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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  October 8, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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defined on capitol hill these days, nicholas calio from airlines for america, thanks very much. we wish you well as you try to get that bill and get your people back and work. thanks for joining us today for "the daily briefing," i am jon scott. dana will be back soon. here is bill hemmer. ♪ >> bill: thank you. i am back in new york beginning with a fox news report out of michigan as the governor gretchen whitmer about to speak after the fbi announced charges on several people in an alleged plot to kidnap the democratic governor that they call uncontrolled. we will drop in and learn what we can in lansing, michigan. >> federal charges against 13 members of two militia groups who were preparing to kidnap and possibly kill me. when i put my hand on the bible and took the oath of office 22 months ago, i knew this job would be hard, but i will be honest, i never could've imagined anything like this. i want to start by saying
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thank you to our law enforceme law enforcement. thank you to the fearless fbi agents, and thank you to the brave michigan state police troopers who participated in this operation acting under the leadership of colonel job asked her. i want to thank attorney general nessel and the u.s. attorneys urge and schneider to pursue criminal charges that hopefully will lead to convictions. bringing the sick and depraved men to justice. as a mom or two teenage and three stepsons, my husband and i are eternally grateful to everyone who put themselves in harm's way to keep our family safe. 2020 has been a hard year for all of us, hard for our doctors and nurses and truck drivers, grocery store workers, it has been hard for the teachers and students and parents. hard for those who have had to stay isolated to stay safe.
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and it is not over yet, but here is what i know, we're michiganders, we have great, we have heart, and we are toughest hell. we made it through the great recession. we made it through auto bankruptcies, we made it through floods and polar bowl polar vortexes, but none of us has faced a challenge like covid-19, not in our lifetime. i have said it many times, we are not one another's enemy, this virus is our enemy, and this enemy is relentless. it does not care if you are a republican or democrat, young, or old, rich, or poor. it does not care if we are tired of it. it threatens us all, our lives, our families, our jobs, our businesses, our economy. it preys on our elderly and medically vulnerable residents, and it has exposed deep in
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equities our society. this should be a moment for national unity where we all pull together as americans to meet this challenge head on with the same might and muscle that put a man on the moon. seeing that humanity and one another and doing our part to help our country get through this, instead our head of state has spent the past seven months denying science, ignoring his own health experts, stoking distrust, fomenting anger, and giving comfort to those who spread fear and hatred and division. just last week the president of the united states stood before the american people and refused to condemn white supremacists and hate groups like these two michigan militia groups. stand back and stand by, he told them, stand back and stand by.
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hate groups heard the president's words not as a rebuke, but as a rallying cry. as a call to action, when our leader speaks, their words matter. they carry weight. when our leaders meet with, encourage, or fraternize with domestic terrorists, they will legitimize their actions, and they are complicit. when they stoke and contribute to hate speech, they are complicit. in 1981, president ronald reagan spoke to the naacp annual convention and his comments stand in sharp contrast to what we have seen on the national and state level from his own beloved party in 2020. he said "a few isolated groups in the backwater american life still hold perverted notions of what america is all about."
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recently in some places in the nation there has been a disturbing requirements of bigotry and violence, then reagan sent a direct message to those who still adhere to senseless racism and religious prejudice. "you are the ones who are out of step with our society, he said, you are the ones who violate the meaning of the dream that is america." and this country because of what it stands for will not stand for your conduct." so let me say this loud and clear, hatred, bigotry and violence have no place in the great state of michigan. if you break the law or conspired to commit heinous acts of violence against anyone, we will find you. we will hold you accountable, and we will bring you to justice. for the past seven months, i have made tough choices to keep
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our state safe. these have been gut wrenching decisions, no governor her as ever had to make. and i get it. life has been hard for us all. when i get out of bed every morning i think about the high school seniors like my daughter who miss graduation ceremonies, those michiganders who have missed weddings and funerals. i think about all the moms who are working from home making breakfast every day, logging their kids onto their zoom class and doing the laundry. i think about the small business owners who spent a lifetime building something great, who are now hanging on by their fingernails just to keep the lights on. the disruption the virus has caused to our daily lives is immeasurable. and it is already taken the lives of more than 210,000 americans including over 6800 right here in michigan. as painful as these losses are, our hard work and sacrifices
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have saved thousands of lives. we have one of the strongest economic recoveries in the nation. make no mistake, there will be more hard days ahead, but i want the people of michigan to know this, as your governor, i will never stop doing everything in my power to keep you and your family safe. you don't have to agree with me, but i do ask one thing, never forget that we are all in this together. show a little kindness and a lot more empathy. let's give everyone a little bit of grace and let's take care of each other. where your masks, stay 6 feet apart. wash your hands frequently, and look out for your neighbors. we are michiganders, i know that we can get through this. we will get through this. so let's get through it together. thank you. >> bill: that is the
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announcement from gretchen whitmer, she mentioned about the alleged plot to kidnap and possibly kill me, she called them sick and depraved men. in the allegation once on behalf of the fbi's investigation, they allegedly viewed her uncontrolled power as it is called in the state of michigan during the coronavirus and were willing to seek her out and kidnap her. she also invoked to the president's name, the commander in chief during that six minute address, and i will bring in jason miller, senior advisor to the trump campaign to respond to this. you are listening, what do you make of the allegations we are learning about today in michigan? serious stuff. to speak a very and thanks for having me on. right off the top i would say that this is absolutely just a horrendous thing that anyone would be conspiring to commit such a crime and to put another american, especially someone who is an elected official in harm's way like this. i'm happy we have such good law enforcement. we stand by the law enforcement
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and all of the investigators to make sure that they are able to stop things like this. these are some pretty shameful comments from governor whitmer, because how you even go from a moment of unity to attacking president trump, i thought was just completely ridiculous. if we want to talk about hatred, and then governor whitmer, go look in the mirror, the fact that she wakes up every day with such hatred in her heart towards president trump and president trump is the one out there condemning these radical groups whether they are on the right or the left, we saw two weeks ago when he was in atlanta introducing his platinum plan as his contract with black america where he labeled the kkk and nt for both the terrorist groups. we saw him do it again last week when he was on sean hannity show, so president trump has been leading from the front. >> bill: what the governor has done, she wrapped three issues up in the last 6 minutes. but they have now charged at least six, up to maybe 13 men tied to this militia group in
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the state of michigan. >> here is my point. but quick, we are all united standing against anyone who would conspire to cause such hatred and violence. there is no place for that in american society in any way, shape, or form, but why governor whitmer would go attacking president trump, this is just -- people can see right through it and see that governor whitmer is a complete phony and it is just disgusting that she would take a moment of unity to attack the president. >> bill: let's see where that goes. i want to ask you quickly about the debate schedule, the joe biden team saying october 22 is the latest addition go, is this still a matter of negotiations or is it set now, jason? >> i think on october 22nd president trump is ready to go and ready to debate joe biden, and we will do it on foreign policy, the exact way that the debate commissions has laid it out. i have to make sure the people understand the critical point, the only reason this change was
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announced regarding the second debate today was because vice president pence did so well last night against kamala harris. why would they announce this at 7:30 in the morning to give us like a ten or 15 minutes notice, they have had this plan. they had it ready to go, they are so triggered and so unified to try to help joe biden you're putting this out there. let's cut through -- >> bill: on the calendar if there is only one more debate -- you look at some of the polling, it appears that president trump is behind, can you afford not to go back out on the national stage when you look at those numbers? >> president trump is ready to debate anytime, anyplace in person. none of these basement zoom things where joe can read off the teleprompter. the debates are about in person toe-to-toe, head-to-head, we can do it safely, responsibly, and distanced. we want to have a debate on the 15th. we want to have another debate on the 22nd, just as we all agreed to. for the debate commission to now
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be rallying around joe biden, these are smart monsters uniting together is ridiculous. let's go and have the debate and the american people deserve to see it and president trump is ready to go anytime, anyplace. >> jon: we will see what comes of this, thank you for being here today. back on the campaign trail on the debate stage, senator kamala harris dodging questions on expanding the supreme court and also on the green new deal, former vp nominee joe lieberman ways and in a moment, also senate judiciary committee gearing up for a fight over confirming judge barrett to the supreme court. tom tillis is on that committee, it has been a tough reelection battle right now, also fighting back from covid, we will talk to him about all that. plus there is this. >> when you go to google and type in climate change is, you will see different results depending on where you live. the particular thing you will note about your interest, that's not by accident. that is a design technique.
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working together, for all americans, is what joe does. when writing his healthcare plan, joe biden worked with both doctors and patients to make healthcare affordable by lowering premiums, reducing drug costs, and protecting people with pre-existing conditions. joe listened to both small business owners and workers to create his economic plan that cuts taxes for middle class families, creates 18 million new jobs in his first term, and raises wages by as much as $15,000 a year. joe biden's plans will help working families immediately by making the super rich finally pay their fair share. for joe, it's never been about ego. it's always been about the work he can do for working families. it's what he's always done. joe biden brings everyone to the table and gets it done. i'm joe biden, and i approve this message.
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>> bill: a moment ago just watching the wires, abc news sent out a message that they will host a town hall with joe biden in philadelphia october 15th, that is also the same day the second presidential debate was scheduled to take place in miami as a town hall. let's see how this on floats, i want to bring in joe lieberman, former vice presidential nominee, nice to see you, thank you for coming back here. you heard my discussion with jason miller from the trump team, the calendar is getting thin. do you see perhaps only one more possibility between trump and biden on the national stage? >> i think so, it is worth it for the country to have two more presidential debates. and to have both of the candidates after the debate last week which was really a terrible debate, almost embarrassing.
12:18 pm
it was embarrassing. so classic and typical of this moment in our policy to have a debate about whether to have a debate. let's have a debate. that's the best way for the public to decide who to vote for and frankly, because the polls seem to favor vice president biden right now, i think the president has an interest in having two more debates. >> bill: they think something fishy is going on, what do you make of that when you make a unilateral decision at sunrise the morning after a 50 million watch the vice presidential debate. >> i would be surprised if this was part of a conspiracy by the commission from what i know about them. they are a bipartisan group, last time the chairman was a longtime republican, so i doubt that they did it somewhat includes with biden, but i don't know why they just did it unilaterally without setting up a virtual debate, without
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talking to both candidates. it certainly would've been a smarter way to be successful in having another debate. >> bill: it appears we need more answers on that. we want to talk about foreign policy with you today, in the next minute i have, there were some answers last night and some were not forthcoming, the green new deal, fracking continues to be debated yet again today. but when you consider, if you get a change in a administration with the events of the world today, what happens with a relationship with china or north korea or with iran, or even israel? >> yeah, it is hard to tell, really. i mean, joe biden, i served with him for 24 years. he has a real internationalist. he knows people around the world and when to be tough, he has supported american military action around the world in pursuit of our values of protecting our allies, so in
12:20 pm
many ways on some policies like china, even though it came up last night, the ultimate policies that have been expressed today between joe biden and president trump are not that different, there is a difference in the policy towards iran between what president obama called and what president trump has, i think that the trump policy is the right policy, and the administration just added more sanctions to sector, and the structure of iran, which is part of the maximum campaign that the administration has put on them, and they are really on their heels. looking this week at the leadership regime this week as it has been in 40 years. and i hope that joe biden gets elected, he does not let them go, that he has real leverage now and in order to make them either uncivilized player in the world community, or to change that to regime, because there are --
12:21 pm
>> bill: there is leverage that has been established. a senator, nice to have you on. come on back real soon. with more reaction. thank you. senate judiciary committee is on track for her confirmation hearings on monday for amy barrett, in a moment, thom tillis out of north carolina weighing in on that as he recovers from covid-19 and is in a real battle to try to save his seat and maintain a majority in congress. ♪ [ thunder rumbles ] [ engine rumbling ] [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right? tell that to the rain. [ beeping ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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spiel in less than a month from the election, on monday when the supreme court nominee amy coney barrett's during begins. and serving on that committee here with me now, senator, good to see you today. and good afternoon. >> good afternoon, bill. >> bill: let's see how much
12:26 pm
would we can shop in 4 minutes, fox news poll and, what should happen in the health care law, 64% of the polls say keep that in place, views on the supreme court vacancy? way too close to an election, 54% believe that. earlier today the president suggested that judge barrett is not confirmed, it is the fault of republicans in the senate. you are one of them, what do you of that? >> we will go forward with a hearing next week and i will probably join virtually on monday and then be there for the remainder of it. we will have to hearing, we will hold it over, bowed her of committee and have a vote during the last week of october. >> bill: that's a prediction she would be confirmed before the election? >> yeah, absolutely. we have the time to do it and we will have a thorough hearing, some of the members have refused to meet with judge barrett, but they have seen her before when she was being confirmed at the seventh circuit. she was a brilliant professor,
12:27 pm
well-regarded legal scholar and will do a great job on the supreme court. >> bill: she made a round in 2173 years ago, and starting to meet there today, we shall begin with that hearing on monday morning at 9:30. let me get to your health in a moment, but i want to ask you about your challenger, you are in a dogfight to try to keep your seat. and in effect, the outcome in north carolina may determine the balance of power in the u.s. senate as to whether republicans maintain a one seat majority. your opponent kou cunningham last night went out and apologized for recent behavior, and you in fact in the last 24 hours called on him to explain that. any review, was it satisfactory, the apology that he made to the people of north carolina and his own family? >> i don't think that it is. i think he needs a fuller explanation, but more than that his entire campaign has been premised on the concept that the truth matters. a duty and honor, and he has an
12:28 pm
officer in the army that is now being investigated. he had an affair with a combat veteran. his hypocrisy is really what we are talking about here. i feel bad for his family with what they are going through, but you can't find a whole campaign on truth, duty, and honor and be guilty of what he is apparently guilty of and now has apologize for. it is a hypocrisy that i think the north carolina voters will reject. >> bill: you do not accept the apology publicly that he made last night then? >> he needs to continue to explain himself and will have to explain himself to the army opening up an investigation. again, this is about the truth does matter. cal cunningham said that and its founding in higher campaign on it and now we know that these affairs were going on with the wife of a combat veteran while he was in the midst of this campaign just a couple of months ago. >> bill: still a razor tight race in north carolina to see how it turns out.
12:29 pm
you yourself tested positive for covid, when will you be in the clear, how do you feel, senator? >> talking to my health associate yesterday i've not seen a doctor since i got the virus and am more or less dumb free and have been for a four or five days and it looks like i could be cleared as early as monday evening or tuesday. that is the time frame we are working on which means that i will participate virtually on monday during the opening comments for judiciary and be back in the seat for the remainder of the hearings upon washington. >> bill: think you for your time. you look at, i imagine that you feel better now than you did in the previous meeting. >> feeling great, thank you, bill. >> bill: think you for your time, thom tillis in north carolina, a race we will follow filling 23 seats in november. president trump releasing a video as he recovers from covid, he says a medicine will be available to more people soon, and available for free. marc siegel on deck to answer
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>> bill: releasing this video showing a suspect attacking an officer in front of a police station that happened about a month ago. the officer was hospitalized and arrested the suspect after he took off in a pickup truck, several attacks to l.a. officers recently. in wisconsin after the d.a. announced that a suspended officer will not face charges after a deadly shooting of a 17-year-old. this video just a few miles west of milwaukee. the protests were violent, people looting stores and police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. minneapolis, the death of derek chauvin was where released from custody after posting a million dollar bond, charges with george floyd, police in minneapolis saying 51 people arrested last
12:35 pm
night. president trump releasing a new video today as he recovers from covid-19, he says the medical treatment he received was "incredible," picking up the story from the north lawn today. >> good afternoon, the president following on what he has for the last couple of days putting out a new video on twitter, the white house says that this one was recorded yesterday, not today to the president in the south lawn of the white house talking about his health and how good he is feeling was a message to seniors to say that this that this regeneron polyclonal antibody cocktail that he took the other day made him feel much better and he is going to make it available to seniors across america at no cost. listen here. >> i was very sick, and i took this medicine, and it was incredible. it was incredible. i could walk out the following day. sooner, it was incredible the impact that it had. >> the first time the president has indicated that he was very
12:36 pm
sick in the throes of this incubation period mack with the coronavirus, but the house speaker still raising questions about the president's overall health today teasing that she is going to have discussions with her caucus tomorrow about presidential succession. listen here. >> tomorrow, by the way, tomorrow -- come here tomorrow. we will be talking about the 25th amendment. mr. president, when was the last time you had a negative test before you tested positive? why is the white house not telling the country? that's important fact about how this spread and made a hot spot of the white house. >> because of lingering health concerns, the status of the next presidential debate in the air, the list of debates announced earlier this morning that next thursday's event will be a virtual one, the president is
12:37 pm
campaigning the republican party all outraged at the idea that the commission on presidential debates would unilaterally make that decision. to the president saying he is not going to have anything to do with it. here's what he told maria bartiromo. >> no, i'm not going to waste my time on a virtual debate. it is ridiculous. and then they cut you off whenever you want. >> at what point -- >> they did not even tell us about the debate. we learned at the same way you learned it. they called up 2 minutes ago and it was announced. and they are trying to protect biden. >> the trump campaign this afternoon saying that they would like to see the town hall push back to october the 22nd, that would push the third debate back to october the 29th. the republican party, the rnc chairwoman ronald mcdonald - mcdonald -- - rhonda saying that it is in the tank for the former
12:38 pm
vice president. listen here. >> this is not a vice presidential commission, it is filled with republicans who have been critical of the president and a large group of democrats. i hope no future nominee of the party works with this commission. they are a total joke and they are hurting our democracy and they are impacting the selecti selection. >> the president does continue to talk about his health and how he is feeling, the white house remains opaque on whether or not the president continues to test positive for coronavirus. we understand that we may get an update from the white house physician later this afternoon. >> bill: nice to see you, john roberts from the white house today, this from last night. >> if the doctors say that we will take it, i will be the first in line to take it. but if donald trump says that we should take it, i am not taking it. >> the fact that you continue to undermine confidence in the vaccine, if the vaccine emerges
12:39 pm
during the trump administration i think is unconscionable. >> bill: the major topic during the debate last evening in salt lake city, marc siegel, professor of medicine at nyu medical center in new york city also fox news contributor and also a new book that is called covid, the politics of fear and the power of science coming out next week. good afternoon to you, what did you make of the exchange last night? what do we take from it? >> i think it was unsettling because we arty have a problem with vaccine compliance in the united states as it is. multiple surveys have shown that a lot of americans are afraid to take the vaccine. so it's a little bit of a politicizing of this, because there are a lot of checks and balances and place. each vaccine that is being manufactured has a data safety and monitoring board looking at it. as far as i've seen and i've looked at these boards, they are pretty impartial. they are nonpolitical. and then there is going to be an advisory committing on october 22nd advising on what the data is coming out. and i don't really think that
12:40 pm
there is a lot of evidence that there is going to be pressure. the president may endorse a vaccine when it comes out, but that is not the same thing as saying that he is acting instead of scientists. it looks like there's a lot of science involved. >> bill: the drugs that he talks about, the miracle drug regeneron, does it tell us something different now about how we should treat this virus? >> i think it does. he is shedding a spotlight on it, but i think that his timing is good. let me tell you why, just today coming out with the new data on what is called a polyclonal antibody, two antibodies together. regeneron is what the president took also two antibodies together, how do they work? they work at attacking the virus before it gets deeply rooted into your cells, and the one showed a decreased amount of emergency room visits and a decrease of virus in your nose, why is that important? you know why? because the more virus there is
12:41 pm
around especially in elderly people or obese people -- obese people who cannot amount to the response needed, the more virus more than likely you see the secondary effects that we hate, the lung problems, the problems with major organs, the blood clotting, all of that occurs as secondary effects of the virus, so the antibodies battled the virus before it gets to that point. it looks very promising, more and more data coming out, larger studies still need to be done, but both pushing for emergency use authorizations and i think that they will get them. >> bill: okay, thanks. marc siegel with us in new york. thank you, sir. in a moment, new documentary may make you think twice before logging onto facebook or instagram, or checking your gmail account. why some of the smartest mines of silicon valley are calling social media an existential threat to society, we will talk to one of them who makes that case coming up.
12:42 pm
>> it is not enough to just connect people, we have to make sure that those connections are positive. it is not enough to just give people a voice, we need to make sure that that voice is not used to harm other people or spread misinformation. and now you can save $3000 a year. veterans can shortcut the process with newday's va streamline refi. there's no appraisal, no income verification, and not a single dollar out of pocket. rates are at the lowest they've been in our lifetimes. one call can save you $3000 a year.
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♪ >> a lot of people think google is a search box and facebook is just a place to see what my friends are doing. there is an entire team of engineers whose job is to use your psychology against you. >> i was the kevin venter -- >> i was the president of pinterest. >> google. >> twitter. >> they were meaningful changes happening around the world because of these platforms. >> i think we were naive about the flip side of that coin. >> rewarded by hearts and
12:47 pm
thumbs up, and we conflate it with the truth pray to the whole generation is more anxious, more depressed. >> i always thought fundamentally -- fundamentally it was a force for good could i don't know if i feel that way now. >> bill: a new clip from a documentary putting a lot of pressure on silicon valley. it notes how social networks and your smartphone may be manipulating your mind. featuring of the "social dilemma" and used to work for google. welcome to the coverage today, thank you for being here. it is a fascinating documentary, i have paid a lot of attention to subject for a couple of years now, but you were able to graphically show and visually show how things work in silicon valley. why did you think it was so important to tell the story? >> you know, bill, this is i think the most deep and subtle issue of our time. i believe that it is actually an
12:48 pm
extension of democracy, which we will get to. because these things are what we rely on, 3 billion people have a brain implant that they are remotely controlled because it especially in the coronavirus time, we are relying on these things to make sense of what is the reality out in the world and staring through the binoculars when we are home in many cases, they have become the fabric for our sense making and our choice making, the fabric of how children develop, kids who are spending hours of day on youtube to do learning, parents putting their kids in front of youtube, they come home and say, yeah, mom, dad, the holocaust did not happen. you are wondering why does it feel like everybody is going crazy, it is because of this business model at the heart of these technology companies which is that they make more money the more time that you spend. if you had to choose between two facebook or two tiktok feeds, and it gives you more information, you are right and the other side is wrong, and then there is a challenging feed
12:49 pm
where every time you swipe it challenges your reality and shows you a different perspective, which of those two feeds is going to be better for the business model holding the attention. >> bill: i can understand that, but why is that bad for me? >> so this is what is interesting as it is bad for the collective, because no matter what side you fall on all of these sites, we need to agree as a society about what we want to do. whether it is poverty or climate change, whatever you care about, we all have to come together and have a shared set of facts. and if technology makes us operate in narrower and narrower incompatible views of reality, that we have heard from someone who said more important than watching the 90 minute presidential debate, the first one where people felt like it was a shouting match, they actually felt that the film was more explanatory in those same 90 minutes for explaining why we can't talk to each other anymore. it actually is allowing people to have conversations on new common ground, because it creates common ground about the
12:50 pm
breakdown. >> bill: when you were working there you had to know that, so why blow the whistle now, we just saw a clip that you had that you invented the like button, and established gmail, those are big, big platforms and devices today. >> i agree with you, i think that people should have blown the whistle far earlier, i've been working on them for more than eight years and dedicated my life to this. and the guy who invented the like the button in the film has been dedicating tons of time to this for many years. his articles have been written about it before. but i think this documentary has for the first time created a global awareness of the problem, because in 190 countries and 30 languages breaking a documentary record on netflix for the entire month, the entire year of documentaries on netflix, i think it is creating a global moment of awareness because it affects all of us, that addictive feeling of pulling the
12:51 pm
slot machine and seeing how many legs i got, it affects all of us no matter who we are. >> bill: different age groups react differently, i see teenagers on their phone, their heads buried in it all day long, what is the potential impact on them in the long term situation? >> we actually know that exposure to facebook early on reduces the brain matter in the brain, we actually have a website called the ledger of harm on our website that has a bunch of the latest research and scientific studies about those harms in various areas, but as the film describes for teenage girls between 10-14 years old, the risk of sort of self-harm, suicide, and depression has gone up dramatically since about 2009 and 2011 which is when social media came out on mobile phones and when they got the re-sharing kind of capacity happening on these platforms. i think that's really the most alarming when it comes to kids mental health is how can you get your homework done, how can you become a thriving child if you are constantly subject to social approval and feedback and bullying throughout your day?
12:52 pm
>> bill: we are painting a pretty dark picture, it can't be all that bad, can it? >> you are raising an excellent point, that's why say the film is confusing, because it is simultaneous utopia and dystopia, because these systems fundamentally the question you have to ask is are they designed by a child psychologist asking what is best for children? or were they designed by a bunch of in the case of snapchat, 20-30-year-old white stamford engineer guys, i know because i went to the same school who were just designing something that would go viral and people would use a lot and make it addictive. so it is a kind of new tobacco. it is a tobacco a tobacco for our brains. i think that it is really affecting children more than they think. >> bill: never before in history have 50 designers made a decision that would have an impact on 2 billion people. i encourage people to check it out and make up your own mind. thank you for coming on today. we are out of time, but we will continue the conversation very
12:53 pm
soon. we have some breaking news right now, the former vice president along with kamala harris have arrived in arizona. going to drop in on this now. >> last night trying to take my eye off the quiet, but watching the debate, what i found was i don't know whether he was afraid to take the position that he knew he would take regarding the president or whether he believes it too. trying to stand down and stand by, whatever, this is just wrong. of the rest of the world. some of you have covered national politics before, the rest of the world is looking at us, it is an embarrassment. it is a pure embarrassment. they will know my arminian opinion in court packing, i know it is a great question, and i
12:54 pm
don't blame you for asking, bute moment i answer the question, the headline will be about that. other than focusing on what is happening now, the election has begun, there has never been core deployment -- court deployment, 4 million people or so have already voted. they are denying the american people to one shot they have under constitutional law to be able to have their input, and that is picking the person who could name -- >> bill: standby, hang with us a moment, maybe it comes back. joe biden, kamala harris making their case a day after 50 million americans tune in for the first and only vice presidential debate. i think the signal is back. back to arizona we go. >> thank you. >> bill: the question from the supreme court, the vice president begins his tour
12:55 pm
leaving the airport hangar. we will see where they go in moments. also today in arizona, mike pence was there. this is going to be a hotly contested race in arizona. pulling suggested it is incredibly tight, this is a state that has been dominated by republicans for a long time. we will see whether or not it continues on that track in 2020. in the meantime, while you were watching the debate last night, guess what was happening in china? chinese state run media appear to censor some of mike pence's comments about covid. reporting on that live in london today. what happened? >> bild, vice president pence was clear on china, and he pulled no punches. firmly china and the communist party they are, but to be yours in china were not seeing that, their feed was cut. here, take a look at one of the clips before it was censored. >> china is to blame for the coronavirus.
12:56 pm
and president trump is not happy about it. he has made a very clear. he has made it clear again today. china and the world health organization did not play straight with the american people. >> but that never made air, instead all of the viewers in china saw what the message with "no signal, please standby" took it out for three critical minutes stopped when senator harris began to speak. it only went to a small member of the population in china, but it is striking and also a stark moment that in china the communist party alone controls the narrative. there is no free speech. there are no debates and they do not tolerate criticism. criticism leads to imprisonment. the term administration has been vocal about these kinds of violations. but there is no doubt that they are on top of the foreign policy agenda. it is a growing adversary, but the director of national intelligence has said that they
12:57 pm
believe china favors the biden victory. >> bill: benjamin hall, thank you from that on london, and as i mentioned, mike pence in arizona, splitting the debate in the hotly contested part of the southwest in the united states. mike pence and now joe biden moments ago. we have a couple of minutes to show you what is happening in this early voting. this is really fascinating time where covid and the amount of absentee ballots and early voting as well. we have 26 days to go, reset the button and i will take you to the state of florida, which is going to be -- well, it will be quite a battle. here's how things round up four years ago in the state of florida when the president beat hillary clinton. 4.4 million votes for her -- roughly 9 million votes cast in 2016. look at the advanced vote. this was florida. 6.5 million votes have been cast
12:58 pm
before election day in 2016. as we look right now in 2020 we are trying to get a gauge as of the 8th of october. you have 5.4 million ballots senate requested, and just shy of 1 million returns so far from early in in person voting, that number will change going to october, close to a million votes cast in florida. 29 electoral votes, and we will watch list to see how many. it is just a bit more than 4% of the total registered voters in the state. the venom will change dramatically as we move further on into the month of october. just bouncing around the map right now as of october 8th in north carolina, 1.2 million requested, about 400,000 return so far. so we have a bit of a ways to go in north carolina, when the in person voting starts, we will see how that develops. to keep an eye on these covid times, we will go back to to the
12:59 pm
desk and complete the broadcast in new york. as you watch list and taken the information from some of the battleground states, it is clear what is happening out there with covid. there are many americans who are making a decision and a choice now to get their ballot and through the mail and also to vote early in person, which has been a trend in so many states every four years. the early in-person vote. democrats now clearly in the state of north carolina believe that the absentee ballot is the way to go. when you make a comparison to republicans and you see the number of ballots that have returned thus far, it is about 4-1 right now. democrats and republicans. generally speaking making the case that republicans like to vote in person and that is there safety, that is where they believe generally speaking that the ballots will count and they can make sure that it does. we have seen state after state
1:00 pm
and story after story about ballots that have been sent out to thousands in this case were some cases more than that where the ballots were ineffective. nonetheless it will continue and we will follow for you. 26 days ♪ >> neil: all right, thank you, bill. there is a big debate over whether or not we are going to have any more debates, the president making clear that if they are pushing for the next debate to be original, he has a definite "no." and even the second debate could be in doubt, so in other words, could we be at the point of one and done for the presidential candidates after the vice presidential candidates wrap things up? what are the implications for the campaign? good afternoon, everybody, i am nil too little, and this is "your world." the president making clear that if it is going to be virtual,


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