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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 29, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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jillian: tuesday september 2, '09, donald trump and joe biden gearing up for battle in ohio, their first presidential debate hours away. how will it look different from debate passed? todd: kamala harris in the spotlight, her role in the supreme court fight. >> performing my role and responsibility on the senate. >> harris says she's not so sure. >> reported cyberattack sitting down the nation's largest hospital chain is 9 one one emergency lines were down in several states. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪
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>> who is going to steal the show tonight? that is the question we are wondering. when you woke up this morning were you extra stoked? i can't wait. jillian: christmas eve morning. todd: we hope you are feeling the same way, you're watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. jillian: tonight is the night donald trump and joe biden set to face off in ohio for the first 2020 presidential debate. todd: griff jenkins in cleveland with a preview. >> reporter: you think you guys are stoked? i am here on the ground of the clinic, the university putting this debate on which may be the most pivotal of the election considering just 35 days to go. it is historic that it will look different from any other of the past 4 the very beginning you will see a difference because there will be no predebate handshake, not even an elbow bump, the candidates will be
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socially distant, they won't be wearing masks. there will be a live audience but solomon, 8200 individuals that will include ticketed guests with media security and health staff have chris wallace the moderator will dive into 6 topics he hopes to address and here they are, the candidates records, the supreme court, the coronavirus, the economy, race and violence in america, the integrity of the election. yesterday the president use the bully pulpit in the rose garden, to talk about his handling of the coronavirus announcing millions of tests headed to the states. listen. >> we are announcing our plan to distribute 150 million point of care tests in the coming weeks, very soon. this will be more than double the number of tests already performed and here's our plan, 50 million tests will go to protect the most vulnerable communities.
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>> reporter: biden was off the campaign trail saying he will do all in his power to make the case why trump should not be reelected. kamala harris tipping their hand to a likely line of attack over the new york times report regarding the president's taxes. >> first thing i said, did you say $750.00? i couldn't believe it? literally i thought someone left out three 0s after a, truly shocking, so unfair. >> reporter: at the end another change thanks to covid-19, no spin rooms.
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chris wallace says his goal is to remain invisible so the candidates can engage in the issues. it will be interesting too, we will be talking about it tomorrow, those in script moments that are yet to come, surprises, one thing is for sure. we will see a fiery debate with the candidates going at each other. >> we will have a full breakdown tomorrow. todd: corey lewandowski says joe biden's limited appearances and the failed strategy we've seen before. >> the playbook of hillary clinton when she took a week off the campaign trail to get ready for donald trump, she lost the debate and donald trump was outdoing 456 a day asking people for their votes, the same playbook joe biden is using. jillian: there are several ways to watch the fox news coverage on fox news channel commercial free along with fox news radio, and our fox news apps, you can live stream on our facebook page on youtube channel, chris wallace is
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moderating from 9 to 11. todd: one of the topics sure to come up is the nomination of amy coney barrett to the supreme court, barrett will be meeting with a number of republican senators, we will put those on screen to see who she is meeting with. these individuals, unless something absolutely wild happens that we are not expecting, these individuals to get more comfortable with their nominee so when they defend her in a bareknuckle hearing they can do so. jillian: there are a number of senators, democratic senators refusing to meet with amy coney barrett, let's pull them up. i will read this list that includes richard blumenthal -- blumenthal, jeff merkley, bob casey, kirsten gillibrand, they have been asked, they don't have any interest in meeting with her. chris coons who is a member of the senate judiciary committee says he is going to speak to
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her, haven't decided whether to meet with her in person or over the phone. >> we are in the middle of a pandemic, to talk with her by phone the normal process of considering a nominee but this is not normal timing. we should consider judge barrett's writings, her opinions, things she has seen as a law professor so we can way the nomination. >> you have the opportunity or this moment to be able to press her if you want, any questions you want answered, the number of democratic senators saying they are refusing to meet with her. todd: the issue then becomes how far the individual will go, we were talking about this on and off the air and the mother of 7 they might go easier on her has
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not led us to believe the case, ted cruz doesn't think so either. >> i expect the confirmation hearing to be a political circus. i expect the democratic base demand they do everything they can. we will see a corey poker's spartacus moment, we are seeing them target judge barrett's young kids which is despicable. i'm confident the senate will confirm her and do so by the end of the month. todd: what proved me wrong is over the course of the weekend people questioning her adoption of two children from haiti that suffered so much in their home country and have a great life here. that. the mind of a lot of people, that is what happens. jillian: the hearing starts october 12th. todd: a fox news alert, one of
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the largest hospital systems on line. jillian: diverting ambulances and surgeries. jackie ibanez affecting 9 one one services. >> pretty scary, one of the largest cyber attacks on a medical system, universal health services hit by a ran somewhere attack that started over the weekend. they demand payments to unblock access. 250 us facilities forcing healthcare workers to move to pen and paper, they are redirecting ambulances, surgeries to nearby hospitals, describing the issue as it problem saying in a statement we implement extensive it security protocols and working diligently with security partners to restore ic operations as quickly
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as possible, patient data does not appear to have been accessed. a 9 one one system outage affect police departments nationwide. in delaware and nevada their emergency lines went down last night. most agencies an hour ago, no word on that. jessica wants answers tweeting the one system we need to work with, to the bottom of this and what is going on. microsoft investigating an outage of 365 system which includes outlook, excel and word. microsoft said they were affected by system outbreak. and whether these are related. this came out of a movie. todd: thanks. michael flynn returns to court
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as a judge, the doj latest arguments on this case, his lawyer hopes newly released text messages, those messages reveal fbi analysts on national security adviser's case express concerns over its validity in 2017. the obtained viability in case they were sued. todd: donald trump getting his third nobel peace prize nomination from four australian law professors for his commitment to ending foreign wars and voting peace in the middle east. the second was a peace deal between serbia and co-so far. jillian: a democrat caught in a case of do as i say, not as i do. senator dianne feinstein's pandemic. todd: a writer for vanity fair slams for questioning how amy coney barrett can balance being a justice and a mom. >> it is just wrong, not a qualification of the job.
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todd: six topics on the agenda for the debate but which do americans care about the most and what do voters need to hear from each candidate. panelist for young americans for liberty kristin tate, great to have you. a fox news polls as voters say they are most concerned about, 87% unemployment, 83% coronavirus, 64% crime and violence. is biden going to go all in on covid-19 tonight? >> he probably will try. so far biden has tried to make this about personality, he will
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try to do that as well, painting trump as insensitive and offense is that this race is more than about donald trump or joe biden. this is about the future of the nation which is at a turning point and this debate will force both candidates to get specific on these critical issues. are we going to be a country of prosperity of law and order or a country of top-down government control? the supreme court is the top issue and last week biden wouldn't answer whether he supports a call within his own party to remove the filibuster and pack the court, he will need to answer that and other critical questions. this is the first time many voters see joe biden face tough questions what he would do as president. he can no longer play the game and spring it on us after the election. todd: the last question and the second topic is there a topic trump has to win on tonight?
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>> the economy. before covid-19 the economy was hot, trump has a lot to brag about the democrats tried to use the pandemic to blame trump for the recent economic, to point out is largely democrat-controlled states seeing the economy slow and businesses close because these left-wingers refused to reopen. todd: vanity fair contributing writer slamming amy coney barrett questioning how she can be a present mom and supreme court justice, the tweet reads as follows, one of the things i don't understand about amy coney barrett is how a potential supreme court justice can also be a loving present mom to 7 kids. is this like the kardashian stuffing nannies in the closet pretending they have drawn their own bath for their kids? does the left no longer think women can have it all? >> up until five minutes ago
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left-wing feminists were telling us women can have it all, big family with kids and a career but now that is ambitious and successful women who has a large family has been dominated -- the supreme court, the same left-wing feminists are telling her to go back in the kitchen simply because she does not have the correct political views. these left-wingers are only interested in empowering women of those women with affecting political views on every topic they do, hypocrisy boiling to the surface, everyone can see it. ruth bader ginsburg fought for the right for mothers to have a family and work. she was an iconic working mother. todd: it seems the average american woman working a full-time job, raising kids, doing all that doesn't want to hear some writer who doesn't know what they are experience is talking from their computer. that would be offensive to me. i don't think that is going to play well in middle america but that is why we have elections.
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appreciate your time, have a great one. jillian: 17 after the hour. who has the best plan to end the pandemic? it tonight's debate doctor mark siegel wants to hear the nominees most public health measures rather than lockdowns. he joins us live. when i started cobra kai,
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>> welcome back. at of the presidential debate. >> we are announcing our plan to distribute 115 million point of care tests, 100 million rapid point of care tests will be given to states and territories that support efforts to reopen their economies in schools
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immediately. jillian: pandemic response will be the topic tonight. doctor mark siegel joins me with points each candidate needs to make on this issue. let's start with this, the news that broke yesterday, the 150 million rapid tests to be distributed to k-12 schools, nursing homes and facilities, hospice care facilities, colleges and universities, how big is this? i am sure the president will address this tonight. >> this is a game changer that has cost $5 billion per test and get the results back in 15 minutes. if you are symptomatic or carrying the virus in your nose, that is a big factor because consider in schools not everyone is symptomatic. it is very useful to separate
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out people who might have a cold or getting ill and separate from the general poll, that could help a lot to identify cases and separate them and trace contacts before school has to closing in a nursing home it might be more important, once the case gets into a nursing home it spreads like wildfire. jillian: i'm sure we will hear the president touting this tonight, joe biden is attacking donald trump in response to this pandemic. what do you want to hear from joe biden? >> he will talk about lack of a national response. he talked about potential need for locking down the country and national mask mandates across the board. that may sound appealing but the problem is it doesn't look at the difference between regions. right now we are having a big outbreak in the midwest but the northeast is doing well, the
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west coast is doing better. that national mandate would starve our economy. you see it play out in the states, governor desantis is reopening the restaurant, in new york 90% of restaurants couldn't pay their bills in august but restaurants are not reopened in new york and governor cuomo is talking about a second look at the vaccine. that shows the difference. what i would like to see something more like how do we get everyone to comply with physical distancing, washing their hands, wearing a mask in close quarters, neither side has shown that consistently. you see rallies when no one is distancing but then protests and riots where no one is distancing. that is what we need, not or lockdown. >> lots of people, when we see a spike in numbers you referenced,
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we are seeing in some parts of the country, are we up against another potential lockdown? >> that is what i am concerned about, when democrats get in, the president is focusing on saving the struggling economy with so much loss of jobs going on for not getting medical care, tough things to do at the same time. national lockdown shown to cause an enormous problem. 27% of americans in a major study were found to be the president, that figure doesn't surprise you. national across-the-board lockdown has tremendous cost associated with it. jillian: covid-19 one of the topics tonight doctor mark siegel, thank you for that information about. todd: a new york times op-ed argues we don't need debates. will joe biden face any tough
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questions without them, the democratic nominee must show up. nancy pelosi spotted in a salon without a mask and another california democrat granted as a mass hypocrite, snapshot the dianne feinstein doesn't want you to see coming up next.
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>> joe biden will participate in the first presidential debate tonight. jillian: he will take questions on top topics after spending much of the election at home. will this help or hurt him with the election 35 days away. joining us is patrice, good to see you this morning.
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a lot of people are wondering we haven't seen him out in the past month, visiting a couple cities and states, how does this play out on the stage tonight? >> he has been in a controlled setting, had questions calibrated, what i'm looking for is personal attacks between him and donald trump, how joe biden is able to come out swimming or fade into the background, what are the sweet spot for each of these candidates. >> biden holds his arguments, like corey lewandowski, take a listen. >> what hillary clinton used four years ago when she took a week off the campaign trail, she
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lost the debate and donald trump without doing 5 or 6 rallies a day asking people to vote, the same playbook joe biden is using. todd: is corey right? >> joe biden is trying to hide, his campaign, trying to make sure he is going to remember his talking points. the challenge during a presidential debate 1-on-1 with the candidate, he hasn't gone head to head with donald trump, between the two candidates, when will do a press conference, one will respond but in real time is he able to respond to what donald trump attacks him on or put forward his message and more than that, what joe biden will we see? will the real joe biden stand up? will he be the moderator of the far left pushing forward a far left radical agenda a lot of the democratic party said they will push him on? we will see that tonight.
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jillian: this topic of conversation, the new york times says we don't need debates, trump will make a scene, what is in it for voters? what will tell us that we don't know. what will it reveal. and to destroy it, nothing to do to redeem himself. a lot of people who haven't been able to have questions answered by joe biden, people want to hear a lot from him. the other thing is 1 million people have already voted. instead of asking do we need the debate to begin with a lot of people are asking do we need them sooner, where do you fall on this conversation? >> we need debates and we need them sooner. one of the big issues is healthcare.
2:33 am
what do the candidates wants to do about healthcare? will joe biden push for medicare for all and donald trump talked about price transparency which is an important factor, what are we going to be charged for with an independent women's voice, we have the patient protection. we are asking them to take what i want to know what candidates will do for healthcare in 20 poll americans, that is one of the number one issues among, for voters other than the economy and the coronavirus. >> the line of argument, don't need debates, we didn't hear them much. enjoy the debate, appreciate your time. jillian: senator dianne feinstein's push for mandatory masks seems to stop with her. tucker carlson getting these exclusive photos of feinstein not wearing a mask at deep-sea airports.
2:34 am
the california democrat calls for airports to require face coverings and causal federal funds for states without a mask mandate. and got no response. todd: a big talker too, boston university survey calls for termination after implying amy coney barrett is a white colonizer. he posted to twitter some white colonizers adopted black children, they civilized these savages children in the superior ways of white people while using them as props in their lifelong pictures of denial while cutting the biological parents of these children out of the picture of humanity. quite a statement. the author was responding to a now deleted tweet showing barrett's sister holding the two black children, barrett has 7 children as you know including two adopted from haiti. jillian: three people have died in wildfires raging across california's one country. mandatory evacuations underway
2:35 am
as the governor declared a state of emergency in several counties. >> warning, fire activation in progress. todd: that is tough to see. more than 30,000 acres in two days. in napa valley emergency crews battling the glass fire trying to contain the flames that destroyed 36,000 acres. jillian: the latest on the weather conditions that are fueling these fires. it was devastating, some of the places i visited are demolished. you look at these images, not just wineries but families that live there. >> it is awful and so dry across the west and that is continuing the next couple days. red flag warnings stepped back a little bit, winds dying down, give firefighters an opportunity to get out there, there are areas with red flag warnings across the west but the larger
2:36 am
issues, those will linger, it will stay dry and hot. on the eastern half of the country it stays bone dry, at least for the next couple days. temperatures have started to cool off, 60s in 70s it to the extreme west coast another spot where you will be towards 90 degrees, 100 in some locations, forecast highs the 90s and in some cases triple digit so it remains very warm. some air-quality alerts, a real nightmare for folks across california. todd: it is always bad to begin with. thanks. jillian: 36 after the hour. a september surprise, donald trump's response on republican demands on how the new york times got his taxes. >> touchdown skyline, isaac
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jillian: republican calling for an investigation into the report the detailed donald trump's tax records. todd: cheryl casone, the president denies this report. >> reporter: representative kevin brady of texas wants a probe to find out the sources of the story that report on two decades of donald trump's tax records, brady hid the house ways and means committee, a crime was committed by contact data to the paper.
2:41 am
he wants an investigation and prosecution and the law was broken, the new york times reported the president paid $750 in federal income tax in 2016-17, with leverage losses to not take any taxes in the past 10 or 15 years. the president responded immediately. >> totally fake news. you will see that in my tax returns, it is under audit and they've been under audit for a long time, the irs does not treat me well. >> reporter: the president tweeted the fake news media just like election 2016 brought up my taxes and all sorts of other nonsense, illegally obtained information, i paid many million dollars in taxes but was entitled like everyone else to depreciation and tax credits. with unemployment at 20%, my second story, i want to talk
2:42 am
about the restaurant industry as a fan of new york restaurants, they held their own funeral in front of governor cuomo's office, by january 1st, '65% of restaurants said you would close, restaurants can open at 25% but dining will continue, this group wants 54% indoor capacity to survive. you have restaurant owners and how they can't make this work. this was their answer yesterday. a special touchdown for a high school football player warming the heart. >> down to the 15, 10, five, touchdown skyline. isaac mickelson's play of the game. >> isaac mickelson plays in
2:43 am
idaho. the opposing team watched and cheered, and impressive carry. >> these moments -- >> time now 43 minutes. ilhan omar under investigation accused of ballot harvesting. >> hello, jillian. enjoying the show, 17 minutes from now, tonight is the night donald trump and joe biden going head to head for the first presidential debate, look at
2:44 am
this lineup. senior advisor corey lewandowski and the president's son, anchoring coverage out of finland and lawrence jones, senator tom tillis, under the supreme court confirmation. also congresswoman liz cheney. put down the remote, in two minutes in 16. as a single mother,
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my first job is to care for derek. everything i do is for him. when i moved to this apartment after six months, we need to connect with the world. i use the internet to keep him in the language, because that's the way to connect to my family's traditions. he has to know where he comes from. we need internet essentials. there's no excuse to not get connected.
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todd: minneapolis police confirm they are looking at an alleged
2:48 am
ballot harvesting scheme tied to ilhan omar stair -- project fairness claim to captured on camera. >> first time we've seen the deed being done on tape the media says there is no evidence, there you have it. this guy was going around residential buildings pressuring people for these ballots, taking them from the elderly. jillian: carley shimkus here with more on the investigation. carley: this started with the right-wing activist group project a test that claim to show people tied with ilhan omar engaging in ballot harvesting, paying people to vote. the minneapolis police department releasing a tweet saying they are investigating this. the npd aware of allegations of and looking at the validity of
2:49 am
these statements, no further information available at this time. congresswoman omar's camp responded to the investigation saying it is a bunch of baloney, the amount of true to the story is equal to the amount donald trump paid in taxes, and the right-wing campaign to delegitimize free and fair election, this undermines our democracy. project veritas released controversial videos in the past but the police are on the case. >> making adjustments to how they operate on a daily basis because of a violent weekend. >> reporter: it was a destructive weekend in seattle. police made ten arrests, protesters set fire to things, damaged property and calling 9
2:50 am
one one, they are shifting 100 officers back to patrol duty to cut back on response time, seattle and central police chief released a statement saying if there are people going out and peacefully protesting they help to facilitate the peaceful protests but if they're coming to create mayhem, still very very controversial and violent situation in seattle. and the number one question that always comes up, why has the not yet been a wine inspired by the movie hocus-pocus? >> thank you for that marvelous introduction. and now you are mine. >> i'm urine you have
2:51 am
information on this. >> a marvelous introduction, the winemaker came out with a hocus-pocus inspired wine but the sixpack has already sold out. the sold-out wine, we've created a halloween party unless they restock. >> still ahead, putting gas in the rearview. >> we truth -- through the perfect, play the waiter, make sure the television, make sure you have a record player on at night. todd: the moment of truth, biden's debate pay off. you can expect fireworks. next.
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jillian: president trump and joe biden set to share the stage, at a distance, of course, in battleground ohio. todd: we washed biden debate during the primaries but we haven't seen a lot of him on the trail. will he be able to hold his unagainst president trump. david joining us: before we ask you questions, let's play
2:56 am
soundbites of joe biden. the good,ed bad, and the ugly. take a listen. >> if you agree with me go to joe 30330. we choose truth over facts play the radio. make sure the television -- excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night. the phone -- make surety kids hear words. >> it requires, you know, that, you know that overused phrase, you know. take -- it takes a village to raise somebody. >> joe biden has had a lot of time to prepare and get ready. which joe biden shows up tonight? >> well, that depends. is it the joe biden that got his start at delaware state university and hvcu as he now reclaimed on a video from october 2019. we laugh about the gaffes and mumbling and jump bling. but what's really dangerous is the outright i call them distortions, sometimes they are just lies that have been told for 47 years by joe biden.
2:57 am
he has been on the wrong side of the foreign policy. major foreign policy decision. you think about how he thought about reagan arms limitation. today, after 47 years. he is telling the american people how is he going to solve problems. many of which donald trump has taken on like criminal justifiable reform, tax reform. we talked about resolving issues with the federal e.p.a. overreaching into the states and farmer's ponds. an administration that has done more in 47 months to overturn mistakes and deliberate policy decisions by biden and the democrats for, well, 47 years in his case. jillian: david, let's talk about one of the specific topics that's going to be up for debate tonight that's race and violence in our cities. that's one of the six topics. take a look at the full screen. that will show you homicide rates up from 202319 to 2020. you can chicago up 52%.
2:58 am
new york city 40%. memphis 454%. new orleans 56%. i could keep going. homicide rates increased tremendously in the last year. what do you expect to hear and what do you think voters want to hear from joe biden on this topic? >> i don't know what they want to hear but i know what they need to have happen from our political leaders. look at the leadership of these cities for decades with rare exception. what is it lisp progressive policies. joe biden started out by saying he is the most progressive candidate in the race while he stood there in charlottesville and told the country he was running for president again. joe biden has not offered a solution. he was silent like the democrats on law and order as a principal vs. the disorder rioting. these are not protests when businesses are burning, when people are being beaten. when people are being shot and killed. these are riots. and they were sigh length. donald trump has stood by law
2:59 am
enforcement. law enforcement is now standing by donald trump. and that's because the american community needs law enforcement. it needs civil society. civil order. so that it can go and cast their vote on november 3rd. todd: david in fact time we have remaining, can you write tomorrow morning's headline for us? >> biden delivers clever lines and donald trump hits him on policy failures. todd: we will see. i'm pretty sure everybody is going to be watching tonight one david webb. we always appreciate your time this morning, sir. have a great day and enjoy tonight. >> thank you. jillian: once again if you are going to be watching the debates tonight there is a number of topics todd, covid-19 is going to be one of them. have you law and order as we just mentioned. race and violence in our cities. that's two of the six topics, todd, that will be up for discussion tonight. todd: i really do think it's going to get personal. i meant to ask david that we ran
3:00 am
out of time with him. we will see how personal it is going to be. in cases you don't know where to find it. can you find it right here on the fox news channel. 9:00 p.m. tonight moderated by our very own chris wallace. jillian: that's right. we will see you tomorrow morning with a full recap. fox and friends starts right now. bye-bye. it's donald trump's job to force joe biden positions where he doesn't want to take stance. how far left are you going to take america. >> confirmation hearings since for october 12th. already under fire. >> i expect the confirmation hearing to be a parrillo circus. i think we will see a cory booker spartacus moment. >> i'm definitely going to be involved in the hearing there is a lot on the line. >> a police report that we are announcing our plan to distribute 150 million abbott rapid point of care test. >> there is this is a big game changer a test that's that costs


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