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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  October 3, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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sandra: fox news alert, 3:00 o'clock eastern time hour, president trump is feeling well and improving according to the doctors treating him, but sources tell our white house correspondent john roberts that the next couple of days will be critical to his recovery. welcome to a special edition of america's newsroom on this saturday afternoon. i'm sandra smith. a source familiar with the president's condition ahead of trip to walter reed his vitals were, quote, very concerning and the next 48 hours will be critical for his health. kristin fisher live outside of the hospital in bethesda, maryland, kristin a lot to take in and an update from the hospital as well. kristin: it's been a
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great deal of confusion over how exactly president trump is doing. it started with that briefing earlier today from the president's doctor and his medical team here at walter reed. but then we got the statement from a senior administration official, somebody very close to president trump. he said something, not totally opposite but very close, made it sound that president trump was in a much more serious state than the doctors led us to believe during the briefing. since then we have been working our sources, working the phones and john roberts was able to get in touch with senior administration official who really tried to clarify exactly what was meant in that statement and i want to read it to you in full. the senior administration official says that, quote, 24 hours ago there was real concern about the president's vitals for the past 12 hours there's been zero concerns. early indications are for positive prognosis.
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compare to what the president's doctor, sean conley said, just earlier today. >> this morning the president is doing very well. the team and i are extremely happy with the progress the president has made. thursday he had mild cough with nasal congestion and fatigue all which are now improving. kristin: when you're dealing as something as sensitive as the health and well-being of the president of the united states, the entire world is watching and so it is absolutely essential that the white house and the president's medical team unify in the statement that they are giving to the prez and to the public. clearly they have some work to do on that front
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aggressively intervene, they made the decision to bring president trump here out of abundance of caution and the president seems to be responding well to the treatment that they have been giving him and, you know, it was so concerning when president trump when we all know loves to tweet wasn't tweeting at all or hardly at all. so today, though, we've gotten a few tweets from president trump including this one just about an hour ago. he tweeted, quote, our great usa wants and needs stimulus, work together and get it done. thank you, so there you have a tweet from the president that sounds certainly a lot more like the president that we all know so well. he tweeted earlier today that he is feeling very well and so now we just wait and see, sandra, because now we have multiple people telling us and we know just from what we know about covid-19 that his next 48 hours are truly going to be critical. so the entire media, there's now dozens of members from the media from all over the world.
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there's people here honking their horns, a lot of trump flags outside of walter reed. this is truly going to be a bit of a circus for the next few days while president trump stays here and tries to get better, sandra. sandra: kristin, thank you. positive diagnosis jolting the race bringing pandemic back to campaign race. chris, good to see you, we are taking a lot of information and most importantly we got the update from the president's medical team just a couple hours ago. before we begin, i was going to play a bit of that and it was when the doctors were pressed on whether or not the president at any point in his treatment needed to receive oxygen, let's listen. >> right now he's not -- >> i know you keep saying right now but -- >> yesterday and today he was not oxygen. >> so he's not been on it during covid treatment? >> he's not oxygen right now. sandra: there's the reporter who is saying
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that it is -- it is now known that he received supplemental oxygen on friday, so you could call that conflicting information. we hope to learn more in the hours and days that come, but meanwhile we are just trying to figure out what this all means obviously for the president's health and the 2020 race. chris: well, first of all, most importantly, the president's health and as kristin pointed out, you know, the stories are conflicting and they are confusing and if there's one thing that you want to know is what is the health of our president. clearly, it's not serious, but, you know, what we were hearing first was -- well, out of an abundance of caution they were going to bring the president up to walter reed. now we are hearing from the senior administration officials well, in fact, his conditions were worsening and that's the reason that they brought him up to walter reed. and -- and, you know, the doctors were indicating -- they told a story that he had apparently i feel like i can get out of here
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right now but then on background they are saying the next 48 hours are critical. you know, the truth always ends upcoming out and -- and it just seems to me that to be direct if the news is good and we hope it is or bad or middling or whatever, tell the truth because that's what the american people want to hear. what is the health of our president? sandra: just to be clear with anyone who may have missed update a while ago, we did hear from the president's entire medical team as they -- they walked out on the steps there. it was a highly-anticipated moment because it was the first update, chris that we got since the president was admitted to the hospital. the doctors saying that they are 72 hours into diagnosis, that's been then clarified, the actual diagnosis happened later than that, it's actually 3 days. the president is in exceptionally good spirits, he's had a cough since thursday, they described that as improving now. the fever was thursday and friday and then he
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has been fever free for more than 24 hours, all sounds like very good news, chris, but what do the days and weeks look like now as we are going to watch this president battle this virus? he says he will continue working from walter reed, as long as he has to be there. he's not transferred over his duties yet, the campaign seems to be readjusting, what generally are your thoughts on all of that in -- >> chris: well, you know, we don't know what's the days and weeks ahead going to be because we don't know the president's recovery from covid, we hope it's going to be quick and as easy as possible. there was even little bit of contradiction there because the senior administration official said the next 48 hours are critical, but dr. conley, the president's physician saying days 7 through 10 being key days for people with the virus. the answer is that the virus has a mind of its own and obviously the president is getting the
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very best medical care that could be provided to him, but as i say, the science and the virus are what they -- what they are, and we will just have to wait and see. it does raise questions, though, that the next debate -- presidential debate, the vice presidential debate is wednesday, but the next presidential debate is on the 15th. that's what, 12 days from today. i didn't know math was going to be included. that's a real question. would he be able to go to miami to hold a town hall with joe biden at that point? is that going to be put off, is that going to have to be virtual? all of the things are up in the air as we wait to see how the president is doing. sandra: i believe it's senate majority leader as to why the president shouldn't be able to debate and the debate has to happen and if he needs to do it virtually he should be allowed to do it. no hard date for discharge from walter
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reed. indications are that he will remain off of the oxygen going forward. chris, to back to what you and i talked about yesterday, the mask wearing, family members obviously should have been wearing masks as they sat front row at the debate and then the rose garden event as we are now learning that senators mike lee of utah, ron johnson of wisconsin, tested positive for the virus. i mean, all of this is being looked at as possible events where some of this spread. chris: yeah, i really think -- you know, it's just guess work, but that rose garden where the president a week ago today announced the nomination of amy coney barrett to replace ruth bader ginsburg on the supreme court really seems to have been the key event. if you look at -- at stills of that, 7 people either the president or in the -- in the first
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four rows of the audience have tested positive, not just the senators you mentioned, not just the first lady, chris christie who -- former governor of new jersey who was advising the president on the debate, the president of notre dame john jenkins, that really does seem to have been a potential super spreader and you had over 100 people packed in together in the fairly tight confines of the rose garden. the vast majority not wearing masks and this does raise questions as to whether in desire to get past the covid and to reopen the country and lord knows everybody wants that, whether or not the white house let down its guard in terms of protecting against the virus. sandra: chris, i want to run this by, this is from our reporter david spunt on senator josh howley who is waiting results also on the judiciary committee, the missouri senator was at that amy coney barrett
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event in the rose garden about what you're talking last saturday. he took a covid test this morning, his office is now saying. they are told that the results may be back this evening. they are watching for that. he not only sits on the judiciary committee, chris, with mike lee and thom tillis, they were both confirmed positive i should point out, they were also in the rose garden and confirming that lee and howley did not wear a mask but tillis did and still confirmed positive. it's a lot to keep track of, chris, to your point going back to rose garden event. chris: that then raises a complete separate question because democrats are -- i think the only way you can say it are trying to use this outbreak among members of the senate, ron johnson who wasn't at that event but he has also tested positive, are trying to use that to say, hey, let's slow down on the hearing for amy coney barrett, let's slow down on the
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confirmation of amy coney barrett. obviously they are doing everything they can to try to push this past the election and try to -- to blockade her confirmation as a supreme court justice, the judiciary committee under the chairmanship of lindsey graham says we are going ahead with this and even raised the possibility of virtual hearings. there's been a lot of hearings in the senate that have been virtual where everybody is not in person. there's going to be a battle over that as democrats try to say, you know, there's a health risk here. we just can't have the confirmation and can't have debate and vote on the floor. there's a certain amount of political effort there to use this covid outbreak to try to block a nomination that they don't want to see go through anyway. sandra: chris, i know that you'll have a lot more on this tomorrow fox news sunday you'll be setting with dr. tom ingle.
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bloomberg school of public health and minnesota senator amy klobuchar. thank you. chris: you bet. sandra: republican senators tom tillis tested positive for covid-19. mark meredith live at the white house, mark, is the white house still confident that barrett can be confirmed quickly? mark: well, sandra, the white house has made it clear it certainly wants the judge confirmed election day. as you mentioned it was just last week that we saw the judge get nominated in the rose garden. the latest on what the covid outbreak means for the timeline. even multiple senators have tested positive. senator ron johnson, thom tillis and mike lee are among those who have tested positive as you mentioned tillis and lee sit on judiciary committee. the senate is not working this weekend. it's starting monday.
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it will meet in proforma session meaning very few senators are going to be in town. it appears that four votes that were expected, they will be pushed back until october 19th at the earliest. senate democrats say now is not the time to confirm a supreme court nominee. minority leader chuck schumer tweeting, if it's too dangerous to have the senate in session it's too dangerous for committee hearings to continue. majority leader mitch mcconnell put out a statement defending the decision to keep judiciary polity -- committee working. operated flawlessly through hybrid method while other participates virtually. sandra, back to you. sandra: mark meredith live at the white house, thank you. the president's diagnosis shaking up joe biden's campaign. the questions the campaign now faces with the president in the hospital with the election only weeks away.
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the biden campaign just ahead
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sandra: the biden 2020 campaign race to adjust strategy. it decide today pull negative ads from the air waves for the time being. hillary vaughn live from wilmington, delaware this afternoon. hi, hillary. reporter: hi, sandra, well, the biden campaign this weekend especially is making a big push to make sure progressive voters are still their supporters after biden had harsh words for bernie sanders and progressives at the debate last week after biden blasted sanders. the democrats socialist is in new hampshire today campaigning in person for biden holding a socially-distanced rally that's supposed to start any minute from now. biden's campaign was slow to pick up
12:19 pm
in-person campaigning during the pandemic but they aren't planning on stopping now even after biden's close call coming into contact with -- possibly coming with covid after cleveland debate. the way the campaign is behaving is no different than 5 days ago, 10 days ago. ppe has been worn by all members and volunteers. wore a mask up to debate stage. reporter: biden has made one change to campaign style, masks on all of the time. even at the podium even 6 feet away, biden told abc reporter yesterday in michigan he hopes the president getting covid makes the case for something he has been calling for for months, a mask mandate, saying this, quote, i hope it changes the perception among many people who thought that not wearing a mask made them somehow, i don't know, free or whatever, i'm hoping that it's a wake-up call for the country, there should be a mask mandate.
12:20 pm
biden's running mate kamala harris is on the ground in utah already preparing for the first presidential debate that will be more socially distanced. the biden campaign asked that harris and vice president mike pence 12 feet apart as opposed to 6. sandra. sandra: all right, hillary, thank you for that. wisconsin is setting new records, new record for daily coronavirus cases. what is behind the surge there and do the hospitals have the capacity to keep up. plus kentucky's attorney general releasing grand jury tape in breonna taylor case, what we are now learning how the prosecutors handled those proceedings. ♪ don't know ♪ ♪ get a dozen double crunch shrimp for one dollar with any steak entrée. only at applebee's.
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sandra: wisconsin nearing record highs of new coronavirus cases now. notable outbreaks in northern part of the state. wisconsin also allows indoor do i think and some health officials believe that mask and social distancing guidelines are being ignored in many areas. patrick marly, state politics reporter for the milwaukee journal and joining us now. so just tell us broadly speaking what's happening in your state as far as the new cases. >> yeah, we are having record every day or two, 2900 cases today. increased 19 deaths, 1400 people in wisconsin have died of covid. it really did start in the east and first started popping up on college campuses. so in madison where the flagship campus, you saw there. but now it's really moved throughout the
12:25 pm
state and north eastern wisconsin where green bay is where you are seeing the worst of it right now. that's where president trump was going to campaign on saturday before he was diagnosed with the illness. sandra: of course, that has now been canceled and that was in the red zone where we were seeing heightened concerned about confirmed covid-19 cases, but to what is -- what are people blaming for the rise in this? we are looking at restaurants that have opened, bars that have opened, you're referencing universities and we saw a surge there as well. why widely is being attribute today this surge? >> i think all of the things you shared about the people are supposed to be doing are not doing enough of, so we do have a mask mandate and not being uniformly used. people aren't always doing that. that's part of the problem. people are social distancing. you go to college campus, you do see a lot of students gathering close together to one another, bars getting filled at night,
12:26 pm
restaurants. it's just all to have advice that health officials have been giving us for 8 or 9 moths people aren't always following it and you're seeing that in wisconsin right now. sandra: so many will be able to recover fully from the virus, you do have concerns when you do see spikes like this over hospital capacity. what you are you seeing in wisconsin and the ability for hospital to take people should they need the extra help? >> that's a concern in northeast wisconsin where green bay is. we heard cases instantly where patients were being treated in hallways. health officials have raised concerns that they are going to be overwhelmed if wisconsin doesn't get on top of this. the governor has arranged for field hospitals if necessary, nothing like that has been needed so far, but it is a top concern for hospital officials. sandra: how would you say generally speaking, i know you're referencing the north part, green bay, and
12:27 pm
others, generally speaking the mask wearing, the social distancing and people's, you know, willingness to adhere to cdc guidelines? >> it really differs person to person and bipartisanship to some extent, not similar to liberal place, second largest city in state. you see a fair bit of mask wearing outside of campus, on campus you don't always see that and on rural parts of the stays there's suspicion of the mask requirement and some people just don't follow it. sandra: all right, we appreciate you coming on with us, patrick marly, thank you. >> thank you. sandra: president trump not the first president hit hard by pandemic. woodrow wilson with the spanish flu and what can happen now, karl rove to give us his historical perspective. karl joins us next. ♪
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12:32 pm
canadian border. not only do they carry a nasty sting, hunt and kill honey bees needed for pollinating crops. pope francis leaving rome for the first time since february. celebrated mass in town of asisi. ♪ sandra: well, president trump expect today remain at walter reed medical center for at least a few days. there's possibility that vice president mike pence may have to step in. this in the event that president trump becomes too sick to fulfill his duties, of course. joining us now former white house deputy chief of staff karl rove, karl, good afternoon to you, great to have you here and if i could show our viewers that moment when -- when the president walked to marine 1, he was helep
12:33 pm
heleported to the hospital and you realize the toll the virus is taken on the world, karl. what did you think and what did you think seeing that? karl: the president is our leader and he's the president of all people and for him to be ill no matter what your partisan beliefs are and no matter where you live and who you are, you want the wish to president well because he's the -- he's the person we've elected to lead our country. the -- you know, i was taken back from diplomatic room, i thought it was very human when he said, i'm doing very well, i think, because when you face a disease like this, you know, we are never really sure and he's an optimistic person that strikes by nature and i thought it was a human touch and i thought it was probably, sort of remove some of the barriers that people might have in seeing them and understand that he felt like they might feel in the same situation.
12:34 pm
sandra: as far as historical precedent for something like this, a lot of the publications are looking back, the associated press comparing the president to woodrow wilson writing this this morning, karl, like many administrations before him, the white house tried to keep wilson's sickness a secret. wilson was at talks in paris when he fell ill, his personal physician thought he had been poisoned and wrote a letter back to washington to inform the white house that the president was very sick. no indications that they were trying to conceal or hide the president's illness, president trump's illness but certainly a look back at a moment in history that can be compared to today, karl, as we look at the white house does handle this going forward. karl: well, it was a much different time. literally wilson finished presidency as a recluse and main contact with both the white house staff and the world is his wife.
12:35 pm
and wife edith, and that would be impossible today. so transparency is what's important. we've seen in our lifetime several instances a president reagan was shot and surrendered office to george h w. bush and temporarily transferred the powers of his office to vice president cheney while he went for routine medical procedures, colonoscopy in 2002 and again 2007. can we say a word about the 25th amendment? this was passed in the aftermath of the death of jf kennedy, it had been discussed beforehand because of the frankly roosevelt's illness as historians came to understand were more difficult and more dangerous than we knew and just a general concern about what was the process for
12:36 pm
transferring the power of a president who somehow was no longer able to charge duties. if the president says i will go in for a colonoscopy, the president transmits senate statement, that's chuck grassley today and house speaker nancy pelosi and says i am unable to discharge the powers and duties of my office. and that transfers the power legally to the vice president until such time as the president withdraws this by, again, a written declaration. this is the way that most people are probably thinking to have situation now. there's a second method under the same amendment that in essence if the president is unable to perform the duties of his office but will not give up the authority of then majority of the cabinet and the vice president could write such a delarge to the same two officials and the vice president again assumes authority until such time as its reversed, but -- but, you know, presidents
12:37 pm
have illnesses and going to the hospital, my suspicion is if he had to go into sedation he would do what president bush did and temporarily give authority to vice president. he's cognizant of what's going on and able to perform the duties in his office. sandra: doctor said in update a couple of hours ago, he was doing so well this morning, i feel like i can get up here and walk right out of the hospital. his doctors saying that he's doing very well. his condition is improving, he's not oxygen, no difficulty breathing, oxygen levels at 96%, he's in exceptionally good spirits in words and terminology used by the doctors. karl, what you and i are talking about how leader and government have to prepare for worst case scenario and that would be mike pence having to sit in and he's doing that in the campaign as he is going to be out there in the coming week campaigning for the trump campaign. kal, a wonderful lookback, do you have a final thought? karl: remember this happens a lot in
12:38 pm
government. each one of the members of the cabinet can similarly give up their authority of their office temporarily to their deputy and this happens i would suspect, once or twice a year, happens in everybody's cabinet because you have to go in for a procedure or you're not feeling well, it happened with john ashcroft. you may have heard of the gentleman, james comey. we do have procedures in place, the 25th amendment has been invoked in our lifetime four or five times that i'm aware of. sandra: we wish the president the best to fight this. karl: absolutely. sandra: great to see you, thank you. election officials scrambling to find enough poll workers for the presidential election. the reason a lot of seniors who typically work that day are stepping aside this year to protect themselves of course, from the virus. bob has more on that.
12:39 pm
>> long lines could be peak of what to expect with shortage of poll workers. >> i hadn't considered the fact that most poll workers are seniors and they are the ones truly affect bid covid. >> election officials are asking young people to step up to the job, simulation from mit election data and science lab estimates the country will need as many as 467,000 more poll workers. >> i've been scrolling my phone on facebook and i'd seen a post from the city's conquer and they were requesting volunteered workers. >> she also recruited friends from town's young professionals network to help in primary this past month. more than 70 companies have told low-risk workers they can take time off to lend a hand in power of polls, so far more than 350,000 workers have signed up. >> recruit a new generation of poll workers, people that might be younger, less vulnerable to the virus.
12:40 pm
>> just seems like an easy way to step up, both to support my city and also the seniors in the area who really need to step back at this time. >> in fulton county, georgia in june primary election officials blamed long lines partly on not having enough workers. this time around they are seeing a change. >> exciting to see more younger people get involved that can -- that hopefully will commit beyond november. >> she got all of her training in zoom and ready to do it all again in just a few weeks. in new jersey, fox news. ♪ sandra: thank you, the kentucky attorney general releasing the highly-anticipated recordings to have breonna taylor proceedings. the audio includes officer' testimony that they knocked multiple times and announced their presence before entering. steve harrigan on this for us, steve.
12:41 pm
steve: sandra the tapes failed to give a clear picture the night that breonna taylor was killed. a judge ordered 20 hours of grand jury recording from shooting death of breonna taylor released friday after questions were raised after what guidance the jurors received. kentucky attorney general daniel cameron said he told the jurors the two white police officers who shot and killed taylor inside her apartment in march used justifiable force since they taylor's fired at police. he thought they were intruders. a key issue whether police had no-knock warrant announced presence before crashing through the door. several neighbors claim they heard nothing. police on tape disagreed. >> i knocked on the door. [inaudible]
12:42 pm
>> no response. [inaudible] steve: taylor, emergency room technician died in her hallway. only one officer who took part was indicted, charged with want and endangerment for shooting wildly into a neighboring apartment. no charges were filed against sergeant jonathan mattingly orle casgrove. one protestor shot and wounded two police officers. >> just for black girls is not just about warning us when we die. it's about celebrating us when we live. steve: there were just a few demonstrators overnight but despite
12:43 pm
that the city is still much pretty boarded up. sandra, thank you. sandra: thank you from louisville this afternoon, steve, thank you. president trump's doctor meanwhile does say his condition is improving but they'll be monitoring him very closely, they say as he under goes treatment for covid-19 at walter reed medical center at this hour. why the next few days are critical for the president's health? >> just 72 hours into the diagnosis now and the first week of covid, 7 to 10 are the most critical in determining the likely course of this illness.
12:44 pm
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12:46 pm
sandra: fox news alert. we are getting brand-new video of a fight during demonstration at the washington monument in dc. watch this for. the fighting did continue for some time we are told. the language is so rough that we are running the video but we can't play the sound. the demonstration was called the unsilent
12:47 pm
majority march. the protrump group, national park police confirmed that two people were arrested for adult on a police officer there. police wouldn't say if the people they arrested were demonstrators or counter-protestors. meanwhile -- >> the team and i are extremely happy with the progress the president has made. thursday he had mild cough with nasal congestion all of which are improving. he's doing so well but with known course of the illness, day 7 to 10 we get concern about the inflammatory phase, phase 2. sandra: update from medical team saying condition is improving and he will continue to be very closely monitored in the coming hours and days. our own john roberts hearing from senior administration official that 24 hours ago it was a different story. there was real concern that the president was showing signs of a possible progression from mild to a more severe case of
12:48 pm
coronavirus, but since receiving treatment at walter reed indications have been positive. dr. george díaz the section chief infectious disease medical center. what do you make of what you have heard so far of the president's condition? doctor: hi, sandra, thank you for having me. he may have required oxygen or may have had fevers, those two findings is probably what triggered the transfer to walter reed and upon arrival, sounded like he didn't need oxygen any further and at that point the team was deciding how to treat him. at this point patients submitted with covid, two treatments that are center of care, first remdesivir and in more severe steroids are administered when one enters inflammatory disease. it looks like the president only required
12:49 pm
remdesivir which has been shown to reduce the time of recovery, in addition given early data that's come out that's been regeneron, the cocktail was provided and the initial topline results from the press releasessed the other day indicated that patients that received the cocktail had -- were able to clear their symptoms faster. they were able to reduce the amount of fire shedding and via appointment was decreased. that's the reason the medical team chose treatment with antibody. we would likely have started remdesivir as well and enrolled patient in clinical trial also with this cocktail, so the entire treatment course seems entirely reasonable and very encouraging that the president has responded to treatment. sounds like symptoms are improving. are very good sign that is the treatments are
12:50 pm
having desired effect in terms of symptoms. sandra: a lot we have been told from the medical team. we can put the medications so far that he has received including some that you just mentioned, of course, remdesivir and then the cocktail that he received to try to shut the virus more. you referenced the fever. that was confirmed by medical team when they walked out on the steps there. he's been fever free for 24 hours. talk about the hours and days to come, we have 30 seconds left, doctor, and what they will be looking for. doctor: they will look to see what happens with oxygenation. we will see if it requires steroids, steroids are given in inflammatory phase of the disease. over the next couple of days we will be watching very closely to see if the president requires oxygen and each further advanced treatments.
12:51 pm
sandra: dr. díaz, appreciate that, thank you. firefighters in california scrambling in high heat and gusty winds to put out a raging wild fire in wine country and we've also got an update from trump campaign at full speed as the president fights covid-19. we will have an update just ahead. ♪ ♪ sandra: fox news
12:52 pm
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12:54 pm
alert, trump campaign putting out a statement just a moment ago telling fox news exclusively it is keeping at full speed as president trump fights the coronavirus. events featured vice president mike pence and members of the trump family in key battleground states, update from the trump campaign. meanwhile vineyards restaurants, homes reduced to rubble as wild fire burning
12:55 pm
relentlessly for a week now. fire crews using helicopters to drop water on 52,000 acres now. matt finn, matt, weather conditions are not helping the firefighters, are they? matt: for the past couple of days they have not, sandra, as of right now the higher winds seemed to have calmed, great news for firefighters who we have seen work exhaustive shifts. vineyards like this one would be a total loss because of weeks of smoke and heat from actual fires and people who work here at america's premier wine region tell us this year is likely the worst ever in terms of economic damage, tasting rooms are closed for months because of pandemic and now back to backfires. here are vineyard owners we talked to about devastation. >> it's not inexpensive. in fact, it's extremely expensive. for someone to have a slice of the napa valley
12:56 pm
amongst the vines and in the hills, usually takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears. >> it's hard for the workers especially, you know, there's a lot of work in harvest and they rely on this to make it through the winter. it's going to be hard. matt: each vineyard owner stands to lose millions of dollars in damage. this afternoon the glass fire has grown to 62,000 acres, 10% contained. to the north there's good news, the evacuation orderses -- orders, they've listen lifted in those areas. the smoke will continue to settle in these areas, sandra. sandra: remarkable pictures on the ground there, matt finn, thank you for your reporting there. that does it for us, thank you for joining us for this special edition of america's newsroom. i'm sandra smith on this
12:57 pm
saturday. i'm sandra smith, coverage of president trump's fight against virus continues with eric sean and arthel neville next
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>> well you're looking live at the growings gathering of the president's supporters. there they are. outside of walter reid medical center you can see they have flags and signs and they are showing their support for the presidential patient who we're told is in good spirits. but you know the next 48 hours will be critical chief of staff mark meadows. but the president earlier today, well he was tweeting. you know that's surely is a good sign. president trump says he, quote, is feeling well at the hospital in maryland two days after announcing he did test positive for the coronavirus at 1:20 p.m. this afternoon eastern time about an hour after his doctors that walter reid given an update