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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 20, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> laura: now the biden campaign want you to believe that man is a small business owner. look at his response. but who is he really? he is joe kuhn, a wealthy tycoon and theta bream fox news at 19 could take it all from here. for more truth, shannon. >> is a just shannon: is a just monday? it feels like a busy one. the countdown is on. breaking tonight the commission on presidential debates makes significant changes to the format for the file in person showdown between donald trump and joe biden. the commission says microphones will be muted at times so they
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can't interrupt each other, this debate was supposed to be foreign-policy focused but not topics include the pandemic, climate change and race issues, the president's up his campaigning with stops in arizona today mister biden calls the lit on any public events until thursday, debate day. which strategies for effective in the final phase of campaigning? senior political correspondent mike emanuel has obtained new document of the latest developments in the hunter biden email story, his signature on paperwork from the delaware computer repair shop, former vice president's son elizabeth dropped off and asked lots -- laptop related to his business deals. welcome to fox news at night. kevin cork picks up on where the
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hunter biden story stands tonight. >> reporter: law enforcement and intelligence officials have been largely silent on the hunter biden stories and broke. that all changed today when the director of national intelligence john ratcliff confirmed there is no proof, no reason to suspect russian involvement in the story with the discovery of the laptop and its contents. >> hunter biden's laptop is not part of the russian disinformation campaign. >> director of national intelligence john klatt cliff making it clear reports that hunter biden laptop and alleged emails are not part of an organized foreign plots interfere with the upcoming us election. >> this is nothing to do with the intelligence community or russian disinformation. if it was i would know that so to be clear it is not. >> ratcliff's pushback appeared to be in response to house intelligence committee chair adam schiff who is he did repeatedly during the mueller proclaimed this is all part of a russian plot to insert itself into us politics.
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>> the origins of this whole smear are from the kremlin and the president is only too happy to have kremlin help in trying to amplify. >> mike emanuel obtained new images of what appeared to be a receipt from the wilmington, delaware computer a shop signed by hunter biden, the document contains an email and cell phone number belonging to him. also recovered documentation from the fbi's interaction with the shop owner that shows the bureau took possession of the alleged hunter biden laptop and its external hard drive last is over, fox news obtained four alleged hunter biden emails about his business dealings with ukraine in 2014, and 2015 while his father was vice president and two about his 2017 business dealings in china after biden had left office and one of those emails was verified as being authentic by a source in the email chain. now the senate homeland security committee chairs demanding answers from top fbi officials
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who have been silent so far. >> what do they know in 20 they know it. the larger question is if they had this information, these are genuine emails and reveal things that would've been relevant to be impeachment case. >> ron johnson making a strong case there. a group of house republicans led by andy biggs a zone is calling on the attorney general william barr to appoint a special counsel to investigate the former vice president's dealings with his son and his business partners. the story continues to unfold. shannon: another investigation. thank you very much. breaking tonight senate judiciary committee is working to prepare subpoenas for big tech executives to grill the social media firms about how they handled this hunter biden store. the action set for thursday in the same session in which the committee is supposed to consider the nomination of judge amy coney barrett to the us supreme court. it is unclear which issue will come first, the subpoena or the barrett nomination.
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democrats could try to stall the subpoena for a week. the president continuing the final push for reelection today with a swing through key battleground state of arizona telling reporters he feels his campaign is ahead of where it was in 2016. david fund reports live from tucson tonight. >> the president campaigning on big ad buys in several states ugly where i am in arizona, donald trump on air force one making his way to washington dc as i speak to you. in arizona they are hoping he has a repeat winning performance of 2016. taking the stage and tucson, arizona donald trump made his final pitch to supporters. >> nobody has ever done what we have done. there is no administration that has accomplished what we have accomplished in the first 3 and a half years.
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>> reporter: the president made two stops in arizona, a state he won in 2016. now that is uncertain, he is trailing joe biden in several polls come his first stop, prescott, north of phoenix. >> a vote for republican is a vote for safe communities, great jobs and limitless future for all americans. and this is such an important state. if we win this state we win it all. and i happen to love the state. >> the president did not mention that arizona covid-19 cases are on the rise instead telling supporters people are getting covid-19 the key. joe biden is also making a heavy play for arizona visiting earlier. >> 122,000 jobs in arizona still haven't come back. 9 times more arizonans are on unemployment each week than
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before the crisis it. >> according to the bureau of labor statistics biden was off by 20,000. approximately 10401000 jobs still have not returned, the president was out west in washington dc, his campaign manager led an optimistic phone call with staffers. >> we feel better about our pathway to victory right now then we have any point in the campaign you see you and this optimism is based on numbers and data, not feel, not sense. >> donald trump has a busy week ahead. he has events in pennsylvania and north carolina and the face-to-face debate with joe biden in nashville, tennessee thursday evening, a busy few weeks. shannon: thank you. the supreme court sitting down the gop challenged (you court ruling which means mail in photo the keystone state may be
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counted up to 3 days after the election until friday, november 6th. in many cases even if they have illegible postmark or no postmark at all. john roberts siding with the supreme court's extreme liberal justices to create a number-numfour tie leaving the pennsylvania ruling in place, justice thomas, alito, gorsuch and brett cavanagh would have granted a state of the pennsylvania ruling. breaking news on thursday's second and final trump biden matchup tonight, the commission on presidential debates announcing a new rule that will mute the microphones of the debate is to ensure the president and joe biden each get two minutes of uninterrupted time per segment. jackie hi mike has the latest in wilmington, delaware tonight. >> joe biden has no public events scheduled ahead of first day's face-off with donald trump and after the commission announced new debate is keeping only one mike open for the start of each segment for 2 minutes of uninterrupted speaking time biden as preparation ahead of them as the president plans to grill him over the hunter biden story.
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>> it was kamala harris, not joe biden braving the elements to drum up support in florida. >> you will likely determine the outcome of this election. >> is biden prepares for what is likely to be his first response to allegations of impropriety related to his son hunter's oversee business deals, the third debate was supposed to be about foreign-policy two days after the new york post published a report the debate commission announced the moderators chosen topics nearly mirroring those in the first debate including one segment entirely about the rotavirus, the trump campaign told the commission new information indicates biden himself was mentioned as a financial beneficiary of a deal arranged by his son hunter and the chinese communist related company. it is responsible for the commission to alter the focus of the final debate 2 days before the event to insulate biden from his own history but a biden campaign spokesman says the
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campaign and commission agreed months ago the debate moderator would choose the topics, the trump campaign is like about that now because donald trump is afraid to face more questions about his disastrous covid-19 response. campaign sources the president will ask biden about the allegations and both mikes will be on for the open discussion in the remaining 6 minutes of each segment. biden rejected questions on the issue friday. >> i have my response which is another smear campaign. >> the biden campaign maintains the allegations are untrue and are simply a distraction from the president's handling of coronavirus, slamming the president for saying americans are tired of hearing about the pandemic, tired of hearing from anthony fauci is, quote, all these idiots. shannon: jackie heimlich on the road, thanks very much. time is running out to agreed to a coronavirus relief package before the election.
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nancy pelosi's office says she and steve mnuchin spoke on the phone for 53 minutes and plan to speak again tomorrow. republican senators plan a vote later this week on a standalone renewal of bipartisan paycheck protection programs. anthony fauci says covid-19 outbreaks are, quote, really bad before he would advocate for national lockdown. instead telling public health measures is the best way to get back the current surge in cases. a member of the white house coronavirus task force, acknowledges mistakes were made at the onset of the pandemic in the us. >> when you find out you're wrong is a manifestation of your honesty to say i was wrong, i did subsequent experiments. shannon: of a nuisance is a state-based scientific workgroup will evaluate any vaccine approved by the us before he
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allows any vaccine distribution in the golden state. breaking tonight the trump campaign says the commission on presidential debates is moving the goalpost in changing the focus of what was supposed to be a foreign policy debate on thursday, critics say it is because the president is there. the director of the trump campaign, good to have you with us. what do we know about the change in topics? there was only the understanding the moderator could change topics was what i hear from your campaign is it was understood to be foreign-policy? >> that is what the commission called it. it was supposed to be foreign-policy focused the same way they did the final debate in 2016-2012 but the president is going to be there and debate joe biden regardless and will take
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the opportunity to press joe biden on these things we have learned. we now know the joe biden lied when he said he had no knowledge of war never discussed hunter biden's foreign business dealings and why it did he mention joe biden specifically as a beneficiary in a deal arranged by hunter with his investors to get a cut of the deal involving the chinese energy company. the question is, joe biden has to answer this and has not. as he compromised by the communist chinese. a pretty important question to ask a guy who is running for president of the united states and i will point out the biden campaign has not denied that is hunter biden's laptop and have not denied those emails are authentic is you and your network confirmed. are you compromised by the communist chinese? shannon: and important point they've not denied those but to say he lied about what he did or did not discuss with hunter has yet to be determined.
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>> now we know hunter set up a meeting with his ukrainian business partner in washington dc in another of those emails. shannon: his campaign said the meeting didn't happen although they would not rule it out. it wasn't on an official calendar. they are not ruling out it could have happened. the president -- >> going to meet with the ukrainian businessman, on the official calendar. shannon: it makes sense, the president will push on that but we know there will not be a focus on foreign-policy it will be on him to do that but things that may complicate that we are hearing from the commission they will have the ability to music people's microphone so everybody gets and unobstructed two minutes to say what they are going to say in each segment, both campaigns this week reaffirmed their commitment to the 2-minute uninterruptible. the commission is announcing to
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enforce this agreed-upon the only candidate whose microphone will be open during this period is the candidate who has the floor under the rule. why does or doesn't that sit well with the campaign? >> that's a lot of power to give some member of the staff of the commission. we know the commission is biased against the president, biased in favor of joe biden and that is fine, the president is going to show up and debate, we are used to this sort of thing from the debate commission, they've been bending over to make things easier for joe biden the whole time. they don't want to joe biden to face tough questions and don't want him to face scrutiny. that's why you see the news media joe biden this story broke in the new york post a week ago and no one has been able to put this question directly to joe biden except in a shouted manner where he brushes it off and refuses to answer it. the other day when he was in north carolina the first question the media asked is what
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flavor milkshake did you get? i don't think we can expect, we didn't see george stephanopoulos ask him this at the townhall. it will be left to donald trump to ask the question of joe biden and these emails from hunter biden no one has denied the authenticity of these emails that was hunter biden's computer left in the computer shop in delaware, no one has denied any of that so the question is for joe biden why was he mentioned as a direct financial beneficiary of a deal hunter cut with the chinese energy company that is closely tied to the communist government in china? that is a key question, joe biden doesn't want to answer it and if the moderator doesn't ask it donald trump will make sure that he does. shannon: i am quite sure he will. do you think he would get a response that would be adequate to your or to the president's understanding?
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is there anything he could say that would settle this issue in your mind? >> we don't have any idea what he might dream up as an excuse for that because we see black and white proving these emails is listed and referred to as the big guy but one of the people in that email confirmed the big guy refers to joe biden so what he is going to have to answer is why did he let his son run around the world selling access to him when he was vice president of the united states. hunter biden was selling access to his father, not just china, but ukraine, russia, romania, and. hunter biden was doing a world tour selling access to his father while he was the vice president of the united states. it is impossible for anyone to believe that joe biden didn't know that was going on for years to the tune of millions of dollars and another of these emails has hunter talking and say i have to split half of my
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income with my father so what is that about? there are no good answers to these questions. no wonder joe biden is taking 5 of the last 6 days off leading up to the debate thursday night. he does not want to answer the questions and on that debate stayed on thursday night he will not be able to hide from donald trump. shannon: it would behoove him and the campaign and anyone connected to joe biden and his legal team if they can to rebut that these are authentic emails involving him and all i can say is make emmanuel has spoken to someone on one of those email chains to verify that it actually does exist but still many questions to be answered and maybe we will get those answers on thursday night. great to see you. >> they haven't rebutted it yet. shannon: the director of national intelligence versus adam schiff over who was behind the hunter biden emails. forward trump deputy national security adviser kay t mcfarland
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♪ shannon: former impeachment manager adam schiff says the hunter biden email story is part of the russian disinformation campaign ahead of the presidential election. the director of national intelligence john radcliffe pushing back on that today. >> the intelligence community doesn't believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that we've shared no intelligence with chairmanship or any other member of congress that hunter biden's laptop is part of the disinformation campaign. it is not true. shannon: let's get analysis from the author of revolution, trump, washington and we the people.
12:24 am
k t mcfarland, good to have you back. let me start with this because there are several outlets that published something they say was an fbi subpoena for this laptop hard drive in december of last year. additional outlets, the fbi is doing an investigation. what are your questions about this laptop is indeed at the shop owner claims as the subpoena support that they had this for 11 months? >> if the russia investigation, the mueller commission had anything to go by and my personal experience, what the fbi is presumably doing use putting people on the email chain or received the emails, broke her emails, copy the emails, going to them and asking for verification. the other thing is if the fbi is headed for this long, almost a year you would think there would
12:25 am
have been some evidence, something would have come out but we've heard nothing. so far. except for adam shift, who has a reputation as a serial liar because for 3 years he said donald trump was a russian agent, colluded with the russians to win the election and we now know it was completely made up and he knew it was made up and he made it up and the director of national intelligence days made up this stuff about disinformation campaign because there is no evidence of that either. >> let me play with the impeachment manager, the leader of the house intel committee adam schiff has said about what we're hearing on the hunter biden case. >> i think we know the driving
12:26 am
force behind this is, the president and the kremlin, the kremlin has an obvious interest in denigrating joe biden, they want donald trump to win. >> he says it is the kremlin, russia and our president who are behind this. what is your response. >> the russians, this goes back to the vietnam era, they don't care who wins, they just want to muddy the process, discredit democracy and here's what i find offensive. adam schiff as chairman of the house intelligence committee, he no secret information. has an inside track on stuff and yet there's nothing there. if there was nothing there the biden campaign would have come out the first day, the first hour and said that is not his laptop, those on his emails, the story would have been done and over but it is not. and i think the reason it is getting so much traction is there are plenty of people that can now testify or talk about what they received, what they write, how do they write it
12:27 am
forward abandoned and the other thing i find about the emails having to do with china is this is how the chinese do corruption. they don't pay off the person, they pay off the at the uncle the cousin, the brother way it is never traced back to the officials even though the money is in the official's pockets. shannon: it will be interesting to see if there's a confrontation. there will be on thursday night but the specifics of the emails is not been question even if there were questions about the origin and custody of this laptop, those questions need to be answered but we appreciate your insight, thank you so much. a tale of two presidential campaigns, the effectiveness of different strategies next.
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>> the president getting back to andrews air force base, this, we will see if he takes marine one back to the white house as we would expect, 15 days out from the election joe biden causing the campaign schedule to focus on the second presidential debate so we don't expect to see him at all as the campaign focus is on spending all that money on television ads. trump campaign is having its grounds game. >> a tale of 2 campaigns, joe biden is putting it all on tv, that is his choice, his strategy, in addition to that we are running a real actual campaign, our campaign with events, campaign with voter registration.
12:33 am
we like our plan better. shannon: let's begin with tonight's political panel, hometown value cochair ethan bearman, real clear politics president tom bennett and the senior legal advisor genitalis, welcome back to all of you. i want to start with you. we been following this average on real clear politics not just of the national polls because we know that's a different picture but you guys are doing a group of battleground states and tracking that day by day. as of today that has biden up 49% to donald trump's 45%. what is the movement you've seen in recent days? >> in the past week we've seen a tightening in this race, a point and the national polls, a point in the battleground average so biden's leaders that about a point. that varies from state to state
12:34 am
because pennsylvania has been tightening, florida has been tightening, looks like there's been a little bit of tightening in the 6 battleground states and compared to where hillary clinton was four years ago joe biden is worse off than hillary clinton at this point in the race four years ago. shannon: a lot of folks say donald trump snuck up on her a little bit because their estates they did not spend a lot of time on the the president did and it paid out for him, no one is sneaking up on anybody this time. the hill said this, the new strategy is run out the clock, calling at the don't touch anything strategy. it seems lay low and ride this thing out. >> this is a referendum on donald trump this time as opposed to trump versus hillary clinton. if that is the case then trump has to run on his record which from my perspective is 220,000 dead americans, 7100 jobs lost unlike his promises; industry, the worst unemployment since the great depression, the greatest
12:35 am
deficits before covid-19 came about during the hot economy so there are a lot of things i can attack him on but let us not forget the ground game being done this year by groups like powered by people, putting texas in place, very different from 2016. shannon: as folks are watching live, the president getting off of air force one after a couple rallies in arizona. he will continue hitting hotspots in pennsylvania and other spots, he is a joint base andrews, he often pick submarine want to take them back to the white house so this is a live picture as he's crisscrossing the country at a feverish pace, you know he is out there trying to make sure he covers as much ground as he can. they do have a bit of a different strategy these rallies versus a lot of money poured
12:36 am
into ads and we've talked with campaign officials about why they pulled ads in certain places, why they are spending as much and instead relying on these rallies. is that going to be good enough. even laid a lot on the table you would like to respond to. >> joe biden is hiding behind his television ads because he doesn't want to face reporters questions which we've seen he's trying to continue to hide in his basement because he can't answer questions about court packing, his supreme court legacy, questions about his corrupt influence with his son. he's not going to answer those questions that is taking it off the table, donald trump is pushing really hard, out transparently in front of the american people. i think it will be a strong push for victory and if you look at the composition, not just the polls but suppression polls the just like 2016 trying to discourage americans to see donald trump is losing in states that if you look at the evidence on the ground that these rallies 25% of people who come are registered democrats are independents and if you look at states like michigan 41% of the
12:37 am
$1.4 million or republicans, 39% democrats, 20% independents, some of those if you take 20% or so of democrats and independents they are coming out for trump, supporting this president you have a completely different ground game and those polls are totally inaccurate and i think you will see a strong turnout for the president as well as on election day because joe biden and the democrats have consistently pushed fear saying it is not safe to go out, they continue to slip and their game is not won by the mail in voted early voting, will they change their strategy and say it actually is safe to go out to the polls on election day because we are so far behind, that will be interesting to see what democrats try to do to make up for that. shannon: we are watching the president, boarded onto marine one after touching down with air force one it joint base andrews,
12:38 am
he has been crisscrossing the country as we said, he enjoys being out there, seems energized by it, it is the part of this campaign strategy to be out there on the road rallying folks, turning out big crowds and trying energy from that. we expect marine want to take off shortly to return to the white house in washington dc. a lot more to discuss with you so hold on for that. good legal news, this is the michigan barbershop owner who defied the lockdown order and kept cutting hair. tonight his attorney tells us all, charges against him have been dismissed, no jail time, financial, records was always things he was facing because he kept cutting hair. know he's fighting to hold on to his barber's license. two churches burned to the ground as protesters cheered
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their collapse, the demonstrations turned to ride sparking a year of unrest in the south american country set to vote on a new constitution next week. what began last year student protests morphed into a movement focused on inequality. joe biden's tax plan being scrutinized by rapper $0.50 and his reaction blowing up on twitter. with so many changes, do you know if your plan is still the right fit? having the wrong plan may cost you thousands of dollars out of pocket. and that's why i love healthmarkets, your insurance marketplace. with healthmarkets' fitscore, they compare thousands of plans from national insurance companies to find the right medicare plan that fits you. call or visit healthmarkets to find your fitscore today. in minutes, you can find out if your current plan is the right fit and once you've let the fitscore do the work, sit back and enjoy not having to shop for insurance again. healthmarkets' fitscore forever technology will continuously scan the market for the best coverage at the best price. so you can shop once and save again and again and again.
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a 4-week trial plustype 2but how canan have a big imit be prevented?e. well, the first step is knowing if you something called prediabetes. take the 1-minute risk test today at ♪ >> shannon: wr shannon: $0.50, you can say 50 or fity rant against donald trump in the past but is reconsidering his voting options tonight after sharing with millions of instagram fans a screen grab of the recent financial report showing the top tax rate for joe biden's plan is 62% for the highest earners in new york city. we are rejoined by ethan bearman to talk about that but i cannot stay because there were a lot of efforts in his initial reaction
12:44 am
but hip-hop hot news hip-hop said this, $0.50 endorses donald trump after seeing biden as alleged tax plan, he doesn't want to end of $0.20. i will start with you. >> katrina put it perfectly. people always vote for the candidate whose plan gives them the most freedom, the most liberty of the most opportunity for themselves and their family for prosperity. we can talk about all kinds of issues joe biden is trying to run on but at the end of the if you look at the plan his tax plan is going to not only raise taxes for the wealthy but also 82% of middle-class americans an average of $1,200, so elitist and savvy that he says that is negligible. if you look at what his plan is
12:45 am
doing he and bernie sanders, they are -- their manifesto come of this isn't going to be what americans will vote for. if you look at even though $0.50 has in the past has told donald trump or been critical of donald trump's handling of the coronavirus we can see the american people understand and are seeing through this façade the biden campaign is putting out because the very beginning of this pandemic we were told by all the scientists across the board if everything was handled correctly then because of what china perpetuated on the world and on america we would unfortunately lose 200,000 people but we aren't losing at least the millions of people we could have, if i could finish that is absolutely true and go back, donald trump's handling of
12:46 am
that - that is not true and - >> lied about joe biden. shannon: i will be like the debate moderator and mute the mic. i need you to time out. poor tom stuck in the middle. we don't want to debate covid-19. there is plenty to debate. what we want to talk about is the tax plan, let's go to this. wall street journal looked at the former vice president's plan and they say this, new study on biden's healthcare, energy and regulation proposal predicts $6,500 less in medium household income by 2030, and impact by raising the cost of capital,
12:47 am
reducing productivity, americans will pay the price of a lower standard of living than they otherwise would. a very attractive selling point. >> deeply flawed. let me correct jenna's live, joe biden's plan is clear. >> my plan -- >> joe biden, 400,000 - don't you dare lie about this again. show biden made it very clear, 400,$000 a year - >> if he has said - >> art laugher -- >> going to the mute button. visas he will roll back the trump tax cut package that will impact people making less than 400,$000 a year would you agree to that? >> there is a replacement in place, not just a simple rollback, he has an entire plan
12:48 am
to read details about. >> absolutely and the way it is going trump is tracking down the whole ticket down ballot. the senate looks like it may well go to the democrats, the senate and house to pass legislation at that point if they are able to. shannon: let me get tom in here for some uninterrupted thoughts of his own. >> i just want to say $0.50 on national television, something i always wanted to do. the strongest thing trump has going for him in this election is the economy still even though unemployment is at 8%, it was at 3 and a half and it is his biggest selling point, the only issue where they trust him more than joe biden, to the extent that any news highlights the fact the economy and his tax
12:49 am
plan will be better for them and get support wherever he can find it particularly among someone like 50 center was a famous person is good news for him and not good news for joe biden in the short term of the news cycle. shannon: we've seen other celebrities talk about their taxes and how outraged they were how many millions of dollars they did not hold onto. for any of us when something becomes personal i don't have millions of dollars but whether it is $1,200 or anyone else it becomes personal. we will see if he votes for donald trump or talks about it, thank you very much. violence this weekend as antifa and black lives matter protesters clash with pro-temp -- trump demonstrated, the video you have to see next. into a smaller life?
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>> shannon: a group of trump supporter's in shannon: a group of trump supporters in san francisco protesting alleged sensors by social media violently confronted by counter protesters, series of fears clashes in the past weekend. alex hogan on protestwatch. >> reporter: pro trump rallies quickly fell apart after clashes
12:54 am
with counter protesters, the lack of common ground felt in cities around the country. 40% of registered voters on both sides of the aisle say they don't have a single close friend who supports the other party's candidate according to a pew research center survey taken this summer after months of protests. sunday in boston the group superhappy fun america organized a peaceful protest to reelect donald trump. they were met by anti-trump demonstrators who burned a cardboard cutout of the president. police tried to separate the groups before handcuffing multiple people. on saturday the conservative group teens save america call the rally new united nations plaza, to support conservative censorship on twitter, doesn't trump supporters quickly "outnumbered" by hundreds of counter protesters some inciting violence which one man is in
12:55 am
custody for punching another man in the face. protesters assaulted three san francisco police officers with pepper spray. attacks on police in seattle leading to arrests. three people are behind bars. one is accused of hitting an officer over the head with a metal baseball bat so hard it broke his helmet. the others face arson related charges with charged on east precinct in september, want to bring down the facility, set a coffee shop up in flames. enter police chief adrian diaz speaking out today. >> that can't be our new normal. businesses large and small are struggling during this pandemic and is completely on acceptable, ongoing violence is compounding their challenges. shannon: the department will uphold freedom of speech but is bound to prosecute anyone who destroys property or attacks police officers at these protests. shannon: thanks and we want to highlight first responders
12:56 am
helping and 80-year-old war veteran doing yardwork in the florida keys, served as a missile taken vietnam, got overheated, they showed up to help them out with that cohesively felt ill when they decided to stick around, lots of heroes in that story. appreciate them all. see you tomorrow night, i am shannon bream in washington. ♪ since pioneering the suv in 1935, the chevy suburban has carried many things. nothing more important than family. introducing the most versatile and advanced chevy suburban and tahoe ever.
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(four girls vo) the polls! voted! (grandma vo) go out and vote! it's so important! (man at poll vo) woo! (grandma vo) it's the most important thing you can do! todd: two week until election day donald trump headed to pa after stopping in az. shannon: joe biden staying in the basement until thursday's debate, we have a debate drama. todd: as the clock ticks to election they could joe biden be in hot water over his son's emails. >> a biden traded his country in pursuit of wealth. that will come out in days to come. todd: new documents on hunter biden's laptop and fbi's involvement.


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