes. the question is whether or not paying off someone's fines and legal obligations counts as something of value. it clearly does. if michael bloomberg was offering to pay off people's credit card debts, would obviously see the value in that and so when you improve someone's net worth by eliminating their financial liabilities, that's something of value. normally it would be very
6:42 pm
difficult to prove that that was directly linked to you impacting whether or not someone was going to vote. but they literally wrote their own admission. in this document that they used it to go fund-raiser other people, they said the precise purpose of this fund was to unlock a portion of the black vote in florida that they believed would go 90% to 95% for joe biden. in this case, i think they've written their own admission. the law is clear this is something of value and i am encouraged after my conversation with the attorney general, i hope we have good law enforcement all over the country looking for the cheating of the tricks that these democrats are going to try this election because i'm starting to get this and they know donald trump is going to win on election day. >> sean: i agree with matt gaetz. a thing of value and clearly they have written what their motivation is and what their plan is and what their hope is if they bail you out of your fines and restitution. >> sean, as we have all kind of
6:43 pm
pointed out, bloomberg announced why he was going to spend this money in florida. it was to be donald trump in florida. so some of this money is going to bribe people to try and get them to vote a certain way. as matt went through the statute, you don't have to go all the way. it is the attempts. the attempt alone is a crime. the attorney general, moody, i'm glad that congressman gaetz is in contact with her. we are seeing this across the country. we are handling different law firms for this. we represent the president, ten cases. it's the democrat party and their allies like bloomberg trying to steal this election and cause chaos on election night. >> sean: jordan secular oh, has mayor bloomberg now put himself in your come up from your legal perspective in jeopardy, legal jeopardy? >> he has potentially put himself in legal jeopardy. he's got the florida attorney general, congressman gaetz, statutes that
6:44 pm
look like they apply directly to this and the congressman said. he told people when he was fund-raising for this why he was doing it, to get votes for joe biden. so right there is the criminal issue mayor bloomberg is potentially going to face and previous to this he announced he was going to go spend all of this money just to try to take florida from donald trump. it's happening across the country with this mail-in ballot stuff, the courts, the democrat party is going all out to cause election chaos and fraud. >> sean: matt gaetz, do you see a potential federal case? maybe something the attorney general bill barr would look into? >> state elections are typically managed by state election officers. in this case, florida actually has a rico statute that mirrors the federal statute. even if michael bloomberg is not directly involved in an exact bribe, under the states rico statute, the right hand doesn't
6:45 pm
always have to be connected to the left as activities. if they are part of the same criminal enterprise and if the underlying particle criminal act is quite literally paying off sl obligations because you know if you do that they will vote for joe biden, it's directly in the target of the statute. fortunately in florida we have good law enforcement officers, like ashley moody is the attorney general, who will pursue it. i worry about what jordan said all around the country. and probably most worried about pennsylvania. >> sean: thank you both. congratulations. we'll put it up, the new book by matt gaetz. "firebrand." a properly titled. i say that with all due affection. "dispatches from the front lines of the maga revolution." by the way, you can get it on, bookstores everywhere. all right. thank you guys. anyway, when we come back, brand-new video released hours ago may make you think differently about kyle
6:46 pm
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♪ >> sean: last month 17-year-old kyle rittenhouse was in charge -- charge of the killing of two people during the violent rioting that took place in kenosha, wisconsin. tonight we have even more video released by the group fight back, group started by his attorneys, including lin wood, peering to bolster claims that rittenhouse acted in self-defense after being attacked. here's a small sample of what's an 11 minute video. lin wood on twitter if you want to watch the whole thing. >> to prevent the total destruction of their community,
6:51 pm
good samaritans united to guard local businesses. among them a 17-year-old, kyle rittenhouse. >> people are getting injured. our job is to protect the business. if there's somebody hurt, i am running into harm's way. >> rittenhouse is seen next running towards the flashing lights of police vehicles. the armed mob is now chasing after him. >> that boy just shot a man! >> within this context, the street slang, calling for someone to take rittenhouse out with a head shot. >> what are you doing? you shot somebody? >> an unidentified protester strikes rittenhouse in the head, knocking his hat off. rittenhouse trips and falls to the ground. another protester attempts to
6:52 pm
jump on rittenhouse who then fires two shots into the air. a third protester fakes as if he is surrendering and then suddenly advances with a handgun aimed at rittenhouse. a single shot strikes the man's right bicep. >> sean: it is at l lin and twitter. here with more, dave rubin. former florida attorney general pam bondi. pam, i will start with you. i have a rule, i don't rush to judgment. i believe in the of innocence. i have watched this case closely. i have talked to different people involved. telling me from the beginning we don't know the whole story. what does this videotape tell you? >> sean, you're right, you've never rushed to judgment on anything. i am glad he has lin wood. people have to understand that was a war zone.
6:53 pm
you have got a 17-year-old out there trying to protect his state. he is helping people who have been injured. he has paramedic training for being a lifeguard. he is taking graffiti off walls. he is trying to mitigate the chaos out there. they rushed to judgment. we don't know everything yet. that video speaks volumes. one is a prior sex offender. one other charges. there chasing him down. whether or not he should be charged with any of it, i think it's too soon to charge him. we don't even know the ballistics. they charged him two days later and there were bullets flying everywhere. other people were firing. this kid was out there trying to help people. were people killed? absolutely. we don't know yet. we have a little boy out there trying to protect his community. should he have been out there with a gun? no. but should he have been charged with murder? we don't know yet. they charged him two days later.
6:54 pm
what's it coming to in these liberal cities? when teenagers have to go out there to try to provide aid to other people who are getting injured by these rioters. >> sean: let me stay on this tape for a minute. it's great to see >> tucker: for. we always love having tucker on. dave rubin, i look at this tape. now when he falls down after they knocked his hat off, he's being chased by an armed mob. receivable with firearms. then you see the store picture. a guy racing towards emily's on the ground about to pounce on him with others. your thoughts. >> yeah, and sean, if you actually watch the full video to the end, the full 11 minutes which i watched three times in a row before joining you, he actually tries to surrender to the police at the end. he is trying to go to the
6:55 pm
police, not just to surrender because of whatever happened because the mob is trying to get him. i like the way you set this out. you said you don't try to rush to judgment and we live in a time where everybody is rushing to judgment constantly in this poor kid was called a white nationalist and the rest of the nonsense that we hear all the time. from everything i can tell, this is a good kid who may be made some mistakes but was trying to defend his community and take care of people and cleanup graffiti and everything else. there is way more to this story. i just tweeted out the full video and everyone should check it out. >> sean: @llinwood on twitter if you want to watch the whole thing. good to see you. when we come back, more "hannity" straight ahead. with a painless, one-second scan you can check your glucose with a smart phone or reader so you can stay in the moment. no matter where you are or what you're doing.
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