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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 8, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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and story after story about ballots that have been sent out to thousands in this case were some cases more than that where the ballots were ineffective. nonetheless it will continue and we will follow for you. 26 days ♪ >> neil: all right, thank you, bill. there is a big debate over whether or not we are going to have any more debates, the president making clear that if they are pushing for the next debate to be original, he has a definite "no." and even the second debate could be in doubt, so in other words, could we be at the point of one and done for the presidential candidates after the vice presidential candidates wrap things up? what are the implications for the campaign? good afternoon, everybody, i am nil too little, and this is "your world." the president making clear that if it is going to be virtual,
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count him out. talks from behind the scene that maybe this was a negotiating tactic to push the debate about, and an impersonal one at that. so much we don't know. i have a feeling john roberts knows a lot more than we do. hey, john. >> well, we know a little bit, neil, but i'm not sure we know the full story had because i'm not sure it has been told. what we do know is that the commission on presidential debates today, early today, made a unilateral decision that next thursday the 15th would be a virtual one because of lingering questions about the president's health status and whether or not he is still testing positive for coronavirus or whether he is well on his way to recovery. certainly the president has put out a couple of videos in the last couple of days to suggest that he believes that he is doing fine. but when this idea of a virtual debate was floated, the trump campaign and president trump said they wanted nothing to do with it. the president has been looking forward to being in miami next thursday, and he doesn't want to do it over a computer. here is what joe biden said when
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their campaign was told about it. >> he changes his mind every second. for me to comment on that would be irresponsible. i think i'm going to follow the commission's recommendations. if he goes off and he is going to have our rally, i don't know what i will do. speak out that was earlier this morning. since then, the biden campaign has said well, let's push the town hall debate back to octobe. that was the date, rather, for the third debate, and then they said okay, we have the 22nd, and then we are done, to which the trump campaign said "we agree that this should happen on october 22nd, and accordingly, the third debate should then be shifted back to october 29th." they cannot hide joe biden forever. americans deserve to hear directly from both presidential candidates on these dates, october 22nd and october 29th.
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the trump campaign manager today, now at the same time, all of this is going on on capitol hill, house speaker nancy pelosi saying i've got some concerns about president trump's health because we don't know when the last time was that he tested negative for coronavirus was, and we don't know what his current coronavirus statuses, so we are going to have discussions tomorrow about presidential succession. listen to what she said. >> tomorrow, by the way, tomorrow, come here tomorrow. we are going to be talking about the 25th amendment. mr. president, when was the last time you had a negative test before you tested positive? why is the white house not telling the country? that important fact about how this spread and made a hot spot of the white house. >> they are still trying to figure out how the white house became a hot spot and how it
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became the source of an outbreak. they haven't figured that out completely yet, but the president come if he doesn't go to the debate in miami next thursday, he says he's going to hold a campaign rally. again, neil, his current coronavirus status, that we are led to believe that his physician, dr. shawn conley, may have some sort of an update later on this afternoon. stay tuned. we will bring that to you. >> neil: this is just a hypothetical, but assuming he tested negative for the virus and probably a follow-up that says the same, they are already looking at pushing this back at a minimum to the 22nd. do both debates go through, or the best-case scenario is only one goes through? >> you know, larry kudlow was saying that he believes that she sort of intimated that this was a negotiating tactic, and of the president does test negative for coronavirus, and don't forget that sunday will be ten days from the onset of his symptoms,
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and according to the centers for disease control's guidelines, that is when you can end your isolation. i'm not sure if everybody would be comfortable with that, but if he does have some negative test before thursday, there really is no reason why the president could not be there, and the logistics are all set for next thursday because the moderator was going to be there, so there may be an argument to be made that if the president is out of the woods, he is clear of the virus, you could hold an in-person town hall. >> yeah. it is possible. thank you, john roberts at the white house. so, who does it hurt more if this debate doesn't go on? and maybe both don't go on. "wall street journal," associate editor with me right now. fox news contributor. bernard, with the democratic strategist. what do you think? who needs it more? you could look out the general poles, and i know the president is suspicious of them, but the trend is not his friend with those polls.
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suspicious or not, so you could make the argument that he needs these debates more. what do you think? >> i think it's right, neil a poll showed him the 14 points behind biden nationally, and weakening among the very many important demographic groups to him. over 70 million people watch the first debates. it is a terrific opportunity for the president to get out there and give his message. he also doesn't want to appear weak. that is one of the concerns, i suspect, about having a virtual conference. being virtual, not in person, because of the president unable to keep the coronavirus out of the white house. and the broader message they are being if i couldn't keep it out of the white house, this is why i couldn't keep it out of your house. 210,000 people dead in the country. the message is also complicated. masks, you know, still optional.
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vice president pence his wife joining him on stage after last night debate, not wearing a mask. so, he remains controversial on this topic. the coronavirus is really driving the debate at this point. >> you know, long before covid-19, back in 1960, 60 years ago, john kennedy and richard nixon have four debates. their third one was a virtual one. they didn't call it that at the time. john kennedy was in new york. richard nixon was in l.a. the debate went off without a hitch. it was a very powerful debate. didn't have the popularity were the readings of the first one, which many said was a game changer for jfk, but it went okay. do you think the president should consider that it is not the end of the world to go virtual? the irony with that debates is many people thought that nixon got the better of jfk. still lost the election, but it
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worked out okay for him. that particular debate. >> yeah, i think it should be an in-person debate, neil. that was years ago, of course. looking at the technology that we have today, sure, one would think that that would be a possibility, but i think it would be more effective for the candidates to be on stage face-to-face. especially when there are allegations of joe biden using a teleprompter and being assisted just in regular interviews in his basement. he needs to be questioned. he has not had any hard-hitting questions, neil, and i question the timing of the relief of this committee wanting to change the rules, because this is dominating the news. we are not talking about the vp debate that happened last night, and kamala harris would not want her -- she refused to answer important questions, especially will the biden-hair's ticket
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stock or pack the supreme court? >> neil: you could also argue that the game completely changed with him testing positive -- you could also -- >> they could delay the debate. >> okay. you could make an argument from the democratic point is you that it would be good for joe biden to do what he was not able to do in the first of it, to expound on his possessions, or is the thinking that i'm sitting on a lead, i don't want to blow this lead? i don't want to risk this lead, so all the better if we don't have those remaining debates? what do you think? >> i think it is bizarre. it makes absolutely no sense. it runs counter to their self-interest, which is what his voters do. president trump needs this debate. he is behind in the polls. he needed to shake things up. he did shake things up, much to
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the dismay, joe biden won the debate. he's winning among women and seniors 2-1. president trump is clearly afraid to debate. he's afraid to lose the election, he is afraid to face the american voters. this was going to be a town hall, so ordinary voters would be able to ask the president some questions. he's afraid of facing the voters. he's afraid of facing joe biden because he shellacked him in the last debate -- >> neil: neither gentlemen really -- >> well, 2-1 -- >> neil: i just think this idea that there was some big winner versus the other one, it was more -- >> i guess what i'm asking, when we go forward here, you could make a credible argument now that maybe the democrats are thinking this is a good place to be. we are not eager to mess this thing up here they could play to
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conservative peer talking about the style, they don't want to risk that. so, who needs this more? >> i think in a situation like this, neil, the candidate who is not doing as well needs it more. they need to get their message out, so in this instance, because the president is running behind and the polls, and again, the polls are just polls. they can be fallible, but there is a certain consistency to them, and the margin appears to be over the last few weeks widening. so the president needs it more, and i don't think that this discussion is over. we might find the president changing his mind and deciding that a virtual debate is just as cool. he might not like the fact that up moderator can technologically cut him off a little bit easier, but you might decide that the size of the audience is critical right now for him to reach, and his political proponents are probably advising him to the point as well. >> hey, neil, i would argue
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that -- >> neil: you might think that way, but the virtual debate, whatever you want to -- i was there, i covered it. but -- >> he may be afraid for his own health. frankly -- >> neil: a lot of conjecture, guys. let's see what happens. in the meantime, we are updating you right now with what is happening. expected to hit somewhere -- either strong category to up to category three. all bets are off because this thing has sort of defied conventional wisdom. the entire hurricane season. louisiana, already declared a state of emergency. it is the sixth time they are dealing with something like th this. what is in store after this. customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need?
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>> neil: all right. hurricane delta right now, a lot of damage in mexico. where, ultimately, does it land? trying to get a good idea, but
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we are taking a close look. >> hey, neil, yeah, so the storm is really growing in its size. the size is changing. it is going a bit, and that means kind of a broader area of concern. visible satellite image of it, you can see that right there. looking fairly healthy, what we are going to watch as it moves forward towards the north and eventually towards landfall on the louisiana coastline. we have a very good idea and agreement of landfall somewhere across southwestern louisiana. we had a category for hurricane made landfall and caused all kinds of damage especially in the lake charles area. we are going to see this go just to the east of lake charles, which is ultimately good news, but there are a lot of people who just now got power back and a lot of people who have tarps up for their roofs. they will have some very strong winds and a lot of rain from this pure not good news at all. going over where a lot of the
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oil platforms are as well. take a look at the ocean temperatures. it is cooling down a little bit as it gets closer. we are going to start to see it a little bit, so we probably have about a 12 to 18 hour window. and then after that, before and make landfall, i don't think that we will be talking about a strengthening storm, which would really be good news. probably though, category three, category two making landfall just sometime over around 24 hours from now, and i think we are probably going to see the landfall maybe around ten to 15 miles away from where hurricane laura came on shore just a few weeks ago, so an incredible time across parts of louisiana. they have been hit so hard. where this is coming on shore just to the east of it, certainly some population there, but also a lot of swampland that can kind of absorb the storm surge. with this storm, probably seven to 11 feet at the worst of it
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when we saw lake charles with laura. hopefully a little bit lower than what we saw with that storm here nonetheless, to have these big storms coming in such a short period backup time, not good news for the folks in louisiana. neil. >> thank you very much. i want to go to that fema demonstration, what they are going to do. joining us right now. thank you for taking the time. what are you telling folks right now? >> well, what we are telling everyone is do not be complace complacent. take this storm seriously. take the time that you have left today to make those preparations. we all know it's been a long, hard hurricane season, especially if you live in louisiana. we know that. we feel for you, but don't waste time. take it seriously. don't put yourself or your family in danger. >> what is the rule of thumb?
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a surge generally warrants an evacuation. but if the surge predictions are right, for a lot of people, a lot of areas, right? >> yeah, well, the rule of thumb is heeded the advice of your local emergency managers, stay in emergency managers, local officials. they know best, so if they tell you to evacuate, whether it is mandatory or voluntary, please take that seriously. we don't want you to put your life in danger. tune into your local news, reports from local parishes, and if you are told to evacuate, i would highly recommend that you do so. >> neil: you know, we have gone into this before, but in this covert year, a lot of people are free to go to the storm shelters. opening up hotels and motels in there, but what do you tell people who are just leery because they are afraid of going
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from the frying pan into the fire trying to avoid the hurricane, they might get covid? they get really anxious. >> yeah, well, you have to weigh your risks. if the risk is higher that you may lose your life by staying in your home, then you should evacuate. if the risk is lower, then you have to make a decision, but again, please heed to the directions of your local officials. we made great strides with putting people in noncongregant sheltering. hotels, motels across the country. it works. you may have to go a little father if you live in louisiana because again, we have had sal sally. many people still in hotels from the storms, but again, it's about making a really great decision for yourself and your family. don't put yourself in danger. >> neil: do you when you see what's happening, particularly as hurricane season, which is, you know, we have had so many
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storms named, 25 by last count, down into the greek alphabet right now, what's going on? >> yeah, there's a lot going on. this season, so whether it is wildfires or hurricanes, so whether systems have become more frequent, more intense, more damaging, more costly, and again, one of the things we are proud of that fema is that we have been investing more money and predisaster mitigation. we just rolled out a brand-new program, building resilient and restrictioninfrastructures. reduce their risk of those threats in their community. >> neil: all right, fema administrator. we want to keep you abreast of some covid-19 developments.
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a couple companies that are seeking emergency use approval of their treatments. bearing very promising results, including one that the president was on, and he was virtually touting it on fox business this morning. an interesting development. the process of the emergency care for those who want it and needed. they are trying to say fda, help us make sure that we can get it. stay with us. you are watching "your world." thank you. bradley, get a freshly made subway footlong instead. try my favorite, turkey. order on the app. anything for my fans. try the new subway buffalo chicken or bbq chicken.
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's because the big thing that happened is we have -- i call them skewers.
1:28 pm
i don't call them therapeutics. but between eli lilly and regeneron, these are two different companies, you take it, and it beats the hell out of it. >> neil: all right, the president clearly a big fan of this. he said has had an enormously positive results. and eli lilly has been moving very quickly to try to get an emergency use authorizations because of some of these. in the case of regeneron, the president of the united states. the johns hopkins center for security expert here, doctor, fast-track approval for emergency use, few and far between the company is get a request like that honored, but
1:29 pm
apparently both regeneron and eli lilly are saying that there are enough positive developments here to warrant it. do you agree? >> i do think that these are promising ways to treat covid-19. we haven't seen the data because it has been mostly in medical releases. what we have seen does seem to be consistent with the fact that these drugs do decrease the amount of virus in your body. they decrease the symptoms that you have, and they may prevent you from getting into the hospital, which would be an important advance. some antibodies have on something that we have thought about is a long time as a bridge until we get a vaccine. >> neil: how do you think -- i know that you're looking at it on tv, the demeanor, hearing how he sounds, how do you think the president is doing? >> it's very hard to make any kind of medical diagnosis from afar. but he does seem to be on a good trajectory. he was discharged from the hospital.
1:30 pm
he is able to talk and complete sentences. getting close to his baseline, but it is very hard to say for sure, and we want to wait a couple more days to make sure that the gains he made will be sustained and he doesn't have a backslide. some patients have had a backslide after six or seven days of illness. hopefully that won't happen because he had has good treatment. but you want to be careful. >> neil: doctor, there is also this issue of whether there are side effects we should be aware of or whether it is safe. obviously, the presidential debate commission decided that an in person next debate wouldn't be advisable, so they suggested a virtual one. the president rejected that. how soon -- under normal circumstances, recovering from a positive diagnosis, is it safe for the president to be in the company of people? >> usually it's around ten days
1:31 pm
from the start of symptoms, and that is when people have a mild or moderate case. severe cases, we sometimes have themselves isolate for 20 days. two negative test and allow yourself to be able to discontinue isolation so long as you have gone better as well, but the problem is we don't have full information about when he developed symptoms, when his first negative -- first positive test was, when his last negative test was, how severe he was, what was the lowest is oxygen one? did it go into the 80s? to be able to gauge exactly what type of isolation procedure is necessary for him. it could be up to 20 days, but again, the opaqueness with how much we know about his actual condition makes it very difficult to know unless you are involved. >> doctor, thank you very much. joining us on that. a story in chicago that is just bizarre and pretty scary. six people charged in an alleged plot to kidnap, maybe even kill
1:32 pm
the governor there. we have much more on that. >> well, this was much bigger than just governor gretchen whitmer. they say that these suspects have ties to militia groups. they wanted to storm the state capitol building and overthrow the state government who in their view, violating the u.s. constitution. largely due to the strict restrictions she put in place during the pandemic. according to the criminal complaint, the group decided to get up the governor at her vacation home. over the past few months, members of the group allegedly conducted surveillance of that residence on at least two occasions while training for the operation with combat drills and rehearsals. also gathering materials to make explosives. the criminal complaint states that once the group had taken whitmer hostage, they plan to move her to a secure location in wisconsin for a "trial." this afternoon, law enforcement due to work on this case and
1:33 pm
suggested president trump is at least partially responsible for this group feeling emboldened to carry out this kind of attack. >> when our leaders to be their words matter. they carry wage. when our leaders encourage or fraternize with domestic terrorists, they legitimize their actions. and they are complacent. complicit. >> more than a dozen people have been arrested as part of this investigation. four where arrested on wednesday when they met up to exchange tactical gear for the operations, which they plan to carry out before election day. neil. >> neil: incredible. thank you very much for that. well, remember when president trump rallied to the markets when he tweeted that he was walking away from the stimulus? rattled a whole lot of people other than just the markets.
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>> i had been very open to having a bill for the airlines are part of a bigger bill, but there is no stand-alone bill without a bigger bill. >> neil: all right. a lot of people were confused. nancy pelosi, speaker of the house, open to a smaller stimulus measure that would maybe include some stimulus checks to americans, as much as we saw in the early days of the pandemic, and really for the airlines. and that would be had. today hinting that no, no, it has got to be part of something big. people confuse. chad pergram still talking about the math. where the two sides differ appeared speak out high there, you are right. continuing to talk even though the president with the kibosh on
1:39 pm
these conversations. this is from drew hamel, spokesperson. he says "their conversation focused on determining whether there was any prospect of an eminent agreement. trusting that the secretary's fees for the present." she said i am willing to do a smaller bill, but i also have to do that bigger bill. $2.2 trillion. here is the speaker. >> when the president did his strange tweet that said we are walking away from the negotiation, it was like what? we've all been working very hard to find that common ground. i think he surprised a lot of people. >> the individual bill for the airlines for days now, pelosi called his decision to cancel the talks "strange." one thing still separates the science from an agreement. that is the price tag. >> the one thing i think we all agreed on is that another rescue
1:40 pm
package was a good idea, but as you can imagine, we are a lot closer to the election, and you have watched look back and forth over what is appropriate to do at this particular time. the speaker insists on an outrageous amount of money. >> with airlines for america. it represents most major u.s. carriers. air travel is off by 70%. >> it is really hard when you are negotiating because of the politics and the different people involved, but i didn't say it's not rocket science if you want to come to a deal. >> he is hopeful that they can get somewhere, but he is not necessarily optimistic, and it is hard to see how they get this done before the election, neil. >> neil: this is a dumb question on my part, but i noticed that the speaker was wearing a mask. i don't remember seeing that.
1:41 pm
speak out that's right. she usually comes in wearing a mask. this is the first time for the entire press conference except once when she took off her mask to take a sip of water. she kept her face covering on the entire time along with the chairman of the energy and commerce committee. frankie did as well. there was a letter that was sent out from the correspondence association urging more cooperation from members like that, saying you know, keep your mask on during the press conference. this time, she left it on for the duration. >> all right. interesting. thank you. speaking of masks, what they are called in maskgate, controversy about mrs. penn's was running him on stage after the event not wearing a mask. and senator kamala harris' husband was. some confusion. did someone violate the road? well, karen pence did not wear a
1:42 pm
mask when she walked out to congratulate her husband. but both campaigns had agreed prior to the debate not to wear masks at the end. so, he did. the intrigue and as they are. am done with maskgate. more after this. it's an important time to save. with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels. and when you get a big deal... feel like a big deal. ♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal. i remember herwho was because she had a bracelet that had the names of her children.
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because it strengthens prop 13 for seniors, disabled veterans, wildfire victims, and family farmers. prop 19 also protects the right of parents to pass on the family home to their children at the current property tax rate. you worked hard for your house and you should be able to give it to your children without a tax penalty. that's why taxpayer advocates, firefighters, veterans, and small business owners are voting 'yes' on prop 19.
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>> this is supposed to be a debate based on fact and truth, and joe biden has been very clear. he will not raise taxes on anybody who make less than $400,000 a year. mr. vice president, i am speaking. i'm speaking. >> the importance is the truth. joe biden said twice in the debate last week that he is going to repeal the tax cuts. tax cuts that gave the average working family $2,000 and a tax break every single year -- >> that is absolutely not true -- >> is the only going to repeal part of it? >> if you don't mind letting me finish, we can have a conversation, okay? >> please. >> joe biden will not raise taxes on anyone who makes less than $400,000 a year.
1:47 pm
>> neil: that got a little nasty, right? the two candidates running, and the president and vice president respectively, this idea, one wants to raise taxes, that is the biden camp, even though vice president pence said you would envelop obama more people than just that. what do you think? >> i thought the vice president did very well last night, particularly on economic issues. the markets right now are treating because they believe that it is better to have on noncontested election than to h. the markets really believe that joe biden is going to win on election night. that is one of the reasons why there is less volatility. and in the futures market, that was volatility -- volatility -- >> neil: why would that be good news for them?
1:48 pm
they don't like uncertainty. if it looks more and more like we could have this concluded and it is a potential big biden win, at least that uncertainty is gone. >> yes, that is what i am saying. that's why the markets are trading up right now, not on joe biden's fiscal and economic -- they are treating up right now. not having a contested election, that the volatility that would go with that contested election. it would be obviously all over the place, and you saw that in futures trading. that is dissipating, that is why the markets are up somewhat. also the talk about stimulus, even though as chad pergram just mentioned, and my sources confirmed i believe her earlier today that there is probably not going to be a stimulus plan. it gets headlines going and algorithms trading. here the real problem with markets if you are a long-term investor here.
1:49 pm
appear short or long term. if joe biden does get elected, if the senate does turn democrat, his tax plan is being directly on investors, no two ways about it. yes, you can make a great case that people making $400,000 a year or less are specifically targeted with higher taxes, although you start raising corporate taxes and others, you start bringing people into that -- into those categories, but it is aimed squarely at companies and investors with capital gains. all the things that could disrupt stocks and markets, and so there's going to be at some point just logically if democrats get the senate, and they are obviously going to keep the house and win the presidency, there has got to be a biden trade involvement. they have to reflect the lower-priced turning estimates that would be -- that will calm -- many more taxes,
1:50 pm
companies paying a lot more. a lot more regulation, and maybe even a breakup of certain companies. what people forget is the antitrust commission green-lighted alive. certain that -- antitrust division, tried to break that out because he didn't like cnn, part of the time warner deal, but generally, green-lighted a lot of deals. that's generally good for markets. that's not going to happen if biden gets in there. >> neil: we shall see, my friend. anything can happen. it is still early. thank you. we are talking about the virus, the effect it is having on the economy. the movie industry. we are learning that "dressing world" had some breakout of the cases on sets. that is going to be delayed with its release. added to "the batman," the
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1:55 pm
miles apart. peter doocy with the latest right now from phoenix. peter? >> neil, good afternoon. biden and harris are on the ground. they are keeping their distance from each other and they say they are not sweating that second debate falling apart because president trump doesn't want to go virtual. >> it's not surprising i will ask a rhetorical question none of you could answer. were any of you surprised? [laughter] i mean, who knows? >> biden campaign official explains their thinking like this. trump to's erratic behavior douse not allow him to rewrite the calendar and pick new dates of his choosing. we look forward to participating in a final debate scheduled for october 22nd which is already tied for the latest debate date in 40 years. donald trump can show up or he can decline again. that's his choice. while the press pool traveling with biden and harris was waiting for them at phoenix sky harbor international airport, they watched the mike pence motorcade speed by. he is also here in the phoenix area after spending last night
1:56 pm
in salt lake city. we understand his motorcade just arrived at the event location. we should hear from him soon. right now biden and harris are beating with native american leaders here in phoenix. they were greeted by cindy mccain, the wife of the late senator john mccain, republican who has endorsed joe biden in this race. and within the next couple hours we do expect biden and harris here at this location where they are going to launch the soul of the nation bus tour ahead of a trip to nevada tomorrow. neil? >> neil: all right. trains last week. buses this week. got it, my friend. peter doocy following all of that lee carter on the importance of arizona right now. like so many of these states that the president won last time. he is having a devil of a time now. how does arizona speak out? >> arizona is really interesting. it's a very, very tight race. but arizona started to swing more democratic over the last two years. romney won arizona handily.
1:57 pm
trump ended you up winning 3 and a half points after trailing hillary clinton for some time. did he have an edge at this time in the election. you have to remember it was about this time in 2016 that he had the access hollywood tape. similarly, he is having a moment where things -- the polls are dropping and they're not being as good to him as i'm sure he would like them to be. he has lost 3 points nationwide in the last three weeks. now, arizona, as much as it's close, it's only 3 points apart. if you look at the senate race like sally and kelly, kelly is ahead by 10 points. what this tells me, actually, is that trump is doing better than i would expect. he thinks people are going to vote all the way down the ticket. that's not what we are seeing there. people looking to support trump and also support kelly which is opposite sides of the ticket. i think it's going to be closer than you might think. >> neil: you know, events right now in arizona. she is taking the stage here and a lot of people think her husband did very, very well in the debate. oftentimes in the prism of our
1:58 pm
politics and bias but that the general argument you hear is that the vice president stabilized things a little bit after last week's presidential debate. do you agree with that? it's way too early i'm sure to sort of gauge the polling reaction. but what do you think? >> i think he did. now, i think that -- i'm not sure how much of a difference it's going to make. i think that more people are watching the vp debate for than usual. but what i heard from voters who reacted last night was that, yes, vice president pence did a good job. yes, he was a calming force. but his signs weren't really changed. and kamala harris, she didn't necessarily change minds either. i think a lot of people are waiting to hear what are kamala harris and joe biden going to do for america? and that case was not made last night. >> neil: you know, lee, polls are fleeting. you always remind me of that if they are and end up being where they are now, the president would lose the popular vote in a landslide. and given the fact that he is
1:59 pm
trailing by either a little or a lot in a lot of the battleground states he would lose the electoral vote that land slide. are people in the trump camp feeling that? worried about that? or is it back to all fake news? the polls don't register? they were wrong four years ago? they're wrong now in the methodologies haven't changed. they are biased against it? what? >> i think the true trump supporter right now is feeling pretty good and still feeling very similar to 2016. the polls are wrong. there are a lot of people going to go ahead and vote for trump that aren't talking about it because it's so difficult to say out loud. we know that more than 60% of americans right now are afraid to share their political beliefs in public because of all of the division in this country. so i think there is a lot of people out there who are confident. i do think this is very different race than 2016 despite the polls being very similar. and 2016, americans who supported donald trump knew exactly what he was going to do for them. i think right now there is a lot of confusion about what does irving look like under donald trump? what's he going to do?
2:00 pm
what are his big plans? what's he going to do on healthcare? what's the economy really look like? there is a lot of uncertainty right now. i think he still has to make that case. >> neil: all right. and three and a half weeks to go. so a long way to go. thank you very, very much on that, lee. here comes "the five." ♪ yuan yuan hello, everyone i'm juan williams along with katie pavlick, jesse watters dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> the american people have witnessed what is the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country. >> senator harris, you are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts. are you and joe biden going to pack the court? >> let's talk about packing the court then. let's talk about. >> please, i just want the record to reflect she never answered the question. >onon the vice presidential candidates slugging it out in salt lake


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