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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 6, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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♪ >> harris: thank you to the standard bearers but now everyone out there watching me. with on the thank you, now here is harris. 61-year-old vice president and 55-year-old from california to show they are prepared to take over should something happen to the president." your response. >> sure my think it raised the >> harris: here is an update interest in this debate coming in the hour that we will likely up tomorrow night. hear from president trump today. as far as vice president pence, he has become even more one day after walter reed center instrumental to the campaign because our star quarterback is on the injured reserve and we in that coming from the cannot wait to get him back on the field, but a lot of other white house. "outnumbered overtime" i am harris faulkner. just a few minutes ago the significant players, most of all vice president pence with a campaign. commercial break on i think what american people "outnumbered" the white house physician said the president is will see is incredibly stark reporting no symptoms today and contrast ideologically speaking is doing and i quote "extremely because mike pence has a long record of conservatism where kamala harris in my opinion does and sweetie can you just be... well." gentle with the pens. this afternoon he made a okey. okey. i know. gentle..gentle dramatic return to the white house last night where his statistical modeling of people on the hill. care continues. new projects means new project managers. she would literally for 2019 the and despite the doctor's most liberal number of the warning, he's not out of the woods yet. the president released a video you need to hire. united states senate event to the left of elizabeth warren and i need indeed. urging americans not to be bernie sanders. there is a wide divide between indeed you do.
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the moment you sponsor a job on indeed afraid of covid-19. >> one thing, don't let it these two. you get a short list of quality candidates i expect vice president pence to press him on radical ideas, from our resume database dominate you. so you can start hiring right away. don't be afraid of it. decriminalizing illegal border claim your seventy five dollar credit, we are going to beat it. we have the best medical crossing and banning fracking. when you post your first job at equipment. we have the best medicines. so look for that. >> harris: one thing for sure, it has to be a spirit of debate all developed recently. >> harris: also this, because both of them have an joe biden said the president bear some responsibility for incredible amount of energy. becoming infected with covid-19. you know, they have a path, leadership path. they will go at each other and >> quite frankly, i wasn't we have seen it from both of surprised. them and they were style. i want to pop up something that anybody who contracts the virus by essentially saying masts has happened the last few minutes. i watch the average and i really don't matter, social distancing doesn't matter, i think is don't get into polling until we are under 30 days. responsible for what happens to but a new poll showed the last you. >> harris: chief white house correspondent john roberts is little bit, joe biden holds a live with the latest. 12-point lead over donald trump. >> not out of the woods yet but pretty close, here is from a day current president among all registered voters in 7-9 can typically still be a battleground pennsylvania, biden danger zone for people when your 54% to 52%. immune system kicks back and that is an important state to appeared you get sometimes that the president of the united states. storm. why? what is the strategy in the
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good news for the president. he's not showing symptoms today campaign going forward there? >> regarding poles, i don't and he is anxious to get back think it is useful to cherry out and about. i was talking to the white house pick poles and if we engage with an address to the nation today. i'm not sure if he will do it in that practice far more than today or a little bit further in the president, then the his recovery. there was also the questionable organizations the most accurate logistics as well because there in 2016. is potential of the president is >> i didn't cherry pick it but still contagious. one thing the president says he it is one that we watch, and tof wants to do is be at the debate that. >> no, no, i'm just saying in next thursday in miami. the president tweeted "i'm general. >> harris: i know it is looking forward to the debate on important state. the evening october 15th in to the campaign, it is important miami. so what is your strategy going it will be great" twitter taking forward? >> absolutely. issue with the president's tweet i think there are two critical comparing covid with the blue pair of the president tweeted issues in pennsylvania for us. earlier that the flu season is number when i mentioned before coming up. many people sometimes over is fracking. joe biden has been all over the 100,000 and despite the vexing map and fracking in western die from the flu. what we close down the country? pennsylvania. he claims he is pro-energy trying to cater to the left wing no. we learn to live with it just like we learn to live with of his party aoc and the squad. he has against fracking so he's covid. the president said in most all over the map. kamala harris is not all over populations far less lethal. the map, she wants to ban the last part drew a rebuke from fracking period. we will push that issue and it's
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twitter that had censorship and important for the national and economic security of america to actually critically important for pennsylvania. this tweeted violated a harmful and also the second issue that will win pennsylvania for us, information related to covid-19. the president then firing back pennsylvania like industrial states was decimated by at twitter saying "repeal joe biden during his half-century in washington section 230." that is the section of swamp. a principal architect of communications decency act which terrible trade deals that guided american industry and sent protects social media companies millions of american jobs to who censor people.the presidente china, many from the keystone posture against coronavirus state. i hope we will persuasively make after returning to the white house last night insisting the state to pennsylvanians they the nation, the american people do not want to retreat to cannot allow the coronavirus to >> i didn't feel so good two run you. economic globalism and globalism >> i could have left two days supplication to china and that days ago i could have left, i ago, i felt better than i have is what joe biden represents. in a long time. >> harris: well, you know felt great, better than i have he said recently, better than 20 what, we are in for a treat been in a long time. tomorrow night because you have i said recently, better than 20 years ago. don't let it dominate you and a current vice president who led years ago. take over your lives. don't let it dominate. the task force on covid-19, and don't let it take over your don't let that happen. you have a senator who states lives. this is the greatest country in has dealt with that and also don't let that happen! the world. we are going back, going back to >> harris: president trump work. some other issues recently with making his dramatic return to >> the democrats and television fires and so on and so forth and the two of them will bring it the white house last night, commentators have been very giving two thumbs up after being critical of that message accusing the president with a all there. you laid it out for pennsylvania discharged from walter reed cavalier attitude about the and thank you for doing that and medical center. while his doctors say he's not
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so much more, thank you. out of the was just yet, just coronavirus. the white house communications director melissa arguing under >> harris:>> thank you. moments ago, we got a statement the president's leadership the nation has made great strides in from his physician saying the >> harris: tomorrow's president is reportedly having dealing with the coronavirus. vice presidential debate, listen here. bret baier and no symptoms today and is doing >> on this date, you are the extremely well. most likely to survive and get martha maccallum will host special coverage starting i want to bring in the medical 6:00 p.m. eastern, leading up to treatment for the coronavirus in that but don't let the debate, power panel dr. cady and medical the u.s. then ever prior. you are ready on director of prevention at atrium because of this president's fox news channel nine and we leadership and how he has will see you. prepared us to deal with it. health. dr. peter, codirector of the the pandemic and ongoing civil center for vaccine development >> u unrest are taking a major toll and texas children's hospital. i want to come to you first. on mobile economy. like some business owners blame i know good news when i hear it. even if he does, likely we will when a patient is getting hear from him in some point better, that is good news. city leaders accusing them of making a bad situation much i also know that covid-19 has today, harris. >> harris: he likes to two stages but where are we with the president based on what we communicate video, twitter and worse. may be an address. plus president trump returning we will watch for coverage when to the white house. can tell outside of the glass? it happens. we all watched this together. >> so covid-19 is one of those john roberts thank you. i want to bring in top 20 but some are worried he was infections where you can be discharged from the hospital too campaign senior advisor for soon as covid-19 continues to strategy. steve, it is great to have you on the program. stable and/or getting better and spread the west wing reportedly. have decompensation around day i have problems how we go forward. i will not relitigate what the 7-10. the coming days it will be the medical panel weighs in on important to watch the president report talked about out of the white house and stuff. the larger concerns next. i want to go forward and some of ♪ ok, just keep coloring there... closely and make sure he is not showing signs of worsening that the questions have to do with the president has learned from we see in some patients. his recent journey.
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>> harris: you know, doctor, i know the white house, usa one of the things i was asking a senior advisor, the president senior advisor on his campaign has to do with lessons learned communicating with everybody now, he may not have a public from the president and all that schedule but i would imagine accessible. and my number one question would he had, a cocktail, and i'm just have to be, what has he learned going to call that steroid for letters because you can to make it easier, the road easier for americans who get pronounce it -- pronounce it this deadly virus? he had rammed in a severe -- better. remdesivir, what can we take away? >> one of the things, we still remdesivir and they get to pick and choose on a metrix of things. don't have a full understanding how sick the president actually what can he tell us as americans was on friday when he went into to make the road easier? >> i think the important message walter reed. she has already come baying, we i suspect he was starting to deteriorate based on the fact have to take the virus that he had a fever and oxygen seriously, but we can't let it requirement as well as he was control their lives. he has authenticity and authority when it says that as having some intermittent respiratory symptoms and somebody who has been infected and who thankfully is distress. recuperating quickly. he went to the best place you we know not everybody does come up course but nonetheless it is can imagine, walter reed a great role model for the national medical center. i collaborated with that group country that we have to take ree for two codecades now. precautions peer of the they are some of the best white house and the president doctors that you can imagine. took more than reasonable they've done an amazing job of precautions but he still got
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taking care of him. exactly how much of the infected but his point is take reasonable precautions and our society needs to continue to improvement was due to the progress to normalcy. intervention is hard to say because they did several things to me that is the most at once. fundamental to the point choice they gave him dexamethasone him in this election, on one hand, a steroid, some aspirin for joe biden who threatens to shut down the entire society and anticoagulants, remdesivir, the economy again, take us back to antiviral drug but the most where we were in the spring. i think that is a totally interesting thing they did was unacceptable alternative. on the other hand, we have an antibody cocktail from regeneron and i'm quite president trump who is committed enthusiastic about that to an agenda of growth and approach. i've been working on corona viruses for the last ten years. prosperity and also regarding one of the things we have the virus, empowerment and learned is having iris success and prosperity. neutralize the antibiotic is to make the difference in terms of so they are entirely different how you do coronavirus with role views. >> harris: you know them i have a couple of follow-ups. he also had some of the best original sars and covid-19 as well. so i think that could have made health care in the world at walter reed. i grew up military so i am very a big difference in terms of the familiar with that particular clinical output. >> harris: interesting, see i medical installation. and he had a hospital like love getting that information environment to go to the doctors all across the country can use. we get to learn from each white house. not something everyday americans have and he is our president so other's experiences and even i hope they would take care of each other and the president. him like that. but i'm wondering if you will i want to talk about what's acknowledge some of that going happening at the white house
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forward in his messaging. right now. the communications director on some of the numbers are showing safety precautions they are he's in the water on the topic taking with the staff around the with voters being polled, likely president. let's watch. voters on coronavirus. >> at the white house we take just curious if that will come precautions in events we host and i think in light of the into play. i also am curious about the president's positive test and the first lady, we will take things that we know more for the time being to scientifically work. steve, do you see the president protect the staff around him. saying, maybe i should have put my mask on when i was done. >> harris: doctor, from what we know with the staff that has there was a photographer that they are blah, blah, blah, or gotten covid in the white house, how does this look going what are your greatest concerns, forward? what do you think you will say and what should they be doing in going forward? >> first, harris, regardless his terms of getting that environment safer? >> yeah, so it will be important health care he gets a level of health care one in the world. that is how it should be for any for the president to isolate as president because of his much as possible. the basic principle that we have critical importance to the country. i think the president also been advocating for for many believes and knows that regular americans come everyday months and perhaps even more so americans have access to therapt did not exist just weeks ago. now. so that is important for the making sure that the individuals country. are masking and anyone in close that is because of the action of proximity to the president, president trump and he decided maintaining distance wherever early days in the virus all the
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possible, at least 6 feet certainly from the president, way back to february to start but also from each other to the largest government man dated prevent any further spread. campaign in america since we have also seen some spread in world war ii. that area. and the production of ppe, the basic principles washing your hands, wearing a mask, therapeutics, testing capacity keeping their friends are very, come overflow hospital capacity and that was all done with very important in the white house. amazing swiftness and scope by >> harris: doctor, it is great the trump administration. to see you both and thank you because of the outcome of the for breaking it down. mortality rate is plunging in we got that message from the this country, thank goodness. president's doctor that he is even for people who do get sick doing extremely well at this with a virus like juncture. president trump they have a good to see you both. vastly better chance of doing well and recuperating fully the coronavirus pandemic and today than they did even just a civil unrest putting major few months ago. his case is proof positive of economic pressure on two of the largest cities in the northwest. that, even though admittedly his level of care is different from how small businesses are being regular americans. affected. regarding the precautions, the plus, a texas officer charged in president has worn mask when the shooting death of an unarmed appropriate. for example, months ago he went to the very hospital walter reed black man. what investigators are saying about the case. a live report coming up. as a visitor rather than a patient, he wore a mask because veterans who refi at newdayne, it was appropriate. just a few days ago or a week ago when he went to ruth bader can now save $3000 dollars a year
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with the va streamline refi. ginsburg's memorial service and wore a mask in quarters. at newday there's no income verification, no appraisal, so he wears a mask when appropriate and he does not and not a single dollar out of pocket. believe unreasonable restrictions upon the country. he does not believe in the one call can save you $3000 a year. threat of a lockdown. >> harris: a priest appreciate you answering the questions. mike pence and the face-off dueo
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♪ >> harris>> harris: a attacked e officer has been charged of a
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30-year-old man who witnesses say he tried to intervene with a dispute but that shooting has parked protest. live in dallas and what has happened, casey. >> harris, we are trying to get our hands on the court paperwork and the official filing to this point, but that's been a little bit difficult because the only thing texas rangers will say is that the preliminary findings of the investigation shows the police officer was at "not objectionable he reasonable." so they filed murder and taken into custody yesterday. officer shaun lucas tried teasing the man and tried to detain him even though jonathan price was trying to walk away. now, this all went down in wolf city, texas a town of about 1400 more than an hour with east of dallas. and the family is now saying jonathan price was not involved in a domestic situation as the
10:14 am
call was reported to the responding officers. they say he was breaking up a fight between other people when cops showed up at the gas station. the 31-year-old is being described in the community of the hometown hero after died from gunshot wounds sustained at him by the police officer and city employee. hundreds have taken to the streets in saturday's incident calling for justice and calling for the officer to be charged. and then last night some of those moments getting a little intense between law enforcement and some of the protesters. the price family attorney has now called for the body camera video and surveillance video of that incident to be released for transparency. we should close by telling you that bail was set for the officer at $1 million. and we have done online record checks and searches, and it shows he bonded out of jail and is no longer behind bars charged with this murder case, harris.
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>> harris: casey stegall, thank you very much. civil unrest in cities across america. the coronavirus pandemic all of us putting major economic strain on small businesses. particularly in seattle's formerly known as c.h.o.p. zone. remember all that vandalism, looting, violence? in portland, oregon hundreds of stores and restaurants permanently closed down. remember all those jobs? dan springer is live for us in seattle for an example of the fallout, dan. >> harris, it has been a brutal month-long one-two punch especially in this pacific northwest. and this iconic car wash in seattle is close down now, as you can see fenced up and vandalized, frankly, according to the owner over and over again. 126 street-level stores have shut down for good in downtown seattle. the latest is columbia sportswear, a baby clothing store that has been here 44 years with clothes and moving to
10:16 am
idaho. the owner said the area is no longer safe. there is so much plywood covering glass windows and doors, even on businesses that are still open and trying to make it. it looks like one big construction zone. the feel is completely different. we spoke with one business owner whose had four break-ins the last month. one wiped out 80% of his inventory and his customer base dried up. >> there is no reason to come to downtown. all of the businesses are closing down, and even the market, 40% right now. >> other downtowns that are suffering from a minneapolis that had 150 building set on fire and $500 million in damage. on chicago's miracle mile, 200 stores have been vandalized in downtown portland has been gutted. nearly 300 of 700 retail locations are either vacant or closed down and a dozen of them permanently. the companies keeping the
10:17 am
workers at home, the streets are increasingly dominated by people who are homeless and often in need of treatment for gravitation and illness, covid and rioting, a bad situation much worse. many city leaders they blame for letting the violence go unchecked. >> if you come down to break a window or put somebody's life in danger, you ought to face consequences. there should be no borderlines around how we are dealing with a hoax. >> seattle times columnist said the city council is largely to blame for the environment here, saying they are hostile to business and allowed voices calling for a revolution. i can tell you with all the violence leaving, so all's well the tech space they rely on socially, harris. >> harris: that is an excellent reminder, dan springer, thank you very much. the media are piling up on president trump for going home to the white house.
10:18 am
after several days at walter reed. is that criticism overblown? we will get into it. plus, more media skepticism about joe biden's town hall with undecided voters last night. one reporter calling it a biden infomercial. president trump weighed in like 6 minutes ago. we will get back to you as well. our panel next. ♪ it's an important time to save. with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels. and when you get a big deal... feel like a big deal. ♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal. it's about the humans, this human, that human or these humans. it's about getting more than health insurance and a partner who listens and acts.
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but i think i've been 'round long enough to know what's what. i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >> once you engage in violence, you should be arrested and held accountable. i'm the only one who talked about increasing police budgets. these masks matter. it saves lives and prevents the spread of the disease. one of the problem is the president says i take no responsibility. an obligation by basic guidelines and the science matters. listen to the scientists. >> harris: the former vice president speaking to voters at an nbc town hall in
10:23 am
miami, florida, last night. however, the event struck commentators as too easy on former vice president, who was never asked about his positions on topics like packing the u.s. supreme court or getting rid of the filibuster. president trump president trump just tweeted "did anyone get to see that absolute joke of a town hall interview that joe biden did with comcast nbc news hosted by lester holt?" what a disgrace to our country that free public airwaves can be used that way, all softballs, timehould be paid by the corrupt dnc. period and the director for the national republican congressional committee. harold ford jr. the democratic congressman from tennessee. gentlemen, great to see you. first i will go to harold. this is part of what happens in your candidate does not sit down for tough interviews and walks into these situations when the softballs come, he might want to
10:24 am
make it or to buy himself. we asked you that question, let me pick it up. you are not seeing that from joe biden. why not? >> first of all, thank you for having me on. i think monday morning quarterback and he is coming from critics and mainly those who don't support joe biden. i take it for what it is pure they want to see those questions answered and hopefully, some of those questions will be answer that are not already answered. let me be clear, he's against packing the court. he has indicated with regard to the filibuster. >> harris: how do you know because he would not answer that at the debate and i don't mean to cut end. >> i saw a tape of this on fox news where he answer the question. he said if you pack the court and add people to the court, all you would do is set this up every four years there is anger on one side and paid back four years later. but the larger point you make, the vice president will have to sit down between now and election day perhaps a few times and hopefully with this network, and answer some of those
10:25 am
questions. i think he answer them while the other night when chris wallace moderated the debate. and he will have to answer them again in a town hall set up where again, president trump can ask questions directly to vice president biden and those coming from the audience. and on nbc, that was a town hall. these were actual voters. and we know that the voters were telling the truth. these were voters that were asking questions on their mind. >> harris: it isn't that people are seeking whether the voters were telling the truth but critiquing the moderator or the actual gas might have said, may be taking it up a notch. we see that all the time. i do town holes for a living. let's move on. let's get to this, a lot of reaction pouring in and political reporter mark tweeted this nbc's town hall with joe biden and undecided voters in miami didn't seem to have undecided voters.
10:26 am
it was a tv show that doubled as a biden infomercial. can't blame him for doing it. and democrat activists chris jackson tweeted this "the media never learns. nbc spent the first 12 minutes of joe biden's town hall talking about trump." you know, i'm curious as we round out the panel today with my other guests mahesh of this happen going forward with joe biden? will he be ready coming down the pike? >> as we sold the debate the other night he said quote, "i will not answer the question when it come to scotus packing." he has made that clear with all due respect to my good friend, harold and kamala harris asked by nbc danced around the question. we have seen this time and time again. republicans could never get away for saying something like that. it is not just the republican ticket, democrats running for
10:27 am
senate in event the house. this is the playbook that they do. you know, we know what the plan is. to do as little as possible into elected and once you get into office, come out in favor with democrats in 2018, they did this exact same thing when it came to impeachment. now, i don't understand why biden can't give a straight answer on scotus packing, milking the filibuster, it is ludicrous. >> harris: harold? >> look, if i were holding the hands of a card for this president with coronavirus being the number one thing on people's mind and 80% of americans being concerned about the spread, i too would be raising these issues. and vice president biden cannot answer them all that we shouldn't lose sight of the important issues are in the campaign. those are the issues are engaged in, vice president biden laid out a plan to rebuild main street and a plan to combat the
10:28 am
coronavirus and ensure the vaccine comes about that every american is able to get it pure those are the two most important things on people's minds. i disagree, he had answer the question of scotus packing. >> harris: i want to give equal time to rebuttal that but thank you for your patience, go ahead. >> he has not answered it and he needs to be clear. he would have said it during the debate. covid is absolutely an issue. if it is such an issue, why not joe biden give a straight answer? he hasn't yet and i doubt he will. >> harris: matt gorman, harold ford jr., let's pop our corn and get ready for the debate tomorrow night, good to see you, thank you. hurricane laura updated to dangerous hurricane 4 storm. where and when he can make landfall on the gulf coast and no, you are not imagining it, yes, that is the second go around.
10:29 am
hurricane delta, hurricane delta because our team had it wrong. hurricane delta, not laura. we will be right back. ♪ wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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i'm voting 'yes' on prop 19. nineteen limits taxes on seniors. it limits property tax on people like me. nineteen limits taxes on wildfire victims. it says so right here. if 19 passes, seniors can move closer to family or medical care. i looked at moving but i can't afford the taxes. will you help california's most vulnerable? vote 'yes' on prop 19. ♪ >> harris: the senate
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judiciary committee officially has scheduled judge amy coney barrett you ask supreme court nomination hearing. lindsey graham said the hearings will begin next monday, october 12th and go through the 15th. this after two republican members tested positive for covid-19 and out telling fox news safety precautions will be in place including limits on people allowed inside of the hearing room. last month was the deadliest september in chicago since 1993. and as we take a look at that, homicides reported up to 50% from 2019. more than 3100 people have been shot in chicago, illinois, this year alone. the please note the support of other violent crimes have dropped from their somewhat levels. california hitting an alarming milestone. the august complex wildfires the first gig of fire in the states modern history.
10:34 am
burning 1 million acres in an larger than the state. this year's wildfires has forced more than 4 million acres collectively and more than double the previous record. >> hurricane delta rapidly intensifying into a fearsome category for four dorm and the gulf coast later this week wins 130 miles an hour and deadly storm surge and flooding. meteorologist adam tracking delta, adam. >> harris, this one a category o category 3 and 20 minutes later category 4 some intensifying sitting over warm water, 100 miles an hour to the south portions of cuba. this is lifting to the yucatan peninsula cancun, all areas in mexico where this could make an initial landfall before working back to the gulf of mexico and heading to the united states.
10:35 am
the first landfall, hurricane watch is in place white along yucatan peninsula making landfall and then lingering a cross into early tomorrow morning. so there is your thread of circulation making that move. this is a powerful storm when it does this. so if you know anyone in that area, certainly they want to take cover over the next 12 hours or so and the gulf of mexico you start to prepare what will eventually be a landfall in the united states. there will be indecision what happens once this hits land that does typically weaken it. the forecast will fall into a category 3 before re-strengthening and lifting towards the golf course likely along louisiana and as far east as the panhandle. a powerful storm, at least category 1. all the models in pretty good agreement, moving to the north and west and get this, turn it into louisiana. this will be one to pay attention to. a little bit faster moving than some of the others. flooding will be a concern.
10:36 am
the storm surge will be a concern and areas as much as 12 inches of rain. but again as i throw this back out to you, here is from a timeline for the united states friday into saturday. >> harris: we will cover it as it happens, hurricane delta, adam, thank you. joe biden trying to distance himself from the left again, telling voters last night that he is far from being a socialist. does he risk alienating progressives this close to election day? in fact come up millions of these people already voting. former white house secretary ari fleischer joining me next. ♪ i don't have silent. everyone does -- right up here. it happens to all of us. we buy a new home, and we turn into our parents. what i do is help new homeowners overcome this. what is that, an adjustable spanner? good choice, steve. okay, don't forget you're not assisting him. you hired him. if you have nowhere to sit, you have too many. who else reads books about submarines? my dad. yeah. oh, those are -- progressive can't protect you
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call today or go online to and mine's unlisted.. try boost® high protein... -with 20 grams of protein for muscle health- -versus only 16 grams in ensure® high protein. and now enjoy boost® high protein in new café mocha flavor. >> i look like a socialist? i ran against a socialist. i have taken the castros and putins of the world and all of these dictators. i haven't cozied up to them. i have been straightforward with them and let them know it stops here. i view myself as a transitional
10:41 am
president. >> melissa: joe biden looking to distance himself from the party's left wing to appeal to moderate voters and described himself as a transitional president which would fuel speculation he won't seek a second term if he wins in november. ari fleischer joins me now. why does that fuel speculation he won't be around more than one term? >> that's the definition of transition. it's obvious. if he wins he will be in his 80s halfway through the first term. he would be 82 running through reelection. does anybody think anybody wants an 82-year-old president unless he has done such a remarkable job. transitional, he is sending the signal he is a one term
10:42 am
president. >> melissa: we often get into when do you look in polls. i am looking at the "usa today" saying biden and trump are tieed in florida. biden just spent time in florida. what are the issues that divide down in florida? what is tough for biden? >> well, i think the demographic makeup of florida is tough for biden. in 2018, two republicans statewide. florida is trending more republican. florida is a must win state for donald trump. if he doesn't win florida it's hard to see him winning the presidency. florida is one biden can afford to lose and trump can't afford to lose it. the president needs to do better than tie.
10:43 am
>> melissa: that's interesting. michelle obama made her closing argument for biden in a few video today. let's watch. i can't wait for your reaction. >> our commander-in-chief sadly has been missing in action. his willful mismanagement of the covid crisis is just one example of his negligence. we have all been working so hard to keep ourselves and our families afloat. we deserve a president who will do the same. >> melissa: this was released today. i asked my team was this made before the president went into the hospital? we don't have the answer. your reaction? >> well, the reason that donald trump won in 2018 is a sufficient number of americans viewed her husband as missing in action. the economy was weak and blue collar workers were falling
10:44 am
behind. i think [audio breaking up] [inaudible]. her husband is the reason donald trump got elected by the american people. >> melissa: a former first lady, what where do you put that? >> i am skeptical that endorsements mean a lot. oprah winfrey's endorsement of barack obama made a difference. but from a political party it doesn't change people's behavior. i don't think this is meaningful. >> melissa: thanks for watching "outnumbered overtime." a pleasure to serve you and bring you the news. the "daily briefing" starts right now.
10:45 am
>> dana: president trump is back at the white house and may soon address the american people. i am dana perino and this is the "daily briefing" live from salt lake city home of the vice-presidential debate. after 3 days of treatment at walter reed medical center the president returned to pennsylvania avenue saying he is ready to get back out on the campaign trail. we will talk to the trump campaign in a moment. first john roberts is live from the north lawn to catch us up to speed. >> good afternoon. here's the latest. we have been looking
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