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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  October 11, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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jon: president trump indicating he no longer has coronavirus and claiming he's immune from the disease as he launches a campaign come back with over three weeks until election day. good evening i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". ♪. jon: president trump making the remarks on fox news this morning after addressing supporters yesterday from a white house balcony. it was his first public appearance since he tested positive for the virus. but the white house not yet confirming the president tested negative. the president said he's ready to resume campaigning planing to hit three states in three days. meanwhile democrat nominee joe
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biden is still the flexing questions on if he would support expanding the number of justices on the supreme court. republicans are seizing on the issue of the senate prepares to begin confirmation hearings tomorrow for a supreme court nominee amy coney barrett. we have fox team coverage with david spunt at the supreme court in jacqui heinrich following the biden campaign that we begin with mark meredith reporting live from the white house. >> president trump says he feels great and he's ready and eager to get back out on the campaign trail, the president did not hold any public event at the white house today but yesterday we saw him brief hundreds of supporters from a white house balcony, there he had a chance to talk to the crowd will keeping a social distance from him to the crowd as you see he was up there taking his mascot because he reached out and the president said he took all the necessary precautions. here's what he had to say to maria bartiromo this morning. >> there was nobody close to me yesterday but even yesterday i knew i was free, i beat this
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crazy horrible china virus. >> the white house is yet to save the president is testing negative for coronavirus, were still waiting to get them we make an indication tomorrow and waiting to see how many if any of the white house staff the tested positive if they will come back to work this week, the president has a busy week ahead of them, multiple campaign stops and will give you an idea where he goes it starts tomorrow right outside of orlando and battleground states like pennsylvania and iowa. the white house is as possible the president will participate in a town hall on thursday, that the same day the president was supposed to be debating joe biden in miami and even though that debate has been canceled the white house would not mind if it will pop back up on schedule. >> he is ready to go anytime, he wants to be on stage debating joe biden in person and if they will do that, get back on the schedule i think the president would be happy to show up.
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>> tonight one campaign that has coronavirus task force member doctor anthony fauci to upset the ad has comments that he made from a tv interview but he says tonight he did not consent to being in the ad and we discussed the statement from him a little while ago, and my nearly five decades of public service i've never public endorsed any political candidate the comments distributed to me without my permission to gop campaign ad were taken out of context from abroad statement i made months ago about the effort up public health officials. the trump campaigner firing back saying this ad features dr. fauci's own words and they stand by the side. jon: mark meredith at the white house. thank you. joe biden is back home in delaware after hitting a few battleground states but his campaign is still dodging questions about whether the former vice president supports expanding the supreme court. jacqui heinrich is live the
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issue that the democrat nominee will not address. >> joe biden is making to campaign stops in ohio tomorrow and that is significant because until recently his campaign has not put much attention there, instead they put their time and resources into nearby battlegrounds like michigan and pennsylvania which we see more winnable and would bleed over into that state but president trump carried ohio in 2016 and it's seen as a crucial state for his reelection and biden following the recent poll shows about 7% of voters undecided and they also have four views of the president's handling of coronavirus. this has a backdrop for the supreme court nominee judge amy coney barrett biden plead for them to delay after the election and the, has put him in the spotlight. he faces criticism for refusing to answer whether he supports adding justices to the court judge bear is confirmed. in the past is expressed opposition to this but critics
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say his silence indicates he wants option on the table perhaps for the progressive supporters. friday he also said this. >> is not that the voters deserve to know. >> i'm not going to play his game, he would love me too talk about, birdie said something, he would love that to be the discussion instead what he's he doing now. >> while democrats have called senate republicans hypocritical for moving forward so close to the election after refusing to do the same for president obama's nominee biden also called unconstitutional, the deputy campaign manager had to clarify. >> is not constitutional what they're doing and we should be focused on what's happening right now. >> house in our constitutional what they're doing. >> 's point is that the people have an opportunity to weigh in on the constitutional process
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through their vote and we are in the midst of the election, millions of people have already cast their votes. >> she went on to explain that the constitution provides senators to weigh in on the next justice and if the next justice is comfortable for the next senate is elected she said the voters are being essentially block to their constitutional right to weigh in on the process. jon: jacqui heinrich in wilmington, delaware. thank you. senate minority leader chuck schumer is calling on the supreme court nominee amy coney barrett to commit to recusing herself for many cases related to the upcoming election. schumer also claims that barrett should not take part in high-stakes case on the affordable care act. the high court is scheduled to hear that november 10 exactly one week after the election. david spunt explains what to expect when weeklong confirmation hearing kickoff tomorrow. >> a busy week ahead, republicans in the senate want
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to transform judge amy coney barrett into justice amy coney barrett as soon as possible if confirmed to be the fifth woman to sit on the high court. president trump wants to get the confirmation as soon as possible once. to be on the bench by election day and hearing begins tomorrow morning and expect several important topics to be discussed. abortion, gun right, immigration and healthcare. democrats are expected to focus heavily on healthcare during her hearing and the views on the affordable care act well known, she is no fan of that worries democrats were concerned that republicans want to get rid of aca in the middle of a pandemic. >> when i spoke with a constituent in delaware last week someone with a pre-existing condition, she said i thought this was settled, i thought years ago that the supreme court upheld the affordable care act. >> meanwhile republicans argue that the president has every right to appoint a supreme court justice. while he is serving as a
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president. >> when she puts on her black robe in the morning, she knows what it is to be a judge, that is her cloak of personal preferences, our judges don't wear red or blue they don't advocate for policy position. >> fox news obtained her opening statement, when i write an opinion resulting in case, i read every word from the perspective of the losing party. i asked myself how would i be the decision if one of my children was a party i was ruling against even though i would not like the result, what i understand the decision was fairly recent it grounded in the law. to talk it off one week after the election the supreme court justices presumably with barrett on the bench are set to hear arguments about the merits of the affordable care act. jon: david spunt, thank you. for more on this let's bring in tim murtaugh, trump 2020 director of communications. you just heard chuck schumer and other democrats talking about the cases from which they believe a justice amy coney
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barrett should recuse herself, does that mean that they really think that her extension to the high court is a concluded. >> we certainly anticipate that the senate will confirm judge barrett but let's remember, they're talking about asking her to prejudge cases that would come before her issues on the supreme court. there is a rule about that during the hearings, you don't ask nominees what they would do about perspective cases in front of them. you know what that rule is called the ginsberg role, that was put in place when rpg was at her confirmation hearing and you know who invented that rule, that was joe biden when he was the chairman of the committee at the time. joe biden has crated a real problem for himself, just as we can in the local interview in las vegas, he said american voters don't deserve to know what he thinks about packing the court and he's engaging in a lot of misinformation and lies about what's going on, it's absolutely constitutional for the president
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to select the nominee and for them to confirm the nominee. the republicans have expanded their majority in the senate in 2018 of voters already got to weigh in an voters way and when they elected president trump, that's the case. he's also misleading people as to what the definition of court packing is. court packing means to expand the court, i justices to pre-guarantee the outcome of cases that will come before the court in the future. that is what court packing is, democrats talk all the time about how we respect and have to protect our norms and our traditions and institutions. as soon as they lose elections, they blow up the norms, that's exactly what is happening. >> the director of communications for the biden campaign kate bedingfield address the question about court packing, here's what she had to say about it. >> donald trump and republicans don't get to set the terms of this debate. this is a distraction that they
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want to grow out as a hypothetical and they want to throw now to distract from the fact that they are trying to ram through nominee who as i said is going to change the makeup of the court against the will of the iraqi people. jon: how does one consider the makeup and the justices on the supreme court a distraction? >> i don't know if it's a distraction it's when the joe biden is crated for himself, this is not a hypothetical. the left is pushing the idea of court packing in joe biden has created the big problem by refusing to answer the question, first he said he won't answer because it would make news, of course he's running for president. then he said it's a distraction anyone play the game, now he says americans don't deserve to know what his opinion is. we ask what other plans do you have joe that americans don't deserve to know about, it is ridiculous for someone who is running for president won't answer a basic question when so many members of his own party want to alter the makeup, had seats to the supreme court,
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conducting a partisan overthrow of one of the three branches of our federal government. that's what the left wants to do in joe biden won't tell americans what his opinion of that is, is he responsible and should make people suspicious about what else he is hiding and what else the left is forcing him to do. jon: as you know the president is suggesting that joe biden will not answer because he's afraid of the blowback from the far left of his party, here's a president street from earlier today. fdr, his own party that been the democrats told him you cannot pack the supreme court it would permanently destroy the court and then he # judge jeanine in senator ted cruz, the radical left democrats are pushing biden to do this and he has 0 chance against them, does that suggest that the bernie sanders wing of the party is the one driving the train? >> more than suggest, it proves it, we've known for a year that joe biden is hopelessly in the
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grip of the radical left and bernie sanders, aoc wing of the democrat party. his running mate kamala harris said open relay she will be open to the conversation about packing the court and it's a conversation she wants to have she's the most liberal member of the u.s. senate even further than bernie sanders according to the 2019 rankings. the left is in charge of joe biden and that's exactly what he's refusing to answer the question because he knows what the answer is that he would be required to get by the left and he's got to agree, pack the court, overthrow one third of the federal government and one of the three branches of the federal government. he refuses to answer the question and amazingly and condescendingly and arrogantly says that americans don't deserve to know his opinion, it's really the most outrageous thing a candidate for president could ever say. jon: very quickly on that the fox news poll, ask americans whether this vacancy could be filled now, 54 - 44% said you
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should wait, it's too close to the election. the interesting thing we asked the same question four years ago when barack obama was president and at that time the numbers were reversed it was 62% who suggested that the president should go ahead and fill the supreme court vacancy, something has flipped in four years and you have to wonder what that is. >> i think at that time the national mainstream media had a president that they liked and barack obama and now we know the media has spent the last four years trying to attack, undermine and defeat president trump and they have an effect on public opinion. the constitution is clear, nowhere in the constitution doesn't appear about public polling, the constitution is clear when there's a vacancy on the supreme for the president nominates the senate provides advice and consent. jon: trump 2020 communications director tim murtaugh.
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health experts fear the colder months ahead might have a second wave of coronavirus infections. right now more than 7.7 million cases in the u.s. with more than 214,000 resulting deaths. missouri, texas, california, illinois and florida reported the most confirmed cases as we can. charles watson is live on the centers for disease control and has the latest. >> good evening plenty for public health experts to be concerned about worldwide new coronavirus cases are growing faster than ever more than 1 million cases were reported globally in the last three days according to a new york times database countries like spain and france are experiencing a new wave of the virus both recording record new cases friday and saturday in the u.s. is among the largest contributors to the groom local milestone for the fourth day in a row the country surpassed 50000 daily new cases in nearly a dozen states reported new cases in the last seven days
3:16 pm
than they ever have during the pandemic. if cases continue on upward trend experts say the u.s. could be in for a deadly winter. >> the models tell us that if we do not do the kinds of things that were talking about in the cold in the fall and the winter we can have 300000 - 400000 deaths. that would be so tragic if that happens. >> nevada, they are reversing the decision to order nursing homes in the state to stop using two rapid tests, the state deemed to be inaccurate the decision coming up to the united states department of health and human services sent a letter to state officials threatening swift action if the border was not returned and over 100 protesters rallying outside of the texas governor abbotts home in austin they are upset about his handling of the pandemic including his mask mandate and the shutdown of the state's
3:17 pm
economy. jon: live from atlanta. thank you. a private security guard is in police custody accusing the death of a man and dueling protest in downtown denver yesterday 30-year-old matthew is being held on suspicion of first-degree murder, he has not been formally charged yet, he was hired by a local tv station to protect staff who were covering the protest, christina coleman is live in los angeles with the latest on that. >> he was taken into custody immediately after the shooting, he was working as a private security guard for a denver tv station at the time, it's a fairly common practice for tv stations to hire security when they're covering events with the potential for violence. police have not confirmed exactly what happened moments before the shooting but photo show him in the victim prior to the incident and the sound of a single gunshot was also captured on several videos.
3:18 pm
>> i think it's important to be able to show our free speech [bleep] gunsho >> this happened in downtown denver yesterday which was a patriot rally in a black lives matter antifa protest, the denver post report says a man participating the patriot rally sprayed mace adamant that shot him with a handgun, a journalist for the denver post reportedly witnessed the incident, the man who was shot later died at a nearby hospital. denver police say a verbal altercation happened before the shooting into guns and mas can were recovered from the scene, police did not identify as of victim as for the security guard the denver tv station news nine posted on the website, the private security guard in custody was contracted through
3:19 pm
pinkerton by nine news, it's been a practice of nine news for a number of months to contract private security to company se staffer protest. prior to the shooting law enforcement had a heavy presence of the dueling protest. >> there was a large presence because we had two groups with opposing views and we know that can always get very tense in their toys potential for violence. we had a large contingent to try to watch the aggressive one group so the other group would not intervene. >> also police to have surveillance video of the shooting part of an active investigation.. jon: christina coleman in los angeles. president trump not happy after learning the durham report on the russia probe might not be ready for election day, details on what he's expecting from the attorney general bill barr. that is next. advil targets pain at the source.
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3:24 pm
explosive details in this report before americans made their way to the polls, it's been about a year end a half since his investigation began led by connecticut attorney john durham looking at the origins of the russia probe, the president criticizing attorney general bill barr after finding out the report will not be released before election day. >> i'm very disappointed, i think it's a terrible thing and i'll say it to his face, that's a disgrace. it's a disgrace, it's an embarrassment. this is what i mean by the republicans they don't play the tough game. >> the president has said he believes the evidence of the report would show an abuse of power by the previous administration trump accused former president barack obama of looking into whether he asked for russian help in 2016, there however, is no evidence that the former president did show, no indictments of the former president as was for residents
3:25 pm
or candidates joe biden are not under criminal investigation of according to the attorney general. the fbi started in 2016 and wrapped up by 2019. the mueller report finding russia interview did favor the president but not providing proof of conspiracy between the trump campaign in russia. last week direct of national intelligence declassify documents claiming hillary clinton stirred up a scandal by linking trump to the russians. critics slam the director claiming he is taken all out of context. former fbi director james comey testifying calling unverified information, right-click himself adding the intelligence community does not know the accuracy of the allegation or the extent to which the russian intelligence may reflect exaggeration or fabrication. president trump speaking on fox saying more information pertaining to this will come out however, when it comes to durham
3:26 pm
probe the d.o.j. telling us today that there is no comment on any timeline anytime soon. jon: alex hogan in new york city. louisiana governor recording the first death related to hurricane delta and 86-year-old man who died in a fire while trying to refill a generator pre-people in the southwestern part of the state are still cleaning up after delta made landfall friday night six weeks after hurricane laura sand the same area delta's remnants are bringing severe weather and the threat of tornadoes to other parts of the southeast. casey stegall is live where lake charles louisiana. >> good evening a lot of suffering and a lot of pain on the ground here tonight once again in southwest louisiana, areas still very much in recovery mode from hurricane laura hitting six weeks ago and now folks are back on the road to recovery starting over from scratch if you will but it's
3:27 pm
something that so many people here are familiar with, evacuation orders are starting to be lifted, the governor of the state says more than 9000 people are in shelters or hotels, eight thousands of those were victims of laura officials say delta was a flooding event versus a wind event and there is talk of consolidating the two storms for fema assistance and insurance claims to streamline it, a great deal of damage happening further inland some 6y of jennings elysée anna taken a big hit, a tree crashed into this woman's mother's house just feet from where she was riding out the storm with friends. >> i am so grateful, if the tree would've fell anymore to the right it would've landed on all of us and may not be having this
3:28 pm
conversation. >> cruiser hear from all over the country working to get the power back on, more than 340,000 people across louisiana still in the dark but the numbers are going in the right direction and about 50% of power has already been restored considering at the height of the storm some 688,000 people statewide were in the dark. jon: casey stegall from lake charles louisiana, thank you. senator kamala harris already in the spotlight as democratic presidential nominee, next why she's under extra scrutiny on the evo of judge amy coney barrett's supreme court confirmation hearing.
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it's a look at the top stories, negotiation on another coronavirus relief package are at an impact, house speaker nancy pelosi rejecting a nearly $1.8 trillion offer from the white house calling it inadequate, sources call fox gop senators as too much treasury secretary steven mnuchin is urging congress to use unspent funds from the previous aid bill while talks continue. some residents in a suburb of atlanta had to briefly evacuate their homes after cargo train derailed, officials say because the chemical and fire and no injuries and residents have been allowed to return home. the nfl will postpone tomorrow's night denver broncos new england patriots game after the patriots reported a fourth positive coronavirus test, the league shut down the patriots facility for the third time in just ten days.
3:34 pm
>> mr. chairman i like to be recognized for question before we proceed. >> your out of order all proceeds. >> we cannot possibly move forward mr. chairman. >> have you discussed mueller or his investigation with anyone, the law firm founded by mark cather with mr. trump's personal lawyer. be sure about your answer. >> 's or person you're talking about. >> i'm asking you very direct question, yes or no all move on clearly and equity into the question. >> that was senator kamala harris during brett kavanaugh's hearing two years ago, the vice presidential candidate will step back into the spotlight this week when she questions judge amy coney barrett during her confirmation hearing, political strategists a harris needs to strike a delicate balance between grilling the judge and appealing to moderate voters, julia is in the political reporter for the hill, should we expect to see her be as direct or acerbic as she was in questioning brett kavanaugh?
3:35 pm
>> it's hard to say right now, she has to strike this. delegate on the one hand she wants to galvanize the liberal democratic base that wants intends on amy coney barrett in the confirmation hearing after all, this is a candidate who would replace ruth bader ginsburg on the supreme court. on the other hand i talked to a number of republican strategist who said this is definitely something that complained against her while she may galvanize liberal base by going after amy coney barrett in a particular direct way, she might turn off the moderate voters who are viewing the hearings and saying amy coney barrett is likely going to be appointed to the supreme court due to the fact that republicans controlled the majority of the senate, why is, here is the vice presidential nominee using her spot on the judiciary committee
3:36 pm
to make a political performance. that is the main point of republicans but a very unprecedented situation when kamala harris being a vice presidential candidate two weeks out from election, essentially the president of united states supreme court pick. jon: talk about potable performance, chuck grassley was in the first sentence of his opening statement when she interrupted the kavanaugh hearings with the bit that we saw the beginning of the segment where she said we cannot hold these hearings and interrupted the terminate he declared out of order. chuck grassley had this to say in article and i believe was a new york post, yes he says harris is going to be nice and turn off some of her following or she's going to be kavanaugh style questionnaire, she will do everything she can to stop the nomination just like she did everything she could to stop kavanaugh. so if she is too nice, does that suggest that the far left of her
3:37 pm
party who really loves the idea of amy coney barrett on the supreme court? >> i don't think it'll necessarily turn them off, the democratic party knows where she stands on these issues, they understand that she's in a difficult position right now being the vice presidential nominee, at the same time sitting on the judiciary committee, i don't think she's going to see quote unquote nice, i think, here's with years of experience working as a prosecutor, you're going to see her hone in on the prosecute skills, i don't think she's going to take a step back, i think she's probably more at risk going too far in turning off the suburban voters, moderate voters even who are looking at this like a political spectacle which really it is. >> it used to be a fringe idea that one would pack the supreme court to increase the number of
3:38 pm
seats, but now some democrats are openly talking about the possibility assuming amy coney barrett is confirmed, they don't like the idea of the conservative majority on the supreme court for a lifetime appointment, joe biden kamala harris are avoiding the question altogether, something that mike pence pointed out during their debate. here is that. >> was talk about packing the court, i witnessed the lifetime appointments to the federal court, the district courts of appeal, people who are purely ideological, people have been reviewed by legal professional organizations and not confident or substandard. >> i want the record to reflection of her answer the question. the next debate maybe joe biden will into the question. jon: why are they not answer the question, any idea? >> there in a very difficult spot, there is not much
3:39 pm
democrats can do about the nomination of amy coney barrett, the fact of the matter is it's likely that she will be voted in before the election due to the fact that republicans control the senate majority, i think right now democrats, kamala harris and joe biden are trying to walk a very fine line essentially saying there's not much we can do but we don't want to turn off the idea that we can pack the supreme court and that definitely will give more hopes on the liberal wing of the democratic party that are opposed to the idea of amy coney barrett sitting on the supreme court. jon: julia manchester reporting on the hill. also in the spotlight, judge amy coney barrett's hearing, her catholic faith and how it might shape her judicial philosophy. chief religion correspondent lorne greene takes a different look. >> she's a devout catholic pro-life associated with religious group people appraise
3:40 pm
believing in traditional gender roles the husbands the head of the household, the media has been intensely focused on the connection. >> they want to hone in on this and say this is clearly a group we deeply held christian convictions and therefore this will invariably skew her decision-making process and therefore she is unfit. >> the screen using continuance from our 2017 confirmation hearing as an apologetic and which senator diane feinstein asserted. >> the dogma lives loudly within you. >> the focus on her faith prompted mitch mcconnell to issue a press release saying the ongoing attacks by senate democrats and the media on judge. faith are disgraced, they demean the confirmation process, disrespect the constitution and insult williams of american believers. the greatest concern of weather. religious police put roe v. wade
3:41 pm
in jeopardy the 1973 decision that legalized abortion. richard blumenthal of connecticut visits on the judicial committee told he had no plan to ask. about her religious beliefs but the arguments against her are so powerful and persuasive on the merit that we should focus on them. the constitution article six state there should be no religious past of public office. >> the no religious test was designed originally to stop the witness test that was a roman catholic or an atheist or a jewish person cannot serve in a particular office. i think the american people deserve to know and have the right to know the ways in which any public servant will balance the political, religious and philosophical commitment. >> she said she would roll according to law not personal conviction. the confirmation hearing begins monday morning. in new york lorne greene fox news. jon: you can catch a supreme court confirmation hearing right here on fox news channel or coverage begins 9:00 a.m. to
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jon: headlines now from around the globe and iraq iranian backed militias have suspended attacks targeting u.s. forces unconditioned the iraqi government reveals a timetable for the u.s. to withdraw those forces. last month the u.s. threatened to shut down its embassy unless a rock crackdown on the militias. in israel the intelligence ministry says the country would oppose the u.s. sale of f35 je jets, this in response to a reuters report that it is interested in buying the warplanes israel is not happy with cutter's ties to iran. in belarus police crackdown on protesters, video shows officers
3:47 pm
breaking up crowds with batons and water cannons. demonstrators are demanding more from a new presidential election and accused alexander cheating his way to victory in august. and in cambodia, the death toll in this month's flooding rising to a least 11 after tropical storm and seasonal rains trigger torrential downpours. hundreds of people have been evacuated. in niger boys on, they are accusing attacking a cease-fire deal rusher brokered at the heart of the dispute to break away. trey yingst has more from jerusalem. >> fighting has erected once again in the region after a cease-fire was brokered like last week between armenia. hours after the break clashes went into effect in both countries accuse the other of violating the terms. these terms in turning the exchange of bodies with the help
3:48 pm
of the red cross in the russian government. the capital in this area was shelled saturday evening as sirens went off, this is the president of the self-proclaimed republic addresses situation and efforts for exchanging counsel to use. >> there is a lot of dead bodies on the line of contact, there are hundreds of dead bodies laying there in the government, they are indifferent, not only to the destiny of people but to the so-called to carry out the mission. >> nine civilians were killed today and injured in the city of ganja after an airstrike. new video shows rescue workers sifting through debris while looking for survivors. the russian government continues to lead efforts for a permanent cease-fire though with major disagreement over land and detainees, those efforts can take some time.
3:49 pm
jon: trey yingst in jerusalem. thank you. that is a look at stories from around the globe. the pandemic is causing a drastic teacher shortage in schools across the nation and hitting one state especially hard. that story is next. ♪ s not just a cold. most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. choose coricidin hbp. the brand with a heart. for powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure. robinwithout the commission fees. so, you can start investing today wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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jon: the coronavirus is worsening, a teacher shortage in arizona, hundreds of school staff members are resigning over safety concerns and they are expecting more teachers to follow. fox news multimedia reporter stephanie bennett is following the story from phoenix, arizona. >> i would love to come back to teaching and love to teach right now, i just don't think conditions are right. >> rubin has taught elementary school music for almost seven years, now he is resigning to protect his health. >> those are big red flags, the amount of students, the lack of safety precaution, the fact that we were rushing into everything so quickly without a real clear plan and so many unanswered questions. >> arizona was short on teachers even before the coronavirus pandemic, 751 teachers summer employment with 326 citing
3:54 pm
covid-19 is a primary reason. >> were in the bottom five of the teacher salary in bottom five of education funding and were in the top five highest class sizes. those of the three main group causes. >> 28% of teacher positions remain vacant across the state while half of the vacancies are filled by teachers who do not meet the state standard certification requirement. >> i was not surprised when i saw the latest report however, i was completely devastated. >> shortly after being elected two years ago arizona superintendent kathy hoffman created a recruitment and intention team to address ongoing shortage, they're working with economic partners to attract new teachers. >> in the covid era and if you like we were taking a step forward and now it feels like three steps backwards. >> nationwide one of three teachers say the pandemic has made them more likely to leave teacher rooteaching earlier thad
3:55 pm
thousands are calling in sick or demanding more from safer conditions. >> the conditions do not seem safer be to be teaching so i've been looking to other career options. >> we reached out to ruben school for, did they say in a statement that the school district is working with several health experts to create a safety plan to keep students and staff safe. stephanie bennett fox 5 news. jon: straight ahead why the bride and groom decided to get married at the nursing home in california, love story you will not want to miss. ♪ one of the worst things about a cold sore is how it can make you feel. but, when used at the first sign, abreva can get you back to being you in just 2 and a half days. be kinder to yourself and tougher on your cold sores.
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jon: what would you do if your grandmother could not make it to your wedding because of coronavirus concerns. maybe bring the ceremony to her, that's a couple in california did, the bride decided to hold her wedding at the fullerton nursing home where her 89 euros grandmother lives prenuptial were performed at the facilities courtyard. >> they did such a lovely job here, i am really pleased of course they didn't have anything to do with it. >> it is so special that she gets to be here today. >> the ceremony complete with masks and socially distant seating arrangements, we were sure grandma was delighted but we have no word on who caught the bouquet. that is how fox reports on the sunday october 11 of 2020.
4:00 pm
i am jon scott, thank you for spending part of your day with us, chris wallace is up next with "fox news sunday". i'll see you again next weekend. chris: i am chris wallace, president trump gets back on the campaign trail facing an uphill battle against joe biden. >> this is the single most important election in the history of our country. >> with 23 days and counting, presid chris: president trump tries to put his campaign back on corona. in the contentious debate process gets even uglier. >> we don't know what the president going to do, he changes his mind every second. chris: word joined by the presidents daughter-in-law lara trump a senior advisor to his campaign. then judge amy coney barrett s


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