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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 9, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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for america's babysitter. >> dagen: i was a horrible babysitter. thank you all. have a great weekend. don't go anywhere. right now here is harris faulkner. ♪ >> harris: president trump says he is ready to resume campaigning very soon after covid-19 diagnosis side binds his in in person events. "outnumbered overtime" right now, i am harris faulkner. news happening presently. back to the campaign trail after the doctor cleared him to public engagement starting tomorrow. riding in a memo that the president has responded extremely well to the treatment with no sign of adverse effects. sources telling fox news that the president explained he would be back on the trail on monday for campaigning after the president told sean hannity this last night. >> i think i'm going to try doing a rally on saturday night, if we have enough time to put it together, but we want to do a rally in florida probably
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saturday night, might come back and do one in pennsylvania the following night and it is incredible what is going on. i feel so good. >> harris: however some experts are warning that the president could still be contagious and it would send the wrong message as the show down over the second presidential debate rages on, these are the topics. kevin corke is live at house with all of them. fair to say that it may likely be monday, you are the president saying that it is a lot to put together so quickly. >> no doubt about that, clearly he wants to get back out there, but we don't know when that might happen. as you know lots of moving parts and we can talk more about that in just a moment. but yes, the question is will he have a rally very soon, i think the answer is in short form yes, but when and how that will take form, we do not know at this point and it is anybody's guess. we have seen rallies. we have seen them in arenas and airports and folks without the president having rallies on boats and driving by in their
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trucks with flags hanging out, well, we don't know if it is going to be something like that or something altogether different. at this hour the president is holding a radio rally on the rush limbaugh show. he is feeling great. he told rush that 11 guys came in and showed him stats that were amazing saying that he was fine. a day later he was free. i feel perfect and i am not taking anything. and that is something that we will emphasize a little bit later and more conversation throughout the day. it is clear that the president wants to get back out there in person campaign what he does best. but he needs a clean bill of health from his doctors and for that matter the campaign has to navigate a lot of moving parts to pull it together. >> suffice it to say he will not be out there unless he is medically clear that he will not be able to transmit the virus at all. there are also a number of logistical considerations with getting advanced and security and things like that. so it is a number of moving parts, nothing to confirm or
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otherwise at this point. >> nothing to confirm as far as the weekend is concerned, but hearing the same thing that you are hearing, monday to get back out there, but the question remains how confident are doctors at the white house that this soon after his covid-19 diagnosis is the president ready to go? here's what they said yesterday since returning home, his physical exam has been stable and devoid of any indications to suggest progression of illness. now as you have followed this for quite some time, you know how this works and we usually get an update from the doctors that is typically a statement that we will get ourselves directly or kayleigh mcenany will send one out perhaps on twitter. either way as soon as we get that we promised to pass it along to you. and that assessment is not going to be just important with resources of having a rally, we are still talking about debates and could be pivotal if we have another in person debate. >> harris: sure.
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right now the president's team is telling me that if they can hold back till october 22nd and make it all in person and add that october 29th, the president is definitely up for that. the commission wanted something entirely different, so we will see what happens. 24 hours and 11 days till election day, have a good weekend. let's get some medical answers from a physician that actually knows the president, i would think that that is helpful. dr. ronny johnson, former physician to president trump and obama and a texas republican congressional candidate, great to see you today. >> thinks, harris, i appreciate you having me. >> harris: i have a couple of questions let's go backwards, i know that the campaign in the white house don't want to do it, but it is important to know that the last time the president tested negative before his diagnosis for contact tracing so on and so forth. so tell me medically when we know the date how you count forward and you say, yes,
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probably negative again on such and such date, do we know? >> we don't know when i don't think that that really matters, it's irrelevant at this point. the whole entire 10-14 days is based on somebody who test negative, all we need to know is that he is asymptomatic and that he has been that way for a few days and is two negative tests 24 hours apart. he is going to get that and they will get multiple tests that will be negative with the confirmatory, and completely ready to go back to his normal routine before they put them back in that situation. that's what they are looking at right now. >> harris: dr. jackson, that is really important to know. two negative tests, 24 hours apart, some reaction to the president on air last night was sean hannity and i know that it is a respiratory illness and i am reading that it could take the body sometime to clear some of the things that were inside them, it is a cold, basically, coronavirus, but a huge case of
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hit, obviously, and it takes all of us some time, tell me about the later stages of coronavirus. speak of the problem that we have with this particular coronavirus is that the later stages, the inflammatory stage is where a lot of the problems come from at the pulmonary standpoint and most of the people that sub come to that, that is what the problem is is the inflammatory immune response of their own body attacking their lungs. that is not happening to the president that he has been completely asymptomatic and they have given him a few things including the steroids that he has taken to prevent that inflammatory process from ever taking place, so that's why they are continuing to watch him right now to make sure there is no evidence. he has no symptoms, and micah said as soon as he gets a couple of back to backtest he will be right back out on the campaign trail and i think that that is the right thing to do and will reassure the public as well. >> harris: and went to hit the timeline in this way if we can, white house physician dr. sean conley said this about the timeline for concern about the president's health, let's watch
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together. >> we are in a bit of in uncharted territory when it comes to a patient i received the therapies he has so early in the course. so we are looking to this weekend if we can get through to monday with him remaining the same or improving, better yet, that we will all take that final deep sigh of relief. >> harris: dr. jackson, your reaction to that? >> i think that's right. they are waiting to see what happens. they know when they give him his last dose of medications and when it is out of the system, they will reassure them that he is still to him free. not making it in a vacuum, he has expert infectious disease experts from the country around the world in leading academic centers that are timing and in helping with this decision. so this is -- you can feel confident that if he gets back on the campaign trail, he is safe to be out there. >> harris: i have another line of questions for you, because i am sure that you may be in on
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other networks are some of the criticism against the president saying, once he is out there, how contagious is he? it has been shown that this can stay in your system or spread. people may be eating lunch, so i don't want to say exactly how that is and he may still test negative, how do we know how far out he needs to be for this when you have members of the debate commission when he does another in person, hopefully that will happen. >> that's why we are doing the testing, they will do confirmatory testing, if there is no viral a in the nasal passages, then he will not be infectious. so they are going to test him aggressively and they will not put him out and expose anyone to him if he is infectious. you can be guaranteed of that. if he is out on the campaign trail, he has been deemed to be safe to himself and everyone else around them. >> harris: more good news, because when you hear the president is doing well, that is the first check of good news. what have we learned about those
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drugs that were used at walter reed and what can help other people, i know that the president talked about regeneron and getting that out into the bloodstream of america through hospitals and whatnot at no cost, but there were other things that they have hit him with, what have we learned and what can we expense wise get out to america? >> we are still in the exploratory phase of what medications have a big impact for the morbidity and them health of this disease. we have no idea if the president would not be in the same condition with out the system -- symptoms. he did get the cocktail that he got that is pretty novel. it is out there and indignant to be pretty harmless as far as side effects. we have used it for a lot of things in medicine. so he is leading by example out on the tip of the spear and not afraid to trust the scientists on these issues and be the person that takes these medications. so as time goes on, more people
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now that the president has had it will get more information on them, and i'm sure that the president is already with the warp speed program making sure that they are manufacturing the stuff to get out and overcome the logistics as soon as they determine it is something they can push out to everybody. >> harris: i know that one of those drugs reddens as of year is in your home state of texas, we will see how people are doing and if we can lower the cost spread of dr. ronny jackson, so great to have you on the program. thank you. >> i appreciate it. >> harris: absolutely, joe biden will not reveal his stance on expanding the supreme court until after election day. is that fair to voters? plus speaker pelosi has introduced or is introducing legislation on the 51 -- 25th amendment, but suggesting it has nothing to do with president tr. president trump saying that he knows the bill is really meant for. former speaker of the house in
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>> harris: house speaker nancy pelosi introducing legislation that would let congress set up a commission under the 25th amendment. to help determine if and when a president is incapacitated. right now only the vice president and most of the cabinet are involved in that decision. with the speaker is insisting this is about the future administration. >> this is not about president trump. he will face the judgment of the voters. but he shows the need for us to create a process for future
10:16 am
presidents. this legislation applies to future presidents, but we are reminded of the necessity of action by the health of the current president. >> harris: twitter lit up, the president also on twitter said crazy nancy pelosi is looking at the 25th amendment in order to replace joe biden with kamala harris. the dems want that to happen fast, because sleepy joe is out of it. newt gingrich joins me now, former speaker of the house in fox news contributor. author of "trump and the american future" the 50th speaker of the house pit he knows this well, i cannot wait to hear your words on this. so look, the president tweeted this out and you tweeted something previously and we will show everyone in a moment, but you can tell us why it might be possible what the president is saying. >> look, first of all i'm not
10:17 am
sure of the 25th amendment that the house can get very deeply involved, because that is not the process that the amendment anticipates. but nancy just compounded it today. i tweeted frankly sort of almost humorously that she was really aiming this at biden because she wanted to have another san francisco radical as president and that way once biden wins, she can dump him for kamala harris. then she comes right back and basically reinforces what i said. she says, oh, this is not aimed at trump. it was not aimed at trump. the only other person plausible is that in one poll recently 55% of the american people said they thought he had cognitive problems. now if you go into the conversation the lower half of the country thinking you had cognitive problems and then you have your own speaker of the house of your party deciding to organize a 25th amendment process to get rid of presidents
10:18 am
who are incapacitated, if i were biden, i would be a little insecure about all of this. >> harris: that's interesting. let's pop up the speakers tweet now so that everybody can see how the party got started. it caught my eye on twitter earlier today and of course i knew that i was talking with you. nancy pelosi talking about the 25th amendment replacing an incapacitated president as trial for biden and harris next spring if they win, she could have a san francisco radical as president, feinstein from san francisco as well as governor newsom. target if it is biden not trump. it is complicated for joe biden today, i would imagine, speaker. >> i don't even know that biden notices these things. he just says oh, man, it's all right. we are all friends. we have all been friends. he was friends with the chinese, he can be friends with the north koreans, he can be friends with nancy. he has known nancy for 30 years. he and i think that he just kind of floats along.
10:19 am
it's like a bunny rabbit in the basement, he is down there, he is pleasant and cuddly, so who knows what is going on. >> harris: oh, my goodness. for certain when you have had a couple of floods on the campaign trail calling at the harri harris-biden, and look, those things happen. they are funny when they do, but the point out, if there is anything underfoot with this it is something to look at. so people are talking about it today perhaps. >> nancy's timing on this one is just weird. it makes no sense at all this close to an election to raise that kind of doubt unless she was aiming it at trump and he is surrounded by doctors who are all saying is fine. so it is strange. but i will tell you what, in my judgment, the much greater pressure is this question about whether or not he will pack the supreme court, and for the first time, the news media is actually going after him. and i think that he has a problem, because two-thirds of
10:20 am
the country as opposed to packing the court, on the other hand, the one-third of the ones that packed the court is his base, precisely the left-wing hard-line radicals. so he comes out and says, i am against packing the court, he is going to have his base in rebellion, if he comes out and says his base, i love you, i'm going to pack the court, two-thirds of the country is going to repute him and this is not a plan where some senate races are one. this is the very first time we have seen biden with a problem where the news media actually is doing its job and is asking him this question, and i don't think that it will go away. i think it will get worse. >> harris: senator harris did not help him, she would not answer the question either. >> she couldn't answer the question, this is a conscious calculation on their part to why they stayed in the basement so long, there left is so radical, the country actually thinks it is going to govern, they will be -- the biden ticket if you look at
10:21 am
what is left is the most radical since words mcgovern who carried two states, so look at that and then you think, oh, so they can't bring the stuff out in the open. and i thought vice president pence did a remarkable job the other night, which i really hope that the president will study, he was calm, he was focused, i mean, coming back and saying he did not answer the question, it was not hostile, he stayed on her. and i think as a result he had a very good evening and the country had a much better sense of just how radical kamala harris is. >> harris: really quickly before i let you go, because you have been in politics for years and now you're helping the rest of us understand what is out there, when you have a faction of your party that has gone to the corners and the edges, and we saw this with the republican party, the tea party was coming on board and they had never caucused, and they had to learn things coming around. so what are some of the risks
10:22 am
for joe biden now with that far left? should he become president? will it really be him? will it be his party as he says? >> no, that will not be his party, that was a silly statement for him to make. they have a coalition that is partly african-americans, it is to a much lesser extent to latinos, and then it is rabbit intellectual left-wing whites, and the three factions aren't the same traction, they don't have the same interest, and i think if you look for example, in the favor hiring more police because they live in neighborhoods where there is a lot of crime. if you are nancy pelosi and you live in a nice little protected area, you don't need to worry about crime, so you don't understand the need for policing. huge gaps growing in that party. and i think that it also means because they instinctively see
10:23 am
this happening, i think that president trump is going to get a surprising vote in the black and latino communities, because they can sense that the interest of left-wing whites radicals isn't the same as the interest of hardworking people who just don't want to see their store burned down. >> harris: all right. the speaker on the program today, great to see you sir. >> good to see you as always. >> harris: a top white house advisor is signaling that there could be a movement on a covid-19 stimulus package after speaker pelosi shot down the idea of a stay alone bill, can the white house and congress make a deal? ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed
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>> when our leaders speak, their words matter, they carry weight, when our leaders meet with, and courage, or with domestic terrorists, they legitimize
10:28 am
their actions, and they are complicit. when they stoke and contribute to hate speech, they are complicit. >> harris: that's michigan's governor gretchen whitmer putting some blame on president trump's rhetoric after a far right militia group plan to kidnap her and storm the state capital. state and the role authorities have charged 13 people so far. last night president trump fired back at the governor saying she should be thankful that his people took action. >> she is complaining, but it was our justice department that arrested the people that she was complaining about. it was my justice department that arrested them, but instead she goes and does her little political act and she keeps her state closed. >> harris: garrett tenney reporting live forest from chicago. garrett. well, this blame game back and forth plays out it is important to note that in the 15 page criminal complaint filed by
10:29 am
federal prosecutors, president trump is not mentioned a single time. neither are the words democrat or republican. the 13 suspects in custody however were members or had ties to a militia group that was an antigovernment militia group. according to the fbi the goal of this group was to overthrow an unnamed number of state governors and instigate a civil war. the suspects allegedly plan to target police officers at their homes, storm the state capitol building, and take politicians hostage including governor gretchen whitmer who talks about this failed plot this morning on abc. >> this was a very serious thought out plot to kill police officers, to bomb the capital killing democrats and republicans alike and to kidnap and ultimately put me on trial and kill me as well. these are the types of things you hear from groups like isis
10:30 am
but this is not a militia, it is a domestic terror organization. >> governor whitmer continues to blame president trump in his image restoration -- administration saying that today encourage this kind of plot. getting a lot of pushback. this morning on "fox & friends" steve scalise had some strong reaction saying that it is sad that anyone would inject politics into this. he was shot and severely wounded in 2017 when a gunman opened fire on g.o.p. lawmakers during a baseball practice. now of the 13 suspects in custody, six are facing federal charges and looking at potentially life in prison. the other seven are facing state terrorism charges and they are facing up to 20 years in prison. harris. >> harris: garrett, thank you very much. the white house signaling progress on a new round of coronavirus relief. the administration says president trump has reproved -- approved a revised package, and
10:31 am
steve mnuchin will be talking with speaker pelosi later this afternoon. fox business network blake burton reporting on the news that it's breaking now. blake, the latest? >> yes, it was a pretty big announcement from larry kudlow when he appeared earlier today saying that the president had recently sat down in the oval office with the treasury secretary sigmund nguyen and the white house chief of staff giving the green light to go ahead on a brand-new plan for covid relief. a senior administration official has since told me the new topline number from the white house is $1.8 trillion meaning that the white house has come upwards a couple hundred billion dollars from the 1.5, 1.6 trillion that they have previously been at. also saying that that will be the topic of conversation when steve mnuchin has a phone call later today with the speaker of the house nancy pelosi. now as larry kudlow was unveiling all of this, president trump took to twitter and rode the following. he said "covid relief negotiations are moving along,
10:32 am
go big." this was the very broad outline that larry kudlow talked about as a relates to the white house. >> i think this package is going to include what are white house asks has been with respect to airline assistance, it's a small business ppp assistance, probably, i can't swear to this, there will be some backup or unemployment assistance. exactly the things that i've argued will help the recovery. >> keep in mind, harris, the 1.000000000000 on the white house is still short of the $2.2 trillion that nancy pelosi feels is needed. she also thinks that the white house has the complete wrong mind-set when it comes to tackling covid-19. this was part of what she rode to her democratic colleagues in a letter earlier today saying "clearly and sadly of the administration does not share this priority of crushing the
10:33 am
virus. the president does not have the capacity, leadership, or plans for a trusting -- testing, tracing that is needed. she writes the delay, denial, distortion of reality and science has exacted a deadly and preventable human toll." we should note that in kentucky the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said that there were vast differences to be negotiated out. and he also said that he does not believe that something can come together between now and election day. the white house bottom line moving its number up, but still a very long way to go here, harris. >> harris: often times when they had these discussions, really quickly i want to get your take, you will see some reverb on the markets, are we anticipating that? >> there was a bounce. you can literally watch it. larry kudlow was talking on fox business this morning, we did not do the exact number, but it was like the dow was up 100 and by the end of the interview it was up 200 or something like that. they saw the headline and it was
10:34 am
something that the market loved. clearly if the white house is coming up, investors are going to look at that and say, maybe there is some hope, but as you know, you always have to look under the headline. which is why i say that there is still a long way. >> harris: all right, blake burman, good to see you. thank you. to the trump campaign reportedly building a poll watching army as we get closer to election day. the state that they will be in and the possible effect that it can have on the election. plus hurricane delta now of cat 3 storm again, and taking aim at louisiana and east texas where they are still cleaning up from hurricane lara just weeks ago. tracking delta next. ♪ up. saving 50% vs. other carriers with 2 unlimited lines for less than $30 each. call 1-800-t-mobile or go to
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10:39 am
louisiana and texas. delta expected to bring life threatening storm surge as high as 11 feet in some areas. casey stegall is in lake charles, louisiana. casey. >> and now a national hurricane center saying that people should rush their preparations in order to get them buttoned up now, because that time is running out. it has been pouring rain all morning here in lake charles, and now we are starting to see the tropical storms winds arriving. the one thing that people are really concerned about here especially emergency management officials is that with all of the debris that has piled up, we have seen some piles as high as eight, 9 feet, they are worried that when delta comes in it is going to blow all of that stuff around. in fact, turning things into the projectiles, they say. at this hour delta does remain a category 3 storm out in the gulf, however forecasters do expect it to weaken to a
10:40 am
category 2 before it makes landfall later today near cameron, louisiana. that's about 50 miles or so to the south of us. hurricane hunter aircraft has been flying into the storm, gathering all of the data as folks on the ground here no that they are in it for the long ha haul. >> a lot of anxiety since the last storm with all of the debris out in the street still not picked up, it leaves a lot of room for damage. >> got this, nearly 7,000 people remain evacuated and displaced from hurricane laura six weeks ago. nearly 7,000 people, a number that is no doubt going to go even higher once delta gets through here. harris. >> harris: casey stegall, thank you very much, for more on hurricane delta i want to bring
10:41 am
in nick hunter, the mayor of lake charles, louisiana. and we can already see from casey's life shot what is moving in. tell me what is your biggest concern right now with hurricane delta? >> the biggest concern is always human safety and human lives. and that's why we have been really sounding the alarm for people to evacuate and i am happy to say that i do believe more people evacuated for adulthood than they did for laura. >> harris: what did you learn from that storm? i understand that people are still cleaning up from laura. >> absolutely. any time you go something like that, you learn things. it is both fortunate and unfortunate that we have been through hurricanes before and southwest louisiana. i don't think in our history i don't even know if in american history there has ever been two storms this powerful this close to each other. as far as landfall.
10:42 am
so there is a lot of emotions about unimaginable, unprecedented, how could this happen, all of that is on hold right now and we have a job at hand and we have a task at hand, and that is to protect our citizens right now and get through this immediate threat, which is delta and that's what we are focused on in the moment. >> harris: one of the things that has been reported is the hard-hit areas that you guys have suffered from the coronavirus, and fighting something like an incoming storm is also complicated by keeping everybody safe with regards to covid. >> 2020, i don't know what else to say, it has been quite a year. there were moments earlier this year before hurricane season where i thought, my god, it has to be the height of the emotional stress level for our community, and then we got into hurricane season. but i guarantee you this, if there is any community that could make it through what we are going through right now, it
10:43 am
is lake charles and southwest louisiana. >> harris: god bless you. you hit the nail on the head, 2020 something extra, oh, boy. our prayers for you in that area as you take on hurricane delta. thank you. >> thank you, god bless. you and you too. a milestone to tell you about, geraldo rivera hitting one of those, big ears. we will take a look back at his journey next. ♪ look limu! someone out there needs help customizing their car insurance with liberty mutual, so they only pay for what they need. false alarm. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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because it strengthens prop 13 for seniors, disabled veterans, wildfire victims, and family farmers. prop 19 also protects the right of parents to pass on the family home to their children at the current property tax rate. you worked hard for your house and you should be able to give it to your children without a tax penalty. that's why taxpayer advocates, firefighters, veterans, and small business owners are voting 'yes' on prop 19.
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>> harris: fox news celebrating hispanic heritage month with a career look at one of our own, geraldo rivera marking 50 years in tv and blazing generations for -- a personal connection, brian? >> yes, no doubt. 50 years. it is really amazing. we all know and we all love geraldo rivera. he was the first hispanic-american journalist to really break in to tv news on a national level. he got a start when a tv news director noticed him for a young preet in -- puerto rican
10:48 am
activist group, and his career has bloomed up to a storied career. >> i have shave this mustache since 1968. it is my here i am, soy latino. >> for 50 years capturing audiences with his trailblazing style. >> the one thing i never lost side of was my puerto rican identity. >> geraldo born in new york city, the son of lily friedman and cruz rivera, a new yorker and veteran. >> my dad cruz rivera was 1 of 17 children. >> geraldo got his start in television in 1970. >> the whole move was to diversify and integrate local news in new york. >> at 28 he exposed to abuse inside the state school for developing -- developmentally disabled children. >> what we found here is a disgrace to all of us.
10:49 am
>> afterwards his career sword and abc's good night america. he got his own daytime talk show and a career jetting from global conflicts to big interviews with muhammad ali, fidel castro, and even charles manson. >> would you tell those to kill somebody? >> and he made television history with his special "the history of al capone's the volt." >> this is the one time that a pot of gold will be a lot more fun than chasing the rainbow. >> -- joining fox news as its chief or correspondent. >> they are firing on us. >> in the end geraldo says, i just want people to know that i was a proud new yorker, proud american, it has been an amazing, an amazing 50 years. >> in this hispanic heritage month, we honor geraldo rivera, he has won over 170 journalism awards, but i have to say that perhaps his best legacy as the
10:50 am
fact that he pave the way for philip -- -- latinos like myself to go into news. >> harris: and a lovely family there as well. thank you so much. a stunning new report on the trump campaign's growing army of poll watchers, critics say the volunteers of the polls could end up disrupting the democratic process. we will take a look. ♪ l look back and remember the moment that things, for one strange time in our lives, got very quiet. some lost work and invented new ways to get by. others were busier than ever, and found strength they never knew they had. we sheltered with the people who matter most, sometimes finding how far apart we'd drifted. we worried over loved ones,
10:51 am
over money, over our planet. and over take-out. and we found a voice one the noise out there had kept quiet. when the world starts spinning again, let's remember this time where none of us felt secure, and fight for a future where everyone can. because when the world seems like it's standing still... that's the perfect time for us to change it.
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10:55 am
people. and postponing sunday's big game between the tennessee titans and the buffalo bills until tuesday next week as tennessee tries to get its coronavirus outbreak under control. the new date hinges on the team not reporting any new cases. tennessee had nearly two dozen infections in the past two wee weeks. the trump campaign has reportedly recruited more than 50,000 poll washers and what it is trying to prevent election fraud. some critics have expressed concern. let's talk about it now. fox news politics editor chris style rolled. the problems on the upside? legally you can do this. >> republicans can legally do this for the first time in decades, there had been a consent agreement in the 1982 case that was where republicans agreed not to do this anymore. the national committee was not going to do this anymore because of complaints about
10:56 am
suppressing -- allegations of suppressing african-american votes. and that consent agreement has been lifted and republicans are free to get back into it. the difference -- it is fine if you go and watch, then it is not good if you are making things chaotic or disruptive or you can be there to observe, but you can't be there as a partisan advocate, and the concern that people have is instead of making things run smoother it will make it more hectic and chaotic in an already hectic and chaotic year. >> harris: some of the complaints i am hearing is that they have cell phones and they capture you finding out how you vote. that is problematic, because everybody figuring out the provisionals might be easy to do that. let's move on to something big that you are working on for fox nation right now. we have a clip. let's watch. >> i was in 1963 that i want to washington and met president county. and i remember just thinking what an incredible country this was. that somebody like me who had no
10:57 am
money or anything would be given the opportunity to meet the president. >> by bill clinton showing that moment where he shakes his hand, he was so sedated -- associating himself with the kennedy legacy and i felt like telling the american public, i could be the next one of these. >> harris: unforgettable campaign commercials with chris stirewalt drops on fox nation. why this? what do you want people to see? >> just me. no, i'm kidding. the legacy, going back to dwight eisenhower and to the birth of television advertising, i like ike, morning in america, these iconic ads we remember, the daisy added, all of that stuff adding up to the moment where we are now, what can television do to campaigns, what is he doing now, it was totally fun to put together, and i think that it will be totally fun for
10:58 am
people to watch on fox nation. >> harris: is it fair for people to say that ads are more negative these days than in any other time prior, because you went through a scandal. i know that we call it the monica lewinsky scandal, i call it the bill clinton scandal, because he was the president at the time. but that was pretty nasty too. >> you know, attack ads are nothing new, they have changed elections. it did not really start until lyndon, like so much rottenness in politics you can find it at home with lyndon johnson. but the truth is that negative campaign ads have been with us really since almost the beginning of television, and they will be with us forever. voters say they don't like them, but they work. and that's why campaigns use them. >> harris: i want to lean on you in a different direction for the last minute or so that we have. the president getting ready to come back onto the campaign trail, perhaps on monday.
10:59 am
we have his former physician dr. ronny jackson at the top of the hour who said that he could see that happening if he has back-to-back negative covid-19 tests within a 24-hour period. which of the president do first? what should joe biden do on the day he comes back? >> the president should show a new commitment, a willingness to follow the rules, played by the rules, that americans have come to live with. he has to use social distancing. they have to use masks. they have to take it seriously. he does not have to change his message as he has to change what he is doing. if you want to have a rally on these things you have to play by the rules or you will reinforce negatives. what joe biden needs to do is if he could self deport for the remainder of this election, he would sure do it. he would vanish from the earth. >> harris: chris stirewalt, thank you very much. have a great weekend, my friend. before i go i want to tell you about somebody who has ei h, that is experience, integrity,
11:00 am
and a hunger for the truth. she was on weekends with me for a fox report and prime time on fox alicia conley. today is her final day at fox, and as she heads out on a new adventure, i wish her the best of luck and so much love. the daily briefing starts right now. >> judge perino: hello, everyone, this is "the daily briefing." >> judge perino: trump says he's ready to get back on the campaign trail just one week after going into the hospital with the coronavirus. hi, kevin. >> the trump campaign says, listen, they are not interested in taking part in any virtual debate. they want to get back throughout and talk to the american people. for that matter the president wants to get back out on the campaign trail as you mentioned. the commission is not


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