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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  October 8, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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plot against the governor and people in michigan. we will cover that 3:00 p.m. news conference with the governor of michigan. "the daily briefing" starts now. speak of the vice presidential candidates coming out swinging in salt lake city, hello, i am jon scott in for dana perino. and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ speak of the american people have witnessed what is the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country. >> from the very first day president donald trump has put the health of america first. >> you lost that trade war, you lost it. >> lost the trade war with china, joe biden never fought it. >> you have donald trump who measures the economy based on how rich people are doing. >> on day 1 joe biden will raise your taxes. >> i will not sit here and be
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lectured by the vice president of what it means to enforce the law of our country. >> you did not lift a finger with the first step back on capitol hill. >> jon: more on all that coming up, but the rest of the debate season is up in the air after president trump said there was no way that he would take part in a virtual debate next week. >> no, i'm not going to waste my time on a virtual debate, that's not what debating is all about, you sit behind a computer, that is ridiculous and then they cut you off whenever they want. >> jon: presidents comments setting off a firestorm between the campaign and leaving big questions about what the next few weeks might look like. we have fox team coverage, peter doocy covering the campaign, but let's begin with john roberts. >> good afternoon to you, certainly have not seen anything like this in any time period that i can remember, and now the next debate appears to be a moving target at the very least. the commissioner of presidential debates once to make it virtual.
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and the biden campaign is saying let's move the town hall to the 22nd of october, but that is the date scheduled for the third debate, so no idea what would happen to the third debate if they move the town hall. the one thing is certain at this point and that is that president trump will not be participating in a virtual debate on october the 15th next thursday. here's what he said with maria bartiromo this morning. >> they did not even tell us about this, maria. we learned at the same way you learned it. they called up 2 minutes ago and it was announced, and they are trying to protect biden. >> republicans are harshly critical of what was a unilateral decision on the part of the commission on presidential debates to turn next thursday's debate into a virtual one. here's the rnc chair ronna mcdaniel on fox earlier today. >> now they are not following the science, they are saying we are going to go virtual, biden did not ask for that, the
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president did not ask for that. and i hope no future nominee of the party works with this commission. they are a total joke and hurting our democracy and impacting the selection. >> the president was set to be in miami next thursday, we don't know what his coronavirus data's actually is, but the president says that he is feeling great and thought that he could be back in playing shape before then. here's what else he said this morning. listen here. >> i think i am better, to a point where i would love to do a rally tonight. i wanted to do one last night. because i feel perfect. there is nothing wrong. i had a case, i got it knocked out. i think it was regeneron that was responsible for it. because of that it was almost like a gift from heaven. >> the last hour the president released another one of those twitter videos, this one from the middle of the south lawn where he was talking about getting that regeneron drug to
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senior citizens who were infected with coronavirus. the president's campaign saying that if there is no face-to-face debate, next thursday they will do a campaign rally. and it is not the first time that the president has issued a debate to have a campaign event. so i would not put it past him. >> jon: looks like a beautiful day at the white house. john roberts, chief white house correspondent. >> it's a little hot here these days. >> jon: he out. team fox coverage continues, peter doocy live in phoenix where the ticket is campaigning today. peter. >> the biden people are saying i do not want to bank if the second debate is not going to happen as scheduled virtual or not, they want to skip right onto the third. we have a new statement from the campaign that reads this "trump's erratic behavior does not allow him to pick a date of his choosing, we look forward and participating in the final debate october 22nd, already tied for the latest debate in
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four years. donald trump can show up or decline again, that is his choice." he is traveling as far west as he has since super tuesday, and before he took off he sounded off on president trump's insistence that their meeting remain in person and not virtual. and remember, biden himself said this week if trump still has covid next week he does not think that they should have a debate, but he trusts experts to give them the green light. >> we know what he will do, change his mind every other second. i think to follow the commission recommendation, if he goes off and is going to have a rally, i will -- i don't know what i will do. >> biden has been in his own bubble, harris in her own bubble, and a rear joint event, we will watch to see how the campaign keeps the candidates safe from covid, how much
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distance remains between biden and harris, and today is as far west as he has been since super tuesday, going to launch a tour in the next couple of hou hours. >> jon: peter doocy. thanks. let's bring in the panel, fox news contributor's byron york and donna brazile. the president can be mere courier will from time to time, what are the chances that he changes his mind on this refusal to meet to joe biden in a virtual debate? >> there is always a chance. listen, i think that some of these problems might have been avoided with the commission of presidential debates if they were going to change the format of the debate consulted and negotiated with the campaigns ahead of time. but the problem is that we are running out of time. if there is no debate at all on october the 15th, and there is one on october 22nd, then the next week october 29th is less than a week before election day.
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we have never had a debate that close to an election. most campaigns would be very hesitant to go forward with a debate with only days before election day. >> jon: you know a thing or two about running a campaign, would you not be a little ticked if the presidential commission said we are going to make it a virtual debate, no more in person event? >> this is a very disruptive season. to the president was diagnosed less than a week ago with the coronavirus, we all know that we should put the health of the public and the health of the candidates ahead of anything else. i don't see the problem with a virtual debate. i teach classes online, i do seminars, i do a lot of things. the president is not comfortable with the format, then we will have the second and last debate on the 22nd, and by the way, extended 30 more minutes so that each candidate can get ample time to address these present issues. >> jon: you know that the president sort of feeds off off of the energy of a crowd, and in
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one of these in person one on one debates, do you blame him for not wanting to do it virtu virtual? >> oh, not at all. i think actually that could have been one of the problems with his performance in the first debate is he really did not have a crowd to work off of, he really does like that in person connection, and now the difference seems to be between the two campaigns is the joe biden campaign wants to go ahead to the third debate in person october 22nd and trump wants to do the second debate on october 22nd, and that their debate on october 29th, the problem is we have not heard since this morning from the commission of presidential debates with all of this and they have made some unilateral decisions already. my guess is they will do another one. >> jon: doesn't it hurt him if he does not debate?
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>> oh, absolutely. remember before the debate started there was a lot of talk on both sides, trump will never show up, or biden will never show up, it was impossible for them to not show up. and it could be that the refusal this morning to do a virtual debate, and remember that they change the whole rules rights without even telling him this morning, he may have been angling to get something more to his liking intending all along to do two more debates as both sides had agreed to do. >> jon: let's talk about something that nancy pelosi brought up this morning and i want to play her sound for you, she is talking about the 25th amendment, sounds like serious stuff. listen to what the speaker of the house had to say. >> i don't know what the prospects are when we hear people saying i am young and i am a perfect specimen, we will be talking about the 25th amendment, but not to take attention away from the subject we have now.
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>> do you think it is time to devote the 25th amendment? >> i will talk to you about that tomorrow. i'm not talking about it today except to tell you that if you want to talk about that, we will see you tomorrow. >> spoken like a true politician we will talk about it tomorrow. but the 25th amendment deals with replacing the president or vice president if she or he is incapacitated, why is she bringing that up now? >> well, we will find out tomorrow, that's what she said. but the president has been acting very erratic. we are off again, the stimulus is on, the stimulus is off. i respect the process, i understand that there has been a conversation as you know several years ago there was a bill introduced, i think was hr 1987 by jamie raskin who is on the oversight committee calling for a bipartisan group of individuals, doctors, scientists, et cetera to evaluate the health of all of
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those who are in line of succession, with over 34 white house staffers and now suffering from this coronavirus, i really do think that it is important to have a conversation about the health and safety of those who are right now within the white house. >> jon: but the president is back at work and says that he feels fine. we are going to have to leave it there. donna brazile, byron york, thanks. >> thank you. it's going next the questions the candidates are refusing to answer. howie kurtz reacts. ♪ now is the time for a new bath from bath fitter.
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>> would like to know if you and joe biden are going to pack the supreme court if you don't get your way in this nomination? >> let's talk about packing. >> a nonanswer, joe biden gave a nonanswer. give the people a straight answer.
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if you have not figured it out, the street answer is they will pack the supreme court if they do not win the election. >> jon: senator kamala harris dodging the question if a biden administration would pack the supreme court. tweeting "while both sides hit their partisan points, harris and pence both ducked out on answering questions and called the debate a draw. why do you think it is that neither kamala harris nor joe biden one to answer that question about packing the supreme court. >> well, kamala harris was not freelancing, obviously the joe biden campaign did not want her to answer because they want to leave open options, amy coney barrett expected adding to the supreme court. it was also a draw when it came to the hallowed olympic sport of questions because kamala harris also did not look good ducking questions about her own past supported green new deal. but vice president pence did not look great when he dodged
11:17 am
questions about what if roe v. wade is overturned, and the point of view did a good job of asking tough questions, but she did not follow up or call out the candidates when they were obviously trying not to answer the questions. >> so we have word today that the president has said he is not going to take part in a virtual debate, he doesn't want to have a virtual experience with joe biden. he wants to be in the same room with him, first of all, your thoughts on his refusal. >> well first in that interview with maria bartiromo this morning president trump also naturally said mike pence won the debate and called kamala harris a communist as part of their strategy to paint joe biden as the captain of crazy left-wing and called her totally unlikable that seems to be a critique add to mainly female candidates. i'm getting whiplash because the story is changing every hour whether there will be a second presidential debate, when i heard the president statement
11:18 am
this morning i said this is his opening bid in the negotiations. this is a former new york real estate developer who has done this the other day when he said we are walking away from the stimulus bill talks with house democrats and then by the next day the talks were back on. so i think that he is trying to pressure the other side to get a format more to his liking, i would be surprised if this does not come off at all because the trailing candidate by ten points in the latest fox news poll, and he loves a big stage. it's hard to see him passing one up. >> jon: you think when push comes to shove that the president will somehow appear on the debate stage or in the debate format against the former vice president? >> no one really knows at this point, because after president trump said i'm not coming, and joe biden said if you are not coming, i am not, and i will have my own town hall, we have a lot of back and forth trying to gain the upper hand. i just think a virtual format would not be bad for the
11:19 am
president because it is a town hall format and if he is standing on the stage next to joe biden, he has been a practicing politician for 47 years and is more at ease and relating to average people in the audience. one way or another i doubt that both the debates or even one of them will get blown up. i think that there will be a lot of public pressure, because if you're the person who does not show up for whatever reason or rationale, there is inevitably a backlash, why wouldn't that person show up? but the story is changing so often that i probably should steer away from any firm predictions. >> jon: the president complains that the debate commission did not give him a heads up. it is our understanding that officially the debate commission called both campaigns about 20 minutes before announcing that they were not -- or that they were going to hold the virtual debate instead of an in-person debate, does he have a point? he is the president in the united states. >> both campaigns need to be treated equally. there could've been better
11:20 am
politics for this nonpartisan commissioner, remembered democratic and republican chairman to have cleared this with the campaigns before hand rather than just dropping this bombshell. at the same time. president campaign and his team has been beating up on the commission saying that they are favoring joe biden, again it is a bipartisan commission and i don't, i don't know that this is the best strategy. all of this inside baseball on the debate about the debates, probably a lot of voters don't follow. they want to know what we see two more opportunities to watch these two go at it, maybe a little bit less interrupting and cookoff amines then in cleveland, it is a moving target right now. >> jon: and for those who monitor these things, last night's debate did not get a huge should be worship compared to vice presidential debates of the past. howie kurtz, the media critic, thanks. coming up, revelation of a horrifying plot to kidnap a governor. we will have the latest.
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>> jon: now this fox news alert, a group of militia members arrested after authorities said they tried to kidnap michigan government gretchen whitmer. trying to violently overthrow the government.
11:25 am
the details live from chicago. garrett. >> yeah, john, it has been in the work since at least june when according to the criminal complaint members of a militia group began discussing plans to overthrow state government they believed were violating the u.s. constitution. at one point to the suspects discussed storming the michigan state capitol building, and ultimately decided to target gretchen whitmer who drew the ire with the restrictions that she put in place due to the pandemic. based on audio recordings of the groups meetings and encrypted messages that they sent to that were obtained by the fbi, the suspects planned to kidnap her at her vacation home. prosecutors argue this was no haphazard operation either and say that the group is actively planning and training for this mission which they plan to carry out before election day. >> members of this conspiracy on two occasions conducted and
11:26 am
coordinated surveillance on the governor's vacation home. fox and croft in particular according to the complaint discussed detonating devices to divert police from the area of the home. and fox even inspected the younger side of a michigan highway bridge for places to seat and explosive. >> the criminal complaint said once they took gretchen whitmer hostage they were going to move her to a secure location in wisconsin for a "trial" at this .12 people have been arrested in connection with the plot. and governor gretchen whitmer is expected to address all of this at her press conference at 3:00 p.m. >> jon: apparently they had some inside information, and undercoveundercover informant wd penetrate the cell. >> it was a comment of undercover regions as well as human informants that were
11:27 am
there. a part of the militia group but became concerned when earlier this year they began planning to target police officers, hiding their addresses and plans to target them. that's when a member of the militia group went to the fbi and became an informant for them. apparently was a key source in this investigation. >> jon: garrett tenney from chicago, a lot left to learn about that very weird story. thanks, garrett. president trump suggesting a new timetable for u.s. troops to withdraw from afghanistan. and reaction coming in. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at the pentagon with that. >> the president got ahead of his negotiators in his national security team when he announced last night in that tweet that all u.s. troops should be out of afghanistan by christmas. with some privately warming that this may award the taliban and undermined the delicate negotiations taking place right now. the deal the u.s. signed with the tally ban back in february
11:28 am
said all u.s. troops would be home by may if certain conditions are met. the president contradicted his national security adviser who just hours before said the u.s. would go down to 2500 troops by early next year. the president indicated he might have other plans for those troops. >> i will have them home by the end of the year, we have to be prepared for china and russia and the as other places, we have to be prepared. we are getting along very well. >> the taliban and welcome the news in a statement today. in 2017 the president warned about making such pronouncements and criticize the obama administration for doing the same. >> we will not talk about numbers of troops or our plans for further military activities. conditions on the ground, not arbitrary timetables will guide our strategy from now on.
11:29 am
america's enemies must never know our plans or believe that they can wait us out. i will not say when we are going to attack. >> the plan originally called for 4500 u.s. troops to remain in afghanistan through in november. now in question leaving the afghan government vulnerable and confused. john. >> jennifer griffin from the pentagon, thanks. well, the coronavirus a major focus to last night's debate, so how did it play on the stage? our panel debates next. ♪ when we started carvana, they told us that selling cars 100% online wouldn't work. but we went to work. building an experience that lets you shop over 17,000 cars from home. creating a coast to coast network
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a livcustomizeperk iquickbooks for me. okay, you're all set up. thanks! that was my business gi, this one's casual. get set up right with a live bookkeeper with intuit quickbooks. 's be on the bottom of the hour, time for some top headlines. to the last two presidential debates are up in the air after president trump refuses to participate in a virtual face-off. both campaigns are now pushing the debate and the commission changes. orthodox jewish men taking to
11:34 am
the streets of brooklyn to protest new coronavirus restrictions. andrew cuomo shut down schools and nonessential businesses in brooklyn and queens after seeing spikes in coronavirus cases. more than 500 regal movie theaters in the u.s. are closing their doors. announcing the move after the new james bond movie release was postponed until next spring. they say that the closers are temporary. and to those are today's headlines. while, the coronavirus taking center stage at the vice presidential debate last night. griff jenkins live in salt lake city with more on th that. >> hey, john, what a difference a week makes. things were way more civil last night and then it was in cleveland, but that plexiglass put in place because of covid precautions did not stop the punches from being thrown at all last night. and senator harris right from the start delivering a stinging
11:35 am
review of the administration's handling of the pandemic. watch. >> can you imagine if you knew on january 28th as opposed to march 13th what they knew, what you might have done to prepare? they knew and they covered it up. >> that attack put pence on the defensive saying that a biden a administration would not have done anything differently. >> when you read a biden plan, it reads a lot like what president trump and our task force have been doing every step of the way. and quite frankly when i look at their plan that talks about advancing testing, creating new ppe, developing a vaccine, it looks a little bit like plagiarism, which is something joe biden knows a little bit about. >> and the fireworks continued when the talk turned to the vaccine. >> if the doctors tell us that we should take it, i will be the first in line to take it. but if donald trump says we should take it, i'm not taking
11:36 am
it. >> the fact that you continue to undermine public confidence in a vaccine, if a vaccine emerges during the trump administration i think is unconscionable. >> you have both candidates now, john, both senator harris as well as joe biden in person in arizona we are likely to hear more about the coronavirus from them as the coronavirus delivers yet another twist and turn in this year's election delaying at least perhaps even canceling next week's virtual debate, that very much still up in the air. john. >> jon: we will have to see, griff jenkins from salt lake, thank you. for more reaction to last night's debate, let's bring in new leaders council fellow and editor katie pavlich, both fox news contributor's. so she said, kamala harris stated that it was the worst failure of any administration
11:37 am
ever, talking about this administration's response to coronavirus, but she did not say what she and the vice president would have done differently. >> well, thanks for having me, john. she did say that. and what the difference is that you heard throughout the first 20 minutes or so of the debate when we were focused on covid-19 is she at minimum, we know that the biden-harris ticket will tell the american people the truth. what we know it's donald trump knew that this was five times worse than the flu and he said it in a tape where he was unwilling to say the same thing to the american people so that we could be prepared for what the impact of the pandemic is. if you were watching the debate last night, kamala harris with one goal to prove to the american people that she is qualified and capable to be the president of the united states in case something happens to joe biden. she prove that last night and she did that very stellar league, and that's what this election will come down too. who is the best team to take our country forward and move us out of our current situation, which
11:38 am
was untenable if you ask any american. >> jon: again, she said that coronavirus response has been the worst debacle of any administration ever, what do you think? >> i thought that to vice president mike pence was very efficient in bringing up joe biden's record on fighting pandemics. he brought up the swine flu epidemic in the united states in 2009 when joe biden's top aide who was also networking on the campaign said that it is a miracle that they did not have a mass casualty event. and that pandemic was far less deadly than the one that we are dealing with now, and i think that vice president mike pence made the argument that if he could not handle it then, there is no way that he would be able to properly and efficiently handle the coronavirus pandemic that we are dealing with now. on the issue of when he said, sounds like the biden-harris campaign is plagiarizing, it is
11:39 am
absolutely true. if you walk through the timeline, you had joe biden coming out with all of these plans that the president had already put in place. the defense production act for example is one thing that he said the president should invoke. if you look at the polling on this, the majority of the american people blame china for this issue. they think that china should be held accountable, and kamala harris in the senate in january when they were busy impeaching the president over a phone call, china was lying about how the virus spread and the world health organization was covering up how this virus was spread and therefore it became a pandemic when it could've been limited to china. so it is interesting that she blames this administration for that while leaving out the real cause of so much tragedy in the united states and around the world. >> jon: limiting future spread will be dependent on a vaccine. you heard the vice president essentially saying that kamala harris is trying to undermine public confidence in a vaccine, is she? is the vice president right?
11:40 am
>> i think the vice president is dishonest on this point. i think what kamala harris is saying is what a lot of american people are thinking. 52% of americans don't have trust in the vaccine and donald trump is only looking to a road that trust by having events where people weren't socially distance, he is eroding it by the fact that both him and the first lady are infected with covid-19, remember, even if you want to compare the swine flu response to the covid-19 response, here is what we know, 7 million americans are infected with covid-19, 200,000 americans are dead and the white house during the barack obama administration there was never, ever an outbreak of swine flu at the white house. >> jon: let me -- >> 62 million americans were infected with the swine flu and the idea that the biden administration -- >> 214,000 americans are dead. >> that is precisely the point that the obama-biden
11:41 am
administration handled the swine flu so poorly and think that it was not legal like the coronavirus based on their history and the way that they think that more government is the answer rather than less, we would not have a vaccine for years. but instead we are on track to have a vaccine either by the end of the year or the beginning of next. and the biden campaign should celebrate all americans. >> jon: katie pavlich and richard fowler, we have to say goodbye. thank you very much. hurricane delta taking aim at the gulf coast with most of louisiana and its likely path. live in the fox weather center, rick. >> hi, yes, louisiana cannot catch a break at all. hurricane warnings in effect coming to see the red from parts of southeast texas probably on the backside you might see some hurricane winds down around southeast texas, but primarily we are talking about a louisiana event from this and hurricane laura was a cat 4 storm when it made landfall in late august. a lot of people still only have tarps for rooms and now they
11:42 am
have to deal with another storm. take a look at this, really good agreement with all of the topical models exactly where the storm will go, landfall probably around 10-15 miles to the east of where laura came on shore. certainly strengthening the bit, up to 105 miles an hour, forecast a little bit stronger and it will run out of the ability to strengthen into much, we believe. but probably about a category two or a category three storm right on the louisiana coastline making landfall tomorrow, late afternoon, early evening. >> jon: like you say, they are almost unanimous, that is pretty rare. thanks. the candidates touching on a ton of issues last night, but one is registering with voters. ♪ robinhood believes now is the time to do money.
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>> bill: i am bill hemmer, the governor of michigan is about to speak. we will cover it for you. 50 million watching last night, what we figure is possible now, can the republicans keep the senate at key race taken a dramatic turn. and the film that is turning heads about your experience online talk to a former google exec on what he thinks is dangerous to you. intriguing stuff, top of the hour here, back to new york ci new york city. still in the vice presidential candidates going at it over everything from covid to law and order, but what issues are heading home? according to the latest fox news poll it is the coronavirus in the economy. we will bring in polster and fox news contributor, kristen, thank you for being here. normal election? the economy trumps everything, but in a year like this, you have the coronavirus and that is equal in number according to the fox news polling.
11:48 am
as a concern of the voters out there. >> that's right, and these two issues are very related to one another, because we had a booming economy before the coronavirus came and caused us to have to shut things down for a couple of weeks. so these issues are pretty linked, typically president trump has had a big advantage on the issue of the economy. he tends to have about ten points more americans approving of him on that versus the handling of the coronavirus. up until the last week or two, he had a little bit of an advantage because the economy and its recovery was seem to be more top of mind, but the virus does not care about your messaging strategy and the fact that it has come home to the front steps of the white house as even the president himself has had to go to the hospital, it really raises the importance of that issue and put it back in the news and i think that it has put the campaign a little bit more on the back foot as it is an issue where voters more often then night trust biden more than
11:49 am
trump. >> jon: the president saying he will not meet joe biden in the virtual debate, what is the signal that sends to voters? is that a sign of strength and confidence, or something else? >> i think a lot of voters at this point sort of understand that we are in an incredibly big moment where it is very hard to stage of life offense in person anyway when you have somebody who is currently dealing with the effects of covid-19, we don't know how out of the woods the president is and how good he will be by the time we hit the next debate. there makes sense that there is a little bit of uncertainty. and for voters who would like to see the candidates class again, but we know where joe biden stands and we know where donald trump stands on many, many issues. it is a little less important that we have these debates to hash it out when we already have so many things, at least president trump has been putting out of where he stands on a lot of issues pretty frequently. >> jon: i want to touch base on something that you worked with the walton handling foundation on and it frankly
11:50 am
surprised me the fact that young people in america say the future is pretty bright. i have heard other polling that suggest they are really down on this country and their options. >> a lot of folks can point to the last year, the last decade of turbulence and economic crises of other things that might make you think that young people will be worse off than their parents, but when you ask young people themselves, it's not as though they don't think that they are safe, but they are overall optimistic that if they work hard, they can get ahead. 81% saying if they work hard they can succeed in life. two-thirds say that they believe the american dream is accessible for them. if so there is some cause for optimism if you are looking to the next generation. >> jon: a big stress on education millennials and gen x. >> when you ask them what they think the foundation of opportunity they talk about family and loved ones and the environment, and they talk about the public schools in their
11:51 am
community. they especially say we need schools to be teaching life and career skills. academics are important, but we need to be taught critical thinking and all the things that we need to thrive in the real world. that is a really big message we heard in the research. >> jon: positive news. thank you. coming up, the fight for coronavirus relief and what it means for the tens of thousands of americans out of work and the airline industry. ♪ le 00 a year every year. with their va streamline refi, there is no income verification no appraisal, no out of pocket costs and no va paperwork for you. you can start the process right over the phone. refi now and cut $3000 a year off your mortgage payments. loans can close in as little as 30 days.
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paycom frees you to focus on the business of business. to learn more, visit >> jon: congress and the white house trying to hammer out some relief deal for americans. one group in the middle of it all, the airline industry along with the tens of thousands of men and women out of work, chad pergram reporting live from capitol hill. >> john, good afternoon, nancy pelosi is skeptical about doing individual bills, may be something for the airline and says that she is willing to do the individual bills, but it comes at a price. a listen. >> let me just be really clear,
11:56 am
i've been very open to having a stand-alone bill towards the airlines or part of a bigger bill, but there is no stand-alone bill without a bigger bill. >> there has been chatter about individual relief efforts for airline since the president instructed the secretary of the treasury steve mnuchin to cease talks with the speaker. >> i shut down talks two days ago, because they were not working out. now they are starting to work out and we are starting to have some very productive talks productive talks. >> but nancy pelosi and steve mnuchin have spoken since then, part of that because failing to do anything poses dire consequences for the economy and there is not a lot of progress. big gaps remain between the sides and they have not moved closer on their topline number in months. john. >> chad pergram from capitol hill, thanks. let's bring in nicholas calio, president and ceo of airlines for america. you sort of represent all of the airlines in trying to lobby and
11:57 am
do things for the airlines that are also good for america, right? >> that is correct, john. we have been working with the labor partners for months to get a clean extension of the payroll support program, which took government money and gave grants to the airlines directly through their employees to keep them on the jobs. because airline workers are essential, they are central workers and part of an infrastructure that requires a constant system of retraining, recertification, and they need their jobs and are furloughed, you can just bring them back after a month or two months and tell them to get back on the airplane and started up again and go. >> those industries are taking a real hit, american airlines is for allowing 13,000 employees as a result of the impasse on negotiations. you needed airlines says it is going to for a low 13,000. of those are some serious numbers and it will have a real effect on the national economy.
11:58 am
>> there is no question. every single airline job is known to create another 14 jobs downstream. so having the airline industry where it is because of this pandemic through no fault of any of hours really, we can drive the economy, and we do with 5% of gdp, $1.7 trillion a year and we can help with our recovery. we have had great support. the president is a big supporter of the airline industry on capitol hill, and republicans, democrats, house, and senate all support doing something for the industry. this payroll support program was the most successful part of the first cures act. that expired on october 1st so we have all of these people now on the street not paying taxes, going to the unemployment lines and not paying medicare and social security, this really is a jobs bill that helps the economy, but the ripple effects and problems in the airline industry with these employees furloughed and the reductions
11:59 am
and service that a company has are very, very significant. so we are looking for action now and we are hoping that the negotiators will stay at the table and come up with a deal soon, it would be good for the airline industry, it would be good for the economy, and really good for the american people. >> jon: you have heard the white house complain saying that the democrats on capitol hill are just trying to plump up this bill with all kinds of relief or a run states and cities that have a financial problem and have for years, that's why the president and republicans in congress say that they don't want to get on board with the program. >> well, they got on board in the spring and i guess i would say that there are differences, but they ought to be compromises. and there are compromises to sit down on the table and negotiate, because letting this go as jay powell pointed out the other day has very serious economic compromises. >> jon: compromises are defined on capitol hill these
12:00 pm
days, nicholas calio from airlines for america, thanks very much. we wish you well as you try to get that bill and get your people back and work. thanks for joining us today for "the daily briefing," i am jon scott. dana will be back soon. here is bill hemmer. ♪ >> bill: thank you. i am back in new york beginning with a fox news report out of michigan as the governor gretchen whitmer about to speak after the fbi announced charges on several people in an alleged plot to kidnap the democratic governor that they call uncontrolled. we will drop in and learn what we can in lansing, michigan. >> federal charges against 13 members of two militia groups who were preparing to kidnap and possibly kill me. when i put my hand on the bible and took the oath of office 22 months ago, i knew this job would be hard, but i will be honest, i never could've imagined anything like


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