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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  September 27, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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giving us the time to come here at the beautiful department of state. i almost never come to washington d.c. now that's two shows in a row. the white house and department of state. thank you and keep yo up the good work. >> thank you for the opportunity to be with you today. mark: see you next time on life, liberty and levin. >> see breaking tonight, hit job on president trump and his tax return. this latest was orchestrated by the new york times, cnn. the establishment handed the election to donald trump. more on that straight ahead. evening and welcome to "the next revolution". i'm steve hilton. pro-work, pro-family , pro-community, and especially pro-america tonight the supreme court is our main focus. senator marshall blackburn joining us along with matt gates and lisa booth.
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cory will be here with an inside look ahead at the big debate. we couldn't let this week go by without a biden swamp watch after that report on hunter. but as we watch this latest establishment attempt to take down the president you chose and they hate, i just wanted to start with a quick word to chuck todd and joe scarborough and rachel maddow and the editor of the new york times and jeffrey goldberg at the atlantic, especially jeffrey goldberg at the atlantic, but frankly every member of the crazed anti- trump establishment state media. what are you doing? isn't our country divided enough. why are you making it worse? i've watched this week as you've riled up your base with hysterical conspiracy theories about a trump coup and the end of our democracy. it's ridiculous.
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the president's term legally ends next january. if there's no clear winner by then your friend nancy closely will be the president. you know that. when the president talks about not accepting the results, he is simply reserving the right to challenge dubious outcomes in the courts. exactly what the democrats are doing led by this man mark elias, you know that. it was hillary who said joe biden shouldn't concede even if he loses. you know that. it's the democrats misguided push to mask mail and noting that means were in for election chaos. you know that and it's democrat losses in michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania and elsewhere that are making it worse by trying to extend deadlines. you know that too. last week i said everyone with the public platform and i included all of us that this network has a responsibility to lower the temperature. instead with all this nut job
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fear mongering you're raising the temperature to boiling point. i know you want the clicks and the likes in the retweets, we all have those temptations, but just for the next few months, for the sake of the country, our society, our sanity, can you resist? impending election chaos is a huge concern but talk about the real problem, states not being prepared, rules being made up on the fly bipartisan judges. there are big important interesting issues at stake in the election. the direction of our economy, immigration policy, china, energy and the environment, racial justice, rising crime. talk about the policy choices. the things that affect the lives of your audience, not this reckless cynical pandering to your base with wall-to-wall anti- trump gossip and arranged, divisive fantasies. not one person in america is
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affected by this tax return hit shop put together by biden aids masquerading as journalists. but i think it will affect the election, just not the way they hope. watching the trump hating crowd on cnn and msnbc frothing at the mouth with hysteria and vitriol tonight. crystallized the central argument in this election. in 2016, the voters told the establishment they've had enough of their failure, suck up to china, endless war, screwing the workers while enriching themselves. when you see their desperation tonight to get their power back it will rally people behind this president. in 2016 the people told the establishment they wanted change. after tonight the message is clear, tell them again. right. we always try to focus on real issues here and will start with the supreme court and the president's nomination of amy comey barrett.
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there is widespread agreement across the political spectrum that judge comey is an exceptional nominee. in fact the most i persuasive endorsement actually came from this man, noah feldman, one of the liberal law professors who testified against president trump in the impeachment hearing. he writes, we have a supreme court nominee whose brilliant lawyer, a genuinely good person and when she's confirmed i will accept it. the choices we collectively and individually have made. i'm going to be confident that barrett will be good justice, maybe even a great one even if i disagree with her all the way. it's what we need in this country but sadly they're not all like feldman. here come the smears. they smear judge comey barrett catholic faith falsely claiming her communities
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inspiration for the handmade tail. even left-wing debunked that one. they smear her record with six claims that she is an enabler of sexual abuse who is weapon icing predators to bring down our entire system of justice. and most disgusting of all, they smear her over the two children she adopted from haiti. it just shows that the left these days have no argument, just insults. kamala harris doesn't even seem to understand the constitution judging by her ridiculous reaction yesterday. she'd be better off trying to help her helpless running mate joe biden figure out where he stands. he told us the court should be decided by the election winner. okay, so why won't he tell us anything about his actual position. would he nominate? who's on his list? he said back in june he had a list of african-american
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women, he promised to publish it. we are still waiting mr. vice president. what are you hiding? and what are you hiding on packing the court. first you said you're against it. now you said you won't answer. we know the answer. you won't tell us who you'd nominate or whether you'd pack the court because you caved to the far left on this as in everything else but you're trying to pretend you're still a moderate. you're not a moderate. you're not left either. you're nothing but a stooge for the activists driving your party further and further to the left. follow us at steve hilton x and nextrevfnc. please share these messages when we post them. joining me now tennessee senator marsha blackburn who sits on the senate judiciary mitty. great to see you again. since we spoke last week we actually have the news of who the president will nominate. your reaction first of all to amy comey barrett as the nomine nominee.
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>> yes, i am so pleased she is the nominee. she is known for her intellect, her focus, determination, her good work ethic. she is known as being a woman of faith, of strong character, wonderful parent, and you know i love listening to your monologue steve because you're exactly right. the left is going to try to villain is her because she chooses to take her children to church every sunday, but we know the left is not going to be happy with someone of faith. they think you need to be an atheist or a secularist to serve on the federal bench. >> let's talk a little bit about those hearings in the timetable. we been hearing they are
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looking at hearing starting, i think the date was the 11th or 12th of october through the 16th. really lining things up to make it possible to have a vote on the senate floor and get judge comey barrett confirmed in becoming a justice before even the end of the month, certainly before the election. that looks quite unlikely ten days or so ago when we first heard the news there would be a big vacancy. it looks like that could happen. what's your sense of timetable? >> i fully believe it is going to happen, and we are already hard at work and are making our plans. i am one of those, i would like to see the hearings actually open a couple days before the october 12 deadline. we are going to have four days of hearings. we will have a day of opening statements. we will have a day where there are 30 minute question rounds, another where there are 20 minute question rounds, another day where outside groups will come in and speak
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and at that point will finish our working committee and vote to send her nomination to the floor for confirmation vote and i fully expect before we get to the end of the month we will be taking that vote and confirming her to the supreme court. >> i saw senator cory booker, one of your colleagues from the other side on the committee today saying that in his meetings with her he would be asking her, the specific point he raised was as he saw a conflict of interest in any election case that may happen after the election and he specifically said i'm going to ask if she will recuse herself from any case involving the 2020 election. what you make of that? what's your view on her getting involved if she is confirmed. >> you know steve, this is a great example of how the left
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tries to go after a conservative woman. he is trying to use a hypothetical and then put her in a box for a hypothetical, and then if she were not to give him a precise answer that it he is wanting, then he will begin to go on to that path of diminishment, but that is standard operating procedure for the left. i will tell you this, i do give you credit for meeting with her because i understand she would not meet with her, but what we have to realize in this is that amy comey barrett is a woman from the right side of the political spectrum. those on the left side of the political spectrum seem to think you're not fully female if you're not buying into everything they say and they think if you are pro-life,
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pro- religion, pro- military than your voice does not deserve to be heard. there is a definitely a double standard in the way the mainstream media treats women from the right and from the left so we know they are going to try to do this to her but she is of impeccable character. the president did an excellent job in selecting her and then making her announcement yesterday. our job in the senate is to provide that advice and consent, and i look forward to being able to vote for a constitutionalist to be on the supreme court. >> wonderful. senator it's been a great joy having you with us these last two weeks in these crucial moments. i hope you can come back and keep us in touch with the process as it moves forward. great to see you. >> good to see you before
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she's absolutely right about the double standard relating to women. there's a double standard on faith as well but of course they all praise joe biden's catholicism. lots of double standards. joining me now to discuss all of this, lisa booth and the author of the upcoming book firebrand, florida congressman matt gates, first of all your reactions to the presidents nomination and thoughts on the process as we move forward. >> this was a very strong rollout by the white house. the imagery and the support for the incandescent intellect of judge barrett has been across the spectrum. i was one of the members of the judiciary committee who had the responsibility of questioning noah feldman.
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he is no sympathizer to conservatives but when he talked about judge barrett he referenced how challenging it would be for democrats to take her on intellectually. i think it's interesting, camel harris will have to go a full 30 minute round with judge barrett and even liberal professor feldman said if anyone tried, they would be facing some strong headwinds. it's unfortunate this has devolved into personal attacks. she said she was embraced in white colonialism because the loving compassion and care that she shown to the members of her family from haiti and i think that shows how desperate the left is to derail her. if they derail her it will be challenging for them to fill the seat. here i think they will go for the jugular and it could really backfire because she is a remarkable candidate. lisa, your thoughts?
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>> you're already talking about the smears that judge barrett is facing but joe biden paved the way for that. the irony is he said this election is about the battle of the soul of the nation, but he has led to its erosion and if you look at his time as judiciary chairman, he oversaw and was at the helm of two of the most vile and despicable confirmation hearings we've ever seen in united states history and that's with robert bork and clarence thompson. if you look at what they did to robert bork, the washington post called it a sentence first verdict afterward. it led to the term board gang which is the obstruction of a nominee through systematic vilification of that individual. you look at what happened to clarence thomas which he had said is a high-tech lynching. that was joe biden at the helm of that character assassination. he led the way for the attack that unfortunately judge barrett is going to seek and certainly what we all witnessed happened to judge kavanaugh where you saw senate
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democrats literally accuse a father or a husband and a father of two of gang rape without a shred of evidence. >> i'm so glad you pointed that out. we will have more on joe biden's inflammatory language and hypocrisy. coming up just after the next break. very quickly, question two on healthcare because it looks like the democrats are zeroing in on that for their objection, and they want to make the affordable care act ruling that's coming up after the election, the centerpiece of their attack on this nomination. what's the best response from the republicans? >> i think we are at our best when we focused on the quality of the individual, the jurisprudence that can be impacted by reshaping the accord in a manner that will be in the in line with the values the president put on the campaign trail. he wants judge barrett to be a
9:17 pm
persuasive source whether it's healthcare or any other issue. when i think about her and her background and i think about her advocating for a blind student at notre dame when that student wasn't getting the services needed judge barrett said this isn't your problem, this is my problem so on issues like healthcare where empathy is required, i think judge barrett passes the test is someone who's willing to advocate for people strongly and will be a persuasive force on the court. steve: thank you very much. coming up as i just said joe biden is running around, stumbling around saying he is going to unite the nation and be civil and bring back decency. not quite how he talks these days. we've got the tape. we will show you,
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welcome back. joe biden says all the time he's going to heal our divided country and bring back civility, bring back decency, and then he runs around, stumbles around talking like this. >> we have four more years of trumps climate denial. how many suburbs will be
9:22 pm
burned in wildfires. how many suburban neighborhoods will have been flooded out. how many suburbs will have them blown away in super storms. the last thing we need is the equivalent of a coup. open and need to sleep. even if americans cast their vote, it would be an irreversible step toward the brink. >> you say the live long enough, keep repeating, repeating, it becomes common knowledge. before lisa you were talking earlier when he's on the judiciary committee in the senate he was just vicious in the way he handled it, so partisan. he goes around using such inflammatory rhetoric all the time. it's just unbelievable that he gets away with still claiming he's going to unite the country. >> not only that but also just questions about, you had mentioned in your monologue, the fact that he's refusing to
9:23 pm
release a list of potential supreme court nominees who he would not name and also refusing to answer if he stands behind where his party is moving toward court packing. that really gets to the question of trust about joe biden because part of the reason why then candidate trump won in 2016 was because he did release a name. it showed leadership and gain the trust of conservatives who believed he'd follow through but joe biden is not doing it because he doesn't have the guts and he's worried about alienating people because we don't know what that list of names would look like. he purports to be a moderate but this is a guy who picks kamala harris who's the most liberal senator in 2019, this is a guy who works with bernie sanders in aoc on the climate plan, but he won't release the names. why is he hiding. why won't he release the name. it really gets to the issue of trust and just a lack of leadership and a lack of backbone. >> exactly right. that's a central point. he's just, it shows his
9:24 pm
weakness. this is what i was thinking when i watched him talk like that and as lisa said, when he won't do him he says the election has to be the place where we decide on the supreme court yet he won't give us information about how to make that decision, and then when he talks like this, i just think he's so weak. obviously he's got these kids around them who are writing me speeches. i used to do that job. i know what it's like. you've got people with good judgment, the actual candidate who says i'm sorry that's a bit too much. i can't say that. it's too inflammatory. but he doesn't have any ability to stand up. he just recites this inflammatory nonsense. he won't put out his list, he's just week. >> the only thing joe biden's been able to unite is the left with the far left and the reason the woke tokens are willing to go on with the biden candidacy is because they're pretty certain it will be the weekend at bernie's presidency where there will be able to rollover with the types of individuals on this
9:25 pm
whole california democratic machine that has propped up camera harris for her entire career. it's restrictive to see how he speaking only think of the debates coming up. i don't want to see these presidential debates just evolving into two people in their 70s accusing people i'm blaming people for the worst parts of the status quo. president trump is at his best when he talks about the better lives that americans can lead as a consequence of the policies we put in place with rising wages in the greater sense of economic nationalism and a love of country. i think vision will cut through this type of divisive rhetoric that we've seen from biden that's quite obviously written and produced and directed by others. my worry is that we could lose the country and joe biden might not even notice. >> exactly right. i think that so right. i really agree with you about the right approach for the president. i think last week we were talking about his ebc town hall and he was just
9:26 pm
impressive because he was calm and on top of the facts and talked about policy and things that actually affect people's lives and when he's on that territory he wins because actually the results of his presidency on the economy and so on have been so strong and he has a clear plan for the future which he is open about and tells us what he's going to do unlike joe biden. coming up, kristin solstice anderson will be here on how (vo) what kind of value are you looking for with your next new vehicle? with subaru, you get kelley blue book's 2020 best resale value brand, 2020 lowest 5-year cost to own brand,
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welcome back. joining us now to update us on the state of the race, kristin solstice anderson. big news yesterday in terms of the supreme court, i've got a couple questions on that and how you think it might affect the race. first of all, let's just take the republican argument, i've heard a lot of people say with this nomination it could help the president and republicans in certain senate seats, races because you'll have certain republican voters, i don't want to use establishment republican voters but republican voters traditionally and they really like this nominee so they may come back into the fold come november. what do you make about. i've been calling them wobbly
9:31 pm
republicans so to the republicans who voted for romney in 2012 but maybe they're not in love with president tom, i think something like the supreme court really fuses the fate of president trump with the fate of senate republicans further down the ballot which, if you are a republican and a red state that's great news. someone who's been pulling below president trump in your state this may remind the wobbly republicans this is why we fight, this is why you need to send him to a republican senate. i've seen a lot of democrats actually excited about this. they've got a very clear messaging strategy. i've noticed over the weekend healthcare, healthcare, healthcare come about all they're talking about, and they're basically saying, think you president trump, you've now given us this massive gift. the closing argument for the election is you're going to be
9:32 pm
taking away healthcare for millions of americans. what you make of that? >> it certainly the case that the affordable care act went from being politically unpopular, very bad for democrats during obama's presidency, really fueled some big midterm victories for republicans to being something that was helpful for democrats in the last midterm come in 2018 most democratic ads on television were about the affordable care act and pre-existing conditions rather than being about president trump himself. it was definitely a tougher issue for republicans in this environment, however, i think this is also because democrats don't have a lot of other things they feel safe going after amy comey barrett on. the personal sort of attacks going after her religion, going after her family come you see that online, senate democrats have yet to take up that mantle there is a risk if they do they will wind up doing what happened with kavanaugh two years ago which is that it really fired up conservatives. they felt very upset about the way that was handled and it ultimate lee moved to
9:33 pm
republicans benefit. i imagine senate democrats would love to avoid that debacle although they may also being advised by staff who are very online and seeing these arguments. >> that such an important point in how the dynamics work. quick last question come this tax return it job as i called it, i don't want to dignify it by calling it a story because i think it seems so orchestrated to lineup, but what you think. will that affect the election anyway? >> if donald trump is running for president for the first time, maybe because a big part of his argument was he's a successful businessman and that doesn't necessarily square with the reports that you've lost money every year for x number of years. however, i think part of that argument was vote for me, i'll be big good on the economy because my is nice record. now it's less important what his business record was whether you like or don't like the president as an economy we
9:34 pm
had, his business record is somewhat less material. i think there is some risk because there may be a lot of americans who go wait a minute, i paid more than $750 in taxes last year who are personally upset to hear that but i do think it has less of an effect because people are already judging his economic record on his own numbers rather than a hypothetical thing. steve: i think that's all right. people's real experience, when it comes to the economy there increase in income and reduction in taxes things to the president's policies, i think that's going to be the quencher. very smart point. thank you kristen. we will see you next week. lisa and matt are back after the break. don't go away.
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welcome back. were back with lisa booth and matt gates who has a new book out firebrand. dispatches from the front line of the maga revolution. i'm afraid it's not arriving till tuesday. your team tried to send me one but that didn't get here either. probably the shutdown in california, gavin newsom shut down so i haven't read the book. our audience knows you very well from being on the show as our regular guest. what's in the book.
9:40 pm
the corruption of washington d.c. where committee assignments and leadership positions are bought and sold for money. it's one of them reasons why i'm the only republican in congress who doesn't accept pac contributions, but i want to define the next generation of populist conservative ideas. that means focusing on china and not trying to build democracies out of blood and sand and arab militias in the middle east, standing against cancel culture and big tech and realigning under the opportunity we have to put the american people first. when donald trump is no longer president four years from now, i'm not going back to the romney's or the bush or the chinese, i think we have to go forward, and that means ensuring that we put our people first so we don't invade everywhere, we don't invite everyone to cross our borders illegally and we don't impoverish every town in our great country with trade deals that benefit multinational corporations at the expense of
9:41 pm
our people. that's my argument. i hope people check it out in the book. >> i agree. i bought it and you should too would be my message, but lisa, what's interesting is that conversation about the future of the republican party, the word aberration is used a lot in connection with donald trump. i think what the congressman has just laid out, and he's part of this change, donald trump has really changed the trajectory intellectually of the republican party. >> i just want to say i'm a little offended that the congress men didn't send me a signed book. [laughter] just making sure but look, you're actually right. i think he's also just changed governing as a president as well. even just looking at the facts on his approach to dealmaking. the arab israel deals have
9:42 pm
happened under his administration in a matter of months. look at the fact of normalizing relations with serbia, company savo, getting them done with overwhelming support, dangling tariffs in front of them, just really a smart and outstanding approach. i think the realignment is permanent and much more permanent if he wins again, which i think he will come in 2020. i think we saw that on full display. if you watch the dnc convention it was a convention for the hollywood types, the progressives like aoc and bernie sanders and if you look at the rnc convention it was every day americans who are doing extraordinary things. it was the hard-working americans and i think we'll
9:43 pm
see that reflected again in 2020 because i think he'll do exceptionally well with white working-class voters and exceptionally well with all working-class voters. you look at the fact that his numbers are up among hispanics and african-americans, joe biden's are down in comparison to 2016 so donald trump is really a big ten president, someone who's reached out to all americans by trying to make the economy better for everyone and we saw that reflected certainly before obed, clearly coven has made it a little difficult but he will get it back if he wins reelection writing joe biden just really doesn't have a clue. >> very quickly, go on. >> it's not just a policy realignment. i also think there's a difference in style. donald trump has created opportunity for public servants like me to it be a little more open, a little more visceral and direct about our likes and dislikes and were willing to accept may be human beings who are imperfect
9:44 pm
if we provide bold leadership. i think that's what donald's trump is instilling in republican leaders, this notion that we can be bold and take on the nations big challenges, work hard to solve it and we don't have to be scared on every issues like generations past were. >> that's a very deep point and so right. it's about the substance and results. great discussion. i love that. firebrand is about. go out and buy it. matt gates is going to send a signed copy to lisa booth. there we go. coming up, it is the big debate on tuesday.
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welcome back. it's the first presidential debate of the 2020 campaign tuesday. what is present trump's game plan? let's ask someone who's been in the room with president as he prepared last time. senior advisor cory lewandowski. also the author of america first. that sounds like a pro trump book. am i right. >> i hope so, we have the most successful president this country's ever seen. what he's been able to accomplish in 47 months is more than joe biden accomplished in 47 years. we both know he deserves for
9:49 pm
more years. >> let's talk about the debate. what do you think, how should the president be approaching it as he goes into this tuesday night? >> when i prepped the president for the 15 or 16 primary debates four years ago , it wasn't the standard prep with most democrat candidates have. they go build the stage and have a person who plays their opponents. this person simply wants to have conversations. look. he's an individual who has created tens of thousands of jobs over his lifetime and over the last four years he's made a series of promises and held those promises so what were going to see is his reminder, and his reminding the american people of what he's been able to achieve in a short order and reminding them that joe biden had his chance for almost five decades in washington to fix our problems. >> one of the things that really strikes me in the
9:50 pm
occasions i've interviewed the president when i saw him in the abc town hall the other week that if you actually get him on policy, he really knows what he's talking about. he knows the details in a way i think a lot of people, if all they see is the character in the trump heating media, there really surprised when he starts talking about policy. do you agree? >> steve the media has continuously underestimated this president from the time he came down that golden x collator until today, they've always been wrong about him. look at what he's been able to do for middle east peace. his historic 26 year agreement , one hadn't been done in a quarter-century and he got it done. he's rebuilt our military. he's created jobs, he's helped the african-american community, the asian community, the hispanic community, all equally because he knows it's all votes and when it comes to deep policy issues, this is the president
9:51 pm
that got the tax cuts done and he had to force those republicans in congress for a week to come to his side and give americans relief. joe biden doesn't have that type of record to stand on. that will be on full display tuesday. >> what you make of the story. i described it at the top of the show as a hit job put together, orchestrated by the new york times, cnn, msnbc to cause a president for the presidenproblem for the president. how should he handle that. >> steve it's not surprising to you or i that dean baghdad who said he was willing to go to jail to get the tax returns releases a story on the day before the first presidential debate which is likely going to be watched by more people than ever. look. this president, as a business owner, as a person who led an application to his family and employees to pay as little taxes as possible, he took advantage of every tax system in america which every business owner tries to do, and the president said that the numbers at the new york times is reporting are wrong
9:52 pm
but he's always said he tries to pay as little taxes as possible and i think every american agrees with that conceptually. who wants to pay more taxes if they have to. and he could take it on as kristin was saying earlier, the president not only wants to pay less himself, he's actually enabled every american to pay less by cutting their taxes and joe biden wants to put them up. joe biden's tax increases are going to affect 82% of the population in america right now. if joe biden gets elected, 82% of americans will see a tax increase. if donald trump is reelected you'll continue to see a tax decrease. we've seen that in his first term and he will do more of that but there's nobody in america that things giving more money to the federal government is a good use of their tax dollars so i hope the president pays the least amount of tax possible with me and my family, i want to pay the least amount possible and i think every american does. >> there you go. a nice strong statement cory, we love it. it's great to see you. good luck with the book. thank you so much.
9:53 pm
>> thank you steve. >> coming up a swamp watch update on the biden f f f f f it's been 75 years since your ancestors served in world war two. many of their stories remain untold. find and honor the veterans in your family. their stories live on at ancestry. a livcustomizeper iquickbooks for me. okay, you're all set up. thanks! that was my business gi, this one's casual. get set up right with a live bookkeeper with intuit quickbooks. ♪ here? nah. ♪ here? nope. ♪ here. ♪ when the middle of nowhere... is somewhere.
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steve: good old swamp watch. last week the committee released its reported on hunter biden's role. will this kind of influence puddling be the form in the biden presidency? matt gaetz, this ways you are talking about. biden is the swamp. these questions about hunter biden the left dismissed as being not relevant. it's central in terms of the change people wanted to see in 2016 and want to see continue.
9:58 pm
>> eric and don trump stopped doing international business deals when their father was elected to office. hunter biden started doing international business deals when his father was elected to office. they said it was all fine but promised they wouldn't do it again. hunter biden used his father's position for his own economic gain. i think this continues to be an issue the president might harp on. it's a question you might hear in the debate tuesday. steve: when biden talks about a return to normalcy, this is the kind of thing people are worried about. >> he's part of the swamp. he has been in government for 50 years. that's how he has made money and that's how his family had made
9:59 pm
money as well. the most damning part of this senate report is joe biden didn't care and he didn't do anything. he told americans he never talked to his son about his overseas business dealing. but he went directly to joe biden with concerns that russian oligarchs would use joe biden and joe biden talked to hunter bide brand-new this. if it's not brought up in tuesday's debate via chris wallace who will ask tough questions, or president trump himself. steve: it's incredible how the media cover for this corruption by joe biden and say it's not
10:00 pm
even legitimate to ask about it. thank you for joining us. bret and martha are here with the special debate special. bret: get ready for a clash in cleveland. >> i can hardly wait to debate. we'll see who's sleepy. martha: president trump and vice president joe biden set to square off in prime time, live in battleground ohio. >> the virus was too quick for him. he froze. bret: this first 2020 debate of the general election marking round one, a potential opportunity from each candidate to


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