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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  October 10, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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monday in florida. we'll have all of the news, here on the fox news channel. thank you for trusting us. arthel. arthel: don't go anywhere because "fox report"'s jon scott is up next. enjoy your evening. jon: president trump making his first public appearance since his covid-19 diagnosis last week. as the white house says it has nothing to release on whether he has since tested negative. good evening i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report." ♪ jon: president trump's speaking this afternoon from the white house's blue room balcony. he addressed hundreds gathered on the south lawn for what white house calls peaceful order and still hat nos confirmed he's no longer contagious president telling supporters he feels great. >> i want thong all --
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thank all of the doctors and scientists because we're way ahead of everybody but i want to thank most particularly you because you people come out and you come out and you cheer and you love your country you get it, you're way, way ahead. many, many people in this country. >> we have fox team coverage hillary vaughn following the biden campaign in pennsylvania and first mark meredith with more on the plan to return to the campaign trail. mark. >> good evening, president trump seemed thrilled to have supporters in front of him it was the first time that these people have a chance to see the president directly since he returned from walter reed medical center to the president had his mask on as he walked out on to the balcony but took it off as he reached podium amid cheers also. the president keeping his distance from the crowd and support qhoars showed up they did not social distance. however, most of those people that were in the crowd they were spotted wearing masks. >> we want to thank all of you for your prayers. i know you've been praying and i
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was -- in that hospital. i was watching down over so many people. and i went out to say hello to those people i took heat for it but i'll do it again let me tell you. i'll do it again. >> this was not listed i should say as a campaign event but president sure had a lot to say about 2020 race and battle ground states are polls show him trailing joe biden. >> getting great polls they understand it is drivings him crazy you know why in kansas it is because of the spirit. there's a spirit the likes this which country hasn't seen in a very, very long time. >> for the last few days the president campaign has been relying on surrogates in high profile names like vice president mike pence to try to fire up the base but now we know when the president is going to be hitting the campaign trail again that all starts again on monday. three rally scheduled first one in sanford, florida outside of orlando. pennsylvania, tuesday, and then
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iowa wednesday all battleground states. the trump campaign says it's not choired, though, about polls that do show them behind in some of those contests. >> look we saw this four years ago. we saw the polling days say that donald trump is going to lose in a landslide we saw los angeles times say hillary clinton was going get 352 electoral votes it is a suppression tactic. reporter: so we know where the president is going to be monday, tuesday, wednesday but what about thursday that was the day that the president and joe biden were set to meet in miami for that second presidential debate. that debate jon as you know has been canceled there will be a -- another debate at the end of the month. but that's still some time away. so waiting to see what the president may do thursday night. joe biden is going to be in pennsylvania himself. jon. jon: mark meredith at the white house thanks. well joe biden making a stop in battle ground, pennsylvania, today talking about his plan to build back the economy for working families. but the former vice president is still dodging questions about
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his position on packing the supreme court. hillary vaughn is on campaign trail town bury township. >> in person campaigning in battle ground states he's been busy trying to avoid one question. would he pack the supreme court as president? bide only told reporters in nevada yesterday that voters don't deserve an answer to that until after election day, and he doubled down on that position today in pennsylvania. >> fact is only packing is this court is being packed now by the republicans after the vote is already begun. i'm going to say focus on it so we don't take eyes off of the ball. >> we know that the other half of the democratic ticket senator kamala harris would least be open to the idea she told politico this in the spring. we are on the verge of a crisis of confidence in the supreme
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court. we have to take this challenge head-on, and everything is on the table to do that. this is biden's 11th visit to pennsylvania since june but first time to erie, pennsylvania. this is a county that hillary clinton locked in 2016 after she never showed up to campaign in erie. but biden is not making the same mistake he says he's confident being on campaign trail today because he tested negative for covid he think he is president should a also have to do the sae and biden had clear instructions for voters here in pennsylvania while several lawsuits have been filed in court over many issues related to voting in november. from ballot boxes to signature checks, to when votes can be counted. >> if you requested a mail-in ballot return it as soon as possible. make sure you seal it first. and the secrecy envelope and then sign declaration on the outside of the envelope before you return it.
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>> jon, biden has had a public position on court packing. at least a year and a half ago he was in iowa campaigning in july, and he said he did not support packing the court at the time. saying, quote, he would rue the day if that manned. jon. jon: that was then now he's not saying anything. hillary vaughn, hillary thank you. >> questions remain about whether president trump is contagious as he prepares to return after testing positive for coronavirus and doctor marty professor of john hopkins university, and also a fox news contradict tore doctor thank you for joining us. so there are lots of complaints primarily from the president's political detractors about him going back out on the campaign trail they say he should be still in quarantine is there medical science behind that? or is this just a -- test tube? >> well certainly the president
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just speaking strictly as a patient meets cdc guidelines for being able to get out there again. if he is ten days post the onset of symptoms and today is day ten from the onset of his symptomsao symptoms and cdc guidelines specifically say 24 hours without a fever or on some fever suppressing medication. if you want to really confirm that, you get another set of test and those tests reportedly are being done and doctors would like to see two negative tests so we believe that he's certainly meets criteria at this point for being able to be out there again. >> so you think he is, you know, he's not endangering anybody i guess? by going out and campaigning? >> well, not being to what is most recent test show i would say if he were my patient we would do not another test after he's asymptomatic after the ten days after onset of symptom os
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so if he were my patient i would be comfortable with him being out there at the same time we tell everybody to abide by basic mask and distancing protocols even if they believe they're immune. >> the president has on several occasions promised a vaccine before election day. where do we stand on that? >> well this is really interesting, jon. you know, we may have got and a report out on the vaccines from the drug companies before election day. but the fda a group of people at the fda and particular decided to add an eight-week additional requirement to any phase three clinical trial they did this six weeks before election day. so you can go do the math. six weeks before the election, they added an eight week requirement to any ongoing vaccine trial. so that means companies which normally would report the results independent of the fda approving or considering something, they now have to wait until after election day. and so i think we'll likely get
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that announcement shortly after the election. >> to me that sounds a little fish you but maybe you'll tell me that is good science. is there a way to know? >> a lot of people are sod p saying this added requirement is politically charged, in fact, the individuals at the fda who prpgzed this proposed this new argument was to win confidence and suggested between lines they don't want a vaccine to be reported out before election day because they're concerned about public confidence and in a interview with dr. siegel acknowledged that that was the reason for it. i think, it's already been set up. we've had the same protocol for evaluating vaccines in approving them for decades it is odd that the rules were suddenly changed six week before the election with this new eight-week requirement but that's what happened. jon: there was so much concern when the president was first diagnosed. he's a 74-year-old man, he meets some of the parameters of somebody who could really suffer
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terribly under covid. yet he seemed to bounce back pretty quickly. is that because of the drug therapy it is that he took or his general health what is it? >> it's hard to know. you know we often talk about anecdotal experience somebody has a minor bout and feel they're indestructible or feel that coronavirus is not threatening to other people that's really that experience. it may have been that he had a quick recovery independent of the medicationings. but the medications he receive ready pretty remarkable. if you think about receiving polyclonal antibodies you're through an intravenous having with a manufactured in laboratory those are manufactured in the lab and he's really one of about 20 individuals who has received it off protocol to get this intact immune system so many of us believe that the combination of
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remdesivir dexamethasone and antibodies is really a winning combination that is a near cure. not a complete cure but a near cure for the infection at the same time, we want people to continue to take precautions until this three drug combination can be formally studied. >> as you've told me in the past we have learned an awful lot since this terrible virus hit this country early in the spring. doctor mccarey thanks. marty. >> president trump will speak to maria bartiromo tomorrow on sunday morning futures that's 10 a.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. ♪ jon: well one step forward two steps back the u.s. reporting more than 57,000 new cases of coronavirus on friday. that's the highest single day increase since the 14th of august. daily new infections have top had had 50,000 for three straight days. bringing the total number of
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confirmed cases more than 7 and a half million in this country. more than 214,000 americans have died. charles watson is in atlanta home of the centers for disease control with the latest. charles. reporter: hi jon friday's cape town marks highest single day total reporting in the u.s. in nearly two months that marks the third day in a row this week that the u.s. has recorded 50,000 or more new coronavirus cases according to data from john hopkins university. florida is among a number of states that is seeing an up tick in cases and public health officials say it could be headed toward another large outbreak. the state recorded more than 6,000 new cases just a couple of weeks after it allowed bars and restaurants to fully reopen. cases are also on the rise in the midwest and the northeast. new york city officials going as far as shutting down nine zip codes in brooklyn and queens to control the virus from
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spreading. health experts say americans cannot let their guard down. >> really limit engagement with others unless you can remain mask and hygienes that we've asked each and every person to follow. >> and pressure is building on cdc director robert redfield to stand up to the trump administration allege interference in u.s. covid-19 response, and private letter sent to redfield former agency director william urged to make an ire reputable public record of the administration failures in addressing the pandemic and says if that leads to firing that is something that director is going to have to accept. jon. jon: charles watson in atlanta. charles, thanks. new details are emerging about a disturbing plot to kidnap michigan governor gretchen witmer that includes report on
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the suspect worked on their plan for months in a basement of a vacuum store in grand rapid. christina coleman is in los angeles with an update for us. christina. >> hi jon yeah authorities say earlier this year the fbi became aware of social media post involving a few of the suspects that called for a violent overthrow of government and law enforcement. despite the violence directed her way governor witmer has been out and active speaking with constituents and placing some of the blame on president trump. >> i think that the president has given to hate organizations and domestic terror organizations. we need leadership who steps up and takes time either coming out of the white house who needed state health as well. >> however, president trump says he's against any extreme violence and on thursday he tweeted that governor witmer isn't giving enough credit to federal law enforcement for taking action. saying in part, quote, rather than say thank you she calls me a white supremacist while biden
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and democrats refuse to condemn antifa lootsers and mob that burn down democrat run cities six of the seven suspects charged by state of michigan have been arraigned under domestic terrorism and weapon charges for targeting police and seeking to insight a civil war. one is facing extra addition from south carolina and six others are facing federal charges. some of the men now charged with domestic terrorism for plotting to kidnap the governor rallying at michigan capitol against her coronavirus lockdown orders back in the spring. according to the state attorney general's office, the six charge and federal court could end up serving life sentence if convicted. jon. jon: christina coleman, christina, thank you. ♪ jon: the senate judiciary committee will begin supreme court confirmation hearings for judge amy coney barrett on monday. the two senators from indiana and a former law professor will introduce the nominee at the
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start of the hearing followed by barrett's opening remarks. senators will begin grilling the judge on tuesday. meantime a republican on the committee is pushing for members to get tested for coronavirus before proceedings get underway. alex hogan is in new york city live with more for us. alex. reporter: hi jon all of this will begin on monday as you mentioned. but there is debate over testing demanding. now joni urst saying doesn't enjoy being tested she thinks it is a good idea in close proximity working for long hours. democrat senators asked chairman senator lindsey graham to push off the appointment because of the pandemic calling otherwise blind and reckless. chuck schumer tweeting lindsey graham is so anxious to confirm a justice to take away your health care, that he doesn't even have time to stop to take a covid test. new cases of covid-19 within the
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committee sparking some concern. senator mike lee of utah and senator thom tillis of north carolina contracted the coronavirus but not everyone says they're willing to get tested. like iowa senator chuck grassley last week or graham before his senate debate last night. some republicans calling the demand a political distraction. >> throwing every road block there is and chuck schumer saying he wants to see everybody tested before they come into in the capitol building they're trying to knock off votes. >> 48-year-old amy coney barrett is a 7th circuit court of appeals judge and former professor but personal ties to a conservative religious group prompting pushback faith group people of praise says husbands are the head of the household and firmly opposes the right to abortion. a new report found that barrett did not include some information for the senate judiciary committee questionnaire. the nominee responded yesterday sharing the paperwork the statement included a paid ad where she and her husband
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denounced roe v. wade and opening remarks on monday and there will be questions on tuesday. and then if the committee goes through everything this will be wrapped up by the 22nd of october a vote could happen on the 26th of october. that would be just one week before election day. jon. jon: alex hogan in new york city. alex, thanks. well fox news sunday will have a preview of those confirmation hearings when senate judiciary committee members ben and chris joins the program 7 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. and still ahead on the "fox report" hurricane delta slams gulf coast in spots that are cleaning up from hurricane laura. a look at the damage and where the storm is headed next. ♪
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jon: hurricane delta downgraded after making land fall in louisiana last night. the storm leaving hundred was thousands without power in the same region hurricane laura devastated just six week ago. we have fox news team coverage on the storm meteorologist adam is tracking its path but first let's go to mike tobin in lake charles, louisiana. mike. >> jon power crews behind me
3:23 pm
here are the key players of the day. many of them were already in the region here working to restore power after hurricane laura. but they started today with some 680,000 customers in state of louisiana without power, they have knocked that number down throughout the blazing hot day to less than 500,000. hurricane delta came ashore last night as category two hurricane with winds clocking in around 100 miles per hour. it hit at 6:00 last night. in the aftermath thousands are displaced from homes that were already damaged there was flooding, some from storm surge, some from rainfall, and flooding remains today. everyone though this storm was not as powerful as laura, a lot of roofs were covered with tarps that just peeled back like band-aids with plenty of physical damage. >> make no mistake about it while the storm wasn't as powerful as hurricane laura, it was a very powerful storm. and it dealt lots of damage. >> and show you more live pictures of the power crews at
3:24 pm
work restoring the grid. governor edwards says that damage assessment is difficult out here because difficult to tell what was damaged from six weeks ago, and what was damaged from last night. it really seems that toll, however, comes in the form of discouragement and fatigue to the four people who haven't quite picked up pieces from last hurricane now they have to start it all over again and when you start talking about casualty figures happy to tell you casualty figure from last night was zero. jon back to you. >> back to back storms. we feel for those folk in louisiana. mike tobin there in lake charles, thank you. >> flash-flooding remanes concern for millions still in delta path meteorologist adam live where that storm goes next. adam. >> yeah this is a really large storm so where it moves it is going to actually cover a lot of area. the center of circulation now spinning over portion of central mississippi really a lot of action way out in in front of storm off to east.
3:25 pm
a hurricane watch across large portion of georgia including atlanta and pink boxes those are hurricane excuse me, tornado wave and tornado warning storms currently on ground severe thunderstorms popping up throughout the day and now talking about some small tornadoes that have been spinning up. all in an area highlighted in this yellow box, again we're talking about severe thunderstorms and winds up to 60 miles per hour hail very heavy rain, and yes it leads to couple of spinup tornadoes otherwise there's a lot of moisture with this system. still being lifted up offer the gulf of mexico so flooding is going to be an issue, anywhere highlighted in green currently and there have been spots picking up off and on throughout the day these are flash-flood watches and warnings, now getting up in appalachian mountain where is that rain can fall quickly and then rush down to the side of the mountains and cause flooding. that's gong to be a concern not just now but over next 24 hours additional rainfall is this entire system continues to spread to the north anywhere from perhaps 5 to 6 inches in some of these locations. so flooding can going to be one
3:26 pm
of the major concerns here. from now getting you all the way through weekend now system does continue to slow down, it brings moisture with it. but by tomorrow we're talking if the center of circulation getting up into kentucky all of the rain off to the east think of the mid-atlantic and jon this -- is not the end of hurricane season although we really gotten a long way through it. as far as our tropical activity goes you see on the backside of the historical hurricane activity. but we still got a good two or three weeks where anything could happen, of course, we will be watching it. jon: if only we could push all of that water out west where they really need it adam, thanks. well there's much more ahead on the "fox report" the president returning to campaign trail monday. and in florida, as polls show joe biden with the lead there -- can the president hold on to the state that helps carry him to victory in 2016 florida senator rick scott joins us, next.
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jon: i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report" it is the bottom of the hour if you're just joining us here's a looked top stories nearly 30 people arrested in a milwaukee suburb during a third night of protest over police shooting death of a black teenager. said this week they would not seek charges if against the black officer who shot 17-year-old alvin cole in february. they say that officer shot after cole fired a gun. >> california utility investigating whether power equipment sparked a wildfire that killed four people. specific gas and electric says equipment alarge went off near where the zogg fire began late last month. and former new jersey governor chris christie is out of hospital one week after he checked in for a positive covid-19 test. christie was helping president trump prepare for his first debate with joe biden two days before the president tested positive. ♪
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>> will you compare the biden-harris agenda with the agenda of president donald trump the choice is clear. if you cherish faith, freedom, law, and order, and life in 24 days we have a reelect president trump for four more years. >> that's vice president mike pence rallying voters today in florida as the trump campaign works to gain ground in that pivotal swing state and politic average show joe biden up by nearly four points in florida that's his biggest lead since late august. joining me now florida republican senator rick scott, he serves on the senate homeland security arm services and commerce committees. senator, thanks for spending some time with us tonight as you well know president trump won florida by a little more than a percentage point. according to the polls his campaign is in trouble there, this time around do you agree with those polls? if so what can the president do? >> well let's remember, i had
3:33 pm
three i've had three statewide races all that would lose in 2016, and he won and i won all three of my races. this side donald trump is going to win florida here's the reason why. voters in florida care about jobs. they know donald trump cares about jobs, joe biden has had 47 years never done one thing for jobs. number two, we know that donald trump supports law enforcement, and we know that in democrats wt to defund police number three he's been holding the dictators in cuba and venezuela china accountable and we know joe biden obama appeased him you look at cuba it was a disaster. so there's -- other thing governor there's no grassroots on democratic side i don't see sign or anybody out campaigning. there's nobody out on the joe biden side so i think trump has actually a really nice win in florida. >> so you think there is hidden enthusiasm for the president or more enthusiasm for the president than biden? >> well first off if polls were
3:34 pm
right we have president clinton hillary clinton that didn't happen so i think, the polls are wrong. i think donald trump is going to win. i think he's going to have a nice win in florida and i hope that means nice win all across the countries. >> hispanic vote very important in florida. especially in the dade and broward county area and tampa area. according to the latest fox news polls, hispanics favor joe biden 57 pjt to 41. women also favor joe biden, and seniors favor joe biden again, this according to our latest fox news poll. then you urn it around and look at the groups that favor the president. men, rural voters, and gen-xers are there any surprises or numbers that you would dispute? >> well i think, i think the president is going to do way better with hispanics than people anticipate. you know my three races i was able to win hispanic vote. i think the president is going to win the hispanic vote nl
3:35 pm
because he's held the castro regime accountable and been very pouked on trying to have regime change in venezuela. ting those things really matter. and so i actually think he's going to do really well with hispanics. it is, you know, hard to -- hard to do well in the state. but, i mean, he's done exactly what hispanics want. and he's continuesed to do it i talked to secretary pompeo about things we can do to continue to hold the castro regime accountable let me it will you trump administration is absolutely committed to holding the castro regime accountable and getting the out of power in venezuela that's why he's going to do well with hispanics. >> we're about to see hearing for the president's supreme court nominee. democrats are hopping mad about it, and this many of them are suggesting packing the supreme court. raising the number of justices on the supreme court to try to counterbalance what they see as a conservative tilt to the court. joe biden was asked about that again today, and here's his
3:36 pm
nonanswer. listen. >> only court packing going on right now, is going on with republicans packing the court now is not constitutional what they're doing we focus on what's happening right now -- >> i guess joe biden might want to study the constitution. i mean it is perfectly constitutional what republicans are doing right now. whether it is politically wise is another question. but it certainly, certainly not unconstitutional like the presidential candidate says so what do you say to joe biden on that score he refuses to answer the question about whether he will pack the court. if he wins -- >> first off democrats are hypocrites with regard to filling in the supreme court vacancy this year we don't have a divided government meaning we have a republican president and republican senate and we should be filling the vacancy and we are. we have a great nominee and judge amy coney barrett going to
3:37 pm
do a great job and she understands to interpret the law and not make the law what democrats want is they want diswrowdges make law because they can't get laws passed in congress. so -- and by the way, shouldn't we know exactly what joe biden's position is? i mean, it's hypocritical -- first off he wants people to vote for him and not tell them what he's going to do or pack the supreme court now we do know he's going to have the biggest tax increase in the history of the country by the way he's had 47 years to do all of these thing what is in the living daitles is this guy done in 47 years that's been good for this country? >> you know something about health care. you were in the health care field before you entered politics. the vice president -- i'm sorry the former vice president -- joe biden talks a lot about how amy coney barrett appointment to the supreme court means health care is going to be lost for americans. how would you answer that? >> well first off you should be furious with what obama did he completely lied to us he said
3:38 pm
everybody health care plan was going to go down per family 2500 no it went up he said you're not going to lose your doctorate you did and plan will not change and keep your plan no all complete lies. joe biden and barack obama did is complete lie to us with obamacare. and by the way, i went to the floor -- the senate of the i think it was last month to say we ought to keep the preexisting condition and has to sell you insurance if you have a condition and guess what, the democrats blocked it they don't want to solve these problems had health care costs e to come down and democrats don't know how to do it and joe bide only has had 47 years to do this. what has he done to drive down health care cost absolutely nothing what democrats do is cause health care cost to go up every day in this country. they're way too expensive they will not fix it. >> florida senator, rick scott i wish we have more time. thanks for joining us this evening. >> see you jon. >> well disagreement between south carolina senator lindsey
3:39 pm
graham and his democratic challenger jaime harrison forcing to change and demandinged chairman graham take a coronavirus test after two other senators on committee tested positive. graham refused saying he had been tested last week and candidate ended up doing back to back televised interviews instead of debating one another. ♪ jon: election day just over three weeks away now, mail-in ballots and security issues are key to voting during this coronavirus pandemic and judges in swing states across country ruling on exactly those issues. rich edson takes look. >> each state has its own laws on how when and where its citizens can vote who is on ballot this year, courts are more involved than ever as billions of americans are now voting by mail because of a covid-19 pandemic. in wisconsin, a federal appeals court blocks extension for
3:40 pm
counting absentee ballots ruling means absentee ballots must be delivered to election clerk by l p.m. on election day. democrats likely appeal that decision to the supreme court. in florida, federal judge has denied a request to extend state voter registration deadline. judge mark walker says decision was a close call. and rooted in prevents chaos in what he calls florida's precarious and chaotic elections. walker added, quote, in so ruling this court notes that every man who has stepped foot on moon launched from kennedy space center yet florida failed to run an election proper. a task simpler than rocket science supreme court rejected collage to steef steve plan and erlgier supreme court sided with republicans in south carolina requesting mailin ballots have a signature. to texas for a federal judge has
3:41 pm
blocked the republican governor greg abbott border reducing ballot dropoff locations, to over one per county in ohio, back and forth rulings have just swung to republican secretary of state and his request to limit the number of ballot drop boxes to one per county. officials also acknowledged nearly 50,000 vote terse there just received incorrect absentee ballots they say they're now mailing the correct one. a stanford mit law election problght says it is tracking more than 300 cases across 44 states of rising from the covid-19 pandemic. in washington, rich edson fox news. jon: still ahead only the "fox report" north korea complexings military might threatening to mobilize nuclear forces. what message is kim jong-un sending to washington? ♪ the men and woman of the united states postal service.
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>> look now at headlines from around the globe afghanistan chief peace on vai warning against a, quote, premature withdrawal says consequences with the peace with the taliban this after president trump tweeted he wants to bring all u.s. troops home from that country by christmas. in germany authorities have introduced curfews and crackdowns on the sale of alcohol to try to deal with a sharp rise in coronavirus infections. the country reporting 4500 new cases on friday. in russia, temporary hospitals have reopened to treat coronavirus patients. moscow reporting more than 12,000 new cases friday country highest daily increase since the beginning of the pandemic. ing in taiwan officials leaving the door open to normalize relations with china. taiwan's president speaking at the country national day celebrations saying it would easy tensions in beijing changes
3:47 pm
its approach and restarts dialogue. china claims self-governing taiwan is its territory and says it will an exisland by force if necessary. north korea celebrated 75th anniversary of its ruling party with a show of military might. unveiling what appears to be a new intercontinental ballistic missile as, quote, fully mobilize its nuclear force if threatened kitty logan has more from london. >> north korea has eld had a traditional parade to market 75th anniversary but it showed off something new apparently, a larger ballistic missile. this traditional parade is a very familiar annual event. but it took place in the dark for the first time. thousands of troops marching in formation in this predawn ceremony paying trct to the country's founders. north korean leader kim jong-un took center stage some tough
3:48 pm
rhetoric he promise to keep building up what he calls defensive power talked about coronavirus pandemic and claims north korea hasn't had any cases yet. we can't be sure if that is accurate but the country is very isolated. also, on display at the parade was what appear to be a new long range ballistic missile perhaps the biggest yet seen in north korea. there were also new weapons on display this is first time we've seen weapons like this since the peace talks stalled with the u.s. mean wheel north korea remains under u.s. sanctions over nuclear program. and today's parade is an indication it continues to develop new and perhaps more sophisticated weapons. and although there are more than a lot of tough talk as usual at this annual parade there was for once no direct criticism aimed towards the u.s. jon. jon: kitty logan kitty, thank you. that's a look at some stories from around the globe. still ahead on the "fox report," a celebration of hispanic
3:49 pm
heritage month we pay tribute to one of our own at fox news who continues to inspire latino journalist. ♪ and through pandemics, and depressions, wars that split a nation, and fractured the world. americans have always found a way to vote and make their voices heard. so stand with the national council on election integrity and help make sure every vote is counted. no matter who you vote for, or how. because while this election may feel different, we all call america home. to stir that fire, university of phoenix is awarding up to one million dollars in scholarships through this month. see what scholarship you qualify for at see what scholarship i'm dorothy hamill. as i look toward 65, i'm thinking about medicare. i know i want coverage that connects all the
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jon: as we mark hispanic heritage month fox news is
3:53 pm
honoring correspondent blazed a trail for a latino journalist. over the course of a decade long career, in television, brian attacks look. >> jon we all know and love geraldo rivera been a staple on television for so long it is easy to forget that he was the first hispanic american journal toys make it to the big time becoming a broadcast legend receiving more than 170 journalism awards this hispanic heritage month we speak to geraldo and honor his storied career. >> i haven't shaved this mustache since 1968, you know, it is like here i am. latino, for a years geraldo has captured television audiences with his raw compelling and trailblazing style. one thing i never lost sight of was my puerto rican identity. >> geraldo was born in new york city, the son of lilly freeman
3:54 pm
and cruz rivera a new yorker and veteran. >> my dad cruz rivera of puerto rico, was one of 17 children. >> geraldo got his start in television in 1970. whole move it was diversify to integrate local news in new york. and 28 geraldo exposed abuse inside the willowbrook state school for developmental disabled children. >> what we found and documented here is a disgrace to all of us. >> afterwards his career soared anchors abc goongt america. >> he got a daylight talk show and career jetting from local con flingt applicant with muhammad ali and charles manson. >> can you tell those men to kill somebody? >> no. he made television ratings history with his special the mystery of al capone. >> this is one time in my life that, pot of gold would be a lot more fun than facing the rainbows. >> after 9-1-1 it joined pongs
3:55 pm
news as its cheer war correspondent. >> firing on us. >> in the end he says. >> i want people to know i was a proud new yorker proud american. it's been an amazing, an amazing 50 years. hareld doe rivera had an accomplished career and perhaps greatest legacy is paving way for future hispanic american journalist like myself to have careers in tv news. in new york, brian yenis fox news.
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jon: you'll want to be sure to catch sunday morning futures with maria bartiromo tomorrow. president trump speaks exclusively to maria on his plans to return to the campaign trail after he tested positive for coronavirus. that will be 10 a.m. eastern time right here on fox news channel. and monday begins the supreme court confirmation hearings for judge amy coney barrett. fox news sunday will have a special preview when senate judiciary committee members ben sasse and chris join the program that is tomorrow at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. and you know there is going to be a week of fireworks ahead in the united states senate. and that's how fox reports on this saturday october 10th of 2020. i'm jon scott thanks for joining us this evening. i'll see you again tomorrow for
4:00 pm
another "fox report." >> i'm not looking for headlines but honest interview to differentiate yourself from your opponent. anday


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