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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 9, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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busy week next week, the confirmation hearing for amy coney barrett on monday morning. we will have that all for you here live from "america's newsroom" on fox news channel. great to be with you this week, trace. >> trace: you as well. and the debate, who knows if that will happen next week. but if it does, we will bring about. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begin here, president trump may resume in person campaign rallies as soon as this weekend after the white house physician cleared him for public events darting this weekend, the doctor noted in a memo yesterday tomorrow will mark ten days since the president's covid-19 diagnosis. however sources are telling fox news that the president may not hit the campaign trail until monday. here is what he said on sean hannity a show last night. >> i think i'm going to try to do a rally on saturday night if we have enough time to put it together, but we want to do a rally probably in florida on
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saturday night. might come back and do one in pennsylvania. the following night, and it is incredible what has been going on. i feel so good. >> harris: the president also told hannity he will take a covid-19 test today and then his doctors found very little infection or bearer of a macro virus if any in a previous unspecified test. the white house says the president has completed the covid-19 therapy and his condition stable since he left the hospital on monday. you are watching "outnumbered" on a fine friday. i am harris faulkner come here today, dagen mcdowell, fox news correspondent gillian turner, executive director of serb america pac and fox news contributor marie harf, and joining us in the center virtual seat opinion editor for "the washington times" also part of the fox family as a fox news contributor charlie hurt, hello, everyone. charlie, i want to ask you first
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about two campaign or not to campaign this weekend, the doctor say it is possible. we don't know the ins and outs of what kind of test showed less virus and what he would take, but the campaign and the president says he will take another test today potentially. >> charlie: certainly the most important thing is that president trump listen to his doctors. obviously he is chomping at the bit to get out there. which is extraordinary if you think about it. i think that everybody here, most people in america know somebody who has been affected by this disease and a horrifying disease. it hit some people differently than it hits other people, but if you get hit bad by it it is truly devastating, and for this to happen to president trump in the last three, four weeks of the campaign i think that it could only happen in a year like 2020, but the fact that he is still standing and still fighting is a testament to not
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only his own strength, but also the advances we have made and therapies and our medical understanding of the disease. but that said, i think that it is of paramount importance that to the president listen to his doctors as he appears to be doing, and make sure that he really does get completely better and get this thing behind him before he does anything that wears him out or causes complications to linger longer than they need to. >> harris: you know it is interesting what you say, because isn't that what doctors always tell us, don't go do something too soon because a relapse would be not a good thing. but we don't know. we are not in those conversations with those doctors, just what we have all been told. dagen, as you consider the president being off the trail and it is for covid, joe biden previously off the trail saying recognizing the dangers, this
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makes the playing field an interesting one as they go forward, because if you don't have to be out there, why get out there? or does this particular president do better when he has his rallies on his schedule? >> dagen: i think the president's goal is to level the playing field again and i doubt that he is happy with the reversal of roles of him being sequestered in the hospital and at the white house and joe biden out on the campaign trail. but he is fearless. why would he run for president in the first place if he did not have that fearlessness. number one, but number two, there is something that president trump and his campaign needs to continue to advocate for and that is safely reopening this country and the economy. then hunter at "the wall street journal" read a really interesting opinion piece yesterday that said what is biden's plan for reopening the country? that the democratic party is biased towards social and economic shutdown and that has not really changed since march.
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you can't fix the economy until you fix the covid crisis, that does not make sense unless the biden campaign is advocating and pushing for another shutdown, that is not something i don't think any american would stand for at this point. there is a way to safely reopen the economy and country and there have been thousands of scientists and doctors that have signed on to what is called the great barrington declaration that recommends that people be allowed to live normally while protecting the vulnerable. that is going to be the message and the president can show that being out on the campaign trail. >> harris: that is so impressive a suggestion, and i know that you live in new york, so the reality today is that new yorkers woke up to brooklyn and queens and some of the areas with the most saturation of successful small businesses before the pandemic, and they are hurting. they have a 5.1 positivity rate for covid-19 today. so having an idea of what to do
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for those small businesses would be a way for the president to reenter. jillian. >> gillian: it pains me to say it, harris, but charlie is absolutely right on this. the president should be following the guidance -- i am joking, obviously, i always agree with you, charlie. we don't have any indication that he is going outside the boundaries or guidance, but from sources inside the administration, the president, we are learning that the president is feeling like he needs to scramble a bit to make up for lost time. he feels like he was sidelined with three days while he was convalescing at walter reed hospital. so he feels like to have that happen during what is possibly the most crucial few weeks of his political career, the home stretch of re-election campaign from that perspective it is understandable that he wants to get back out there and get back out there as soon as possible. that said he does have an obligation to take into account the health and well-being of
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those around him including his staff, including his fans, including his supporters who will come out to rally, every single american has made extraordinary sacrifices during the course of this pandemic whether it is staying home from work to take care of loved ones, whether it is staying home to protect themselves, whether it is losing their jobs, losing loved ones, so i think that the president is absolutely not above those kinds of person-to-person considerations right now. >> harris: you said fans and supporters, i think that every candidate in the world which wishes that they were both and is going for them. i want to touch on something that dagen said, because where people are going into the fall season and seeing spikes in 24 states now significant ones in wisconsin and a few other areas it's really important. if we completely shut down and nobody is suggesting that, although earlier on joe biden had said it, he has since said that he would not and would, so we don't know exactly where he
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stands, but what we want is a viable economic situation for main street to that also keeps everybody safe. should that be something that biden says and the president might too if he is watching and listening as i do to dagen mcdowell. >> marie: that is right. it's not opening the economy or shutting completely, and the way that we can open more in a safe manner is to do things like really aggressive contact tracing. so in places where there are spikes, if we have good programs in place where we can trace where the viruses, we can reopen more. if people wear masks, we can actually reopen more. so i do think that is something that both candidate should be talking about. but there was a really important point made by gillian, and also people like the secret service, when ever the president travels, there are huge number of people who go with him, and because he has been at odds throughout public health professionals, i
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think the american people need to know before he gets back on the campaign trail when his last positive test was. because that says something according to doctors about how contagious you still are. so we have not gotten that information from the trump team. i know that reporters have been pushing to get that and we talk about it here, but we need some basic information to make sure that he can travel safely to not put at risk all of the people that travel when the president of the united states travels. until he does that, i do think that some people will be skeptical, because he has been at odds with the public health professionals on so much of th this. >> harris: i am not a doctor, but i sure do talk to a lot of them, and it is when the last negative test was, that's what journalists and other people are asking today. >> charlie: i don't know that he has been at odds with doctors and scientists in the white house, obviously he has listened to the scientists in the white house throughout the entire process, but there are
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issues that are -- because we live in a democratic republic that are up to an elected official to make, decisions that only an elected official can make and he has to make those decisions. and i think that going into the election, it's a pretty interesting contrast between the two. joe biden wants to institute a mask mandate, which is insane if you ask me, president trump does not. president trump wants to figure out a way to open up the economy and rely on things like therapeutics and the science to combat this disease, and joe biden and kamala harris are -- have some plan that they don't really explain all that well about -- further restrict the economy going forward. so i think that it is a great black-and-white choice between the two and it will go to voters and voters will decide. and if voters choose one, however they come down, i will be satisfied, because it is voters choosing. >> harris: early quickly and i don't mean to harp on this, but i just want to make it clear
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that the statement from the doctors says that ten days ago today marks the positivity test, the diagnosis, we can go round and round about how much the american people need to know, i agree. i think it is that first time that he tested negative in the last time that he tested negative, comparing those states. but i want to make sure, because you said we don't know either that we get the facts on the record as we know him per his physician. the expected return to the campaign trail now, the former physician to the president both trump and obama, ronnie jackson will join me with his insight. i will get into all of it. and marie, i will even ask him your question. "outnumbered overtime" in the next hour. with the confirmation hearing for president trump supreme court nominee amy coney barrett set to start monday. questions about packing the high court persists next. the president's response to this
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>> harris: the senate judiciary committee is about to begin the confirmation hearing on monday for u.s. supreme court nominee amy coney barrett. republicans looking to confirm her before the election. meanwhile 2020 democrat joe biden again refusing to say whether he would support efforts to expand, or as they call it pack the supreme court if he gets elected. >> they will know my opinion in
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court packing when the election is over. now look at, i know it is a great question. and i don't blame me for asking, but you know the moment that i answer that question, the headline in every one of your papers will be about that. >> harris: president trump last night went after biden's refusal to answer the question. >> what that means really is that they are going to do it, because obviously that means 100% that's what they are going to do. no, they are going to end the filibuster, and they are going to do things that you would not have thought -- >> harris: or it means, marie, he does not want to make angry the far left side because he can't afford to lose that support. >> marie: yes, this is interesting that everyone is reading the tea leaves. joe biden has not tended to support this notion, so i think a lot of democrats feel like they won't end up actually supporting this. it's worth remembering that congress would have to actually
9:18 am
take the action. chuck grassley and some republican senators tried to eliminate a tele- court seat during barack obama's presidency presidency. they did not say how many justices or people should be in the seats. but joe biden is trying to keep the focus on the nomination of amy coney barrett, what that would mean for health care. what that would mean for pre-existing conditions and not get into a hypothetical about what may or may not happen if she is confirmed. and so, i actually don't think that people should assume which way joe biden might eventually end up coming out on this depending on a whole host of other factors. >> harris: may be if he had you doing the talking and the messaging, that might work, but it is not working for him. because he keeps getting out the question and every time you get asked, then it causes people to pour that tv and read those leaves. >> charlie: talk about defaming somebody, i completely actually agree with you, marie, on this.
9:19 am
there is no telling what on earth he is talking about and what he intends to do and it entirely could be because he does not want to offend the left. but whatever it is, it is astonishing that he is sitting there and just telling voters, you know it, you don't deserve to know. i mean, how much content can you keep on voters to sit there and say, you don't deserve to know until after you have elected me, it is insane and is part of -- obviously people use the word packing, harris, you refer to it as expand, which is a far better word for it. other words are hijack and explode for federal courts. this is all part of a decades long campaign by democrats to affect our courts with partisan politics to twist the constitution around things that it simply does not mean because they don't have the votes or the power to go and change the constitution in the way that you're supposed to change the constitution if you want to
9:20 am
change the constitution. what ever is going on here, this is all part of that strategy. and whatever -- and it looks like their attempt to block amy coney barrett's not going to work, but the reason they would want to stop a great nominee like amy coney barrett is because she was an obstacle in their efforts to affect politics in the federal judiciary. >> harris: what is interesting about what you are saying, i'm not hearing any democrat who actually says that this isn't -- maybe not inevitable, but something that they can effectively stop before or after the election, because they are not in the majority in the senate right now, and just do the math. but when i hear charlie talking about, you will find out what it is going to be once i am elected, that sounds like nancy pelosi. you will know what is in that bill when we pass it. and i did not work out well. >> gillian: it didn't. there is no denying that.
9:21 am
i will also point out, harris, that there are senators like dianne feinstein, like joe manchin who have already indicated they are not necessarily on board with a future president biden adding justices to the bench anyway. so it bears reminding that even if they win based on how the senate race shakes out, he might not be able to pack the court anyway. even if he decides that he is 100% on board with that and makes it his mission. for some democrats here, they are more concerned, actually right now about to the prospect of statehood for washington, d.c., and puerto rico, because the thinking there is that if they can add to-4 senators to the senate that would have a much bigger impact going forward in the sense that congress passes a lot more legislation year on year than the supreme court has ruling. so that might be a more clear cut path to push some of the agenda forward.
9:22 am
>> harris: sorry, i was throwing a little at the people on the hill, barely passing. >> dagen: i have a list of senators who are in favor of packing the court, you get ready to filibuster any added seats and it started last year in september earlier than that, really. but let me go through the list, sheldon whitehouse, dick durbin, mazie hirono, richard blumenthal, and kirsten gillibrand all threatened their supreme court with being restructured if they did not rule the way that the democrats wanted in a second amendment case relating to gun rights here in new york city. they threatened the high court. and joe biden on the campaign trail in the primary season actually said that democrats would rue the day they packed to the supreme court. so why now is joe biden saying oh, this issue matters to you, well, vote for me, and i will tell you how i think on it. he literally is a puppet of the far left here.
9:23 am
that's why he is not coming out. why can't he speak to this? if he did not think that this was a good idea literally a few months ago, why does he refuse to step up about it now? this is just part of the overall plan. americans are quaking in their boots about it. to get rid of the filibuster, you pack the court with liberal justices. you get rid of the electoral college and you add states to the union. my father said to me last night, i am glad that i'm 84, because i would never want to live to see a socialist country. >> harris: wow, as i said it is not really working for biden or kamala harris, because she did not want to answer the question at the debate. your last quick word, charlie. >> charlie: there were a lot of things that she did not want to answer and some things that she did not get asked that she should be forced to answer before voters make a decision here. >> harris: all right. we will move on. louisiana and east texas are
9:24 am
bracing for another hurricane. at this time delta is on move to make landfall after recovering from hurricane laura a few weeks ago. a live check on those storms track ahead. more drama over the debate commission responding after the trump campaign demanded to be held in person and not online. around and around we go. ♪ now is the time for a new bath from bath fitter.
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9:29 am
in a different direction unfortunately it is moving into an area that will bring may be a little bit better weather to the area that was most affected from laura. nonetheless a lot of the infrastructure weekend, a lot of the trees and buildings, and people have tarps over the roofs. take a look at this. this is what we have seen this year. we had nine main storms, four of those were hurricanes that made landfall somewhere across continental u.s. and incredibly active season. now the cap three storm that is weakening a little bit. we will see it make landfall as a cat 2. it will still be very strong and the search will be likely the same. but winds already into the 40-mile-an-hour range, and even on the west side of the storm, i say that because parts of east texas may be beaumont you will see hurricane force winds from this eventually as it moves on shore. so we have not talked much about texas, but you need to be prepared for that. like charles you have those
9:30 am
winds pushing 50 miles an hour really where we saw a lot of the impact with the 17-foot surge from laura and now we will have this. we won't see the storm surge in lake charles that will be further out towards the east. the other thing that we see all the time is tornadoes. so very far off towards the east in places like new orleans and down towards parish and parts of mississippi throughout the evening tonight we will look at that threat for tornadoes as well. this is the official track that comes on shores at about 6-8 hours from right now. if so sometime dinner time tonight we will see the landfall of this. he pulls off towards the north come the storm will probably weaken very quickly after that and here's the rainfall we are talking. a narrow swot and the 6-10 inches of rain, maybe a little bit more of that in some few spots. we have tornadoes in a very long night from our tenth land falling storm of the 2020
9:31 am
hurricane season. harris. >> harris: thank you very much. the commission on presidential debate says it will not reverse the decision to hold the second debate between president trump and joe biden virtually. it has rejected the trump campaign's demand to hold next thursday's debate in person as originally planned after white house dr. shawn conley yesterday said the president should be able to safely resume public events this weekend. the trump campaign manager bill stepian rode this in a statement. therefore no medical reason why the commission on the presidential debates should shift the debate to a virtual setting, postpone, or alter in any other way. the commission must stop protecting joe biden from this in person debate and allow the event to proceed as it was agreed two months ago. president trump said he would not waste his time on a virtual debate, joe biden waiting yesterday. >> look, we agreed to three debates back in the summer.
9:32 am
this has been going on since the early '90s. the first debate, the second debate, town hall format. third debate, person-to-person. we have set the date. i'm sticking to the date. i will show up. i will be there. and fact he shows up, great, if he doesn't, fine. >> harris: despite the comments, biden is scheduled to take part in an abc town hall next thursday night. and quickly, before i come to you, adding this conversation, i interviewed with hogan gidley on the show yesterday, national press secretary for the 2020 campaign. and they said they suggested they move it back to the 22nd, the first debate, and then you add in october 22nd -- october 29th a week later to get all three and to do and give everybody more in time, but they are all in person. you say what? >> charlie: i feel like the commission is being unreasonable. either we believe in the
9:33 am
science, we trust the doctors, or we don't. if the doctor say that the president is not infectious and is clear of the virus, then he ought to be able to have the debate as planned as agreed to in person in a town hall format. and i don't blame the president for balking at the sudden change that is not based on science or the doctor's recommendations or anything like that. that said, president trump has the issues on his side. the reason that he wanted 2016 was he was right on all of the issues and voters agree with him on all the issues. to the war debates for president trump, the better, because as long as they are talking about issues, and my complaint about the first debate was that it was not as issue-oriented as trump needs. he needs to talk about the issues, because president trump will win the election if the election is decided on all of the issues. >> harris: i had wondered whether or not, especially given
9:34 am
the president's diagnosis, dagen, and him being sidelined from people being able to see those issues addressed outside of a few interviews he has done what sean hannity last night that it evens the playing field. why wouldn't the commission want to at least renegotiate? take another look? >> dagen: maybe they are in the bag for the biden campaign. i raise the issue, because why out the campaigns dictating the rules? why are they deciding by the candidates? because it seems like the trump campaign was surprised by the decision yesterday morning. that being said, "the wall street journal" has an editorial out today who raise the issue of who needs debate moderators, turn their microphone on for a few minutes, let them speak on one issue, turn it off, let the opponent speak and have each side submit questions that they want answered by their opponent. and "the wall street journal" writes that why do we act like
9:35 am
the commission on presidential debates is -- controls these events as a birthright. like again, people in washington get caught up, no offense, gillian, because you live down there and charlie does part-time, marie does too, but you get caught up in the noise. and people outside of the beltway are like, why is this a big deal? just put them on a stage and turn their microphones on, let them roll. >> harris: from what you said, so for those of us who would hope to host one, we would be like atm operators, you push a button and the cash flows, you push a button, okay, now you split the cash, gillian, she called your name. >> gillian: first of all, i agree with what chris wallace said was that he was very surprised by the president's decision to pull out of the debate, because it is a missed opportunity. you can agree with the president putting his foot down, but to no matter how you slice and dice it, this is a chance for both
9:36 am
candidates to talk to some 80 million americans that will tune into this thing or stream into the thing, and by pulling out, he is losing out on an opportunity. we don't have an in-person debate is definitely better for president trump and having a virtual one, but it is true that having a virtual one is far better than having no debate at all which is where we are now. >> harris: he has 84 million followers on twitter, so he may beg to differ, he says that he can reach them anyway potentially will be one argument. the other thing hogan gidley with a campaign yesterday told me that they were not told. you are right, it did not look like they were surprised, they were actually not told that the format had changed and it was not for science necessarily. marie. >> marie: it was for science according to the commission. they have a responsibility to protect the moderator and the other candidates and all of the workers that are there. and we know from the first debate that president trump did not follow the rules or test for covid like he was supposed to.
9:37 am
his family and staff did not wear masks like they were supposed to. and because they couldn't, the commission says that they can't get answers out of the trump campaign about the president's health status and his positive or negative covid tests, they have a responsibility. gillian is right, the president may have a lot of twitter followers, but that is his base. he needs the five or 6% of swing voters who are still undecided somehow, and the way to do that is debate. it's not through a rally or twitter, he should take that opportunity not keep saying different things every different hour about what he is going to do. >> harris: all right, we will move on. president trump going after the governor of michigan for suggesting that he was complicit in extremism after the fbi says that busted up and kidnapping that michigan governor. >> are head of state has spent the past seven months denying science, ignoring his own health
9:38 am
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>> dagen: a war of words between president trump and michigan's governor after an fbi said it foiled plots to kidnap governor gretchen whitmer and storm the state capital. 13 men, some with links to a -- say kidnapping or terrorism charges. they say that president trump is complicit in inciting extremists, pointing to the proud boys group during the presidential debate. listen to this. >> when our leader speaks, the words matter. it carries wait. when our leaders meet with, encourage, or fraternize with domestic terrorists, they
9:43 am
legitimize their actions. and they are complicit. when they stoke and contribute to hate speech, they are complicit. >> dagen: president trump fired back in this tweet, my justice department and federal law enforcement said today that they foiled a dangerous plot towards the governor of michigan. rather than say thank you, she calls me a white supremacist. while they refused to condemn antifa, looters, and mobs that burned down democrat run cities. to you on this, i will point out straight off that president trump has condemned repeatedly such groups. but she uses the threat on her life very serious. as a political baton. >> charlie: as you know, dagen, i completely agree with you that everybody in washington has completely lost their minds, but it is evidence that it is not just people in washington. there are democrats outside of washington who have become so
9:44 am
infected by politics, they are so completely lost to all sense of proportion that today take a truly terrible thing like this plot that was foiled by the fbi and they take something like this and they want to turn it into a weapon to beat up their political rivals. and it is absolutely insane. it is tearing the country apart. as you point out the president has clearly, openly, repeatedly condemned all sorts of people the democrats claim he has never condemned. he has done nothing -- we have had a very vigorous debate about profoundly important codes to limit constitutional issues like freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly. and what i think that people like governor whitmer want to do is to shut down any debate about these things because they want to shut down the state and churches and do all the stuff without having any heckling from political opponents who disagree with her. and it is a really shocking
9:45 am
thing. the president is right, all this happens at a time where you have the major political party, the people running for president for a major political party in america who are openly kowtowing and pandering to a group that is openly doing things in american cities today that are absolutely reprehensible. and while i think that the biden campaign has attempted to sort of condemn some of it, they will not condemn the actual actors behind it. and while i am a little uncomfortable sort of attaching the worst people and party to the party leaders, it is kind of questionable. and it takes a lot of gall to then turn around and accuse the president of encouraging a bunch of wax nuts in michigan who plotted some crazy scheme to abduct the governor. >> dagen: i'm not making light of this kidnapping plot, incredibly serious, but one of these gentlemen had a monologue
9:46 am
on line, he was upset about seat belts, compulsory seat belts, so that goes to charlie's point. >> marie: the president also has riled up his supporters about michigan. he tweeted liberate michigan. he attacked to the governor of michigan personally over and over and over again. using the same language that they then used with each other. so i think that we do need to talk about the fact that the president's words are used by not just these people in michigan, but we start with a pipe bomb or before the midterms, we have seen over and over and over again. people who are supporters of his take his words and try to do violent things. the president should be more responsible with his words because of that. >> dagen: then there was the bernie -- bernie sanders supporter who almost killed steve scalise. let's remind people of that, gillian.
9:47 am
>> gillian: we have to acknowledge the reality that domestic terrorism inside the nation seems to be on the rise. we have seen this all summer long from we have now seen organized and targeted violence in city streets. we have now seen americans shoot and kill other americans because of their beliefs and because of the color of their skin. now we see this heinous plot to kidnap a sitting governor and go for civil war. it's time to have a real conversation about the threat of domestic terrorism. >> dagen: thank you all. nancy pelosi and house democrats trying to establish a commission on presidential capacity. what that could mean for president trump and future presidents and nancy pelosi. ♪
9:48 am
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9:52 am
>> this is not about president trump, he will face the judgment of the voters. but he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents. >> gillian: house minority leader kevin -- kevin mccarthy is calling fowl. tweeting residents are obsessed with president trump, they fail impeachment and now wasting with nancy pelosi's latest on. they need relief, not resistance. this falls into question to understand and discharge her duty as speaker. so as the 20 section three, the 25th amendment stands now, the decision about capacity versus incapacity is up to the president. if he or she deems themselves incapacitated or unable to discharge their duties, they will sign it over to the vice president, the move from nancy pelosi seems to really take it out of the president's hands entirely in hand at decision-making power to other
9:53 am
people. charlie, what do you think? kosher? >> charlie: this is all just raw politics coming from people who first of all attacked the president when -- they are attacking the president basically for catching a disease in the middle of a global pandemic, this is after they accused blame china for unleashing the plague in the first place, and now they are doing this in the middle of a campaign. it's absolutely insane. but the thing that really, really sort of is most curious to me about all this is that they are doing this three weeks before an election, but are they so scared of? all of the polls suggest and we are told by everybody that trump is going to lose this election and biden has said in the bag by 20 points. what are democrats so scared of? why are they blowing up all the norms as they like to say in order to remove the president
9:54 am
just weeks before an election? >> dagen: because it is not serious, and the fact that we are sitting here talking about it gives energy to it. what do you do when there is a 3-year-old child throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of a cocktail party eating toilet paper for attention? you ignore that child, because if you give that child attention, it's only going to get worse. i stand by that comparison. >> gillian: want to make sure that we get meridian to get some perspective from the other side, not putting words in anyone's mouth, but sounds like dagen and charlie are saying this is a political stunt, so say why not? >> marie: you cannot ignore the 3-year-old throwing temper tantrums when he is president. i think there arguably times where president trump has not seemed like he was still in control, and we can talk about covid and whether he would have
9:55 am
any medical procedures that would mean that he should invoke it. we still don't know what will happen when he went to walter reed last time, but nancy policing -- nancy pelosi is waiting on the senate to take up the two relief bills, but i find the timing odd. probably not what i would have done if i were in speaker pelosi's position, but i think that the 25th amendment or ghibli could apply to donald trump, i just am not entirely sure why she is pursuing that right now, it's a little strange to me. >> gillian: you get the last ten seconds. >> dagen: e toilet paper. >> gillian: we are going to leave it there. more "outnumbered" after this. how will we do it, at a time like this?
9:56 am
we've been asked that before. and through pandemics, and depressions, wars that split a nation, and fractured the world. americans have always found a way to vote and make their voices heard. so stand with the national council on election integrity and help make sure every vote is counted. no matter who you vote for, or how. because while this election may feel different, we all call america home.
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>> dagen: thank you to gillian and marie, i was not telling you to eat toilet paper. and charlie hurt, go over the weekend, you know what i mean.
10:00 am
>> charlie: dagen mcdowell for america's babysitter. >> dagen: i was a horrible babysitter. thank you all. have a great weekend. don't go anywhere. right now here is harris faulkner. ♪ >> harris: president trump says he is ready to resume campaigning very soon after covid-19 diagnosis side binds his in in person events. "outnumbered overtime" right now, i am harris faulkner. news happening presently. back to the campaign trail after the doctor cleared him to public engagement starting tomorrow. riding in a memo that the president has responded extremely well to the treatment with no sign of adverse effects. sources telling fox news that the president explained he would be back on the trail on monday for campaigning after the president told sean hannity this last night. >> i think i'm going to try doing a rally on saturday night, if we have enough time to put it together, but we want to do


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