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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 24, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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biggest national security threats facing security now. that's "the story" of september 24 and we will see you back here tomorrow night at 7:00. ♪ >> tucker: you will get live images from louisville, we are monitoring the situation there tonight. and in jacksonville, florida, we are keeping an eye on th the trp rally in progress. there's a lot going on. in the meantime del good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." that may be why looking back on it that we seen so much arson recently. if you wanted to keep the public from thinking clearly about what you plan to do to their country, you might riot and no one
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noticed that you are lying. every story we've been told for the past three months has been at its core a lie, all of them, from the first day. george floyd was executed by racist cops on the street. yet when the autopsy became public it showed that george floyd george floyd had lethal levels of fentanyl in his system among other drugs. floyd said he couldn't breathe long before police landed on him as he was in fact sitting untouched in the back of a patrol car but the mob wasn't interested in hearing those details, they torched minneapolis. in kenosha, the media told us that bloodthirsty cops walked up and shot jacob blake up as he was breaking up a fight between two women. but that's not what happened. a woman called 91 to say blake was at her home in violation of a restraining order. blake fought with the responding officers and first cops triton on the full force to subdue him. they tased blake and that didn't
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work. when they saw him reach for a knife, they shot him. what else were they supposed to do? but kamala harris wasn't interested in knowing what actually happened, she declared that she was proud of jacob blake and then her voters burned kenosha. tonight the mob is in louisville to protest the death of breonna taylor. news organizations told us that taylor was in bed when police shot her, but she wasn't. she was in her hallway. we were told that taylor had nothing to do with her drug dealing ex-boyfriend which is why police were there. in fact, it's possible she was warehousing that man's drug money. they told us that we shot first and that's not true. taylor's boyfriend shot a cop first. then they told us over and over again that police surprised taylor in the middle of the night. they barged into her apartment in a so-called no knock raid. then yesterday the attorney general of kentucky exposed that i get another life. the police did in fact knock on
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taylor's door and identify themselves as police. harris issued a statement attacking the no knock raid. tim scott should know better. a grand jury did no better in the jurors considered all of the available evidence in the breonna taylor case and yesterday they declined to charge the officers with murder. there wasn't any evidence that a murder took place. that's how our system is supposed to work, we don't indict the innocents. that's wrong, it's not just us. but the mob doesn't care about justice no matter what they screen, they want blood. so with the encouragement of so many of our leaders they unleash violence on the city of louisville. they set fires and destroyed businesses and then to the surprise of no one they opened fire on the police. here are scenes from it.
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>> shots fired, shots fired. >> are you good? >> we are all good. right there. right there. we have an officer down. >> tucker: two police officers were shot last night in louisville and they are not the only police officers that have been shot for political reasons, just the latest. is that front-page news? no. thank god those officers are still alive. it seems clear this was not a street climb, it seems that these were attempted political assassinations. the social media posts don't look very different from, here is this twitter feed. pro blm, outraged by the racist killing of breonna taylor.
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whipped into a frenzy by media generated lives, they told us last night before they did that they plan to do that. >> tucker: get ready to die. that's not the kind of thing that liberal suburban moms are thinking when they plant blm signs on their lawn but that's the reality of it. blm leaders have told us many times that they would like to murder costs. that's not something they whisper, that's something they shout on camera. blm's chapter there did not express a word of sympathy for officers in the hospital with bullets in them. instead they called for the total abolition of law enforcement and apparently the plan was to take out one cop at a time. here was blm last night in louisville.
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[cheers and applause] >> turn the camera off! >> tucker:'s are violent thugs by the way. in the end they are all just foot soldiers, there are legions behind them and people you don't see on camera. it takes legions, money and organization to stage effective riots for three and a half months. so it's worth asking who is funding all of this. that is a central question and too few have tried to answer it. we still don't know the full answer.
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last night we showed you a truck full of mobile armory supplies. >> tucker: at onish we showed you that footage last night we suggested we had leads as to who might have rent of the u-haul. tonight we know who did. a woman made named holly zoeller rented that truck. the bail project helps to get suspected onto the streets as quickly as they can. though who funds the bail project? it takes money to get people out of jail. take a look at that organization's board of directors and it tells you the story. as a first term democratic congressman on there. other than that he will not find a more pampered group of
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revolutionaries. one board member, a woman called lisa gershon, she served as the president of strategic initiatives. she was also the ceo of martha stewart living. another board member is a man named michael nova graph two is the ceo of galaxy investment partners, and the fortress macro fund. the finance guy and he also serves on the board of the princeton varsity club. so what's going on here? why are the most privileged people in my society, rich executives like those supporting an organization that bails people out of jail who are destroying our cities and attacking our police? people like that, board members like this, live far from the scenes of riots so why are they paying for riots? maybe they are doing and take up their own tracks, that's a thought. america's core problems are not
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racial, americas corporation problems are economic. a small group of people have a disproportionate amount of money and everyone else is getting poorer. for the majority of populations, the american dream is dying. but if you are in the right end of that equation you wouldn't want the public to think too much about this. so maybe you would fund racial conflicts so they wouldn't think about it. last night we told you about the hearst corporation which is a media company that generates more than $11 billion a year. one of the property is, maybe its most famous property is "cosmopolitan" magazine. "cosmopolitan" magazine spent yesterday raising money to bail out rioters in louisville. aat one point yesterday cosmo tweeted an image of holly zoeller rented the u-haul and others along with this message. support protesters who are brave enough to go out and standing coming days. cosmo wants you to take a stand and some people money who are taking a stand. so what does taking a stand look like? they took a stand in portland,
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and tried to kill police officers with molotov cocktails. keep in mind this took place thousands of miles from louisville and breonna taylor. watch. [crowd noise] >> tucker: just cosmo readers taking a stand. you'll notice that no one in the crowd tries to stop the firebombing and instead they hoist middle fingers at the police. meanwhile in seattle, blm forgot the gasoline so they tried to kill a cop with a baseball bat. watch this. >> [crowd noise] >> tucker: just to be clear, because this is something else they are lying about pretty relentlessly, the people you just saw her not
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trump voters. that's not a partisan point, it is true. every one of those people is a democrat or democrat adjacent. why is that relevant, a word from, harris makes a these people down. but harris isn't interested in slowing them down. by the way you should know in the name of racial justice, a blm supporter shot up black cop in louisville last night. in los angeles writers screamed racial epithets at another black cop. watch this. if nothing else that shows a
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real life is more complicated than the straightforward black-and-white race for the media is always promoting. msnbc won't acknowledge that though, in fact they turned over the airwaves to talking heads which describe the african-american attorney general as a race traitor for agreeing. >> he is a republican through and through. we told you who he was. >> kinfolk but he's not kinfolk. because he's black there with a black face, he does not speak for all of them. >> i think that was a bull connor speech in 2020. >> i'm so disgusted by this. i'm so disgusted by daniel cameron's performance and i'm so sick and tired of black people going on the air and performing for violence and white supremacy and state-sponsored violence against black people and claiming their mamas and
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claiming that they care about it. >> tucker: here's a thought. you shouldn't put like that on tv. it's too dishonest and too divisive and it hurts people too much. it's flat out racist and wrong and the people who run nbc news should be ashamed of that. it legitimately and no true black person could vote republican. biden's allies and the media want to step further and they could be "poor white supremacy. can you imagine saying something like that? are leaders in congress and on television have decided that law enforcement of any kind is an active bigotry. after they really believe that?
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in the short term, they are getting their way and the rest of us have to live with the consequences of that. this is a senior rider at town hall, he's been back at the scene of almost every riot and we are happy to have them on tonight. julio, thanks so much work on. there was some debate even after the police officers were shot about whether or not this was a peaceful demonstration. what was your view of having seen that? >> the whole reason why they were marching out on the street is, as you can see the video that i captured, they captured fires in jefferson square park, and so the louisville -- i'm sorry, the louisville metro police that it was unlawful assembly, and if they didn't disperse it would have to be subjected to crowd control and munitions. so they did leave the area. as they were leaving people were
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breaking off and breaking windows, and they were smashing bus stops and setting more fires as they were walking away. so that's why they were confronted by the police, the police used to flash bangs above the crowd to try to disperse them and then unfortunately right after that happened, that's when we heard the gunfire and at that point people started to scatter because at that point we didn't know exactly what was going on. this was a mostly peaceful protests and i can't even believe that even after cops were shot, the media would still try to make that claim. >> tucker: i know it's hard to know exactly even if you are there because most of these people look the same. but could you get any sense of where the rioters were from? did you get any sense of how many, what percentage?
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>> i can't say for sure because i'm not local to the louisville area, i'm not familiar with any of the locals there. there were actually a few out of town, kind of citizen journalists that i've seen and there was one in particular there in kenosha. people do travel and as you saw with the u-haul truck, there is a basic form of organization behind this and providing supplies to these types of groups. >> tucker: yes, we have that on video. as you just saw the entire panel on msnbc went after attorney general daniel cameron for the crime of stating facts. so they attacked him and they called him, and therefore he, racially charged names because he deviated from the dnc line. this kind of attack is
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everywhere now, what should we make of it? candace owens has borne the brunt of this, and she's the author of this book. thanks so much for coming on. i think i would be honest enough to say this and surely made a rational case for his position and then you see him attack this race traitor, what do you make of that? >> for me is absolutely infuriating to watch, i've been on the receiving end of the same sort of the attacks. if you actually look at what they are saying and what the deeper implications are here, there is a right way, i correct way and a wrong way to be black meeting you could look at me, i could assign a bunch of characteristics and ironically tucker that's a very definition
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of racism. and they can't recognize it when it's coming out of their own mouth. i've often said the democrat party is built almost prototype and they will not pause to think and we must be faithful and abide by icons by king lebron james and queen beyonce, queen beyonce being the person i will remind your listeners and viewers who actually wrote a letter to hurry up the attorney general and his investigation and said that she wanted her kind of justice delivered in the breonna taylor case. that's various culture in the mainstream media. and for that you are seeing him be a socially lynched and stripped of his identity.
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>> it's beyond belief and how patronizing it is, and that's a most american thing you can save it they don't recognize that right. >> they don't. and what i get especially frustrated with, this kind of thought process is only placed on black americans. it doesn't even sound right, suddenly you are like what are you talking about, you have to come to us with ideas and get us to your perspective. when it's black americans they view it as proprietary, there was something up proprietary about black skinned democrats, and like various other apprehensions. and that seems wrong to me.
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candace owens, thank you for joining us. amy coney barrett is on the short-list we are hearing of the supreme court. what are they going to say about her? we will tell you after the bre break. c)
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>> tucker: it looks like amy coney barrett is in the lead as of tonight and that may change as this administration's supreme court nominee. we remember what happened to the last nominee, kavanaugh, they called him a gang. how can we top that? at the time, democrats grilled her for being catholic. so then that's about as bad as being gang. whatever a religion is, it has its own dogma. the law is totally different. and i think in your case professor, when the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you.
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and that's a concern. >> tucker: the dogma lives loudly in you. first of all that's illiterate, that doesn't mean anything. but part broadly the question is, would feinstein say that to any other person of faith? imagine dianne feinstein saying that to a muslim nominee. you can't imagine that. at the same hearing, senator dick durbin also pressed to bear it on her faith, believe it or not. listen to this. >> do you consider yourself an orthodox catholic? >> i am a catholic, and if you ask if i'm taking my faith seriously and i am catholic, i am, although i would stress that my personal church affiliation or my religious belief would not bear in the discharge of my duties as a judge. >> tucker: can you even imagine, needless to say our media faithfully echoed those democratic party attacks. one headline written by a
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political activists said, handmaid's tale. writers later edited that headline. we will see what happens if amy coney barrett gets the nomination but we think we have the template for what is going to do. steve krakow as an editor of the podcast, thanks so much for coming on. it's hard to believe that the media would attack a nominee's religious faith and 2,020, but do you think they will? >> i don't think there's this group of militant atheists in the media who are trying to rid the world of religion, there's a laziness to it but a ignorance to it.
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they think it informs is politics in a positive way, and that's a good thing. they start with a chicken or egg thing and they like joe biden's politics. so because of that the faith is a good thing. her faith all of a sudden is scary and weird. >> what's interesting is what we know of her, she follows the catholic church but it's bad when she takes her faith seriously but good when joe biden doesn't. but to my original question, is any other faith that risk of being mocked the way christianity is by the media? >> i'm not sure -- i know you mentioned islam, there is an enormous perspective the media like they are doing with the christian faith. i am not sure that the media
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would be i think that also speaks to the laziness of this. the handmaid's tale was written in 1985 and there wasn't a whole lot of those. everything is the scary hand handmaid's tale and not an actual inspiration of the book. there were people of hope that were -- there was clippings that were found by margaret atwood, and they supposedly inspired the shirt scary show that they watched on hulu. >> tucker: the fact that they are watching some weird feminist fever dream about the pear tree argie you everything. steve, great to see you. we have some footage we are going to show you up ahead that
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actually is shocking and it is police misconduct. we spent a lot of time defending the police but, police chasing a woman and handcuffing her in front of her children for not wearing a mask at a middle school football game. it looks like china, but it's not. stay tuned. to refi his home, he may want to purchase, we can help them and provide that financial solution for they and their families. it's a great rewarding feeling. everybody in the company, they have that deference and that respect and that love for the veteran that makes this company so unique.
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>> tucker: we are going to show you a piece of tape that at first glance looks like it may have taken place in china, but it didn't, it took place in ohio. just recently a school resource officer tasered and handcuffed a woman who was watching her sons middle school football game. it happened wednesday night in logan ohio. her crime, she wasn't wearing a mask outside. this footage was awful, >> i am
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not -- get off of me. what is wrong with you. >> oh, my god. >> get off of me. you are not arresting me for nothing. >> there's a cop car over there. >> he's chasing this lady for not wearing a mask. arresting her. >> tucker: they tased a woman at her sons outdoor football game and none of the men sitting there did anything about it. shocking. then, the marietta school city
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athletic director, a man called cody vendor like said he wasn't "saddened that the mother didn't behave." what country is this? it's the same country in which you will find moscow, idaho. three christians were arrested for singing psalms outdoors. not moscow and the soviet union, moscow, idaho. watch. [singing] >> you guys should not be doing this, and doing this kind of for
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the mirror, this is embarrassing. >> tucker: it's more than embarrassing, it's awful. more people are moving to ohio to get away from that type of authoritarian insanity. alex berenson is one of the people in this country most fluent in the science behind this disease and our response to it. he's the author of unreported truths about covid-19. thanks for coming on, i'm not going to ask you to comment on the social forces involved here, i want you to explain to her audience the science behind it. is there justification for arresting a woman sitting with her family outdoors not wearing a mask? >> of course there is not. masks are at best marginally useful endorsing crowded settings. the evidence that people have tried to drum up, it's almost embarrassingly weak.
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there is a study with no control arm that was done on massachusetts, a health care worker a few months ago and it showed that after these people were told to wear masks, infection rates went down in massachusetts. guess what, infection rates went down in massachusetts overall, too. so that means nothing. there's a couple of studies, there's a a study from a starbucks in south korea, a study from a couple of hairdressers in missouri, edsel joke. the best evidence before this pandemic started, suggested that mask were useless in the population. the extent it would be useful for was a signaling mechanism. the evidence here is beyond week. what's happened here is that masks have become a talisman. masks have become something that
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we use to show we are serious about this and it's a problem, lots of people are dying and we can't do lockdowns anymore. even the democratic governors have dropped markdowns and they tell them to wear masks and the social pressure -- i do want to talk about the social pressure a little bit because a few weeks ago i was in walmart with my son who is four. a 4-year-old is essentially 0.00 risk of anything happening with coronavirus. he was not wearing a mask, and i don't like him to wear a mask although he unfortunately has to wear one now that to school. i said i know, he doesn't like them. and she said i'm going to go get a police officer. and she did. so what do i do? i don't argue with the police. i tell my son to put on a mask and he puts it on. this is a sort of social pressure that we are engaged in
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right now and it has a real consequences. there were other more serious issues than mess coming, vaccines, and how aggressively we will isolate people and quarantine them. there are hundreds of thousands of college students right now at no risk being essentially forced to not leave their dorms for no reason. >> tucker: so a society that can behave this irrationally about masks, you are suggesting could do things that are much worse than this and you are concerned about it. >> and it's actually the case of candida kump the u.s., australia and new zealand that have taken the most irrational steps. right now in europe they are done with lockdowns and -- it's funny, the countries that we view as more bureaucratic and status are the ones that push back more and make more rational decisions that we are. >> tucker: it's not just covid to come at the anglo world has
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gone insane. great to see you, thank you. we got breaking news tonight, revealing news in the michael flynn case. your documents show the fbi analyst working on the case. we are very concerned, and private back in 2016 at 2017, we have those texts come up next.
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>> tucker: if you seen today's white house press briefing, he missed democratic posed as reporters saying that milling boat and may not be 100% secure. the risks of mail-in voting are obvious in the example that came today. the doj announced that the fbi and pennsylvania state police are investigating fraud in the mail in ballots in lucerne county. according to the doj several military ballots were "discarded." investigators recovered a total of nine valid so far, and not surprisingly the doj's is an overwhelming majority of those votes were cast for, guess who? donald trump.
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three trays of mail including mail-in ballots were discovered in a ditch, not counted in a ditch. we seen other examples of this throughout the year including deliberate mail-in ballot fraud in new jersey and west virginia. just hours ago in the state of texas, the state of attorney general announced that a county commissioner and several others have been arrested in an organized mail-in ballots scheme which took place during the 2018 democratic primary. but to reporters in washington this is impossible to believe. for the people doing it, it is confirmation that actually it works pretty well. last week, judges and the pennsylvania supreme court ruled that mail-in ballots need to be counted well after election day. he won't be shocked to know that five members of the body that made that decision, 5 out of 7 people in the supreme court of pennsylvania are partisan democrats. they are elected and politicians. in michigan a judge called cynthia dian stevens issued a similar ruling and she mandated ballot harvesting. about harvesting allows paid
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political operatives to collect ballots in bundles and bring them to polling places. what could go wrong? well fraud to come for one thing. you should know that cynthia diane stevens is not much of a judge, she is a political activist. you also hear conservatives to ride activist judges, and four years ago she appeared in an event at the university of michigan and give credit advice on how to be and that's the goal here, make no mistake. all votes are counted in one night and no one will have time to issue rulings and the poll workers, wanting them to count votes for weeks after election day.
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it will be a disaster. in iowa caucuses this past february, the leaders of the democratic party, they wanted a debacle where joe biden takes hillary clinton's advice and does not concede no matter what happens. all he has to do is smile and wave to him on his election night and the lawyers will take it from there. that's the plan. up next, fbi analyst working on and we will show you what they were concerned about, coming up next.
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>> tucker: more text messages released tonight and were evidence of the michael flynn prosecution was motivated. doing all the selection research, i think some of these
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guys want a clinton presidency. do you think? later, someone wrote trump was right, what is wrong with these people? fbi officials discuss "getting professional liability assurances. fox news has learned today that the primary source of the anti-trump steele dossier posted by buzzfeed was under fbi investigation. with russian intelligence officers. the ironing, it's just unbelievable. sean davis has been pricing this detail and what did we learn today? >> we would learn a lot today. first is the corruption at the fbi and how they conducted their anti-trump the which was so bad that fbi agents were purchasing for themselves using your money and my money by the way as taxpayers, purchasing liability
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insurance for when people finally found out how corrupt their activities were. we also learned that the original case against flynn the investigation was closed on election day. they were ordered to close it on election day 2016 and only open it up afterwards. it was just shocking. in these texts we also they use national security letter is to avoid subpoenas in order to get financial records and they said there's nothing there. in fact the guy who was running the whole thing was also unnamed was obsessed with rabbit holes and conspiracy theories and his scope was absolutely beyond illogic. >> tucker: so i've been wondering for months now. the fbi's more powerful than say the kenosha police department, but blm never criticizes the fbi and maybe this is why? >> maybe it is. i'm a bit cynical having looked
5:58 pm
at the stuff for years, and even then this behavior shocked me. the rank and file were good and where were the whistle-blowers and why were relearning why are we learning about this from a court case and why was this not disclose to congress. it's a complete disgrace it has taken this long to get any real information about it. >> tucker: has there been meaningful reform within the fbi? >> if there has been i haven't seen it. i actually think -- we sing one person based on a case not brought by durham but by the oig and the fact that he found one person has been indicted, one person in that entire building. i don't think any reform they do
5:59 pm
matters whatsoever. >> tucker: you mentioned the word durham, whatever happened to that, the durham investigation? >> that's a great question. he's been working on this for about two years, the attorney general bill barr assured us and the president that he was going to look at it and we were going to learn what happened before the election. i haven't seen anything, i haven't seen any indictments other than the one of the fbi lawyer and i hope bill barr understands that if nothing happens on this it's not going to be durham that people hold responsible, it will be bill barr. because he is the one who picked them. >> i'm starting to feel a little fool to are you? >> a little bit. unbelievable. six weeks before the presidential election, probably not going to happen before that. that's it for us tonight, we will be back tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. every weeknight, same
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time, same outlook. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. big show tomorrow as we close out the week. but in the meantime we have a surprise for you tonight, sean hannity is going to be taking over at 9:00 p.m. >> sean: it's never a surprise, it's always timed out perfectly. anyway tucker, thank you in great show. welcome to hannity kump we begin with multiple fox news alert's. two police officers shot during what some media mob outlets described as mostly peaceful protests in the city. the media mob, they just lined out with complete can be abandoned. tonight we will monitor the situation on the ground in louisville and elsewhere around the country, and we will take you there live in


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