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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 25, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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china. that is it for us tonight. we'll be back monday 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. have a great weekend with the ones you love. sean hannity is next. ♪ >> sean: all right. it's 9:00 p.m. on the east coast. 6:00 p.m. on the west coast. we begin with fox news on a busy friday night. fox news alert. welcome to "hannity." sources are telling fox news that president trump is planning to nominate circuit court judge amy coney barrett to the u.s. supreme court. we are expecting the formal announcement tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. i don't know amy coney barrett personally but when you look at her record and her own life it's beyond impressive. i hope she is ready for the repulsive viciousness that is about to become her and her family's world. sad. brace yourselves. democrats are attacking her for everything she ever said and everything she has ever
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done in her entire life, including her religion, her deeply held faith in god. i hope i'm wrong but get ready for bork, thomas, kavanaugh 4.0. more later in the show tonight. also at this hour on friday night, president trump set to speak. any moment at a massive rally. this time in newport news, virginia, where the polls suggest the race there like all over the country is tightening. the president is aggressively crisscrossing the country on the campaign trail. all the while maintaining the official duties and campaigning. his opponent bunker joe holed up trying to mem mize the lines for tuesday and the debate that takes place. i will tell you what i think is going on. it's my own opinion. see if you agree or not. we'll take you live throughout the hour but we are monitoring breaking news stories. we have a lot to cover. we will get it all in. we want to begin tonight as we
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are monitoring the ground multiple locations around the country. far left riots continue to rage. hours ago police in louisville surrounded the protesters to clear the street ahead of a 9:00 p.m. curfew, now two minutes old. a small sample of what the police were having to deal with. want to be a cop? take a look. [yelling] [bleep] you [bleep]! [yelling] >> sean: if you ask yourself do you want to be a police officer today? my advice if you are a police officer, if you have reached retirement age my strong advice is for you to retire and get your mention, get your healthcare that you have earned. if you are close to retirement, well, you have to stick it out to get the mention you worked so hard for but don't take unnecessary risks especially if your police department doesn't
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support you. if you are new to the profession and you are trained, well, you might want to look for a state and a jurisdiction that supports and wants to hire and will support trained professionals. or begin the process of transitioning to a safer career. as a former seattle police chief carmen best said when she resigned this is about the lack of safety, the lack of security, the lack of the respect for police. we saw it again this week. two officers shot in louisville. now we saw this last night. we witnessed shocking scenes around the country. look at your screen. this is the moment rioters in los angeles. oh, you know, kamala harris praised $150 million cut to the lapd. this is where they attempted to block in a vehicle. a prius with two of their own vehicles and rip that driver out of the car. thankfully he or she was able to get away in a scene all too reminiscent of what happened to reginald denny in a beating
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in the 1992 riots. this one was violent incident. what is another night of the far lift mayhem across the country. take a look. [chanting and yelling] >> breonna taylor! >> breonna taylor! >> get the [bleep] out. [bleep]! all you [bleep]! >> [chanting and yelling] >> breonna taylor! >> breonna taylor! >> breonna taylor! >> breonna taylor! >> sean: thousands of cops injured since the beginning of this madness. we have what? over 50 dead throughout the year this year. tonight americans are bracing for more riots as the far left
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so-called demonstrators with ulterior motives continue to rage after dark. notice we don't hear anything about covid or masses when you are protesting or rioting or part of the anarchists. we have witnessed this week in and week out, many of the people, they don't care about truth, they don't care about justice. they don't care about the facts of any of the issues or the case surrounding in this particular case in louisville breonna taylor. this week many protesters demanded that all three officers involved in the tragic shooting death be locked up and charged with first degree murder. grand jury only needed nine out of 12 to indict. they were given every option. they disagreed. they looked at the option. every option presented to them and presented by the prosecutors. the jury, well, they indicted one officer. two of counts of wanton endangerment, class "d" felony. the other two officers who did discharge their weapons were not indicted. according to the kentucky attorney general. and their investigation, their actions were justified.
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keep in mind the officers returned fire after getting shot at by breonna taylor's new boyfriend, not the old boyfriend they had been surveilling. one of them was sergeant jonathan mattingly got hit in the leg. we have body cam footage of the events that transpired moments after mattingly was shot. take a look. do you want to be a cop? look. >> put him in the car. put him in the car. put him in the trunk. >> get under his arm. pull him. one. two. three. cover me. i'm with him. cover me. stay down. stay down. >> go faster. >> go, go, go.
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>> sean: police in the cities run by democrats for decades and blue states run by the democrats for decades, they are facing these type of the horrible situations every day. kamala harris, joe biden redirect funds defund the police. the police become the enemy. oh, the bolshevik bernie manifesto, no bail. that hasn't worked well in new york. 99.9% of our law enforcement officers are there, they do this job. it's their calling in life. they want to protect and serve. they are willing to put lives at risk, you know, like the 9/11 caps and the cops that walked across the ball field the day that steve scalise was shot up. they do it day after day, week after week. the 99% with honor, professionalism, bravery. for many on the left, none of that matters. they will get if your grill. they will get in your face. rocks, bricks bottles. molltive cocktails. canes, hockey sticks, knives and guns. they stimly want to burn --
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simply want to burn the system to the ground as a cnn commentator made comments this week. more coming up later in the show. first, the latest, turn to the likely nomination of judge amy coney barrett. joining us with that on the ground, though, first in louisville is our own mike mike tobin. mike, what is going on there tonight? >> mike: something they do, they chant "no justice, no peace." implemented a technique they started last year, repeating what they did last night. they have gone here to the cavalry episcopal church in the parking lot in between that and the first unitarian church. i can show you what they are doing. what they are doing now as we have gone past the curfew time, they are seeking sanctuary in the parking lot of the church. in reality what they are doing is creating a dynamic where the police show up here and start enforcing the curfew. it will create a lot of the bad visuals and a lot of bad p.r. for the police. the way it worked out last night, police surrounded the whole block. they kept them here and negotiatenegotiated with policeo
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represented the demonstrators. ultimately allowed them to leave along a few prescribed routes and disperse after the protest after without being arrested. but there were a few arrests last night. the demonstrators were told to stick to the sidewalks. they didn't. the demonstration was declared unlawful. police showed up in riot gear. light riot gear, i call it. batons at the ready. riot shields, things of that nature. a couple of flash cam bangs. two said according to the police. they were used to disperse the crowd. effective in the short term. the crowd did disperse and the numbers went down. then they gathered up and they started marching again. went to jefferson square where a lot of the demonstrations were headquartered. started marching again. now five or ten minutes past the curfew they have gathered in the parking lot. we will see how it develops tonight. the number right now is about 150, sean. >> sean: all right. mike tobin. we'll go back to you throughout the evening. thank you for being on the
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ground for us. joining us now he is on the ground in new york city. specifically marching with the protesters on the brooklyn bridge. our own lawrence jones. 2020 political correspondent, investigative reporter. l.j., we have given you easier assignments. it's not easy out there. >> good evening, sean. it's mostly peaceful. we reason on the brooklyn bridge. protesters are sitting down. half a mile ago before they got on the bridge, the organizers told protesters if you go to the left you will be prepared to be arrested. if you go to the right, that is the pedestrian way and you will be safe on that side. protesters that are sitting down here, they say they are here for breonna taylor and they are prepared to be arrested. right now as you can see, sean, they are sitting in the middle of the bridge right now. we don't know what will happen but we will stay here and give you the latest. we have been in contact with the police sources to see what is going on, on their side of the story. we will give you the latest and continue to follow with
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them for the rest of the night. >> sean: if any of them all arrested the new york has the all new no bail policy. that i will be back on the street and they can rejoin the effort. can't they? >> that is correct. part of the new bail reform efforts from the d.a.'s office and from the attorney general. if they are arrested tonight they will probably make bail. >> sean: lawrence jones on the ground. be safe for us. thank you. we'll be monitoring throughout the evening. if anything breaks we will come to it. we turn now to the impending supreme court nomination. we start with a little background on judge amy coney barrett. she is the mother of seven. including two adopted children from the country of haiti. she is a practicing catholic. just like joe biden and nancy pelosi. she has embarked on a successful and impressive career as an attorney. as a professor. and as a judge. if confirmed, she will be the youngest person on the bench. she will be the fifth woman ever to serve on the
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u.s. supreme court. judge barrett is known as a texualist. one who values the meaning of the u.s. constitution. that would include things like the first and the second amendment. she argued in favor of gun rights as is in the constitution. including for those who have been convicted of the nonviolent crimes. she is a strong defender of due process. and the presumption of innocence. on the issue of abortion, in spite of the lies the left will tell you, judge barrett has been described as personally pro-life but expressed doubts that roe v. wade will ever be overturned. again, she is an originalist. believes in precedent and she said so. she believes in coequal branches of government and separation of powers. she not an activist jurist. she is not trying to write or recreate settled law and she will not legislate from the bench. despite what you will hear, which will be a lot of lies predictably from democrats, judge barrett never directly
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ruled on any abortion case. she did once argue in favor of judges recusing themselves for conscience issues or religious reasons surrounding important cases like the death penalty. in other words, issues of conscience. i thought it mattered to people on the left. judge barrett is extraordinarily well qualified. she is extremely smart. educated with a lot of experience. extremely impressive individual. professional on every level. she is a constitutionalist. that means the left will and is already vilifying her. now they want you to believe and they will want you to believe she is an extremist monster who is unfit to serve. they will lie. they will smear. they will slander. that is who they are and what they do. yahoo! news published an article that reads "this is amy coney barrett, the potential r.b.g. replacement who hates your uterus." that is a lie. they wondered if this is the beginning of the "handmade's
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tale." and under scrutiny and reuters was only one of many outlets that attempted to use the disp topian story to smear her faith. did anyone question biden's faith? no. anyone question pelosi's faith? no. nor should they. nor should anyone. that is believe them, their conscience, their church and their personal belief in god. it's non's business. it happens to be a fact they are at odds with the church doctrine on many issues but that is none of our business. newsweek published baseless attack against judge barrett so did other so-called news organizations. the attack on judge barrett's character didn't stop there. this the beginning of well, a month of hell for her and her family. take a look. >> so i think the stakes of this nomination are very clear. if it is in fact, barrett, she
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is someone who will implement donald trump's agenda across the board. >> 48-year-old amy coney barrett is a mother of seven, who has won over religious conservatives for having antiabortion views. >> but in some ways she would be the opposite of ruth bader ginsberg. she is a pretty clear opponent of abortion. that may be a key point for the president. he will want to nominate somebody who is determined to overturn roe v. wade. >> there is civil rights and labor union rights and gay rights and women's rights. the right to choose. roe v. wade could be undone by a court this extreme. >> sean: no. she says she believes in precedent. the president is talking about it right now. let's step in to newport news, virginia. >> president trump: only for the political reasons. it's not your fault. you know who's fault is it? it's china's fault. that's whose fault it is. but you know it's an amazing thing. the democrats say it's the end of a term.
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we have a lot of time left. think of this. if it were them, don't forget, we don't have to do it by the election but it would be able. a great victory. going into the election with the biggest of all victories. they say the biggest thing you can do is the appointment of judges, especially the appointment of the supreme court justices. the single biggest thing a president can do. it sets the tone of the country for 40 years, 50 years. i mean, a long time. so we are going to announce somebody great. i just watched -- the great thing about air force one, there are more televisions on that plane than any plane. they got them in every room. you open up for a closet, you want a shirt, oh, there's a television. i am watching the democrats saying how terrible it we are appointing -- we won the election. we have the right. we won the election. [applause]
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we have a lot of time. if they were in opposition they would do the same thing. maybe they would just do it more rapidly. okay? more rapidly. tomorrow i think is a big day. 5:00 tomorrow. at the white house. we'll be naming the nominee. hopefully it will be on the court for 50 years. 5-0. [applause] be on there for 50 years. the only thing i can tell you for sure it will be a woman. is that okay? [cheers] does anybody have any objections to that? >> no! >> president trump: please raise your hand. a lot of cowards out there. look at you men. there is not one man here who has the guts to raise your hand. not one. you have given the power -- given the power the radical left will pack the supreme court with extremists who will strike the words "undergod" from the pledge of allegiance
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as they did twice. i heard their "penal of "pledgee allegiance." i thought they made a mistake. i said to the first lady oh, darling, they made a mistake. then i heard it a second time. this is strange. like guys on the mueller team that clean their phones. right? 31 phones. they said oh, we made a mistake. they all made the exact same mistake. the odds of that are 1 billion to 1. right? oh, they got caught. did you see what is going on? oh, they got caught. i feel sorry -- that is a shame! yeah. they should be. i tell you. they should be. they are crooked people. they are crooked people. so they cleaned up their phones. hillary clinton took the phones and smashed them. she took 33,000 e-mails. and deleted them after
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congress requested them. i think they are looking at that, too. i think so. i think so. [applause] can you imagine, i have a friend. very smart. rich guy. made a lot of money. street wise guy. he said you have been under investigation by the thieves, and they are smart. they just warrant smar weren't n they used the same method to clean the phones. that wasn't smart. 31 different phones. like what is it? 21 people. 31 phones. that's okay. that is okay. that is only illegal. but this friend of mine said, "you know, they have gone through everything. they have gone through your taxes. they have gone through your financials. they have gone through everything. you have to be the most honest guy in the world. they come up, no collusion." if they found, if they found anything, now it's a bad group of people. headed by robert mueller. bad group of people.
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who wanted the job at the f.b.i. but he lied to congress. he said he didn't say that, but he did. he did. we have all the proof. he is in the same group. but they are actually in worst shape. because at least with mueller you can say he probably didn't know what the hell he was doing. sort of like joe biden. i figure about the same. does that make sense? does anybody understood? how would you like to, you are getting a divorce or something and you say i got to be represented by bob mueller. do you think so? you saw his performance in congress, right? i want to be represented by bob mueller? no. the same thing. how can we have joe biden representing this country? you know, he is on the lid. the lid, right? the lid is when they say we will put a lid on it. so i guess it means what it's supposed -- i have no idea. it's a lid. it's an expression.
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early in the morning they say joe, joe, biden, sleepy joe, put a lid on it. sir, biden put a lid on it. what does that mean? that means he is not working today. this guy takes more days off. you have to have a president that is going to work his ass bt off in this country. you need a very energetic. how do you think he will do in the debate? good, i think. he has been doing it for 47 years. we know if he does just okay, just okay, they will say the fake news, they will say it's the single greatest debate performance in history. it was unbelievable. fa better than winston churchill in his prime. winston churchill was nothing compared to sleepy joe. so you know that. if he finishes the debate. if he finishes, which i think he will. he might even do well. but if he does well, they will say it's the greatest
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debate -- they have it already written. they have a couple of scenarios. if he does really poorly, they will say he wasn't bad. he wasn't bad. if he does modestly well like he did against bernie, they were sort of even. if he does like that, they will say it was the greatest performance in history. with your vote, i will preserve our constitution and ensure law and order. [applause] joe biden is weak. he surrendered his party to the flag-burners, the rioters, the antipolice anarchists, the radicals. all these guys running around, these democrat-run cities and states. look at it. ten out of ten. we could fix up portland so fast. they have to invite us. i want to be invited in to that one. we would fix that one like we did minneapolis. we would fix that up in less than a half an hour. remember, minneapolis. they were -- i mean the
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problem is they invited us in two weeks. by the time they invited, there were a lot of flames behind them. remember the reporter standing there. "this is a peaceful protest." behind him you have blocks and it look 8 like berlin during the war. didn't it? it's the craziest thing. "this is a peaceful performance." we said this is a peaceful protest. we don't call these rallies anymore. because in dem states like where you have a governor who is a democrat, you are not allowed to go to church. you are not allowed to go to a restaurant. you are not allowed to go to your friend's house. you can't move from your house unless you are related to the governor. then you can do whatever the hell you want. you can't do anything. you can't do anything. unless, of course, it's a peaceful protest. okay? so what we do is we call these peaceful protests. we are getting big crowds.
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25,000, 30,000, 35,000. there is more enthusiasm now than there was four years ago because we have done a good job. right? there is more now. [cheers & applause] now we have more enthusiasm now than we did. you know, it's interesting. don't forget four years ago. i did a nice job. i was successful. i had a great television show. "the apprentice." it was great. people got to know me a little bit. i said let me run from the time, the first hour we came down the escalator. the first lady and i down the escalator. her with a white dress. it's a famous escalator. people take pictures of it. we came down. in first place. i never left center stage. right? that is based on the poll numbers. if you are the number one poller. i said look, i want an odd number. i don't want an everyone number. what are you talking about? because that means two people are in center and that is not
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fair. i want an odd number. we were in center stage. we have done a good job. i came and i said i was going to cut your taxes. we gave you the biggest tax decrease in history. right? [applause] i said i was going to cut regulations and we were going to have an incredible economy. regulations were probably even more important than the tax cuts. okay? if you want to know the truth. you ask the business people, the great ones. they will tell you if they have a choice they will take the regulation cuts. we still have a ways to go with that. but we did that. we rebuilt the military. we added space force. what we have done is far more, far more right to try. how about right to try? i never talked about that. i never talked about it. we knocked out 100% of the isis caliphate, right? [applause] we achieved energy independence. we have done it while protecting our very pristine
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environment. by the way. and earlier this month, oh, you'll be so happy. virginia and north carolina. c'mon. north carolina. you will be so happy. you will be cheering like crazy because i think you like this. but about a month ago i signed an order prohibiting offshore drilling on the florida-georgia-south carolina coast. right? right? [applause] and because i happen to like this state a lot i said what about virginia? what about north carolina? somebody said, "i don't know. i don't know if they like it." i said i think they like it so i'm extending the moratorium to north carolina and virginia. okay? [cheers & applause] if you want oil rigs out there, let me know. we'll take that off. i can understand that, too. i think you want it. so we are extending it to virginia. we are extending it to north
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carolina, up the coast. we are not going to have any problems like can be had. all right? i think you like that. if you don't like it, let me know. i can change things very easily. we built the greatest economy in the history of the world and now we are quickly doing it again. i did all of these things. in doing all of these things you said the second time well, now, this is actually a much easier campaign in a way. the only problem is i've been tarred with this horrible witch hunt for four years. i didn't do it! so think of it. what would my numbers be, if i didn't go through almost four years of a russian witch hunt -- >> sean: we'll check back in with the president and his rally in newport news, virginia. we have a lot of breaking news this friday night. back to the issue of amy coney barrett. we expect the announcement at 5:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. the president mentioned and confirmed at the white house.
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we need to remind people of something very, very important. it's called our constitution. article vi, clause 3. it reads "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the united states." of course, the democrats don't seem to care about the constitution, do they? as the president was just discussing. you need to hear dianne feinstein and her vicious attack against judge barrett and her faith in the circuit court of appeals confirmation she had a few short years ago. listen. >> i think whatever a religion is, it has its own dogma. the law is totally different. and i think in your case, professor, when we read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is the dogma lives
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loudly within you. and that is of concern. >> sean: what about joe biden's dogma? radicalism. his bolshevik bernie and biden manifesto? what about nancy pelosi's extremism? we can impeach the president every day of the week. what you saw there, we saw that a preview of coming attractions. buckle up. the democrats about to drag the country once again through hell. here to way in on the process is the arkansas senator tom cotton. senator, we know it's coming. we just went through it with justice kavanaugh. seems like yesterday. what they did to judge bork, the smears, the lies, the slander. what they did to clarence thomas was beyond repulsive. senator, can you hear me? i don't think senator cotton -- >> yes, sean. >> sean: go ahead, sir.
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>> i don't want to get ahead of the president. he nominates and we provided a vice and consent. if your reportin reporting repo, then i'm thrille thrilled with . judge barrett is outstanding judge in the last three years on the court of appeals. shet went through a tough confirmation hearing where the democrats attacked her for her faith which is a pattern of the democrats attacking judges for their faith. whether it's dianne feinstein saying the dogma lives loudly within her or kamala harris attacking another nominee for belonging to the knights of columbus. you saw what they did to brett kavanaugh. i imagine it will be worse for judge barrett. i know she will stand up with resolve and she is going to make the american people proud. not only over the next few weeks for her confirmation for the years of service she has her on supreme court. >> sean: do you expect it will happen before the
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election? the timetable lindsey graham laid out is before the election. >> i see no reason why we wouldn't. the senate confirmed justices in that amount of time before. remember, we just confirmed judge barrett fewer than three years ago. so there is not that much more to review. she has written a few dozen opinions. i have reviewed them all and any other senator can do that as well. she has been fully vetted. we had the vote three years ago to the court of appeals. bipartisan vote with democrats supporting her as well. i believe we will move forward without delay. i think the confirmation will be prompt and happen next month. >> sean: nobody did that to elena kagan or justice steven sa sotomayor or ginsberg. for the quick take, author of "guilt by association." and gregg jarrett is with us. i don't think you had a
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problem with justice sotloff or ginsberg or breyer. professoprofessor dershowitz, it think of a nominee that they treated the democrat nominees the way they treat the republican nominees. >> i hope they don't impose a religious test on judge barrett. that would be clearly unconstitutional. a person's faith shouldn't be called dogma. >> sean: amen. >> it should be called faith and believe in god. they can't really probe her personal church attendance, where she goes. what they can ask her is whether or not her views on abortion will in any way influence her decisions. and justice scalia wrote about that. she has written about it. when do you recuse yourself? if you have to render a decision that violates your deeply-held faith, do you have to recuse yourself? i hope that is the level of the conversation that we have.
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serious, academic conversation. >> sean: by the way, professor, she has already answered that question. >> but she will be asked it again and she will be probed. i have to tell you the democrats will make a mistake. if they keep senator feinstein as asking the questions. what the democrats should do if they are smart is hire a really good liberal democrat lawyer to conduct the investigation at a high level in which she can be pressed on some of the answers. that is fair. none of this in the gutter stuff. none of this kavanaugh stuff. that has to be ruled out. >> sean: professor, after what they did to kavanaugh count me in the pessimistic column on that part. >> i am, too. but i'm just aspiring. >> sean: i agree. take the high road. there are different judicial philosophies. the president is talking about joe biden. let's dip in. >> president trump: you have to have some pride. the way they treated him so badly. you can't do that. but they will destroy the
6:34 pm
suburbs. i keep hearing about suburbans women, like you, right? suburban women. i just ended a regulation that would have allowed projects in your -- do you mind having a project next to your house? you live in a beautiful house, right? happy married, beautiful kids. everything is perfect. the american dream, right? do you mind having a project built next door? she said she minds. you know who minds? everybody minds. i just don't think anybody knows we did this. i don't. i don't think anybody knows. they will change the zoning that allows them to build projects in the suburbs. so the guys came to me. "i want to end that." sir we are all set. we are going to bring it back. i didn't say bring it back. i want it ended. they said that is not so easy. i want it ended. i don't want it. i don't want it. we terminated it so you can live happily ever after if you vote for trump. if you don't vote for trump, forget it.
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you know who is in charge of it? cory booker. senator cory booker. he is another beauty. he was -- if you really take it. you had elizabeth warren, cory booker and kamala. if you pronounce it wrong, she goes crazy. like a comma. she is like a comma. by the way, nobody treated sleepy joe worse than his vice presidential pick. i brilliantly said he will never pick kamala because he got treated, he got called a racist. he got called xenophobic. he didn't know what that meant. obviously he wouldn't -- but he picked her? i couldn't believe it. that's okay. we like mike pence. we like mike pence. she is rated further left than bernie sanders. i thought he was the most left -- he is not even in the party. he is like an independent. nobody ever used to say that but he is like an independent.
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but she is rated further left than crazy bernie. this is what you want? i don't think so. just so you understand. then she calls it the harris administration. along with -- just like you name a movie. the producing credits. "in the harris administration, along with president biden." no, no. he is heading up the ticket. but then he said the same thing. he put her name first. i have never done that. i love mike. but i never said, "mike pence and donald trump." i said, "trump." you have to know that. you are the president. he doesn't know that he is in first position. he doesn't know it. he doesn't know it. he forgot. he forgot. hey, look. you are entitled to a mistake ever once in a while. it was strange they did it almost in the same hour, right? one on top of another. give free healthcare. they want to give free healthcare to illegal aliens.
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and indoctrinate your children with poisonous anti-american lies in school. we don't like that. to combat the toxic left -- you see what it is. it's toxic. left wing propaganda in our schools. i announced last week we are launching a new pro-american lesson plan for students. the 1776 commission. >> sean: we'll come back to the president. but we have a ton of breaking news. we want to get final comments. we heard from professor dershowitz. now we want to hear from gregg jarrett. what can we expect. 29 times as you know, gregg jarrett, sitting presidents have had vacancies on the supreme court. all 29 times the presidents have filled those seats. when the president of one party has the majority of the senate, the same party. 17 of those 19 vacancies were filled. when it is the senate majority of another party, only one of the ten were filled in that case.
6:38 pm
so, it shouldn't surprise anybody that this is the precedence we'll hear so much about in the days to come. >> absolutely. in fact, six u.s. presidents actually appointed supreme court nominees, sean, after they lost the re-election bid and before their successor, the winner, took office. so the president has ever constitutional right to do what he is doing. so does the u.s. senate. having picked a woman, i think, you know, donald trump has insulated the nominee from the kavanaugh-like smears that took place over sexual assault. but make no mistake about it. if it's amy coney barrett, she will be attacked on everything from immigration to abortion. especially her religion. i was happy to see former senator joe lieberman say attacking someone's faith as a nominee is really un-american.
6:39 pm
it's not only that. it's unconstitutional. as you point out, violation of the article vi of the u.s. constitution. not that dianne feinstein who is not a lawyer has ever read the constitution. if she did, she didn't comprehend it. it will be an attack on amy coney barrett. but she is the kind of person articulate and poised and intelligent who can well handle it. >> sean: all right. professor dershowitz -- >> we need a serious confirmation process. >> sean: i hope you are right. i know you would do it seriously. you and i have different judicial philosophies. i'm more in the camp of scalia and thomas. interesting how scalia, thomas, and ruth bader ginsberg got along famously with such ideological differences. you and i have many -- >> you got along with scalia very well. we have to get along. we have to -- yep. we have to have reasonable arguments and debates.
6:40 pm
there are good questions to be asked. but not about religion. they did it to brandice and tried to keep him off the court because he was jewish. hopefully those days are in the past forever. >> sean: it didn't sound like dianne feinstein the last time. from your lips, professor. we agree on that. you are coming around. i have influenced you over the years. this is not helping you with the martha vineyard crowd. i know that. thank you for being with us. >> no, no. >> sean: we have other news. the president is introducing local officials now. we will get back to his speech. but it's clear that he is following through on the commitment to empower african-american communities. the president unveiling a whopping $500 billion plan for black america. this offers new programs for the african-american entrepreneurs. promises to secure more lending for african-american owned businesses and designate hate groups like the k.k.k.,
6:41 pm
antifa, depending on your presentation, as a terrorist organization. both of them. sadly, the so-called activists on the left care more about scoring chief political points and dividing the country than improving circumstances for the forgotten man and the forgotten women across the country. earlier today for example, you know, look at the woman's march cofounder. remember we talked about her? tamika mallory went on a vile tirade against the kentucky african-american attorney general. one of the many vile attacks he has taken on this week. watch this. >> i thought about him saying he's a black man. i thought about the ships that went to fort monroe and jamestown with our people on them over 400 years ago. and how there were also black men on those ships that were responsible for bringing our people over here. daniel cameron is no different than the sellout [bleep] that sold our people in to slavery.
6:42 pm
>> sean: love from the peaceful left. now thankfully other prominent african-american figures are standing understood and speaking out, calling out the new extreme left antipolice agenda. let's listen to the nba legend charles barkley last night. he couldn't be more right. take a watch. >> you know who ain't going to defund the cops? white neighborhoods and rich neighborhoods. so that notion they keep saying that. wait a minute. who are black people supposed to call? gusghostbusters? if we have crime in the neighborhood. we need police reform. white people, rich white people will always call the cop. stop the defund for or abolish the cops crap. >> sean: police reform wasn't barack obama or joe biden or the person that ended chokeholds. it's police reform under donald trump. criminal justice reform to end disparate sentencing among the races. that was donald trump, too.
6:43 pm
opportunity zones. that wasn't barack obama or joe. it was donald trump. opportunity zones, donald trump. record low unemployment for every minority group in the country was, too, donald trump and not barrack and not joe. 4,000 homicides in the eight years barack obama and joe biden were president and vice president. 4,000 homicides in barack's home city. nearly 20,000 people shot in the eight-year period. we are action to this, the former n.y.p.d. commission. bernie kerick. leo, you are asitia rights attorney. you see despicable attacks against the attorney general of kentucky. he presented that jury with every possible option including capital murder. in other words the death penalty. the jury was given the evidence. you need nine of 12 jurors.
6:44 pm
the defense doesn't put on any case before a grand jury. to get an indictment you need nine of 12. if you can't get nine of 12 for a charge, you won't get 12 of 12 for a conviction. are you? >> absolutely not. i'm a lawyer and i have been doing police misconduct, civil rights cases for 30 years. the attorney general got it right. i have to say this, sean. that woman who made those racist comments, could you imagine if a republican said that? she questioned daniel cameron's blackness and analogized to slavery and charles barkley is getting the blowback? the racist party is the democrats. if you don't agree with them on the blackness issue. you are thrown off the plantation. i'm glad i'm thrown off. they are not arguing about any progress. donald trump. now today, a $500 billion economic plan for black americans.
6:45 pm
calling the klan a domestic terrorist group with antifa. i would challenge any democrat to match donald trump accomplishments and say we topped this. this president is the most proactive president we have ever had. he is not trying to remedy problems. he is trying to move black people ahead of the game. and this is amazing. but the democrats all they want to do is burn the loop. donald trump wants ownership and control for the black american employment. >> sean: can we also bring up the fact that joe praised the former klansman robert k.k.k. byrd. he was against the voting rights act and partnered in the late '70s to stop integration of public schools because he said he didn't want his kids growing up in schools -- >> racial jungle. >> sean: racial jungles. bernie, we will get to you. the president is talking about biden and the deep state. >> i felt he was bad. now he is great to me. hey, would you rather have a
6:46 pm
nice guy who doesn't do anything or a horrible human being like trump that gets it done? they all say i'd rather have the horrible human. i'm not a horrible human. i'm a nice guy. i get very offended when they say well, maybe people don't like him but he gets everything done. i think people like me. but i do get it done. [applause] i've done more than any administration ever in three and a half years. first three and a half years. >> we want trump! we want trump! we want trump! we want trump! [chanting "we want trump"] >> sean: i will tel >> president trump: that is so nice. first you talk about the seating. don't worry about it. the justice will get her seat. don't worry about that. that is nice. but you know they say these people said they have never heard a political campaign where a big audience says, "we
6:47 pm
love trump" or the candidate. i have never heard it. i never heard it. that is true. i never heard it for ronald reagan and i like ronald reagan. but i never heard it. they have never heard it. nobody has ever heard it. who says that? i love you, too. i really do. i do. [applause] we are getting it done. you know they never heard that chant. i've never heard it. it started about two weeks ago. never heard it even before. but again, before -- >> [chanting "we love trump"] >> sean: i want to thank you. >> president trump: i want to thank you. it's really nice. we have to go out and we have to really work hard and we have to watch the ballot scam. they are scamming us. okay? they are scamming us. they say he doesn't want to turn over government. of course i do. but it has to be a fair election. see, that is another scam.
6:48 pm
they don't mention anything about ballots. i say got to be a fair election. when they are losing ballots all over the place. when they are losing ballots that just happen to be trump ballots. you know in virginia, did you hear? in a very democrat area they sent two ballots to thousands of people. a thousand or thousands of people. it just came out over the wires. so people in the democrat area got two ballots instead of one. they had eight ballots in a waste paper basket. military ballots that all for trump. every one was for trump. they were in a waste paper basket. they were thrown away. somebody saw them. they had many, many ballots thrown in a river some place. i don't know the state. these are just a few of them. then go back earlier. go back to the democrat primaries. go to great state. iowa. i love iowa. we are going to win iowa big. big, big, big. we won it last time by 11 points. we will win it big.
6:49 pm
with ethanol and what i have done for them and the $28 billion for the farmers. that includes you. that includes tobacco. that includes a lot of things but it includes your farmers. you go back to their primaries. go back to the primary, the iowa -- >> sean: all right. the president going offscript a lot tonight. you can tell. bernie, you see what is happening in terms of the law and order. kamala harris placed the $150 million cut to the lapd. joe biden is on record redirect funding to the police. joe biden is on record. police become the enemy. they didn't even mention the violence in american cities. we have had over 3,000 police officers just from the time this all began. we have nearly 50 dead cops this year. we had assassination attempt in l.a. it's getting worse. i don't know how a billion-dollar cut will work to the nypd. you were the commissioner. it doesn't sound good to me. >> no, it's not good, sean. nobody is talking about kamala
6:50 pm
harris purposefully, intentionally getting people to donate money to a fund that bails out rioters that were involved in arson and murder. >> sean: this is in minneapolis. >> in minneapolis. nobody is talking about joe biden having 13 or 14 of his staff members bailing people out of jail for attacking cops. i want to touch on charles barkley for one second. he was attacked because he told the truth. charles barkley, i can take his argument one step further. you know who doesn't want us to defund the police? the real leadership in the black communities. you know why? because they know if they lose the police, their violence, their murder rate, their shootings, their violent crime goes sky high. we saw it in new york city. we dropped the murder rate by 80% in the black community. we dropped violent crime by 65% under giuliani. i know how to do it. i know it can get done. the problem is you have the
6:51 pm
democratic leaders today in these cities. and in the states that just will not do the job they are supposed to do. >> sean: bernie, you can't pursue happiness if you don't have law and ordinary and safety, security. every american deserves that. >> right. >> sean: you and rudy did it. >> rudy used to say one thing to everybody. nobody wants to visit, live, work or go to school in a place where they are not safe. where mothers are putting kids to bed in bathtubs at night afraid of random gunfire. we have to stop the violence in these cities. the only way to do that is vote out the democrat leaders that are there today. >> amen. the number one obligation of every civilized society is protect the society. the extremist group and bernie is correct. they are going after the black and white officers. in louisville two officers were shot. one black, one white. these extremists don't care. they just want total chaos. democrats have been tricked.
6:52 pm
they think they are working with these guys. they are chaotic and extremists and they want to destroy the country. period. >> sean: all right. thank you, both. we will get back to the president in a moment. nancy pelosi earlier today saying that biden shouldn't even be debating. now we also have joe biden earlier today resurface video from 2016. ripping the u.s. troops calling them stupid bastards and slow. let's run that. >> you earlier suggested that biden shouldn't debate. do you still feel that way? >> i do. not that i don't think he will be excellent but the president has no fidelity to factor truth. he and his henchmen are a danger with their comments, a danger to our democracy. i don't want to give him -- why bother? >> sean: let's throw to the tape i was referring to, that biden said this in front of
6:53 pm
troops >> former vice pres. biden: like you to know -- [inaudible] i havi married jill. [inaudible] >> sean: with the reaction, nationally syndicated radio host, elder. and the former chief of staff reince priebus. look for tuesday, the debate. this is what i think is happening. joe biden, they are resetting the clock. which is why we won't see him until tuesday. they want the key, strongest cag anitive hour of the day for 9:00 -- cognitive hour of the day is 9:00 p.m. this is the "hannity" theory. no proof or evidence. this is the opinion part of the program for idiots in liberal mob.
6:54 pm
i think he is practicing. they are trying to get him to memorize five points per topic. giving him two attack lines per topic to try and bludgeon donald trump. am i wrong? >> i don't think you are wrong about the tactics at all. the expectations for joe biden now are so low. it shouldn't be. he has been in office for 47 years. but you know the president is the incumbent. there is always an extra burden on the incumbent. that is where the first debate and why it's so important. what the president has got to do is similar to what you outlined. answer the question, take half the time to auk about what his own accomplishments and then he has to throw it back and pivot, pivot back to joe biden within half of the time. so if you talk foreign policy the president has to talk about moving the capital from tel aviv to jerusalem. middle east peace.
6:55 pm
soleimani. then pivot back to isis. and pivot back to isis. pivot back to the fact that it was a mess when barack obama was in office and joe biden. and the one accomplishment they had in killing osama bin laden, biden wasn't on board. if you talk about the race, the opportunity zones and then pivoter back to the biden, the 94 crime bill. did very little for the black community. >> sean: he will have to answer -- ask the questions that joe biden never answered. he will have to do the job of everybody in this debate. while he has a chance. joe, do you regret what you said about race? do you regret saying the travel ban au was xenophobic? the president is talking about this now. >> president trump: we'll have three supreme court
6:56 pm
judges. their minds are blowing. their minds. you have had many presidents that never had one. we have three. that is a record. of all people to get three supreme court justices in one administration, in one term. they are going crazy. they are saying, "darling, tell me this is not happening." but you will see it tomorrow at 5:00. with the help of the incredible workers of newport news, norfolk naval shipyard, we will build 355. we are going to have a navy again of 355 ships. that is what we need. that has been depleted. they are already being built. we have a few big ones. beauties being built. including aircraft carriers. biden will slash -- >> sean: by the way, obviously a big issue of building ships in newport news.
6:57 pm
quickly, larry, i like your take. you are a talk show host and you debate for a living. what would you tell the president in -- he's not notoriously -- i argue the rallies are preparing him. he knows the subject matter like the back of his hand. what most people don't know probably 70% of the speeches is ad libbed. that is not from the teleprompter. it's the hardest job working on this show or on his campaign. but what do you advise him on the debates? larry elder, you are a good debater. >> well, if i were advising president trump i would tell him that joe biden's support is black support. if he loses black support, he is done. concentrate on the lies that biden has told to get the black support. he lied and said naacp endorsed him in his campaigns. they endorsed him in zero. he lied and said he was arrested trying to visit nelson mandela. he did not. for 30 years he talks about thesive rights record saying he has gone to black churches to organize protest against
6:58 pm
the segregationists in movie theaters, there is zero evidence he has done this. lying for decades about the civil rights record. he got a pass. a lot of black people watch cnn and msnb-hee-haw are aware of the laws. >> sean: polls show he set low unemployment for demographic and biden and obama didn't do that. didn't set up the opportunity zones or the big announcement today. the polls show that the president dramatically increased support among the hispanic and the african-americans. will it translate to votes? >> you are talking to me, absolutely. the number one issue facing the inner city are the decline in the quality of the public schools. 13 high schools in baltimore. zero percent of the kids are math proficient. another 1% is.
6:59 pm
trump and devos want to give choice. who doesn't want the choice is white kids in a suburb who wouldn't put their kids in inner city school on a bet. >> sean: we will give the final 30 seconds to reince priebus. last word. >> i couldn't agree more with what larry and you said. president has to be on the attack, detailed and stern. he has to put joe biden on his heels. be presidential. but exactly what larry elder just said. detailed on the attack. ask the tough questions. as you just outlined. i think that will make a big difference on tuesday night. i don't think joe biden will be able to handle it. i think president trump will have to be detailed and on the attack, pivoting back to joe biden every time. >> sean: good advice from both of you. thank you both. all right. this hour flies by. all right. thank you so much for being with us. unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. it will be a busy weekend. 5:00 eastern tomorrow the fox
7:00 pm
news channel will carry the president's announcement believed to be amy coney barrett. live, free or die. america, the world on the brink. if you don't have a copy, 40% off 36 days and you are the ultimate -- >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from a busy washington tonight. governor ron desantis just lifted all covid restrictions in the state of florida. he will be here on the angle in minutes to tell us why. and the pick is in. tomorrow afternoon president trump will nominate seventh circuit judge amy coney barrett to the supreme court. we will have full reaction ahead. but first, let's get back to the president's rally in newport news, virginia. virginia is tightening as are so many states across the country. if trump won virginia, well, i can tell you this. it would be a trump landslide.