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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 16, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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your local listings for showtimes. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that's it for this addition of special report. fair, balanced, still unafraid, it's been quite a week. "the story" guest hosted by jon scott starts right now. >> thank you. good evening, i'm jon scott in for martha maccallum, this is "the story," the president is on the trail in georgia tonight, we will bring you there as soon as the event gets underway. at this hour, joe biden is in battleground michigan with a focus on health care, president trump won that the state by a razor-thin margin but biden currently holds a comfortable advantage by seven points, let's listen into the former vice president. >> she said violence doesn't reflect who the so her son is ie nation needs healing and said
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the nation is praying for the police officers. for doc rivers, the basketball coach who choked back tears when he said where the ones getting killed, where the ones getting shot, it's amazing why we keep loving this country in the country doesn't love us back -- think about that. think about what it takes to be a black person and love america today, that is a deep love of this country that is far too long and has not been fully recognized. what we need in america is leadership to de-escalate tensions, to heal, to help. as president, that's precisely what i'll do but true justice is also about jobs, good paying jobs, financial stability. families of color building wealth and passing it down. another example, more and more women are dropping out of the
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workplace because of the recession. in the city and out of the suburbs, i have a plan to deal with the pandemic responsibly. new testing, tracing, masking, not politicizing the race for vaccines. planning for safe and equitable distribution. providing ppe and other resources for schools to reopen safely, ease the caregiving crisis that so many families are experiencing, squeezed between raising your kid and caring for your aging loved one. in the middle of this pandemic, why do the republicans have the time to hold a hearing in the supreme court rather than addressing local communities? i'll tell you why -- it's about wiping out obamacare, wiping it off the books. the nominee has said in the past that the law should be struck down. going to take away health care coverage for 20 million
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americans, it will also take away protections for pre-existing conditions that more than 100 million people in america have. complications of covid-19 will also add to that. heart damage could well become the next pre-existing condition -- that will toss out the rule that allows the children to be covered under their parents health insurance. it will take us backwards and insurance companies can charge a woman more for health care than a man just because she's a woman -- we can do so much better. together, i'll build on the affordable care act where you can choose to keep your private insurance as well as offer medicaid like public options or to give private insurers will competition. we are going increase subsidies so your premiums are lower, you can afford the plan. we can only do this if we come
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together as a country. abraham lincoln told us a house divided cannot stand. today, trust is ebbing, hope seems elusive, instead of healing, we are being ripped apart. i refuse to let that happen. we need to revive a spirit of bipartisanship in this country, a spirit of being able to work with one another. when i say that i've been told i used to get a lot of things done but things have changed -- i'm here to tell you it can happen again and they must if we are going to get anything done -- i'm running as a proud democrat but i will govern as an american president. i'll work with democrats and republicans -- that's why so many republican leaders have endorsed me. they know i've done it and will
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do it again. for those who don't support me as well as those who do. that's the job of the president, the duty to care, the duty to heal and you too have a sacred duty as my friend john lewis used to say, vote! matters! michigan matters! you elected me and barack obama in 2008 and he bet on us when we bet on you and bet on american workers. we bet on the uaw. i'm asking for your trust and support in 2020 for counting on me. we'll always have your back, i promise you. please, boat. help us get out the vote go to i will and more than 20
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years, you have now 20 early voting centers, open now across the city. open seven days a week on election day, it's a one-stop shop, you can go get registered and vote right then and there, don't wait. vote today, tell everyone you know, everyone you meet, boat and no matter what, don't let anybody discourage you and tell you your vote won't count because it does. you, the american people are going to the side of the future of this country, vote -- it's time to restore the american soul, it's time to restore the backbone of the country, the middle class and unions built the middle class. folks, look. it's time to unite america, it really is. i'll never forget what president kennedy said about going to the moon. my colleagues used to kid me for raising it when i would bring it
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up in a caucus -- the answer to the question that was on everybody's lips but nobody asked why are we doing this -- he said we are doing it because we refuse to postpone. i refuse to postpone any longer the work america must do. there's nothing beyond our capacity, there is no to america's future. the only thing that could tear america apart is america itself. everybody knows who donald trump is, let's show them who we are -- we choose hope over fear, unity over division, science over fiction and truth overlies. it's time to stand up, take back our country, god bless you all and may god protect our troops. go get him, we can do this! thank you, thank you. >> jon: that is the second stop of the day for joe biden in
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michigan today, not yet addressing reporting on his son's alleged emails found in that computer. here with reaction to that story is byron york, chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner" and a fox news contributor, also former state department official under president obama. the story in "the new york pos "the new york post," reportedly belonging to hunter biden, that got censored by social media. use at the censorship story has taken over and the real story is what the emails contained. >> yeah, the censorship story which is a legitimate big deal story did overshadow the actual real story here which is "the new york post" reported that there emails showed that hunter biden introduced his
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father, then the vice president to this executive at burisma, the corrupt ukrainian company that was employing hunter biden, $50,000 a month reportedly to be on its board. the biden campaign said they looked back, they reviewed the vice president's official schedules and they saw no such meeting as alleged by "the new york post." we've also seen reporting and politico that the biden campaign did not rule out that there could've been some "informal" to get together, meet and greet, handshake chat between the two but if it happened, it was cursory -- i think what we need to find out here is are these emails factual? we've heard accusations that it's all russian disinformation but i haven't heard yet some sort of factual reputation, this did not happen.
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>> jon: david, you are skeptical of the contents of those emails. >> byron asked us to focus on the real story but it's not entirely clear what the story is with this email. there's plenty of reason to be skeptical about it. it has the fingerprints of rudy giuliani and steve bannon, both of whom have been involved in pushing conspiracy theories in the past, both of whom have legal trouble now and declining credibility. second of all, apparently this email came to be known because of a shopkeeper who said hunter biden dropped off his computers but he's legally blind and couldn't be sure it was hunter biden. he gave an interview in which he contradicted himself many times and he refused to disclose the nature of his relationship with rudy giuliani. furthermore, the biden campaign has denied any such meeting took place, hunter biden has denied through his lawyer that any such meeting took place. journalists need to be careful until we have some actual
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authenticity to this email. there's no metadata on this email that "the new york post" published in the picture and there's no header on it and there's plenty of reason to doubt it. journalists like byron york could've been caught up in a russian disinformation campaign if they are claiming that this email is accurate without having the facts. >> jon: let's turn our attention to another story underway right now. ben sasse, republican senator from nebraska with a withering assessment of the president in a phone call to constituents, i want to play part of that for you right now. >> i'm now looking at the possibility of a republican bloodbath in the senate and that's why i'm never been on the trump train. that's why i didn't agree to serve on his reelection committee and why am not campaigning for him. >> jon: what do you make of that kind of assessment from the senator from nebraska? >> there are a number of people, republicans who believe trump is going to lose, some of them want
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to abandon ship ahead of that time. ben sasse has always had a problematic relationship with the whole trump phenomenon although he did vote with the president most of the time, he voted to acquit the president and keep him in office in the impeachment trial. i think a lot of members of the republican base would say to him, this is no time to be doing this right now but clearly he's saying this privately and now it's gotten out. >> jon: joe biden has had a lukewarm relationship with his former boss although former president obama is going to campaign for him in philadelph philadelphia. >> he frankly doesn't need president obama right now, he's doing very well, we saw him on your show, he seems very energized and is hitting the topics at the battleground states like michigan care about like health care, talking about how republicans all over the
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country have endorsed him. he has hit his stride but obama always can help and remains a popular ex-president. i want to comment on ben sasse, the senator's comments were very incisive and he was very courageous to say these things about trump but you have to wonder why did he wait until now to do it? >> jon: thank you both. and we are awaiting president trump at his final campaign stop of the day. tonight, he is in georgia where a tight race is underway with joe biden, we're going to bring that to you live. next, herschel walker on joe biden's answer to this question. >> besides you ain't black, what you have to say to young black voters who see voting for u.s. for thu.s.for their participatia
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>> jon: during a televised town hall, one young floater presses democratic nominee joe biden on his decision for the black community. >> besides you ain't black, what you have to say to young black voters who see voting for u.s. for the participation in a system that fails to protect them. >> there's two things i care about my whole career, one is in addition to dealing with the criminal justice system to make it fair and make it more decent, we have to be able to put black americans in a position to gain wealth. >> jon: here now with his
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thoughts, herschel walker, former nfl player, heisman trophy winner as well. when it comes to helping the black community, joe biden says all you have to do is look at his record -- i know you've look at his record, what do you thi think? >> it's insulting, very insulting that he didn't answer the question. let's look at his record. i looked this up and since 1976, almost every crime deal that's been written, biden has some affiliation with it. last night he talked about the crime deal but he pointed to the states -- you had something to do with that. i think the american people need to know the truth and that's all he talks about, knowing the truth. the truth is, i've never been offered a position in washington from president trump. he offered kamala harris a position and that she now is saying he's not a racist when she called him a racist, they are booker got a position and now he's not a racist -- i've never been asking for that.
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what i've been asked to do is tell the truth about what's going on. what's going on right now is people need to vote for this country and you have to vote for president trump. >> jon: he says, joe biden does, that he worked to make the criminal justice system more fair and decent, do you dispute that? >> i totally dispute that, because he had 47 years to make it more fair, why hasn't he made it fair? being an african-american, we've been promised things for years, that's what i want people to wake up from. we've been promised things for years that have fallen short, now we are going to give him a chance today when also you're running mate -- not to be mean, she locked us up as well. we need to wake up. i'm not sure what he is going to do but he's not good at telling the truth right now because he's had four to max seve 47 years t,
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now he's going to do it. wake up, america. prison reform was done by donald trump. the historic black colleges which he mentioned also was done by donald trump, he had a chance to do that. it seems like everything he said he wants to do that's going to be good is done already by donald trump. >> jon: it's president trump were to win reelection, what would you like to see him do in a second term? >> what i would like to see him do is exactly what he said he's going to do, the platinum plan and invest the $500 billion in african-american communities, you empower and you don't give them things come you don't give them fish, you teach them to fish. we've got to create doctors and
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lawyers and educators in the african-american community, black owned businesses, black-owned churches, you do things like that and also fight for america. bring them back to the united states so we can build up the middle class, that's what this president is doing, not like what was done in the past, they didn't do anything. this country was being sold down the river and also bring god back into this country. the democratic party is forgetting about god, did we forget about that? they were forgetting about law and order, you talked about law and order as well. let's be real. >> jon: and the black community in particular wants law and order in this country -- herschel walker, it's great to talk to you. we are about to hear from president trump, i'm going to say goodbye, thanks. the president is capping off a
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busy week, he's campaigning right now in macon, georgia, he carried the state by five points over hillary clinton but he lost bid county. >> president trump: unbelievable american patriots, thank you very much. [cheers and applause] in 18 days from now, we're going to win the state of georgia, we're going to win four more years and that beautiful, incredible and so many ways, voting is underway, get out and vote, go out and vote. [cheers and applause] we are running against perhaps the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics, that you watch last night? give me a break.
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i wish it was a good candidate because it puts more pressure on you running against a guy like this -- sleepy joe biden is the living embodiment of the corrupt political class, while draining the economic life and soul from our country, what happened very well in georgia -- for the last 47 years, joe biden has shipped away your jobs, shut down your factories, through open your borders, and ravaged our cities while sacrificing american blood and treasure in endless and ridiculous foreign wars. and places you've never even heard of before, how ridiculous. he's a servant of wealthy donors, globalists and a special interests who got rich bleeding america drive -- and by the way, i can call these guys come every
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one of them would give me millions -- i call heads of wall street firms, i say do me a favor, could you give me 5 million? i can't do that because you know what? if i do that, i've got to do things for them and i want to do what's right. [cheers and applause] i could raise more money, i would be the world's greatest fund-raiser but i just don't want to do it, they call you, they say you treated me good, i got the treat him good, i know you don't think that's the way the system works but that's with a system i guess works unfortunately but it doesn't work that way for me. in 2016, you voted to fire this corrupt and decrepit political establishment and you elected an outsider as president to finally put america first. and we've learned over the last couple of months, joe biden is a
4:26 pm
corrupt politician, he's a corrupt politician. and the biden family is a criminal enterprise, frankly it makes clear that hillary clinton look like an amateur. whoever saw anything like this? goes to china, the kid follows like a vacuum cleaner. unfortunately, it sounds like he left his laptop behind [cheers and applause] he didn't have a job and now he's taking in millions and plenty of it goes to joe biden too -- don't kid yourself. did you see it today? the guy gets 10%, i wonder who the guy is -- this was not a good between anthony weiner's laptop and this laptop, these
4:27 pm
are two beauties. i think this could be worse than the other laptop -- this massive scandal is being covered up by the media and big tech. here we have -- think of it. we have the biggest scandal going on anywhere in the world, the corruption of joe biden and the biden family and he's interviewed last night by george stephanopoulos at abc and they don't even ask him the question about it. they don't even ask him a question like how come your son got three and a half million dollars from moscow? because they were involved with russia it turns out, not me, it was the opposite -- why did your son get three and a half million from the wife of the mayor of moscow? think of it, a little question like that. remember chris wallace said you shouldn't asking that
4:28 pm
question -- why is that? he's no mike. then the other one, how about this? a billion dollars, get rid of the prosecutor otherwise you don't get the billion dollars from the united states -- that's turning out to be peanuts compared to what we are finding now. now he wants $10 million from china to make an introduction, will anybody take 10 million to introduce somebody to your father? dad, i would do it for 10 million bucks, i would love to introduce -- he would want me to do it, 10 million, please. i had a great father. i'm not just running against biden and that corrupt family, i'm running against the left-wing corrupt media and we are running against big tech. [cheers and applause]
4:29 pm
[chanting] this is a hell of a big crowd. the media, they never show it -- they show me and about three people behind me. four stars, they end up -- [chanting] [chanting]
4:30 pm
i love that, no politician i believe has ever heard that chant. think of it, i love reagan, he is a wonderful guy, you never heard the chant "we love reagan." this started a few weeks ago and it's amazing and i appreciate it very much. [cheers and applause] i love this state, i love georgia -- you had hurricane overdrive, it came in and wiped out a lot -- david perdue is a fantastic guy who may be here someplace. david purdue called me and said you've got to do me a favor, we gave them a hell of a lot of money, we got wiped out by a hurricane. this was a big monster that hit florida, it hit a lot of different areas, alabama, we
4:31 pm
took care of alabama, we took care of georgia. we took care of our farmers. i'll never forget i came here and i stood -- i was with 32 farmers, all of them got hit hard and one of them said "sir, i was a week away from having the best crop i've ever had and it got ripped apart, just ripped apart." it wasn't his fault and we took care of all of them -- it made me feel good. and they never ask for anything, they just want a level playing field, that's all they ever wanted to. i raised 28 billion -- thank you china, they targeted our farmers. 12 billion and the next year $16 billion -- you did better without even working -- it came from china and we did a hell of a job, the farmers were all happy today.
4:32 pm
everybody's doing just fine today. but the radical left is doing everything in their power to protect their chosen candidate who has no clue where he is -- he's gone. they've nothing but disdain for you and the values of georgia, i know georgia very well. they flood your communities with criminal aliens, drugs, crime while leaving behind and you see what they do -- they live in gated communities, they complain about guns and complain about everything and they want to end your second amendment but they want protection for themselves. they oppose school choice while sending their families to the best private schools. we need school choice, by the way.
4:33 pm
they demonize -- you see this, hello, look how beautiful. so beautiful. they demonize our great police and law enforcement while hiring private security for themselves. they attacked the second amendment every single day while employing armed guards and let me tell you, i am the only thing standing in the way of you and your second amendme second amendment, it's under siege. it's a big deal. they support crippling lockdowns, it's time we sent a message to these wealthy liberal hypocrites -- just like i said before, i know these guys, i can call them all. do me a favor, send me $5 million, i'll do it -- if you
4:34 pm
wanted. do you mind if i take one week and just do it? i will send the all-time record and fund raising, it's so easy. i wouldn't have to explain a thing. they come from washington, they come from new york, they come from silicon valley and by the way, those silicon valley guys are getting caught, aren't they? section 230, i'm sure most of you don't know what that means -- these guys, they are given powers and rights by washington and they claim free speech. they are giving an exemption, they give a total exemption and they can't abuse that power. there's a lot of things going on right now. a lot of your people are looking, we have some of those people here, great congressman, senators, they are looking hard
4:35 pm
at section 230. on election day, you can send a message that the fake news media -- there are a lot of them. it looks like the academy awar academy awards. [boos] there are a lot of people, look at those cameras running with those red lights but every time i mention their name, the red lights go off. the red lights it means your live -- when i start talking they are like get the light off, let's go to a break right now. at fake news cnn, they are so fake, they really are. nbc is no better, did you get to see last night? [cheers and applause] i did a good job, i could've had somebody else but they are all the same. i got to tell you, she
4:36 pm
disappeared. everybody thought it was so inappropriate, they give this guy softballs. did you see a week ago lester holt -- another genius, lester holt. mr. vice president, what did you have for dinner? and savannah, the face, the anger, the craziness -- the craziness last night. i said goodbye, i said great job, you did wonderfully, good job. we got very high marks for that last night, they thought it was very unfair that sleepy joe who cannot answer a question, he can't as answer a question, i talked about the three and a half million payment, i talked about money, chris wallace said that's not appropriate, he's not allowed to take three and half million bucks and we aren't allowed to talk to him about it? that biden family is corrupt,
4:37 pm
corrupt family. i'll tell you something "lock him up" you should lock them up. lock up the bidens, lock up hillary. [chanting "lock him up"] can you imagine if my kids did what this guy hunter is doing? ivanka, my beautiful, wonderful ivanka, she's a good kid. can you imagine? she's much smarter and much sharper, don, eric, tiffany, they're good kids. we don't do things, they would make a fortune -- just think of it. when you look at what they get away with and by the way, biden's brother, i won't go too
4:38 pm
deep in the family i'm not looking to insult everybody but honestly in my opinion, it's a criminal enterprise. he's like a vacuum cleaner, the father goes through and the sun comes up, take a look at the way they live, 47 years, almost as well as maxine waters, you ever see her house? maxine waters, what a beautiful house she lives in, i wonder how that happened. on election day, you can send the message that the fake news media can't get away with it any longer, we can't let them get away with it. and these big tech companies -- it's funny because i've heard the tech companies -- i didn't care too much the power was
4:39 pm
unbelievable. i kept hearing about the power and the power, i kept hearing it, in one year come out the other and i kept hearing it and we won. i kept hearing it after that, we won and i said wait a minute, if they are so powerful, how come we won? and now it's gotten worse and worse and now they've gotten crazy. how about our magnificent kaylee, right? i don't know what the word would be i guess suspended, they suspended her account because she posted an article from "the new york post" which is one of the largest papers in the country which by the way i want to thank them -- the one paper, they really got guts. they are printing this stuff, they've got to be making a fortune as much as they can make in that industry nowadays. when you look at the failing "new york times" and "washington post," they don't want to write about it.
4:40 pm
it's the biggest political scandal -- the second biggest political scandal, the biggest political scandal we caught them, that's when they spied on our campaign and tried to take down your president. this is the second biggest political scandal, these are a bunch of bad people. you think it's fun doing what i do -- i had a great life i want to tell you. i was doing well, i was having a lot of fun but you know what? i would never give up what we've achieved -- think about what we've achieved. honestly, there are a lot of successful people, a lot of them right here, a lot of successful people but nobody in the first three and a half years, nobody has achieved in the history of our country what we've achieved with our military, tax cuts, regulations. [cheers and applause] with all of the things we've done, no one has done as much as we've done.
4:41 pm
things like space force. [chanting "four more years"] i always get them i say turn the cameras -- we just left florida, we had a crowd like this, it was massive and i said turn the cameras, show the crowd. they don't realize it's good for them because it's exciting, it's like being at florida state, florida, ohio state if you want to say, some massive football game. we have to socially distance, we have all these empty seats, you'll be back very soon. [cheers and applause] and then of course georgia, not bad, you're doing okay.
4:42 pm
and who is the greatest them all from georgia? who's the greatest of them all? herschel. by the way, how good was herschel walker? he made a lot of quarterbacks look good -- run it. 6 yards, 9 yards, 10 yards, 100 yards, he's on our side, an incredible guy. herschel walker. i remember when he was playing here, he had the ballot to herschel walker, he was a legendary guy. 6 yards, 8 yards, 10 yards and he goes i think i'm going to send with the nfl, amazing. herschel has been great and he loves his state and the fact that we have his endorsement so strongly, we love it.
4:43 pm
what a great football player he was. what a great winner. on november 3rd, show the great american people that we are in charge, that we are delivering sleepy joe biden and that whole group of radical left crazies. he's not really radical left but he's got no choice, he's got nothing going. they are running the party. how about kamala harris? how good did mike pence do? how good did mike pence do a week ago? [cheers and applause] that was easy, mike is great, he's doing a great job. it's so unfair. you watch last night and you see the anger and hatred, let's just do this thing. take it easy, relax.
4:44 pm
take it nice and easy, okay? she said i told you what's true and he's like i don't believe you, why would i believe you -- she's screaming, who told me -- i told you! who cares what you told me? compare that, can you imagine if joe biden was treated like savannah guthrie treated us -- not me, it's us. could you imagine, he would be freaked out, he would probably be under the table. and she's easy compared to president xi, and putin, and kim jong un and others, she's easy pickens. i was interviewed a couple of weeks ago by george stephanopoulos, it was a tough interview but it was fine, i
4:45 pm
don't say give me the answers to the questions, do you ever see he gets a question and he starts reading, he has the answers. they ask how about did you see that a week ago where he goes move it slower, i can't read the answer. this is fake news, i've been saying it. i've been so proud of the fact that i've exposed these people for what they are. look at all that equipment, it's millions of dollars with equipment. our country would come together so fast -- when i was in florida i was telling the story that our people, we're going to bring it all together. how are you going to do it with
4:46 pm
success, we had the most successful economy we've ever had, african-american, hispanic-american, asian-american, women, people with high school diplomas, people without high school diplomas, top of their class, geniuses, chemical engineers, everyone was doing better than they've ever done and we had the plague sent to us by china, we aren't going to forget that. we're not going to forget it and they know we aren't going to forget it, they know we aren't going to forget it. and we closed it down, we saved millions of lives -- they don't say that. over 200,000, that's terrible but compared to other nations, it's amazing what we've been able to do. we saved them millions, it was supposed to be 2.2 million liv lives. now we are rebuilding it back and our economy is setting
4:47 pm
records. if i don't sound like a typical washington politician, it's because i'm not a politician. [cheers and applause] and if i don't always play by the rules of the washington establishment, it would make my life a lot easier to be honest -- i know how to play those rules. if remember how i used to play the game about acting presidential, we are a lot of smart people here, i'm smart. i always said it's much easier to be presidential than to do what i do, right? remember? and i said i'm more presidential if i wanted to be, but so many stupid things happen, bad deals, stupid deals, bad trade deal, i used to go and i'd imitate a president who's playing presidential -- it's so easy compared to what we do.
4:48 pm
i said i can be more presidential than any president in our history with the possible exception of abraham lincoln when he wore the hat, that's tough to beat. remember, we had fun with it "ladies and gentlemen of georgia, this is your president and it's a great honor to be with you tonight. things are going very well with our country. our military is building" i could do that, with about 3 minutes, they would pick up and say let's get out of here. no, we are doing a great job, we are renegotiating this horrible trade deals, bringing our people back home -- because i was elected to fight for you and i fight harder for you than any
4:49 pm
president has ever fought for the people of this country. [cheers and applause] thank you very much. [chanting "usa"] thank you. i have to tell you, the spirit in this country is unbelievable, the spirit at these rallies is unbelievable. we were in minnesota -- we are going to win minnesota, minnesota hasn't been won since 1970 -- we're going to win minnesota. we opened up areas of minnesota that they closed.
4:50 pm
in maine, obama took away 5,000 square miles of ocean, can you believe it? i give it back to the people of maine. we are doing things that nobody's ever thought about doing or ever done. take a look at minneapolis, the place was burning down, the national guard goes in, 30 minutes would you say? after watching this for a week and a half and we want to do it with portland, wise guys. you have one guy who killed somebody in the street, took them three days to arrest. sent in the u.s. marshals, 15 minutes later, why hasn't that guy -- they all knew they were putting this picture up? why hasn't he been arrested? we've got another day, in 15 minutes we had the greatest
4:51 pm
law enforcement -- >> jon: president trump looking to repeat his 2016 win in the state of georgia, for reaction i'm joined now by victor davis hanson, senior fellow at the hoover institution and author of the case for trump, jessica tarlov also with us, and a fox news contributor. the present won the state last time around, according to the last real clear politics pull, he's behind a joe biden by a little more than a point in georgia, this attics when his rally tonight? >> i think it does, i think he was becoming stagnant with the covert illness and the expectation one would take a long time to recover, you didn't have the rallies which are force multipliers in this campaign. joe biden running up the clock, in the last three or four days i think things change quite rapidly. now he's got new emphasis and he's going to take risks like they did, they are out there
4:52 pm
working producing food, fuel,, and you can't be a basement presidency. now you can see with the themes are going to be for the last three weeks. attack joe biden, attack him that he is a product of the corporate boardroom, attack and that is a product of big tech and a corporate media, joe biden has to stop it or he's not going to keep leaving because we're starting to see the democracy answer -- we are seeing a little bit in rasmussen and an aggregate number of polls that there's starting to be a little bleeding and to stop that, biden is going to have to say it's not true, i've never met with anybody that my son introduced me to from russia or ukraine or
4:53 pm
china and he's not able to do that for some reason. that scandal is going to grow until he comes out and says i didn't do it, this is all fabricated -- we are waiting to hear that. >> jon: we'll and see what happens on that score. the present won georgia by five points, georgia hasn't voted in a democratic president since 1992. does joe biden have what it takes? >> if the election were held today, i think it's clear we would see a joe biden landslide victory and i don't think anyone in their right mind would deny it's a bad sign with under 20 days to go before a general election that a republican incumbent president has to have a rally in georgia. the presence meant to stay in florida, that's normal, that's a swing state. of the president desperately needs to keep florida in his column. the fact that he has to go to georgia for his own reelection prospects but also to help senator perdue who's race right now is a toss-up between him and
4:54 pm
john als is an indication with e trend line. i'm not sure where my colleague is getting the indication that joe biden is bleeding right now, the real clear politics averages tipped ten plus points and he's leading in every single crucial swing state. i have ptsd about 2016 just like every other democrat and we are playing each day like it counts and that president trump could win because there's still a 20% chance that he could and we saw how that worked out last time around. there is no question that he is the one on the back foot and the closing argument that the biden family is an organized crime family is going to bomb. >> jon: you say there is a comparison to the carter-reagan race. >> i think there is. at this time in 1980,
4:55 pm
ronald reagan was about eight points behind and he won by about nine and a half points. every two days, trump seems to pick up a point and he's down five. he's not a head the traditional poles that he is gaining ground. the polls that had a better record in 2016 that are not as prestigious, the democracy institute pole, zogby, they show the race is almost dead even and they are always ignored by the left. they seem to have a pretty good record. the point is, it's a fluid campaign now and i think biden is going to have to address these charges are absolutely false, he never colluded with his son, his son never met in the white house with foreign activists, he has to say i didn't do it. >> jon: victor davis hanson and jessica tarlov, thank you.
4:56 pm
more on "the story" after this.
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>> and that is "the story" of friday, october 16th of 2020 but as always, "the story" continues. i will see you tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern. martha will be back. ♪ >> tucker: there is a trump rally going on tonight, in fact. in georgia come he just saw a second. but not only the man who just walked out of walter reed recovering from covid at all. amazing. we will bring you any news that comes out of that rally, plus several more emails that expose hunter biden connection to the chinese communist party in confirmation tonight that that laptop is real, conclusive. we will show you those in a moment. good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." if you flip the channel during our show last night you may have seen the president and h


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