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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 1, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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all the services of the post office plus ups only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again. >> i don't want the corrupt media -- i held joe biden accountable for 47 years of lies. >> a national embarrassment. todd: thursday october 1st donald trump and joe biden taking their debate stage facts onto the trailer the debate commission insisting on changes before they again. >> victims of a violent crime. they were doing their job and wearing the badge. >> reporter: the man accused of ambushing two los angeles deputies charged with attempted murder. more on his suspected motive as
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the sheriff seeks justice. >> the hair chemistry a time solved, the secrets donald trump's supersized style. >> "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ wake me up before you go ♪ kristen: legally not allowed to not dance. another double negative coming up at 8:00. it is required that i dance. >> you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. todd: donald trump and joe biden hitting the campaign trail just one day after a fiery first debate, the president sounding of on the match up as biden blasts the president as a national embarrassment.
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>> the fresh round of attacks. what is the latest? >> reporter: everyone still talking about the debate in cleveland, donald trump, joe biden and the commission on presidential debates which clearly didn't like what it saw the other night. the president, who was campaigning in minnesota, a state he narrowly lost in 2016, he was at the debate, battling biden and the media. >> i did what the corrupt media refused to do, held joe biden accountable for 47 years of lies. 47 years of betrayal and 47 years of failure. all nations saw the truth. biden lost badly when his supporters say he should cancel the rest of the debate, now i understand he is canceling the debates, let's see what happens. >> reporter: joe biden was out on the nonvirtual campaign trail
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in a couple swing states, ohio and pennsylvania, trying to build a big contrast on the debate stage. >> the president of the united states conducted himself the way he did, just a national embarrassment. >> whoever won that debate in the minds of voters the commission on presidential debates that there will be some changes as we prepare for the next two presidential debates, they want to see fewer interruptions and more controlled environment. last night's debate made clear additional structure should be added to the format to assure a more orderly discussion. the cpd will be carefully considering the changes it will adopt and will announce those measures shortly. we don't know exactly what those measures will include, the next big debate will be the vice
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president will match up next week in utah. >> donald trump and joe biden continue to go at it on and off the debate stage, fox news contributor mike huckabee says donald trump's record is on his side. >> donald trump did say joe biden had 47 years, not a lot to show for it, donald trump had 47 months, we have deregulation, tax cuts, significant changes in middle east policy that have been significant. we've seen a push back against china, new trade deals. it has been a remarkable four years, a house that was trying to impeachment frankly the donor class and establishment of washington doing everything they could to open this presidency. >> the next the bait will be between kamala harris and mike pence. >> james comey defending the
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russia probe, testifying he's proud of his work as he dismisses newly declassified until that hillary clinton sought to vilify donald trump. >> you don't remember getting that? >> that doesn't ring a bell with me. >> a pretty stunning thing that it didn't ring a bell but it did come to you. >> did you open an investigation? >> i don't know what -- that does not ring any bells with me when i read that. >> likely blasting comey for not knowing anything about the investigation he ran. >> you don't seem to know anything about an investigation that you ran. so how could you now as a private citizen, former fbi director show up and speculate really regarding any alleged ties between vladimir putin and donald trump? >> i came as a private citizen because i have eyes and ears and
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responded to the question put to me watching the president in helsinki side against his own intelligence community. >> comey adding it is not fair to say the probe was, quote, not done by the book. senator brand doubling down on his frustration on hannity last night. >> he has a convenient memory, he remembers something -- like sergeant schultz was in charge of the fbi. i see nothing, i hear nothing, i know nothing. hard to believe the director of the fbi in charge of investigation of a sitting president wasn't told by the way those source of the dossier we think is a russian agent back in 2009, hard to believe the director of the fbi, his comey's problem. if one person would come forward and say i briefed the director about the problems, told the director of the cia was worried
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about the reliability of the dossier, he is in big time trouble. >> chris joins us in minutes to break down comey's testimony. 6 minutes after the hour, murder charges filed against the man accused of shooting two los angeles county deputies in a brazen attack caught on camera. jillian: we learn the suspect was already in custody for a different dangerous crime. >> reporter: deandre lee murray pled guilty to attempted murder which he found guilty could spend the rest of his life in prison. >> a motive? >> other than the fact he hates policeman and wants them dead not specifically. >> reporter: they were sitting in a patrol car when murray allegedly ran up to the fine and shot them both multiple times. look at a photo taken after it
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happened, attorney can on her 24-year-old partner who got shot in the head despite are being shot in the head as well. >> they became victims of a violent crime for one reason. they were doing their job and wearing a badge. >> marie was in jail and has suspected gang ties and a lengthy rap sheet. the sheriff arrested him two weeks ago after a long standoff after the ambush of the deputy. they said it was unrelated to that ambush but connected to a carjacking. is andres from 1 million to $6 million. those deputies at the hospital, it will be a long road to recovery because of additional reconstructive surgery. amazing she was able to help her partner out after being shot in the head. incredible. todd: it often gets lost in that story. it is amazing. jillian: turning to a fox news
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alert, the rapidly growing fire in northern california. firefighters are facing unseasonably hot weather and dry conditions. intensifying winds to blast the wine firing the county, 200 structures of been destroyed. the world's largest tele-tanker takes flight. it can drop 10 times the amount of water other aircraft. coming up the owner of a winery joins us live on this to the stating damage. >> mark meadows, donald from willing to make a deal on coronavirus relief? the president offered $1.5 trillion but it won't go over 2 trillion. treasury secretary steve mnuchin set to talk today. if that fall through house democrats could vote on a $2.2 trillion bill tonight. measuring benefits for illegal immigrants raising stimulus checks to protections from deportations for certain workers.
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did you hear this? fox news channel topping ratings for the first presidential debate with a whopping 17.8 million viewers. followed by nbc and cnn. >> 73 million people watched the debate across 15 channels in the us. it is 7 minutes after the hour. new york's nonsense, 100,000 ballots riddled with errors. governor cuomo threatens to cut city funding if it doesn't clean up its trash problem. councilman joe borelli hopes liberals are watching, he joins us in this hour. >> i would like to formally invite you to be the first people to come in to the arizona cardinals. >> a huge surprise from an nfl star. that is coming up. ♪ history
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is proud of the work. >> whatever had been made to verify the dossier? >> i don't know specifically. >> did you do any do diligence on this at all? >> i don't remember anything about the fact that have been revealed recently about the sub source. >> you don't seem to know anything about an investigation that you ran. >> james comey testifying before the senate judiciary many on the origins of the russia probe. >> the former fbi director defending the investigation. what does this mean for the future of crossfire hurricane? shannon: good morning, thanks for being here. with the debate happening there is so much going on, this could be in the weeds for a lot of people watching at home. for those watching right now what is your biggest take away so far from this? >> the great men and women of
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the fbi deserve much better than the likes of jim comey. he couldn't remember any detail of the most important investigation the fbi ever had and signing off on the use of one of the most intrusive tools the fbi has been entrusted with makes me wonder whether andrew mccabe was running the fbi. i suspect mccabe and an outside influence over the bureau at the time and he certainly had an agenda, his own personal political agenda so it is sad to see the fbi dragged into the politics of the situation. i feel bad for the men and women of the fbi who had to deal with this person. >> the alternative, do you believe comey being a lawyer at a pretty good lawyer, a very
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educated individual conveniently forgot key information on a very big investigation. >> no question about it. good lawyer lousy leader. his memory was so selective and his answers so carefully crafted it reminded me of bill clinton's testimony and hillary clinton's testimony were you just say i don't recall, i don't have any memory of that, don't have any details about that but it is absolutely ludicrous to think the director of the fbi wouldn't know more about the most important investigation the fbi ever handled. >> looking a portion of this letter on hillary clinton, the alleged approval by hillary clinton on july 20 sixth 2016 of a proposal from one of her foreign-policy advisors to vilify donald trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by russian security service. what do you make of that and what do you say to critics who say these notes are being taken out of context? >> yet another very important
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piece of information jim comey couldn't recall and i don't know all the facts in that particular case but there was a lot more curiosity when that type of information came in about the trump campaign which takes us back to jim comey placed the fbi in the political arena single-handedly, it has never been done before, in my 24 years with the fbi, the fbi doesn't belong in politics and that is where he put it. >> thank you for that information, appreciate it. >> 17 after the hour, stocks surged after futures fall dramatically following the first presidential debate. peter morici says if this election still on wall street that could spell trouble. he explained next. shannon: we have to battle over the subway sandwich. a court just ruled the restaurant brett is not real bread. if this is in 2020 i don't know
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what is. we are coming right back.
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welcome back. roller coaster on wall street, futures dropping after the first presidential debate rebound during yesterday's trading day but investors remaining on guard for a rough election season. peter morici joins me with insight. what does that roller coaster 12 hour swing from the futures during the debate to the market open to the trading day yesterday tell you about what this election quarter is going to be? >> it will. very volatile quarter the question is will we have a
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definitive outcome by november 10th, the week after the election. it is unlikely that we will because it is going to take so long to count the mail in ballots and there's going to be a lot of lawsuits, this is not going to be bush versus gore where there was one lawsuit for the supreme court to settle. >> let's look at q3, pretty good quarter for wall street. a lot of that due to the influx of liquidity into the markets, businesses open. you can see on your screen will was lost during the pandemic, you see the markets going down this quarter as people take money off the table in this high volatility situation? >> they will take the money off the table if there is uncertainty about the outcome of the election. biden is very threatening to the stock market in the long-term. 's corporate taxes will make your portfolios worth less and will had retired people and people saving for retirement very hard but in the near-term investors can plan for these things and what they need to
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know is who is going to be president. if we end up with 5 or 6 cases in the supreme court on december 1st what is going to happen when the electoral college meets on december 14th. the answer is we might not have a president of the united states determined until sometime in january. in a situation like that investors are going to lose confidence in the system. there could be a lot of panicking and so forth. it is a very uncertain environment. >> we are watching futures go up so i give you all the credit for that. you have a new piece coming out on a contested election. you alluded to a number of points here during our interview but one big take away, what is it? >> we need to reform our electoral process so we don't have these kinds of problems. we need to be in a better situation so we can do mail in balloting in a reasonable way but my advice to investors, we always have this turbulence, we always have the storms but the market comes back. the market is fairly valued in
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2021 will be a year of growth and as a consequence the market will continue to rise. it is not going to rise like 2019. you can't have 20% years every year but even is here with all that happened the markets up 4% and before the year is out of could be better than that. so take heart, invest slowly every quarter, every month and don't try to time it. >> are you one of the money mind that says look at each of the candidates and figure out what will benefit under the administration it if you are is a too soon to look at that? >> there are too many moving parts, there's a big difference between a democratic senate and biden with a republican senate. what happens if the affordable care act is struck down, the democrats are going to be trying to replace it. if they have a republican senate it will be very difficult.
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mister biden's ability to implement his agenda will be affected by the outcome of the senate and the supreme court on the affordable care act and so forth. also are the democrats going to go to a divisive agenda? they pack the supreme court that will use up their oxygen. they will be tied up with that on the hill. it is not clear how much of the rented agenda from bernie sanders will happen. todd: people want to protect their money but there are so many unanswered questions. we appreciate you giving us some insight, we appreciate it. have a great day. >> pope francis rejecting a visit from mike pompeo is the us election draws near. the us and vatican different opinions over china. >> joe biden will require us to
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end the filibuster in order to expand the number of seats on the supreme court. >> senator at markey and the democrats trying to stop donald trump's supreme any means necessary. marky's challenger says threats like court packing spell disaster. he joins us live next. i'm making pizza on king's hawaiian mini subs. yum! king's hawaiian. let's make hand washing andren important one.ssons. safeguard is donating ten million dollars in hand soaps and sanitizers to families in need. safeguard your family. wash away germs.
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and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free. >> i did with the correct media refused to do, hold joe biden accountable for 47 years of lies, 47 years of betrayals, all nations saw the truth. biden lost badly when his supporters are saying he should cancel the rest of the debate, now i understand he is canceling the debates, let's see what happens. >> donald trump rallying voters in minnesota telling them he held joe biden, quote, accountable. >> for vice president blasting this on a train tour through ohio and pennsylvania. >> the president of the united
1:30 am
states conducted himself the way he did i think it is a national embarrassment. >> biden adding donald trump, quote, doesn't deserve to be the commander-in-chief. massachusetts senator marky reading the democratic charge to pack the supreme court. >> if they are successful in this heist of the supreme court seat, democrats in control of the senate, joe biden is president will require us to end the filibuster in order to expand the number of seats on the supreme court. >> always says amy coney barrett meet with senators and a nomination. >> joining us, the massachusetts senate candidate kevin o'connor, we appreciate it. can you tell us the ramifications of packing the supreme court?
1:31 am
>> a terrible idea. it would lead to a situation where every time one party was in control it would pack the supreme court, it would go back and forth, a gain of continual one upmanship and would undermine confidence in the independence of the judiciary, just terrible. >> joking to start this question. is a new york sports fan i think the folks in massachusetts are woefully misguided on earth choices sports teams but getting serious for a moment are the equally as misguided when it comes to this issue of packing the court because as you know senator marky is pretty popular in a state that is pretty liberal. >> is not that popular. 's approval rating runs well below 50%. he's been there 44 years and his numbers are not that good. he's never won before is a democratic socialist which is what he is running as in this election.
1:32 am
bernie sanders, court packing ideas viewed by people in massachusetts is way outside the mainstream. jillian: the biden campaign might be frustrated by this. a piece of an article from the washington post, some of biden's team have been aggravated by calls to expand the court, expressing particular annoyance with senator marky. it shouldn't cause you problems 44 days out. that is a in his effort to defeat congressman kennedy and to get reelected. he wants to give felons voting rights, he wants to defund and this arm our police, called police murderers and racists and he wants to pack the supreme court so the recurring seen, he has no respect for the will of
1:33 am
law and that is not polling well in massachusetts. todd: i want to double down, a very liberal state, do you think you have a shot against it marky? >> we will win. i'm very confident, we are within 10 points. senator scott brown was within 20 at this time and senator marky is down 20 points roughly at this stage in this election. he's doing very poorly, has been here 44 years, people know him, his record is not good and he moved to his radical base in the course of this campaign. shannon: keep us updated. we want to let everyone know we did invite at markey to come on the show and he declined to come on and have a conversation. >> he always does, thank you so much. timothy cardinal bowling praise and supreme court nominee --
1:34 am
respect judge amy coney barrett at catholic faith. >> he takes a catholic faith seriously but that's not why she was nominated. as a justice of the supreme court, she's nominated because she's the best candidate around. >>, dolan says he does not know judge barrett personally but proud of her supreme court nomination. >> secretary of state mike pompeo respond after the vatican denies his request to meet with pope francis during his visit to rome. >> the vatican accuses mike pompeo of playing politics. >> good morning. the vatican denied secretary of state mike pompeo an audience with the pope. officials say the pope tries to avoid these types of visits and interactions during an election season. this does follow a press conference this week at the us embassy where he called on the vatican to condemn chinese human
1:35 am
rights abuses. there is an ongoing rift between the state department and vatican regarding an agreement between the catholic church and the chinese communist party that gives the pope more control over appointing bishops in china. the agreement is set to be renewed this year and pompeo did tweet last month the vatican endangers its moral authority. his words there, if it moves forward with the renewal. pompeo insisted this week the pressure by the united states has nothing to do with scoring political points ahead of the election. >> working on improving the lives of the people of china for the entire time the administration has been in office with our policy has been all along to bring every actor who can benefit the people of china to take away the horrors of the authoritarian regime. >> last night on the fox news went on podcast we did speak with an expert on chinese human rights abuses. the expert noting the points mike pompeo is making are important for the international community.
1:36 am
it is believed that 3 million muslims in china, minority population are being imprisoned based on their faith in issue clearly of interest to the us state department. shannon: keep us updated. todd: breaking overnight a manhunt underway for the driver who dragged and ohio officer down the road during a traffic stop. police say the driver grabbed a jackson township officer as he approached the car pulling him down the road. that was the wrong video. we apologize, the officer taken to hospital with injuries that are non-life-threatening. and attorney for the team accused of killing two kenosha protesters plans to sue joe biden and his campaign over and ad that appears to suggest the 17-year-old is a white supremacist. >> are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacist and militia groups as we saw in kenosha and portland? heather: attorney says he will file a libel lawsuit on behalf
1:37 am
of kyle whitten house who claims he was defending himself. >> the founder black entertainment television suggesting he is voting against joe biden but stop short of endorsing donald trump. >> where i come out as a businessman, i will take the devil i know over the devil i don't know any time of the week. i'm not endorsing anybody. your better dealing off with somebody you know where they are going to be. i do not know what vice president biden will do. i haven't heard anything coherent. what he said he will do. jillian: democratic donor after the former vice president knocking black voters who were still undecided. the nfl postponing today's steelers game until monday or tuesday after the president
1:38 am
declares 5 staff members have positive covid-19, tennessee head coach says some players have flulike symptoms. these facilities are closed until saturday. the vikings expect to return to their facilities. they have no positive cases. todd: carolina panthers are ready to play sunday. surprising some young fans with three tickets. >> we haven't had changes in our game this year. that is changing this week. i want to invite you to come here this sunday. jillian: david tepper dropping in on two classes by zoom, teachers and students faces lighting up, panthers stating will open at 7% capacity this sunday when they play the cardinals. todd: we talk about sports all-time. the reason we need sports his emotions like reaction look like
1:39 am
that. jillian: a hot mike moment blowing up online. >> i'm waiting to move forward. so that it is on camera. >> pennsylvania governor sharing that laugh with democratic lawmaker. is there mask messaging all about optics. eating up the president's suggestion mcdonald's might be the secret of his signature hair, the question everybody is talking about and making everybody hungry.
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todd: public safety or political theater? two pennsylvania leaders caught on a hot mike laughing at having to wear masks in public. >> i'm going to take my mask
1:43 am
off. >> i am waiting. so that it is on camera. >> carley shimkus here with the online reaction, a lot of reaction. >> that video going viral, reportedly shows a pennsylvania democratic governor tom wolf talking with wendy allman about whether to wear their masks before a press conference and she said i will keep my mask on at the beginning for political theater. that comment anchoring some especially conservatives are angry with coronavirus measures and feel they said the quiet part out loud. rick brunel, former dni posted a tweet saying the pennsylvania governor is hurting the economy to score political points, voters should take note.
1:44 am
governor wolf caught on hot mike giggling and referring to masks as political theater, the destruction of the livelihoods of millions of pennsylvanians is no laughing matter and we don't find this entertaining. if you call for strict mask wearing it should be more than just political theater. >> sometimes i get the sense people don't get the ramifications of their actions. hollywood trying to turn texas blue. >> they may not live there by trying to do just that. a group of high-power hollywood celebrities like amy schumer calling for their fans to help turn texas into a blue states, they want fans to chip in $38 to help joe biden secure texas's votes. they posted a sweet saying if we turn texas blue trump is
1:45 am
through. 38 electoral votes, mark russell pushing to turn it into a democratic state saying texas is in play, i support texas democrats, ship $10 today. didn't get the $38 memo. the latest quinnipiac poll has donald trump up 5 points in texas. shannon: you spend a lot of time texting about hair. maybe we should focus on mcdonald's french fries. >> anything is possible. donald trump revealed the secret to his trademark hair. he loves fast food and was responding to this news article written in 2018 claiming mcdonald's fries contains a chemical that yours baldness. he posted a sweet saying no wonder i didn't lose my hair. of all the things the president
1:46 am
could post about i did not think it was that but you are right. we want to cook, healthier looking hair so maybe we will go to mcdonald's, lather on some fries. todd: that should be on the tube. sometimes i get food and what do i do with this information? >> that is right. it is okay, you don't have -- >> that's why i am on that chain. i am speaking of food, get a loaf of this. a court has ruled subway sandwiches, the roles of too much sugar to meet the country is legal definition. the ruling means the fast food chain will not get a tax break in ireland. subway's nutrition facts a 6 inch white bread role as 5 grams of sugar and that is similar to an oreo cookie so there you go.
1:47 am
>> i would rather have a oreo cookie. >> nice writing. jillian: 14 until the top of the hour. new york mayhem. the city's election integrity in question after errors emerge in 1000 ballots. >> mounting frustration over mounds of trash on the streets while bill diblasio threatens $1,000 fines for going mask free. councilman joe borelli says liberals should be watching, joins us next.
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>> don't know who proud boys are but whoever they are they have to stand down, let law and order do their work.
1:51 am
>> donald trump saying he's not aware of the far right group proud boys after his remarks during tuesday's debate. >> stand back and stand by but i will tell you what. >> the president received bipartisan backlash for not explicitly denouncing white supremacy. senator muscat urged him to correct his comments. jillian: the battle over ballots reaching fever pitch, voters in new york city receiving 100,000 printed at the ballots, the president saying this is what he was afraid would happen. >> a problem in new york, 100,000 ballots that are a mess, confused and mixed up and what are they going to do with hundred thousand ballots that have been -- this is what i'm talking about. a big scale problem. >> a lot of questions, joe borelli joins me to discuss.
1:52 am
you have that number, 100,000 incorrect absentee ballots, a statement from the governor's office, sending corrected envelopes will ensure that any person who got an erroneous envelope can still vote. there's nothing wrong with the actual ballots, sending 100,000 look at ballots to be an overcorrection. listen to what bill diblasio had to say. >> what we have now is not working in the state is not acted to change that and that is why we have a problem year after year. it is the state's responsibility to fix the board of elections period. >> who does this ultimately fall on and what should be done about this? >> it is something that cuomo bill diblasio blame game but it is true the governor and state legislature do control the board of elections in new york city. in some way the new york city
1:53 am
board of election, they keep making conservative talking points prove true. this is not the first time they had an issue. they sent the wrong ballots in 2012, couldn't count the votes until summer, purge the voter rolls or 3 years ago in brooklyn. conservative pundits should send pizza to the board of elections just for proving the point and making their case. the governor is wrong and these people need to get new ballots. we can check the validity of these after-the-fact but what we don't want is to give the opportunity for someone's vote to not be counted because of the error of the board of elections. we have to error on the side of giving more ballots. jillian: this is one of the most important elections of our lives, people say it over and over again. everyone wants to make sure their voice is heard. the governors threatening to cut
1:54 am
funding to new york city for doesn't cleanup crime and trash. take a listen. >> the crime problem in new york city is real. if you don't have a redesign public safety function by april you won't get any states. jillian: there are charts all over manhattan. a lot of business owners go to open their doors and are walking through trash on every street. >> new/blooge when trump threatened to cut funding if the city wasn't meeting federal policy, it put people at risk. cuomo who is right in this instance, no pushback from this sort of left leaning media. bill diblasio as mayor of new york has been feeling basic city services. we have more homelessness, more trash on the street, more crime in the street and it is getting to the point some action needs to be taken because the mayor is
1:55 am
not doing the most basic function of his job, to keep his city neat, clean and safe. you can walk outside your building on sixth avenue and see right now. jillian: i have seen it. new york city resumes indoor dining at 25%. meantime there are threats that anyone refusing to wear a mask will be signed. a lot of business owners say 25% won't be enough to sustain making a living and keeping their doors open. what have you heard? >> that is the message from restaurant owners. they are still paying 80 percent-90% a hard cost was opening the door means they have to pay the same thing whether they are getting a full complement of customers in the door or only 25%, 25% is not going to be enough to save these places and it is a start. i'm glad we are finally there but these restaurants don't see significant help if they are not able to open more fully in the next few months we will see more
1:56 am
businesses go the way of closing as we have seen already so many already. shannon: it is devastating, your heart breaks for so many restaurant owners, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. jillian: 50 minutes after the hour. coming up next dozens of california wineries devastated by the wildfires. napa valley winery owner who suffered major damage joins us live. congressman michael burgess and gail mcgurn break down the battle of donald trump's supreme court pick coming up next. customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the services of the post office plus ups only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale
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go to and never go to the post office again.
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ng for? a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood.
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>> a violent crime, they were doing their job and wearing a badge. jillian: thursday october 1st. the man accused of ambushing two los angeles deputies charged with attempted murder. more on his motive as the sheriff cheeks seeks justice. >> the corrupt media refused to do. i hope joe biden accountable for 37 years of lies. >> a national embarrassment. >> reporter: donald trump and joe biden going onto the trail and the commission is considering big changes before they meet again. jillian: hair chemistry solved?


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