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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  October 1, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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major league baseball has done it so far. playoffs continue. the reds cannot score a run. more on that later. >> dana: i think the reds are baseball. >> bill: see you at 5:00. let's get rolling. good afternoon. i'm bill hemmer. followed over this week's debate continues. fox news sunday anchor chris wallace will join me fo fa postdebate interview. he will take us back inside the room where it happened. the white house doubling down on president trump's claim on universal mail-in voting even though it's proving to be mostly safe and secure the five states that already use it. the press secretary kayleigh mcenany on that today. >> last week in pennsylvania you have balance found in a ditch. that's a fact. in wisconsin, seven military ballots all marked for trump were found cast aside. there is problems with mass mail-in voting. >> bill: we found some here in brooklyn, new york, as well. analysis with bret baier.
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reporting from jacqui heinrich with the biden team in delaware. first john roberts kicks off the coverage. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. the headline of the day continues to be that the commission on presidential debates is thinking about making some changes to the structure of the last two presidential debates to "facilitate a more orderly discussion." of the issues. one of the ideas being floated is a kill button on the candidates microphone so that if one were to go along or excessively interrupt the other, the moderator could push the button and cut them off. the trump campaign saying that the idea of a kill button was raised by the biden campaign. tim murtaugh saying that the biden campaign knows their guy had a lousy performance and so now they are running to the commission to try to get the rules changed. they can't deny it because the request was made by the lead negotiator in front of plenty of witnesses. they really should ask for a mute button for joe biden because he's really the biggest threat to himself. the biden campaign says this request is not true.
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saying "there's as much truth to this is the other week lies the trump campaign told in advance of the first of eight before donald trump exposed his own record on the pandemic as a failure, told the violent white supremacists to standby. looks like the president is not going to be agreeing to any changes. the president reading on board air force one on his way to bedminster today "why what i allow the debate commission to change the rules for the second and third debates when i easily won the last time?" still some lingering fallout over that moment on tuesday when the president told the right-wing group proud boys to stand back and standby when asked if he would denounce white supremacy. senators tim scott, mitch mcconnell, lindsey graham and others looking for clarification from the president, and leaving the white house yesterday the president was asked again about denouncing white supremacy. listen. >> like they've done in new york. i just told you. i have always denounced any
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form, any form, any form of any of that. you have to denounce. >> the issuing lingers -- the issue lingers. i asked kayleigh mcenany at this morning's briefing. does the president denounce white supremacists and in groups? >> this has been answered yesterday by the president himself, the day before by the president himself on the debate stage. the asked -- the president was asked and he said sure three times. yesterday he was asked do you denounce white supremacy and he said i've always denounced any form of that. >> it looks like the issue hasn't been finalized to the satisfaction, resolved to the satisfaction of south carolina senator tim scott. in a statement issued moments ago by his press secretary, sean smith, saying "senator scott communicated his concerns to the white house immediately following the debate, heard from the white house earlier today
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and spoke with mark meadows recently as well." no indication that this has been resolved. to the satisfaction at least of south carolina senator tim scott who was very concerned about what he heard at the debate tuesday. >> bill: thank you, john roberts. 32 days left in the campaign. the biden team is mobilizing volunteers to campaign, telling fox news launching in person canvassing operations and some of the critical battleground states with covid safety measures in place. that's a bit of a change from earlier. jacqui heinrich reports live in wilmington, delaware. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, bill. this is a brand-new strategy for the democrats who twice over the last two months defended their choice to keep their outreach entirely virtual. back in august the dnc slammed the trump campaign tweeting "the trump campaign is risking the lives of their staff, voters, and risking become a super-spreader organization.
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it sounds in line with how trump is running the country." two weeks ago biden campaign manager said this. >> republicans want to say we have a million door knocks a week. it doesn't matter. what matters is the conversations. we have over 2500 staff across all the battleground states directly engaging with voters. they are doing it over the pho phone. >> a reversal, the biden campaign says it's expanding upon the most innovative outreach to connect with voters who are hard to reach by phone. they kick off in nevada, michigan, new hampshire and pennsylvania. expecting several hundred volunteers. they plan to move forward with all battleground states soon and they say volunteers in pennsylvania are especially enthusiastic. 6,000 people signing up for a range of in person activities in the last 36 hours. they note that mask wearing and social distancing will be followed.
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the rnc saying that the trump campaign is averaging 2 million doors a week. they write that the trump team and the g.o.p. have knocked on the 19 million doors leaving that biden campaign behind. joe biden's campaign trying to shoe string together a ground game with less than 33 days to go. despite the abrupt shift, the democrats insist they been planning to expand and in person phased outreach since the democratic convention. >> bill: thank you. i want to bring in bret baier, anchor of "special report." good afternoon, my friend. a bit of a shift. the trump team likes to say being in contact through out the campaign. the biden campaign seem to lay back on it. there's adjustment. what do we make of it? >> i think some of the on the ground democratic backers and some of the chairman in those counties in pennsylvania and north carolina, ohio, starting to get worried, they started to
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see the trump organization knocking on a lot of doors and not a lot of push an organization from the biden folks. i talked to some people on the ground in pennsylvania they were starting to sweat. i think the biden camp is changing, doing a final push and getting back on the ground and knocking on doors. maybe stepping back a little bit. >> bill: i wonder what this means. "the washington post," the early surge in democratic voting. worry inside the g.o.p. earlier today we found this in pennsylvania north carolina and florida. voter registration trends are higher for republicans now than they were in 2016. try to put the data points together, figure out what's going on in the ground. do you think something is changing that tells us a different story? >> the g.o.p. is beating the democrats on registration in these states, new voters. they are out registering voters. the democrats are out requesting ballots in all of these states,
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absentee ballots. someplace like florida, it's exponential, upper 50s to 28, 30%. republicans have in the past chosen to vote in person, whether early voting or on election day. i think you're going to see more of that as there is concern about the mail and process. democrats may be shifting to a more in person voting. >> bill: yesterday at joe biden coming off the debate. he went to northeastern ohio, western p.a. and he's looking at democrats who crossed over four years ago and he's trying to win them back. here's part of what he said last night. >> i get the sense of being -- they get the sense of being left behind. they know they have been screwed by trump. they are not sure the democratic party is listening. >> i have characterized them as wayward democrats. it's fair to say. i think come election night if
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we have it, based on the delays, this is the voting bloc to watch i believe as of today. >> i agree, the forgotten man and woman. donald trump really tapped into that in 2016. hillary clinton didn't go to some of those states. wisconsin, michigan. it really felt like they were left behind. you had debbie dingell, the congressman they are setting up a flare, saying it's not working. i think joe biden is trying to cover it to do it and he can't be obtained as a creature of the left which is what the trump campaign is trying to do. he's making the whistle stop tours, giving the sound bites that he gave. >> bill: what you think about this proposed debate? not even proposed. they have been talked about. there are changes in the offing with two or three more debates left. >> i'm skeptical. i think shutting off the mic
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doesn't stop the interruption. you can still hear the person if they continue talking. i also think the format is going to change. this is a town hall next time. i doubt it's going to be the same tone and tenor of what we saw the first debate. >> bill: thank you. nice to see you. see you at 6:00. mitch mcconnell do i have that right? >> you've got it. >> bill: in a moment i mentioned joe biden breaking with the progressive left on some key issues this week. teaming up on the joint party platform. does he owe voters more answers on where he stands? postdebate interview with chris wallace, what he thinks about the proposed changes in the future debates. we will talk about that and more. we look at the drama of brett kavanaugh's confirmation. the senate gears up for another contentious hearing. >> would you say you have been through hell? >> i have been through hell and then some. >> it's not a job interview. this is hell.
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the left after the other night, saying the green new deal is not my deal. it's someone else's. >> i don't and i'll tell you why. throughout the primary campaign, he did not embrace medicare for all. he did not embrace some of the other policies and positions that someone like bernie sanders or elizabeth warren has taken. he did immediately after they dropped out of the race talk to them, bring them into the fold. i think the best indicator that there is no problem is that there is no jill stein this time. a lot of the reason there was a third party in 2016 was exactly because what you're saying. they thought hillary was too far to the middle. >> bill: sorry about stepping on you. covid times. but there is an aoc. >> there is. i think she knows. it's a pretty simple, pretty binary choice. do you want four years of joe biden or do you four years of donald trump. i don't think aoc or bernie sanders or anyone of that
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wing of the party is concerned. democrats, you're right, democrats do very few things better than being fragmented. we seem to be rather unified this year probably because it's not entirely about policy. it is so much about the person. >> bill: there is a possibility, trying to motivate voters. make sure things don't get fractured. he said the green new deal is not my plan. i don't support the green new deal. you check out his website, there's a plan there. at a cost of $2 trillion. >> yeah, no. i don't think -- a lot of this is the terminology and maybe that gap from all the way to the left. he is clear he does not agree with defund the police. he says in terms of protesting there's a big difference between protesting and rioting and
12:17 pm
looting. and the last is not okay. look at the flip side, a lot of what the trump administration motivates people on the left, so and this is obviously not anything to do with donald trump at the fact that we lost another justice and that we are about to get probably a pro-life justice is something that also animates the left and i don't think -- >> bill: is that why -- is that why he did not answer the question about the filibuster in the senate and the future for the u.s. supreme court on tuesday night? >> i think those are two different things. i think on the court, he probably wanted to keep his powder dry. on the senate on the filibuster, i have to -- i think you have to forget although donald trump makes it hard to forget, joe biden spent decades in the senate. he remembers a day when it was more functional. that's why he reacted that way. i think he's hesitant to upend the apple cart. i think it's a credit to him
12:18 pm
because he remembers the day when you could work together. he also remembers the day. we had less rancor on judges because it required 60 people. you couldn't get a brett kavanaugh or amy coney barrett if it was 60 people. people tended to be more down the middle. >> bill: one more thing on that. you've got two more debates. he could confront this again. you can't sidestep it every ti time. >> look, first of all, there was so much going on the other night i am surprised he could even hear what was going on and cut through it. i understand why this is something the trump campaign and trump wants. the trump campaign and donald trump himself decided before there was a nominee that they were going to call the democratic nominee a socialist. i think that was why they pretty much preferred bernie and frankly to be honest as a democrat it's why i had fears
12:19 pm
about bernie being the nominee. you are making it easy for the president and for the republican party to tarnish or put a very broad brush on the democrats saying we are all commies. you can't do that with joe biden. i understand why it's frustrating. i understand why maybe you -- why trump wants different answers out of him. i don't think the president's frustrations with the rays have anything to do with how joe biden's answering or the unity of the party. i'll be the first to admit i am shocked by the unity in our party. 33 more days. it's possible we do what we do best which is fractured. >> bill: we'll see if that happens. we'll talk again soon. thanks. in a moment, airline workers facing job cuts, covid-19 relief is in limbo on the hill. the latest on the ambush of the l.a. sheriff deputies. the l.a. county sheriff will talk about it and what they learn from the suspect in a moment live coming up next.
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>> bill: prosecutors in los angeles charging the suspect with attempted murder. we want to bring in los angeles los angeles county sheriff alex villanueva. welcome back. he was in custody already. how did you figure out it was him? >> the ambition occurred on september 12. september 15, we made the arrest of a carjacking suspect. carjacked at gunpoint, shot the owner of the vehicle. september 1st. september 15, 3 days after the
12:25 pm
ambush, they had done a surveillance and located a suspect after a brief vehicle pursuit. through a gun out the window. they recovered the weapon. they arrested him for the carjacking and subsequent analysis of the gun matched it to the ambush. >> bill: when that arrest occurred, you said publicly there was no connection. >> at the time. >> bill: what changed? >> there was suspicion because of the violent nature and the proximity of the overall general description. there was nothing at the time that we could say to point to him for the ambush. we had to proceed carefully. we worked hard with their forensic evidence, the video technology. we had our high tech crew downloading videos and we captured all the moments that led up to the ambush. after the ambush. we knew we were dealing with a four door dark sedan. it was the carjacked vehicle. >> bill: three more points.
12:26 pm
this is listed as age 36, deonte lee murray, he's your suspect. he had an untraceable ghost gun. can you help our audience explain what that is. >> a ghost gun. it's ordered as a kit. 80%. the lower receiver of the weapon and all the person has to do is drill a couple holes and they can assemble an entire gun. it's not registered, it's untraceable. this is what allows a prohibited person, a convicted felon like a deonte lee murray to get a firearm. we need new federal law to close the loophole that allowed for him to purchase it. >> bill: did he give a motive? have you figured that out? >> we are going to leave that up to the d.a.'s office in trial to establish that. >> bill: here's the crime scene. for los angeles year-over-year. the number of felonies went from
12:27 pm
110 to a whopping 282. up 156% in a year. i heard you say the other day there's a need for many changes in our society including policing. the numbers are troubling. on its face, it's an issue, sheriff. >> it's a very big issue. i have a board of supervisors. 105 million on top of another 400 million. we are shrinking while the prime problem -- the crime problem is getting bigger. responsible politicians to step up the plate and admit that defunding law enforcement is not an answer to our problem. we need accountability. >> bill: how can you convince them of that? that number as evidence in itself, is it not? >> exactly. >> bill: we will leave it there. sheriff, thank you. alex villanueva in l.a. thank you, sir. come on back. chris wallace moderating tuesday night's presidential showdown. number one for this election cycle. days later the debate is still making a lot of headlines.
12:28 pm
we will talk to chris on the other side of the break when we come back here.
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>> bill: you seen the clips. tuesday night you probably watched all of it. some 70 million of you did. fox news broke it down an and te candidates interrupted moderator chris wallace 92 times combined. as a reminder, here's a sample from tuesday night. >> joe, you agreed with bernie sanders, who is far left, the manifesto. we call it. socialized medicine. >> will you shut up, man? >> who's on your list? >> gentlemen. we have -- no, we have ended the segment. we're going to move on to the second segment. >> that was really a productive segment, wasn't it? >> the answer to the question. no. sir. >> ukraine, billion dollars. >> you know what, stop here
12:33 pm
you're going to have. gentlemen. i hate to raise my voice but why should i be different than the two of you? >> bill: fox news sunday inker chris wallace is my guest, good afternoon. nice to see you still standing. >> i had just gotten over the ptsd and then you put me right back into it. >> bill: sorry about that. let's go over a couple things. i know you and you have a plan. at what point of that plan blow up? >> good evening. a little bit after that. here's what happened. we began the first segment on the supreme court. they each got there 2 minutes and they both obeyed in that particular case. and then biden started to answer a question and the president started interrupting him. my initial reaction was, this is great. so often these debates become parallel news conferences where one candidate answers the
12:34 pm
question. the other candidate answers the question to him. when the president started to engage with biden, i thought we are going to have a real debate here. it became clearer and clearer over time that this was something different. and that the president was determined to try to but in and throw joe biden off. i saw another fox analysis that indicates the president interrupted either biden's answers are my questions a total of 145 times which is way more than one a minute. he bears the primary responsibility for what happened on tuesday. >> bill: in the moment, do you think this is a mess, or did you think i can get it back track? >> your initial thought is that the president is interrupting too often. when i'm doing fox news sunday, my thought is when two people are talking you can hear either of them. i kept trying to get the
12:35 pm
president to stop and let biden finish finishes answer them go back and forth. and then it kept escalating. in the beginning, i was cajoling. mr. president, wait a minute. i'm going to ask a question you're going to want to hear. i did that twice. then i began being more forceful. at a certain point, 45 minutes in, called a halt to the debate for a moment and said this really isn't serving america. please stop the interruptions. the president said well, why don't you admonish him and i said because you're doing a lot more of the interrupting, mr. president. biden was doing some, no question about it. less than half as many times as the president. >> bill: was the your view that the president had more volume and you herded more than perhaps joe biden? >> he certainly talk louder but he also talked more often. the fox news analysis.
12:36 pm
145 times. the frustration here, bill, is here was my debate book. literally hundreds of man-hours and woman hours between me and my researcher went into try to prepare a serious substantive debate. on so many issues, biden's tax and spending plan. trump's climate and environmental policies, i was really hoping for the debate that i think america wanted to see which was a serious exchange of views. i felt like i had gotten together all of the ingredients. i had baked this beautiful, delicious cake and then frankly the president put his foot in it. it was frustrating for me because i tried hard to prepare for a serious debate, much more frustrating and more importantly for the american people because they didn't get the debate they wanted that they deserved. i think that's a loss for the
12:37 pm
country. they didn't get to hear these two guys nearly as much as i think they should have. >> bill: i don't mean to interrupt you but i've got a few more. >> there you go. it's another interruption. >> bill: number one for bill hemmer. i've been watching the fallout and it's been hot. a lot of the criticism has been directed towards you. whether it's the campaigns with her media or the voters, how do you respond? >> i've gotten a lot of praise and i've got a lot of criticism. i guess my answer is hindsight is 20/20. if i had known the debate was going to keep going this way. i guess i thought originally the president was going to engage in a debate with biden and let biden answer so they could go back and forth. that was a misapprehension. then i thought maybe the president is going to do this in the first segment, try to rattle biden. when that didn't work, i thought and i think he would've been well advised to pull back and let biden talk more.
12:38 pm
biden's answers weren't always great. in fact sometimes i think if the president had stepped back and let biden give his answers, he could've been more effective in picking them apart. it was only 45 minutes in that i realized what a total mess and to service this was to the country and try to stop it, do i wish i had stepped in earlier? yes but as i say, hindsight is 20/20. >> bill: the president said at one point is to on one. he felt like he was debating you and joe biden. others have suggested joe biden didn't answer a lot of the questions and that no book about the filibuster in the supreme court. >> he answer the question but as i say, i think the president made a mistake because so often he would prevent joe biden from answering or not answering. he would've been well advised, nothing he needs my advice in the next two debates. let biden answer and then pick it apart.
12:39 pm
>> bill: i don't disagree. the analogy that i drew was joe biden was about to dive off the diving board into a pool in the president pulled him back and kept them on dry land. have you gone back to watch tuesday night or will you? >> god no. oh, god no. it's not something i want to revisit. it took me for years to rewatch the trump-clinton debate from 2016 which i very much enjoyed. it still took me four years to look at it. this is going to take a while before i watch this one again. thanks to people like you, i'm seeing a lot of clips and they remind me how awful it was. >> bill: i saw you at midnight on tuesday. i've been looking forward to the opportunity to get more thoughts out of you. i thought it was a mess when we were in the middle of it. seeing the clips on wednesday, i thought there was a lot of substance there. there were a lot of issues. a lot, as we say, a lot of chicken on the bone. there are questions and issues that need to be answered by both men still with two debates remaining. >> absolutely.
12:40 pm
>> bill: would you support changing the rules? >> quickly, i think there was a lot of substance in the debate. the fact that we are still talking about with the president said or failed to say about proud boys was interesting. what he said about the election going to the supreme court. biden didn't seem to be at one point for the green new deal before he was against it. starts the rules are concerned, i certainly would like to see a more orderly debate. i'm not sure any of the possible changes. take the one that's been talked about most and that's the idea of cutting off mike's. in this debate, they were six to 8 feet from each other. if you would cut off the presidents mic, you would have still heard it. the present would've still been interrupting and distracting biden. were talking about the president of the united states and the democratic nominee. saying we are going to give the moderator a button to new them.
12:41 pm
i don't want to be in the position of saying i'm getting interpose myself between the president and the public and say you can't -- you can't get what he has to say. that's a pretty tough spot to put any moderator in. >> bill: town hall in the little less than two weeks. is it different this time? >> if i had one piece of advice to give to steve scully, the moderator for that, i would say take the citizens. take the real people that are going to be there and use them as a shield. look, maybe it will be biden interrupting trump this time. if you feel it's unruly, saying that these are real people with real problems. let them ask their questions and let the other person answer. i would use the fact that you're talking to real people and it's not just to politicians and a journalist. use it as an opportunity to keep order. >> bill: thank you, chris. nice to see you. i got back to new york and they said how was cleveland and i said it was fine until the game
12:42 pm
started. have a good day. appreciate your time and your thoughts. chris wallace, my colleague. more senators meeting with amy coney barrett today ahead of her confirmation hearings. we will look back at the bitter battle the senate went through to confirm supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. is it a replay or not? next. >> you all want power. i hope you never get it. i hope the american people can see through this sham. you knew about it and you held it. you had no intention of protecting dr. ford, none. i need a smaller house that's close to my son,
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but that's tough to do on a fixed income. i'd be hit with a tax penalty for moving to another county, so i'm voting 'yes' on prop 19. it limits property taxes and lets seniors transfer their home's current tax base to another home that's closer to family or medical care. being closer to family is important to me. how about you? voting 'yes' on prop 19. supreme court nominee amy coney barrett meeting with senators today. the confirmation hearing is set to begin in less than two weeks. republicans and democrats bitterly divided.
12:47 pm
two years ago brett kavanaugh's confirmation battle was ugly. he faced sexual assault accusations that he denied. here was a look at that hearing from two years ago. >> do you swear that the testimony you're about to give before this committee will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you god. >> i do. >> this is the first confirmation hearing for a supreme court justice i've seen basically according to mob rule. >> can you think of any laws that give governments the power to make decisions about the male body? >> i'm happy to answer a more specific question. >> male versus female. >> there are medical procedures. >> judge kavanaugh, this is your field. judicial nominations. >> i appreciate the comments of my colleagues.
12:48 pm
it's as close as i will ever have to and i am spartacus moment. >> you would not mix up somebody else with brett kavanaugh, is that correct? correct. >> or mark judge. >> correct. >> watch the strongest memory you have come of the strongest memory of the incident, something that you cannot forge. take whatever time you need. >> indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter. the uproarious laughter between the two. they are having fun at my expense. >> we believe. >> christine ford.
12:49 pm
♪ >> this whole two-week effort has been calculated and orchestrated political hit. i drink beer with my friends. almost everyone did. sometimes i had too many beers. sometimes others did. i liked beer. i still like beer. but i did not drink beer to the point of blacking out and i never sexually assaulted anyone. >> have you considered you have been through a job interview? >> i have been through a process of advice and consent of the drug the constitution. >> would you say you have been through hell? >> hell and then some. >> it's not a job interview. this is hell. >> you're saying that there is never been a case where you drink so much that you didn't remember what happened the night before, or part of what happened? >> you're asking about blackouts. i don't know. have you? >> could you answer the question, judge?
12:50 pm
that has not happened, is that your answer? >> yeah and i'm curious if you have. >> i have no drinking problem, judge. >> nor do i. >> none of these allegations are true. >> correct. >> no doubt. >> 100% certain. >> not a scintilla? >> not a scintilla. 100% certain. >> do you swear to god? >> i swear to god. >> unwilling to take responsibility. sit on the highest court of the country. >> we are asking you for an answer. did they not an answer? do they not deserve an answer? >> the ayes are 50, nays are 48. the nomination of brett m kavanaugh of maryland to be associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed.
12:51 pm
>> bill: what a moment, what a time. i want to think the chief of staff to the majority leader. what about this time, how do you size it up a month away from a national election? >> the capital situation was one of the more regrettable moments and all the politics. if you had a look at the debate this week. many people thought it was incredibly regrettable. it pales in comparison to the kavanaugh situation. i think the american people were revolted. the democratic attempts to smear a man with charges that we have now since mostly been proven untrue. here we go. back into an election cycle where we've got another incredible high-stakes supreme court nomination on the precipice of another election. i sure hope it doesn't turn out like the last one.
12:52 pm
>> bill: senate democrats want to avoid a kavanaugh 2.0, a piece in the hill. they believe they took some hits at the state level in the midterm election in 2018. how tender are they to that possibility now when you have a mother of seven in front of you and a national audience? >> absolutely critical. you've watched chuck schumer turn himself into a pretzel to try to distract from the underlying concerns that democrats want to express about amy coney barrett. they have huge reservations, as they say come about her faith. quite frankly, totally inappropriate line of questioning that they aired out on the front pages everywhere when she was up for an appellate court nomination. he does not want that play out in public again and he said so frequently. the reason is that the kavanaugh backlash happened amidst a blue wave election in 2018 where they picked up 40 house seats. in the senate, they actually
12:53 pm
lost two seats. they lost seats in indiana and missouri that completely flipped during the kavanaugh hearing nomination. they do not want that on their hands going into this election. >> bill: if that's the case, how does chuck schumer play it? >> he is trying to muzzle his confidence. he's trying to fit a square peg into a round hole by making this all about obamacare and the affordable care act. most of his members frankly want to talk about her faith. we saw a mazie hirono, senator on the judiciary committee today talking about whether she could divorce her closely held views which of course are all code words for her religion. from her judicial decisions. i don't think it's going to be able to muslim. this is what they want to talk about. they are going to talk about it. the american people are going to be able to see exactly what their problem is with amy coney barrett. i don't think it's going to work out great for them. >> bill: we will see. thank you for coming in.
12:54 pm
come on back. can the next covid relief bill get done before the election? house speaker nancy pelosi and treasury secretary steven mnuchin talking. is there a vote? we are live on that answer coming up next. oney. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ whatever road you take, make sure your tires are ready to get you there safely. right now at midas, buy three cooper tires, and get one free. find your tires at four years behind us. to end the anger, the insults, the division. and start fresh in america. i don't pledge allegiance to red states of america
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or blue states of america. i pledge allegiance to the united states of america. i'm gonna fight as hard for those who supported me as those who did not support me. we have a chance to put anger and division that has overtaken this country behind us. and we can. we've done it so many times in our history. we begun anew. we can get control of this virus. we can reward work. we can make healthcare affordable. we can be a safe and just nation. we can deal with the existential threat of climate change. we can be what we are at our best. one nation, one people, one america. i'm joe biden and i approve this message.
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
>> house speaker nancy pelosi saying that she expects -- even as they remain far apart from the white house -- where do we stand as of now? >> bill, good afternoon. talks continue their stilted stents on key issues and it's not clear if they will get the there. >> in the ballpark of some things, still way off in terms of state and local government, our heroes. health care workers, police and fire.
12:59 pm
teachers, teachers, sanitation, transportation. >> a short time ago the senate democratic -- >> we talked four or five times a day. look, we want it but it's got a work for american people. the plan put forth by secretary >> house secretary does each dollar that goes up you risk losing votes. >> if farmers and some other important things will be in there, ppe, that's apprised of my constituents are willing to pay for these things? >> since the big problem is it's really a political point to stop something.
1:00 pm
>> if speaker pelosi is not involved can you get it done. >> one possible scenario -- >> indeed come you got it all in. thank you, mike. >> we are hopeful that we can reach an agreement. the needs of the american people are so great. there has to be a recognition that it takes money to do that. >> knew already offered 22 and you ask for certain deportations forgiveness is in your offer. it's not a serious offer. >> while they are arguing with each other, industries one after the other are waiting to see if they can survive the longer they drag this out because for the country itself, stimulus is not so much the issue as it is for a particular sectors of the economy, that it might bets


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