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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  October 19, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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spinoff of his popular podcast, it's called "science, clear and vivid." we'll see you next "fox news sunday." six sunday. we will discuss this when "the next revolution" will be televised. hello america i marked live-in. welcome to life, liberty and levin. we have a very important guest, rudy giuliani. he is not just a next mayor of new york, he's the former united states attorney for the southern district of new york and the former associate general of the united states and number three at the department of justice with the criminal division that used to report to him. i know media like to blow him
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up, he's the president's operate, he's a very serious man with a huge record of prosecution and successful prosecutions. before we get to him, i want to set the stage on what's been taking place this week and how the media are ignoring it and they are ignoring it for a reason. there was a blockbuster story the other day in the new york post. the new york post happens to be a legitimate newspaper. more legitimate in my view than the new york times that covered up the holocaust and lied about stalin slaughtering the ukrainians. more legitimate than the washington post that pre-much did the same thing. he giuliani has anothe never done anything like that and the new york post has never done anything like that. it's a legitimate news source. the story they broke, smoking gun e-mail reveals how hunter biden, son of joe biden introduced ukrainian businessmen and the number three guy at charisma to vp debt.
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this is what the e-mail set spread smoking gun e-mail reveals how hunter biden introduced businessman to vp debt. in the previously unreleased e-mail which was allegedly sent on april 17, 2015, an executive by the name of. [inaudible] sorry my ukrainian is a little off here. they thank hunter biden for giving an opportunity to meet joe biden. this is in the new york post, in the e-mail, in an e-mail. so why is this important? i'm about to show you why it's important because there was a prosecutor for ukraine that was investigating the company and potentially hunter biden and joe biden bragged about interfering in that prosecution and getting that prosecutor fired. before i play you this well-known clip, the answer to
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this by the left and media has always been the european union wanted to get rid of this guy two. he was corrupt. two things can be true at the same time. it could be that the european union wanted to get rid of him. i don't know if he's corrupt or not. what does that have to do with the fact that he was or wanted to investigate them and potentially hunter biden and the vice president of the united states at the time stepped in and bragged about it. reminder, here's what he said. go i said you're not getting a billion dollars. the prosecutors not fired and you're not getting the money. that's pretty damning but apparently not to the media and the democrat party. what else? what else is key? we are to believe that the vice president of the united states, despite the fact that his son is involved in a ubiquitous way in the country of ukraine and making all this money and the vice president knew nothing about it?
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his son never discussed it with him, he'd had no idea where they were getting this money. but the vice president of the united states was in the witness protection program, had no interest in knowing what his son was up to and his son never ever mentioned any of this to his father. you think that's believable? joe biden wants you to believe it. here's what he has said on several occasions. >> mr. vice president, how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings. >> i've never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. i've never discussed with my son or mother or anyone else. what i will do is the same thing we did in our administration and put a wall between personal and private and government. >> to think it was wrong for him to take that position knowing that it was really because that company wanted
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access to your. >> will that's not true. you are saying things you do not know what you're talking about. no one said that. who said that? >> now we have an e-mail that says that, a contemporaneous e-mail, and i might say, it's really not that difficult or complicate it for the new york times or the washington post or cnn or msnbc. nbc, abc or cbs to track this down in a significant way and to do it relatively quickly. we have the e-mail, their questioning the authenticity of the e-mail. why don't they look at them and bring in experts to look at them. we have dates, names, photos of hunter biden in various positions that i don't want to mention, and using drugs. was that slipped into the laptop as well during the course of the repair which we will get into rudy giuliani, 40000 e-mails, i mean the media here have a treasure trove of information to track down. it's not for anonymous sources like the atlantic or bob woodward or anything, it is ton of information.
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the next day, thursday, here's what the new york times said on page 817 at the bottom of the page, biden campaign rejects report that he met with son ukrainian associate. what is that based on? the biden campaign says we looked at the official schedules and it's not on there. what? we look at the official schedules and it's not on their? we looked at the official schedules to and you have a gap, two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. remember the 18 minute nixon tape gap, we have a four hour gap when it comes to the schedule on that date. here's how the new york times starts out. by the way, the new york times and the washington post basically do hit job on rudy giuliani. the raise all kind of questions about the information without pursuing any of it. the biden campaign on wednesday rejected a new york post report that joseph r
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biden junior had met with an advisor to the ukrainian energy company associated with his son hunter, a claim based on material provided by republican allies of president trump who have tried for months to tarnish mr. biden over his son. what kind of news sentences that question market goes on and later says the report raises a host of unanswered questions beginning with whether the e-mail alluding to a meeting israel so the unanswered question for the new york times is, about the source of the information of rudy giuliani an e-mail, not about what is in the e-mail. it's amazing. what he was specifically referring to when he allegedly thanked hunter biden for the opportunity to meet and spend time with his father, it's also unclear who dropped off the laptop at the repair shop. why don't they go find out? to stopping the times from doing an investigation. now we have the washington post. the washington post, at least
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at the top, trump allies publicize e-mail reportedly from hunter biden's computer. that's their story so the story, the story is rudy is the man with the laptop. this must be republican hit. they start out, president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani and top advisor steven bannon retracted the scrutiny of authorities for the political dealings in recent months make public private materials that belong to democratic nominee joe biden son in an attempt to swing support the struggling incumbent. he goes on later, although reminiscent of the 2016 race when russian intelligent operatives hacked e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign manager through wiki leaks, wednesday's report was met with skepticism, particularly from social media companies that sought to limit the spread of the news. what does this have to do with
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2016 and what the russians did in 2016. they want you to believe this is another russia trick. they have no evidence for this whatsoever in facebook and twitter, these two massive big tech companies immediately censored all of it. they don't believe the american people should have this information and make their own decision and draw their own conclusion. there's two things going on before i get to rudy giuliani. number one a propaganda campaign by the democrat party press. if they are skeptical about these things, go look into them. go investigate. tell us the truth. i'll listen to anything. that's not what they do. deep in their pages they slammed the door shut. facebook and twitter, which we've always known lean democrat, lean left, there in silicon valley in california. what do they do, they shut it down and censor it as if we live in china or russia or iran or north korea. it's unbelievable what's taking place. rudy giuliani and our first
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segment, we only have a fume minutes. i took up a lot of time but the rest of the show is basically yours. first of all what you make of the reaction to what we have presented and later i want to get into how you came about getting this information. >> it's the same reaction they've had for two years in which every time you raise solid information, solid evidence they claim it's been disproved, it's been investigated and the investigations overcome a number that's true. none of this has been investigated. what you have in these e-mails is an e-mail, contemporaneous and actually several in which hunter biden is communicating with the number two guy, the number two guy is asking hunter biden to use his influence to help them. what's hunter biden's
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influence? none. he's just been kicked out of the navy for drug addiction. he's high on cocaine about three times a week. he has no influence. the influences joe biden. the man wants to meet with joe biden. over a period of time there are messages that go back and forth, finally he sets up a meeting with joe biden. then when the meeting is over they text back to hunter saying thank you very much for setting up the meeting with your father, it went very well and let's stop and have a cup coffee. >> why is it that the media will not track down the information that is now publicly available. you've got facebook and twitter that are censoring it. you've got the new york times and washington post spending time attacking you and trying to create an image, a character of view. there's plenty of information now on record. if you the u.s. attorney, you
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would have a lot of information to track down. if you're the publisher of a newspaper you have a lot of information to track down. you do have to take anybody's word for it. >> absolutely. you've got about six witnesses sitting in ukraine, ready to come here and go under oath. not a whistleblower, witnesses ready to go under oath. got documents in the ukraine, video in the ukraine plus now you have hunter biden hard drive. let me relay any suspicion. this is hunter biden's hard drive. i'll give you the best evidence of it. today this come out hunter biden's lawyer called the gentleman who was repairing it and asked for the hard drive back. the lawyer basically validated the hard drive. he's also validated it ten other ways including calling some people that would keep confidence to ask them did they make this communication, did they received medication between the two computers.
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also there's five pieces and for information on it that only hunter biden would have so it's definitely his hard drive. plus the pictures, which i hope nobly has to look at, the pictures make it clear, this is hunter biden. it was not hacked, it was obtained illegally. the man who got it. they say if you don't come back in 90 days you've abandoned the property. when we come back, i want to know how you got the information. you raise very interesting wanes here. the media could look at the signature and see if it's hunter biden signature. they talk about the gentleman is legally blind, okay, were not legally blind, is the signature his signature or is it not? we want to get into how you acquired this and what you did with that since that's an interesting topic too. we'll be right back.
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tom, you need a little tom time. a little tt. stop living with at&t. xfinity delivers gig speeds to more homes than anyone. welcome back america, we are here with rudy giuliani, associate general of the united states, former mayor of new york city.
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rudy giuliani, the media have a hate out for you. you've represented them extraordinary wellin the mueller case, that's probably one of the reasons, but you came into possession of a copy of the hard drive. can you tell us how that came about? >> yes. the gentleman who was repairing the hard drive and hunter biden abandonment. he may very well have forgotten where he left it because the gentleman who got it said he was drunk the entire time he got with him -- dealt with him. he dealt with him twice. the gentleman, after he saw a lot of things in the newspaper was concerned he had some kind of illegal property because of all these allegations being made back and forth about the bidens. he looked at the hard drive. when he looked at the hard drive he was very concerned with what he saw. some of the photographs show blatant illegal activity that
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anyone could figure out was illegal. some of the memos clearly talk about illegal activity and contradict what he was hearing on television. the one you just asked about. biden was saying i didn't know anything about this. here he has an e-mail trail that had him meeting with the number two guy. he called the fbi. the fbi came, the fbi interviewed him, he told the fbi everything i just told you and then he said to the fbi agent, i'm really afraid because the bidens are very powerful around here. he said i'm really worried what they're going to do to me. he said the fbi agent said don't worry, keep your mouth shut and nothing will happen. he said he was concerned with that reply but it could have met one or two things. then he gave a hard drive, the original hard drive to the fbi. he made four copies. he left to copies with friends in case he was killed, and
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then the fbi never got back to him. months went by. no further request from the fbi. then the impeachment started and he started to hear what he regarded as very, very false allegations being made by those clowns, the democratic clowns that conducted it, and he got angry. he contacted a group of people , sent out notes, i have something, i have something, he sent one, i don't remember if you sent one to my office or my lawyers office but at any event it ended up in the hands of my lawyer because i was working on other things at the time. he is a former u.s. assistant attorney, he works for me and other assistant u.s. attorneys, very skilled trial lawyer represented george steinbrenner, so, he took it
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over and said you don't bother with this until i check it out. bob went down, met with him, they got to know each other, bob checked everything out and make sure the document was authentic. he authenticated the hard drive himself. then he got a copy of it from the gentleman. then he began cataloguing it and brought it to my attention. basically he honed in on two things. he honed in on the ukraine situation, the contradictions in the ukraine situation that proved what we already knew about ukraine that biden had been paid a very huge bribe to fix the case and then he himself bribed the russian and it's probably overwhelmed with trainees business dealings, two or three of which were familiar with and two or three
12:22 am
that were still analyzing. >> let me ask you a question. he is a former experienced criminal prosecutor, you, your office, you receive this information, first of all tell the american people who's got more vetting than the dose ea got which was used as kryptonite against anyone who challenged it, but you've reviewed this. or your folks looking at all these e-mails that are available on the hard drive. >> we are and reframing every day we find three or four really damaging e-mails and one or two more situations, mostly china that we didn't know about. it involves iraq, ukraine, russia, kazakhstan, romania but i'd say 30% is china. >> why do you think christopher wray and the fbi
12:23 am
has gotten on top this. >> i didn't understand that at all. i'll tell you why. being a prosecutor, if you looked at the photographs, i can't explain this explicitly. maybe i'm not sure i'm allowed to say it on television. there's a couple things on their that the fbi agents would have to follow up on. they would have to follow up on to protect. i don't understand it. you have a hard drive that is clearly this and there's no evidence the fbi did any investigation of it. nor is there any evidence that the fbi did any investigation of an outline, a very detailed outline i gave them back in january. i gave that at the direction of the attorney general to a particular u.s. attorney to investigate and hasn't done a darn thing. >> when we come back there is china. this is really quite elaborate. there's an awful lot going on here and the effort to squelch
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you is really quite remarkable. we'll be right back. news, fox .
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♪ mark: welcome back. you know rudy giuliani part of the problem here is that it's a lot of information, a lot of
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names, a lot of activity that takes place unless you have a name in this country that is prepared to break it down, to explain what is taking place here and to have real analysis of what we are talking about and for a lot of people their eyes glaze over and it goes over their heads. i just want to say the first several segments of this program, bottom line is, evidence has now been revealed by you through this hard drive that purportedly belong to hunter biden that joe biden did, in fact, meet with one of the top executives of burisma. it was not on the official schedule and that does not prove anything that joe biden had denied any knowledge, let alone meeting with any guy in the earlier he bragged about firing the prosecutor, forcing the prosecutor who was investigating
12:30 am
to be fired in ukraine, despite the fact that it may be the eu wanted him out and so forth but that is irrelevant too. joe biden really has not been pressed on this and certainly not since the information has been available on any significant or serious way, in my view. regardless of the town hall meetings and so forth and the media really do not want to pursue this because it will affect the narrative which is that donald trump all the time and even when you watch this race rudy giuliani, it seems to be a one-man race with almost no coverage of what the biden -- the man has been in washington for 50 years and the media and he have a love story and they leak to him over the years and the president of the united states is an outsider and comes in with no love lost between the media and him but i want to move on to china now. according to the new york post piece hunter biden pursued lucrative deals involving
12:31 am
china's largest private energy company and had a lot of involvement with energy companies, including one that said he would be quote, interesting for me and my family according to e-mails in one e-mail sent to biden on may 13, 2017 with the subject line, expectations, included details of quote, renumeration packages for six people involved in unspecified business venture. it goes on, another e-mail sent by biden as in august 2, 2017 sought deal struck with chairman pete the chairman of the chinese company and apparently does not exist anymore, cfc, for half ownership of the holding company that was expected to provide biden with more than 10 million a year and he had ties to the chinese military intelligence service and has not been seen since being taken into custody by chinese authorities in early 2018 and the cfc went bankrupt
12:32 am
earlier this year, according to reports. biden wrote that he had sweetened the terms of an earlier three-year consulting contract with the cfc that was to pay him 10 million annually for quote, and introductions alone quote the chairman changed that deal after we met in miami to a much more lasting lucrative arrangement this on the e-mail. trade a holding company 50% owned by me and 50% owned by him and this is the new york post. it goes on. quote, consulting fees is one piece of our income stream but the reason this proposal by the chairman was so much more interesting to me and my family is that we would also be partners in the equity and profits of the joint venture's investments. >> let me show you what she just referred to. this is the e-mail and text messages that surround all those negotiations. you read the final e-mail accurately. $10 million per year deal when
12:33 am
he makes back is 10 million they share 5050 in the additional and they are partners in the deal. the partners in the deal are three chinese communists, yang ming, stanley ho who also was arrested and by the way when he got arrested by the southern district the first person he called was names biden and then third person named [inaudible] was american citizen but considered to be an intelligence operative by the chinese government. his partners are three chinese communists, two of whom are intelligent operatives. on his side is him, his uncle james biden, his aunt james his wife and then after this is done they have a little breakdown of how the equity will be shared and i will just read it to you and you tell me what you think
12:34 am
it means. at the moment there is a provisional agreement that the equity will be distributed smallest, 202 age, 22 ag, 22 tb, ten to jim, that's the brother. ten held by age for the big guy. who you think the big guy is? in case there's any doubt of who you think the big guy is and whether joe was involved in this deal, shortly thereafter they acquire an office and they have to have keys made for the office. hunter sends them a note, please have keys made available for the office mate, joe biden, jill biden, jim biden. joe biden will share an office with a high-level member of the communist party and his sons partner, it's not his partner. mark: at this point joe biden is
12:35 am
in the private sector, it's 2017 and is in the private sector and i just want to point that out so there's no confusion but it is remarkable that these relationships and so the question is maybe the media might ask joe biden if they ever see him again, the question is joe, when you're in the private sector what was your relationship with these individuals and what was your relationship with the company and did, at this point, surely you had to know that your son was involved with elements of the chinese government. we will pursue this more when we returned. (ominous music) - [narrator] what's your hair trying to tell you? (encouraging music) at hairclub, we have hundreds of solutions to get you hair or keep your hair where it belongs... on your head. call or go online to schedule your free consultation today.
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♪ mark: welcome back. you know rudy giuliani, here is what goes through my head on this. let's say 5% of this is accurate or 10% of this is accurate. you're reading off of the e-mails and i'm reading off of
12:40 am
e-mails reported in the new york post. we did not make this stuff up. so they will question the e-mails but let's assume five, 10% of this is accurate. we wouldn't even know that because the press is not even pursuing this. again, i went through it with "the new york times" said and they stuck it deep into their paper in the washington post the same thing. you are attacked, sources are attacked and how we know this is legitimate but i how do you know it's not? why aren't you taking a look at this? why are you protecting this family to such an extent? on the other side, you make mountains out of mole hills when it comes to the president of the united states and more than happy to receive so-called tax returns that are leaked illegally and felonies are committed to go through them into look at the presidents tax returns that he takes the same deductions new york times corporation takes, by the way, rudy giuliani. they're willing to go after his family we now know everything you said about russia collusion was an absolute lie in here you
12:41 am
are presented with e-mails presented with individuals and presented with names and dates and times and nothing. no independent investigations? aren't you shocked by this. >> i'm totally shocked and disgusted. had it been in the justine department for 17 years this is a disgrace. i mean, there is an e-mail here that if you were a law enforcement agency and you don't answer that question you should be fired. obviously hunter near the end gets tired of all the money he has to get back so he describes beautifully the 30 year relationship that i've always contended it was a 30 year racketeering case. hunter's family is a conduit of money to joe but he admits appear he basically says to his daughter hope you all can do what i did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. it's really hard. don't worry, unlike pop i won't
12:42 am
make you give me half your salary. basically hunter biden is saying he supported the family for 30 years. hunter biden cannot survive -- support anyone but he was a drug addict. he supported the family on the drive by money coming to joe biden. he paid for the houses and the weddings that he paid for his mother's education. joe did not pay for anything. mark: how to be not know this is from hunter fluff talk? braggadocio's or something. >> shouldn't it be investigated? i know it has to be investigat investigated. it says in missus dash by the way, this is completely consistent with the chinese system of corruption that is described in peter's slicer's book, secret empire. first chapter, he describes the chinese, don't pay the public officials directly. they pay the relatives around the public officials who then make sure the public official
12:43 am
lives like a king. mark: here he is dealing with foreign governments and foreign entities. it was hunter biden signed up with the department of justice and the foreign agent? >> no, never. every one of those meetings was a violation and as i said they put manna ford in jail for it not too many other people so why the hesitant to investigate hunter biden for? the violations are a matter of record right in the e-mails in the texts. he held meetings and he never registered and on behalf of foreign company and i mean, the biggest story here may very well be the corruption of our law enforcement system at the highest levels. mark: don't you think the easiest way, for or the most definitive way, for "the new york times" and washington post in these other entities who are obviously backing biden for president to disprove these
12:44 am
e-mails and to disprove the near post report and to disprove what you are saying is to investigate them and see if they can get to the bottom of them so why not just do that? >> because i think they are afraid of what they will find. mark, i've been around long enough to know nobody was paying all this money to hunter biden. you don't pay this kind of money to some guy who has -- $1.5 billion commitment to a private equity fund that has as partners hunter biden, john kerry's stepson any figure that out and why whitey bulger's nephew? that is a pretty sensational fact. what is whitey bulger's nephew doing in the middle of this? mark: let me ask you a question here. what is it like several years ago to be america's mayor and
12:45 am
now because he represented donald trump and now because your pursue issues like this to be trashed and even to have people demanding your head criminally? what is that like going from 911 and going to what's happening now? >> well, they started criminal investigations and they've not gone anywhere and they've investigated every business transaction i have. it's great to do it. they cut down about half or two thirds of my clients by doing that and they make up all kinds of crazy stories. about 400 times up and asked if i got a million dollars from j lo, j lo the chinese or whatever criminal. not the actress but i've never met him or talk to him and i did not get $10 million from him and actually no one ever paid me $10 million. they should but they never have. reality is they are crazy stories. i'm worth it.
12:46 am
[laughter] i think of the line in the godfather so the reality is they have tried to destroy me. they have tried to destroy me and they're trying to destroy some of the people working on these cases. one of the people that worked on the impeachment with me was a professor at a law school and they fired him for working on the case. this is a vicious, vicious thing they're doing great how do i feel? i'm a strange guy and i feel proud of myself. that's how i feel. i feel like i have the courage to stand up to them and i thank god my father taught me that. mark: rudy, thank you.
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♪ mark: welcome back. rudy giuliani, let me ask you about the campaign. you've been watching this as closely as anyone else we've got polls so how do you see this ending up? >> i see it ending up as a victory and a bigger one than last time. i think they are missing the enthusiasm level like they did last time. i knew, mark, he would win in june of 2016 when i went to a
12:51 am
rally in ohio and there were 5000 people in 90 degrees heat waiting to get in and there were 20000 people inside. when people line up like that they vote. when you get ten people that show up or 20 or whatever, they will tell a pollster who they vote for but it doesn't mean they get up off the couch and vote, not the same percentages. if we factor in how much they overweight the democrat and factor in about ten points really for enthusiasm and maybe even 15 we are ahead of where we were for years ago. i think we've got a couple states that are tricky, not some that you think, not going to let the democrats know which ones they are but i think they can be flipped. i think they easily can be flipped. these rallies, they are magic. the rally we did at 1:00 o'clock in the morning in michigan, i mean, when he goes someplace it's electric. it's not just 20000 people but
12:52 am
it's the word of mouth around the state and then the state feels proud that he came. it's a different dynamic. i mean, i've been in five presidential campaigns and work for ronald reagan. love him. my hero. but i've never seen anything like the love for donald trump. i guess i've never seen the hate either which is pathological but the people who love him, i mean, they will knock down a wall and you better not try to stop them from voting on election day. that i think will pull it out for us. mark: i agree but when you look at registration levels in certain battleground states it is remarkable that republicans are outpacing democrats and they will vote for biden but vote for donald trump. when you consider what this president has been up against a new look at this pandemic he's had to deal with and dealt with it brilliantly, in my view, the riots he has dealt with, the economy he has dealt with, hostile media that is try to
12:53 am
take amount and the funding russia hoax, -- >> remarkable. mark: we can go on and on and no president has faced this but i agree with you. i think his supporters would walk over broken glass to vote for him on election day. >> i would but he was my friend for 30 years so i knew he'd be a good president. i knew he'd be a darn good president. i did not know he would be a great president and he has been given the things handed to him and what they've done to him and the thing he has accomplished, i can't think of a record like that and three, four years. even the pandemic, we are coming back economically ten times faster than everybody predicted. i don't know, i don't see it how he doesn't win. mark: rudy, i want to thank you. i want to thank you for revealing the significant information. >> thank you, mark. great interview. mark: god bless you. we'll be
12:54 am
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welcome back. you heard what rudy giuliani had to say, the exposé in the new york post from actual e-mails and then use in the response with the rest of the media. the democrat party media. it's crucial that we have a robust serious and partial free media in this country. we clearly do not. it's been extremely detrimental to this country. they have targeted donald trump and the moment he decided to run for president of the united states, and let's see what they've done to him. they have lied, taken leaks from the fbi and intelligence agency, they used a dossier that was written by a russian spy. they were more than happy to use that. they've taken leaks from adam schiff and whistleblowers and
12:59 am
people who label themselves these righteous names, we sought criminal investigation that never had a predicate to begin with in which they tried to take out the president of the united states. even though they knew and congress knew that there was no rush occlusion. now we have documents coming out saying actually there was rush occlusion. it was the hillary clinton campaign and obama administration and it was with the russian spy trying to take out a candidate and now the president of the united states. meanwhile look how they treat joe biden. they treat him like the bubble boy. look at his campaign. it's the most disgraceful campaign in history where he can hide out rather than present himself to the american people. they take a handful of question from the journalist that are left about his family, income and all the rest. none of that's off the table. the new york times is taking so called tax information. they're using a bob woodward book in the atlanta article.
1:00 am
but when they're handed a treasure trove of information, they attacked the people who did it. vote, vote now. see you next time on life, see you next time on life, >> joe biden is and always has been a corrupt politician. and as far as i'm concerned, the biden family is a criminal enterprise. jillian: it is monday, october 19th. attacks fly with 15 days until the election. president trump slamming joe biden over his son's alleged e-mail scandal as biden blasts the president's pandemic response. we're live in washington. seattle police stopped you. todd: look at that. shocking video as a suspect charges a seattle police


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