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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 17, 2020 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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watching i'm paul as you go hope to see you right here next week. ♪ >> president trump right now heading for a midwest campaign blitz hoping to use final weeks before this election to shore up support in two critical battle ground states the president making his way there. those people are waiting in the heart land and they are waiting with anticipation in the cold. he will hold a rally there in western michigan, that to start in the next hour. we will, of course, carry it live for you. hello everyone welcome to a brand new hour of america news headquarters i'm eric shawn. hi arthel. >> president trump expected to speak about supporting law
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enforcement when he holds rally at that airport in michigan. in later this evening, he's going to head to wisconsin to share his law and order message there. the president is trying to energize his base and win the backing of undecided voters as polls showing him trailing democratic rival joe biden with just 17 days to go until election day. we have live fox news team coverage, hillary vaughn is live in janesville and begin with kevin live in michigan, kevin. reporter: i hope you can hear me arthel. i mean, this is sort of a party atmosphere 17 days in a finish for the president you mentioned here in the state of michigan he did win four years ago let me show you where he's been over the past day and a half. basically, we're talking about florida, we're talking about it georgia we're also talking about coming here to michigan, and another stop here in the midwest
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making his way over to wisconsin yes a sprint to the finish now today, we do expect to hear a great deal about law enforcement in the importance of backing public safety officers and first responders in particular. in the wake of whack be a summer of violence across the country. manufacturing meanwhile will also get a great deal of focus in remarks today we're told by a nod to state majority sector and seen over past four years nationwide but to hear democrats tell it, the president certainly hasn't done nearly enough. >> before covid-19, we were losing manufacturing jobs in michigan because of the chaotic trade policies and tariffs. so that i hear from our farmers and the quietly they're not the loud ones. but folk say gosh, you know, we tried something new.
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and didn't work. ♪ reporter: we expect to hear the president also remind voters here at this rally that joe biden did nafta and backed crime deal somethings not as popular among some rally starts at 9:00 and crowd is there and ready we'll have coverage for you but for right now back to you. arthel: back to you for now eric. eric: after the president is finished with rally in michigan he'll head over to wisconsin. that happens to be where coronavirus is taking a larger toll these days. hospitals there at a near capacity a field hospital has been set up at state fairgrounds and 21,000 new coronavirus cases report there had just in the last seven days more than 4800 just yesterday. hillary vaughn live in janesville, wisconsin amid that crowd of what's going happen there. hi hillary. reporter: trump campaign says they are putting everything into wisconsin that is how important
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this state is for them this time around. but the real clear average of polls has biden up by 6 points in 2016 trump was able to squeak out a narrow victory winning by state by over 20,000 votes but clinton did not campaign here at all last cycle as democratic nominee and biden detective didn't show up this cycle until after shooting of jacob blake in kenosha, wisconsin sparked nationwide protest. >> joe biden prior to that had never been to wisconsin since announce for president not just during the pandemic. but early in 2020 and all throughout his campaign in 2019 i think it was a critical mistake that hillary clinton made four years eying and i think joe biden is making that again. the president is not cheating any ground in janesville today that's a critical place for him to do well in. reporter: trump was supposed to be this event exactly two weeks ago but he had to postpone when he was honed for coronavirus. so now he's following up on his
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rain check deliver remarks here in rock county a place he lost by ten point in 2016. but his opportunity to win this time around and local officials say this is the wrong time and the wrong place for the president to hold a rally with wisconsin set a state record for new covid cases. and local officials worry this event could add to the spike. governor tony evers opened emergency field hospital at the fair grounds in milwaukee to deal with overflow as of thursday, 78 ,000 absentee ballots have turned in in wisconsin that is about 50,000 shy of the absentee ballots that were returned all of last cycle with a little more than two weeks to election day. janesville is a solidly blue town with a lot of blue collar union workers trump clearly sees an opportunity to sway some undecided voters by making a point to court the voters that
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joe biden needs to win. the blue collar union workers and he'll be doing that tonight by giving a speech on supporting law enforcement. eric. >> all right hillary and janesville, wisconsin, we'll have that too later. thank you. arthel. arthel: democratic president nominee joe biden layings low and mr. biden stomp in north carolina tomorrow and cam la kamala harris will return to campaign trail on monday and live in wilmington, delaware with the latest on the biden-harris campaign. hi, mark. reporter: arthel good morning. joe biden spent last several days in battle ground states he was in michigan last night it is where he insisted vote reverse going get a better idea of what his thoughts are adding potential new supreme court justices. here's what he had to say last night. >> not been a fan of packing the court but what might happen is that we have to take a look at how this will all works out and determine whether there's other means by which we should take a
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look how to make sure this kind of thing don't happen. >> biden also promise workers in michigan that the government qowld invest in more fuel efficient autotechnology and one to support of the united autoworkers earlier this year and continues to lead in michigan according to the polls by about 7 points or so. but campaign memo obtained by fox shows that biden-harris ticket does remain concerned that this is going to be a close ration. the campaign manager write, quote, the reality is that this race is far closer than others we're seeing on twitter and on tv would suggest. while biden spent today in delaware he's going durham north carolina tomorrow going to be encouraging people to get tout vote early. north carolina launching an early voting program just a few days ago and remember north carolina was also the first state to sending out absentee ballots. look at the numbers so far. how many people are choosing to vote either earlier absentee close to 600,000 in the near the absentee ballots so far 47 50* 58 now, people voting early out of the 7.2 million people
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registered to vote in north carolina. meantime biden running mate california senator kamala harris is holding virtual fund raiser today she canceled in person campaign events after two people around her tested positive for coronavirus. she has tested negative. and she's going to be campaigning again on nongd she'll be going down to another battle ground state all comes down to florida she'll be going down there making stops in orlando and jacksonville. former president barack obama out campaigning on behalf of the biden-harris ticket. arthel he's set to campaign nor them in philadelphia on wednesday. arthel. arthel: game on. mark mer dit in wilmington, delaware, thank you. eric. eric: also lashing out last night at claims that were reported in "the new york post" report about a son hunter allege overseas business dealings. former vice president calling such claims, quote, a smear campaign. the fbi now reportedly investigating at the alleged e-mail sited in that story are
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connected to a possible russian disinformation plot aimed at helping hurt biden campaign. this as two social media giants twitter and facebook land in the cross hairs of congress. they accused of preventing users from sharing that article lucas tomlinson has more from washington. lucas. reporter: the fbi is now investigating whether russia is responsible for hunter biden e-mail. the white house press secretary blasted twitter and facebook for blocking access to that new york post story. >> this is what happens in north korea in china, and iran. they sense their voices their censer news organizations. it shouldn't happen in the united states of america. >> i'm i'm nots here to defend n asks made by all of the social media companies but i hope we all agree brad that we don't want media companies to become engines for wise and disinformation. in 2014 hunter biden struggled with a drug addiction join
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border that ukraine energy company bris ma some believe aattempt to use and e-mails rudy says he obtain from abandoned laptop computer in delaware giving him by blind own rs of the repair shop and told hunter biden we need your advice and how you can use your influence to convey a message to signal to stop what we consider to be politically motivated actions. senate panel will vote early next week to subpoena twitter ceo jack dorsey other tech giants here before the judiciary committee and made an error tweeting, straight blocking of url was wrong we updated our pots and enforcement to fix our goal to attend to add context and now capabilities to do that. >> it has been going on for years. this week, though, they declared open war on the republican party and conservatives across america and my method for these big is simple. winter is coming.
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reporter: more than 09% of twitter and facebook employees donatinged to democrat this is year. eric. eric: thanks so much. arthel. arthel: growing thousands of common demonstrators across the country seeing marchs in new york, washington, d.c., chicago, and los angeles. it is part of an effort to protest the supreme court nomination of judge amy coney barrett. alex hogan is live in new york with more on this story. hi alex. >> hi arthel for years people have been coming together for these women's marches. women advocating for their rights and allies there to support them but this year there's also more of an emphasis on the rights of minorities specifically the black lives matter movement. now, today what we saw here in new york the organization they marched from washington square park to the stock exchange they're honoring late ruth bader ginsburg but they're also standing against donald trump and the rhetoric of the
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administration. some organize percent saying that they believe this election is less about politics and more about humanity. >> i don't think biden is any better than trump but he's not a fascist but voting not enough. we have to be in the streets and our millions like they've done in other countrying like armenia to have a crisis that forces regime from power. >> women march chicago meeting in person but also virtually as well. today nationwide events called count on us it is a demanding for democracy for more people to vote and to protect the rights already given by the high court. in los angeles women march event is now underway. there are more than 400 events planned throughout cities large and small. in washington, d.c., clashing protest the women march led people from the freedom plaza to the national mall meanwhile steps to the supreme court and event hold women for amy, the group is calling out the women's march for not supporting barrett
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who is confirmed she would be the fifth woman to serve on the supreme court. the womens march event the first one this year was on january 18th but again dating back three years now, the organization tweeting today saying let's finish what we started. arthel. arthel: all right alex hogan live in new york city. thanks alex. eric. eric: president trump set to arrive in michigan in about 30 minutes from now holding rally in that state. it could decide who wins oval office in less than three weeks. you're looking at the podium and man are the people excited. 51 degrees kind of a cold breeze, and the eastern shore of lake michigan. the western part of that state. so what does the president need to do to pull off another win there? he wanted to stay back in 2016 tom bevin is here from real clear politics on what he sees and what he predicts.
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arthel: president trump set to hold a rally fleeces than an hour now in michigan, 16 electoral college votes are up for grabs. in the great lake state, and they could be the deciding factor in determining who will take the oath of office in
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january. the latest real clear politics polling average in michigan showing joe biden ahead of president trump by more than 7 percentage points. but as we learn if in 2016, that could all change in the final weeks before the election. joining me now tom bevins cofounder of politics thanks for joining us. so how is this i guess for now on this is that the president is underperforming is mr. biden outperforming hillary clinton or is it a combination of both? >> actually trump is better off right now in michigan than he was he finished in the polls in 2016 at 42%. and then ended up getting 47.3% of the volt. he's at 42.9% right now so he's actually ahead of where he was in 2016. but as you mention the problem is, that biden is outperforming hillary by about five points. he's close to that 50% plus or minus and so that is really why trump is trailing now in
1:19 pm
michigan and looks like he's got some ground to make up in some of the key counties to decide which way michigan goes. >> you know, speaking of hillary, the crooked hillary handle that candidate trump gave the former secretary of state it worked. now try to add it seems corrupt biden to sleepy joe handle for former vice president. with four years of his own on the books, can the president rely on name calling or is his job performance also on the ballot? >> well, i mean job performance is absolutely on ballot again we talked about this many times you know the trump campaign wants to make this not a referendum on him which is what biden campaign would like you to be. but a choice. between, you know, trump and the alternative which is joe biden and so trump has tried to frame this election that way. and basically said look you know, the subtext of the trump campaign if you may not like me personally or style but i have a record of accomplishment.
1:20 pm
joe biden has been in washington for 47 years and hasn't done anything i've done more in 47 months. and that's -- but the question is whether that's beginning to move voters in his column right now he's making that case in michigan but the other thing is there are so few undecide this time around. there are hardly any persuadables left out there. arthel: of course biden camp would say, of course, the vice president senator biden, vice president biden did a whole bunch more in his over the course of his career than the president has done in the fast 47 months. but what wh you talk about the choice it is a choice for voters tom those who want to make president trump a one-term president but they don't have overwhelming enthusiasm for joe biden. you know, so how does this play out? >> well that's -- that is the key. right, and you look at barack obama and 2012 in wayne can want where detroit is versus hillary clinton in 2016. there was about a 90,000 votes swing there. donald trump did about 15,000
1:21 pm
votes better than mitt romney and hillary clinton did 75,000 worse than barack obama. the election was decided in michigan by 11,000 votes. so this is about motivating your base. and turning them out that's why trump is there and why biden was there last night and trying to scoop up as many of the persuadable and undecided not in left but find them to get them to polls in two weeks could be decided on election day. tmpleg really both camps putting full court on last few weeks but the style is different approach is different. so i ask you, you know, you've got the joe biden and harris campaign they're being more socially distance more cautious how are these massive campaign rallies that the president is holding how is that resonating with voters who are dissatisfied with the way the president handled coronavirus crisis and thus the pandemic that followed? >> well, i mean, that's perhaps a problem look democrats don't vote for him and decided this and republicans love what he's
1:22 pm
doing and love rallies they think that's the reason they voted for him in first place so how are those few undecided voters what do they think of this don't approve of handling of the coronavirus but a popular so they think trump campaign is praption perhaps being a bit reckless but i'm not sure that's a deciding factor in this. right now according to all of the polls, economy is number one issue in every single state and nationally and only issue that donald trump leads joe biden on. >> right, and you would think that the president would spend more time touting his -- advance it is in accomplishments in the economy on the economy front. but he doesn't seem to be doing that so much. >> well if there's one thing that the trump campaign supporters they think exactly that. they wish he lay off tweeting and name calling and focus more on laser like on his accomplishments on the economy, and contrast that to joe biden. >> tom bevin cofounder president
1:23 pm
of real clear politics been a pleasure. thank you. >> thanks arthel. arthel: president trump and joe biden will face off in their final presidential debate next week. the two candidates will take the stage this thursday october 22nd, at the belle mongt university in nashville. fox news will have special coverage all night long. please be sure to tune in right here the debate, by the way, kicks off at 9 p.m. eastern time. eric. eric: we will all be watching that. let's go down to florida now that's where one coalition of voters could be the deciding factor in that key swing states in three weeks latinos. samantha from fox affiliate wflo fox in orlando reports. >> the battle to win over latinos is on. according to the pugh research center latinos make up a record 17% of register vote terse in florida.
1:24 pm
sofia an organizer for unit here workers union targeting these voteers. earn morning they assign us a turf where communities are and we go out there knock on doors and keep going. team collecting data focusing on turnout for democratic candidate joe biden. >> joe biden -- >> there are many different reactions. there are some people who come to the door happy, excited, like yes joe biden and then others who just peek through the bliengdz. blinds. >> on the other side of the political spectrum -- this is what rally support looks like. >> i think latinos are very excited. the republican party is also seeking out latino votes. >> we're here like i said tuesday and thursdays. we are doing caravans race for cars we are there in all of the meetings. you know, anywhere we go and we
1:25 pm
speak to them. >> office created on east highway sells merchandise in support of president donald trump. >> i would say probably way over 50% of the people come in are latina. >> events also designed to attract latino voters over the weekend vice president mike pence was in orlando for a latino for trump event. exit polls in 2016 showed hillary clinton won more than 60% of the latino vote in florida. this year, polls are showing the race is closer in the demographic. in orlando samantha sosa fox 35 news. arthel: party say criticism after deploying unofficial drop boxes but party leaders say the move is legal under the state's ballot harvesting laws. details coming up next. age is.
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1:31 pm
virginia. authorities say the blast could be felt for miles and the fires took several hours to put out. police in france shot and kill the suspect accused of murdering middle school teacher. and a suburb of paris officials say teacher was targeted for showing caricature of the prophet muhammad during a lesson on political satire. police also detain nine other people linked to the attacker. ♪ >> california secretary of state alex is now allowing state republican party to continue to set up their own ballot boxes after a agreeing to safeguards. order comes after california state republican party refused to comply with an initial sees and assist order from election officials after they put out those boxes, on the streets for people to pop their ballots in. justin professor and deputy
1:32 pm
senator general in the civil rights division. joins fuss now, so professor the gop state party puts the boxes in front of the churches, gym, gun shops, trying to to go after the republican vote perhaps, and kind of look official but not really. and now they're allowed to do it what happened? >> i think thaifs been squared away now, and everything is just fine now the original controversy based on the fact that nay not only looked official but some of them said they were official. when they weren't actually run by start or county and then also they weren't being man sod anyone could sign off but both of those things apparently have been resolved, and yeah, in california it's true. anyone can collect absentee ballots from others deliver them safely to election officials until whether they're outside churches or gunshops or walking street to street or out there on random intersections with california gop is now doing appears to be just fine.
1:33 pm
>> here's the initial response and argument by the state gop party and to the response to that before they have this agreement. >> what better way to turning your ball toot to a place that u trust rather than a stranger coming to your door. >> unofficial, unauthorized, ballot drop boxes are not permitted by state law. well that's, obviously, changed i guess what they did was with state party did is they've now said they're going to monitor and man these boxes because explain the ballot harvesting law that's been very controversial. in order you can give your ballot to somebody else but what you need person who gets the ballot has to sign it, has to say that city who they are and say their relationships and keapght pop your ballot in some box on the street. >> that's exactly right. but as long as the person to whom you're giving ballot sign it is say what is their relationship is and who they are, then it's up to the voter
1:34 pm
really because agency to voter to decide whom to trust and whom not to trust so if you trust the person who is collecting your ballot, exactly the gop said there. it is entirely fine. to give it over to a person who delivers it to the county. if you don't trust the person who says they're going to collect your ballot then there's no need for a voter it turn over to ballot to somebody they don't trust they can return by mail and drop box at the county and return to polling place. >> how does someone know someone standing next to the box is who they supposedly say they are in order to trust it versus going to one of those official ballot boxes look some of those california state gop boxes, i mean, they look pretty sketchy. that i got scotch tape stuff on them looks like, you know, a bait and switch operation but it's not. >> and that's right. that's why it is so important that the voter vs agency to decide who to trust and who not the short answer there's no way to tell unless they trust the person that they're turning
1:35 pm
ballot over to. if they know the people collecting for the california gop if they trust the people who run the gun shop or church where the box is located if they have a neighbor or friend they trust then it is fine to turn over ballot if they have any hesitation if they think this box doesn't look like anything official or i don't know if i can trust this person. but again there's absolutely nothing in the state law suggesting that anybody should take a risk if they don't want to take. any voter can decide they much rather just sending back by the mail and much rather turn it over to official county run drop box which is secured monitored all on its own or just drop it off at the polling place. >> president has really attacked a ballot harvesting especially in california. he's claimed that it is susceptible to massive fraud have we seen that and what are the facts? >> we seen occasional instances of people betraying that trust. the most notable i think was down in north carolina in north
1:36 pm
carolina operation collecting ballots unfortunately tampering with them or destroying them. that is always a risk whenever you trust somebody else to do something with something of yours. if i give my car to a friend or a neighbor there's always the chance that they're not going to return it as i hope they would. but wait until you actually trust somebody else to deliver your ballot it can be a real service and president himself did this in voting in florida he rather than sending it back by the mail he turned over his ballot to someone he trusted who delivered that ballot just fine conveniently for the president. and that's the way it works most of the time. that is you turn other your ballot to somebody you trust gets to where it is supposed to be going and saving you a little bit of convenience. >> do you know -- do you know who he gave it to? >> he gave it to i believe, a local county republican committee person somebody who was officially in republican party somebody he had known for a very long time and, obviously, president has lots to do and didn't want to run down to
1:37 pm
florida himself with that in county official hands. so it was just somebody as i understand it taking his vote taking melania ballot taking the first lady ballot and then delivering them into the hands of county officials. exactly as florida law permits. and exactly as other people around country are doing. >> uh-huh. they are and they will continue to do so. professor in loyola, law school, thanks so much, and we'll keep an eye on those boxes. >> indeed. arthel: health officials sounding alarm as coronavirus cases surge to record levels in several states. this comes as some of the public calls for herd immunity after tom freed opinion former cdc director react to that idea and he's up next. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes
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coronavirus and 72 infections marking single new cases in one day since july. john hopkins saying now there are more than 8 million cases of coronavirus in the u.s. and experts are warning this is the beginning or could be of a new fall surge and they fear there could be explosion of this deadly virus this winter. charles watson live at the headquarters of cdc with more. >> new cases in the midwest is fueling those national numbers on friday. illinois, wisconsin, and -- and indiana rather all broke their own records for the most coronavirus cases reported in a single day. cases are so high in wisconsin right now that it ranked fourth in the country for the most casings reported in the last 7 days it was about one out of every five people testing positive.
1:43 pm
governor tony evens pleading with public to help out the spread. >> having people not wear a mask, and not socially distance is not the way we're going solve this. >> and united states is not alone the number countries have reimpose lockdown orders across europe. less than -- over on vaccine front less than half of americans are willing to take a coronavirus vaccine when one becomes available according to a new associated press in rc poll. 48% of white americans say they are willing to take the vaccine while only 22% of black americans will take the vaccine despite being at a greater risk for covid-19 related complications leading medical journal from medical experts that well intentioned experts to prioritize high risk groups for vaccination could be troublesome
1:44 pm
>> was it -- based upon race even if it's diluted with many other factors, could fund its way to the courts. and at the moment, the supreme court has been quite hostile to the idea of any race based classification at all. reporter: and public health experts have repeatedly said that they need vaccinations to work, i mean, that people to be confident in vaccines for the vaccination it is to work you can see that there are a lot of people who are still skeptical, eric. eric: yeah, and speaking of wisconsin charles, been a couple of hours the president will be in janesville, wisconsin for a rally there covering here on fox news told that some of the people there are waiting for president don't have masks. thank you. arthel. arthel: erks eric has health officials battle the spread of the coronavirus the idea of herd immunity is a possible way the
1:45 pm
pandemic could end has been raised let's bring in now dr. tom frieden former c dx director and president and ceo of resolve to save lives, and initiative of vital strategies doctor frieden thanks for being here with us. so first of all, what would it take to reach herd immunity and is this strategy plausible or preposterous? >> this is not just a bad idea. it's a dead wrong idea. i think we can all understand that the more infections there are the worst shape we're in. we're currently losing the battle against covid but we can win it we can turn this around. we're not going to do that by waving the white flag saying let's let it rip. that's what this group is saying basically will the young people get the infection let's protect the vulnerable. it sounds logical but it will fail. what we say starts in the young doesn't stay in the young and there are young people who get
1:46 pm
severely ill. every infection is a step backward so encouraging infection to stop an pandemic is not wrong but dead wrong. arthel: i understand you're very much against that notion. but how many more people would are we talking about who would need to become infected with the coronavirus in order to achieve herd immunity not to mention how many more might die? >> less than 15% of americans are already infected. it would take anybody's guess but probably at least 60% at least four times that to reach herd immunity without a vaccine. that means another not -- not we've had 200,000 plus deaths already. it would be three times that another 600,000 deaths. to put that into perspective, not only qowld that be devastating pandemic. not only would that be more people died in the 1980 pandemic in the u.s. in fact it would be
1:47 pm
more deaths than have died in all of the wars of the 20th century in the u.s. >> wow. meantime the numbers are still spiking winter is coming. and so are the holiday and family gathering and you say no to herd up immunity how can we contain the coronavirus spread? >> there's a lot we can do we've learned a lot and i look at data a little different. most people are wearing masks indoors where it is most important. we just need to keep that up. increasing some, we also need to see those places where there is spread we're seeing spread at weddings, funerals, indoor parties indoor gatherings that's where you're seeing problems in places with lots of covid we're seeing spread in restaurants and bars and that's a challenge. but you know we should be able to get our kids to school and staying in school. that's really important. we should be getting back to work wherever possible as long as we have safety measures in place. so we protect people and when
1:48 pm
there are cases stop them from spreading by quickly isolating people so they don't spread to others and quarantining those who have been exposed so that if they become infectious infection stops with them we can stop this. it's going take a one-two punch of reducing infectioning and stopping them when they do spread. >> which means which would include contact tracing but let me move on to this before we go dr. frieden more than a thousand current and former c dx officials are criticizing level of politics that play with the agency. and they signed an open letter that originally voiced objections back in may that continued to gain signatures since then. the letter says of the cdc within, quote, it is historic credibility was based on incomparable expertise and 70 plus years of institutional memory that focus an organization is hardly recognizable today. dr. frieden did you sign the letter and do you see -- you did. >> i did.
1:49 pm
and i think what we've seen is an unprecedented silencing and interference with the cdc. this cdc remains a place where you have thousands and thousands of scientists who have dedicated their lives to working 24/7 protecting americans from threats. and they have been not allowed to speak their guidance has been sometimes shelfed sometimes delayed sometimes altered. but still there's great work going on there. their website has been visited 1.6 billion times. there's great information there, and what we need is for the experts cdc for people who really understand how to stop epidemics to speak to the american people directly regularly many times week to explain what we know, what we don't know, what needs to be done and what we're learning to figure out how to better protect people and get our jobs in economy back. >> dr. tom frieden thank you for joining us here appreciate your time. >> take care.
1:50 pm
eric. >> arthel any moment now air force one set to land shortly in michigan that's where the president will be holding first of two rally it is today the first one is in do you see the crowd there 50 degrees bit of a windchill 54 windchill 54 degrees 20 miles an hour wind and nothing will stop those people from waiting to hear the president he's expected to blast what he calls the radical left and he will take on joe biden who will bring you that rally live once the president steps up to that podium. the one with the seal on it starts to speak. stay with us. as we cover the president's rally live coming up. who's supporting prop 15?
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
joe biden. biden says, "every kid deserves a quality education and every family deserves to live in a safe, healthy community. that's why i support prop. 15." vote yes. schools and communities first is responsible for the contents of this ad. so i'm voting 'yes'. nineteen allows seniors and all homeowners 55 and older to transfer their home's low tax base to another home. it also protects the right to pass my family home to my son. we've all worked hard for our house and we should be allowed to give it to our kids without a tax penalty. it's time to limit taxes.
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vote 'yes' on 19.
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it's time to limit taxes. who'sgovernor gavin newsom. the governor says prop 15 is, "fair, phased-in, and long overdue reform", that "will exempt small businesses and residential property owners." join governor newsom. vote yes on 15. >> san francisco was once the hottest real estate market in the world. really expensive. now officials say people are fleeing the bay area for nor space and affordable places. senior correspondent claudia live in this city by the bay san francisco some people are leaving their heart there and taking the heart with them. claudia. reporter: hi eric well the city by the bay used to be one of the most beloved and desirable places to live anywhere. but as you say people are leaving san francisco in droves. looking for a better deal --
1:55 pm
more space, and safer streets. exodus is being fueled in large part by tech employees ceasing the chance to work remotely get a house are more square feet and kids online learning. others moving out are looking for better quality of life many say they can't enjoy the attractions that drew them to san francisco from the museums to the restaurants and nightlife thousands of businesses are shuttered permanently while crime rampant homelessness and open air drug use have only gotten worse and scores of residents this pricey city isn't worth it. >> for a long time san francisco was a place where people were willing to pay a premium for the benefit of living there. everything that city offered, what we're seeing in this particular year, many people are reevaluating their priorities and are discovering premium is not worth it. >> year over year housing inventory is up a whopping 72% and during this time of covid
1:56 pm
condos have taken the biggest hit as people forgo elevators and futures like gym and swimming poolings and favor of greater separation. meantime rents have also dropped significantly. reports average price for a studio last month was just over 2,000 dollars down 31% compared to same time last year. one bedroom down by 24%. that's the biggest drop in rent prices anywhere in the country even so eric we have seen many, many apartments and homes sitting on the market for months. waiting for a single offer. back to you. >> all right claudia, live in san francisco for us late this afternoon. claude thank you. and we'll be right back.
1:57 pm
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1:59 pm
hope is the light in all of us that cannot be extinguished. to stir that fire, university of phoenix is awarding up to one million dollars in scholarships through this month. see what scholarship you qualify for at
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arthel: in moments president trump is expected to make his reelection pitch to voters in muskegon, michigan. air force one just landing to the delight of trump supporters who have been waiting hours to see and hear the president. we'll take you live to the rally when the president gets going. this is the first of two rallies the president is holding in the midwest today. he looks to shore up support in battleground states with less than three weeks to go before election day as air force one comes into the frame. it's a sight we never get tired of seeing.
2:01 pm
hello, everyone, welcome to another two hours of "america's news headquarters." eric: isn't that nice to see the military version of the 757 that brought the president from andrews air force base to muskegon. then he will hop over to janesville for a second rally. he will try to win back support from seniors and the suburban women he needs. polls show the president is now trailing his democratic rival joe biden in both states michigan and wisconsin. people at the rally got temperature checks and hand sanitizer and masks if they need them. they are ready to hear from the president. reporter: they just [inaudible]
2:02 pm
you can see as arthel mentioned, we have had a crowd for five hours or so. we came in early and they were lined up. but now they are ready to see the president. he has been here several times already. [inaudible] he was here last month. he's here to shore up support he won michigan in 2016 and he feels strongly he will do it again in 2020. it looks like the president and air force one should be taxiing into sight. we'll get a chance to take pictures and roll out the stairs
2:03 pm
prophet muhammad. pictures for the crowd. then he will come out. today he's expected to talk about law enforcement and first responders and public safety officials and talk about the economy. once again with the state of michigan. eric: we apologize. it was hard to hear kevin. they pumped up the music as soon as air force one, the military version of the 757 landed. expect that wonderful plane to taxi up to the area where the president will deplane. and we'll see the president as he arrives and takes that podium. we'll bring you all of his remarks as soon as he happens. arthel: the president's trip to
2:04 pm
the midwest comes a day after joe biden made a trip to michigan and cast himself as the person to bring the country together. mark, where the former vice president is heading next week. talk about that. reporter: it's much quieter here. you wouldn't have any problem hearing me. joe biden didn't have any campaign events today. he was in the battleground states earlier this week. he will be going to north carolina sunday. last night the biden campaign outside the detroit area telling supporters he supports healthcare, clean energy jobs to the motor city. >> 500,000 charging stations
2:05 pm
across the country. and fuel efficient american made models. reporter: the controversy continues over whether biden would support the effort to expand the number of justices on the supreme court. biden said he would only make that election after the election. but now he says he will let people know what he thinks before november 3. >> i'll make my position clear in the next several days after they vote on this nominee. but i have got to keep the focus on that. reporter: the biden campaign wants to make sure people know what to expect in the polls. we are getting a better idea what the campaign is worried about. the campaign manager sent a letter saying the reality is this race is far closer than some of the punditry and tv would suggest.
2:06 pm
early voting in that state set to get under way. harris had to cancel some of her in-person events after two people on her campaign tested positive for the virus. we are expecting to see the former president barack obama out on the campaign trail next week for the biden campaign. as for where they are going to go next, we still have that debate coming up in nashville at the end of next week. arthel: eric? >> this is happening. women's marches are taking place in cities across the country. thousands of marchers marching against president trump's nominee, amy coney barrett. and across the sphreet street there were supporters of judge barrett. the senate is set to vote on her nomination in the coming weeks. reporter: activists in new york
2:07 pm
city marched from washington square park all the way down to wall street. there are 400 similar organizations coming together across the country. but they all have the same message opposing president trump's agenda and his pick for the supreme court seat. ruth bader ginsburg died a month ago and activists will march to honor her. amy coney barrett sat through days of repeated questions on her stance on abortion. she said she would not comment on hypotheticals. >> we are here to stand up against the president's supreme court nomination in taken election year and to remind him and congress we'll not go backwards. >> we cannot afford four more years of this administration attacking our access to
2:08 pm
reproductive healthcare and rights. >> supporters of the president's pick creating a counter protest. women for amy. the march in d.c. taking place on the national mall. today's demonstration is named "count on us." the organization tweeting, we want a whole different future. we aren't scared. we are mobilized fan we are motivated. the organization tweeting out they texted more than a million people encouraging them to vote. just three weeks until the election. all of these activists saying they are taking that energy and will bring it straight to the polls. eric: judge barrett's nomination expected to be voted out of the committee on thursday. they want to try to seat her
2:09 pm
before the november 10 argument on the affordable care act. arthel: we are watching the split screen. the president will be stepping off air force one very soon. they have been waiting several hours. some 3,000 people waiting for the president. 54 degrees, i'm told. we are waiting for the president to step off the plane. meanwhile we'll keep an eye on that. the biden campaign strongly denouncing an unconfirmed "new york post" report on hunter biden. the report is based on emails said to be about hunter biden's business dealing in ukraine and china. now there are questions about the origins of those emails. reporter: the fbi is investigating whether russia is responsible for hunter biden's
2:10 pm
emails. >> this is what happens in north korea, in china, in iran. they censor voices. they censor news organizations. it shouldn't happen in the united states of america. >> i'm not here to defend decisions made by all the social media companies. but we also don't want social media companies to become viral engines for lies and disinformation. >> in 2014, hunter biden joined the board of the ukrainian company burisma. rudy giuliani said he obtained the emails from an abandoned laptop in delaware. the emails said we urgently need your advice on how we can convey a message to stop what we
2:11 pm
consider to be politically motivated actions. a subpoena to twitter ceo jack dorsey. dorsey tweeted straight block of urls was wrong. we attempt to add context. >> it has been going on for years. this week they declared open war. my message is simple. winter is coming. reporter: 90% of facebook and twitter employees donated to biden this year. eric: the president is about to come out the doors of air force one to give a speech in michigan. it's one of th -- one of the key
2:12 pm
states to win. the president in remarks released by the campaign will be tough on what he calls the radical left and joe biden. let me read you a couple excerpts. the president is expected to say the radical left is eradicating our history and joe biden is too weak to stop them. if you are democrat, moderate or liberal prophet muhammad your party has gone off the rails. you have a responsibility to vote republican to stop this lunacy. prophet muhammad prophet lunacy. striking the tone about law and
2:13 pm
order it's policies on law and order versus the policies he sees as the radical policies of. jon: . of. of president trump. i can't get inside the head of
2:14 pm
each and every voter. eric: the campaign released their remarks. they want this message out. i'm quoting directly what we have been given by the campaign. if joe biden and the democratic socialists are elected. he citizen will be subjected to their extreme ideology. they will raise your taxes and destroy your suburbs. joe biden will say i'm a moderate and i repudiated some of the more liberal establishes of my party. and i saved the auto industry. you have your job because of the obama policies. reporter: the president made the
2:15 pm
argument tying joe biden to the progressives in the party, the aocs as the president calls them. what joe biden said in that first debate, the only time we have seen joe biden and donald trump on the same stable at the same time, he is the democratic party, it's not the progressives. it's not alexandria ocasio-cortez. it's joe biden. so far that argument appears to be work for him. eric: the next debate will be held coming up. we have our eyes on the president of the united states taking the podium. president trump: i have been here many times. i say we want cash plants built here. we are building a lot of them.
2:16 pm
hello, michigan. good to be with you. a special place. it's great to be black this incredible state with thousands of loyal, hard working american patriots. 17 days from now we are going to win the state of michigan, we are going to win four more years in the white house. i would like to speak with you today about one of the most vital issues in this race. you know what it is. it's the radical left's plan to erase american history purge american values and destroy the american way of life. that's what they are trying to do. you see it every day. we are not going to let that happen. this election will decide whether we preserve our magnificent heritage or whether we allow far left radicals to white all away. that's not going to happen.
2:17 pm
joe biden, sleepy joe has made a corrupt bargain in he can change for his parties nomination. he handed control of his party over to the hard-core militant left. you see that every day. the democrat party you once knew just no longer exists. this is not the same party. these people are crazy. it's now the party of socialists, marxists, and left-wing extremists. if biden wins the lawless demonstrators in our streets, democrat-run cities and states. not republican run. they are democrat run. we want to go in and help them. largely they don't want to be helped. they are all over our streets. and these areas will be ended. we want to end it. you know, there is -- they are supposed to say please come in. they don't like to say it.
2:18 pm
minneapolis they said it, we went in and did that take 30 minute or so to solve that problem? that's why we are going to win minnesota. hasn't been won since 972 -- since 1972 by a republican. having people like omar doesn't hurt either. ilhan omar. she doesn't love our country too much, i don't think so. they crave power and god help us if they ever did get. god help us. i can tell you that. just look all over the world at different places. god help us. this election day the people of michigan must stop the anti-american radicals by issuing joe biden and his group a thundering defeat at the ballot box. and by the way, it seems to be
2:19 pm
happening. i don't want to speak too early. but there is a big story out, did you know that? you know about it, right? we are supposed to be way behind until election day when all the republicans go, and you will have a red wave like you have never seen before. and even the fake news media is saying that. we are going to have a wave like you have never seen before. but we are supposed to be way behind for the first few days. so it just came out, we are leading. [cheers and applause] president trump: early voting. they call that an early maybe signal. maybe. who knows. there is a lot of concern out there. this sounds a little bit like four years ago. but this should be much bigger. we have done everything we said and more.
2:20 pm
in your case we brought your plants back. remember 12 years ago or so i got man of the year in michigan. i came to michigan and made this speech saying why are you allowing them to take your car making business to mexico and canada and every place else? why are you allowing? i got blasted for it. they named me man of the year and i am complaining. it's probably why i'm here, it's probably the number one thing, what they were doing to us. now michigan has many, many factories. you didn't have a factory built for 40 years. now you have a lot of factories built. and they come in from japan.
2:21 pm
prime minister abe. i said you are selling cars to us and we are not taxing you. he said this is a thing for companies. i said you have great power. he said he could look into the. next thing, he announced five factories coming in. he was a great prime minister. he had a medical difficulty. but what a fabulous guy. what you are doing in michigan has been amazing. you have got to get your governor to open up your state. okay? and get your schools open. get your schools open. the schools have to be open,
2:22 pm
right? lock them all up. can show all -- look where that goes, all the way over to there. you can show, turn the cameras. they never like turning the cameras. they never like to show the kind of crowd. that's a lot of people. that's a lot of people. turn your camera, go ahead, turn it. they hate to do it. they hate to show the crowds. you know, if you are watching television which a lot of people are when we do this stuff, they always have this space here. about four people. we actually made a couple of
2:23 pm
stars. there is somebody behind me here. they try to show as few people as possible. it worked out pretty well. they became stars. that's the way it works. it's an honor. in all fairness we are having these all over the country. i just get off the plane and we talk. and the spirit is so incredible. our enthusiasm. it's so incredible. [crowd chants "we love trump"] president trump: the spirit is incredible. i won't say it, but that's never been used before. nobody ever heard that before. we like ronald reagan and a lot of people.
2:24 pm
nobody heard that phrase before. first of all, we made tremendous progress. we rebuilt the military, we cut your taxes at the highest level. we got rid of more regulations than any president in history. by the way, we just set a record. by the end of the first term we will have had maybe even more than 300 federal judges and -- and -- and 3 great supreme court justices. so you have justice kavanaugh, justice gorsuch, and you have amy going through right now. she has done amazingly well. it's amazing to watch her compared to some of these radical left senators.
2:25 pm
it's from a different ballgame it's like go ahead. hold up. we would like some to see your notes. unlike joe, she doesn't need notes. it's nice. you see that? he takes out $200 billion? he lost it. you know that. the modern left does not use reason or persuasion to advance their cause. they use intim days, coercion and control or worse. they demand slument allegiance. did you see dianne feinstein. lindsey graham is a good guy. she happens to grab him, he grabbed her. they want to destroy the woman. these people are sick. i know we want to bring it all together. one of the most sinister weapons of the extreme left culture is a
2:26 pm
thing called cancel culture. they want to cancel our entire heritage. if you do not repeat each and every one of their lies, you will be band, censored, big tech titans, they harass, they expel, they fire you from your job or denied the chance to earn a living. here in michigan a teacher was fired for tweeting, "trump is our president." she got fired. is she here tonight? can you imagine? we got a lot of people that like that person a lot. whoever you are, we love you and we'll be there for you. did you hear about that? nobody told me you could have 40-mile-an-hour winds today. what somebody give me a hat?
2:27 pm
would you please give me a hat? i have got all these hats. i am the only one without a hat on. they will go in that big beautiful plane. if they don't have a hat. that's a beautiful plane. we have a beautiful country. actually i have the exact same plane. boeing 757. it's a beautiful plane. get me a hat out of that plane. in ohio a high school football player was us spended for displaying a flag honoring our great police. when the new york times published a piece by senator tom cotton, great senator from arkansas, great, great guy, great senator, the editor of the "new york times" had to resign because they put tom cotton's piece in the new york times.
2:28 pm
and the person that put it in had to resign. can you believe this? when the nfl enquirer published a piece saying rioters shouldn't destroy buildings, that was the end of that journalist. these are not the tactics. the point of cancel culture isn't to convince you. it's to brake and control you. but the american people will never submit, we'll not apologize and we'll not be controlled and never be broken. nobody has seen anything like it. the countries, you have seen it. he case ended up very badly. this country will never be a socialist country. the most divisive and insidious
2:29 pm
strategy of the marxist and democrat socialist and communists in all fairness. people say, that's not nice. well, that's the next step. that's where it goes. their crusade against american history. and i just wrote this out because they had things like you wouldn't believe. they falsely and constantly smear america as a sinister and racist country that must be torn apart piece by piece. it has to be torn apart. we are not tearing anything apart. we are here today, and you know the truth, america is the most magnificent, most virtuous nation that ever existed. the most. we liberated millions from tyranny, rescues countless millions all around the world from poverty and built the most
2:30 pm
exceptional republic in human history. and i have a little secret. in this small group of thousands of people. we are getting better and better and stronger. we are going to have the best year we ever had. yet the radical left despises this glorious inheritance. when you watch and see aoc plus 3, and you see these people. they actually despise it. the mayor of washington, d.c. released a report that proposed the idea of removing or altering the washington monument, the jefferson memorial, the statues of benjamin franklin, andrew jackson, and christopher columbus. this is a serious report. this is a group -- a star
2:31 pm
spangled group. let's get rid of the washington monument. that's a great idea. we laugh and smile. when this first started happening with statues of people that most of us -- almost all of us never heard of. i said be careful. because they will go after jefferson, washington, they will go after lincoln. and that was three years ago. a friend of mine came to me and said you said this was going to happen. i said i did? he said you did. you said all of a sudden it will keep going up. they took out robert e. lee. they want to take out grant. they basically want to take out our heritage. and we are notletting this happen. biden has absolutely no control. he's shot, number one. but even if he wasn't shot, he never had the kind of control you have to have to become president. you have a group of people who
2:32 pm
want to blow up a gorgeous thing. you know, we were leading by so much, this thing wasn't even going to be an election, then we had the playing coming. i said look we are building all these plants, you had the best year last year you ever had. you are going to have a better year next year. but this thing was over. nothing is ever over, right? but i would have had to work d o work about 1/10, women, asian-americans, african-americans. top of your class at m.i.t. it didn't matter. you had the greatest economy you ever had. wait until you see the third quarter numbers. you are going to have great
2:33 pm
numbers. but but. we mad to close it up. it was supposed to be 2.2. but we are rebuilding and doing things you wouldn't believe. but there is cancel culture. so when we started, i had to start over and we had to do things a lot different. we had a horrible playing that came from china and we are not going to forget it came from china. and all over the world it went, and it came from china. okay? it came from china. the china virus. so things changed. and we signed an incredible trade deal with china. but the ink hadn't even dried and this happened. i made a speech at a magnificent place called mount rushmore in south dakota. and i made the speech and i
2:34 pm
think it was a good speech and it was well received. it was so beautiful that the whole place, it was so beautiful. the governor is fantastic. you know christy, right? the people are fantastic. i read where they want to blow up mounted rush more. before i got there. they want to blow the face off mount rushmore. i don't think that's happening. i think the people of south dakota might not handle that too well. but think of it. where does this thinking come from. where does the sickness come from. sleepy joe said nothing when statues of christopher columbus -- they want to blow up all the statues. he just blew the italian vote. anybody here who is italian by any chance?
2:35 pm
if you are italian do you happen to like christopher columbus? think of it. you are italian. i think it was in new york, so they are going to rip down this gorgeous right in new york. that was the end of those people, they sort of went away. they had various things they were holding, i won't get into that. they will say that's terrible. he's inciting violence, the president. a group of italians that live in the neighborhood surround this particular statue and after about five minutes of talk back and forth, the radical anarchists, the antifa people nobody likes to talk about, they don't like to say antifa, they like to blame everything on the right. this is the left. they like to blame everything on the right. antifa people. they wanted to do it. but when they saw this group of
2:36 pm
people they said, let's take a pass. let's go someplace else and rip down a statue. i signed into law, i signed a bill that gives you 10 years in jail if you rip down any statue. so this is a group, statues and memorials. recommendation, using the mayor's position, washington, d.c., for the national capitol memorial advisory commission recommend the federal government remove, relocate the following. christopher columbus statue. benjamin franklin. >> andrew jackson. great, great general, really good president. andrew jackson, the battle of new orleans. the rag tags. the british came in with their beautiful uniforms.
2:37 pm
they had the rag tags. the battle happened a half-hour. they want to take that statue down of andrew jackson. thomas jefferson. they want to take down the jefferson memorial. i will tell you what, if i wasn't your president last summer you may have the jefferson memorial taken down. it may be down. they weren't playing games. we weren't playing games either. here is the beauty. we want to take down the george washington memorial, the monument. okay? this is the commission. this is what we are dealing with, folks. they wanted to remove the name of george washington from all of the places all over the country where they used it. then they found there are like 5,000 places. no, we'll keep the name george washington if you don't mind. if the media would perhaps put
2:38 pm
it correctly -- there are a lot of people back there. you watch those red lights. as soon as i start talking the red lights go off. joe biden said nothing when statues of christopher columbus were in trouble and a heroic signers of the declaration of independence was removed by the democrat politicians in his home state of delaware which he never leaves in all fairness. where is joe biden speaking? in delaware. he doesn't speak. how about his news conferences where the fake news meet yeah gives him the questions and the answers. they say what do you any about this or that, then he reads the answer. i have been doing this -- not that long -- relatively speaking i have been doing it for a short period of time. that's one of the reasons they said i could never win. they said he's never been a politician. they gave him the questions,
2:39 pm
they gave him the answers. they will ask a question and he will read the answer. did you see george stephanopoulos. they call them softballs. then i had to go on with that person -- you know that person. she was jumping out of her seat. thank you very much. john. everybody know john? he's very conservative. the come even like him a lot. [cheers and applause] normally when i have a hat on [inaudible] thank you all. last week biden, he attacked
2:40 pm
christopher columbus by refusing to recognize columbus day. and he wants to change the name of columbus day to indigenous people's day. who likes that idea? what the heck are you saying? that's politically incorrect. they don't understand they are politically incorrect. he wants to change it to indigenous people's day. not as long as i'm president. let me just tell you that. but this is what -- that's just a point. but this is what we are dealing with. the radical left is eradicating our history, and weak joe biden will let them do it. what about his vice presidential candidate? by the way -- by the kay, i hope she is in good shape. because a number of people in her group caught covid. so we all wish her our best.
2:41 pm
yes, we do. we mope she is doing well. but she is now i guess she is in se --she is in seclusion, right? how did mike pence do? he did a great job. that was and easy one. i said, mike, that was an easy one. he has been a great vice president. he had an easy evening. i said mike you had an easy evening, that's not fair. san francisco just announced plans for a fascist purge of the names of local schools erasing the names of abraham lincoln, george washington and thomas jeff on from al d and thomas jem all schools. what are we going to do about this? that's nancy pelosi area. i say nancy, go home and take care of the homeless in
2:42 pm
san francisco. she goes home and takes care of her home which is a very beautiful home. they want to remove the names of democrat senators and republican senators current and past. you know, they want to erase the name of clinton. he will be next. crooked hillary. does she have her name? i don't know if she has her name on anything. if she does, i'm all for it. take it down. crooked hillary. [crowd chants "lock her up"] president trump: are we having a good time? is there ever a better place to be than a trump rally? you know? generally we don't call it a rally because you are not allowed to have rallies because you can't meet more than two people.
2:43 pm
a number of states had it sow it was all against me. i think minnesota. a lot of them where you can't have a rally and you cannot have groups larger than three people, you can't have anything to do with politics. i said so i'm not preclude from going to that state and talking to the people which is bad. they said you can't do it. i said well is there any exclusion? they said yes, only protests. an exclusion is a protest. they didn't even use the word "peaceful." the only thing you could do is protest, you could riot in the streets of minneapolis, burn down their stores, beat the hell out of people, you could do of what you want. sow i said i have an idea. let's call all our rallies which we do, peaceful protests.
2:44 pm
[cheers and applause] if when call this a rally we would have a problem. so we'll call it a peaceful protest. say this was a peaceful protest, thank you very much. if you are a democrat or liberal who knows your party has gone totally off the rail. you have a moral duty to immediately top this lunacy. you must by law join the republican party. when welcome you to the republican party and the party of abraham lincoln. i say that. a lot of people don't know that. the party of trump -- we have done a lot in michigan and other places. thank you.
2:45 pm
[crowd chants "four more years"] president trump: you really drive them crazy if you say 1 mor --if you say 12 more years. then they say he is is -- he ia fascist. what do the flag bunkers and rioters have in common. they want a victory with a person who is unqualified to be president. he's unqualified. ask yourself this question, do you want to vote for the candidate supported by anti-american rioters?
2:46 pm
would you want to vote for the candidate supported by the heroes of law enforcement? biden will surrender our country to the mob. with your vote we'll save our country from the mob. we'll make our country greater than ever before. [cheers and applause] to insure our nation honors the memory of american patriots i can establishing a beautiful vast -- it will be chosen in the near future, we have many sites. a vast outdoor park featuring the statues of all the greatest americans who ever lived. it will be called the national guarden of american heroes. you know me from private life. so i'm thinking of calling it the trump national garden --
2:47 pm
somebody said why didn't you call it the trump garden. i don't think i would get away with that. to combat the toxic left evening propaganda in our schools. we are launching a program for schools called the 1776 commission. we'll teach our children the greatness and glory of america, if they don't know it. they are not being taught that. they are being taught that we are not great. i issued an executive order to prohibit the teaching of critical race theory in the federal government. it's a marxist doctrine -- you are so lucky i'm your president. that was getting out of hand. this is getting out of hand. this was getting out of hand. this was getting in the military and all over the place. critical race theory is a
2:48 pm
marxist doctrine that rejects the vision of martin luther king, jr. and all of our great forefathers and forces people to judge each other based on race, skin color and other things that we are not supposed to be thinking about. we are not supposed to be in any way, shape or form thinking about. critical race theory teaches america is an evil country and you are part of this oppression from the moment you are born. i will not allow federal taxpayer dollars to be used to spread antiamerican propaganda. and i went a step further. some of these guys were getting paid $350 a year to destroy our country. i ended it. then i was told it's outside different many an evil deal going on. very racist.
2:49 pm
very racist. and i said what's the problem. they said we have a lot of companies that do business with our country. defense companies. i said what's going on. they said they are teaching it there, too. i signed another one saying if you do that, you cannot do business with the united states of america. and it was rather incredible how fast all of those people were fired. that was the end of that. but they are part of the problem. they are lurking out there. they are plenty smart. we must reject left wing hate and unite as one proud national family. when sleepy joe biden and the democrat socialists are elected, he citizen in america will be subjected to their extreme ideology. possessed by marxist madness, they will kill your jobs,
2:50 pm
dismantle your police department, raise your taxes, destroy your suburbs. i saved your suburbs. suburban women, you are supposed to love trump. i got rid of the regulations. the fake news keeps saying suburban women don't like me because i don't sound nice. i don't have time to be nice. i have a left work to do for you. but i think i'm nice, i want to help people. but you had a regulation that will destroy and it has been over the years. i have been watching it for a long time. they want to build low income housing projects right next to your house. would you like a low income housing project next to your suburban ranch style house. generally speaking no. who said that. very good.
2:51 pm
he once in a while you hear pearls of wisdom from the audience. he said "let joe live there." joe lives pretty well for someone who has been a politician all his life. they want to fund extreme late-term abortion. pack your supreme court. you have got to get out and vote. but from what i'm reading, in michigan, a lot of you have gone the out to vote. is that vote crazy like it was. it's only been a few days. that's a big thing to me. that's like a poll. that hundreds of thousands of votes. that's like a poll. have you vef seen these polls? we interviewed 83 people. it's amazing. they are not likely to vote. you are supposed to do -- likely to vote. they are registered.
2:52 pm
you know what a registered voter is? people who have died 14 years ago. you have plenty of them in los angeles. they have many people who were over 100 years old. every one of them voted for years. they got to be 110, and be said that was record territory. it's a lot of corrupt stuff going on. buff we are getting it. but they want to pack the supreme court, that's a big deal. and you won't have amy and you won't have the great people that we have been putting on the court. you will have radical left judges will become justices. you may have 15, you may have 16, you may have 18. they want to pick up four votes in the senate. they want to add to our list of states.
2:53 pm
you know that, right? you will have a lot of senators added. you will have a lot of congressmen added. you will have to rebuild those gorgeous rooms. you will have so many seats added. all democrats. you better get out and vote. [cheers and applause] they want to get rid of the filibuster. they want to use the nuclear weapon. it's called the nuclear weapon. they want to get rid of the filibuster and they want to do whatever they want. you have got to get your president in office to protect your second amendment. we'll protect -- without it you won't have a second amendment. as president i will protect and defend the american way of life always. we are going to get better. so we are joined today by some friends of mine, they are
2:54 pm
warriors, really, congressman jack bergman, where is jack? great job, jack? are we doing okay in michigan? you are doing okay, too. great job. michigan house speaker lee chatfield. yong guy, lee. great reputation. he's doing a good job. he's good. thank you very much. congressional candidate -- somebody really fantastic -- paul young. good job. i heard you are doing well, paul. michigan gop chair laura cox. thank you, laura. are we winning, laura? those are pretty interesting numbers. did you know that before we came out? even laura said, boy, i'm doing a good job. by the way, get out and vote for
2:55 pm
an outstanding guy, john james. he's outstanding. john james. he's outstanding. i will tell you, i spotted him three years ago and he was doing something, and he was in this race. there were five or six people. i said go back. it was john james. i said that guy is great. then i learned about it at west point. great helicopter pilot. how is he doing? good? i hear he's doing better than good. he's running against somebody nobody ever heard of. who the hell is peters? nobody ever heard of him. he made a big impact in washington. he's the senator from mitch began and nobody ever heard of him. but get out for john and all these people, they are incredible.
2:56 pm
and thank you very much. also with us is one of your own. we won the state of michigan and this woman was brutal. please, pleasing with one more speech. at that time she called me mr. trump. the republicans hadn't won michigan in decades. i thought we were doing good in michigan. but when you haven't won in 38 years, you start to realize maybe it doesn't work out. but this woman would call me and say you have to come. finally toward the end i said ronna, i will do it one more time. i love michigan, about it hasn't been won in years. if you don't mind -- i'll do it one more time. she said that's all i want. i did it. the following day she called up saying you have to come back one more time. so i did. i went to grand rapids.
2:57 pm
we had 32,000 people. and you know what? that was 1:00 in the morning. it was now election day. and crooked hillary came, and it was unexpected. say what you will about her husband bill, he's a pro. he said you should be careful of trump. i view that as a compliment. but he said something very interesting. he said you better watch michigan. i saw a trump-pence sign on every lawn. and he also said you better watch wisconsin and you better watch minnesota. minnesota hasn't been won since 1972. and they all laughed at him. but first of all, he's got instinct, he's a politician. whether you like him or don't like him. but he said, you better be careful. and he came back and said
2:58 pm
strongly, be careful of michigan. on the night before the election they took an unexpected trip, barack hussein obama, michelle obama, oprah, and hillary. they actually forgot about hillary. it was unexpected. and i heard about it. i said oh, that means they have a problem. 500 people showed up. we had 32,000 people show up. our great ronna, she said, sir, you have got to come. i started speaking at 1:00 in the morning. but i left and said let me ask you a question. it's been many, many years -- how the hell do you lose if you have 32,000 people? she said you don't. and i'll tell you what, the enthusiasm not only in michigan,
2:59 pm
but the enthusiasm all over the country is far greater, and it was great four years ago it's far greater right now. ronna, great job! ted nugent. where is ted? look at you. you doing well? you are a handsome devil, thank you. great job, ted. appreciate it very much. we just won a huge victory for voting rights in michigan. ballot harvesting, that's the only democrat thing. ballot harvesting is illegal as of a short number of hours ago. ballots must be turned in on november 3. also known as election day. we are waiting for michigan.
3:00 pm
well, they have a couple weeks. this is just incredible. we had a great decision, a great victory. some of our lawyers are here who represented us so well. justice and the group. where is that great legal team? we have been having a lot of great vick is. d great victorie. this election is between a trump strong beautiful recovery and a biden depression. he will raise your taxes. quad resume. you will have the single biggest depression from the history of our country and i believe that includes 1929. >> they are going to raise your taxes puttings put regulations n force companies that move here and all over our country from all parts of the world they're going to all forced to leave. you're going to have a problem like you've never had before and you know what they want t


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